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Dreams of Jean

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The chain link fence that had served as the border between his and Jean’s yard seemed a lot shorter than it used to. Since he had been 12 he had taken care of her children, well a lot of the neighborhood kids after school till their parent got home. And maybe Jean knew of the affect which she had on him. Well granted not to the degree of perversion. For example she was probably was not aware how he had arranged the growth of vegetation on the fence so that a line of sight was clear from his window to her garden.

Where she would in the hot days of summer kneel in her cut offs to tend the vegetables as he had watched on. She was probably unaware as well how he had twisted the blind in the bathroom ever so slightly or raised the curtain just enough in the bedroom that when he would leap that very fence in the dark of night he was given access to her as she bathed, as she wrestled beneath the sheets, with her husband or with the toy that he had found early on in his lust with her in her bedroom drawer.

If she was aware of the volume of hours he had spent on her in his mind she might have been flattered, she should have been flattered. Hers was not an above average beauty, Here five foot nine frame was one that clearly had born four children and worked long hours as a nurse with little time for the gym or other maintenance. It was not that she was fat, it was just that she was a woman, a middle aged woman with short dark curly hair she permed so she would not have to pay extra attention to. Perhaps it was because of her nondescript nature that she found some of the things he did, well surprising.

As a daily guest in their house, a friend and caretaker or her children after school while she and her husband worked, she grew accustomed to him being there. Almost more accustomed to him than to her frequently absent husband. So accustomed in fact that sometimes things in her mind sort of slipped, particularly when he and her husband were both in the house.

She blamed herself for the incident that started their slide. Sure there were times she had caught him staring at her breasts, her ass, he was a teenage boy. There were times that his foot would wander up against her leg under the table during a game of Risk. There were times when she took a little too much pleasure in teasing him about girls. He was a teenage boy, she found it funny, flattering. The event in question however was singular in comparison to these moments. She had been carrying on a conversation with her husband over the counter while he watched TV and she busied herself with the preparation of supper. It had quickly devolved into the usual, “yeah” and “uh hu” responses, so silence had quickly settled in and she devoted her full attention to the carrots in the sink.

Having finished with the kids in the yard Ted had entered the house quietly through the garage to let them know he was taking off for the evening. When Jean had come home she found her husband had already found the TV and his chair instead of supper so she quickly slipped on her short housecoat to start supper before she finished changing. The sound of neighborhood disputes in the backyard drifted in the kitchen window while her thoughts drifted off catching the back of Larry’s head out of the corner of her eye while moving rhythmically in front of the sink.

Not believing his eyes out of his mind as he watched her shift the weight from one foot to another. He could hear Larry’s soaps on TV and decided that a quiet entry was best. It was always best not to talk to Larry, Larry was an asshole. He leaned back against the table for a moment, watching the fabric sway across Jean’s ass. He did not have to imagine what was just above the line of the terrycloth as it rode up teasing him. He had watched that ass in cutoffs in the garden, he had probably run the underwear she was wearing through his fingers, over his hard dick when they were not home. The round cheeks he had watched in the shower. Once when Larry fell asleep in front of his soaps he had watched her spread out on her bed, ass stuck up in the air, the corner of the pillow in her teeth. It was a fear that something might change and snatch this moment from him that sent him from the table while her stare was on the window. It was something about her stare that made him wish that she was looking for him in the backyard as she grinded against the sink. He spotted his glass on the counter right way. The rule was simple and strictly enforced. Dirty dishes were supposed to go by the sink. And though he sometimes enjoyed the lecture because she could be a close talker when she was angry, this was better.

