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Across The Road

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I knew the moment Leah Finley and her daughter Samantha moved into the small house across the road from me that my life was going to take a very interesting turn.

I’m Ken Yates, and I live in a semi-rural area outside a mid-sized Southern city in a small house located on three acres of land. It’s not too far from where I work the second shift as a foreman at a nice-sized manufacturing plant, and that’s part of the reason why I was living alone at the time.

At the time that Leah and Sam moved in across the road, I had been divorced about three years, largely because my ex-wife got tired of me being gone almost every night. When our daughter turned 14 and was old enough to baby-sit her younger brothers, my wife started going out with friends from work, and that led to her having an affair.

I suspected something was wrong right from the get-go, and after the third time of her coming home after 1 o’clock in the morning, I confronted her. Claire’s the worst liar in the world, and she confessed.

Once I got over my initial anger, we sat down and talked, you know, like adults. It was pretty simple, really. The spark had gone out of our marriage. Claire needed someone who could be with her on a regular basis, and I wasn’t able — or willing — to change my work schedule to accommodate her needs.

It wasn’t working, and after she stepped out on me I also had trust issues. So we hammered out a divorce settlement we could both live with and went our separate ways.

I adamantly refused to pay alimony, but I was agreeable to letting her have primary custody of the children and paying a generous amount in child support. The flip side of that was that she had to buy out my share of the equity in our home, for which she had to refinance the mortgage. Everything else — court costs, attorney’s fees, savings and checking accounts, etc. — we split 50-50.

Although she got custody of the kids and the house, I got unlimited visitation and we arranged it where they spent every other weekend with me. I tried as much as possible to be a part of their lives, and for that reason, Claire and I have always been cordial toward each other, but she’s not my best friend, the way she was when we were dating and earlier in our marriage.

That saddens me some, but that’s the way life is, and you just have to make the best of it. One thing that helped was that I made damn sure her married boyfriend didn’t get off scott-free. I fucked up his marriage the way he’d helped fuck up mine.

I even fucked his ex-wife once or twice, after our divorces, but once we got past our need for revenge, we realized that we didn’t have anything in common, so we moved on.

Once I agreed to let Claire keep the house, I needed a place to live, and found this little place that an elderly couple had had for years. It was small — about 1,200 square feet — and fairly old, but they’d kept it in tip-top shape, so I took my share of the equity, put a hefty down payment on it and moved in.

It’s perfect for me. It’s easy to maintain, there’s a modest barn where I keep all my tools and stuff, I have room for a nice vegetable garden and there’s a large stand of woods at the back of the property that I have permission to camp, hunt or fish on.

When the kids were a little younger, I used to take them back there camping, and the boys and I still go out and look for deer. We’ve seen some, including a nice eight-point buck that comes through periodically, but never during hunting season.

The little house directly across the road from mine was the only neighbor within sight, and it had seen two occupants before Leah and Sam moved in.

The people who were there when I moved into my house were a young couple who were only there a couple of months. The wife was pregnant and they were staying there until they could buy something a little bigger.

After they moved, another young couple moved in and they were trouble. For one thing, they liked to party, and they often had loud gatherings that went on well into the night.

Now, I have become a creature of some habit. My shift at work runs from 3 o’clock to 11, I get home at 11:30 and I’m in bed by 12:30. I’m usually up and out of bed by 8 a.m., I take an hour of so to have coffee and a light breakfast, then I take a few hours to do whatever personal business I have to attend to, then start getting ready for work around 2 o’clock.

I do not function well without at least seven hours sleep, so after several nights of being kept awake by loud revelry from across the road, I called the sheriff. Of course, that got me on the bad side of the husband, who was a little psycho.

And as time went on, I heard him and his wife fighting, to the point where he beat the crap out of her one night. The wife came barging on my porch, begging for help, and I let her in. Psycho soon followed, but he suddenly got real understanding when he saw me in the doorway with my deer rifle in hand. After that, I started keeping a loaded pistol on the bedside table, but fortunately, they split up and moved before I had to use it.

After that, the place stood empty for almost two years. I made a deal with the guy who owned the property to occasionally go by and do some light maintenance — things like keeping the grass mowed, making sure it wasn’t vandalized, that sort of thing. It was a little extra cash that I could use for walking-around money.

It was a Saturday in the summer and I was off work when I saw a loaded van pull in to the driveway in front of the house. Two women got out and started unloading, soon to be joined by a pickup truck with another load of their stuff. This vehicle was driven by a fellow that I soon learned was Leah’s older brother, who’d come from out of state to help them move.

