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Who’s the Boss?

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I had just gotten back to my cubicle after taking a much shorter than normal lunch. But that was typical for most Fridays, especially lately. I still had a lot of work remaining to do for the weekly reports that “Beth” expected to have turned in before end of day. I had barely sat down when I heard her voice as she reprimanded one of my best friends and co-workers in the cubicle next to me, though thankfully I wasn’t able to see her as she did so. Bad enough I could hear it.

Rob hadn’t even gone to lunch with me because he was so far behind. Something that I knew wasn’t honestly his fault either. Just like me, Rob couldn’t complete his portion of those reports until all the documentation had been compiled from several other departments. The last of which had been delayed from the department head, an asshole that very few liked, save for Beth herself, a guy named Mason. Everyone called him “Jar” behind his back, which he was just dumb enough not to figure out why. The fact that Beth seemed to tolerate his lateness in gathering the information the rest of us needed was a mystery. Even more so when she then got after everyone else for not compiling it, and getting it back to her by Friday afternoon in what she considered a professional and timely manner.

I knew Rob was going to be pissed. Having to sit there while Beth went off on him for struggling to get his portion of the report completed when we both knew it was due to Mason’s laziness wasn’t very easy to take. And trying to blame him for the delay only seemed to make things worse when either he or I had tried doing that before, so we gave up trying. I sat looking busy because I was busy as Beth passed by my cubicle a moment later, taking an extra moment to peer in looking at me, though I didn’t bother looking up to even acknowledge her presence. I wondered briefly if she was going to say something, but managed to see her decide not to for whatever reason, turning and then walking off back to her own spacious private little office.

Not too surprisingly, Rob entered my cube only moments after she’d left.

“You hear what that cunt said to me?” he stated. I told Rob to tone it down, even though I agreed with him. There were too many spies around the office the way I saw it. Too many people trying to brown nose their way up the corporate ladder, and willing to do whatever was necessary to anyone else in order to achieve that.

“I don’t give a shit!” He continued more angry and frustrated than I’d seen him in quite some time. “It’s not my fucking fault that it’s going to be late before I can get my portion of the report finished, and you know it. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Betty Boobs was banging the fucking prick!”

Once again, I cautioned Rob into lowering his voice, though grateful that most everyone else around us was still out to lunch. We’d given Beth the nickname of “Betty Boobs”, evil or not, she was one hell of an attractive looking woman with a great pair of tits. She could even look beautiful and sincerely attractive when she smiled, laughed, or sometimes joked around with all of us. Provided she wasn’t in one of her pissed off moods of course. Tits or no tits, when she was like that, no one wanted to have anything to do with her.

I only had about an hour’s worth of work remaining to do and told Rob I’d give him a hand with his end of it once I was done. With luck, between the two of us, we wouldn’t have to end up working too late on it, getting it finished so that Beth would have it in hand first thing Monday morning for the weekly review with the other department managers.

We were doing just that, when I looked up and noticed Beth leaving her office heading our way. She had her coat in hand along with her purse, and I glanced up at the clock over her head near the wall as she approached. It was just then four-forty five. Beth had obviously called it a day fifteen minutes early and was going home. As expected, she stopped by Rob’s cubicle.

“I have plans this evening,” she announced haughtily, “when you’re finished with it…if you even get finished with it tonight,” she added with even more obvious disdain, “Fax it to me at home…you have my number. Just slide the completed report under the door of my office before you leave. If I find anything wrong with what you fax over, you can fix it first thing Monday morning before the meeting.” She then smiled, tossing her coat back over her arm, turning and headed off towards the fourth floor elevators. “Have a nice weekend,” she added without looking back at us, though even that sounded sarcastic when she said it.

“Bitch!” Rob said just under his breath not loud enough for Beth to have overheard him, though I quickly glanced up and about wondering if anyone else had.

Not once in the two years that Rob and I had been working here had either one of us had to revise the finalized report once we had finished it. Beth’s comment about it being correct was nothing more than a reminder that she enjoyed throwing her weight around.

“Yeah, but you do have to admit, she’s an attractive Bitch,” I said trying to ease the sudden tension.

At least Rob did smile at that. “Yeah, she is…but I’d still have to probably gag her before fucking her,” he told me. “I couldn’t even expect her to give me a decent blowjob, she’d no doubt be yapping at me the entire time she was sucking my prick! Hell Dave, she’s the kind of cunt that would give you a written list of instructions before allowing you to stick your dick in her. And even then, she’d still tell you what the hell you were doing wrong, even if you weren’t.”

That made me laugh, because he was right about that. And I could just see her doing it to. Handing you a big bulky print out, laying it on the bed while she lay next to you all nice and naked, and then going over what she expected from you step by step.

