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To Liberate A Tiger

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Guy was a twenty-five year old washing machine service engineer who was mentally and physically marred by the scarring of adolescent acne. He was also thin, shy, and sexually frustrated, and was altogether the exact opposite of all that service engineers are supposed to be. His was not the life of continual housewife conquests and extended house calls no matter how much he wanted it to be, and on the only two occasions that he had made half-hearted advances to the ladies he had called on he had been rebuffed instantly, and threatened with being reported to head office.

He had learned to keep his wishes and fantasies to himself and wait for a woman someday to make the first move. Not that he expected that anytime soon. That is, until one particular day when he was called out of his area to attend to a wealthy and important client when the usual area engineer unexpectedly went off sick.

Denise Miles was the forty-seven year old wife of Eric Miles, millionaire owner of a string of fast food outlets dotted all across the South of England. She was also blonde, exceptionally beautiful, and extremely sexually repressed, for when it came to the bedroom her husband viewed her in much the same way as he viewed his customers, to be serviced with as little effort as possible, as quickly as he could, and with the maximum amount of return for himself. His shortcomings must have been apparent even to himself, for he continually threatened violence if she should ever take her needs elsewhere, threats that he had unjustly carried out more than once. It was his insane and paranoid jealousy that finally made her determined to make up for what she had missed when the next opportunity arose. She had done the time, she reasoned, and now she would do the crime. Not that she expected that to happen anytime soon. That is, until one particular day when a strange, gangly service engineer called to fix a faulty washing machine.

Usually Eric made sure that he was home if anyone was due to call and then hung around to make absolutely certain that not so much as a wink passed between his wife and whoever the caller was on that occasion. But this time he took one look at the stuttering youth who stood fidgeting with his tool box, clearly in awe of his surroundings, and figured that this time he was safe to leave everything to his wife. Not that he was leaving them to it altogether – he wasn’t that trusting. He felt sure that his presence in the garage that adjoined the laundry room was enough to ensure that nothing could happen between a sophisticated middle aged woman and an engineer who only a mother could love.

Bizarrely both Denise and Guy were immediately and instinctively drawn to each other as the opposite faces of the same coin, perhaps their own limitations and restrictions allowing them to see beyond those of the other. But whatever the reason, Denise saw slim, not skinny, and restrained rather than timid, and she didn’t see the acne scars at all. At the same time Guy saw past the severe hairstyle and drab middle-aged clothes to the voluptuously sexy body they covered, the difference in their ages being as invisible to him as his ancient acne was to her. Each was intuitively sure that the other was a tiger waiting to be liberated, and as soon as they were alone together the air positively crackled with pent up sexual energy. But it was, of course, left to Denise to make the first tentative advances, the sound of an engine starting up next door allowing her to flirt, albeit quietly.

‘I imagine you enjoy the perks of your job, don’t you?’

He looked up with the side panel of the machine in his hands, puzzled incomprehension plastered all over his face.

‘You know.’ She pushed on. ‘Calling on all those housewives alone in their homes?’

He shook his head, trying not to see where the conversation was headed.

‘Don’t tell me you never service more than the washing machine?’

She placed a heavy emphasis on the word ‘service’ so that he couldn’t misunderstand this time.

He felt colour rising in his cheeks as if she had somehow discovered his fantasy. He shook his head again, more emphatically, burying his face in the innards of the machine.

‘No, never.’

‘But what about when women make a pass at you? They do, don’t they?’

‘It’s never happened to me.’

The little words ‘to me’ tugged at Denise’s heart strings more than a little and she made the decision that she would push things as far as they would go, Eric or no Eric.

‘What would you do if they did?’

‘I wouldn’t do anything.’

Inside he was saying to himself that he bloody well would, if only he could pluck up the courage.

‘Why not? You’re not ‘the other way’ are you?’

‘No!’ He emphatically denied the implied homosexuality.

‘So, wouldn’t you like someone to fancy you?’

‘Yes. But….’ His voice trailed away in confusion. She looked directly at him and waited, forcing him to finish.

‘But what if they change their minds and report me?

‘I fancy you, and I would never change my mind.’

There, she had said it and it was out in the open, and when he looked up at her she could see surprise on his face and frightened lust lurking deep in his eyes. An unspoken, unknowing pact was made between them at that moment, and all they had to do now was to recognize it and then somehow fulfil it.

He stood up from the machine with a broken inlet valve in his hand.

‘Wouldn’t you?’ He asked.

