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“Come on Jazz, I’m serious.”

“Get out,” the short black woman said, throwing her hands up.

“Why not?” Regina whined.

“You’re serious.” Jasmine said incredulously.

“Yes, I’m serious,” the tall blonde earnestly replied.

‘Dr. Ethridge to the ballistics lab, please’ the PA announced, interrupting them.

Regina almost jumped out of her chair. She started for the exit to at a gallop, but halted and hurried back to the table.

“Sorry, Skolefi case. Just think about it will you?”

“I think you’re off your nut.”

“Damnit, enough insults. Seriously, just consider it. Please?”

“Get your ass to the lab. I’ll see you after work,” Jazz said dismissively.

The tall blonde frowned, but then hurried off.

Jasmine Carter sat and stared at what was left of her mostly unpalatable lunch. She was a short woman, thick but not fat, with a big ass and massive chest. Her skin was like burnished coal; so black it almost appeared blue at times. Intelligent brown eyes highlighted a face that even her mother would be hard pressed to call pretty. Her nose was flat, having been broken several times and her lips too wide. A long scar ran from her eye, across her cheek and down off her chin. A memento from the last domestic dispute she and her partner had answered. Her partner hadn’t faired so well, they buried him three days later.

When it had healed, she had requested a transfer to the state crime lab, where her background in police methodology had combined with her love of science to make her one of the state’s finest crime scene investigators. She had taken the long and painful way to get here, to what most considered a plumb job.

Her friend Regina Ethridge had taken the exact opposite route. She had graduated with a degree in microbiology, and minors in metallurgy, forensic science and criminal justice. The daughter of a decorated veteran, she had found no resistance to landing a job here right out of college. She was brilliant, intuitive and made up for her lack of street knowledge with boundless energy, tenacity and a mind that was like a sponge, absorbing all information and able to retrieve any of it at a moment’s notice.

She also had movie star good looks and was extremely naïve. She was married to Steve Ethridge, a detective with APD. Jazz knew him vaguely, a charmer with good looks and a soft-spoken manner. She knew a lot more about Steve and Gina’s sex life than she cared to, but that was natural with best friends. No doubt the tall blonde knew more about Jazz’s private life than she was comfortable with at times. At least, that was what Jazz had always assumed.

Shaking her head, she got up and went to her office. A manila envelope sat on her desk and she opened it with a nail file, while checking her voice mail. The envelope contained eight by ten glossies of a crime scene. The girl in the photos had been shot twice in the chest, and the house had been ransacked. Local police thought it might be a robbery gone bad, but had decided to ask her to look it over. Jazz shoved Regina and her weirdness out of her mind and began going over the pictures and police report with a magnifying glass.

“You going to stay here all night?” Regina asked.

Jazz looked up suddenly, her face showing total confusion.

“Damnit, what time is it?” she asked.

It had happened again, it almost always did. She got so lost in what she was doing that she simply phased out and lost all track of time.

“It’s five forty-five, silly,” Regina said with a chuckle.

“I’ll meet you down in the garage, just have to make a phone call,” Jazz said, looking up the code and dialing it in.

“Gilespe? Yeah, Carter, state crime lab. Better grab the boyfriend, this isn’t a robbery gone bad, it’s a murder, pure and simple.”


Regina was leaning on the hood of Jazz’s ‘vette, looking like an overdressed model for one of those cheap calendars that parts companies gave out to mechanics. Jazz hit the button on her key chain as she approached and Regina was already seated with her seat belt on before Jazz got in.

The short woman fired the engine up, drove slowly out of the garage and merged into traffic. As soon as she managed to get out of the heart of town she opened it up and just enjoyed the feeling of power the hot little car gave her. She rolled down the window and practically hung her head out.

“You’re speeding again.”

“Aww, get off my ass. If you can’t handle a little adrenalin rush, catch a ride with someone else.”

“Did you think about it?”

“Jeezzus H. Christ! I just got off work, give me a few minutes to wind down.”

After a long silence Jazz finally had the images of the dead girl out of her head and rolled the window up.

“No. There’s no fucking way,” she declared.

“Oh come on Jazz, please?”

“Get a book or something.”

“Damnit Jazz, you know that isn’t going to help,” Regina pouted.

“And I am? Earth to ditzy blonde, I’m a lesbian, I know fuck all about how top a guy,” Jasmine said in exasperation.

“I know even less, but it’s what Steve needs. He’s been hinting for weeks, even bout me a crop and leather bustier.”

Jazz had a girl, well, kinda, but the thought of the tall blonde in a leather bustier sent an electric thrill through her. They were best friends and all, but she would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit she had dreamed of bedding Gina on more than one occasion.

Jazz sighed heavily, “You don’t know what you’re asking for.”

“Yes I do, I just want you to teach me to be a top.”

“What do you want me to do, bring you over and let you hide in the closet while me and Trish make out?” she snarled. It came out much harsher than she meant for it to and she immediately felt like a heel.

“Look baby,” she began in a softer tone, “You don’t just wake up one day and decide you’re gonna be a domme. About the only way to learn to be a top, is to be topped by a good one. I haven’t been part of the scene since I started working here. I don’t even know a dom I trust to recommend you hook up with if you’re dead set on this.”

“I couldn’t do that. It would be cheating.”

“Yeah, well, if you aren’t content to learn from a book or online or something, the only way you are going to learn is by doing. I’m not trying to dissuade you, I’m just telling it like it is.”

The rest of the drive was made in silence. Jazz was still trying to drive the pictures from her head, before she got home. Regina seemed deep in thought, but what she was thinking, Jazz had no idea.


Jazz sat at her desk, rocking ever so slightly. The lab report was back on the gun and ballistics were inconclusive. What was for sure was that the bullets used in this one were the same as in the last fifteen, Remington Super-Xs. The press had dubbed him the I-95 killer, the populace was in a panic, the higher ups were breathing down everyone’s neck, and still they had no solid leads. Her suggestion that they call the FBI had met a stony silence from the boss. He had been even less hospitable when she put the recommendation in writing so it was on the record.

Jazz didn’t give a shit. Some sicko was out there, killing young girls, and she wasn’t about to let interdepartmental rivalry contribute to him staying on the streets. Like so many cases before this, she had let herself become involved. Trish had moved in with a woman named Allison, leaving only a note and her portion of the rent. Jazz didn’t blame her, she knew she was too deeply involved, spending days on end in her office pouring over reports she had read a dozen times. Looking for something she just knew she was missing. Some tiny scrap of information that seemed inconsequential, but would tie all the victims together somehow and give them a starting place.


She looked up to see Regina standing in the doorway. They hadn’t seen much of each other since the evening they had talked. The killings had put everyone on edge and while she hated it, all of her relationships suffered when she got like this.

“Hey, Girl,” Jazz said, hearing the exhaustion in her own voice.