It was then that we both noticed Mason Jar heading towards her office. Rob laughed, “He’s going to be disappointed to find she’s left early,” he stated. “I bet he was hoping to cop a feel or something before going home.” I nearly responded to that, but then watched as Mason looked nervously around before pulling something out of his coat pocket and sliding it beneath the door of her office.

“What the fuck’s he doing?” I wondered aloud for the both of us. We both ducked back down behind the wall not willing to risk being seen.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Rob asked. I grinned. Obviously I was.

“Is he gone?”

Rob peeked over the top of the cubicle wall once again. “Yeah, looks like he went out through the other door.” Rob stated. “Come on…let’s go see if we can see what he left.”

Not at all surprisingly, the moment Beth had left, five minutes after that, so did most of everyone else who could do so. That meant that the office was pretty well empty except for Rob and myself, along with one or two others though they were well off and away from where we were. We nonchalantly walked over towards Beth’s office, Rob holding onto a steel ruler, which he’d brought along with him, that and a fairly large sized paper clip.

“You keep an eye out,” he told me unnecessarily, and then got down onto the floor attaching the paper clip to one end of the ruler. “Saw them do this in a movie once,” he explained.

I nervously stood waiting while Rob fished beneath the door, he looked up towards me smiling, and then began to cautiously remove the steel ruler he was holding onto. Low and behold, the paperclip had indeed snagged whatever it was that Mason had slid underneath for her to read.

Unfortunately, it was a sealed envelope. “Not to worry,” he added. “That’s what exacto knives are for!”

Taking our mysterious envelope with us, we quickly headed back to Rob’s cubicle. I watched as he gingerly peeled away the flap of the envelope with the expertise of a skilled surgeon. Luckily for us, Mason Jar must not have worried too much, or perhaps cared too much for the glue. He’d only licked the very tip of it when sealing it. Seconds later, we had it open.

“What’s it say?” I asked as Rob first read it to himself, twice…before handing it to me. He was grinning when he did. “Pretty much what we’ve suspected all the time, though obviously Betty Boob’s husband certainly doesn’t know anything about it,” he added.

I began reading Mason’s note to Beth.

“Oh baby, I am so fucking horny for you…” The letter began. “I loved jerking off into the panties you left for me earlier today. It was so hot imagining you wearing them, and then taking them off, leaving them for me so that I could do so. And you might enjoy knowing this too, I was in the men’s room, pleasuring myself with your soiled, dirty panties when someone came in just when I was cumming into them. I think it was that shit-head Michael, the one you said is constantly flirting with you, even though he used to be your boss, and is now only your mere equal. I so wanted to tell him right then and there that I was doing something he’d never be able to do, tempted…yes, but of course you know I would never jeopardize anything so foolish as that even though I wanted to.

Anyway my love, I will be jealous of you being home with your husband this weekend, wondering if he’s fucking you, filling you with his sperm, wishing it were mine instead. I have left your now cum-filled panties in my bottom drawer of the desk, just where they always are. And am looking forward to your note telling me where we’re to meet next week when you cum to get them,” I read seeing that Mason had purposely emphasized the word “cum” in his written wording to her.

“Fucking idiot,” I thought, continuing to read.

“Don’t forget though, I won’t be in until later on in the afternoon as I have that presentation to make with the new clients first thing in the morning. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you when you get in. So leave me your answer and put it inside the drawer where you’re panties are. I’ll be thinking of you, and waiting to hear your response, when and where we’re to meet this next time, and what it is you’d specifically like me to do to you when we finally do meet my darling.” He’d signed it, “Facin, Mason,” including a crude stick man drawing of Betty down on her knees, an exaggerated little stick-cock in her mouth, the female stick figure with two massively likewise exaggerated boobs drawn on her as she knelt there sucking him off.

“Can you believe this?” I asked once again pointing at the elementary drawn porn on the letter. “And this guys our design engineer? Are you kidding me? Hell, even I can draw porn better than that…with my dick!”

Rob wasn’t really looking at the letter any more though, he was thinking. And by the look on his face as he suddenly grinned looking up towards me, I knew then he was up to something. “I have an idea for getting back at Miss stick up her ass,” he informed me. “Wanna hear it?”

I did…and I didn’t. Whatever it was, I knew it was going to be dangerous, if not downright impossible. But I was also admittedly intrigued. “Sure…why not. If nothing else, it will give me something to laugh about,” I told my friend. “So, spill it.”

“Well first thing, we put the letter back beneath the door of her office. Come Monday, we’ll take turns keeping an eye out for her to head off towards his office. As soon as she does, we go in, grab the note she left for him, and then read it. After that…we’ll figure out how to fuck over the two of them. Maybe if nothing else, we’ll learn something we can use,” he told me.

