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It’s Ability That Counts

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Donna Faircloth was energized, turned-on and kneeling on the kitchen floor, giving her husband a surprise blowjob he’d never forget. She’d just come home with her emotions in overdrive after a daylong workshop on conducting group encounter sessions.

Clay had been replacing the cover to the overhead light fixture when she walked in. Though tall enough to do this without a stepladder, with his arms were stretched overhead he looked like someone being robbed.

Donna said hello, put her purse on the counter, and reached for his zipper. The cover snapped into place moments before her mouth engulfed his cock. He looked down, his face a mixture of surprise, relief, and pleasure. “That must have been one helluva workshop.”

There was an answering nod and a grunt that sounded a bit like, “Uh, huh,” but the blowjob never stopped.

Clay leaned back against the counter, propped his big hands on the edge, and watched his wife’s short blonde hair swaying to the rhythm of her bobbing head. “You’ll have to tell me all about it, later. Oh, yes. Much, much later.”

That’s just what Donna intended. The workshop, and the incredible instructor, had left her on an emotional high that was a combination of love, happiness, and eroticism. This blowjob was her way of expressing all those feelings.

She loved going down on Clay and took pride in her skill. Learning how to deep throat had been her first anniversary present to him. She never regretted the time it took to master the technique.

Now she used that new talent to take his plump cockhead into her throat. With it snugly in place, she rocked her head from side-to-side, rubbing the smooth surface inside the tight passage. It was a maneuver she developed on her own and something they both loved. The problem was she liked to tease Clay and postpone his climax. But her rotating throat trick seldom failed to trigger an orgasm.

This time was no exception. With a muffled “Oh, shit!” When Clay put his hands behind her head, Donna let him take control. She wrapped her arms around him and concentrated on savoring the feel of the thick shift racing past her stretched lips while the big knob moved like a piston up and down her throat.

The first blast of semen shot down her throat. Then Clay pulled out a bit so the next one filled what little space his cock didn’t already occupy in her mouth. With another thrust, he re-entered her throat and stayed there as the rest of his load emptied directly into her body.

Afterward, they sat on the old, overstuffed couch in their living room, drinking wine, cuddling, and talking about what triggered the incredible emotions Donna was still experiencing. “This feeling just kept growing all day. At the end of the training, we did a practice session that ended with everyone holding hands, singing and crying these happy tears. It was all so unreal. But what made it so special was, Reggie, the instructor. He’s a social worker from upstate and leads a lot of these workshops. By the end of the day it was like learning from some guru.”

Clay slipped a hand under Donna’s pullover and unsnapped her bra as she continued. “Reggie’s Italian, and has these deep dark eyes that just seem to unlock your feelings and a smile that makes you feel okay about that. But at first, the only thing I could focus on was his having lost a leg.”

“How’d that happened?” asked Clay, as he stroked one of her breasts.

“A motorcycle accident. Then there was an infection. Now he has no left leg. I mean, none. He doesn’t like to wear his prosthesis; says they’re uncomfortable and that he can get around quicker with what he has left.”

“Sounds like a guy who has his act together.” The pullover landed on the couch followed by the bra.

“Oh, he does.” Donna shook out her hair, then leaned over and nuzzled Clay’s ear. “The thing is, when I first saw him this morning, seeing his pants leg rolled up, it felt creepy. I know that’s weird coming from a nurse. But being around people who’ve lost a limb has always bothered me.”

Clay stopped halfway through unzipping her jeans. “Good thing it’s just arms and legs, since you married a guy with one eye and a few scars to his credit.”

“That’s different. You’re a guy. Besides, I didn’t say how I felt was logical and it’s sure not something I’m proud of, but it’s there. Maybe it’s because my grandfather lost both legs to diabetes. I was just a kid and never really saw it. But the way my mother and the other women talked…. Anyway, seeing someone like that, an amputee, always seemed to trigger the bad feelings I had about my own looks back before you came along.” She smiled, stretched, and lifted her hips, inviting him to finish undressing her.

The invitation was accepted and the jeans hit the floor. “Those feelings never made any sense.” Clay’s hand slid between Donna’s thighs. “After all, something about that cuddly brunette appealed to me.”

“I know. I know. And thanks to you, I like my body a whole lot more now. You gave me the self-confidence I needed to lose weight, and didn’t fuss too much about me cutting my hair going blonde. But there’s still that ugly appendectomy scar. That’s why I won’t wear a bikini and why you’re the only man who’s seen the new Donna in her birthday suit.”

