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The Video Tape

Over the next three or four weeks, Scott and I sucked each other off whenever and wherever we could. Unfortunately, the weather had turned very cold and we couldn’t spend as much time at the cave. Instead, we had weekend sleep-overs, where we would take turns blowing each other and of course, jerking each other off. We were almost caught again by Scott’s older brother when he had come home from college for a long weekend. We still thought it was he who had left the gay magazine in Scott’s room. 

We had gone almost a month without being able to get together because of schedules and such. So, I had gone to jerking off nightly and scooping the cum up my hands and eating it. This beat having to keep a towel around that my mom or sisters might find.

Then, as luck would have it, my parents decided to take my sisters on a shopping spree in another city for prom dresses. I would have three nights to myself! Or better yet, Scott and I would have three nights to ourselves. When I told him about the long weekend, he was as excited as I was, but he couldn’t come over the first night, which only left us only Friday and Saturday nights, which was still more than we had had in the last two months.

The Thursday night before, Scott called and said he had found another ‘gift’ stuffed under his pillow when he got home from school. This time, it was a video tape. Of course, with a house full of family members and only one VCR, he hadn’t watched the tape. The tape had one simple word on it…”Private!” Naturally, we both expected that it was a porno tape, secretly, hoping a porno similar to the magazine that Scott had found almost three months ago.

Friday finally arrived and Scott called to say he was on his way over. I told him that the same rules applied here as in the cave, which meant no clothes once he was inside. He agreed and within the hour he came walking in. 

I was already naked and when he saw me, my cock bouncing in front of me, he immediately dropped his backpack and stripped naked. His cock was sticking straight up, it’s head covered in pre-cum, proving that he had had a hard-on the entire way over to my house.

“So, did you bring it?” I asked, referring to the video tape.

He held it up, “hell yes! Do you think its porn?”

I grinned, “It has to be! Why else would it say ‘private’ and be hidden in the same place as the magazine?”

“Cool!” He exclaimed, “lets watch it!”

I took the tape; put it in the VCR as Scott and I sat on the couch, the video started up. It was kind of dark, and shaky, like someone was moving it around. As it settled, the light adjusted and you could clearly see that it was a very small room. Standing slightly bent over a small desk about ten feet from the camera, was a person wearing only thigh high stockings and nothing else. The camera was mostly to the rear of the person, slightly off to the right making it hard to tell if the figure was a male or female. Then, a male figure walked from the direction of behind the camera and approached the other figure.

Once there, the male knelt down and spread the ass cheeks of the person bent over. As the male figure did this, you could barely make out the ball sack of the person bent over! It was now clear it was a gay porn, a gay home-made porn. The gay in the back moved forward and appeared to be licking the other guy’s asshole. You could faintly hear the first guy moaning.

“Turn it up some!” Scott said, which I quickly did.

From the video we heard, “mmmmm….man that is so good!” Then the one kneeling said, “you like that don’t you?” The reply was, “oh…yea!” Then the guy kneeling ordered, “tell me what you like, say it!” The one bent over replied, ‘I like your tongue in my ass, I love your tongue in my ass’.

Then more moaning and from both. After about ten minutes, the one kneeling stood and was stroking the other guy’s butt and asked, “what do you want now?” The one over the desk said, “Your cock”, “Where do you want my cock?” “In my ass” A loud moan was let out as the one bent over accepted a finger in his butt. “Beg me for it!” More moans were heard, then a sharp slap was delivered across the bent over guy, “I said beg me for it”

The guy bent over the desk, breathing heavily, pleaded, “Please fuck my ass! Please! I want to feel that cock in my ass! I want your cum in my ass!”

I was harder than I had been since the magazine pictures of the guys fucking. I looked over at Scott who was slowly stroking his cock. The pleading continued on the video as I looked over to Scott and said, “don’t play with it too much! I want to cum at the same time again!”

Scott smiled and said, “I need relief really bad!”

“Well, you can wait! Let’s see what happens next.”