I shook my head, I was half expecting that, but it sounded a bit too risky to me with far too little to be gained by it. “I don’t know Rob…sounds a bit dangerous, what if we get caught?”

“Oh come on man, this is too fucking good to pass up! Come on, admit it! Wouldn’t you love to know the where and when of their next meet? Hell, maybe we can even show up and get pictures of them going into some seedy hotel together or something.”

That actually sounded worthwhile. Push come to shove, we’d have something to use against Miss Smarty tight assed pants if we ever really needed it.

“Ok, let’s do it!” I finally agreed. We immediately headed back to Beth’s office where he again slipped the re-sealed envelope back under her door. I noticed he had also brought along his scotch tape dispenser with him when he’d done that. “What’s that for?”

“Watch,” he smiled as we then headed down the hallway to Mason’s private office. Sure enough upon trying the door, it opened. Mason was true to his word in leaving it unlocked. “Just in case,” he told me, and then peeled off a small bit of tape, placing it in such a way as to keep the lock from engaging, even should she turn the little knob on the door intending to do so. Once again Rob turned towards me, now all we have to do is figure out a way to get in here again after she’s left him her note without being seen.”

“Well, with luck, if she does it early enough on Monday, we might just pull that off. The only other person in this area that might see us was Mason’s assistant, Diane. And only then if she came in early herself, which wasn’t very damn likely with Mason being gone most of the day. Usually whenever he was, she came in much later, taking advantage of whatever time that she could in sleeping in whenever he had done that. Though additionally, if we had to, we might even convince her to help us out. Diane hated his guts, especially since he was always flirting with her, though never suggestively enough to land his ass in trouble over it. Never-the-less, Diane hated it whenever he asked her to do anything for him, as he was constantly trying to peer down the front of her blouse, or admiring her legs or staring at her ass whenever he could get away with it.

“If we have to,” I admitted. “But I’d prefer not. Better the fewer know about this if you know what I mean,” I told my friend.

For the first time since we’d both been working there, Monday morning couldn’t come soon enough. We’d agreed to show up early ourselves, something we likewise knew that Beth would. Another one of her management traits, setting an example, always early to work on Mondays, which is something, she’d been doing for quite some time now, ever since her promotion and new status. But it was the only time she ever did, most other days, she got there when she got there, always having some sort of excuse for coming in later, though she never seemed to have to explain herself to anyone or justifying herself. But never late on Monday, which we were both banking on her doing again.

“Just like clockwork!” Rob said nodding in the direction of the elevators as they opened down the hall. Sure enough, it was twenty minutes to eight, when Beth walked in. She even stopped by our cubicles on the way to her office, surprised to see the two of us there so early.

“Nice to see the two of you getting an early start on the week,” she said pleased and appreciative, though her demeanor once again changed in the opposite direction just as quickly. “Let’s just hope you can show that kind of determination and team spirit during the rest of the week so we don’t have any missed deadlines the way we did last Friday.” And with that, she turned heading back to her office.

Rob flipped her off, which didn’t surprise me. He was always doing that whenever she walked by our cubicles, though most of the time she didn’t stay and say anything to us unless it was to demand something, or chastise us for one thing or another. Admittedly however, she was looking downright sexy again too. We knew she had long hair, though she never did wear it down at work. Always up on her head in some sort of a more “professional” looking style, or pinned up, sometimes even braided. We’d often both wondered what she’d look like with that dark auburn hair of hers naturally down. She was also wearing another one of her almost too short of skirts today to, though they perhaps looked that way because of her exceptionally fine looking long legs. At six feet, she was taller than either one of us, which proportionately helped with her rather large and equally fine tits. Another feature she quite often displayed without being too obvious about it. An additional button undone here or there perhaps, just enough to hint at all that lovely soft breast flesh hidden beneath. Something she seemed to enjoy showing as though she wasn’t during meetings when she’d lean over the conference table, pointing out something to one of us. It was almost a game with her, everyone looking, and then pretending they hadn’t been when she suddenly looked up at you, trying as we thought…to actually catch you doing it. So far, neither Rob nor I had been caught doing it, which I think, sort of pissed her off some too.

“Look…there she goes, she’s heading back to Mason’s office!” Rob said confirming that she was as I stood following her movement down the hall. We waited, watched her return, and then saw her go back down to his office again a few minutes later. This time she was carrying a folded sheet of paper in her hand.

“That’s got to be her answer!” I told Rob excitedly as we once again ducked back down in our cubicles waiting for her to again head back to her own office.