When did I last sleep, she wondered.

“You look like shit, when was the last time you slept?” the blonde asked, as if reading her mind.

“I was just wondering that. I don’t know. It’s been a while.”

Jazz started to stand, but felt dizzy and fell back into her chair. Regina was across the room in a flash, steadying the shorter woman as she strove to stand.

“Good lord, you’re going to kill yourself.”

Jazz only protested feebly as Regina lead her out to her car. The blonde managed to get Jazz into the passenger seat and buckled herself into the driver’s seat. Jazz didn’t remember the ride home, or Gina helping her to bed, or anything else.

When she finally woke, she found sunlight streaming into her bedroom. It took her a while to piece together that she was home. She threw the covers off, and got up. Jazz was brushing her teeth when she realized she was naked, not that that was unusual, she slept in the buff, but she wondered if she had stripped or if Regina had undressed her. When she came out of the bathroom, Jazz heard the TV, so she tossed on an old robe before walking out. Regina was sitting on the sofa, wrapped up in blankets and watching the television. It was obvious she had slept there, even without the extra pillows on the floor.

“Good afternoon, sleepy head,” she said with a smile.

“Ugh. What afternoon?”

“Friday, you’ve been asleep about twenty hours.”

“Fuck, I gotta get to the office.”

“No you don’t. You’re off today and for the rest of the weekend. Captain’s orders, so don’t give me that look.”

“What look?”

“The one where I feel like you’re about to kill me and are just considering where to hide the body,” she said with a small smile.

Despite herself Jazz laughed and realized just how long it had been since she laughed.

“Thanks for staying, let me get dressed and I’ll run you home.”

“If it’s all right with you, I’d rather stay. Steve is working a tough case and…things haven’t been good lately.”

“Obsessing about the case?” Jazz asked as she sat next to Regina.

“No…I caught him with a hooker…escort…whatever you want to call it. He said he was sorry…that he loved me…but…but I just can’t give him what he needs,” she ended before breaking down in tears.

Jazz tentatively reached out, and then held her as the tall woman sobbed on her shoulder. Jasmine became aware of just how soft and ripe her best friend’s body was. She inwardly cursed herself for noticing that, when she should have been offering support, but she couldn’t help it. Her skin was so soft and pale, so pale that Jazz could see the veins underneath, and she smelled faintly of strawberries. Her hair was long, thick, shiny, and softly sensuous to the touch.

Jazz felt herself getting hot and it troubled her on several levels. The first was the most worrisome, this was a friend in a bad way and even thinking about taking advantage went against her grain. She just wasn’t built that way, but here she was, wondering what Regina looked like naked.

Jazz also had a strict personal rule about friends, she had turned down sympathy fucks on several occasions, not because she didn’t need one, but because a friendship got messy when you started fucking each other. She didn’t have enough friends to risk loosing one over sex.

Then too, Gina was married. Jazz avoided married women like the plague. A lot of her girlfriends loved married women. Free sex, no responsibilities, expectations or attachments. Jazz’s only experience with a married woman had been when she was just eighteen, and the bitch’s husband had nearly killed them both.

Lying to yourself she thought as she rocked her sobbing friend. Well, not lying, all of that was true, but it wasn’t the real reason she kept Regina at arms length. The real reason was the color of her skin. This was still the south and while it wasn’t the south of her mother, it was still not the most progressive place on earth. Being a dyke here was hard. Being a black dyke was even harder. A black dyke with a white girlfriend? That took solid brass balls. But a black top with a white bottom? That was just begging for every redneck in the state to come down on you. Jazz didn’t need the aggravation and so she had never been with a white girl. What really scared her shitless here was that she knew she could fall for her friend, really bad if she let herself. That’s what was really bothering her.

“Jazz, please, you’ve got to help me,” the blonde pleaded.

When Jazz looked into her eyes, she knew she couldn’t refuse. She took a deep breath and stood up, walking away from the sofa and looking out the window. It was raining, and overcast. She thought a while before she said anything.

“Girl, you don’t know what you’re asking of me. Don’t interrupt!” she commanded when Regina tried to speak.

“You want to be topped? Fine, I’ll top you. I’ll show you the ropes as best I can, but if you say yes, we’re gonna play my way. So the ground rules are simple, I say, you do, you don’t, you get punished. You say the word Steve, we’ll stop right there, but you do that, I take you home and you never mention this again. Agreed?”

“I don’t know,” Gina replied meekly.

“You don’t know?” Jazz said, turning to face her friend.

“You sound so angry. I…I really want to do this, but…not if you are gonna be so upset.”

Jazz smiled and shook her head.

“You have no idea do you?”


“You’re gorgeous honey. And sweet and sexy, everything a woman could want. I’m not angry with you, sweetheart. I’m just afraid that I’ll loose you as a friend if this doesn’t work out and I’m angry at the circumstances.”

“Loose me as a friend? Don’t be silly. You’re doing me a favor, I swear it won’t affect our friendship, I swear it Jazz.”

“You never know honey, I have seen too many friends get freaked out over sex, I don’t want to loose you to that.”

“You won’t. Promise. So where do we start?”

Jazz stood up and walked into her bedroom. She returned and tossed a small leather case to Gina before sitting down again.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

Jazz watched Gina’s face as she opened the case and then burst out laughing.

“You’re a hoot Gina, what were you expecting? Titty clamps and a collar?”

The blonde blushed furiously and lowered her eyes, mumbling something Jazz didn’t catch. The black woman fished into the pocket of her robe and pulled out a bottle of clear nail polish and handed it to Gina. She then gently pushed the tall woman off the sofa and put her feet in the blonde’s lap.

“Get to work babe. Do the cuticles and clip ’em, then polish.” Jazz said as she grabbed the remote and flipped to a movie channel.

She didn’t really care what was on, she just snuggled back into the pile of covers and closed her eyes. Having her nails done was something she found really sensuous and knowing it was Gina, that took it to another level. Even the pain was good, but when the blonde began brushing on the polish, Jazz moaned softly.

She moved her leg slightly, allowing the robe to fall open and then watched through slitted eyelids to see Gina’s reaction. The tall woman didn’t seem to notice at first, she was gently blowing on Jasmine’s nails when she happened to look up. Here eyes went wide and she wrinkled her nose. It was so cute Jazz almost laughed, but she managed to keep it inside. Gina went back to concentrating on her feet, but she would occasionally, surreptitiously glance at Jazz’s pussy.

“Done,” she said softly.

“Mmmmm, do love having my nails done. You got your credit card with you?”

“Yes, why?”

“Limit?” Jazz replied, ignoring her question.

“American express.”

“Great. Wiggle your ass into the bedroom and get showered and dressed, we’re going shopping,” Jazz said as she stood and walked into the kitchen.

She felt Gina watching her, but the blonde eventually shrugged and started towards the bedroom.



