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“Ms. Steven’s office.” I stated flatly into the telephone.

I was angry. A little over six months after I graduated college with a marketing/business degree and I was answering telephones for my boss, Amanda Steven’s.

“Ms. Steven’s? Mr. Bremmer from Coral Pharmaceutical is holding on line six.” I barked into the intercom.

“Please take a message then come into my office.” She ordered in an authoritative voice.

When I entered Ms. Steven’s office, I immediately noticed her chilly attitude. She appeared to be preoccupied with some report and ignored my presence. Finally she looked up at me.

“Janet, how long have you been my assistant” she asked in a dry tone.

Ms. Steven’s knew damn well how long.

“About six months.” I answered.

“And, during that time I have asked you several times to answer the telephone in a more cheerful manner. Have I not?” she stated a bit angrily.

“Yes Ms. Steven’s” I answered with my head down.

“Then, what is the problem?” She asked with more anger.

“I was recruited right out of college and I…ah, thought I would have more responsibility.” I stated with no emotion.

“Are you telling me that answering telephones is unimportant? She inquired with a touch of sarcasm.

“No but all I do is answer the phone and type reports on the computer.” I replied.

In truth, I was a glorified administrative assistant and I was on the verge of tendering my resignation.

Ms. Steven’s eyes narrowed as she gazed at me with a contemptuous look on her pretty face. But, her expression softened.

“That’s a fair assessment of your duties and until I’m satisfied that you’re capable of handling more responsibility, you will continue in that capacity. However, starting tomorrow you will participate in the conference calls with Coral Pharmaceutical. I expect you to take notes and confer with me when the call has ended. Is that clear?” She stated succinctly.

“Yes Ms. Steven’s” I replied with some enthusiasm.

“Oh and please call me Amanda. After all, I’m only a couple of years older than you” She said nicely.

“Yes Ms. Ste…I mean Amanda.” I answered.

My lust/hate relationship with Amanda Steven’s was taking a different and more positive direction. For the monent, my resignation was on the back burner.

When I met Amanda at my second interview, I was impressed with her pretty face and trim body. After I was hired, I got a good look at her physique on casual Fridays as she usually wore form fitting jeans and a tight shirt.

By my second week on the job, I was sneaking glances at Amanda every chance I got. However, she was all business at work and except for “hello” and “goodnight”, little else was said. Only thru the grapevine did I learn that she was single and not dating anyone at work.

Several nights a week, I fingered myself with fantasies of Amanda running thru my head. My hetero days ended when I caught my fiancé cheating on me with my so called best friend.

My roommate during junior year of college, Paula, comforted me a little too well as we ended up in the same bed with her head betwixt my thighs. It was a life changing experience and we remained lovers until she transferred to BYU for senior year.

Luckily, my new roomie was an Italian-American beauty from New York with bi tendencies.

My carnal need for men waned until it disappeared altogether. I knew in my heart that I wanted a relationship with a woman and for the present, Amanda was the object of my desire.

But, Amanda with her superior attitude toward me, seemed impervious. One or two nights a week we worked overtime and except for take out food, nothing in the way of compensation was forthcoming.

It was past seven one night and I was typing the last page of a long and detailed report when Amanda sat on the edge of my desk. Her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh and I gawked at her sexy toned legs.

As I hastily finished typing, Amanda was regarding me with an amused look.

“Janet, I’m pleased with your input from the conference calls.” She stated with pride in her voice.

“Thank You!” I said with real gratitude.

Amanda’s kind words and shapely legs had my pussy twitching. However, my stomach was growling with hunger and she read my mind.

“I’m famished! Care to join me at Chez Louis for some dinner?” Amanda asked with an insistent tone of voice.

“Yes but I’m cash poor this week.” I said truthfully.

“I invited you. It’s my treat.” She stated with assurance.

The maitre d’ seated us in a quiet corner booth more suited for couples. In fact, Chez Louis was well known as a romantic couples’ type of bistro.