‘No.’ She answered flatly

He didn’t know what to say, didn’t know how to react, and so he just took the new valve out of its box and stared at her.

‘What would you do if I came on to you now?’ She asked in a whisper, her own nervousness clear in her voice.

‘I don’t know.’ He licked suddenly arid lips and felt his heart begin to hammer.

‘Wouldn’t you like me to?’

‘Yes, if you really mean it.’

She came and stood close to him, looking into his eyes from only a foot or so away as she reached across and fondled his terrified and flaccid penis through his jeans.

‘There.’ She whispered. ‘Now you know I mean it.’

He said nothing and she carried on fondling him, smiling when she felt his body react, his cock unfurling and lengthening behind his fly.

‘What if your husband comes in, he’s only next door?’

The words came as a frightened whisper.

‘Yes, I know.’ She sighed softly. ‘We can’t do anything while he’s here, but you can always come back another time.’

He didn’t answer, even when she cupped his balls through his jeans and gently played with them.

‘You can come back another day, can’t you?’

‘Yes. But what reason would I have if he was here?’

She stopped for a moment to think and then, releasing him, she went across to his tool box and removed a pair of long nosed pliers.

‘Come on Monday.’ She told him decisively. ‘Because he’s in the office every Monday checking the last weeks turnover figures, and if for any reason he does happen to be here; well you left these and you’ve come back for them.’ She waved the pliers in front of him.

‘Okay, but I don’t know which Monday, this isn’t my area.’

He was back-pedalling, giving himself a get-out in case his nerve failed.

‘That’s all right, any Monday.’ She paused, looking for a way to make sure he returned. ‘Is there anything you’d really like us to do when we can? Anything special that you’ve not done before?’

There was; it was his all time fantasy and he’d said it before he could stop himself. ‘I really fancy having someone suck me off?’

‘I’d love to do that. And I guarantee that the next time I see you when Eric isn’t around, that’s the first thing I’ll do. I promise.’

Her breathing was getting noticeably faster and he was blushing again, but before they could say or do anything else the sound of the engine stopped and a car door slammed. Guy dropped onto his knees behind the machine and hastily began fitting the new valve while Denise took a quick step backwards, turning to face away from the kitchen door. Eric marched in and glared around him, unable to see anything wrong but not convinced.

‘You’re taking your time.’ He challenged Guy.

‘I’m… I’m nearly done.’

‘Well don’t try spinning out your labour charges with me, it won’t work.’

‘No Mr Miles, I’ll be done within the callout time.’

Denise left them to it, knowing that her presence would only exacerbate things and certain within her own mind that Guy would definitely be calling to collect the pliers that she had hastily pushed into her pocket.

Guy was not so sure. He finished up as quickly as he could, got his job sheet signed and left, his heart hammering once again, but from fear not excitement. He was only too aware that if that door hadn’t banged he would have probably been caught letting his clients wife touch him up. Yeah, sure he wanted her, yeah sure he knew that sex was on offer, he just wasn’t sure he wanted to risk it. His job wasn’t worth risking for a shag and a pair of pliers.

Even so, when he pulled into a lay-by a little further down the road to let his heart calm down, he found he began thinking about her body under that dowdy two piece, her full breasts, her curvy bottom and long, sexy legs. It wasn’t long before his zip was down, his cock was in his hand, and he was emptying his balls into a wad of tissue and wishing it was her mouth. Then he decided to push her firmly out of his mind as a nice but impossible idea. Except, of course, he couldn’t.

For the next couple of weeks all he could think about was having her mouth wrapped around his cock and his cum flooding into it. Every morning when he woke up his morning hard on was dedicated to Denise and every day while he was out on his calls he had to find somewhere to park up and baptise another wad of tissue. It was getting ridiculous, the fact that a gorgeously mature woman had promised him a blow job, if ever he could get up the nerve to visit her, was taking over his life. Finally he booked a Monday off and promised himself he wouldn’t chicken out, and for once in his life he managed to conquer his doubts and fears and actually do what he wanted. And so on the Monday morning, the third one since his initial call, he was on his way, wondering how much of her promise was a wind up and how much was for real, and did he really want to risk testing it out?

