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Punishment of a Cheater

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“Shit,” Brian muttered as the lights in his office went out. The darkness was accompanied by the dwindling drone of his computer shutting down. He opened his door and saw that the whole floor was in darkness.

After a few minutes of everyone standing around speculating as to what the problem was, his boss appeared. “You might as well all go home A work crew outside cut through a power line. We won’t be back up until tomorrow. Enjoy the afternoon.”

Brian smiled as he started his car and began driving home. His girlfriend Sophie, who he lived with, didn’t have any classes this afternoon, so maybe they could hit the beach or go for a drive or something. He pictured her in his mind and his smile widened. She was 21 and the hottest girl he had ever seen. A petite 5’2″, with big green eyes, long dark brown hair and a killer body. Her 34C boobs were a bit large for her small frame, but he certainly didn’t mind. She had a flat stomach, tiny waist and a firm, round, ass atop shapely legs.

Maybe they would just stay home, he thought, his dark blue eyes clouding with lust. He shifted his lean frame on the seat of the car as his cock began to stir. He wasn’t so bad to look at either he thought to himself. At 26, he was in the best shape of his life. His 6’2″ frame showed the effects of his frequent trips to the gym and he never failed to turn the heads of women wherever he went.

Parking the car in the underground garage, he almost ran to the elevator. At his front door, he slid his key quietly into the lock, wanting to surprise Sophie. As he entered the apartment, he could hear her laughter and headed in that direction, thinking she had found something funny on the computer. But she wasn’t in the office. The giggling was coming from the bedroom. Curious, he crept further down the hall until he stood on the threshold of their bedroom.

He stared in mute horror at the scene in front of him. A man he had never seen before was laying naked on his bed and Sophie, naked as well, was straddling him and quite obviously enjoying herself. The man’s hands were squeezing and caressing her breasts as she lustily rode him.

Brian thought he was going to be sick as he watched his beloved girlfriend bend down and kiss this man. Their lips meeting hungrily, tongues dancing, as her hips continued to plunge up and down.

He fought back the impulse to rush in and beat the man to a pulp and instead staggered from the apartment. He drove to a nearby bar and downed a couple of shots of whiskey, trying to comprehend what he had just seen. His girlfriend cheating on him is what he had seen, he thought, throwing back another shot.

As he wallowed in misery a plan began to form in his mind. A plan of revenge against the two-timing bitch. The man had done nothing wrong, probably didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. No, his revenge was going to be solely upon Sophie.

He checked his watch and figured her guest would probably still be there. Pulling out his cell he called the apartment and had to bite his tongue when Sophie breathlessly answered the phone.

“You sound out of breath, baby,” he said, forcing his voice to sound normal. “What are you up to?”

“Oh, I was talking to my mother earlier and forgot where I had put the phone. I had to run through the apartment to find it,” she said.

Brian again had to hold his tongue as he listened to her stammered lie. “Listen babe, I’m going to go out for a drink with some of the guys from the office. We wrapped up a huge project and we want to celebrate, but I won’t be long.” Lowering his voice, he said, “Why don’t you put on something really sexy for me? I’ve been thinking about that sweet pussy of yours all afternoon and I want to eat you till you beg for mercy.”

She giggled in response and whispered back, “You got it.”

After he hung up, he had one more drink before he paid his tab and walked to a nearby adult entertainment store. Taking his time, he made a few purchases and then walked several blocks to clear his head before heading back home.

Taking a deep breath, he slid his key in the lock. Immediately he heard the quick clicking sound of high heels inside the apartment and knew that Sophie was rushing to pose for him. His heart almost broke at how happy that sound would normally have made him.

He swung the door open and almost fell over. She was wearing a wide weave black mesh dress that barely covered her. It was cut to the navel in the front and to the waist on the sides, fully revealing the curve of her breasts. Underneath she wore the tiniest of thongs. On her feet were dangerously high 5″ blood red stilettos. The red matched the color of her lipstick, making her full lips look even more lush.

Leaning against the wall with her hips jutting forward, her red tipped fingers squeezed and caressed her breasts. She stepped away from the wall and spreading her legs she bent forwards, pinching her hard nipples. All the while she kept her big green eyes locked on him.