Jean’s stare drifted from the window to the TV to the absence of the balding back of Larry’s head when she felt the footsteps behind her. Maybe it was the young doctor who had visited at work that day, maybe it was that it had been that Larry had not pinned her ankles behind her ears in over two months. No matter what it was the footsteps moved through the floor, up her legs. She stopped shifting her weight and dug her heals in without breaking the sway so she could feel it better. She was looking at the back of the lazy boy when she felt the warmth and the pressure as the glass clinked down beside her and an arm withdrew along her hip. It was instinctive, she stepped back to meet the man behind her. Leading with her ass then pressing off the sink with her hands. She had expected him to be farther behind him as her shoulders pressed back against his ribs, as the top of her ass rubbed back against a hard dick in jeans. She had expected him to be shorter, she had expected him to be Larry. Larry who having now had slid further down in his seat had his feet showing. It was everything. Everything he ever wanted had dreamed about. As she leaned backwards into him he stole a glimpse past her closed eyes at the full hanging breasts being restrained ever so slightly by the robe while her ass slid the length of his hard dick. Then his mind racing, his senses flooding he pulled away and beat a fast retreat to the back door.

It was different after that, there was a malice of forethought now. There were no innocent brushes. He realized every one of his “blunders” as just what they were, calculated advances. And they were no less frequent, he could not help but think there were times she intentionally tried to stay away from him. And there were other times as well. It was nine months since they had paused as they brushed against each other when they met at the door. Her body passing closely, awkwardly her polyester nurses uniform turning against him. It had been nine months since he had last seen her. His freshman year seemed like a blur, his cherry popped, god bless drunk girls with experience who decided they need to be sex educators, things were different. He leaped the fence with one bound fueled my all those months of fantasies.

He had opened Jean’s door a thousand times, knocking as he opened it and calling out to announce his presence. Today no answer came, the kids were still in school for another three hours, and it was Tuesday, the day she traditionally had off of work. He found her right before the kitchen in the laundry, oblivious to his entry. He watched as she lifted clothes from the washer to the dryer. He knew her outfit very well, the loose shorts, tank top. But there was one very important difference in that the side of her breast which was normally restrained by the sports bra now floated free beneath the fabric. Instinctively his hand went to his already hard cock. If he would have thought about it he might not have done it. If he had thought about it, it still would not have mattered. All that mattered was the loose shorts riding loosely on her generous ass, and the smooth white skin of her breast as he took his cock in his hand.

She would remember him in the doorway from that day forward, she would remember everything about this moment forever. There was a fire in his eyes that she knew but was different. She was caught between a smile and the desire to greet him and the desire to chastise him for walking in on her. Her eyes wandered down his six foot four frame. It was obvious that College had changed him, the t-shirt fit tighter across his rising chest, the young boy that had been in and out of her house for years was still there but he was different. When her backwards stare fell on the hard dick in his hand her jaw dropped.

She knew that cock, she had felt it against her thigh, her ass, once even brushing her forearm against on the excuse that she had dropped a playing piece to a board game they were playing. She had laid on her bed her legs spread thinking about it. But it was bigger and more beautiful than she had ever imagined. The kind of dick that she would dream about when Larry used to bend her over the bed and slam up against her ass. She stayed facing the dryer her head turned to his approach. Her mind racing looking for the words to say but she could not find any as they fought all over her tongue. She chose instead to bend over to close the dryer door and then lean forward to press the start button. All the while never taking her eyes off Ted, and his hard dick. She turned her stare forward as he stepped closer.

But he had seen her eyes on his, on his dick, wandered if she was even aware of how she had bit her lower lip. He approached her, his right hand sliding past her hip as it had when he had put the glass on the sink. And just like that time her instincts told her to drive her hips back into him. She wanted to arch her shoulders against him. Feel his breath on her neck, his cock on her ass, her nipples hardened immediately as the fabric of her shirt slid across them at the thought of his hands groping her breasts. She wanted him to be her husband. She did not want him to know what the thought of him had forced her to do to herself in the bathroom at work after she had rolled against him in the hall nine months ago. She could not let on to the feelings, the thoughts that seemed so wrong that had filled her head for so long.

“Where is everyone” the words fell above her ears, his breath along her lobes.

