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It’s a Colorful World Ch. 02

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I started or ended many of the next few days looking at the photos or examining some aspect of the video I found particularly arousing. I will confess, I made several trips to the ladies’ room to tease my clit into climax recalling our activities that night.

The pink shirt situation was little different. The warmer weather was starting to see some more colorful golf shirts come out of people’s closets.

I was glad we had settled on pink. There was an orange and a yellow on different days but I honestly forget who was wearing them. Tom actually wore a really deep purple shirt one day and Colton wore a solid mauve golf shirt one day.

Colton did come by my desk a little more often to see if I needed any help with things. Can’t say as I blame him, if there was a woman who looked like me and so blatantly flashed her cunt at me, I would be going by her desk every chance I got as well. For fun I sent an email to Leigh and Sasha a week after our encounter “83 more days… mmmmm” was all it said.

The following Tuesday Stephen came by and asked me to get a bunch of reports prepared for an impromptu investor meeting Wednesday morning. I cancelled plans with friends and had Leigh order me some dinner. I had my head down hammering out various reports. It was almost 8pm. I hadn’t noticed but everyone had left except Leigh who was sitting working I guess. Leigh and Sasha as office managers typically hung around as long as someone was in the office.

“Leigh, don’t sit here because I’m here. I could just as easily do this at home and if you’re only staying here because of me I will pack up and take this work home so you can leave.”

“No, Stephen asked me to do a few things for tomorrow as well. No worries Margaret. I will leave when I’m done.”

“okay.” I put my head down and went to back to work on the reports.

About 20 minutes later I had to move so the cleaning lady could get at my waste basket and recycle bin. I used the interruption as an opportunity to go to the washroom.

“Be right back Leigh. I have to visit the loo. Can I bring you anything from the kitchen on the way back?”

“No thanks. I don’t need anything. I will be done soon I think. The loo. You’re funny Margaret. Are you practicing for our visitors from the UK tomorrow?”

“I wasn’t thinking that, but maybe my subconscious was. Be right back.”

I took a few minutes extra to wash up a bit and rest my mind. I was going over what reports I had to finish for the morning. I should be able to get it all done and organized in the next 2 hours. I turned the corner, put my hand on the door and “Shit” I said out loud. The door is locked. “Damn. Leigh must have left and locked the door. Fuck.” I said out loud. I was just turning to head for security when I heard the door knob turn and the door opened. I walked in. “WOW. I thought you had left and locked me out Leigh.” but I didn’t see her. She was hidden behind the door.

From behind the door I heard Leigh say, “Shit. I thought that cleaning lady was never going to come tonight.”

I turned towards Leigh’s voice. She was pushing the door shut with one hand and reaching out to me with her other pulling me in and kissing me. Leigh was completely naked. She was all over me grasping at my body, clutching at my clothes, devouring my face with kisses. “I’ve been thinking about this all day and wanting it again ever since that night.”

As quickly as I could I tried to catch up with Leigh’s desires, but they were accelerating as fast as mine and she had a huge head start on me. It was always a thrill being taken by a lover. It was a fantasy I played with often. Young women today speak of wanting to “be raped.” I truly believe their language skills are limited and the phrase they’re really looking for is “be taken.” “Rape” is about power and often has all the unpleasant often terminal violence associated with power. “Taken” is based around lust, not power, and is enhanced with intense love making. Sure it feels powerful and at times forceful but never violent.

Leigh let go of me and started undoing my pants. “I want to taste you. I want you to taste me.” She kissed me again. I could feel my juices were already flowing. My pants were around my knees and Leigh’s hand was between my legs, parting my flesh, fingers plunging into me. Leigh spun me around and pinned me against the wall. I calmed my mind, somewhat caught up with Leigh’s intensity and allowed her to lead. We kissed and Leigh continued undressing me between moments when she pressed herself against me sandwiching me against the wall. In these moments I enjoyed the weight of Leigh’s naked body locking me against the wall; the sounds of her panting and moaning; the musky smell of her lust oozing from her cunt, and the fullness of her ass filling my hands.

