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Julie’s Gift

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Marty and Julie had been married for 5 years, and Marty was struggling to come up with a great gift for his wife. He had looked at jewelry, sexy lingerie, and dozens of other ideas. Nothing seemed to be exactly what he was looking for, until one day the perfect suggestion crossed his path.

“You think she’ll like that?” asked Marty.

“Honey,” replied Susie. “ANY woman would love that gift. I promise!”

Susie had been cutting Marty’s hair for three years and was always full of some useful or useless piece of information. This time, Marty was sure he had lucked into a pretty useful idea. Susie had suggested that Julie get a visit from Mark LaRose, a leading designer of women’s clothing in the city. The big difference was that Mr. LaRose would make house calls. Marty knew that Julie was usually pretty timid and may not even go for the idea.

“I don’t know, Julie is usually pretty shy.”

“Honey, this guy is good. He could talk a cat out of a tree I bet. Plus, he has a way of connecting with his clients. Somehow the guy always gives his clients exactly what they want.”

“You ever had him design anything for you?” Marty asked.

“Oh, honey, no. I don’t have money to throw at that sort of thing! Besides he would probably faint if he saw the amount of polyester in my wardrobe.”

“Well, I suppose I could check it out.”

“Oh, just go for it, she’ll love it!”

“Fine, fine, I’ll trust you this time. How do I get ahold of this Mark LaRose?”

Susie gave Marty the name of a friend who was friends with LaRose. After a few phone calls he finally got in touch with the designer himself.

“Uh, hello, is this Mark LaRose?”

“Yes, this Mark LaRose. I am very busy, what is your need?” demanded a man with a thick accent, maybe French.

“Well, a friend of mine, told me you design women’s clothing…”

“Yes, yes, go on.” “I want to know what you charge for a visit to my wife for our anniversary.”

“Fine, yes, that would be $500 for a half day visit. This includes five designs.”

“Five hundred?!” questioned Marty.

“I have plenty of people who value my time, you are wasting it… good bye.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” said Marty.

“I’m waiting”

“Look, if that’s your price, that’s fine. I was just shocked at first, I’ve never hired a designer.”

“Apology accepted. I can be at your house at 1 pm on Thursday.”

“Oh, ok, well…”

“I am a very busy man, Mr…”

“Just Marty is fine.”

“Good, Marty, now, I need information on your wife.”

“Like what?”

“Hair color?”



“Does that matter?”

“Mr. Marty, this will go much easier if you just answer the questions.”

“Alright, yes,” answered Marty.


“Uh, I know she normally buys from the petite section.”

“Good, and cup size?”

“You need to know that?”

“We have been over this already, have we not?”

“B,” answered Marty.

“Excellent. Now I can bring the proper materials and color pallets.”

“Thank you, Mr LaRose. I will tell Julie to look for you at 1 on Thursday.”

“Very good, sir, I am quite sure, your wife will be satisfied. Good bye.”

Marty hung up the phone, thinking he had just secured the best gift for his wife. What more could a woman want than to have a designer give her the personal treatment and create some outfits especially for her.

Julie was reading a magazine when Marty cruised in the front door an hour ahead of schedule.

“Hey good lookin’!”

“You’re home early,” said Julie with a smile.

“I got your anniversary present today and I’m excited!”

“Well, then I’ll take it today,” she replied.

“Nope, you don’t get it until Thursday.”

“What is it?”

“No way, Jose! This one you have to wait for.”

“Well, what if I’m busy on Thursday.”

“Well, your appointment is 1 pm on Thursday. So, hopefully you can keep the afternoon free from there on.”

“Appointment? For what?”

“Not gonna trick me. You’ll just have to wait.”

Julie bugged Marty the rest of Tuesday and all day on Wednesday with about 20 phone calls. Marty had even made arrangements to have a friend watch their two kids all afternoon. He had told Julie to relax and enjoy the attention. Julie had always been the anxious type and was anything but relaxed leading up to the appointment.