I’d already talked to the owner, who said he’d finally sold the place, and he asked me, strictly as a favor, to look after the place and the new owner. Once I got a look at Leah and Sam Finley, I was all for it.

Wanting to be a good neighbor, I walked over and offered to help, and was soon helping haul their stuff into the house.

At first, Leah Finley looked at me with some suspicion, but Samantha Finley always looked at me with the most brazen look of lust I’ve ever seen on a woman. It was pretty obvious to me that she was a true hottie; the only problem was the fact that she was only 16.

As for Leah, I really had no interest in her, and she certainly had no interest in me — or any other man — at least at that point in her life. Oh, she was good-looking enough, but she just appeared to be … how do I say it? She just looked washed out.

They were both quite tall, about 5-foot-10, and slim. Leah, in fact, was too thin for my taste, plus she had a kind of pinched look and she rarely smiled.

I would soon learn that she’d just been divorced, and it hadn’t been pleasant. She was very religious and her husband had been a bit of a rounder. Apparently, she’d gotten religion after they married, and he wasn’t willing to stop carousing to follow her into the faith. He’d started running around on her, and she’d finally gotten fed up with it.

Sam was their only child, and when they split up, she went with her mother, since the dad apparently worked off-shore and wasn’t in a position to take care of a teenage daughter. Leah, meanwhile, found a job at Wal-Mart and had moved here from the next state over.

I could tell right from the first that Leah had her hands full with Sam. I should stress that it didn’t seem like anything major, like drugs or violence. In fact, Sam was quite intelligent and a pretty good athlete. She made good grades and quickly earned a starting spot on the high school basketball team.

But she was quite different from her mom. For one thing, she smiled, and she smiled a lot. And when she did, it was one of those sultry, come-fuck-me smiles. She also wasn’t quite as thin as Leah and her tits were a little bigger.

I knew this because Sam immediately started making it point of lying out in the front yard to get a tan, and she always seemed to do it on the days when I was off work, where she knew I could see her.

I’ll admit it; she made me hard, all the time. Sam Finley had a certain feline grace about her that was incredibly erotic, and she knew the effect she had on me — and every other man she came into contact with.

I should say here that Sam wasn’t what you’d call a knockout, as far as her looks went. Her face was kind of long and her mouth was a little big, but her eyes made up for a lot of whatever deficiencies she had about her looks. Added to her devilish smile, it gave her a very seductive look, and she always had the high school studs sniffing around.

Of course, since I’d been doing routine maintenance on their house before they moved in, it was only natural that I’d continue to help with odd jobs that needed doing.

I had a small tractor with a mower attachment that I used to cut my grass, and I volunteered to cut their yard as well, an offer that was accepted. When their water heater blew up, I was the one they called to help fix it. A cabinet door needed replacing, and I was there.

And every time I was there, especially on the rare occasions when Leah was gone, Sam flirted with me openly.

As long as I was getting laid on a semi-regular basis, I could fend off her flirtations, but not long after New Year’s one year, I broke up with a woman I’d been going with on a casual basis, and for some reason I just couldn’t seem to connect with another one.

At this time, Leah and Sam had been living across the road about 18 months, and Leah had gotten comfortable with me being right there. She even asked me to keep an eye on Sam when she was working, so apparently she trusted me. If she’d known that I often jacked off to the image of her daughter doing wicked things to my dick, I doubt if she’d have been so trusting.

After Claire and I divorced, I dated some women casually, and had some pretty intimate relationships with a couple of others, but it wasn’t always easy for me to catch a single woman.

For one thing, I’m not a big drinker, never have been, and I’m just not much into bar scenes. And even if I was, I’m kind of leery of women who frequent bars, because in this day and age, you can’t be too careful.

Plus, I’m usually a relationship-oriented person, not someone who goes for a lot of one-night stands, although I have had a few. And, finally, I’m just not a bullshitter. I don’t have a naturally-flowing gift of gab that makes women fall down at my feet.

So when I broke up with this particular woman, I hit a dry spell, and went into a bit of a funk. I was pushing age 45, and while I was in good shape, I wasn’t sure if I still had what it took to make a woman happy.

I’d been living alone for 4½ years and I was starting to get settled into that bachelor’s nether land, where you’re too set in your ways to change, but too young to just give up on having a decent relationship with a female.