“Probably just as well. One look at you nude and strong men would faint while the weak ones would keel over dead.” Clay, who had been stroking the area around Donna’s pussy, slipped a finger inside and caressed her clitoris.

“Ooh, Clay Faircloth, you are so good for my ego.”

“Just telling it like it is. But what’s all this got to do with your one-legged instructor?”

Clay’s finger slipped deeper into her pussy, making speech difficult. “Well, uh, the thing is, Reggie got me to open up about my feelings, you know, about the perfect body thing. Now it doesn’t seem so important. The thing is, his having a missing leg, ooh, seems natural. I can’t imagine him any other way. It makes him kind of sexy.”

“They always say it’s ability that counts.” Clay removed his finger and slowly traced the damp tip across Donna’s lips. She parted them, letting him slip it inside, and then began to suck. Learning to accept, to enjoy, her own taste was also Clay’s doing.

He studied her face, as if trying to decide something, then removed his finger. “This Reggie sounds like a guy I’d like to meet. Want to invite him over for drinks?”

“You think he’d come?”

“Never can tell. The thing is, with the way you’re feeling, what’s going to happen if he does?”

Donna started to say something, then paused. She and Clay had talked about swinging, but since their wedding, it’d just been the two of them. While the thought of a threesome was a turn-on, Donna liked their exclusivity and worried about opening up their marriage. But just the suggestion that they might have one tonight, and with Reggie, was such an erotic rush she could barely breathe.

It was hard to even think, much less speak. “He, he probably has something else planned. It he can come, we’ll just, you know, see what happens, I suppose. But you call. I’ve told him all about you.”

Clay reached Reggie in his hotel room. “Reggie? I’m Donna Faircloth’s one-eyed husband, Clay.” There was a pause, then Clay laughed. “Oh, I agree. Two are such a waste. Look, I wanted to thank you for sending her home throwing off her clothes and good vibes.” After another pause, he continued. “And you provide a very fine service, believe me. Anyway, she’s still glowing and I’m feeling pretty good myself. So we were wondering it you’d like to come over for drinks and to check out what you’ve done and maybe, who knows, catch some of those vibes yourself?”

There was some more talk until Clay said, “Great. Looking forward to it,” and hung up. He turned and grinned. “Your guru will be here in thirty minutes.”

Donna thought she’d faint.

Reggie arrived twenty-four minutes later. There were hugs, handshakes, and introductions. He said he loved Sangria and Clay headed for the kitchen. When he came back with three glasses of wine, Donna and Reggie were sitting together on the couch, deep in conversation.

At Clay’s urging, Donna had changed into a low-cut, loose fitting, peasant dress. Except for sandals, some jewelry and perfume, she wore nothing else. By the time they were on a second round of wine, everyone was beginning to relax. Clay told how surprised, and gratified, he’d been when a very turned-on Donna came back from the session that afternoon and shared her exuberance in a most personal and enjoyable manner.

As Donna blushed, Reggie laughed and said he was glad that something good had come from the training session. “I’m just sorry I wasn’t here to see the results of my work.”

Though feeling a bit self-conscious, Donna admitted she’d felt swept away by the intense high. “It’s such a fantastic feeling—more than just a sexual turn-on. That’s part of it, no doubt about that. But it’s like every part of you is excited and you want to share that energy. So when I came home, I shared it with Clay.”

“And I’m so glad you did,” said Clay. “Do you still have that feeling?”

“You bet. It’s hard to describe, kind of a warm, churning sensation. All I know is it makes me feel happy and excited and I loved sharing it with you. It was a little less intense after that, but it’s never gone away. And now, maybe it’s from talking about it with you and Reggie, but I can feel it getting stronger.”

“And is wanting to share still part of the feeling?”

She hesitated, not sure about saying ‘yes’ while sitting next to Reggie. But there was no doubt about the answer. Finally, she just nodded.

Reggie gave them a knowing smile. “This has been fun, kids, but I better be leaving. I’m supposed to nurture, not get in the way of, harmonious marital relationships.”

“Don’t go,” said Clay. The only sound in the room was the muted voice of Billie Holiday on the stereo. Reggie and Donna looked at him.