Thursday afternoon arrived and her kids left with Marty’s sister. This left Julie alone for 30 minutes to ponder over what this surprise would be. At 1 o’clock sharp, a spotless, black Escalade pulled up in front of the house.

Julie watched the man take 4 cases out of the back of his vehicle. She could see no sign of what this gift would be, but caught herself studying the man as he made his way up the sidewalk. His hair was thick and silver. Julie guessed him to be around fifty-five and appeared to be in extremely good shape. He wore a black, pin stripe suit, with a red tie. He looked important and Julie got even more nervous as he rang the door bell.

She opened the door slightly.

“Hi. Can I help you?”

“It is I who will help you, my dear,” said the man in a very soothing, deep voice.

Julie was taken aback by his confidence and felt a sense of calm. She opened the door a little more.

“If I could come in, perhaps we can get started.”

“Oh, alright,” replied Julie as the man entered the room. She wasn’t sure what to think but his voice seemed to compel her to relax.

“My name is Mark LaRose. I am a designer for my own firm downtown. I specialize in women’s clothing and have been retained by your husband to design something especially for you.

“Really? Wow,” she said as she thought out loud. Julie was quite impressed with this gift that Marty had come up with.

“First, I need you to tell me what types of clothing make you comfortable,” stated Mark as he began to open his cases.

“Oh, uh, I enjoy the robe that Marty bought me. Then, I suppose the little black dress that I bought in college is one of my favorites, but I don’t get to wear it very often.”

“Fine, now, I need you to get both of those items for me. Would you be more comfortable doing this work here in the living room?”

“Well, I think so,” she said, trying to figure out what he meant.

“I am going to need to take measurements for sure. So, I need to know if we should do that here in the living room. I want you to be as comfortable as possible, Julie.”

His strong, but calm voice caused her to relax again and she felt a tingle. No man had ever caused that feeling in her with just his voice. Julie had always been easily turned on, and her husband had taken full advantage of that over the years. She had never cheated on her husband and had never had the desire to do so, but this guy’s voice was getting to her somehow.

“Well, I don’t want the whole world to watch me get measured,” she said with a chuckle. Mark just smiled as he could sense her nervousness.

“You know, I just have to ask you something, Mr. LaRose.”

“Sure,” he replied in his comforting tone as he stopped gathering materials.

“My husband said you had a ridiculous accent when he talked to you on the phone and I just can’t believe he would think you have an accent.”

“Ah, yes, that is part of my marketing. You see, my job requires me to meet with women in their homes, and I found out many years ago that husbands do not want a smooth talking man in their house with their wife. So, I created a ridiculous voice for dealing with people over the phone,” he answered.

“Oh, well, that makes sense, I guess,” she said.

“My business quadrupled after that move.”

“Impressive,” Julie said as she smiled her approval.

Sensing that she was ready to move on, Mark suggested they prepare for the measurements.

“Perhaps you have a spare room that is out of the public eye? I will also need you to get that black dress and robe for me.”

“Well, I suppose we could use the guest room. It has a full length mirror, if that will be helpful.”

“That would be perfect, I want you to see how your items look on you.”

“Ok, well, it’s the first door on the right and I’ll go up and get those items you wanted.”

Mark moved two of his cases to the guest room while Julie went to get the dress and robe. She returned a few minutes later and was surprised to see that Mark had somehow turned the guest room into a studio of sorts so quickly. A collapsible dress form, a small sewing machine, a small rack of cloth samples, and several measuring tapes adorned her guest room.

“Wow, you move quick,” she said.

“Yes, but not too quickly,” he said with a smooth tone. She felt that tingle again as she fought to keep certain thoughts in the back of her mind. She put the dress and robe on the bed and waiting for his next instruction.

“Please, put on the black dress.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll be right back,” she said as she took the dress and started for the door.