“I said wiggle your ass girl. When you walk around me I want a nice seductive wiggle, if I don’t get it, I’ll be more inclined to paddle your ass than tap it, got it?” Jazz said sternly.

She hung her head, blushing furiously, but when she moved off Jazz smiled, watching that soft plump ass moving as she walked.


The sun had just set when Jazz pulled up and parked in front of Ty-locks. The place hadn’t changed much in the couple of years since she had been here last. Blank exterior, glass door and two display windows. The first held mannequins in lingerie, paddles, crops, hand cuffs, the usual stuff. The second was the hardcore stuff, gas masks, enema bags, PVC bondage suits, adult diapers, pretty much the whole fetish gamut. Jazz had seen it all before, but Gina was like a spectator at a train wreck, unable to look away, even though she seemed to want to.

“All right Gina, follow me, stay about two paces behind me. I want you to look at everything, but don’t stare at anyone. We’re only going to pick up a few minor things for you, but if you are going to play domme, you’ll need more eventually. I’m going to introduce you to Ty, be polite and for gods sake don’t make a scene. You can pick up cheap bondage gear and fetish stuff online, but I wouldn’t go that route. Build a relationship with Ty and she’ll special order anything you want she doesn’t carry.”

Gina nodded and followed Jazz into the store. It was early, which was good, the real hardcore crowd wouldn’t be out till late. Jazz had counted on that, she didn’t really want to throw Gina to the wolves. Ty saw her coming and came out around from the counter. She was a short woman of Asian extraction, and wore only a red thong and push up bra with a filmy black robe.

“Jazz, so good to see you,” she said as they hugged.

“Good to see you too Ty, how’s business?”

“Same, same, everyone want good stuff, no one want to pay for it,” she replied in her singsong voice.

She was smiling at Jazz, but looking past the short black woman at the tall blonde.

“New pussy?” Jazz winced and Gina went scarlet from the top of her head to at least where her blouse covered her chest.

“Yeah. Gina meet Ty, Ty, this is Gina.”

The small woman stepped around Jazz and boldly examined Gina, who seemed to be totally at a loss.

“Nice. Show me the goods,” the small woman demanded. Gina looked at Jazz with deer in the headlight eyes and a shocked expression on her face.

“Show her your tits,” Jazz ordered.

For a second she felt sure Gina would refuse, but she hung her head and meekly unbuttoned her white blouse. She wore a white satin bra that seemed to be glued to her breasts. Gina caught the tops of the satin cups and dutifully pulled them down beneath her heaving breasts. They were pert and firm, conical with puffy aureoles and fat nipples. Jazz felt her own nipples hardening, she had to admit they looked edible. Ty laughed and pulled her own bra down, smiling when Gina gasped at the sight of the golden hoop through each.

“All you American girls, big titties,” Ty said before turning back to Jazz, “So what you need?”

“She needs the basics Ty, cuffs, a crop, boots, a collar, male chastity belt, that sorta shit,”


“Yeah, she’s learning the ropes, her husband’s a bottom,”

“Ohhh, I see, well, come with me girlie, Ty will take care of you,” the small woman said, grabbing Gina’s hand and leading her off.

Jazz meandered through the racks, examining this and that, mostly killing time. Ty would know best what Gina needed. Despite her pidgeon English she was uncannily intelligent. Jazz had no doubt that Gina would end up telling the small woman everything and she knew too that Ty would make sure she got exactly what she would need for Steve.

Jazz also had to consider what she would need for the weekend, besides a lot of restraint and plenty of Captain Morgan’s. Her real problem was that she knew nothing about Gina’s body, her sexuality or her kinks. In the same way she compartmentalized everything she had shoved the tall blonde into the hopelessly straight and off limits category and had really made herself intentionally ignorant.
Jazz picked up a pair of nipple clamps, the way Gina had blushed at the comment made Jazz think she might like those. She also got a feather, paddle, pleasure belt and other minor nick knacks. When Ty returned, Jazz had her fit Gina for a pair of 5-inch stilettos with locking ankle straps and a bondage corset. Her friend didn’t protest once and was terribly quiet and withdrawn on the ride home.

“Talk to me Gina,” Jazz said as she got onto 95 and headed home.

“I don’t know what to say.” “What are you thinking? Feeling? Was that too much for you?”

“I don’t know. I feel…all fluttery inside. I…I nearly came when you made me show that woman my tits. It was humiliating…but arousing too? I’m not making any sense at all am I?”

Jazz chuckled and pulled over to the side of the road. She reached into the back seat and rummaged around in one of the bags before finding what she wanted. She tore off the packaging and handed the case, which looked like a large jewelry box to Gina.

“What’s this?”

“Open it and find out.”

She did so, staring in confusion at the two large golden balls sitting on their velvet bed. She looked up at Jazz questioningly. “Ben-wa balls,” the black woman said with a toothy smile.

“What are they for?”

“You put ’em in your pussy,” she replied, enjoying the deep blush that came over Gina’s face and neck.

“Oh,” she said in a small voice.

“Now, I’m guessing you’re already wet, am I right?”

Gina nodded hesitantly.

“Good, hike up your skirt, and put your legs up on the dash,” Jazz said as she took the case out of Gina’s hands.

Gina hesitantly complied and Jazz felt a lump in her throat. Gina’s legs were long and toned, the kind of legs the short woman loved to imagine wrapped around her. Her white bikini panties were stretched tightly across her mound and Jazz hesitated just a moment before plucking one of the balls out. She caught the leg of the panties and pulled them aside, revealing Gina’s trimmed blonde pubic triangle, thick lips and fleshy mound. Gina blushed scarlet, but made no move to stop her and Jazz pressed the ball to her entrance. It took a little doing, but it eventually slipped inside, producing a drawn out hiss from the tall woman. Jazz took the other ball and pushed it in also, then reluctantly released her grip and watched as the panties snapped back and covered the beautiful sight.

Jazz reluctantly returned her eyes to the road and pulled back into the light traffic. The road wasn’t in very good repair and Jazz made less effort than normal to miss the ruts and potholes.

“How do they feel?”

“Strange, like they are moving inside me,” Gina said in a breathless voice.

“Good, now listen to me,” Jazz said, switching off the radio.

“The biggest part of a sub’s enjoyment is in the surrender. You need to recognize that, if you’re going to be a good top. Showing Ty your tits turned you on. Letting me put those little balls in your pussy did too, don’t bother trying to deny it, I can smell your cunt from here.” Jazz said.

As she suspected Gina jumped at the harsh word.

“Humiliation is also a part of it. The degree each affects a given person is different, you have to feel your way into your sub’s mind and decide what does it for them.”

Jazz, stopped speaking as she passed an eighteen-wheeler, concentrating solely on the road. Once she was back in a moderately open stretch she continued.