By this time, Samantha was a senior in high school and my youngest son was a junior, and like Sam he was on the basketball team. He didn’t start, but he played just about every game. He was good for about three or four points, several rebounds and four or five hard fouls a night.

I had arranged it with the plant to move my days off to Fridays and Tuesdays, because that’s when most of the school’s games were played. Cole also played football, so it worked out to where I could attend most of his games.

Since the girls always played before the boys, I got to where I’d also go watch Sam play, and as always I was fascinated — and more than a little aroused — by the way she moved.

She was a good player, good enough to get some attention from small colleges and junior colleges, and she always seemed to pick me out of the crowd. When she did she always smiled that dick-stiffening smile.

It didn’t take Sam long to start confiding in me, and I became a sounding board for all of her frustrations with her mother. Leah made Sam go to church with her and tried to restrict her dating, issues that Sam complained about bitterly.

I had to walk a fine line between my carnal desires and my adult responsibilities. On the matter of church, I sided with Sam, but on the dating issue, I leaned toward Leah.

I tried to impress upon Sam the pitfalls of having sex before she was ready, the threat of disease and possibility of pregnancy that could derail a young life that I believed had some potential.

I don’t know whether she heard what I was saying or not, but I don’t think she had a serious boyfriend, although I know she dated a lot.

Sam turned 18 not long before the end of basketball season, and she had a couple of her girlfriends over for a sleepover. I could only imagine what went on after Leah went to bed that night.

Late in the spring, Sam got the news that she’d earned a scholarship offer from a junior college in another part of the state, and she invited me to join her and her mom in a celebratory dinner at a local steak house.

Leah sat across from me and Sam sat on my right. About halfway through dinner, I suddenly felt a soft hand slowly snaking up my right leg under the table. Of course, my cock immediately sprang to life. I tried not to give the game away, but it seemed Leah was off in her own world, and was oblivious to the little seduction dance her daughter was performing.

At first, she just teased me, running her fingers up my leg, to my thigh then pulling away. I looked over at her several times, but she just looked away as if nothing was happening. But right before the waitress brought the check, as Leah went off to the ladies room, Sam slid her hand all the way up to my crotch and squeezed my throbbing-hard cock.

I looked over again, and this time she met my gaze, giving me such a lascivious grin that I almost came right then.

“That kind of stuff can get you in trouble, young lady,” I said.

“Maybe, but this tells me you like it,” she answered, giving my hard cock a soft squeeze.

“Sam, I’m more than twice your age,” I said, just a hint of desperation entering my voice.

“And you’re the sexiest man I know,” Sam said. “Mr, Ken, you might as well give it up. You’re going to fuck me, later if not sooner. I’ve wanted you since the first time I met you, and I usually get what I want. Think about me tonight when you get in bed and stroke this nice fat cock.”

“Oh, I do, all the time,” I said in a choked voice, just as Leah returned to the table.

After that, I tried to avoid situations where I was alone with Sam, and succeeded mostly. Still, Leah called a couple of times asking for help with something or another, and Sam would be there giving me the most unnerving looks.

Then it came time for Sam’s graduation. I was invited and decided to go. As it happened, I met Sam’s dad for the first time, and we got along all right. He seemed like a nice enough guy, although you could tell that he liked to party a bit.

It was the first Tuesday in June when things were finally kicked up a notch. I was off work that night, so I had the day pretty much to do whatever I wanted.

Leah was at work, and she’d asked if I’d bring my mower over and cut their grass, and I said I would. Sam had gotten a part-time job at a sandwich shop, and I figured she’d be at work also. I slipped on a pair of baggy gym shorts, a loose-fitting tank top and my sneakers, and drove the tractor over

I was wrong about Sam being gone to work, however.

I’d finished the front and was starting on the back when I saw something that made me pause. Sam was laying face-down on a lounge chair on their back deck with a very skimpy bikini on. The ties to her top were undone and I could see her tanned, naked back covered with oil.

But what threw me for a loop was what she was doing. I noticed that her position was a little odd, that her hips were slightly raised. Then, as I got closer, I saw that she had one arm under her body and her hand was in the bikini bottoms doing a brisk number on her pussy.

My cock went from zero to 60 in a split-second, and even as I watched, I saw her body sort of shake, then she looked up at me with that evil grin and slowly, deliberately pulled her hand out of her bottoms and licked her fingers clean.

Then she got up and walked back inside like nothing had happened. She just held the top over her breasts, but managed to look back at me right before she went in the back door.