He returned their stares. “Something special happened to Donna today. I don’t understand it. But I do understand it’s something she wants, maybe even needs, to share. And, well, this is new for us, but we talked about it and, if you’re interested, and she hasn’t changed her mind, we’d like you to stay and be a part of what you started.”

Donna bit her lower lip and looked at Clay. “Are you sure?”

“I am. What about you?”

Reggie broke in. “I suppose I should be gallant and still offer to leave. But Donna, you’re just too damn cute and I’m way too horny for that. But please, for my sake, don’t do this because of my leg. I’d rather leave than–”

“Oh, no.” Donna looked over at Reggie, at his angular body, the penned-up pants leg, his sensitive face with those dark, compassionate eyes. “It’s you—not your leg—you and what happened today and how I feel now.”

She turned back to her husband. “And it’s you, Clay. But, since our wedding, there’s just been the two of us. And now, the idea of doing this, it’s exciting, but it’s also scary, and I don’t know what to do.”

He leaned close. “Say, yes. You know we both want this.”

A look of relief crossed Donna’s face. She let out her breath, gave Clay a deep kiss, then whispered, “Yes.”

After another quick kiss, she turned to her guest with a big smile. “Why Reggie, how can you talk about leaving? What kind of hostess do you think I am? Of course, I want you to stay. And I want to make you feel comfortable and right at home.”

She reached over and patted the bulge in his khakis. “And judging by this, I’d say you’re a little uncomfortable. So why don’t you lean back and let me make you feel welcome?”

Reggie laughed and did as instructed while Donna unzipped his fly, inserted her hand and fished out a very stiff cock. Due to his missing leg, she was able to get extra close to his throbbing cock.

As she began to lick the warm, hard shaft, Clay said he refill their glasses. When he returned, Donna stopped licking long enough to turn and take a glass. While slowly pumping Reggie’s shaft with her other hand, she smiled at Clay and took a long drink.

“Thanks, I needed that.” She handed the glass back. “You better take care of this. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to be a little busy from now on.”

“Could be,” said Clay. “But according to the paper, this is Nude Day. Seems to me it’s past time you got undressed for the occasion.”

Donna’s stomach knotted with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Clay helped her stand. After a long, reassuring kiss, he turned her to face Reggie. With teasing slowness, he slipped the dress off her shoulders. Unable to meet Reggie’s stare, Donna closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on not hyperventilating.

She felt her erect nipples spring back as Clay pulled the tight, elasticized neckline over them. The dress top bunched around her waist, then with one slow motion she felt it slide past her scar and over her hips before cascading down her legs.

There was a gasp and she opened her eyes. Reggie was staring in slack-jawed open admiration at her body. That gasp, that stare, they were such an ego-trip she almost cried with joy.

Clay slid his hands around Donna’s body, cupped and squeezed her breasts, then nuzzled her neck. “I’m afraid our company is being neglected and you are the hostess with the mostest.”

With Clay’s help, she stepped out of her dress and knelt in front of the wide-eyed Reggie. “Now where was I?” Her fingers encircled his throbbing shaft.

“Was I here?” She leaned forward and licked Reggie’s flared cockhead.

“Or was I here?” This time she ran the tip of her tongue through his dark curly pubic hairs.

“Maybe I was here.” She began licking up and down the length of the swollen shaft.

Donna gave Reggie a mischievous grin, then looked over at Clay and winked. “I just can’t be sure. So maybe I better pay attention to all of him.”

The thought of seeing, touching, tasting Reggie’s nude body thrilled her. That it had only one leg had become little more than a bit of tantalizing individuality.

The belt buckle quickly yielded to Donna’s fingers. “Are you sure?” asked Reggie. When she nodded, he ripped off his t-shirt and lifted his hips to help her remove his pants. The sight of just one leg coming out of his boxers halted her for a moment. Then she reached for the waistband and yanked.

There was no stump, just a patch of tight, slightly off-color skin where a leg should have started. It seemed in harmony with Reggie’s lean, tan, well-toned physique. It was hard to believe just thinking about something like it had once made her feel queasy. She looked up into his dark, kind eyes, then leaned over and gently kissed the spot. “This is just a part of you. Maybe it’s why you’re so good at helping others. But you’re so much more.”

She kissed the spot again, then licked and nibbled her way up to his chest where, much to Reggie’s surprise, she began to suck on one of his nipples. He let out a shout and almost jumped off the couch. The sudden motion separated her mouth from his very sensitive nipple. For just a moment they looked at one another, then she straddled his remaining leg and pressed her mouth against his.

