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Jamaican Lullaby

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Laura and I had arrived in Jamaica only four hours before. We hadn’t been ballsy enough to bring our own pot and decided that we needed to look for some. As everyone knows, the island is swimming in the stuff and we didn’t think there would be any problem.

Laura and I showered and she put on a beautiful sundress. It was all white and you could see her body perfectly underneath the material. She looked stunning and I couldn’t stop staring her down.

We went downtown to experience the nightlife of Kingston and found a great bar and restaurant in the area close to our hotel. We sat and drank frozen cocktails. We ordered seafood and jerk chicken. It was delicious and the drinks were wonderful.

After my third drink I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. As I was washing my hands a good-sized Rastafarian entered the room. He looked pretty on the level and I asked him if he might know where I could score some dope.

“Oh, sure I can get you some weed man, real good stuff to.”

“Excellent! Is it far?” I asked.

“No no, just a few blocks away.” He replied.

We walked out of the bathroom and up to my table and Laura was sitting with a stunning Rasta girl who introduced herself as Hope. The Man and the woman were married and Laura and I were just lucky enough to stumble upon them at the same time. The man’s name was Peter and the two of them looked very nice together.

Both sporting intense dreads, Peter was wearing shorts and a nice button-up white short-sleeve shirt. Hope had on a very colorful dress sporting the Rasta colors of red, yellow and green. He was very handsome with a nicely trimmed beard and a well maintained body. She was stunning with a beautiful face and a great set of D-cup breasts. They appeared to be older than us, probably mid-thirties.

We paid the bill after buying Peter and Hope a couple of drinks and then left the bar. As we walked out I noticed that Hope had an ass from hell and I watched it sway back and forth as we walked. I also noticed Laura sneaking a peak at Peter’s well-formed ass.

I got us a cab and we rode in the car for about five minutes. The driver dropped us off and Hope led the three of us through a rather slummy area where people were living in shacks. We walked for at least a mile and then stopped at a well-maintained shack that stood alone from the rest of the dwellings. Peter opened a combination lock and we entered their home.

The place was decorated nicely. There were tapestries separating the different rooms and there was more space than you would have thought just looking at the outside. There was a sink and a tub, so there was obviously running water but there were no lights. Hope brought out a number of big candles and lit up the living space (God, I love candles). Peter announced that he was going to take a shower and brought one of the candles with him. He left the tapes tried area and I could see his silhouette as I heard water running.

Laura and I were sitting next to each other on a couch that was tapestried while Hope sat across from us. Hope brought out a box that had a lever on it and started to wind it up. When she opened the box I realized that it was a record player. Hope attached the horn and Bunny Whailer came quietly out of the player. How perfect this was,… just sitting in a Jamaican shack listening to Bunny Whailer.

I started getting comfortable when Hope broke out some pot and started rolling a joint. I watched as she rolled the paper with elegance and ease. The finished product was a work of art,… a large work of art.

It was at this point I heard the water turn off. I looked up and could see the silhouette of Peter’s body leave the tub and I watched him dry off. When I looked over at Laura it was obvious that she was watching to. I understood, Peter was very good-looking as was his wife.

When Peter came back into the room he was wet and wearing nothing but white linen pants. He was carrying four Red Stripes and handed one to each of us.

“Thank you.” Laura said flirtatiously as she looked over his body. I could tell that she was already feeling the alcohol but I wasn’t going to stop her from building up something bigger.

Hope lit up the joint and we started passing it around while listening to the great music. It seemed to be never ending. By the time it was gone we were all blazed to all hell. Laura was very giggly and was running her hand up and down my leg. We looked over to see that Hope and Peter were kissing and Hope’s hand was running over Peter’s crotch. Laura was looking as well as the front of Peter’s pants rose from his body.

When they realized that we were watching they quickly stopped the action and Laura frowned. “Oh, don’t stop on account of us. I was enjoying watching you two.”

“It’s not because of you watching,” Hope said. “I just don’t want it to go much further,… after all you just got here and I don’t want you two to leave yet.”

“Who said we wanted to leave?” Laura said. “I was enjoying watching you two.”

“Do you want to see more?” Peter asked plainly.

“Yes!” Laura and I answered simultaneously.

With that Hope went back to kissing Peter. His hands moved to her beautiful breasts and he loosened the tie at the top of her dress. He slipped a hand in and started massaging her breasts. She softly moaned.

At this point Laura was rubbing my cock, which had already stiffened. She was staring intently at the black couple and I could see her nipples get firm underneath the white dress.