That broke me, as far as continuing to resist Sam Finley. I made up my mind then and there that if she wanted me to fuck her, I was going to do just that.

I managed to concentrate on finishing the job at hand, then parked the tractor in front of the house and walked up to the door. I knocked, and Sam answered the door dressed in a hot pink bra-and-panty set.

She smelled freshly-showered, she’d put on some make-up, including a lot of eye shadow, and her brown hair was piled at the back of her head in a loose ponytail. She looked good enough to eat.

“I was wondering what was taking you so long,” she purred as she let me in.

“I had to finish the yard,” I said. “I just came in for a glass of ice water.”

“Um, yeah, I can get that,” she said, glancing down to where my cock was hanging low in my shorts.

After she brought me my water, and I’d chugged about half the glass, she looked at me with those seductive eyes.

“Did you enjoy the show?” she said. “Would you like to see me do it again, just for you?”

I just nodded dumbly as she led the way into her bedroom. I sat down on the rocking chair in her room while she crawled onto her bed. She sort of knee-walked her way over to the side of the bed closest to me, staring at me in abject lust.

“You don’t know how many times I’ve come imagining you stroking that hard cock for me,” she said softly. “How much I want to see it and watch you shoot your cum everywhere. I’ve creamed over the thought of you filling my hot little box with it, fucking me hard and filling me with cum.”

“You’re a nasty little girl, you know that?” I said in a low voice.

My cock was throbbing hard as I watched Sam play with her breasts through the satiny material of her bra.

“Oh, I know,” she whispered. “But only for you. I’ve been waiting for you, waiting for a real man to fuck me, not some pimply-faced jock. But first, I want to watch you, and I want you to watch me. I’m gonna show you just how nasty I really am.”

With that, she reached back and unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. She hefted both of her tits in each hand, showing me her round globes.

They weren’t real big, but they hung real nice on her chest. They were capped by a pair of dollar-sized areolas that were a rich brown color, with fat nipples that were stiff as nails.

She squeezed them, then rolled the nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and I could tell she was getting real turned on. She looked me up and down, and her gaze lingered on my rampant cock, which was already leaking profusely at the tip.

“Go on, Ken, take it out,” she whispered. “I want to see it. I want to see you.”

I still wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but by this time the little head was doing most of thinking for me, so I slowly peeled off my tank top and slid my shorts to the floor.

My cock bounced up and down, apparently overjoyed to be free of its loose confines. I squeezed it at the base and slowly jacked my hand up the shaft, up to the crown, where I swirled a big dollop of pre-cum all over the head.

I used that to get my cock nice and lubricated as I stared at Sam’s increasingly wanton display. She was still using one hand to knead one of her tits, but she had the other hand in her panties doing something I couldn’t see.

“No fair,” I said. “I thought you wanted to show me something.”

“I did,” she panted. “This…”

And she rolled onto her back, pulled the gusset of her panties aside to reveal an angry-looking gash between her legs, with a clean-shaven pubic mound and her right hand working briskly over what looked to be a very swollen clit.

The sight of Sam working herself into an orgasmic frenzy had me stroking my cock with purpose. She was giving out little gasps of pleasure and I could see the slick dew of her mounting arousal. I groaned as I felt the cum heating up to a boil in my scrotum, so I slowed down, trying to make it last.

No words were necessary now; we were communicating everything we needed from the looks that were passing between us.

But if I thought I seen everything this hot little minx had to show me, I was quite mistaken.

Abruptly, Sam raised her legs and pulled her panties off, revealing her complete nakedness. With the middle finger of her right hand she began to finger-fuck her pussy hard and fast, then she licked the middle finger of her left hand, slid her hand under her butt and pushed her finger into her ass from below.

My eyes got wide and my fist picked up speed around my cock as she used her fingers on both holes, all the time staring at me with that fuck-me smile on her face. Her breathing was shallow and she was panting hard as she worked herself into a climax.

“C-c-come on!” she cried out at last. “Shoot it for me! I wanna see your c-c-cum! I’mmmmmm cummmmmmin’! Doooooooo iiiiiiiiiiit!”

And as she arched her back and shuddered from head to toe, I couldn’t hold back. I felt something like the fires of hell roar through my shaft and explode out the end of my cock in a cascade of hot, thick, white semen.

The first shot splattered on my cheek, the second laced the side of my neck and the rest of it was scattered all over my chest and stomach, until I finished with the final oozing spurts over my hand.

It was one of the most intense sexual experiences I’d ever had, and I hadn’t even touched the object of my desire. Yet.