She slowly turned around, showing how the back of the dress dipped to below the sweet parting of her ass and didn’t quite cover the bottom curve of her cheeks. Her hips swayed sensuously and Brian’s eyes were riveted to the movements of her tight ass.

Again spreading her legs, she bent at the waist and slowly pulled the thong down her thighs, revealing the wet pinkness of her shaved pussy. She pulled it back into place and turned back to Brian, her hands again playing with her nipples.

He stepped towards her and stared down into her eyes, hoping she couldn’t see the coldness in his. Tipping her head back, she offered her lips for him to kiss, but he only felt revulsion at the thought. Instead, he bent and flung her over his shoulder, carrying her into the bedroom. She squealed with delight and laughed as he dropped her onto the bed.

“Roll onto your stomach,” he said, forcing his lips into a smile.

“I thought you wanted to eat me,” she purred, rubbing her pussy.

“I will, just roll over first,” he repeated.

She did and he straddled her hips. “Do you trust me?” he asked.

“Of course,” she replied, still giggling.

Pulling leather wrist cuffs from the bag he was carrying, he quickly bound her wrists behind her back. “Brian!” she exclaimed, tugging on her restraints.

“Relax,” he whispered. He pulled her hips high in the air and yanking off her thong, he pulled her knees wide apart. He attached a spreader bar to just above her knees, again ignoring her protests.

“You look so fucking hot,” he muttered, staring at her spread wide before him

“Brian, please I don’t like this,” she whimpered, struggling to move.

Ignoring her, he knelt between her thighs and gently spread his hands over her ass, caressing the soft skin. Images of her riding her lover, fucking him wildly flooded his mind and his hand rose and fell sharply on her ass, causing her to cry out. “What are you doing?” she shrieked and he slapped her again.

He stared at the red marks on her ivory skin. “Spanking you,” he replied, slapping her twice more.

“Stop it, please,” she cried, squirming beneath him.

“But don’t think bad little girls should be punished?” he teased, slapping her reddening ass again.

“What are you talking about?” she demanded, genuinely confused.

“You’ve been a bad girl and deserve to be punished…slut,” he sneered at her. Punctuating his statement with more slaps, he continued. “You’re a dirty slut and you deserve to be punished.”

She froze at his words, her breath suddenly quickening. “Wh-what do you mean?” she stammered, her voice high.

“I came home early this afternoon and saw you entertaining your friend,” he growled.

Suddenly aware of how vulnerable she was and how angry Brian most likely was, fear gripped Sophie.

“Don’t you think you deserve to be punished?” he asked, his voice dangerously low.

“Brian, please, can’t we talk about this?” she pleaded.

Instead, Brian withdrew a leather strap from the bag. It whistled softly through the air before landing sharply on her ass. She gasped loudly at the pain and then cried out loudly as the next blow hit.

He found a nice rhythm swinging the strap and soon her ass was bright red with small welts rising up. He whipped her pussy a few times as well until she was crying and begging him to stop.

“Are you sorry for what you’ve done?’ he laughed.

“Yes, yes, I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“No, you’re not. You’re only sorry you got caught,” he accused and slapped her ass one more time, causing her to cry out.

“Let me go, Brian, please,” she pleaded.

Laughing cruelly, he pulled another item from the bag. Sophie again felt fear grip her as the cold lube was squirted against her asshole. Brian had wanted to have anal sex with her for over a year but she had always refused, afraid it would hurt too much.

“No, Brian, no,” she begged. “Please, no.”

“Shut up,” he growled, roughly pushing a finger into her sweet ass. He had to push hard she was so tight but he forced it in, ignoring her cries, and was soon pumping it in and out.

He forced in a second finger and continued finger fucking her ass.

“Please, Brian, please stop. I won’t see him anymore, I’ll break up with right now and I’ll never do it again. Please stop,” she begged, the pain searing through her.