“You get off on someone talking dirty to you, don’t you slut?”

“How did you know?” Gina asked after a few moments.

“I pay attention to you, even when you don’t think I am, I’m watching you. Topping someone is intuitive, but it isn’t brain surgery. I said cunt and you reacted, isn’t too far to make the connection. You’re also a closet exhibitionist, but I doubt you even realized it. I’ve learned more about what turns you on in the last few hours than I have in the years we’ve been friends. Why? Because I’m trying to. It’s like any relationship, you have to communicate, but a lot of communication from your sub is non vocal, remember that.”

“What else do you know about me, Jazz?”

The black woman laughed and reached over to touch Gina’s arm, without taking her eyes off the road.

“A lot really. But, I’m not going to just tell you about it, I’m going to show you. So we’ll let that one slide. Just remember this kid, the domme is the one who has the tough part in a relationship, not the sub. You’re responsible for both of you enjoying it, whereas a sub only has to do what they’re told. Steve wants to be topped, but what exactly does he want?”

“I…I don’t know, I guess?”

“I didn’t think you did. And he’s not going to just tell you. I’m feeling my way into your head Gina. You’re going to have to feel your way into his. Where that leads, I can’t tell you, I don’t know him and frankly, I don’t want to know him.”

They were silent for a while, as Jazz negotiated the heavier traffic as they approached the city. Quick sidelong glances showed Gina was having problems. She was biting her lip, and had a death grip on the door handle. Her nipples were poking out and her face was flushed. Jazz could smell her arousal and felt a sympathetic twinge in her own pussy. Ben-wa’s could be hellishly subtle if you didn’t know what to expect.

Jazz skipped her exit and took the bypass, getting off on the south side and eventually pulling into a badly deteriorated parking lot next to a large, nondescript building.

“What’s this place?” Gina asked quietly.

Her nostrils were flaring and she seemed to be in a real state, which was what Jazz had hoped for.

“Shell’s Clit club, it’s a lesbian hangout,” Jazz said.

“Oh Jazz, I can’t go in there! What if someone sees me?”

“Relax. How many out lesbians do you know, Gina?”

“Just you,” she replied, obviously puzzled.

“Right. So if you see anyone in there you know, you’ll know her secret too.”

“Jazz, I can’t,” she protested.

“All right, I’ll take you home,” Jazz said easily, turning the ignition. “Wait! I’ll go,” Gina blurted out.

“All right. That was your one slip Gina. Next time you hesitate or protest, I’m taking you home, understand?”

“I understand Jazz,” she nearly whispered.

“Here are the rules. I’m going to go in first, you’re to follow five minutes afterwards. You will take a seat at the bar and order a drink, something strong. Anyone asks you to dance, you will. Anyone offers to buy you a drink, you let them. You’re to smile and flirt with anyone who flirts. If you get on the dance floor and someone gets handsy, you’re to let them do as they please and pretend to like it, even if you don’t. You can’t say no tonight, unless someone tries to get you to go to the back room. Under no circumstances will you say yes and if they’re riding you, I’ll step in. Do you understand?”

“You want me to act like a whore?”

“No, a whore gets paid for it, you’re giving it away,” Jazz said with an evil grin.

She paid at the door and sauntered in, enjoying the loud music, buzz of a hundred conversations and the smoky smell. She hadn’t been out to a club in ages and chided herself for not taking the time. She really did love clubbing.

Jazz got a beer at the bar, and then found a booth with a good view of both the bar and the dance floor. She sipped the beer contemplatively and waited for Gina to show. Almost five minutes to the second later Gina came in and made her way to the bar. She was walking gingerly and Jazz smiled, imagining her discomfort at learning the Ben-was really went to work when she moved.

In less than two minutes a short butch approached her. Jazz watched with some amusement as Gina let the small girl lead her to the dance floor. To her surprise, Gina could dance. Her face also showed she was hot and ready, the Ben-wa balls were obviously doing their job. When the butch turned her around and began to grind her hips into Gina’s ass, Jazz almost intervened. Gina looked so distraught and mortified, but soon she was working her hips back and doing a damn hot bump and grind.

Successive partners kissed her, felt her up, and dry humped her on the floor. Jazz drank plenty and just watched, enjoying the obvious conflicting emotions in her friend. When she felt sure Gina was in a sexual state that would make the rest of the evening work out how she wanted Jazz sauntered up to the bar, grabbed her elbow and guided her out to the car.

“How ya feeling?” Jazz asked after they were on the road.

“I’ve never been this horny in all my life, these things are incredible,” Gina gushed.

Her eyes were sparkling and her cheeks were flushed. She looked totally fuckable, that kind of look a girl got when you knew she was ready for sex. Jazz smiled and tromped down on the accelerator.


Jazz motioned Gina into her house and followed carrying the bags. The tall blonde’s legs were wobbly and she was biting back moans with each step or two. Gina was moving through the kitchen, towards the sofa, but Jazz dropped the bags, darted to where she stood, and grabbed her. The shorter black woman twined one hand in Gina’s long tresses and jerked her head back, pulling it down to her shoulder, while turning her body slightly to put her hip in Gina’s back.

Gina squealed as the move forced her back to arch and her feet to come together to keep her from falling.

“You enjoyed the fuck out of that didn’t you?” Jazz whispered in her ear.

Gina shook her head, but said nothing. Jazz reached around her captive’s waist and thrust her fee hand into Gina’s skirt with such force the button at the side popped off. Her short, thick fingers forced their way into the steamy confines of Gina’s panties and pressed between her slick lips to massage her hot pussy.

“You can’t lie to me. Your pussy gives you away. All hot and wet. How many bitches had their hands on your fine ass tonight Gina? How many women did you kiss? Do you even know? Or is your pussy running the show now?”

Jazz crossed her fingers and began to saw them up and down. In moments, Gina’s hips were bucking, riding her hand. She was whimpering and moaning, twisting in Jazz’s arms, but the small butch jerked her hand free when she heard the first bark of pleasure.

“Noooooo,” Gina wailed, fighting to bring her own hands to her molten cunt and finish.

Jazz was too quick for her. From her back pocket she pulled out her handcuffs and clapped them onto Gina’s left wrist. A quick twist brought the blonde’s arm around her back and up. Jazz released her hair, caught her free arm, and with another deft move finished the job. Gina had both her arms held behind her back now.

Jazz caught the short length of chain in her hand, forced Gina’s arms up and marched her into the bedroom, before pushing her down on the big king bed. The blonde struggled for a moment and then managed to roll over. Jazz was unbuttoning her blouse and the words died on Gina’s lips. When the short woman finished unbuttoning her blouse she left it hanging open as she moved to the corner of the bed and tugged a long nylon strap with cuff attached from under the mattress. She moved to each corner and repeated the process and then stood at the foot of the bed.

“Last chance to back out Gina.”