Amanda ordered an expensive bottle of Bordeaux and we toasted to a successful campaign for Coral Pharmaceutical. She was pouring my second glass and her formal work demeanor dissolved to a more friendly and relaxed attitude.

“Tell me about yourself.” She stated with her blue eyes twinkling mysteriously.

I related growing up in a middle class suburban neighborhood, attending college and my ambition to run my own firm someday.

“You look fit and trim. Are you a runner?” She inquired changing the tack of the conversation.

“Yes I am.” I answered; surprised by the sudden change in direction.

“Which do you prefer, mornings or nights?” She asked.

“I’m strictly a morning runner.” I replied.

“Sorry for all the mystery but I also run in the mornings and I’m looking for a partner.” She stated.

The following morning I drove to Amanda’s expensive looking townhouse in Mulberry Hills. She looked very sexy when she answered the door in her running shorts and athletic T.

As Amanda turned onto the uphill stretch of Canyon Drive, her relaxed stride and the sight of her small firm ass made it easy for me to follow. When we finally arrived back at the starting point we had covered five miles.

Four mornings a week, I ran with Amanda. In an effort to save time, she was adamant that I shower at her home. With thoughts of seeing her in the buff dancing in my head, I accepted.

Grudgingly, I admitted to myself that running with a partner was far superior to my solo runs. For the first month, I was content to follow behind Amanda but then I started keeping pace with her and sharing the lead position.

Outside of the work environment, Amanda was charming, sexy, intelligent and caring. Our Saturday morning runs became a weekend ritual and we usually spent the day together.

It was on one of those mornings when our relationship took a dramatic turn. Amanda had several bags of clothes for the Goodwill box in her living room. In one bag were a dozen bikinis that she had barely worn and looked brand spanking new.

“It’s a shame to give these away.” I said candidly as I inspected the designer labels.

“Hey! We’re a similar size. You take them.” She exclaimed.

“I don’t know…” I started to say until Amanda cut me off.

“Try them on and see if they fit. Hey, come with me.” She stated firmly and led me into her bedroom with the swimsuits

Amanda sat on the edge of the bed and handed me the first bikini. It was obvious that she wanted me to try them on in front of her. I turned around to remove my sports bra and shorts.

“Don’t be a prude Janet. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” She stated in a knowing voice.

Most girls of my generation shave or groom their crotches. However, except for light trimming on the sides, I had a full brown bush. When I removed my panties and turned around, Amanda gawked at my furry pussy. With my slender body, I’ve been told that I look a lot like Mischa Barton, the TV actress.

Amanda’s gaze moved slowly upward and rested on my small pert breasts with the long cigar stub nipples. Her stares were dampening my slit and for the first time in our friendship, I was in control.

I tried on several with Amanda gaping at my nude and semi nude body. By now my pussy was aroused and the scent wafted in the air.

As I was reaching for the next bikini, I tripped on my own sneakers and fell forward into her. I quickly recovered and stood up but a pair of silky hands caressed my needy tits.

My nipples hardened into tight cylinders as her fingers expertly twirled and tweaked.

“Ooh! That feels nice.” I groaned with pleasure.

The exquisite sensations pulsed throughout my body and settled deep in my box. I guided Amanda’s head to my nipple and she coated it with saliva.

The girl sucked tits like a starving infant and my knees wobbled from the acute pleasure. Light headed, I sat on the bed as a small trickle of juice ran down the inside of my thigh.

Amanda pried my legs apart and licked me with phenomenal skill. She lapped with furious strokes and never let up. With high regard, I bestowed the title, “Bionic Tongue” on her.

“Eat me!” I wailed like a banshee.

I felt her hands tightly grasp my butt as her tongue drilled my hole like a pile driver.

“Oh Fuck!” I yelled and ground my pelvis on her face.

I rarely used profanity and listened to myself cussing like a sailor. Like a dog marking its territory, I coated Amanda with my creamy fluids.