We’d already discussed how we were going to do this. As soon as she returned, Rob would race down to Mason’s office and see if she left him anything, which we were fairly certain she had. I’d head into her office on the pretense of talking to her about the faxed report we’d sent over to see if indeed she had any changes that needed to be made to it. We both knew there wouldn’t be, but she’d see it as our sucking up to her, and we knew she’d like that. Especially if I approached her worriedly, concernedly about it. I’d probably have to endure a two or three minute speech or something, but that would buy Rob just enough time to get in and out of Mason’s office. I would then meet him in the small little coffee room afterwards before work was to officially get started.

It went perfectly.

“Well? Did she?”

Rob was grinning, he’d obviously already read it, handing it to me.

“Oh my funky monkey, what a bad…bad boy you truly are. You’ve already got me all juicy and wet, thinking about you jerking yourself off in the men’s room. I might just have to do the same thing myself here in a little while, and you know…I always, always have my pink precious naughty little girl toy with me in order to do that. It makes me all hot and naughty just thinking about it, getting myself off, knowing that you too will soon be tossing off another hot juicy load for me in my panties so I can wear them with your hot fresh cream sitting in the bottom of them when I do.”

“Eww” I said reading that. Rob chuckled.

“Keep reading.”

“And yes…I too am anxious to see you and be with you again this week, and am feeling rather naughty wicked if I don’t mind telling you either. I have this fantasy you see…of being ravished, taken without being able to do anything about it. So what I’d like, is for you to meet me at the Marriott on Tuesday, at noon. We’ll take a nice long pleasured lunch together. I’ll be in room 302, as I’ve already arranged it. And I’ll leave word at the desk to have them give you an extra key, check in under the name Bob Edwards when you do. You’ll find me naked on the bed waiting for you, blind-folded. I want you to pretend I’m already bound and tied when you get there, so when you do, do exactly that. I’ll leave some scarves and those fluffy naughty handcuffs you gave me. After you’ve secured me, I want you to ravish me, in any way, in every way you can imagine. Do whatever it is you’d like to do to me you naughty, naughty boy you. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

She hadn’t written it by hand, nor had she signed it either. She was obviously being cautious, something numb nuts wasn’t quite as careful or cautious in doing.

“Fuck, this is great!” I said laughing. “So what’s the plan? We go there, hide out, and see if we can get some photos of the two of them going in together?”

“Better than that,” Rob said, his look deadly serious. “How about the two of us have some fun with Miss Bitch ourselves?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t you see? This is perfect Dave! She said in her note, she’ll be waiting for him, naked…blindfolded, and waiting to be tied up and bound on the bed.”

“So? Aren’t you forgetting something? So will Mason be, and I don’t think he’d much care our being there with him.”

“He won’t be,” Rob continued. “We type up a new note. Only in that one, we tell him to go to an entirely different hotel, clear across town, away from the one she’ll really be at, though we will be.”

“You’re not serious…are you?”

“Oh yeah…I am. Deadly serious. We take Mason’s place, and if we do this right, she’ll never know. In fact, after we’re done, we leave. We’ll even notify room service or something anonymously that there’s a woman that’s tied to the bed naked in her room, though I’m pretty sure when we finally do leave and she realizes we’re leaving her like that, she’ll make quite a fuss anyway. Regardless, we get a little revenge on her, and a bit of pleasure for ourselves. If we do it right, there’s no reason for her to figure out that there is two of us there. We’ll take turns with her, drive her nuts, tease her wildly, make her cum, and us too for that matter…and then just leave her there. Oh, but I am going to take a few pictures too…just for insurance in case we ever need them for any reason. We can always claim she invited us to meet her there, which we did, and then show how she calmly allowed herself to be tied up and fucked if she later claims anything else, or ever finds out it was really us that was there. But like I said, there’s no reason that she should if we do this right.”

“I don’t know Rob, taking pictures is one thing, maybe even tying her to the bed and then taking pictures of her…I might be willing to do that at least. But actually fucking her? Not sure about that one.”

“Well then don’t, but I’m sure as hell going to,” he told me. “And we’ll use condoms of course too…take them with us. No evidence at the scene afterwards. But even if you decide not to fuck her yourself, at least you can be there to take pictures of her at the very least. So? What do you say? You in?”

Against my better judgment, I agreed. We hurriedly ran back to Rob’s desk, typed up a new letter for Mason, and then returned it back into his desk drawer where he’d found the other one.

“Don’t forget the tape,” I reminded him, which he hadn’t. Peeling it away from the lock, letting it close now, locking as we both smiled and walked away.