It was a perfectly natural question, one she had heard many times but this time, the weight of the words was much different. “Out…” was all that came out of her mouth before she found herself pressed against the dryer as his right hand slid across her hips to just above her polka dotted panty line. When she felt the fingers gaining purchase beneath the elastic of her panties it was too much. Her ankles rocked her up into the air forcing her loose short covered ass against his raging hard on. She might have withdrawn at this point if his right hand had not descended to scratch at the generous pussy fur above her clit. She wanted to withdraw but was caught in the moment, and by him. His left hand positioned his dick along the crack of her ass and pulled her to him. His left hand now free it slid over her ass and up her side snaking it’s way under her left tit he gathered the fabric of her shirt in his hand and pulled tight. She gasped at the sensation of the fabric pulled tight over her nearly exposed breasts, and the power and the pressure of his hands so irresistibly close to them. The fabric of her top still tight in his hand his hand slid up between her breasts towards her neck, his forearms dragging against her nipples. This was too much, she needed to find clarity she needed a moment to collect herself, to stop this flood of feelings.

Every half-hearted attempt she made to escape his grip found her grinding her ass harder against him. She was keenly aware of it as it snaked it’s way between her legs sliding in past the fabric of her shorts, gliding along her already moist underwear. She went to her tiptoes again as if it would lift her off of that monster that was now riding the length her pussy, its delightful upward angle teasing her clit. On feeling her rise his hand firmly ran the length of her throat, took hold beneath her jaw and forced her down on him, the head of his dick sliding over her clit she breathed in deeply as though she was being suspended above the ground by his powerful dick. His right hand found the rhythm she was starting, fingers lightly clawing at her pussy hair as if trying to crawl down to her clit and the head of his cock a mere inch or two away. His hand at her throat had forced her stare to the dusty mirror above the dryer. Making her watch his hands at her throat, his fingers under her panties, and his eyes devouring her body. She watched as her lips came near her ear, she felt his breath.

“Shhhhh…” The sound, his hands, his dick, all pressing against her made her shudder as she felt her clit tremble. “This is nothing we have not done, done before.” She knew exactly what he meant, she had thought of this and thought of this a lot, it was apparently something he thought of often as well. So often that it was ingrained in them.

He joined her at the mirror and gathered in her gaze, his lips still by her ears. “Touch it” she withdrew her trembling right hand from the dryer, her gaze still lost in his. Her fingers slid along the hot head of his cock and began the run the length of his shaft when his left hand closed tighter against her throat. “Not there you need to put things back where they belong” His right hand left her mound and seized her hand on his dick making him squeeze it then sliding it so her fingers slipped along her wet pussy and he forced her to begin rubbing her clit to the rhythm she had established. Still staring in the mirror he watched her try to stifle the moans she was trying to make as she felt his hard dick against her pussy, her fingers quickly bringing her clit to climax. His right hand slid up her soft stomach and began groping at the breasts he had so long dreamed about. Gathering her nipples beneath the fabric, squeezing, pulling, tugging at her had nipples she could not take it anymore and a loud moan escaped her.

“ohhhhhhhhh godddd..” His reflection in the mirror broke into a smile more devious than anything she could remember. She watched his tongue, then his mouth fall on her ear, licking, sucking at her lobe, then her neck. Her knees grew weak, she could feel her climax building. Removing her wet fingers from her pussy she tried to guide his big head back into her pussy but he resisted, teased her. Forcing it against her clit then withdrawing his hips. She could not stand it… “Fuck me!” She could not believe the words had come out of her mouth. He spun her around in front of the dryer and looked into her eyes, one hand pulling her generous ass against him his other burying itself in the back of her curly short hair and craning her neck up to him. He reached down and ripped her shorts to the floor.

“Not yet.” Ted lifted her from the floor by her ass and her hair. She was not a small woman but he was no little boy anymore. Her legs wrapped around him wiggling, trying to get that hard dick in her he placed her on the dryer. “I have thought about this for too long”. She arched her back as he stepped forward forcing her underwear to the side, and trembled as this boy who had been in her house so many times put his fingers into her pussy. “I have spent years watching your breasts. It is time that you showed them to me”. He slid the tank top straps down over her shoulders. He was like a wild animal when he got his mouth on her middle aged tits. His fingers working her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit, the dryer vibrating beneath her. He stepped back and she looked at his hard cock and then closed her eyes waiting to feel it buried inside, waiting to let her orgasm erupt all over it. But it was not his dick that she felt, instead it was his mouth enveloping her pussy and the flat of his tongue shaking against her clit. She opened her eyes to watch her babysitter fucking her with his mouth as she began to drive her hips against his face. “I told you to show them to me” he said looking up at her from her pussy. “I have always loved watching you play with your nipples. Show me.”