“Suck my pussy slut.” I screamed at her and Amanda sucked with remarkable force.

Instead of my usual cool calm demeanor, I was acting like a domineering bitch.

“Oh God!” I panted over and over.

My pussy throbbed and quaked from the mind blowing sensations that reverberated inside. I erupted with astonishing intensity and almost feinted.

Amanda was a pussy eating virtuoso and sucked the juices from my bloated box until I collapsed on the bed.

It took me a few minutes to recover and as I bent over to retrieve my panties, I felt hot breath on my ass crack. Goddamn! She wanted to eat my ass.

Amanda knew how to “toss a salad” and her tongue reamed my butt hole. I always thought my rear was small and on the boyish side but she found it irresistible.

Incredibly hot sensations vibrated in my dripping and revived pussy. I felt something jab at my hole and looked down to see a flesh colored dido slide effortlessly into my box.

“OH! OH! OH!” I wailed continuously.

My body was on fire and sizzling hot currents of pleasure tore into my heaving snatch. I erupted and yelled loud enough to be heard in the next town.

“Fuck! I’m cumingg!” I screamed.

I fell back on the floor panting like mad as Amanda slowly removed the juice covered dildo. She held the fake appendage dripping with my copious juices before her mouth and I gazed with starry eyed wonder as she greedily sucked it off.

“Um, yummy!” she stated with delight.

Amanda stood up and stretched. When she brought her arms down, she removed her shorts and undies in one swift motion. Standing over me, I had a clear view of her clean shaven slit.

“Hungry?” She asked seductively.

All I could do was nod my head “yes” as Amanda slowly squatted on my face. Her pouty lips were wide open and coated with her juices. I devoured her randy snatch and sucked her tasty girl cum down my eager throat.

As I feverishly lapped Amanda’s box, she rode my face to an orgasmic detonation; panting like a jungle cat. Her bucking slowed and sticky juice dribbled over my face and hair.

Most Saturdays, rain or shine, our apres’ run was a pussy and butt munching celebration.

With the change in our personal lives, our relationship at work evolved as well. I welcomed the increase in responsibility and Amanda allowed me total freedom on the Coral Pharmaceutical account.

However, I learned rather quickly that I wasn’t the only woman in Amanda’s life. She shared her bed with several very hot ladies at her condo complex. According to her, most were bored housewives looking for some sexual adventure.

It was mid summer and Amanda left for a two week vacation in the Caribbean. She gave me free reign of her condo and the excellent pool complex. Several afternoons I knocked off early to take advantage of the sun. It was during one of those afternoons when I met “Her.”

Kate exuded a self confidence that wasn’t bragging, ego or pride. She had “it” in spades and she knew it. Her proportions were perfect and to top it all off, she was beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and shamelessly stared as I pretended to read a book.

Kate came up the pool ladder and with her arms stretched upward, tied her dripping hair in a knot. Her nipples hardened from the change in temperature and pushed against the thin material of the bikini top.

Much to my surprise, Kate sat on the lounger next to me. I kept stealing sideways glances at her and she caught me looking on several occasions. When I tried to adjust my position on the lounger, I dropped the book I was holding and it fell in the space separating our chairs.

Kate reached for it and scanned the title.

“Is it a good read?” she asked in a clipped upper class British accent.

“Not bad for summer fare.” I stated, staring into her deep blue eyes.

“I’m Kate.” She said with a casual air.

“Janet.” I replied, unable to look away.

Kate had lustrous brown hair and radiated sexuality.

“Are you here on holiday?” I inquired trying to sound “with it.”

“No, I moved to the States last spring to live with my father.” she said in a matter of fact tone.

Kate explained that her mother was English and her father an American. They divorced when she was a baby and she lived with her mother in a London suburb until she turned eighteen.

Kate attended English public schools and visited her father on holidays and summer vacation periods.

“Public schools in England are similar to boarding schools here in America.” She stated in her charming accent.

Kate found the social class system in Britain cumbersome when compared to the US.