Hope looked back at us as if asking for our approval.

“Keep going,” Laura said without hesitation.

Hope stood up and Peter reached to the bottom of her dress. He brought it up over her shoulders revealing Hope’s perfect body. She was nude under the dress and her body was something out of a renaissance painting. Her skin was very dark and shinned in the moonlight.

Peter’s hands moved up the back of her thighs and to her ass. He squeezed and then moved up to face her. She turned around to face us, revealing her gorgeous front side. Her breasts were amazing and the mound of hair covering her pussy was curly and short. She was intoxicatingly beautiful. She sat in the chair across from us and Peter knelt in front of her. He kissed her lips and then worked his way down her body. He took his time and paid special attention to her gorgeous melons.

He was very romantic with her and she was cooing the whole time. Once he got to her pussy she looked into Laura’s eyes and Laura looked back. The wantonness of Hope was unbelievable and she passed it on to Laura.

Laura soon unzipped my pants and brought my cock out. She stroked it and kissed my ear.

“I want to go play,” she whispered in my ear.

I just smiled at her and watched her walk over to Hope and Peter. She knelt down next to Peter and started kissing Hope’s well-shaped thigh. Hope looked down and started running her hands through Laura’s and Peter’s hair. She smiled at me and was breathing heavy as Laura worked her lips up her leg. When she got close enough to Hope’s pussy, Peter lifted his head and kissed Laura passionately, sharing the taste of his wife with my woman.

They kissed and their tongues met. I had never seen Laura kissing anyone else before and while I should have been jealous, I was really turned-on by the scene.

Peter reached out and touched Laura’s breast and began messaging them. While he felt her tits, Laura moved her mouth over Hope’s pussy. Hope cooed and Laura began to lick at her clit.

“Come over and sit next to me,” Hope asked.

I was happy to move next to the beautiful black woman and as I did she put her arm around me. Our mouths met as she was eaten out by my girlfriend. Our tongues met in a frenzy of licking and sucking at each other.

As we kissed Peter lifted Laura’s skirt over her ass revealing her lack of underwear. He spanked her on each cheek and began to kiss her well-formed ass. She moaned her approval as he did and Hope moved her hand over to my cock.

She first held my balls in her hand and then started massaging my growing pole. She spit in her hand and then began moving it up and down my hard cock. I loved the feeling, the sight of it; being jerked off by a gorgeous black woman while she was being eaten out by my girlfriend.

At this point Peter had his tongue in Laura’s ass. Licking ferociously at Laura’s rosebud and fingering her cunt at the same time. Laura was in heaven and she began to service Hope in the same manor.

First she placed Hope’s legs on her shoulders and then lowered her tongue to Hope’s asshole. She licked away and as she did I rubbed Hope’s clit. Laura then placed a finger into Hope’s ass and worked it back and forth until it was all the way in. Then she worked a second finger into Hope’s ass.

“Oh my God, you are splitting me in two!” Hope yelled, but then started to gyrate her hips, letting Laura know not to stop.

As this was happening Peter moved over to me and knelt in between my legs. “May I taste your cock?” he asked politely.

“Please.” I said plainly.

“Oh baby,” Hope moaned. “You gonna suck on him for me?”

With that Peter lowered his mouth and began tracing trails of saliva around my shaft and balls. He also licked the area right below my balls, which tickled as his whiskers grazed my scrotum. He then licked his way up and lowered his mouth onto my cock. His mouth felt amazing and as he lowered his mouth his tongue began moving in and out. Before long he had me all the way down his throat. I didn’t want to cum yet so I asked him to stop.

“Stand up,” I said to him. Peter rose. His body was perfect; not too muscular but not flabby at all. I placed my hand over his cock as he untied his pants. They dropped to the ground revealing an absolutely gigantic cock. It was only two inches longer than mine but very thick. It was going to be a challenge sucking down his monster.

I put my hand under his balls and began massaging them and then I started kissing the tip of his already erect cock.

“That’s it. Suck on my man’s cock,” Hope whispered as she neared her orgasm.

I put his cock in my mouth and began the descent down his 10” shaft. He was huge and was quickly pushing against the back of my throat. He grabbed hold of the back of my head and began screwing his cock into my throat. I responded by grabbing hold of his ass cheeks and pulling him into me. I don’t know how but Peter was soon moving freely about the back of my throat. His cock felt great and I licked the underside as he pushed all the way into my throat. I pulled him out, wet my finger, placed it at his asshole and resumed the blowjob. He was loving it.