“Julie, if I might call you by your first name, I am a professional. I see women in various stages of dress every day. We will save lots of valuable time if you will just trust me.”

Julie had never been comfortable dressing in front of others, male or female. So, this was a huge request for her. Somehow, his voice spoke to her though, and she decided to try and overcome her uneasiness.

Taking a deep breath she walked back into the room and unzipped her jeans. Mark continued with his work, so as not to embarrass her. She shifted her hips from side to side as she slid the jeans down her slender thighs. Julie glanced up and saw that Mark wasn’t even looking at her, which was a relief for her. She quickly pulled her shirt off over her head and then put the items on the foot of the bed.

Mark then looked up and said, “Very good. Now, let’s get you in that dress.”

Julie took the dress from its hanger and started to slide it over her head, when Mark interrupted.

“Julie, surely you will not try and tell me that you wear a bra with that fantastic dress.”

“Oh, um, well… not usually.”

“Please, trust me. I need to see things as you normally wear them.”

Julie blushed a little but took the dress back off and unsnapped her front clasp bra. Mark was now watching, but with a business like look on his face. Julie stared back at him, deciding whether to take off the bra or not.

“Julie, you are a very beautiful woman. I can easily recognize a fine figure when I see one. Please do not be embarrassed.”

Julie blushed a little more as she let go of the bra, letting it drop to the floor. She then quickly pulled the dress over her head and down along her slender body. Her B cup breasts looked perfect in this dress.

“You look magnificent in that gown. Any man would be lucky to spend the evening with someone who looks this good. Alas, I only get one afternoon,” Mark said with a smile.

Julie smiled and relaxed at his comment. Suddenly, she felt a strong surge deep within her as she had let her guard down and the dampness began inside her. She told herself it was just the gratuitous comment. At that moment, Mark removed his jacket and tie.

“It is much easier for me to work without the constraints of this jacket. I work best when I am comfortable.”

Julie just smiled her approval as she again admired how good his physical condition seemed to be. The silk shirt he was wearing seemed to fit every muscle on his torso and arms perfectly.

“Please, come stand in front of the mirror, my dear.”

Julie stood, facing the mirror and watched as Mark began measuring her. Arms up, arms down, hips, legs, and then came time for the chest.

“Please relax, as this is a very important measurement,” he said.

Julie released her deep breath as his arms reached around her body. His strong biceps hugging her as he put the tape around her body. Julie felt another wave of lubrication forming inside her as she fought to keep herself on track mentally.

Mark then pulled the tape across her breasts and read the tape.

“Strange,” he said.

“What is?” she asked with concern.

“I need to check your cup size. I believe you may be wearing too small of a bra. Do you have headaches often?”

“Uh, not too many. How will, I mean, what do you use to measure that.”

“Normally, in my studio, I would have your try on a few different bras to narrow it down. However, I do not have room to haul all of that with me to homes, so I will have to do it the old way.”

“The old way?” she asked.

He put his hands on her hips and slid them along her stomach. She felt a slight shiver go through her as his strong hands cupped her breasts. His warm breath on her neck caused her nipples to harden. She assured herself that this was part of the procedure as his hands slid back down along the dress.

“Julie, this dress looks amazing on you.”

“Oh, thank you,” she said nervously.

“There is one adjustment that needs to be made though,” he added.

“There is?” she responded.

“The hips are too tight, but this is something I can fix easily. Hold this spot for a moment.”

Mark went to a case and pulled a piece of fabric out that perfectly matched that of the dress. Taking his place behind her again, he held the fabric in front of her, like a skirt. As he reached around to put the fabric in place, she felt an unmistakable bulge in his pants. She was torn between fear and flattery. Her body was screaming for her to react while her brain was scrambling to process the situation.

Before she could say or do anything, Mark grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up just above her hips. She must have had a look of shock on her face because he smiled at her in the mirror.

“This is necessary to make sure the fabric is exactly the right size to fit your perfect little hips.”