Fate, of course, didn’t care about the courage he had had to muster in order just to go, nor about the fear he had of not being able to get an erection when the time came, nor about how randy he felt when he parked his van and apprehensively pushed open her gate. It had simply decreed that Mrs Miles wasn’t at home and no amount of knocking on her door was going to get him a blow job from someone who wasn’t there. Grumbling to himself and swearing at his own stupidity for making such an unannounced call in the first place he trudged back up the drive, climbed back into his little van and drove all the way back to his home town, cursing his luck most of the way. But if nothing else he could use the time to renew his private car insurance so that the day’s leave wasn’t totally wasted. And there were some other bits he could buy while he was in town.

He parked in a residential side street to avoid parking charges of the multi-storey car park and walked the last half mile into town, still horny and frustrated. He’d find out if she meant what she said another time, he swore to himself, squaring his shoulders and putting his frustrations behind him to make for his insurance broker on his first errand of the day.

A short time later, after having renewed his car insurance for the next year at what he considered an exorbitant figure, he stood outside a shopping centre deciding that he couldn’t afford the new shirts he wanted after all. Then, as he stood there wondering what to do next he spotted a familiar head of blonde hair come out of an expensive lingerie shop and start walking towards him. No wonder Denise Miles wasn’t at home, he thought petulantly, she was out spending money. I bet she doesn’t have to wonder if she can afford anything. Even the floral print summer dress and high heels she was wearing for going shopping looked expensive.

She got to within six or seven or feet of him before she saw him and her face lit up. ‘Oh, hello Guy. I was thinking about you yesterday.’ She smiled broadly, innocent of his frustrations. ‘Isn’t it strange meeting here? I do my shopping in this town rather than close to home because that way his lordship doesn’t know what I’m buying, and his friends won’t be reporting back to him.’

‘And I was thinking of you a little while ago.’ He smiled back, his dark mood suddenly lifting, their unexpected meeting and its revived possibilities giving him an unaccustomed self-confidence. ‘I hope your thoughts were as nice as mine were, Mrs Miles.’

‘It’s Denise. And yes, they were. And then some!’ Her eyes twinkled, letting him know exactly what she’d had on her mind.

‘Denise.’ He acknowledged her consent to use her first name. ‘And now I know why you weren’t there when I called on you earlier.’

‘Did you?’ For a moment she looked puzzled, and then her face split into a delighted smile. ‘Did you call for…? She looked about her, wanting to be more explicit but afraid of being overheard. ‘Your pliers?’

He smiled nervously at having actually made a move and inclined his head in assent. ‘I kind of hoped… Well, you know, It’s Monday and I sort of fancied taking you up on what you said.’

‘Then I only wish I’d been there, but in honesty I didn’t think you’d call.’

‘In honesty, neither did I.’ He admitted.

She leaned towards him, giggling conspiratorially and keeping her voice low. ‘I promised you that any Monday you were in the mood to call I’d be ready, didn’t I? And I meant it even if I wasn’t home when you called. But we can’t do much about it in the street, can we – we’d end up being arrested.’ She paused as a sudden risky thought struck her. ‘Unless you want to take a chance?’

‘What here!’ He exclaimed, misunderstanding and shocked.

‘God, no!’ She looked as shocked as he had. ‘That would get back to Eric in half a minute flat regardless of distance. No, I meant that my car’s in the multi-storey where it’s nice and quiet, and the back seat’s comfortable….’ She smiled enquiringly, enticingly, letting the words hang.

‘Now that sounds possible.’ To his surprised delight he felt his cock already beginning to expand in readiness. He’d never done anything in the back of a car, so now he could end up satisfying two fantasies instead of just one, and nor could he believe either his luck or his newly found courage. It looked as if he was about to have a woman service his cock in a way he had only dreamed about and he felt the unexpected confidence to let her do it.

She was right about her car, it was parked in a quiet corner, almost as if she had anticipated what would happen. They had walked urgently but in silence, dodging other shoppers, pretending not to be together but each glancing occasionally at the other to be sure of their continued presence, both of them eager to begin, and now that they had reached the big silver Mercedes they climbed in opposite sides of the back seat, still without a word. They settled into the soft ivory leather seats and Guy looked around at the luxury car unused to such surroundings, but Denise leaned across impatiently and felt at his erection through the front his jeans before suddenly pulling back.

‘I’m sorry, I just want…’ She glanced around her, as if looking to see if anyone was within hearing, even though the car windows were closed. ‘I just can’t wait to touch you. God, it seems I’ve always been thinking about touching you, or having you touching me, since that day when you called.’

‘I’ve not been able to get you out of my head either.’ He paused. ‘Although to be honest I didn’t really think you meant it.’