“Push your finger inside me.” He said in a romantic whisper.

I did and began screwing his ass as he screwed my mouth. My jaw began to hurt as he quickened his pass and started grunting. “I’m about to cum!” he yelled.

“Oh yeah, cum with me baby,” Hope shouted back as they both moaned loudly.

The tip of Peter’s cock began spurting in my mouth and he then pushed it into my throat as the rest came pouring out. I swallowed all of it as he lovingly massaged the back of my head. As I pulled him out Hope began to shake and moan.

“Fuck, that’s it screw my ass with your finger. Don’t stop! Fuck my ass! Oh, I’m gonna cummm! Yeah, oh baaabbyy!”

She came uncontrollably on Laura’s face. When Laura was done eating Hope’s pussy Hope Lifted Laura’s head up to kiss her. Hope then lay down on the couch and pulled Laura on top of her. “Will you let me return the favor?” Hope asked.

Laura was silent as she spread her legs over Hope’s waiting mouth. She lowered her pussy and Hope began to lap up her already flowing juices. Laura removed her dress completely, exposing her tits, and began to move her hips back and forth on Hope’s mouth. Hope moaned and as she did she spread her legs. I dove in and quickly worked myself into her waiting pussy. She felt amazing, knowing how to squeeze my cock rhythmically as it went in and out of her.

Hope began to moan loudly into Laura’s pussy as she began to cum, and as she did Laura’s movements became more intense, gyrating her hips violently over Hope’s mouth. I reached out and placed a finger in her ass and she leaned forward to receive it. Her orgasm came almost immediately.

“Oh honey, fuck my ass while she licks my clit. Yeah push that finger all the way in mmmeee! Oh, you two are gonna make me cumm!” Laura shook violently and when she was finished she walked over to the other couch to join Peter. I began screwing Hope hard as she came over and over again.

“Don’t you stop fucking me, don’t you ever stop fucking me!” she yelled as I pounded my whole length into her.

When I looked over to the other couch, Laura had Peter’s gigantic black dick in her mouth and was working it back to life. He grew quickly in her mouth and when he was completely hard he started pushing the whole thing into Laura’s throat. She took him deep and, for a while, didn’t let him out far enough to leave her throat. While this was happening, Hope asked me to get off of her. I was surprised but I obliged.

I sat down and she stratled me. She moved down onto my cock and began moving back and forth on my rod. At the sight of this, Laura moved in behind her and began licking my balls and Hope’s asshole as my pole went in and out of Hope’s pussy. Peter positioned himself behind Laura and began pushing his enormous cock into my girlfriend’s tight pussy. I heard a muffled squeal as he entered her but the squeals soon turned to moans as he fully penetrated her.

Hope lifted herself off of me for a second, allowing Laura to take me into her mouth, lubricate my cock and then put me back into Hope’s beautiful cunt. With Laura’s tongue in her ass, Hope reached another orgasm easily.

“Lick my ass. Yeah bitch, fuck my ass with your tongue!” Hope squealed out. She moved off my cock for Laura to suck on me again but when she sat back down onto me Laura placed my cock in her ass. She moaned as she moved her ass down onto my cock. It was like a vise-grip on me and she was quick to start moving up and down on it.

“You like seeing your man’s cock in my wife’s ass, don’t you slut.” Peter said to Laura.

“YES, I love watching it move in and out of her ass!” Laura yelled.

“Good!” And with that Peter started fucking Laura with no abandon. He got to depths of her I didn’t even know existed and she started cumming uncontrollably, screaming in ecstasy. As he did this Hope began impaling herself down onto my cock which totally bottomed out in her bowels. She started shaking hard and just started screaming obscenities.

“Oh fuck you asshole. Fuck my ass while my husband watches! Fuckin A you fucker. Fuck my dirty little ass!”

As soon as Laura had stopped shaking Peter moved his monster to the entrance of her ass. He pushed in slowly but Laura screamed in agony, “NO, you’re going to split me in two!” but Peter kept on pushing in, and Laura actually was pushing back on to him. Before long he was completely buried inside her ass. He wasted no time in pounding her tiny rosebud. The only cock that had ever been in her ass was mine and Peter’s was much larger, but she was enjoying the sensations for sure.

“You like me fucking your little white ass with my black cock, don’t you?”

“I love your big black cock. Fuck my ass hard while my Daddy watches. Do you like watching him fuck my ass Daddy?” Laura asked me plainly.

“Yeah baby, does he feel good in your ass?” I replied.