Scott replied, “I could cum now and be ready to go again in five minutes, I’m so horny!”

“Yea, me too! But let’s save this first one for as long as we can,” I said.

He frowned and took his hand away from his cock, “Okay, I guess you’re right.”

As he said that, we both heard another slap and turned our attention back to the TV as the figure bent over the desk was now receiving a slap on his ass about every five seconds. With each slap, the boy on the desk moaned louder. Though the lighting wasn’t great, you could see that the figure in the back was fingering the bent over figure with one hand and swatting his ass with the other. Then, the one in the back pulled his finger out and picked up a bottle, one that looked like baby-oil and poured some on the guys butt, working it in with one hand and working some onto his own cock with the other. After a few more seconds, he moved his cock towards the bent over ass and said, “pull them apart for me,” the guy bent over reached back and took his own ass cheeks in his hands and spread them widely. Then there was a deep and long moan as the first guy slid slowly into the wide open ass. As he began to move in and out, there was moaning from both. The spread open guy let his ass cheeks go and you could then hear the sloshing sound of the cock sliding in and out of the oily butt.

The one bent over was moaning, the one fucking said, “tell me how much you like this!” The reply was, “I love your cock in my ass, please fuck me harder, I need your cum in my ass!” The tempo increased and the guy fucking began to moan and said, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Take it bitch, take my cum!” And after anther few strokes, he stopped moving and laid bent over the other one’s ass.

The first one to speak was the guy who was doing the fucking, “man, I love your ass! It’s so hot and tight!” The other one replied, “and I love feeling you cum, man, you came a lot that time.” There was a sucking sound as the cock was pulled out of the ass. The first guy turned around and showed that his cock had a raging hard-on. The guy doing the fucking dropped to his knees and took the hard cock into his mouth. After less than two minutes, the one being sucked began to jerk and moan as he obviously exploded into the mouth wrapped around his cock.

What happened next freaked us both out. The kneeling guy, rose up and began to kiss the other one. After about a two minute kiss, the guy who had just been sucked said, “I love taking my cum from your mouth.”

Then, the one who had just sucked the cock stood and turned to walk towards the camera, his face in view for the first time…it was Scott’s older brother! He knelt down in front of the camera and looking into the lens said, “I hope you liked that, there’s more on here for later…now, go jerk off!” And the camera went black. I stopped the tape and looked at Scott who had cum running down his body, obviously from blowing his wad after seeing his brother on the screen.

“Damnit! I thought you were going to wait!” I said, slightly disappointed that he had already cum.

“I’m sorry, I started shooting as soon as they started to kiss!” He was smearing the cum around, “Can you get me a towel?” he asked.

Grinning, I said, “Hell no! Why don’t you just lick it up yourself?”

He smiled at me, then scooped up a large amount of his cum into his right hand and asked, “Is that a dare? ‘Cuase, I’ll do it!”

“Okay, I dare you to lick up all of your own cum.” I said defiantly.

He then put his right hand up to his mouth and began to lap up the cum from it with his tongue. Once he had cleaned the handful, he scooped up another handful and poured it into his mouth. He kept on until there were only a few dry streaks of cum left. Looking at me, he smiled and said, “any other dares?”

I saw this as my chance, so I said, “Yea, I dare you to let me fuck you in the ass.”

Scott’s eyes went wide and I swear I saw his cock twitch, he then said, “Oh, I don’t know about that, I was thinking more along the lines of licking your cum up.”

“No, I haven’t cum yet, so I double dare you to let me fuck you in the ass,” I repeated my dare.

Scott looked as if he were thinking it over, instead of answering me, he simply got up off of the couch, went to the middle of the den floor and got down on his hands and knees, with his ass pointing towards me. He then looked over his shoulder at me and asked, “Do you have some lotion or something to make it easier?”

I jumped up and ran to my sister’s room, grabbed her baby oil she uses for tanning and came running back into the den. Scott was still in the same position. I hit rewind on the VCR and said, “let’s watch the tape again while we do this, okay?”