It was a long, deep, satisfying kiss. As their tongues performed a slow, liquid tango, Reggie’s hands stroked her trim, compact body before homing in on her bottom. His teeth took possession of her lower lip and she yielded willingly, running her hands through his short dark hair, pulling his face closer, letting him have even more of her.

When their mouths parted, Donna rose, cupped a breast in each hand and offered them as a replacement for her lower lip. He accepted eagerly, sucking the creamy flesh deep into his mouth before pulling back until his teeth could capture, and then tantalize, the hard nipple.

He seemed to sense whenever the pleasure/pain threshold was approaching and would switch breasts, leaving the wet, unattended nipple throbbing impatiently while he serviced its mate. The sensations were so exquisite, so intense, she was soon on the brink of an orgasm. When a fingertip slipped between the cheeks of her bottom and touched her pussy, she rocketed far beyond the brink.

The climax claimed her body and mind. An explosion of pure sexual energy enveloped her. With a cry of animal joy she wrapped her arms around Reggie’s head and pushed her breast deeper into his mouth. Each time her passion began to ebb, he would stroke her pussy and trigger another blast of passion.

Only when the orgasms had consumed all her strength did Reggie relent and let her melt down his chest and onto the couch. She rested her head on his leg, and savored the tingling in her body.

Thanks to youth and some more wine, she soon began to revive. It was past time, she decided, for her guest to get off, but only after she got a little revenge. Like the rest of him, Reggie’s cock was long, lean, and hard. Rolling over on her stomach, Donna propped her forearms on his well-muscled leg and wrapped her lips around his dark, swollen cockhead. With one slow, erotic motion, she took it deep into the back of her mouth, then following a slight push, down her throat.

The position was a comfortable one and let her contentedly suck on her prize while pushing Reggie toward that erotic brink she’d recently occupied. But each time he started to come, she eased off until he was begging for mercy.

Donna ignored his pleas, knowing this sort of teasing would increase the pleasure he felt when he did come. And she fully intended to give him some relief, sooner or later. But for the time being, she was enjoying being in control and wanted to prolong the act.

It was, she decided, time for her husband to join in the fun. As Reggie once again moaned and begged for relief, she paused. “Okay, Clay, since you claim this is Nude Day, you need to get with the program. Strip big guy, and sit on the other side of Reggie.”

Getting the men into the alignment she wanted involved some good-natured kidding and a bit of maneuvering. But thanks to Reggie’s amputation, the two cocks were soon in perfect position to receive simultaneous blowjobs.

Her goal was to have both men come at the same time. And she almost got her wish. Reggie was more than ready to explode. The trick was keeping him that way while getting Clay in the same condition. That proved no real challenge.

Both were soon begging for relief. Although Donna eased them back from the brink a couple of times, she knew it would be cruel to keep denying them, especially the long suffering Reggie, the orgasm both men so obviously needed. Besides, her jaw was getting tired. Her redoubled efforts produced quick results.

“Oh, yes! Oh, God–yes!” It was Reggie. Donna crammed both purple cockheads into her mouth before he lurched up and the first blast of his salty cum surged into her mouth. Moments later, it was joined by the familiar taste of her husband’s smooth semen.

The slick cream filled her mouth. She struggled to swallow it all while keeping the cockheads in place, but there was just too much. Despite her best efforts, cum started pouring out and was soon smeared over her face and hands.

With her fingers now coated, it became impossible to keep the slippery knobs of the two writhing cocks inside her mouth. When Reggie’s popped out, all Donna could do was aim the head away from her eyes.

Reggie’s stiff cock continued to jerk in her hand as cum spurted onto her right breast. Donna admitted defeat and gave up trying to contain the men’s ocean of cum. She removed Clay’s gushing cock from her mouth, and pointed it toward her other breast. Cum soon covered both, even as more splashed against her erect, sensitive nipples.

It seemed like a long time before the force of the men’s ejaculations subsided. When the shafts began to soften, Donna put both cocks back into her mouth and gently milked them until the men were begging her to stop.

The tables were soon turned. Both men began feasting on her flesh, licking the semen off her face, then feasting on her breasts. They sucked and nibbled while letting their fingers toy with her pussy. By some unspoken agreement, Reggie was the first to abandon one of the hard, wet nipples and begin licking his way down Donna’s body.