She didn’t say anything in answer, she simply reached out, placed her hand over his shaft and sighed with anticipation. He closed his eyes, not quite believing what was happening, letting her rub him though his clothes briefly before feeling the vibration of his descending zip followed by her hand rummaging inside his pants. She found him, cool fingers wrapping themselves around his shaft, prising him out into the open, free of restrictive material where he could expand into a full hard-on. Denise groaned at the sight and stroked him slowly from tip to base, just gazing with her lips parted in anticipation. His eyes were like a rabbit’s, darting all over, trying to see what she was doing and looking out of the window each side at the same time, part of him scared silly that someone would see and part wanting to let the world know that he’d finally got a classy woman to touch him.

‘That’s it, keep watch, Guy, please. I’ve never done anything in the back of a car before and I don’t want us to be caught.’

‘I will, I promise, but don’t worry, nobody can see.’

‘You know what I want to do, don’t you? I’ve wanted to do it with you ever since we met.’ She admitted.

He knew, she’s already told him, unless she had something extra in mind. Before he had time to speculate any further she leaned over and her mouth closed around his cock. Now it was his turn to groan with pleasure.

He looked down at the top of Denise’s head, seeing it begin to move up and down, and unexpectedly catching sight of a few silver hairs among her blonde ones. In a strange way he was pleased. He had imagined that she had her hair coloured, but here was proof that her blonde tresses were natural. Her age, her hair, neither of them mattered to him, he just loved having his cock in her mouth, feeling the soft strength of her lips close around him and the wet warmth of her tongue running around his head. He had nothing to compare with, but he was sure that this was the most wonderful blow job ever.

He wanted to just relax back and let her carry on until he exploded into her throat, but he was far too nervous for that and she had asked him to keep a lookout anyway. He kept looking around, twisting in his seat, almost pulling himself from her mouth, anxious and nervous, but oh so happy. The car park was quiet, almost deserted, he watched a group of people towards the far end carry parcels to their car and then a young couple pass across the front of Denise’s car without so much as glancing in, all the while feeling Denise’s tongue swirling around his cock. He was beginning to loosen up and just let this marvellous thing happen.

His cock, he realised, was as hard as it had ever been because of the situation. There he was, a lowly service engineer, sitting in the back of a magnificent car with its owner, a sophisticated and wealthy older woman, who seemed only too willing to risk her reputation and marriage to give him a blow job. That on its own would be enough of a turn on, but then she was also so bloody good at it, perhaps, he wondered mistakenly, because of having practised on her husband. He sighed as she moved position slightly to bring her hand into play, grasping him around his shaft, effectively wanking him into her mouth. God, but this was good.

She moved, trying to get comfortable, and this time knelt along the seat with her bottom raised and her head down in his lap instead of the half leaning, half twisting position she’d had to adopt while sitting beside him. It was a strange position for a woman such as Denise to be in, but if she was happy then so was he – very. He closed his eyes briefly as her mouth descended his shaft, taking more and more of him into the warmth of her mouth. He could feel the first initial stages of a climax already building.

He opened his eyes to see a teenager walking towards the car, and for a moment he considered warning Denise, but he didn’t want her to stop, and anyway the youth had his hood up and an earphone wire trailing down into his front pocket, so Guy gambled that he wasn’t taking much notice of his surroundings. Then Denise moved again, not much, just a kind of little backward shuffle, but her swaying floral clad bottom was enough to attract attention and the youth looked across, bursting into a wide grin as he saw what was happening.

Anxious that Denise might spot him and refuse to continue he fearfully waved the young man away with a finger to his lips, desperately hoping that he would take the hint. The youth smiled, mouthed the word ‘kudos’ and gave Guy the two arm ‘respect’ bow before ambling away grinning broadly, leaving Guy breathing a huge but silent sigh of relief and with newfound regard for teenagers. He would have to keep watch more carefully, as he had promised to do.

The intrusion had defused his climax a little, but it wasn’t long before the pressure was building once again and he knew that it would not be long. In fact he found that thinking about the teenager’s interruption was bringing him to the boil quicker than usual. He imagined what it would have looked like from outside the car, with Denise’s bottom almost plastered up against the side window. Shame she was wearing that loose dress, or the young man would have had an even more interesting view. Guy could feel the pressure building as his mind ran riot.

‘Denise, I’m going to come very soon.’ He warned her, his voice breathless with arousal.