There was still a lot that could go wrong, and that made me nervous. I had half decided not to go along with Rob’s scheme no matter how much I’d have loved to get something on Betty Boobs. Taking a few photos of her was one thing, though even that in my mind was bad enough, but actually fucking her? Against her will? That was something else entirely. Had it not been for the fact that Rob was determined to go through with it one way or the other, with or without my help, I might have backed out. Instead, we found ourselves leaving only minutes after Beth did, with Mason having left nearly twenty minutes before that.

Though we kept her in sight, we didn’t drive too closely to her car, following her the short distance to the Marriott hotel where she’d booked the room. We waited outside in the car for another ten minutes, and then went inside where I immediately headed off towards the elevators as Rob went up to the desk to tell them that Bob Edwards had arrived and wanted his key for room 302. By the time he reached me I was standing in the hall just outside the door listening. At first, I could hear Beth rummaging around inside the room no doubt getting things ready, expecting Mason to be arriving at any moment. I nodded at Rob as he approached grinning at me, key in hand.

“I think she’s in bed waiting,” I whispered nervously. “Fuck Rob…what if we walk in and she doesn’t have her blindfold on?” I asked. Rob suddenly reached in to his coat pocket pulling out two ski masks handing me one.

“Yeah, I thought about that too,” he told me. “Put it on. When we walk in, if she’s not on the bed as she said she would be, and not blindfolded, we run!”

“Great plan!” I said taking the mask, putting it on. My heart was up somewhere in my throat as Rob inserted the key card, the door opening. I stood behind him prepared to run like hell as he stepped in, quickly surveying the scene in case he too needed to bolt. At least if he did, I wouldn’t be in the way. I stood holding my breath as he turned back to look at me, giving me a thumbs up signal as he stepped further into the room.

Sure enough, Beth lay upon the enormous sized bed, the sleeping mask over her eyes, pretending to sleep just as she’d said she would be as part of the fantasy. As Rob approached the bed, I stood far behind close to the door, not wanting to alert her to the fact there was actually two of us inside the room with her. She was expecting only one, Mason. Though I smiled at the thought he was no doubt at this very moment wondering where the hell Beth was.

Beth continued the silly game, allowing Rob to secure her hands to the headboard of the bed with the handcuffs she’d provided him, and then likewise secured her feet, spread-eagling her body on the bed in a rather decadent looking fashion. After he’d done that, he slipped her purse off the dresser handing it to me, and then showing me his cell phone. I understood the message, looking inside her bag, quickly locating Beth’s and promptly turned hers off.

When I turned back around to face him, Rob had now produced what appeared to be a ball gag. When I saw that…I thought he had lost his mind. And for a second as he reached over preparing to insert it into Beth’s mouth, even Beth seemed surprised by this, obviously not having expected it, even from Mason. To my amazement however, as Rob forced it gently into her mouth, she accepted it, though squirming on the bed now as though having just woken up from sleep. It was evident she was still playing, still fantasizing her sudden unexpected binding to the bed as Rob finished securing the ball gag. Once he had, he stepped back to admire his handwork, checking her bindings, only then pulling off the ski mask as he likewise began to undress. The sounds of his clothes coming off were easily heard by Beth of course, and she moaned against the ball gag, muffled sounds, though they were far less than concerned ones as she did so. I could actually hear the excitement in her voice. Seeing her displayed the way she was began having an effect on me as well, and certainly on Rob as he now stood naked before her, his cock hard stiff and straight.

I had to admit, even though I didn’t much care for Beth personally, truly finding her to be an antagonizing bitch, seeing her lying in the bed naked as she was, was quite a sight. Beth truly did have gorgeous tits, which were now of course openly displayed. And though they lay a bit flatter against her ribcage as full as they were, they were beautifully so. Two very large, surprisingly large dark tan areolas capped each one. Her nipples about the size of twin gumdrops, which even now began to harden, lengthening in size. I watched Rob leaning over, his lips capturing one of those magnificent little protrusions as he gingerly began sucking it, all the while fondling her free tit with his other hand. Beth squirmed, moving upon the bed as though struggling, pretending still to be fighting against the fear of having been bound, and now being violated by some unknown assailant.

Little did she know.

Rob nodded towards me, mouthing the words, “Take your clothes off!” Still nervous as hell, unsure if I wanted to go much farther with this myself, I finally relented and quietly began taking them off. Beth’s bare pink pussy had convinced me. Her lips so full and inviting as she lay there, legs spread so obscenely wide. I could even see the glistening wetness of her split, she was obviously very aroused and very, very horny. I continued to stand there watching Rob as he enjoyed himself fondling her breasts, then motioned towards me, moving back as I moved forward as though crossing in front of the bed to go to the other side, which I now did taking his place.