Wordlessly he added a third finger, once more pushing hard to force it in. Squirting on more lube, he roughly plunged his fingers deep into her ass, finger-fucking her hard. He eventually felt her loosening and he pulled his fingers out. Her spread hole closed up quickly as he shed his clothes and again knelt behind her.

Coating his cock with lube, he aimed it at her tight hole. With a deep breath and actually delighting in Sophie’s whimpers, he began to push in. “Say goodbye to your anal virginity, slut” he laughed.

She cried out loudly, her hands twisting within her bonds, as the head of his cock entered her tight ass. “Oh God, stop, please stop,” she cried.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Brian almost shouted at her, his anger rising. He gripped her hips hard and thrust his hips forward, driving his cock deeper into her ass. Two more hard thrusts and he was in to the hilt, his balls pressed against Sophie’s surprisingly wet pussy.

Still ignoring her soft sobbing, he pulled back and slid in slowly, savoring how tight she was. “Christ, your ass feels good,” he groaned.

Sophie lay helplessly beneath him, her thoughts centered entirely on the pain in her ass. She cried out loudly as Brian began ramming his cock into her.

“Oh yeah, you’ve got such a hot ass,” he grunted, fucking her hard and fast. “So hot, so sweet.”

He delighted in her cries and whimpers, wanting her to hurt as much as he was hurting. He slammed his hips against her still red ass, his thumbs roughly rubbing the tender welts.

Bending over her, he wrapped his arms around her, tearing at her dress, ripping the fragile mesh. His hands gripped her breasts, squeezing them roughly, his fingers pinching her nipples, rolling them between his thick fingers.

With a quick jerk, he grabbed her upper arms and pulled her upright, his cock plunging deeply into her ass. Still fucking her, he looked down over her shoulder as his hands mauled her tits. He slapped them hard, watching the firm flesh jiggle as it turned red. He cruelly twisted her nipples, pulling and stretching them until she begged him to stop.

Driving his cock deep into her ass, he held it there and fumbled in the bag, pulling out two more items. Holding her tightly he attached the nipple clamps to her breasts, tightening them until she cried out. Slapping her tits hard a few more times, he gripped her long hair in his fist and slowly lowered her back onto the bed before renewing his efforts of fucking her.

He plowed his cock into her, not holding back one bit, his sole purpose to fuck her hard and deep. He spread her cheeks and watched as his thick cock drove in and out of her sweet ass, her stretched hole gripping him tightly.

Sophie lay beneath him, gasping for breath, her mind spinning. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Her boyfriend was raping her ass and her tits hurt like hell. She supposed she deserved it. After all she had been fucking Stuart for a few months now. Not that she really knew why she was doing it. He flattered her and flirted with her and she had given in. He didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend, he just thought they were lovers.

Another realization suddenly hit her. Her ass wasn’t hurting as much and instead of pain the most delicious sensations were radiating from her rear end. She groaned with pleasure and Brian faltered for a moment.

“Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop,” she pleaded. “It’s starting to feel so good.” She bucked her hips as much as she could to encourage him to keep going.

“You’re liking this now, are you?’ he grunted, plunging back into her, ramming in deep.

“Oh yeah, give it to me baby, give it to me. Fuck my ass!” she cried as he began driving into her, hard and fast.

He pummeled her ass with his cock, fucking her as hard as he could. His large hands squeezed her still-red ass, pinching the welts. Raising his hand, he slapped her again, hitting her tender flesh each time he pulled back, then slamming his hips against her.

She writhed on the bed beneath him, her orgasm bursting through, causing her whole body to tremble and shake. Brian could feel her ass clenching tight around his cock as she came, could feel the increased wetness on his balls as they slapped against her dripping pussy.

As her orgasms kept coming, each one tumbling over the one before it, Brian could hold on no longer and his orgasm swept through him. With a roar, he cam hard, pumping his cum deep into Sophie’s ass.

After her clenching ass squeezed the last drop from him, he collapsed across her back, slick with sweat, gasping for breath. After a few moments, he sat back and pulled his cock from her ass. Spreading her cheeks, he watched as his cum leaked from her gaping hole.