She raised her hand momentarily in acknowledgement and redoubled her efforts, her mouth sucking and licking the head of his cock while her hand ran up and down his shaft. In his balls that familiar intense, almost painful, feeling of heat and pressure was getting to the point where he was gripping hard onto the door panel on one side and the back of Denise’s dress on the other, holding on to her even though he knew she wouldn’t stop until it was over.

‘I’m coming.’

This time his voice contained the urgency of his imminent climax and he began to lift himself towards her mouth. Her tongue pressed down on his glans and licked the underside of his cock and her hand gripped him tighter, until suddenly he was there, stifling the urge to cry out into a groan as torrents of cum flooded from his cock into Denise’s mouth. The climax was tremendous, brought on by her skilful mouth and augmented by doing it in a public place, it was without doubt the most intense and powerful climax he had ever experienced. He felt a seam on her dress give way as he grabbed and twisted at it in an effort to restrain the urge to push her head down his cock, and only her weight across him prevented him from thrusting upwards to fuck her mouth.

When his balls had finally finished pumping into her he slumped back into the corner of the soft leather seat, panting and quivering, his mouth slackly open and his hands falling limp beside him. In her mouth his slippery cock was rapidly subsiding, turning from potent rigidity to twitching limpness as her lips tried to suck the last drops from him. She gave up, releasing it, licking her lips and raising her smiling face. He smiled weakly back.

‘Oh my god, Mrs M… Denise, that was so good.’ He corrected her name as he spoke, the formal title seeming totally out of place in the circumstances.

‘I’m glad.’ She giggled, looking quickly around once more to make sure nobody had been watching. ‘Want to do it again?’

His face carried confusion and regret in equal measure. ‘I can’t, not straight away.’

‘Oh dear, and I thought young men like you were permanently rampant.’ She teased him. ‘How long before you’re ready?’

He just stared at her dumbfounded, as she got out and climbed back into the driver’s seat. The tiger that she suspected she possessed had just been liberated and there was to be no holding back.

‘Are you serious?’ He asked, unbelieving.

‘I was serious before, wasn’t I?’ She countered. ‘Can we use your place?’

‘Yes, of course, if you want. But it’s not very posh.’

What she would make of the two grubby little rooms he rented over his local convenience store he hated to think, but he wasn’t going to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

‘But it’s got a bed, hasn’t it?’ She teased him. ‘And that’s all that we need.’

Fortunately he changed his sheets and duvet every Sunday, so he gave her the address and offered a little prayer of thanks to the gods of good fortune and washing machine engineers.

‘Good, that’s not far.’ She nodded as she repeated the address back to him.

It seemed that she really was serious, because a few minutes later they were negotiating the ramps down out of the car park and taking the road leading towards his particular suburb.

‘I’d never have believed I’d do something like that, in public I mean.’ She remarked with a smile as they sped away. ‘What would have happened if anybody had seen us?’

‘Not a lot I shouldn’t think.’ He replied, trying to sound a lot more confident than he felt. ‘Except that they might be jealous.’

‘Eric certainly would, he’d go mad.’

They sat in silence for a little while, she concentrating on driving and he wondering how he got to be so lucky.

‘Nobody did see us, did they?’ She asked abruptly, perhaps picking up on something in what he had said.

‘No, not really. There was a young guy walked past and glanced in, but he didn’t stop so I don’t think he saw much.’ He knew his answer was a little economical with the truth, bit he didn’t want to worry her.

‘You were supposed to tell me.’ She protested. ‘Just how much did he see?’

‘Well, I guess he saw your behind stuck up against the window, but that’s about all I think.’

‘He wouldn’t have known what I was doing then? And he wouldn’t have recognised us?’

‘Not with your bum blocking his view.’ Guy tried to keep the conversation light, worried that she might be angry with him.

She didn’t reply and for a short while they drove in silence, and when she did finally speak it was quietly, as if to herself. ‘You know, I think I quite like the idea of that young man seeing me with my bottom up and head down. I sometimes fantasise about going down on someone like that while another man has me from behind.’

Guy didn’t know how to respond, and so he simply waited for her to continue or change the subject.

‘You’re the first person I’ve ever admitted that to. It’ll never happen of course, and there’s no way I could ever tell Eric.’

Another silence followed.

‘Now, I’ve done something for you, so will you do something for me?’ She asked him suddenly, glancing over her shoulder.

Sudden alarm showed in his voice. ‘Yyeessss of course. If I can.’