The blonde bit her lower lip as her brows knit, but she shook her head and Jazz smiled. She reached down and caught the hem of Gina’s skirt, giving it a vicious yank that pulled the zipper open and the garment past the blonde’s wide hips. Another tug and it came out from under her ass and slid easily down her legs. Jazz tossed it onto a chair and gave a low whistle.

Gina’s legs were long and firm and the view was even sweeter than it had been in the car. Jazz felt a stab of desire in her stomach.

“If those panties mean anything to you, you got five seconds to get ’em off before I rip ’em off. Five. Four…” she growled.

Gina pulled her feet up and placed them on the bed, then raised her hips. With her hands manacled together she used her thumbs to catch the waistband and pull them down. The blonde then raised her legs and pulled them back towards her, freeing the panties just as Jazz hit one.

Jazz opened one of the cuffs and placed it securely around Gina’s ankle. She watched the tall woman closely as she moved around the bed and placed her other ankle in a cuff and secured it. Jazz fished the key out of her pocket and undid the cuffs, tossing them on the bed.

“Lose the blouse and bra.”

Jazz didn’t wait to see if her order was being followed, she knew it would be. As hot as she was for Gina, the realization that the tall blonde was a natural bottom troubled her. Jazz knew all about living a lie and she worried that Gina was in for a lot of heartbreak and pain. Still, this was what she wanted and Jazz had agreed to help.

“If nothing else, I’ll give her a weekend to remember,” she muttered as she dug the pillow out of the closet.

The pillow was special ordered by her. Shaped like a wedge, it was made to fit snugly under someone’s back when they were spread eagled. From the wide part of the wedge, two soft tubes of material were attached, each ended in a pair of Velcro straps. The tubes were soft, but each contained a rigid bar at the core. Once the Velcro was securely around her thighs, they would prevent Gina from closing her legs, while the wedge would raise her ass and thrust her pussy out. Jazz had commissioned the piece for her first girl, because even with her legs widely spread, it had been a pain to get to her pussy the way the short butch wanted.

“Raise your ass,” Jazz said as she slid the pillow between Gina’s legs. She made a point of not looking at her captive’s chest, but concentrated on fitting the pillow properly and securing it, before cuffing her hands and pulling all the slack out of her bonds. Jazz opened her toy box and took out a small but powerful little vibe. She pretended not to notice Gina, who was watching her intently, as she added a small bit of lube, and then flicked it on. Assured that it was still working, Jazz sat on the bed, leaned over and gently extracted the Ben-wa balls. Both glistened with Gina’s juices.

“Ever tasted yourself?” Jazz asked.

Gina shook her head, her eyes never leaving Jazz’s fingers. The black woman moved swiftly, catching Gina’s chin in her hand and forcing the woman’s mouth open. She pressed one of the slick balls to her lips, but Gina’s teeth stayed clamped.

“Open. Now!”

Reluctantly she opened her mouth wide and Jazz popped the slick toy in.

“When I get back I want it clean,” Jazz said.

She flicked the little vibe on and pushed it deeply into Gina’s slick canal. Once it disappeared, except for the ring at the base Jazz got up and left the room. She made her way to the bar and poured herself a Captain Morgan’s and coke.

She could hear Gina moaning and the sound was so hot she considered shucking her pants and masturbating to calm herself. She had never realized just how hot her friend was or just what a killer bod she had. Well, maybe she had realized it, but thinking it and seeing it were two totally different things. The main thing she was debating now was how to approach this.

Normally with a first timer, Jazz would keep it very tame. A little bit of teasing, then a good hard, ‘see you’re gonna love this’ fuck. While she preferred this approach, she just didn’t have the time to baby Gina. Come Monday, they would go back to work and all Gina would have to go on when she went home was what Jazz showed her. Slamming the rest of her drink, she shook her head, did away with her worries and walked back into the bedroom.

Gina’s hips were undulating slowly and her head was thrown back. Jazz felt her breath catch in her throat, she had never seen anything so erotic in her life. It took an effort of will to approach the bed and loop her finger though the metal ring. Jazz pulled the vibe out quickly, causing Gina to gasp, then whine. Or what passed for whining with her mouth full. Jazz held her hand out below Gina’s lips.

Without saying a word, she let Gina know what she wanted and the blonde carefully spit out the gleaming ball. Jazz tossed it on the bed and gently stroked Gina’s cheek.

“What’d ya think baby? Ya like that?”

The blonde grunted an affirmative. She seemed to be slipping away from reality in her desire, which normally Jazz would have been happy with. She loved making a girl so crazy she just slipped off into a world dominated by need and pleasure, but tonight wasn’t the night for it. After a moment’s hesitation she slapped Gina, hard.

“When I ask a question you answer me!” Jazz demanded.

“Yes! I liked it!” Gina cried.

“I know you did. You’re such a slut,” Jazz said as she stood and worked her pants and boxers over her wide hips and down her legs.

Gina’s eyes seemed glued to Jazz’s pussy. Jazz climbed back on the bed and straddled Gina’s waist. She was watching her friend and saw the shock when she guessed what was coming. Jazz didn’t give her a chance to protest, sliding one leg over her captive’s shoulder and quickly following it with the other.

“Since you like it so much, here, have your fill of mine.”

Jazz waited patiently for Gina to do something. Her initial thought was to give the pretty technician some time to work up her nerve. Her patience was rewarded when she felt Gina shift slightly on the bed, followed by the white-hot sensation of the pretty blonde’s tongue on her inner thigh. What followed was an exercise in patience and frustration for the short woman.

Gina brushed her lips over Jazz’s thigh again and then tentatively licked along the crease where her leg met her torso. Her lips then made the most fleeting contact with Jazz’s lips, so light that the short woman wasn’t even positive she had felt and not imagined it. Seconds later she was sure, when she felt the delicate tip of Gina’s tongue trace along her outer lips. The sensation sent tendrils of pleasure coiling through her abdomen and she began breathing deeply to try and stay in control.

Gina gently tongued her lips, staying well away from the gap between them, but eventually she seemed to decide to give it a try and Jazz nearly came when she felt the flat of her friend’s tongue caressing her soft, inner folds. Jazz reached behind her body and found Gina’s hard nipples. She tweaked them and pulled on them, more to keep herself sane than because she though Gina needed more stimulation. The added stimulation may have done it, or perhaps the blonde just decided she liked it, but for whatever reason, her mouth became more active. As she gained confidence, she began to really start driving Jazz to distraction.

Jazz hadn’t planned on having an orgasm so soon, but her friend’s soft tongue was simply incredible and she made a snap decision to just let it come. This weekend was all about Gina in her mind, but at the same time, there was no reason to deny herself, she reasoned. Besides, it wouldn’t be a good example to be too restrained. At least that was what she told herself as she leaned forward and used her fingers to pull her pussy open.