If she was going to panic this would have been the time and place. But in comparison to the fact that his tongue was driving her to orgasm the thought that he knew, he had seen her play with her nipples, and what else he might have seen was of little consequence. Her fingers had been on her breast for mere moments when she felt the fire of the orgasm and grinding her hips tried to get clear of the flat of his tongue pressing tightly against her clit as she came all over his face. He held her tight as she thrashed atop the dryer, his hands now joining her on her breasts. With a devilish smile he slid her underwear off of her, wiped his wet face with them and placed them in the pocket of his undone jeans. Pulling him to her on the dryer their mouths met for the first time. For the first time since it began he recognized reluctance in her eyes but within moments of their lips touching her tongue was in his mouth.

She had forgotten how kissing could be Larry had never been a good kisser and now he was a non kisser. But tasting his spit and her pussy and their tongues clashed it all came flooding back to her. Sliding her off of the dryer onto unsteady legs she broke the kiss and stared up at him, the down the dick in his hands and knew what was to come next. She lowered herself to her knees. Bragging to her friends that she could deep throat her husband did not seem like much of a brag, but Ted’s cock, there was something to brag about. His hand slid around the back of her head and craned her neck up to look at him as his other guided his dick towards her partially opened mouth. “Have you ever thought about this?” She nodded yes. “Thought about what Jean?”

“Abou..” was all she got out because she opened her mouth to speak he forced his big dick deep into to back of her throat. She started to gag, to retreat but he held her tight.

“Come on, you know you can do it”. She overcame the urge to gag, felt her throat open a little more as his dick slid in and out. “You can take it, I’ve seen you take it”. Seen her take it, she tried to freeze. How did, what did, she looked up at him with confusion and fear and he took that opportunity slam it even father in her throat. Her gaze never left him as he continued to fuck her face, and confess to her about the long term lust he had for her, about what he had seen in the bathroom, the bedroom. Her confusion and fear were replaced with wanton lust by the time she felt his hot load explode down the back of her throat. He held her there on his cock till she drained him of all that he had. Then he slowly began fucking her face again until his was hard once more and her pussy was on fire.

Lifting her from the floor he grabbed the familiar worn robe from the hanger on the drying rack and slipped it on her. While their tongues once again danced in each others mouths. God she loved kissing him. He lead her into the kitchen and asked her to make some Kool Aid for him. She knew exactly what he was up to and made a modest production out of reaching high in the cupboard for the pitcher. She could feel his eyes all over her body, and every inch of where the cloth of the robe touched her skin was on fire. When the pitcher was half full in the sink he was behind her just as he had been the last time she had worn the robe for him. But this time when she stepped back into him his hard dick pressed the fabric of the robe against the crack of her ass. This time when she leaned backwards into him his hands groped at her breast. She looked over to the chair where Larry had been the first time this had happened. Then out the window across the backyard where she could see Faye her friend and neighbor adjusting her swimsuit and lawn chair and red hair as she prepared to lay out. She leaned back over the sink and he leaned with her taking in the same scene. “Your windows always do have the best view” he whispered in her ears and they stared at Faye, as his hands groped at her breasts, as she grinded wet pussy against his dick through the fabric. “Ask again”.

“Fuck me” slipped in a whisper from her lips as he dipped his knees just enough to change the angle and slowly slid his rock hard dick into her as she collapsed against it with a loud moan. She tried to withdraw a little and took her hand from the counter to reach for his cock now going deeper and deeper inside her. “We can.. not here.. Faye..” He withdrew her hand and put it back on the counter. “Not here, not like this, you are too bi…” At that moment Ted took hold of her wide hips firmly and shoved his dick all the way inside her. Even if her pussy had not been spared the stretching of childbirth thanks to the multiple c-sections she was not sure it would have mattered. She roared in a combination of pleasure and pain that seemed to shake the room as his huge dick raged through her tight pussy and crashed against her cervix. The roar took on an almost yelping quality as he drove into her over and over again.