“He feels wonderful! His cock is so huge Daddy!”

We continued fucking each other’s woman for another couple of minutes but I started to feel tingles in my balls and I knew what I wanted to do.

“Let’s get these ladies in a 69 shall we?” I said to Peter as I lifted his wife off my cock. They moved into a 69 and I moved in behind Laura as Peter moved in behind Hope. I put my cock in Hope’s mouth before moving it to Laura’s ass. At the same time Peter moved his cock from Laura’s mouth to Hope’s rosebud.

“Are you gonna fuck my ass Daddy?” Laura asked me.

I said nothing and just pushed it into her until it was bottomed out. Peter had definitely stretched her out but she still started screaming when I started fucking her ass deep with my cock. Hope began screaming as well as Peter buried himself inside her.

“Fuck my ass Daddy! Fuck me while I eat this sluts pussy,” Laura yelled.

I could feel Hope’s fingers entering Laura’s pussy as I fucked her ass. Every couple of minutes Peter and I would remove our cocks and place them in the waiting mouth in front of them, then return to our woman’s ass. I could feel the cum rising from my balls. I started to groan.

“Where do you wanna cum Daddy? Are you gonna cum in my ass? Are you gonna cum on my back? I know,…you want to cover Hope in your creamy seed! Do you want him to cover you Hope?” Laura said wantonly.

“Cover me,” she said as she wrapped her lips around my balls.

I pulled my cock out of Laura’s ass and she quickly spun around to deep throat my cock. She pushed me down her throat a few times and then started jerking my cock vigorously. I felt my whole body start to warm up.

“Cum for me baby!” Laura moaned.

“Cum for me. Cover my face while my husband watches,” Hope cooed.

With that a torrent of cum released all over the beautiful dreaded woman. Cum landed on her hair, forehead, nose, cheeks, neck, tits and in her mouth. I had been fucking for a while and the cum had built up in me. It seemed to be never ending. As I was finishing up, Peter started to grunt and pulled out of Hope’s ass.

He moved to her mouth and started ramming it in her throat and all of a sudden he pulled out and pushed it all the way in Laura’s waiting mouth. He alternated back and forth until he started to fuck Laura’s mouth hard. I didn’t know that Laura could take it down her throat like that but she looked like a pro. He started to cum and then pulled his spurting tool from her mouth. Most of his seed went into her mouth but a few shots landed in her hair and on her cheeks and tits.

It was such and amazing sight to see my girlfriend lying next to a beautiful black woman, both of them drenched in cum. I thought I was in heaven. Both Peter and I sat down on a couch together. Laura and Hope went into the other room to shower. Peter noticing that I was still hard began to massage my tool.

“What are we going to do with that?” He asked.

“I really didn’t have any plans.” I answered.

With that he leaned over and started licking the tip of my rock hard cock. He lowered his head onto it and began his sucking action. It felt amazing and he was much more powerful with his movements than any woman that has sucked my cock.

I wanted to feel him and I asked him t lean over the side of the couch. He complied and I began to lick his balls and his ass from behind. His balls were huge and I could only fit one in my mouth at a time. I spent a few minutes lubing his ass up and then rose. I entered him slowly and he raised his back to push against me. He was much looser than Laura or Hope and I started fucking him easily. I was loving with my strokes. He squirmed a bit but began to moan when I reached underneath him and stroked his monster of a cock. He grew in my hand as I screwed his ass. I started to quicken my pace but Peter pulled away from me.

“Turn around,” he requested.

I did so and he licked my ass from behind. He then rose and, stroking his cock, entered my ass. He screwed my ass slowly but in very constant movements, pushing in and out, in and out. I couldn’t believe I was fitting this monster of a cock inside me. He felt amazing and I told him so. “Your cock is enormous!” I cried out. “It feels awesome in my ass, Do you like fucking my ass Peter?” I continued

“Yeah baby, I love your ass.”

With that he started moving a bit quicker. All of a sudden I felt something touching my cock. I opened my eyes and saw Hope on her knees licking the tip of my now soft cock. I looked behind me and saw Laura underneath Peter, lapping at his huge balls and humming as she put them in her mouth.

Hope moved Peter off of me and Peter and I both sat down next to each other. Hope, in front of me, and Laura, in front of Peter, the ladies started giving expert blowjobs on our cocks that had just been in each other’s asses. It was an amazingly hot scene.

Laura soon jumped on top of Peter and started riding his cock. As soon as she got comfortable with the size she began fingering her ass from behind. Then she looked over at me. “Come here honey,” she requested.