“Is this the so-called ugly scar you kept talking about today?” Reggie punctuated his question by running his tongue over the length of Donna’s surgical scar.

Before she could emerge from the haze of her passion enough to respond, he gave the spot a quick kiss. “If it is, I hope you have more.”

He said no more, but it had been enough. Why was it she always dismissed Clay’s assurances, but accepted Reggie’s? Maybe because she thought the former were an act of love, while what Reggie said had a ring of truth based on lust.

But all thoughts vanished when his tongue went to work. He was an absolute artist. Clay was good. But Reggie was just incredible. His tongue teased and tormented and pushed her toward a wet, shuddering climax that left her gasping with pleasure and eager for more.

So when she heard, through the after-glow of her orgasm, Clay suggesting that a real three-way was mandatory if all of them were to share Donna’s energy to the fullest, she quickly agreed. After a little discussion, Reggie stretched out on the floor while Donna knelt between his legs and began sucking on his limp cock. Clay moved in behind her and began fucking her doggie style.

It wasn’t long before Reggie was again rock hard and ready. Meanwhile, Donna felt soft and yielding and every bit as ready. This was due, in no small part, to Clay’s big, driving cock which had already triggered a powerful climax and was now pushing her toward another one.

It was great, and left her flushed, trembling and looking forward to what would come next. Donna scooted forward until she was straddling Reggie’s waist, then she slipped her pussy over the big head and slid down his long cock.

Meanwhile, Clay slipped a cum-coated finger into her tight anus. Taking his time, he stretched the tiny opening wide enough to receive three fingers. All the while, Donna and Reggie continued to fuck.

While Clay had taught her a lot, she’d introduced him to anal sex. He’d been a quick study and she trusted him completely. To now feel his fingers pushing against Reggie’s cock was mind-blowing.

The thought of what would soon happen was both exciting and a bit scary. Taking two men at the same time, one in her pussy, the other in her bottom, was something she’d always wanted to try. But with it now about to become a reality, the nurse in her worried something might go wrong.

There was more pain than usual when Clay first entered her. But once he was inside, it was all pleasure. After some trial-and-error, the three lovers became as one, with the two men alternating their strokes so that a hard cock was always plunging deep inside her.

The pace gradually picked up until the men were pounding into her with fast, powerful strokes. The feel of two hard cocks slamming in and out of her body triggered wave after wave of every growing sexual pleasure. She responded with one shattering orgasm after another.

All sense of time was lost. For the three of them, there was no place but this room, this floor, and this lover’s knot. Through her erotic haze, Donna could feel the two cocks filling her body, thrusting back and forth.

Reggie’s eyes were closed, his mouth open. She kissed him, and they began slipping their tongues in and out of each other’s mouth in perfect rhythm to his thrusts.

Clay shifted. The new position let him drive even further inside her. It felt fantastic and she pushed back in response. Her reward was a deep groan. With one last, furious thrust, Clay reached new depths in her bowels before filling it with his hot cum. Moments later, Reggie semen began flooding her pussy.

Recovery was a slow, pleasant process that occurred with the three lovers entwined on the floor. When nature’s call could no longer be ignored, Donna got to her feet. “You two guys can play with yourselves while I tend to some business in the bathroom.”

“We’ll be glad to come help,” offered Clay.

“Our pleasure,” agreed Reggie.

Donna looked at her two lovers sprawled out on the carpet. “You guys are gentlemen and perverts. That’s great out here, but I’d prefer a little privacy if you don’t mind.”

After drying off from her shower, she put on one of Clay’s soft work shirts. Left unbuttoned, they made a great peek-a-boo shortie nightgown that was sexy but distracted attention from her scar.

She checked herself in the mirror, almost liked what she saw, then headed back toward the men. At the door to the living room, she paused in the dark hallway and looked in. The men were still naked, sitting at ease on the couch, drinking wine and talking.

Two good-looking men with imperfect bodies, and yet, both were so sexy. And neither seemed bothered by her own body’s imperfections. She still didn’t like her scar, but it no longer seemed that big a deal. Clay was right. It is ability that counts. That and the fact these two very able lovers were all hers, well, nothing else mattered.

She slipped the shirt off and let it fall to the floor. Wearing nothing but her wedding ring and a smile, she stepped into the light of the living room. “Okay, guys, I’m dressed for the occasion. Let’s get back to celebrating Nude Day.”

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