“I tried to visit my Dad often because I preferred life in the States. Poor mum, she was angry and resentful when I told her I wanted to go to University in America.” She said wistfully.

I was enthralled by Kate’s looks and manner of speaking. Silently, I wondered if she was aware of her sensuality. She turned the conversation back on me and I gave her a brief summary of my life.

“Do come for dinner tonight. Dad’s away on business and I would love the company.” She stated with need.

My answer was foregone conclusion. Kate lived in the upscale carriage house section on a private cul de sac. She answered the door wearing a bikini top and form fitting shorts. With her shimmering brown hair pulled back in a French twist, she was breathtaking.

“I’m glad you could make it.” she said with gratitude and gave me a brief tour of her “humble” abode.

Finally, we settled in the dining room and the housekeeper served the meal, an American feast with cheeseburgers, hot dogs and fries.

All thru the meal, I gawked at Kate’s sensuous physique while she chatted about life in England with slightly slurred speech. She was drinking her third beer and her mood was a bit giddy.

“What was life like in public school?” I asked absentmindedly as the housekeeper cleared away the dishes.

Kate described the cloying atmosphere of life at an all girls’ school.

“Most of the girls’ were friendly but some, especially the older ones were very bitchy and downright mean.” She stated factually.

“What about dating?” I asked inquisitively.

“Not at Minton Hall. For one, we were closely supervised and second, it was located in a rural part of the English countryside.” She said with some regret.

“I was dating at fifteen.” I said absentmindedly.

“Oh, we practiced dating.” She said with ambiguity.

“Practiced dating?” I inquired.

“I lived in a large dormitory room with three other girls. We all got on famously. Whenever there was a movie or social event, Tess and I pretended we were on a date.” She said with a pensive look on her face.

Just then the housekeeper came in the room to announce she was leaving. My bi curious radar was on full alert and I must have had a puzzled look on my face.

“What did you do on these dates?” I asked innocently.

Kate just giggled nervously and I gazed at her with a hungry look. At that moment, I wanted to “practice date” with her in the worst way. My curiosity was piqued but she changed the subject and the conversation went in a different direction.

The following day I saw Kate at the pool and she greeted me affectionately. She was wearing a blue bikini that looked stunning on her body. My pussy twitched and quivered at the sight. It took all my strength not to shove my hand down my bottoms and finger myself.

Kate dove in the pool and swam laps with graceful ease.

“You swim beautifully.” I gushed as she toweled off her magnificent body.

“Thanks. It’s the only sport I excelled at in school. I made the All England team last year.” She said with pride.

Suddenly dark clouds rolled in and a thunderstorm seemed imminent. Kate insisted we go to her home and we raced to beat the weather. We were a block away when the skies opened up and drenched us to the bone.

Like two drowned rats we made our way to Kate’s bedroom. She stripped off her wet clothes and stood splendidly naked in front of me. Her breasts were medium size swells on her chest with delicious pink nipples. .

Kate sat on the edge of her bed and blow dried her hair while I stripped. My eyes were glued to her fleecy mound but when I removed my bottoms, she gazed with a look of fascination at my crotch.

“You don’t shave.” She stated with curiosity.

“No I don’t. Why?” I asked as Kate’s gaze remained fixed on my bush.

“You’re the first American girl I’ve met who doesn’t?” She said with fascination.

“I tried it but it felt odd. Anyway, I prefer the natural look.” I said with honesty.

“I suppose I should shave to fit in. You know, when in Rome…” She stated thoughtfully. “No!” I said a little too loudly and it startled Taryn.

“I mean, I…ah…it…well, looks sexy on you.” I sputtered like a fool.

A sly, predatory look spread over Kate’s visage. She put the hair dryer down and opened her legs a bit; giving me a full on view of her hairy crotch. My heart was pounding in my chest and my snatch was creaming.

Without losing eye contact, Kate slowly ran her index finger up her slit.