Gina’s big eyes went wide as Jazz stared down her body.

“You look good with a pussy mustache,” she said.

Gina blushed and closed her eyes, but her tongue never stopped its gentle assault. She zeroed in on Jazz’s clit and Jazz felt the tightening of her deep muscles that preceded orgasm. Jazz felt her hips bucking and tried to control the movements, wanting Gina to do the work rather than just riding her face. It wasn’t that the orgasm would be better, but simply that she wanted Gina to be able to take pride in her skill, which would hopefully spur her to try to improve.

All such calculating thoughts fled when Gina found her clit and began to lave it with her tongue. Spikes of unreal pleasure tore at Jazz’s control and when the damn burst, she was hard pressed not to shout for joy. Pulses of raw pleasure inundated her mind and for a brief time she just road them, embracing the pleasure and letting all the tension that had built go into them. Gina was still gently scouring her pussy when sanity returned, but Jazz forced her self to get up.

“Damn girl, you are some kinda muff diver,” Jazz exclaimed while fanning herself.

Gina looked beautiful, her eyes closed, a blush on her cheeks and Jazz’s juices making her lips and chin glisten in the wan light. She wanted nothing so much as to release her and just hold her. To thank her for such a lovely orgasm, but she knew that would be out of bounds. This wasn’t about Gina becoming her lover, as much as she wished it was. It was about Gina learning the ropes and now wasn’t the time to show tenderness.

Jazz sauntered over to her toy box and pulled out her harness. She stepped into it and buckled it tight. Next she rummaged around the many dildos that she owned. The one she chose was flesh colored, neither the largest in her collection nor the smallest. It was very short, only about five inches long, but also very fat. Not knowing anything about Gina’s abilities and comfort zone, Jazz picked one she could be fairly certain would not go too deep and cause pain, but would also give a good fuck. She pressed the base to the stud on her harness and pushed until the vacuum lock sealed with a series of audible clicks.

When she turned back, she realized this wasn’t going to be easy. Her feelings for Gina were stronger than she wanted to admit and while it was part and parcel of the games, humiliation had never been something Jazz really enjoyed. Still, she needed to give Gina a taste of it and that was getting harder with each moment she spent with the pretty blonde.

She took a deep breath and steeled herself.

“Well, you look like you could use a good fucking,” Jazz said as she crawled onto the bed between Gina’s long legs.

Jazz gripped the dildo in her hand and began to stroke it slowly up and down Gina’s slit. Her pussy was an angry shade of pink and in short order the head of Jazz’s cock was glistening with her juices. Gina was pressing her hips up, trying to sustain the contact as much as her bonds would allow.

“How bout it slut? Is that little pussy of yours ready to be filled?”

Gina groaned and continued to buck her hips.

“Answer me!” Jazz demanded, pulling the dildo back.

“Yes! Please Jazz,” she begged.

“Please what?”


“Please what? Please fuck me? Please stuff your cock in my cunt? What Gina?”

“Fuck me,” she gasped when Jazz returned the toy to her pussy.

Jazz could have gone a lot further. She had often made Trish revile and debase herself, but that was what she enjoyed. Jazz had no inkling if Gina was enjoying it and frankly, she didn’t care now. She just didn’t have the desire to make Gina do it without knowing in advance she wanted it.

Jazz let the head settle at Gina’s entrance and applied pressure with her hips. She watched as it opened and expanded Gina’s tunnel. Gina was making the most incredibly erotic noises and Jazz felt the tension in her body rising. This was going to take an effort of will, she decided.

Closing out the sights, smells and feelings she began to mechanically work her hips. The sight of Gina’s pink lips spread wide and grasping her cock as it sawed in and out was too much. Jazz had to close her eyes and concentrate on something else. As usual, work came to the fore and soon she was deeply engrossed in speculation about the killer and his motives. Gina was moaning, crying out in broken sentences and babbling incoherently. Jazz was still thinking about work when Gina’s voice finally penetrated.

“Jazz, please, Please stop,” she begged.

Jazz looked down to see Gina cringing. Not in pain, well, not really, but in that super sensitive state where any stimulation walked the razor’s edge between pain and pleasure. Her pussy was deep red, covered in white cream where Jazz’s motion had whipped the blonde’s juices. Her pubes were matted and the muscles beneath her skin were twitching.

Jazz pulled out, cursing herself for having missed the blonde’s orgasms. She had wanted to get her mind away from there to prolong Gina’s pleasure, but she cursed herself for having drifted too far. Nothing made her feel good about herself like making her girl come and she had missed it.

‘One more performance,’ she told herself. Just one, then she would take it easy on Gina and explain what she was doing and why.

“I’m not done yet Gina. So if I stop, you’ll have to offer me something else.”

“Anything, just please,” Gina begged.

Jazz hopped off the bed and while Gina rode out the after shocks, she changed dildos. She then undid Gina’s restraints, rolled the pliant blonde over onto all fours and refastened the slips to her arms. Jazz crawled back between her legs and slapped her ass.

“On your knees!” she commanded.

Gina rose to all fours immediately and Jazz stroked the new toy up and down her slick pussy, getting it wet with her juices. This toy was far different than the first, long and slim, its end was tapered to a point. At it’s widest, it was no bigger around than a D battery. Jazz thrust it into Gina’s wet pussy causing the blonde to groan, but after a few stabs she withdrew and placed the slick head on Gina’s rosebud. As Jazz carefully put her weight behind it, the tapered head began to penetrate the tight ring of muscles. Gina seemed to realize suddenly what was happening and started.

“Jazz?” she cried.

“Shut up. Just shut up and relax. You don’t want me fucking that little pussy, so I’m going to ream this hot little ass,” Jazz said as harshly as she could.

Jazz expected more protest. In fact she had resigned herself to being talked out of it. The short woman loved anal, but she knew most girls had problems with it. She could tell Gina had never tried it, she was so tense her whole body seemed stiff. When she didn’t protest Jazz stroked Gina’s back with her nails.

“I want you to totally relax Gina. If you tense, it’s going to hurt and I’m not into hurting people.”

As she watched, Gina’s body slowly relaxed. She could tell Gina was still nervous, but she seemed to be making every effort to follow Jazz’s wishes.

Normally such submission thrilled her, but in Gina’s case it just troubled her even more. Jazz was now dead certain Gina was, herself, a bottom. Only a bottom gave in like that and only one who really loved the feeling did so with the small sigh of contentment Gina evidenced.

Jazz shrugged off her concerns and pried Gina’s soft, satiny half moons apart. She watched with growing lust as the thin dildo slowly disappeared into Gina’s quivering bottom.

Gina moaned and whimpered, tensing often and at one point lunging forward in her bonds to escape the pressure. Jazz held her firmly and continued to apply pressure with her hips, until the final third of the long toy slid into Gina’s bowels.