My blouse was undone. I had one tit in my bra and one uncomfortably out. Leigh was kissing me, clutching and fondling my exposed flesh where ever her groping hands could find it. Leigh dropped to her knees, tugging down my pants and thong until they were gathered around my ankles.

As fun and arousing as it is trying to thrust your hips forward, your pussy forward so someone can eat your cunt properly, effectively, efficiently while your lower legs are bound … sometimes it just doesn’t work.

Leigh’s mouth and tongue felt great. I was loving the scene of naked Leigh hyper-desirous of me and my body, on her knees at my feet lapping at my cunt, but it just wasn’t working. She wasn’t able to hit the right spots.

I put my hands on her shoulders and shoved her backwards causing her to fall on the floor. Before she could regain her composure I had one foot out of my pants and underwear and was standing over her. Leigh looked up at me, my shining bald pussy was the sole place her gaze was fixated. I very deliberately undid the sleeves of my blouse while staring into Leigh’s eyes which never looked back as all they could see was my cunt. I watched her breathing deeply, licking her lips in anticipation. I reached behind and undid my bra, dramatically flinging it to the side.

Leigh was caressing my legs her eyes now wandering over my nakedness but still spending most of their time focused on their perceived prize. I balled up my blouse, reached down grabbing Leigh’s hands, pushing them to the floor over her head then dropped to my keens pinning Leigh’s hands and arms under my shins. I lifted her head cushioning it with my blouse when I laid it back down.

“This is better Leigh.” Grabbing her hair and pulling up a little I lowered my pussy onto her face, “Now eat me like I know you can.”

Wow, either Leigh had been practicing eating pussy or she had completely lost her lesbian inhibitions and was now just enjoying making love to a woman. While I enjoyed Leigh’s new found talents I unhooked my pants from my other foot then, with my hand was behind me, I started playing with Leigh’s pussy. My god Leigh’s tongue felt so good. Her moves were rhythmic and focused rolling at times, probing at times, still at others.

I got off her face sliding my body down so we could kiss and make-out. I could taste myself on Leigh’s lips and face. Her hands were freely trailing soft caresses up and down my back, gently squeezing my ass at the bottom, teasing my breasts at the top with soft tickles where they were being squashed out to the side from our bodies being melded together.

Leigh rolled me onto my side freeing one hand each to explore tits and asses but primarily to play with each other’s pussy.

“Please eat me Margaret. Please. Lick me. Eat me. I love the feel of your tongue on me. In me,” Leigh squeezed out the words between kisses.

I didn’t rush. I was enjoying our foreplay far too much. Leigh’s responses to my touch were heightened from when she first attacked me. I knew she was already close to an orgasm, but I was too consumed by our kisses to go down on her.

Leigh’s touch was better, much better than the first time we made love, it felt more educated but was probably just more at ease, more confident. She kissed me like a lover who wanted to be my lover. She played with my breasts and touched my pussy like she had done it for years, for her entire life.

Leigh’s grasp suddenly became tighter. She thrust her hips forward yearning for my touch. She came. She came intensely but without any wild bucking or loud screams. She muffled her moans by breathing them into my mouth in a long hot kiss that said “WOW!” and “Thank you” at the same time. She rolled somewhat onto me so we straddled each other’s legs and so she could stop me from continuing to play with her hypersensitive clit. I held her to me feeling her orgasm pulses slowly subside into mild echoes of themselves.

Leigh was breathing calmly, kissing me softly on my mouth, lips and neck. I returned her gentle kisses. I could feel her wetness soaking my thigh. It felt good. I knew my pussy was also coating her thigh. Leigh started running her fingers along my side in light caresses.

“Maggie. I loved this so much.”

“Me too Leigh. I loved it too.”


I could tell a question was coming and new it was somehow awkward for Leigh because I felt her lower her head as she started.

“Margaret, umm”

“Hey Leigh, what is it girl? What’s bothering you? C’mon girl, you know we’re friends. What is it?”

“Well, umm,”

I waited this time knowing she would get to it. I held her a bit tighter trying to let her know I loved her, that I cared about her.

“Do you think, umm. Am I, ummm.

I hugged her some more without squeezing her.

“Thank you Margaret. I’m so happy you’re my friend, but does this, what we were just doing, does this mean I’m a lesbian?”