With one hand working her clit and the other assaulting her breasts he looked out the window at Faye who seemed to occasionally be looking over at the window as if she had heard something. When she came again Ted moved his hand from her tits to her mouth to muffle the sound but that time he was sure that Faye looked over. Which only made him pound into her deeper. She was barely able to stand, and had to lean farther over the sink till her face came close to the window. To where he hoped Faye, and her red haired pussy could see her best friend and maybe could guess what was going to come next.

Jean was emitting a constant moan when he leaned over to her ear while fucking her more gently now. “The night after you thought I was Larry in the kitchen. When you were in the bed with your ass stuck in the air.. Who were you thinking of?” She slowed and he slammed the full length of his dick back into her again causing another roar. “Who were you thinking of when you were sliding it in and out of your..” Another thrust, another roar. Ted actually did not know for certain that she had even used her toy on the night in question, he had not been there to see but he did have a plan that involved a question.

“ugghhhhh..” He pressed it deeply and held her fast, the pleasure and pain blurred as his hand closed softly around her throat. “Oh God… It was you… I was think… Oh God… I was thinking about you!” Ted was that much closer to what he needed, wanted to know. From his vantage point it seemed as though Fayes vantage point had changed as well as she had positioned her chair oddly for sunbathing but perfectly to look through the sunglasses at Jean’s kitchen window.

“when you were on the bed, thinking about me” he began to rider her faster. “Tell me where mommy put her white toy. Tell me where did you put it..”

She looked up first out of the window and saw Faye in her bikini, sliding her fingers slowly along her waist line as if lost in thought. Then she craned her neck back to face him, unable, uncertain to speak. He slammed it into her again and this time he pulled her upright to him. His dick now pushing past her generous ass cheeks and still managing to bottom out in her pussy as he fondled her breasts in the late afternoon sunlight now pouring in. She could not bring herself to look at him which was alright because he too was watching Faye’s fingers while he opened Jean’s robe to fully expose her breasts. He wanted to know and within two strokes he had his answer. “I put my toy in my ass… I laid in bed thinking about you fucking me in my ass.” The moans came harder now “when you… when I bumped into.. it touched.. Oh god I thought about you fucking my ass”.

His arms reached down behind her legs and scooped her off the ground while his dick stayed buried inside her and carried her around the divider and out of the kitchen. She thought that he was going to carry her to her bedroom but instead he deposited her at the foot of Larry’s lazyboy. He walked over to the blinds and drew them further open. Jeans head was spinning, she had just confessed her darkest secret and now she found herself panting barely able to move in her own living room. Walking the few steps back he put his hands to either side of her head and she once again found the taste of her pussy in her own mouth as he fucked her face. “Get it good and wet”. Any cry of protest about what was to come was lost in gurgles and gasps as he switched his stare between Jean on his dick and Faye who seemed to have adjusted her chair again. He sat down on the ottoman while and his hands raced over the generous ass and wet pussy. She began to flinch and make a low humming noise when his fingers played at her anus. The noise became louder as he worked her pussy juices in and around her asshole. Then he suddenly lifted her from his dick turned her around so that her head and shoulders rested in the chair. “where did mommy put her toy”

“In my ass” she responded in a moan

“Well I am your toy now, I always have been. Where do you want me?”

“In my ass” He mounted her and slowly drew his dick in and out of her soaked pussy while his hand spread her cheeks and his fingers stretched her hole. When he placed the head of his cock into the opening of her asshole she tried to retreat again but he simply spread her cheeks further and slowly pushed into her asshole and her farther back into the chair where her lazy husband idled away the time with his soap operas. It did not take him long till the length of his dick was in her ass and it as an experience unlike any other he had known as it clung to, tightened around him. Four minutes was more than he could take. He felt his orgasm building and for all intents and purposes he lost control of himself and was a sexual animal. He pounded her while his mouth and hands poured over his shaking body. She could not tell where one climax ended and another began as he pawed her and drove his dick deep inside her asshole where no one had ever been. When he came with a roar he drove her over and over again into the chair, biting at her neck, squeezing her throat. Then he stood up and went over to the blinds, looked at Faye in her lawn chair, his hard dick in the sun, and closed the blinds.

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