“Fuck! She’s masturbating in front of me.” My mind screamed eagerly.

As her fingering picked up speed, her thighs widened and squishing sounds emanated from her pelvis.

Kate gazed at me with a dreamy look as her breathing intensified. I was strumming my soggy gash and losing self control. The sight of her wet swollen lips and the pink interior was overwhelming.

The fragrance from Kate’s wet sex wafted thru the room and inflamed my lust. Without knowing how I got there, I was on my knees in front of her wide open legs.

Kate’s eyes glazed over and she offered me her dripping digits. Almost in slow motion, I drew them into my mouth and sucked the sweet/tart fluid down my throat.

Mentally, I compared it to Amanda’s flavor and realized that it was pungent but milder and altogether fresher tasting.

“Positively yummy!” my taste buds screamed to my brain.

Powerless to control myself, I took long lazy licks up Taryn’s soaked pussy drawing her delicious nectar into my mouth.

“Oh Janet!” She gasped.

As I munched Kate’s scrumptious slice, I lifted her hot ass and traced a goopy index finger along her butt crack with brief pokes at her puckered cluster. It had the desired effect.

“Oh God! That feels wonderful.” She hollered in her amazing accent.

Oh so slowly my finger wormed its way into Kate’s wiggling ass as my mouth worked her young gash into a simmering pot of creamy juices.

Kate’s beautiful body shuddered and trembled with increasing force. It was clearly evident that she was building toward a powerful orgasm.

“Oh! Oh! Ooh!” She cried out.

With gentle strokes, my finger pumped Kate’s rose cluster as I gorged on her saturated crevice. Light lightening tongue strokes swept across her clit and she was howling like a she wolf in heat.

Kate’s thighs squeezed my head until I was on the brink of a blackout. Thankfully, the pressure eased and she pounded her soggy snatch until my face was dripping with her dew.

In my short but illustrious bi curious phase, I witnessed girls’ cumming but Kate put them all to shame. When she went over the edge, her body gyrated and shook uncontrollably.

Like a hungry cat with a saucer of milk, I lapped up Kate’s girl cum with lusty zeal. It was by far the tastiest pussy I ever ate.

“Hmm, that was fantastic.” She purred sexily.

Kate was no stranger to sex with girls’ and recounted some interesting stories. However, she wanted me to reciprocate.

“I’m not much of a story teller.” I said bashfully.

“Do try. I love a good sweaty sex yarn!” She implored.

One in particular really stood out in my mind.

“It was my final year at State U and I was anxious about meeting my new roomie. Valerie was a real hottie with every reason to be conceited about her looks. She was an IAP or Italian American Princess from New York.

However, instead of a superior, ‘better than you’ attitude she had a warm, charming personality. She treated me and everyone around her with kindness and respect.”

Kate’s gaze was fixed on me and I knew I was on the right track.

“Valerie was pretty with creamy olive color skin and one the most beautiful bodies I ever saw. She was slender with graceful lines and curves that melded seamlessly together. With her small but perfectly shaped breasts and petite derriere that swayed so sexily when she walked, she exuded an unmistakable sensuality.

But, it was Valerie’s infectious smile and joie de vivre that was captivating and appealed not only to me but the other girls’ on our floor.

Her boarding school education had erased any trace of a New York accent. She had what I refer to as an American upper class, proper way of speaking. On anyone else it would have sounded ridiculous but she fit in so seamlessly that no one really cared.

Valerie and I hit it off from the start and became good friends. About two weeks into the semester, I was itching to relieve some sexual tension but with a new roomie I was walking on egg shells.

I needn’t have worried. Valerie was uninhibited about her body and sexuality. She wasn’t what you would call an exhibitionist but she was usually semi naked in the privacy of our room.

One afternoon at the student union, we were researching topics for our English mid term essay. We were in the same class and shared the opinion that Professor Harriman was an old boring geezer who should have retired years ago.