He caught her answering smile in the mirror.

‘When we get home to your place, will you take me from behind?’

She was looking at him in the driving mirror, and he was able to mutely nod a stunned assent. He was astounded at the way things were going. Only a few weeks before he had been grumbling to himself about his lack of success with the ladies and about how he always seemed to get the straight-laced sexless customers, and now here he was with a refined and classy woman offering to bend over for him.

‘We’ll be there soon, are you going to be equipped?’

She interrupted his train of thought with a diplomatic way of asking if he could get hard again yet. When he didn’t reply she waited until they stopped for a junction and then leaned back and grabbed quickly at his crotch, finding a cock that was already responding to expectations.

Oooh yes!’ She gave him a quick fondle before putting her hand back on the wheel.

Nothing more was said until they were turning into his road and he was pointing out exactly where he lived, but then, as they glided to a halt by the kerb she muttered something, more to herself than to him.

‘Sorry?’ he asked.

She glanced across and gave him a quick guilty smile. ‘I can’t wait.’

He led her up the stairs beside the store that led to is apartment, fumbled his key into the lock and pushed it open, showing her into the room that doubled as living room and kitchen, seeing it with new, critical eyes. He knew she would be far from impressed, but she had wanted to come to his place, and this was it, take it or leave it. He saw her give it a quick once over, but there was no sign of disapproval on her face, only unthinking acceptance of what she saw.

Come on. Let’s find the bedroom.’ She encouraged him urgently. ‘And did you know you’ve ripped my dress.’ She showed him a split seam down the side, the strap of her white bra showing through it.

‘I’m sorry.’ He vaguely remembered it giving way in the back of the car. ‘I didn’t realise.’

‘It doesn’t matter. Let’s go to bed and then I can take it off.’

‘As long as you’re sure.’ Guy still felt a twinge of doubtful anxiety.

‘I am while I’m here.’ She smiled wryly. ‘Take my word for it. I wouldn’t take the risk at home. You’re nice, but I’d rather stay alive.’

He still wasn’t sure, but he took her by the hand and led her through to the only other room. This was, he told himself, his big chance to make it with a customer, and it almost certainly would never happen again.

Again he was conscious of his surroundings, acknowledging to himself that his tiny bedroom with a shower cubicle in one corner beside the door to the toilet and washbasin, must have been far from what she was used to. It was also littered with discarded clothing and the detritus of living, even empty cd cases seemed to have followed him in from his main room.

‘Your turn.’ Her voice was husky with a passion that paid no attention to her surroundings. ‘Undress me.’

He gazed at her unmoving for a moment while his mind soared with delight at her request. He tried to think of something to say, some way of reacting courteously yet sexily, but he’d never had the practise and his tongue failed him.

‘Come on, I’m all yours, take my clothes off.’

‘Wouldn’t you like me to kiss you first?’ Where the words finally came from he wasn’t sure, certainly his normal bashfulness didn’t shape them, but her obvious need was suddenly boosting his confidence by the minute.

She stood immobile, surprised by his request, until he held his arms out and walked towards her and then she responded to him willingly. Their kiss was long and deep, tongues finding each other and dancing together, and whilst they were still kissing his fingers found her zip and pulled it down, slowly and steadily, without rush but without pause. She lowered her arms to let him slide the dress from her shoulders, glancing nervously at the windows.

‘Would you close the curtains?’

His bedroom looked out onto a school playing field, now deserted and unused during the school holidays, with the nearest building a couple of hundred yards away. He instinctively understood that it was Denise’s usual caution and her fear of her husband that had prompted her, for nobody could see them through the bedroom windows, unless they were flying. He felt a sudden self assurance that he’d never felt before, and it was strong enough for him to deny her.

‘No. Let the whole world watch if they want to.’

His tiger had now also been let loose. He had never felt so self confident, so in control, and he loved it.

Her eyes squeezed shut for a second and she shuddered in his arms, but he knew instinctively that it was from arousal as much as anxiety. He unfastened her bra and then, as it slid down her arms to fall out of sight, he hauled his sweatshirt over his head so that they were both naked to the waist, he wearing jeans and trainers and she just with shoes, stay-ups, and panties. He pulled her to him, feeling her soft breasts squash on his chest, her smooth skin rubbing against his body hair. He kissed her again, wriggling slightly to rub his front over hers, and then placing his hands on her shoulders he held her at arms length to look down at her.