I slumped back in Sam’s rocker dazed and amazed at what I’d just done. I looked over at the bed and saw Sam leaning back on her elbows, an awed look on her face.

“Wow!” she exclaimed slowly. “I’ve never seen a guy come like that. That was fucking awesome!”

“So, how many guys have you seen come?” I said, as she rolled over onto her stomach, fished around on the floor then tossed me a towel to clean off the evidence of my orgasm. “I thought you were saving yourself for a ‘real man?'”

“Oh, I am,” she said. “I’m actually still a virgin … sort of.”

“Sort of?” I said, cocking an eyebrow in amusement.

“I mean, I’ve still got my cherry and all, but, well, I’ve gotten pretty good at blowjobs and handjobs,” she said, giving me that silly smile that had me getting hard again. “And I’ve let a couple of guys fuck my ass. But I’ve never had a cock in my pussy. You’re going to be the first.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I told you; you’re the sexiest man I know,” she said. “I know you’ll do it right.”

“No, I mean, why bother staying a ‘virgin’ if you’re going to suck guys off and let them fuck you in the ass?” I asked, genuinely puzzled.

“It’s my mom,” she said quietly, and now the smile vanished from her face. “She’d die if I got pregnant. I mean, we argue like cats and dogs, but she’s done an awful lot for me and I don’t want to disappoint her. And, besides, you can’t play hoops when you’re fat with a baby. I knew she’d never let me get on the pill, I don’t trust condoms. and it’s awfully damned difficult to get an abortion in this part of the country. But I have needs and I like the attention of the boys. So I take care of them in other ways.”

“Well, then, what’s changed?” I said.

“I’m 18 now, and I don’t need her permission to get on the pill,” she said. “I’ve been on it about six weeks, so I should be good to go.”

“Well, then,” I said, standing up and walking over to the bed. “I guess we should get to it so we can be done before you mother gets home. Somehow, I don’t think she’d take too kindly to catching me fucking her daughter.”

“Aw, she’d just get jealous,” Sam said, just before I slid onto the bed next to her, gathered her in my arms, planted my lips onto hers and kissed her deeply.

My hands roamed all over Sam’s succulent body as I let my passion run wild. It had been too long, over six months, since I felt the touch of a woman and I was in need. Sam’s hands found my cock and gently started stroking it, getting it hard again.

But I wasn’t quite ready to claim my prize. I slid my tongue down Sam’s long, regal neck, squeezed one of her breasts softly, just before I sucked the nipple into my mouth. I licked, sucked and chewed on her rock-hard tip and was gratified to hear a lustful moan escape her lips.

As I munched on her tits, I slipped my hand between her legs and gently stroked her dripping-wet pussy. I have to admit, I loved her baby-smooth pubes and caressed her tender flesh while she jacked my cock lightly with her hand.

I rolled her swollen clit around and she gasped in response. I wanted to taste her, and I wanted to test her oral skills, so I skillfully maneuvered her so that she was on her side, with one leg in the air.

I clamped my mouth on her juicy slot while I felt her lips and tongue on my cock and balls. We seemed to be working right on the same plane, because the moment she engulfed my cock in her mouth, I slashed my tongue up her slit, rolled it around her clit then vacuumed her cunt with my lips.

As I sucked and licked on her tangy twat, I was grooving on the sensations from Sam’s mouth. Like I said, she had a wide mouth and a long neck, and she slid every bit of my banana right into her throat.

I have a fairly sizable cock — no freak — but it’s longer than most and pretty fat. And Sam Finley, 18-years-old and never been fucked, was deep-throating my cock like a pro. I knew then that I was in for a treat.

As much as I liked the feeling of Sam’s lips and tongue massaging my dick, I had other things I wanted to do with this slut, and I was ready to do them right then. My cock was hard — painfully hard — and raring to go.

Sam knew it too, because she pulled her mouth off my cock and rolled onto her back, her legs spread wide in open invitation.

“Come on, Ken,” she panted. “Fuck me now. Make me a complete woman. I’m ready for you.”

“Oh baby, I’m ready for you,” I grunted as I climbed up on my knees.

I hefted my cock in my hand and slid the head between her labia several times, getting it coated with her juices. When I heard an incoherent cry of desperation come out of Sam’s mouth, I knew it was time.

I pushed the head past her gates until I came up against her female barrier.

“Are you ready?” I whispered, and she nodded and squeezed her eyes shut.