I pulled Hope’s mouth from my cock and moved behind Laura. I pushed my cock into Laura’s ass and waited for her approval. “Oh Daddy. That’s it push it into my ass Daddy. Oh can you feel that big hard cock in my pussy as you enter my ass Daddy.” She was talking quietly and then I pushed my cock all the way in her. “Oh my God Daddy, your cocks are so huge!” she whimpered as I began screwing her ass.

Hope was lying next to us fingering her pussy and ass at the same time. She was beautiful and I watched her as she pleasured herself. She worked herself as we fucked and after ten minutes looked frustrated.

Laura was now being sawed in half by our two cocks and she was screaming and shaking as we fucked her holes. “That’s it you fucker’s fuck me hard,” She cried out. “Oh Daddy, you fuck my ass so good! That’s it,… Hammer my ass Daddy,” she continued. And then it came.

“OH FUUCCKK. I’M GONNA CUUMMM!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

She shook so hard that Peter and I were pushed out of her. I moved to the side and watched her orgasm on top of Peter. She finished, moved to the side and Hope grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit down. I did and she jumped on top of me. She lowered herself and my cock bottomed out easily. Peter came up behind her and she leaned forward to spread her ass for him.

“That’s it baby, screw my ass.” She wasn’t quite as vocal as Laura is but she made up for it in effort. She lay there on top of me and I could feel Peter’s cock slid in along my own. I must say that it felt amazing. He was huge and between the two of us she was stuffed as tight as she could be.

Peter started sawing into her and Hope started making a mix of whimpering and moaning sounds. It took Peter and I a couple of minutes, but we got a rhythm going and soon we had Hope writhing between our bodies. She was screaming because of the size of our two cocks but she soon started to shake and by the wetness of her pussy I could tell she was ready to cum. Surprisingly she pushed us off her and jumped onto Laura pushing her pussy into Laura’s waiting mouth. They lay there on the floor in a 69 and Hope started to scream. “Oh God, lick my cunt. That’s it, oh FUCK! I’m CUMMING!” and she pushed her face into Laura’s pussy as she screamed and moaned.

Peter and I moved to the floor as well. We laid down in a 69 with me on top and started sucking at each other’s tools. I pushed his cock all the way down my throat and left him there. I slowly started to move it in and out of my throat and from the sounds he was making he was not going to last. I bobbed my head a few times more and I could feel the cum work it’s way up his pole. I pushed him down my throat one more time and he unloaded into my mouth. It filled up quickly and I had to pull him away to swallow and as I did my nose, cheeks and hair got covered with his cum. I put it back in my mouth and sucked the last few drops from his pole savoring the taste of him.

I was still needing release and he pushed me off him. My face covered in his cum I sat down on the couch. He got in between my legs and started sucking on my balls. As he did this Hope came over and wrapped her lips around my tool, deep-throating it in one swift move. She moved up and down on it as Peter sucked on my balls. Peter placed a finger and then two in my ass. He began working them in and then took my cock from his wife’s mouth and replaced it with his. He worked me down his throat and Hope jerked my rod while he sucked on me. He moved his mouth after a couple of minutes and Hope placed her enormous tits around my cock and started to titty-fuck me. They were gorgeous breasts and she alternated between that and sucking me down her throat. Peter kept on massaging my ass and before long the cum started to make it’s way from my balls. As my cock was moving between her tits I started to cum, releasing a torrent of sperm on her neck and tits. She quickly wrapped her lips around my spurting cock and I filled her mouth. She pulled me from her lips because I had filled her mouth and she just jerked the rest of my cum onto her beautiful face, covering her nose, cheeks, forehead and hair.

She then turned to Peter and kissed him passionately sharing my seed with her husband. Laura got up and started first licking the fresh cum off of Hope’s face as she kissed her husband. She then came over and liked my face clean of Peter’s cum. We shared a kiss as we dozed off sitting on a couch in the ghettos of Kingston.

The next morning we woke up to the smell of eggs and I awoke to find Hope’s beautiful nude body standing in front of the stove. She was making breakfast for us all and I was more than appreciative.

Over the next week Laura, Hope, Peter and I hung out every day. Sometimes we stayed at their place and sometimes in our hotel room. Sometimes we would all mess around together and sometimes separately. The four of us became best of friends, sharing conversation, smoke and our bodies. I only wish we never had to go back to the states. I know that Laura and I will be seeing them again in the future and that we will share again the amazing emotions that we shared that first night.

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