He looked up and down her body, fascinated by the dark reddish brown of her nipples against her pale breasts, and by the breasts themselves, surprisingly firm and high for her age. But then her entire figure was like that, from wrinkle free neck to flat stomach she had the figure of someone twenty years her junior. He wasn’t familiar with forty something women, but he was sure very few looked as good as Denise, and all the time he stared at her he felt intense self-conscious happiness that she could have enough interest in him to stand with her hands by her sides, letting him see her. It was the most exciting day of his life.

All of a sudden he crouched and pulled her panties down, threading them over her feet. She let him do it, feeling a strange pleasure at displaying herself, and then backed away before he could do anything to remove her shoes and stockings.

‘No, I want to keep them on.’ She couldn’t explain why, but then he didn’t ask, sensing her need for himself.

He stood up feeling amazingly in control and took off his own trainers, pushing down his jeans and boxers, his cock springing clear as he kicked everything away. Now that he was also naked they just stood facing each other, clothing left unceremoniously in two piles on the bedroom floor.

‘God, you’re beautiful.’

She glowed with delight at the compliment, even dressed in what her mother would have called a ‘tart’s getup’ of stockings and high heel shoes. With a quick glance at the window for reassurance she did a twirl, spinning around before him to show herself off, feeling her pussy beginning to throb in readiness.

He smiled at her as she came to a stop, stepping forward to place his hands back on her shoulders before turning her around, then guiding her with her upper arms, he walked her across to the window, standing her before it and then reaching round to cup her breasts. She made no argument, but he could sense that her face was bright red from knowing that anyone walking around the football pitch would see her. The window wasn’t visible from the road and she was miles away from home and even farther from her the haunts of her usual social circle, and so the chances of being seen by anyone who knew her were almost nil, but still she felt more nervous than in the back of her own car when recognition was far more of a risk. Nevertheless she let him display her, tipping her head back and leaning on him, covering his hands with hers and feeling her wetness increase.

She was taller with her heels still on and, when he pulled her to him to nuzzle the back of her neck, his cock pushed its way between her buttocks to bury its tip deep in her cleft, sliding along between her pussy lips. She wanted to bend forward where she was and take him inside her, but he was still holding her breasts, effectively keeping her upright and making her throb with frustrated need.

‘Don’t make me wait, Guy.’ She pleaded.

‘Not for long.’ He promised, still moulding her breasts under his palms and trapping her nipples between his fingers.

‘What are you trying to turn me into?’ She asked, fishing for the answer she wanted, but not quite receiving it.

‘Nothing you don’t want to become.’ He countered, more accurately than he knew.

She didn’t respond. Instead she twisted gently free of his embrace and turned to climb onto the bed and kneel in the centre with her knees wide apart, lowering her face to the quilt and raising her bottom as high as she could. Then she waited quietly for him in the pose she had herself described as the most submissive. She would never have dreamed of doing this for Eric but with Guy she felt a freedom to express herself that was totally new to her. It was a beautiful and liberating feeling.

He stood at the bottom of the bed, gazing hungrily at her pussy, then, when he had looked long enough to turn her face pink again, he climbed onto the bed alongside her. She looked around at him questioningly, surprised that he was not behind her. He smiled, putting a finger to his lips.

‘Don’t be in such a rush, haven’t you heard of foreplay?’ He teased.

‘Four, five, six play. I don’t care, I just need it.’ She told him, trying to enter into his banter but with the urgency of her need making her smile a little thin.

He shuffled a little closer and placed a hand in the middle of her back, as if to hold her still, while the other was laid softly on her bottom.

She relaxed and enjoyed his hand on her skin as he let his hand roam around her bottom, fondling and caressing her cheeks and then sliding his fingertips sideways down her crack, pressing slightly to tease her as they passed over her anus and then a little harder as he reached her vagina. Twice he ran the full length of her crack, but on the third pass he pushed two fingers into her pussy, curling the others out of the way. She groaned, pushing herself back against his hand, against fingers that had already sunk full depth into her very wet and slippery passage. He pressed against her back with his free hand as a silent request to hold still.

She adjusted her position slightly to allow him in as deeply as she could with Guy’s fingers still inside her and then became still. He gave her back a tiny pat in acknowledgement and then moved his hand to underneath her so that he could cup one of her breasts, while at the same time beginning to push into her with the two fingers of his other hand, going slowly at first but gradually getting faster. Her face was turned away from him, but he heard her give the little moan of pleasure that confirmed the merit his actions.