Rob stood behind, now taking photos of her there on the bed with his camera. His “insurance” as he’d called it earlier against Beth’s doing anything against it if that were indeed to even happen. I had already done the same when he’d just barely began tying her arms and legs to the bed, getting a really good one of him as he was just putting the ball gag in her mouth. There could be no mistake that she’d accepted all this quite willingly, fantasy play or not.

I likewise began sucking those incredible nipples of hers, pulling on them and then rolling them between my fingers playfully. I turned grinning at Rob as I did so, Beth’s continued squirming beneath me, pleasured, somewhat muffled moans of delight forced around the ball gag in her mouth. It was clearly evident, she was enjoying this too. I reached down now, running my fingers around and near her wide-open cunt, Beth again straining against her bindings, though I saw a sudden surge of lubrication suddenly pooling between her lips. I placed my finger just inside the puffy sweet folds of her sex, felt the heat of her, not to mention all that silky moisture and ran my finger up towards her extremely hard clit, teasing her with it. Beth’s ass came up off the bed as she arched her back joyfully, moaning around the ball gag once again.

Like a tag team in a wrestling match, as I again stepped around the bed, Rob and I switched positions with him now tickling her cunt in much the same way I had been, though he soon slipped his fingers inside her, fucking her with them for a few moments before returning back to once again kiss, suck and play with her breasts. After a few more minutes of that, leaving her to squirm even more violently on the bed than she already was, Rob moved down on the bed between her legs. I watched him as he began to tickle that extended hard little clit of hers with his tongue, his fingers and hands once again reaching up to pleasure and toy with her breasts simultaneously as he did so. Just watching that, soon had me standing there stroking my own cock, Beth’s sweet succulent looking pussy, her magnificent fat tits, had me drooling and watering at the mouth. So much so, that when I again looked up towards her, it took a moment for me to realize, she was looking back at me as I stood there, her eyes wide open in shock and surprise.

“Oh fuck…ah Rob?” I said speaking aloud, which immediately of course caused him to look up when I said that.

With all the thrashing about, Beth tossing her head back and forth against the pillows, it had somehow managed to loosen the fitting on her mask, enough so, that it had uncovered her eyes. She now lay there looking at the two of us in shock, her eyes wild for a moment as she lay there, unmoving now, her thoughts no doubt jumbled as she lay looking at the two of us in disbelief.

“Now what?” I asked worriedly. “I fucking knew something like this was going to happen,” I then added.

Beth finally tried talking around her ball gag, even attempting to yell at that moment, but to no avail.

“We’re in deep shit here, you know that?” I stated as Rob sat silently finally sitting up, though he licked his lips as he sat there thinking.

“Not if we treat her right, we won’t be,” he said as though that made perfect sense.

“Excuse me? Rob? What the hell are you thinking?” I then asked.

But all Rob did was to lay right back between her legs, his fingers now sliding inside her cunt. “Might as well come over here and suck on her tits, she seems to enjoy that a lot anyway.” He then looked up towards her, she’d quit struggling, and even trying to yell as it was obviously not doing her any good to do so. But she was glaring at him, her eyes looking as though she could kill him with them if she could.

“Look, Beth. We’ll explain all this to you after you’ve had a chance to calm down some. We’ll even take the ball gag out of your mouth so you can speak, provided of course you promise not to yell when we do. But…before we do any of that, you’re going to cum for us first. At least that way it will help to relax you, calm you down even more. So…the sooner you just give into the pleasure, and enjoy a nice little climax, the sooner we can sit down calmly like adults, and talk about it. Ok?”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this, but by the look on Beth’s face, she couldn’t either. Once again she started to protest, though quickly giving up when it became obvious she couldn’t make herself clear, and Rob wasn’t about to remove the ball gag from her mouth until she had done what he’d requested of her.

“And trust me Beth, I’ll know if you try and fake it too. So seriously, relax…enjoy it, have a nice little cum while we tease you a bit, and then after that…we’ll talk.”

Having said that, I watched as Rob went back to sucking her clit, fingering her pussy. She struggled only for a moment more, and then gave up, seemingly beginning to relax and actually enjoy it. I walked over then…”In for a penny,” I thought as I did so. Sitting on the bed, I began caressing and playing with her breasts, tweaking her hard extended nipples, hearing her gasp as I did so, shuddering pleasurably.

“Go ahead, Dave, remove the gag,” he indicated. “But be ready to shove it back in if she makes a fuss!”

I did, though carefully, prepared to replace it if I had to. To my surprise however, Beth made no effort to cry out, though she did finally speak, wondering I’m sure how this could have possibly happened.

“How?” she managed somewhat calmly, working the somewhat stiff muscles in her mouth, though she obviously now looked slightly embarrassed at finding herself in this position to begin with.