“There we go, not so bad is it?” the black woman coed.


“Ready for some good old fashioned ass fucking?”

When Gina didn’t reply Jazz slapped her ass, leaving a red print of her hand on the pale skin.

“Yes!” she yelped.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’m ready for some ass fucking,” Gina cried.

“Beg for it, slut,” Jazz demanded.

“Jazz, please fuck me. I need it. Please?”

The surrender in that voice, which should have caused her such elation brought only worry. Thrusting it aside, Jazz pulled back slowly and then thrust forward. Gina yelped, but Jazz didn’t hesitate. She drew back and thrust again. In short order the thin toy was sliding in and out of Gina with long, deep strokes. Gina was moaning and groaning and the whole thing was so hot Jazz realized she was going to come again. She hadn’t planned on it, that was just the way it was. She lay across Gina’s back and unclipped her right hand.

“Play with yourself,” she demanded as she seized Gina’s ample hips and began to really plunge the dildo into the blonde. Gina’s hand snaked between her legs and was soon vigorously stroking her pussy. Jazz bit her lip to keep from coming first.

“Come!” she demanded.

A few more strokes and Gina did, wailing like a banshee. The sound mingled with Jazz’s hoarse bark as her orgasm hit.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god…Jesus Mary and Joseph,” Gina babbled.

Despite her orgasm, the words clicked something in Jazz’s head. The tiny, almost inconsequential fact that tied all of the cases together. Along with the physical joy came the mental release, she had a starting place.

She called in after releasing Gina and helping her to the tub. As eager as she was to get on with the investigation, she was more than happy to have Gina here. The weekend was grand and Gina turned out to be an enthusiastic, if somewhat inexperienced lover. What she lacked in technique, she made up for in ardor and before she took her home, Jazz had the unmitigated pleasure of fucking the blonde’s ass on the living room floor at Gina’s instigation and not her own.


Jazz sat in her office with the big boss, lesser bosses, her boss and two cameramen. The governor was on speakerphone, congratulating her for her work in bringing an end to the highway 95 murders. It had taken a massive effort, and the help of FBI profilers, but Mark Digregory had been cornered in his home and committed suicide. Inside the police had found photos, videotape and grisly trophies that left no doubt in anyone’s mind he was their man. Like many serial killers, he took the secret of why to the grave with him.

Gina’s cries of pleasure had given Jazz the answer. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Investigation revealed that all of the girls had attended or worked for the same church’s charity mission. Digregory had been a regular there. An innocuous face among the many homeless men the facility served. On such small things did cases turn.

After the formal thanks there was a small reception in the cafeteria, where the big boss thanked everyone, from the technicians to the janitorial staff for their efforts. Plenty of TV folks and reporters, it was, after all an election year. Jazz avoided the spotlight, although she was the one the powers that be had chosen to make the hero. That fit too, black, gay, having worked her way up from patrolman, she was perfect to show how far they had come in integrating the police force.

Jazz sat at a table near the back, her punch glass ninety five percent vodka, with just a splash of fruit punch for color. She hadn’t seen much of Gina since their weekend together, in fact the blonde had seemed to intentionally avoid her and Jazz had decided to back off and give her some space. It didn’t particularly surprise her, one weekend was not enough time to discover you were at least bi, if not gay and that you were a bottom. She felt sorry for her really. Playing top to her husband would be living a lie, and Jazz knew how draining that was. Still, it hurt a little and because Gina was her best friend, it had really increased her sense of isolation and the creeping loneliness that was starting to overshadow the good in her life.

Jazz was on her third cup of punch and a little tipsy when she noticed several of the girls clustered around Gina. The tall blonde wore her usual lab coat, but beneath it she wore a black pants suit that seemed to hug her generous curves. Several of the women gave her hugs and Jazz began to wonder if maybe she was pregnant and getting congratulations, but the mood seemed to be somber rather than festive. Shaking her head she looked away and tried to enjoy watching her boss kissing asses for the cameras.


She looked up into Gina’s deep blue eyes.

“Mind if I join you?” the blonde asked hesitantly.

“Free country,” she replied, instantly kicking herself for sounding so petulant.

“I don’t blame you for being mad,” Regina said as she slid into the seat across from Jazz.

“I’m not mad.”

“Yes, you are, I can see the little vein in your neck pulsing,” Gina said with a small smile.

“Well, fuck a duck,” Jazz said, smiling to herself.

“I’m sorry I’ve been distant Jazz, I’ve been going through a lot…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Jazz interrupted.

“Shut up, just shut the fuck up. I’ve been agonizing over this for two days and you’re going to hear it, so just shut up and let me talk!”

Jazz was dumbfounded, she hadn’t meant to antagonize her friend, but apparently she had. Gina was always so even keeled, the raw emotion shocked Jazz.

“Good. Life sucks sometimes Jazz, and sometimes we do things we regret later. I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride since that weekend with you. I’ve ignored you and avoided you. I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to say or how to say it. My carefully prepared and rehearsed little script for this moment has completely flown the coop, so I just want to say I’m sorry and I hope we can still be friends.”

“Can I talk now?” Jazz asked, arching her eyebrow and smiling.

“Yeah, I guess,” Gina replied meekly, apparently having run out of the emotion that powered her earlier outburst.

“I’m not mad. I kinda expected it. When someone’s had their cock, balls deep in your ass while you’re begging for it like a street slut, it changes things,” Jazz said, noticing that Gina blushed crimson.

She reached out and touched her friend’s hand. “It’s Okay Gina, really, I don’t think any less of you. I swear it’s not something that will come up in conversation. I’m not gonna throw it in your face.”

“I know you wouldn’t Jazz. It is a little hard to face you, but it isn’t for the reasons you believe.”

“Planning on enlightening me?”

“Notice anything different about me?” she asked, seeming to change the subject.

When the short woman seemed at a loss Gina held her hand up.

“Shit. No wedding ring?”

“Give her time and inspector Clouseaux will get it,” Gina said with that cute little smile Jazz was beginning to love.

“I was afraid you would have a hell of a time playing a top.”

“Oh, I played it fine. Maybe too fine. You’re a good teacher Jazz and a good friend. I gave Steve exactly what he thought he wanted.”

“And he didn’t?”

“He’s taken up with a Dom. I’ve never met such a cruel and scary guy.”

“You mean he’s gay?” Jazz asked in disbelief.

“No. At least, I don’t think he is. It’s the humiliation, begging a guy to suck his cock or something, I mean, how do I compete with that? I knew he never talked about his folks and I’ve never met them, but I gotta think his childhood was really fucked up. Anyway, Steve moved in with this guy, Jim, and I got the divorce papers a week later. I guess he’s happy now or miserable…I don’t know,” she said, throwing her hands up in frustration.

“Happy in his misery?” Jazz prompted.