He carried on thrusting his fingers into her, squeezing and kneading her breast at the same time, listening to her breathing as it became more and more ragged until he knew that she was getting close. She was beginning to move again, involuntarily twitching under the force of her arousal. He gripped her breast, holding her still by trapping her nipple hard between his fingers, then hearing little whimpers begin that could have been either pain or pleasure, or both.

It seemed that she was hovering close to coming but not quite there, and so he straightened one of his retracted fingers and pushed it into her alongside the other two.


It was a plea rather than an instruction. She had turned her face into the bed and her voice was muffled, but he could still detect the urgency and the need. He pulled back his hand, straightened all four of his fingers together and worked them into her, stretching her pussy around them. At the same time his thumb found its way to her anus and pressed on the entrance, pushing her sphincter slightly open but without entering. With pushing all four fingers into her he couldn’t get as deep as before, but it didn’t seem to matter, she was crying out, tiny gasps and yelps of sheer enjoyment, trying to push onto his hand even against the restraining grip on her breast.

‘Oh Guy, I’m coming.’

He was already pushing hard into her, and now he began thrusting with his fingers as far and as fast as he could, wriggling them at the same time, intending to tip her over the edge into orgasm. But she seemed to linger on that edge for ages, her body twitching, her hands gripping hard onto the bedclothes and her feet drumming, losing one of her shoes in the process. Then suddenly she was there. She raised herself onto her elbows, dragging her breast away from Guy’s hand into a peak, threw her head back and cried out loudly but unintelligibly, unformed words tumbling from her as she went as stiff as a board for a moment and then shuddered and jolted under the force of her orgasm.

As her climax finally subsided she knelt panting for breath on the bed. He watched for a few seconds and then moved around until he was behind her, gazing at her very wet wide open pussy. She knew he was looking at her but she made no attempt to hide herself. In fact, even though she had just orgasmed she found his gaze exciting; ready for what she guessed was coming next. She crouched, trying to recover her breath, waiting for him to take her.

He placed his hands on her bottom, his thumbs pulling her apart to let him see both of her holes, and then he moved closer, inserting himself between her stocking clad thighs, one hand guiding his cock towards her cleft. He shuffled closer still until the head of his cock rested at the top of her divide, just under her tail bone, and then he ran it slowly down between her cheeks so that the tip slid over her anus before finally finding her pussy. She groaned contentedly and shifted a little, trying to lift herself and give him better access, even though he had already found her wetness and was sliding into her.

He pushed himself home and then, taking hold of her hips he began to thrust, his cock going deeper than his fingers ever could. She was still hot, her orgasm had not quenched her need, and she made little pleasure noises every time his cock slid into her, getting louder and more unrestrained as he plunged faster and harder, both of them climbing towards their separate climaxes. He gripped her more tightly, making her wince as his fingers dug in, pulling her onto each thrust, banging his pubes against her bottom, looking down and seeing her cheeks quiver with each impact, the sight helping him build towards his climax.

This time they both arrived there more or less together, noisily and energetically. He gripped her tight and growled, a deep animalistic sound forced from between gritted teeth as he slammed into her, releasing the first spurt deep into her womb. It was that sensation, the feeling of him shooting his cream into her that triggered her third climax and made her cry out as if in pain, a beautiful kind of pain that completely obliterated the discomfort of his fingers digging into her hips. He plunged into her time and again, each time spurting more cum and each time triggering a fresh wave of pleasure inside her. Eventually, thankfully even, his spurts grew less and then he slumped over her back, his chest heaving against her spine, letting her orgasm also subside. Finally his cock, slimy and limp, slipped from her and he fell to one side just as she collapsed flat beside him, neither able to find the breath to speak.

For a while they lay side by side, silently facing each other with heads propped on hands, each of them looking contentedly into the others eyes as they recovered their breath and equilibrium. It was a new relationship now, a partnership of lovers instead of employer and employed, almost equal except that Guy even seemed to have assumed a slightly dominant role. But then, that suited both of them and they lay wordlessly considering how things had panned out. Denise had managed at long last to stick two fingers up at her tyrannical husband, and Guy had finally been able to find the confidence he’d lacked. It was Guy who finally broke the comfortable silence.

‘I never expected anything like this, Denise. We’re so different and yet we’ve come so far so quickly.’

‘And we can go further yet – if you want. Remember, I was out when you called, so I’ve still got your pliers, and so if you’d like to call and collect them….

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