“Mason has a big mouth,” Rob lied. Which wasn’t a total lie, as he really did. Causing me to look up towards him, wondering where the hell he was going with this. “Dave and I overheard him telling someone about meeting you here,” he went on, making it up as he went along. “Telling whoever it was, what a great piece of ass you are…things like that.”

I looked at him wild-eyed. “Was this his idea of calming her down? Relaxing her? If anything, she seemed to be getting angry all over again…though thankfully not at us. At least not for the moment anyway.

He was still fingering her cunt as he went on, which did seem to have a bit of a calming effect on her as he did so. “So we heard him telling someone, though we never did figure out who, about his meeting you here, and what he was going to do to you, shit like that, and how you’d left him a note telling him where and when, etc. So then Dave and I decided to intervene, send Mason off on a wild goose-chase, and then come here, tell you what Mason had been telling everyone, and warn you. Anyway, that was our intent when we got here, but then seeing you blindfolded and so wonderfully naked on the bed, well Beth…to be honest with you, I just couldn’t help myself. But…we did send Mason off to another hotel instead where he’s no doubt waiting for you to show up. Just thought you’d like to know.”

If she actually bought any of this, I’d be damn fucking surprised.

“Thank you,” she actually said gratefully by the tone of her voice. “I should have known better with Mason,” she then admitted. “He really does have a big mouth, and I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him because of it. I’ve even overheard him myself, talking to someone else over the phone as to how he’d like to fuck his assistant. He didn’t know I’d overheard him saying that then either, and I nearly decided to end things with him because of it. Guess I should have.”

“Well, we might not always see eye to eye on things Beth,” Rob went on, “But neither Dave nor I are all that fond of Mason, or what he’s doing to you by telling everyone about his afternoons with you, or how he got fucked over for not getting your job when it came open. Shit like that. And he really IS the one responsible for delaying the information on the weekly reports we do for you Beth, he really is. If it wasn’t for him doing that, we never would be late in getting them to you. But…it’s up to you as to whether you believe us or not.”

She lay there thinking about what Rob had just told her. “Take these off me if you would please,” she asked.

Rob looked at me, winking though ensuring that Beth hadn’t seen him do that. “Go ahead Dave, I trust her, and it looks like she’s willing to trust us as well.”

My heart was once again in the top of my throat, but I did as Rob asked, releasing her hands moments later as he untied her feet. To my relief, Beth made no move to run off, scream or do anything else but sit there in bed looking at the two of us, and then at our still reasonably hard cocks.

“Well, since we’re all here,” she grinned. “Might as well make the best of it now, and besides…” she grinned. “I’m still damn fucking horny!”

I couldn’t believe this was actually happening, though it appeared to be. And I now knew, whatever excuse that Mason tried giving her afterwards back at the office, Beth would be in no mood to listen to, especially after she now believed we had actually tried to intercede in her behalf, sending Mason purposely off elsewhere so we could get to her and warn her about him.

Farfetched as the story was, she had bought it. And knowing Beth as we well did, once she had her mind set in a particular direction, there was no turning her back.

“So…which one of you would like to fuck my ass while the other one fuck’s my pussy?” she asked lustily.

“Heads? Tails?” Rob chuckled as he tossed a coin. “Hmm, looks like I get tails this time,” he grinned delightedly.

“There should be some condoms in my purse,” Beth told us. “Though I’m on the pill, I’d still rather be safe than sorry.”

That at least saved us from having to explain why we’d brought some too. Moments later after having put them on, Beth sat lubricating our dicks as well as herself with some lubricant she had also brought along with her. Lying down on the bed, I watched as Beth mounted me, her incredible breasts dangling just inches away from my face. I reached up, holding onto them and began playing with them again as she slowly gyrated herself down onto me. Once she was comfortable with the fullness of me inside her, she looked back over her shoulder towards Rob.

“Whenever you’re ready,” she said wickedly. “I certainly am!”

I felt it when Rob placed the head of his prick at her opening. Admittedly, he was a little larger than I was, so I was also surprised when Beth hadn’t balked at his shoving his prick up her ass. It was obvious she had done this before, and now waited expectantly, excitedly as I sat there still playing with her incredible tits.

“Hmm, nice,” he purred closing her eyes as Rob slowly eased himself inside her. I waited, holding still, but I could feel his cock pressing next to mine as he finally hilted himself balls deep inside that tight little passage. “Yeah baby…fuck me now…fuck me you two, fuck me!”