Scott looked up and said, “cool!”

I then got on the floor behind Scott, turning the tape back onto to play. I started to pour the baby oil on his ass, then stopped myself as I saw the image on the tape kneeling down to lick the asshole. I decided to do that too.

I slid up behind Scott and touched my tongue to his ass cheek, licking in small circles, gliding my tongue across his butt crack. I then pulled his cheeks apart and spotted the target, his tiny pink butt hole. I licked down his crack, lightly crossing my tongue over his tiny hole. He moaned as my tongue slide over its target. I then began to flick my tongue back and forth over the hole, covering it in my saliva. Scott was moaning with each pass I made over the tiny hole. 

As I continued to lick, I would occasionally glance up at the TV. Scott, moaning, said, “stick your tongue in me.”

I rested the tip of my tongue against his tiny hole and began to wiggle it in. His small hole opened up a bit and the tip of my tongue went easily into him. He moaned louder and pushed his hips backwards trying to force more of my tongue into him. I dug in deeper, feeling his hole close around my tongue. I had expected it to taste bad, but it didn’t. His ass was clean and smooth and tasted wonderful as I continued to work more of my tongue into his ass. “Oh man!” he moaned, “I love that! Wiggle it around some more?”

In the background, I could hear the orders of Scott’s brother to his partner and decided I should try that too. I pulled my tongue away from the hole and quickly replaced it with my middle finger, sliding in past the first knuckle and pulling it slowly back out. I said to Scott, “Tell me you like that!”

He replied with a moan, “I like your finger in my butt.”

“You can do better than that,” I said, sliding my finger past the second knuckle, resting my palm against his butt cheeks.

“OH! Yea! I love your finger in my butt!”

I heard the slap and repeated the swat on Scott’s ass! He let out a yelp then a long moan. I slapped his butt again, harder and directly onto his right ass cheek. “I think you can still do better,” I said with another smack.

“MMMMM! Yes! I love your finger in my ass! Please fuck my ass with your finger! Please spank me again!”

The last part surprised me, he was loving the spanking too. I swatted his ass another three or four times then pulled my finger out. I then grabbed the baby oil and poured a small amount onto his crack, watching the thick oil slide slowly towards this hole. I then worked my ringer into his hole, allowing the oil to slide into his butt. I worked the hole with first one, then two fingers, adding oil as I worked more in. I then took the bottle and poured a small amount onto the head of my cock and began to slide the oil up and down my cock and around the tip.

Once my cock was oiled up and Scott’s ass was oiled up, I removed my fingers from his butt and placed the head of my cock against the tiny pink hole. He was still moaning when I said, “It’s not too late yet, if you want to back out it’s okay with me?”

He lowered himself onto his elbows, with his head almost to the floor and said, “Fuck my ass!”

Teasing him, I asked, “Are you sure?”

“Please! Just stick it in and fuck me!” was his reply.

I began to push my head into the hole. Scott moaned loudly and then winced as my cock head popped snuggly into his butt hole. I stopped there, letting my dick head adjust to the warmth of his ass. The tiny hole was now tightly wrapped around my cock and I could feel it pulsating around me. I began to slide in a little more. Another small wince and then a moan and another inch went inside him.

“You okay?” I asked.

“OOOHHHH, yea! I’m good. Keep going, deeper!”

I slid more of my cock into him, slowly, then I felt his butt cheeks touching my thighs. I looked down and could see that I was completely buried inside his ass. I sat there for a few minutes, reeling in the feeling that surrounded my cock. His ass was warm, warmer than his mouth, or a hand. And, it was very soft. I began to slowly pull back, only a couple of inches, then slid back into him. With each outward stroke, I would pull a little more of my cock out until I was feeling my large cock head pulling against the back side of the tiny hole. Then I would slowly shove it back in.

With each stroke, Scott moaned. After ten or so, I asked, “How is it?”

He replied, “Awesome!”