“Yeah, I guess that’s it. Ever know anyone like that Jazz?”

“No. I like a cute little girly sub, love to top ’em, couldn’t imagine being in the bedroom with someone I wasn’t topping, but I’ve always shied from the hard core sadists and masochists. Also from the girls who couldn’t separate bedroom games from life. I want a little girl who purrs and begs in bed, but when morning comes I want someone I can talk to, not someone running around the apartment just waiting for orders,” Jazz said as she remembered several past girlfriends and shuddered.


“Yeah, I know. That’s not what we did. You gotta understand girl, it wasn’t about me. I had to show you a lot in a short period of time.”

“So if I was with you, that’s not how things would be?”


“What?” Gina said after a long silence.

“How do I say this? You’re smart as a tack. Witty, conversant, sometimes deep and thoughtful. Why on earth would I want that suppressed into yes and no answers to direct questions?”

“I thought you found a submissive girl sexy?”

“Oh Fuck. Wrong place for this conversation angel,” Jazz said.

She knew she was blushing and hadn’t felt this nervous around anyone in a long time. She really wished Gina would stop with the interrogation, she was getting close to things Jazz had very carefully walled off.

“So where’s the right place?”

“Some place private,” Jazz said, standing suddenly and stalking out of the cafeteria.


Jazz was on her eighth beer and sizing up the woman holding the pool table. Brenda’s was a dyke bar, not a cutesy club like Shell’s. One pool table up front, a long bar with a mirror behind it, a few tables and a jukebox in back. A halo of smoke hung over the bar and the patrons were all dressed in work clothes, mostly working class girls. Jazz was tolerated because they all remembered her from when she was a patrolman. Several had stopped to congratulate her on solving the I-95 case. It had apparently been a load off of the minds of the whole city and like it or not, Jazz was getting her fifteen minutes of fame.

“Scotch, straight up,” a familiar voice said.

Jazz, didn’t look, but rubbed her eyes with her fingers.

“How’d you find me?”

“I bribed Jenkins at dispatch, you still have your pager on.”

“Bribed? How?”

“I flashed him,” she replied simply.

Jazz frowned slightly. Giving Jenkins a free show on her account aggravated her. More than that she felt jealous of the bastard for getting a peek. Possessive. The word reverberated around her alcohol soaked brain.

You’re getting possessive of her.

The accusation rang true and Jazz berated herself for that too. Life really sucked.

“Is this private enough to talk or do you want to go somewhere where we can be alone?”

Don’t you understand? I’m afraid of what I might do if I were alone with you! Jazz wanted to scream, instead she just grunted noncommittally.

“Jazz? Please? Talk to me. This is hard enough as it is, if you’re going to ignore me, I’ll just leave you be,” Gina said plaintively.

Jazz heard the pain in that voice. The fear, anxiety, she heard it all. With an effort of will, she pulled herself together.

“I’m sorry. Wanna go back to my place?”

“Sure, but I’ll drive,” Gina said, holding out her hand.

Jazz grunted again, fished into her pocket and dropped the keys in the tall blonde’s hand. As soon as she was in the car, Jazz rolled down the window and hung her head out. The air was cool and by the time they reached her place, she was thinking a lot more clearly.

Inside, Jazz poured herself a Captain Morgan’s. She skipped the coke.

“Want something?”

“I think you’ve had enough for us both,” Gina observed.

“What do you want Gina?” Jazz demanded.

The alcohol was making her morose and as often happened, she got surly when she got down.

“I want some answers Jazz. Answers only you have, but I’m not sure how to ask and you don’t seem to be in any condition to help.”

“Try me,” Jazz said, sitting down next to the blonde.

She was admiring the swell of Gina’s breast and how good she looked in the black silk top.

“I’ve fallen for you Jazz,” Gina said quietly.

The words made no sense. Jazz couldn’t seem to make the fit into any meaningful idea. She just sat there, her eyes wide and her drink frozen in her hand on its way to her mouth. All she could do was stare. Gina was blushing, but her face showed only apprehension and Jazz struggled to get her own mind in gear.

“Please stop staring Jazz, you’re embarrassing me,” Gina murmured.

Jazz shook herself, clearing away the effects of the booze with deep breaths.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that?” Jazz finally managed.

Gina looked deep into Jazz’s eyes and bit her lip before speaking.

“I said I’ve fallen for you,” she declared.

“Get out,” Jazz said automatically.

“I’m serious,” she said in that quiet voice she used when she was being especially sincere.


“Don’t but me Jazz,” she said, cutting off Jazz’s reply.

“I think you knew before I left.”

Jazz took a swallow of her drink and sat back. She was still having trouble assimilating everything, but it was no longer the booze.

“I knew you were a bottom, yeah, sure.”

“And?” Gina prompted.

“I knew you were hot, but I mean…are you sure? This isn’t like Steve I mean? Just enjoying it cause it’s humiliating to you?”

Gina thought a while before answering. Jazz was used to the look. You could almost see the ideas being refined in the white-hot fire of her mind.

“It’s different, but I wouldn’t say humiliating. I mean, I enjoy you talking dirty and even making me respond sometimes, but I’m not really into being demeaned. I found pleasure with you Jazz, bliss even. Sex has never been like that. It wasn’t just being restrained or even having my secrets seemingly laid bare. Your hands are so loving. You make me tingle with just a look and when you touch me…I just seem to take flight.”

Jazz laughed. Gina seemed to realize the laugh wasn’t dismissive or derisive, it was just a genuine expression of joy.

“Does that mean I’m not wasting my time?” she asked hopefully.

“Girl, I’ve been falling for you since you first brought this up that day in the lunchroom. I just never dared let myself believe you would feel the same way,” Jazz declared passionately.

“Well, you sure made this hard you stinker,” Gina said.

She laughed happily when Jazz enfolded the tall blonde in her arms and squeezed her tightly.

Gina’s head fell on her shoulder and for a long time they just held one another. It was comfortable and Jazz felt herself slipping into a lethargic bliss. That changed when Gina gently began to kiss and nibble on her neck and ear.

“Mmmmm, what is my baby doing?” Jazz asked.

“Trying to turn you on,” came her whispered reply.

“You always turn me on,” Jazz said, stroking Gina’s long tresses.

“I hope so. I’ve been hot for you for weeks.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me Jazz,” she said, licking her lips lasciviously.

“Do tell,” Jazz said, managing to keep a grin off her face.


When Jazz failed to respond Gina rose and removed her skirt. She wore a red garter belt and black stockings with a red thong. She slid the thong down her legs and tossed it to Jazz, then pushed the coffee table out of her way and got on all fours. She lowered her upper body to the floor and thrust her ass up.

“Fuck my ass,” she said in a seductive whisper.

Jazz stood suddenly and scooped Gina up in her arms. They both laughed all the way to the bedroom.

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