He pulled the final item out of the bag. It was a large butt plug and he slid it inside her well fucked asshole. It fit in nicely, her tightening ass gripping the phallus.

“What is that?” she gasped.

He didn’t bother to answer her and instead rose from the bed. He found their digital camera in the office and returned to the bedroom with it. He took several pictures of Sophie’s red ass with the butt plug snuggled between her cheeks and even a few of her whole body, her face a mask of horror at him taking such pictures of her.

“What are you going to do with those?” she asked, momentarily forgetting about the clips on her tits and the plug in her ass.

He stared at her, his eyes cold. “I’m not sure, yet,” he said quietly.

“Please let me go, Brian,” she pleaded. “Can’t we talk about this? I’m so sorry for hurting you.”

Carelessly, he watched her eyes fill with tears. His gaze swept over her, his eyes coldly taking in her compromised position. Silently he pulled on a pair of pants and left the room, leaving her bound and impaled with the butt plug for a while longer.

In the kitchen he poured himself a big drink of scotch and sat in the living room, trying to get his bruised and tangled emotions in order. Sophie’s soft sobs reached his ears but not his heart and he left her to suffer.

He knew he still loved her, but would he ever be able to trust her again? He sipped his drink as he thought about what to do. His mind went back to the fucking he had just given her. Even though it had been driven by anger and revenge it had still been damn good. And she had even enjoyed it at the end. Hell, not just enjoyed it, loved it.

Rising from the couch, he went into the office and downloaded the pictures onto his computer and then returned to the bedroom. Looking at her lying there, even though her face was streaked with tears, it turned him on again and soon his cock was rock hard.

He shed his pants and knelt between her thighs. The tube of lube was still laying next to her and he squeezed some onto his cock before slowly pulling the plug from her ass. She sighed with relief as it was removed.

Her hole was stretched wide and he watched with surprise as it didn’t close up right away. She cried out with surprise as he began to push his cock into her.

“Please Brian, no more,” she pleaded.

“Shut up. You have no right to ask for anything except forgiveness,” he snarled at her, driving in deep. He plunged into her a few times, hearing her whimper beneath him.

He pumped his cock into her in time with his words as he spoke. “Now this is what’s going to happen. First, I’m not going to break up with you, but you are going to break up with your other boyfriend. And you’re going to do it tonight, over the phone. Second, your ass is going to be my new playground. Every time I fuck you, I will fuck your ass. Your pussy is tainted and will be for awhile. Third, everything I want sexually you will give me, with a smile. If I want to sodomize you with a butt plug I will and you’ll love it. If I want to spank you until your ass is red and raw you’ll love it. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes,” she gasped the fucking beginning to feel good again. The pain was easing into pleasure and she could feel the orgasm building.

“You will also dress the way I tell you. If I want you to go out without a bra in a white T-shirt, you will. If I want you to wear a short skirt with no underwear, you will,” he commanded. She was far from an exhibitionist and he knew this was pushing it, but he also knew she would go along with it. “Do you understand?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied hesitantly.

The steady fucking of her ass was driving him to edge and without trying to hold back, he pumped in deep, once more filling her ass with cum. He chuckled as he pulled out, knowing that she was close to cumming and would now be left with frustration.

Again watching as his cum dribbled from her gaping hole, he wished he had gotten a picture of that, but then thought, I’m going to be seeing this quite a lot from now on. He picked up the plug and pushed it back into her ass.

“Brian, please, no,” she complained.

He slapped her ass, hard. “Where’s my smile?’ he sneered.

“I’m sorry,” she whimpered, a weak smile curling her lips.

As he removed the spreader bar from her knees, he said, “One more thing. If you ever cheat on me again, I will send those pictures of you to everyone in your address book, and I will post them on the web. Now get up. You’re going to cook me dinner and serve it, wearing the nipple clamps, the plug in your ass and an apron. Nothing else.”

He helped her from the bed and watched her unsteadily walk towards the kitchen, her ass covered in tiny pink welts, the butt plug peaking out from between her abused cheeks.

Later that night as he again sank his cock deep into her tight ass, he thought that perhaps her cheating on him was the best thing that had happened in their relationship.

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