“Tell me you like it!” I said.

“I love it! I love that huge cock in my ass!” He responded.

I could feel my balls beginning to tighten and knew it wouldn’t be long now. To be fair, I said to Scott, “I’m about to cum. Do you want it in you or on you?”

He moaned loudly and said, “In me! I want to feel your cum inside me.”

“Ask nicely,” I instructed.

“Please, please cum in my ass!” he pleaded.

Upon hearing that, I picked up my pace. I was now pulling almost my entire cock out of his ass and sliding it quickly back in. I could feel his hips and cheeks hitting up against me with each stroke. I began to cum and my entire body shook harder than I ever had before. Blast after blast of hot cum was pumped into his warm ass. With each shot, I could feel the cum encircling my cock and then looking down, I could see my cum covered cock forcing cum out with each stroke. He was moaning and groaning loudly with each shot.

After my orgasm subsided, I slowly slide my cock out of his ass. There was a loud ‘plop’ as his tiny hole released my cock and it bounced back to nearly its original size. I could see some of my cum sliding past the hole and down the remainder of his ass crack, heading towards his tight ball sack.

I rolled him over and took his now raging hard cock into my mouth. He came instantly, filling my mouth with his second load of the day. Some I swallowed, the rest I saved in my mouth. After his last squirt, I moved my head up over his, he opened his eyes widely, as he realized what I was about to do. I began to lower my mouth towards his. He opened his mouth and I opened mine and we engaged in our first French kiss, only as I opened my mouth, his cum poured into his. We both swirled our tongues around each others, savoring the taste of his cum. Once the cum was gone from our mouths, I broke the kiss. As I started to pull away, Scott placed his hand behind my head and pulled me back towards him again and we kissed for the second time. This kiss lasted even longer than the first, our tongues twirling together.

As we kissed, I felt one of Scott’s hands on my back, sliding up and down grasping my ass. I slid my hand between us and grabbed his cock, pulling and squeezing on it. The kiss continued as we felt of each other. Rubbing and kissing, sliding our hands all over each other.

Finally the kiss broke again and I lifted up away from him saying, “Wow! That was fucking awesome! I had no idea it would be that cool!”

He grinned and said, “Me either!” Adding, “I can’t wait to see what else is on the tape.”

As he said that, we both turned over and looked up at the TV screen. On the screen the camera was now pointing towards a bed, where both Scott’s brother and the other guy were locked in a sixty-nine position. This time, both had on thigh high stockings and both were moaning and groaning around the other one’s dick. Each was stroking the others stocking clad legs, feeling the nylon which covered them both from the upper thighs down. We watched as they both began to spasm, clearly cumming in each other’s mouths. As they finished convulsing from their orgasms, Scott’s brother quickly turned around and planted a kiss on his friend’s lips. It seemed clear that they were swapping their mouthfuls of cum with each other. Once done, Scott’s brother again leaned towards the camera and said, “Hope you liked that one, it’s one of my favorites. Now, turn of the tape and jerk off again thinking about what you just saw.” Again, the tape went black and I stopped the tape.

“Wow, I had no idea my brother was into all this stuff!” Scott said.

“Me either!” I added, “and what’s with the stockings? It’s kinda cool, but weird!”

Scott nodded, “No kidding, but the stockings do look neat. Hey, I wonder if that guy is his roommate at college.”

“I bet it is,” continuing, “Should we watch what happens next or do you want to get in the hot tub for a while?”

He smiled, “Let’s get in the hot tub. My dick aches from cumming already.”

I smiled back, realizing that I was still stroking his crotch area and he was now stroking mine too. I then said, “let’s go.” We got up and headed towards the hot tub room. As he walked in front of me, I could see that a lot of my cum had leaked from his ass, as both of his cheeks and upper thighs had glistening cum on them. Playfully, I swatted him on the butt and said, “I see you sprang a leak.”

He reached back and smeared the cum around his cheeks, “Yea, I guess you left a large deposit.”

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