I backed up a fraction of an inch, then thrust forward with my hips, driving my cock past her hymen, smashing my way into the hottest, tightest pussy I think I’ll ever have the pleasure of fucking.

Sam gave out a sharp scream when I penetrated her, a scream that morphed into a long, satisfied moan as I slowly worked my cock leisurely back and forth.

“Oh my God, Ken, it feels soooooo goooood!” she cried as she began to work her hips up to meet my incoming thrusts.

She wrapped her long legs around my waist as I began to set a more demanding pace. She may have technically been a virgin, but this girl knew how to fuck. I watched her tits wobble rhythmically while I churned my cock in her liquid vise, as her athletic body moved as one around me.

I bent down and kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her, completing the circle of our lust. I’d anticipated this moment for almost two years, and it was better than I could have ever imagined it.

Sam’s pussy was hot, wet and very active, so I was glad we’d had our little preliminary session. I’d have never lasted that long if I hadn’t already come once.

As it was, I was having a hard time maintaining the pace. Sam’s body was jerking and shaking as a powerful orgasm gathered strength in her hard core. Her head was lolling around on the pillow and a sexual gibberish was spewing from her mouth, along with little cries, yips and moans.

We were on the express lane to a crashing climax and I was trying my best to hold it back, when Sam suddenly gave out a sharp shriek, her body went totally rigid for a second or two, then she shuddered from head to toe as her climax swept her along.

“G-g-god-da-yum!” she bellowed as her sweat-slick body writhed in orgasm. “C-c-cummmmmin’!”

Well, that finished me. I gave out a loud grunt and a strangled cry of my own, then lurched my cock forward, as deep as I could push it and exploded with one of the all-time king climaxes of my life.

I’d certainly never had anything that approached it with my ex-wife, during the whole time we were married, and I could only think of a couple of times when I was a lot younger that even came close.

I spewed a seemingly-endless barrage of cumshots deep in Sam’s womb, as we wrapped our arms around each other again and let all of the passion flow out between us.

Finally, I finished shooting little cumballs deep in her flooded pussy and my lust was spent. I collapsed onto Sam’s body, and she looked up at me with that same, sexy smile.

“My God,” she whispered as I rolled to the side, my sated cock flopped out of her well-fucked pussy, followed by a silver stream of my hot, thick cum. “My God, Ken, you were terrific. I knew you would be. God, am I glad I waited for you.”

Honestly, I felt pretty good about myself right about then. I’d given this sexy young thing a fuck for the ages, one she’d never forget. I’d proven I could still please a hot woman, proven it well.

And I proved it a lot through that summer.

At least four times a week, until she left to go to college, Sam would walk across the road after her mother left for work, let herself in my house and spend the morning with me, fucking my brains out.

We did it all, all over the place. In fact, the very next morning, she walked over and insisted that I fuck her ass. She said she wanted to show me how good she was at it, and she was, indeed, very good at it. Another time, I took her for a ride on my ATV back into the woods and I fucked her on a blanket on the ground at the camping spot I had back there.

Neither one of us had any illusions about the nature of our relationship. It was sex, period, that united us. But for the duration of that summer, she was my girl, although she dated other guys her age quite a bit. I think she gave a few of those guys blowjobs, but she swore her pussy and her ass were all mine.

Somehow, we managed to keep our relationship from her mother, who thought it was nice that I got along so well with her daughter.

We were both a little sad when she left to go to college, I think, because we knew instinctively that once she left, our little fling was over.

Once she left for college, she threw herself into her schoolwork and basketball, and dated the college guys she met up there.

As for me, I met someone not long after school started, a tall brunette named Nancy Miller, who had moved to town a couple of months earlier to take a job as a sports reporter for the local newspaper. She was about 28 at the time, quite a bit younger than me, but we were soon keeping company, and after about 18 months of dating, we got married.

What made it work was that our hours were pretty compatible, so we were able to spend a lot of time together. Nancy and I are even talking about having children, and wouldn’t that be a kick; me having a second family at my age.

Sam Finley played two years of junior college ball, then moved on to a small college in another part of the state. She did well in school and has become a teacher and a coach.

Oh, and Leah… Yeah, the more comfortable Leah got with me being across the road, and the further Sam got into college, the more she relaxed that hard shell she’d build around her heart, and she met someone from her church that rang her bell.

I don’t know whether my summer fling with the hot teen from across the road changed anyone’s life in any great way. But I have to say, it sure was fun while it lasted.

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