Beth began grinding her cunt against me, my prick slipping in and out of that juicy wet opening, the sensation of my best friend’s cock doing the exact same thing to her ass. It was a first for me, and likewise for Rob when we later discussed it, but we both knew afterwards, it wouldn’t be the last time either. By now Beth was half delirious with pleasure, crying out, moaning and groaning as the two of us picked up the pace a little.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass…my cunt!” She squealed over and over again. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Beth really was going nuts at this point, tossing her head from side to side, her long gorgeous auburn hair fully down now, flailing away back and forth, caressing my hands as they continued caressing her tits, I even gathered up lengths of it, placing it against her breasts and then using that to further tease and stimulate herself with.

Beth really didn’t state she was going to cum or anything, she just seemed to suddenly stiffen for no apparent reason, suddenly holding her breath though I watched as her eyes opened wide as she looked down towards me. Moments later she began to shudder and shake, only then this deep throaty rich cry of release suddenly bubbling up from her depths as she climaxed in an earth-shattering display of pure unadulterated pleasure.

“Oh…fuck!” She then screamed.

I felt my own prick exploding, felt the surge of pleasure racing up my shaft as I began spewing my spunk, filling the condom, half hoping it wouldn’t burst from the sheer intensity of my orgasm. Rob too seemed to lose it seconds later, still thrusting deeply into her ass, his movements slowing gradually however, finally weak in the knees and eventually pulling his prick out with a juicy sounding plop.

Beth rolled off and away from me back onto the bed. She was smiling, her lust filled look already returning. “Give me your cream boys,” she told us. “Here…right here…pour it onto my tits for me.”

I removed my condom, filled to the brim with my spunk and did as she asked, just as Rob began doing. We knelt on either side of her, condoms held, dripping out our individual essence onto her breasts as she giddily began smearing our cream into her tits, massaging it in, toying with her nipples.

“You two capable of getting it up again?” she asked hopefully.

“In a few minutes perhaps,” I told her speaking for myself, though Rob likewise nodded his head.

“Good, then we’ll take a bit longer lunch together before heading back,” she informed us. “Mean while, you two can watch me get myself off until you’re ready again,” she stated. Unbeknownst to either of us, Beth had slipped the pink little girl toy she had mentioned in her letter to Mason beneath the pillow on the bed. She grinned almost bashfully as she retrieved it, turning it on, as it began to hum and vibrate within the palm of her hand. Seconds later, she began using it between her lips, teasing herself along with her clit as Rob and I sat there fascinated, watching her do so.

“So…you two enjoying this?” she asked as we sat there nodding our heads yes. “And you’d enjoy doing this once a week perhaps?” she pressed further, “And promise, promise, promise that you won’t ever tell anyone else that we are? Not ever?” she asked continuing to tease herself as we sat there, cocks already starting to show renewed interest.

“As long as you likewise treat the two of us decently in the future,” Rob stated surprising me to some extent, and do something about that asshole Mason…then yes, I think we’d both enjoy doing that with you from time to time,” he responded back to her for the two of us.

“Don’t worry about Mason…he’s finished,” she said easily. “I’ve been preparing for this for quite some time, just in case. And I really am sorry about the way I’ve been treating you both. I’ve known all along it’s been Mason’s inaptitude that’s been causing the delays, I just couldn’t do anything about it before now, but I’ve got more than enough to pass along to his superiors to show them that he’s not been doing his job either. Not to mention not getting the account he swore up and down we’d be getting, nor the fact that he has in fact been flirting with and making rather obvious sexual suggestions towards Diane. I’ve already gathered enough information to help her out on that end too,” she then told us smiling.

“Now then…you two getting interested again?” She asked. I know I certainly was, and Rob’s prick had likewise began to stiffen again as well.

“Hmm, yes, I can see that they are. Why don’t the two of you come over here then where I can suck you together,” she told us.

She soon was, lapping at, and sucking our pricks side by side, the humming, vibrating toy still sandwiched between her legs.

“Oh God, please, please, someone fuck me again,” she half begged looking at us. Content with the blowjob she continued giving me, Rob happily moved down between her legs, placing his prick now at her opening, teasing her with it.

“This what you want?” he asked working the head of his dick against her split, rubbing her clit with it.

“Yes, yes!” she begged mouthing the words around my cock as she said it.

“What is it you want?” He asked her again.

“I want you to fuck me.”

“With what?” he said grinning.

“Your prick, your cock!”

Rob teased her some more, putting just the tip of it inside her.

“So…Who’s the boss now?” he asked.

“You are!”

“And what is it you want me to do again?” He asked.

“Fuck me!”

“And when can I fuck you?”

“Any time!”

“And where?”

“Any where!”

“And that raise we didn’t get last time?” He said out of nowhere.

“Yes, yes…you’ll get it, I promise. Both of you,” she stated once again. “Just shut up and fuck me!”

“Who’s the boss?”

“You are,” she near whimpered.

And then Rob and I showed her who truly was.

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