I was using the only available computer terminal with Valerie sitting next to me. Suddenly, she leaned toward me and asked in a whisper with a straight face if I liked to have ‘fun’ with other girls’. I instantly knew what she meant by the word ‘fun’ and giggled.

I turned toward her and gave her a knowing wink. A sexy smile spread over her face but nothing more was said or intimated.

Later that night, I had trouble sleeping and wanted to toss one off in the worst way. On any late night trip to the girls’ bathroom it wasn’t uncommon to hear a few moans and groans coming from the stalls. That night was no exception but rather than join in, I headed back to bed.

I tried to think about my studies to distract me but my fingers had a will of their own. As I diddled myself, thoughts of Valerie’s luscious body popped into my head and I moaned too loudly.

In the darkness I heard Valerie’s voice asking if I was having fun. I was very embarrassed and stopped. After a moment or two of silence, I saw her get out of bed and look down at me. Her naked body was backlit by diffuse light coming in the window and a desire like I never felt before came over me. I reached for her and she fell into my arms.

Valerie was on top of me and kissed me with exquisite tenderness as I ran my hands over the silky soft skin of her back and squeezed her butt. Her kisses were slow, sensual and left me breathless. My sex was wet and I pushed my pelvis against her leg.

We switched positions and I planted tender wet kisses on Valerie’s face, neck and ears. My tongue left a slick trail over her collar bone and descended to her breasts.

As I cupped and squeezed Valerie’s firm tits, I lapped her hardened nipples. Their impressive length was a huge turn on and I tried to wrap my tongue around them.

Gently, I drew a turgid bud into my mouth and she moaned as I zealously suckled the hard protrusion with lustful yearning.

When I kissed down Valerie’s flat tummy, the unmistakable aroma of aroused pussy invaded my nose. It had an aphrodisiac quality and I longed to taste her.

As I lingered above Valerie’s bald mound, I suddenly felt tentative and shy. But, it lasted less than a second and I licked the shaved hump, feeling the barest hint of hair stubble on my tongue.

Valerie was panting heavily and opened her legs for me. The compelling scent pulled me forward and I saw moisture glistening in her center. She whispered dirty words of encouragement that heightened my desire.

My first licks up Valerie’s slit were leisurely but once I attained a good rhythm, I slurped with fierce tenacity.

Valerie’s juices flowed freely, coating my chin and dripping down my neck. My mouth covered her leaking hole and searched for her clit. Once found, I lashed it with light licks until she gasped her approaching orgasm.

Valerie’s orgasm burst with intensity and it was a dilly. Her pungent liquid surged into my mouth and I swallowed savoring the exotic taste. Feasting on her was sheer pleasure for me.”

My story had worked its magic. Kate’s fingers had invaded her soaked sex and were stroking her clitty.

“I see you liked my story.” I said proudly.

“It was fucking hot!” She brayed at me.

Kate offered me her dripping digits which I hungrily accepted.

Kate and I hooked up a few more times before Amanda returned from vacation. She had a extraordinary gift for telling sex stories and quite honestly, she made even the most mundane topic seem interesting.

The week Amanda returned to work, I worked overtime with her every evening except for Friday. As a reward, she invited me to spend Sunday with her at the pool.

I was adjusting the back on the lounger when Kate waved to me. We greeted each other warmly and exchanged pleasantries. After she left, Amanda stared at me with a look of amazement.

“You bitch! You’ve been a busy girl while I was gone.” She stated in a loud whisper.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that.” I said trying to sound matter of fact.

“When are you going to introduce me to your…ahem…friend?” She inquired with piqued interest.

I saw Kate sunbathing on the far side of the pool.

“There’s no better time than the present.” I answered and walked over to the hot young goddess.

“I’d love to meet your friend.” Kate said enthusiastically in her lovely accent.

As I followed Kate to where Amanda was sitting, I gawked with yearning at her sexy ass.

“What an awesome summer!” I silently exulted as visions of daisy chains and girl/girl/girl sex danced in my head.

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