“Oh…” was all Julie could manage as he pulled the fabric against her. This pulled her hips back a little and up against the bulge in his pants. She sighed a little as she was sure she felt a small thrust against her. Now, the juices were beginning to soak her panties and her primal urges were threatening to overtake her common sense.

Mark saw the color building in her neck and slid a hand along her side and across her hip. The other hand dropped the fabric as it slid across her stomach, coming to rest just above her pelvis. He pressed back gently, but firmly.

“I… I…” she said, trying to form the words to stop his advance.

“Shhh…” he said as he kissed her neck. She melted.

He leaned her forward and she put her hands on wall, at either side of the mirror. His right hand left her hip and reached back to unzip his pants. As usual, he wore no underwear so his thick staff quickly jumped out through the opening in his pants.

Julie felt his cock press against her ass and nearly collapsed with a wave of pleasure. Mark could easily sense this and pulled the panties down. Julie wanted so badly to stop him.

“Just relax, my dear. Customer satisfaction is my guarantee,” he said with his strong tone. Julie just closed her eyes and waited.

Bending slightly at the knees, Mark brought his penis between her legs and pressed forward. Julie gave up her last ounce of resistance and parted her legs. She leaned forward a little further and he entered her with a firm thrust.

“Oh… that’s so good…” she said, surprising even herself.

Mark just smiled with pleasure as he began a slow rhythm. His hands slid up from her hips to cup her perky breasts. He moaned his approval as her tight little pussy grabbed his cock with each thrust. Julie’s body was buzzing with hormones as her pussy was flooded again and again with her juices. She could hardly contain herself as her knees weakened, but she fought to keep herself upright.

Mark sensed her weakened state and picked her up, carrying her to the bed. Here he placed her gently on her back and stepped between her open legs. Julie made no effort to resist as Mark climbed over her and began stuffing her with his meat all over again. Julie squealed with excitement as he stretched her. Her clit was getting quite the workout too and she knew a wonderful orgasm was coming soon.

Mark’s grunts and Julie’s joyous squeals filled the house for the next few minutes. Finally, Julie screamed in absolute pleasure as Mark brought her to orgasm. He didn’t slow his pace as she tensed up, wrapping her legs around his waist. He continued to massage her breasts as he pounded into her. The sloppy wet sounds from their union combined with their guttural moans to create the perfect sexual symphony.

“I’m going to cum inside you now.”

“Oh… no… please… oh…. Yes… yes… fill me up,” Julie said as she was unable to refuse anything Mark wanted.

Mark just smiled as he buried his cock into a few more times and then held tight against her. His semen pumped into her womb and she felt the warmth swell inside her. Mark finally leaned forward and rested on her chest.

Ten minutes later they parted.

“Is that how you treat all your clients?”

“Only the special ones,” Mark said, his words still melting Julie.

“I’ve never cheated on my husband before.”

“Well, just consider that he paid me to be here. Perhaps he wanted this to happen.”

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe you just had the desire and I was lucky enough to be here at the right time?”

With that he positioned himself over her again and began to rub his hardening cock along the entrance to her pussy. Each time the head hit her clit she would suck in a quick breath and smile. He could feel her juices seeping out of her again and decided to take advantage. Julie gladly spread her legs for him again as he fucked her with all his might.

Two orgasms later, she accepted another load of his cum. Mark was spent, and collapsed along side her. Their naked bodies were entwined and their spilled cum smeared across them as they talked for the next hour.

Mark fingered her to orgasm one last time before packing up his things. Julie was sad to see him go, but knew that today was one she would never forget. She told Marty that evening how satisfied she was with Mr. LaRose and that she was excited to see the results.

They never got a bill, and they never saw any clothes. Marty was devastated by this, but Julie just assured him that it was a great gift anyway. No connection was made, but about a week after Mark and Julie had enjoyed their afternoon, Marty’s hair stylist packed up and moved away.

Julie never told Marty about what really happened that afternoon.

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