“Oh Leigh.” I smiled. I kissed her on the shoulder. “Of course not. I mean. Well. If you’ve been denying yourself. Well. Here. Let me ask you this. When you walk down the street or go to a bar are you attracted to men or women?”

“Well.” Leigh was snuggled into me. It felt warm and nice. “I don’t know anymore.”

“Okay, so now you look at women the same way you look at men? Well, you know, you look at some women and think you might want to make love to them?”

“Yes. I’ve caught myself doing that.”

“and before we made love in the conference room, had you ever done that?”

“No, not that I can remember anyway. I mean, well, you know, you see some women and think they’re cute or attractive.”

“But not in a sexual way right?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s right. But now.”

I kissed her on the forehead. “I’m so glad we’re friends too Leigh. No you’re not a lesbian. Do you still get horny making out with Jeremy when you’re together?”


“And you still look at some men and think ‘I want to fuck that guy like there’s no tomorrow’, or, ‘I bet he’s great in bed’?

I felt her head lift a little, “Oh god, like there was a new guy in the elevator today. God. I almost pushed the stop button and attacked him.”

I laughed then kissed Leigh on the cheek then the mouth. “So you’ve discovered women. I’m so thrilled I helped you to do that. So now you can claim you’re bi-sexual. If all you thought about was women, had always been attracted to women and only women and were denying yourself to fit into societal norms, then you would be a lesbian.”

“Oh god, I was so worried about it because I have masturbated almost every day since we made love recalling that night in the boardroom.”

“Me too Leigh. I’ve played with myself at least once a day thinking about that night. But I’m not going to tell what my maximum has been in one day. And trust me, I’m not a lesbian. But, I do love sharing sex with a woman every now and then. We’re just better lovers than men day in and day out.

Leigh started kissing me again. “Can we make love some more Margaret, please?”

I didn’t answer her I just kissed her in a way that could only be interpreted as “yes”.

We kissed, our hands staying mostly still for a time, our lips and hips were the only parts of us moving.

“I love this Margaret. You’re a wonderful lover.”

“You too Leigh. You too.”

If I had said that the first night I would have said it as encouragement. Tonight I meant it. Leigh was a wonderful lover for me. Her energy and mine were well balanced together and her touch was so stimulating.

Our kisses deepened. Leigh took a breast in her hand then moments later guided my nipple into her mouth. I slid a hand onto Leigh’s cunt and found a mixture of cold dampness and fresh heated pussy lube.

Leigh returned for more kisses reaching for my pussy at the same time, no doubt finding the same mixture of cold and warm wetness. I felt two fingers slide into me. I allowed Leigh to roll me onto my back.

“I’m going to taste you now Maggie. I want to see if you taste as good as I remember.”

I felt myself get wetter in anticipation of Leigh’s mouth on my cunt. I laid back and spread my legs like the slut I can be sometimes. I didn’t need any encouragement or prodding from my lover. I just spread my legs and pussy so she could dive right in. I was ready. I was ready to be made love too, to be licked and probed, to be devoured and to cum into the mouth of my new lover.

Leigh massaged the inside of my pussy, sitting back examining my genitals. At first I thought she was hesitating but I looked at her and realized she was admiring my pussy, deciding how she would please me, anticipating the joy she would experience licking me to orgasm. She leaned into me, her hair falling in the crease between my pussy and thighs. It tickled an aroused me all at once. I moaned when Leigh’s lips landed on the top of my labia. Leigh had embraced making love to women. That was so obvious now. She kissed my labia like it was my mouth. Leigh was good, she was really good. Her mouth and hands moved as a team but necessarily in unison. What a team. Her fingers at times plunging deeply while her tongue glided up and down my slit. At other times she was sucking my clit while massaging on and around my g-spot.

“69 Leigh.69. Swing around so your pussy is over my face.”

“No, I just want to please you.”

“No please. I won’t touch you I just want to look at you when I cum.”

Leigh stopped for a moment, withdrawing her fingers and mouth from my pussy and repositioned herself. God my pussy was so alive and throbbing. Leigh stopping turned out to be a bad thing but only because the break in her touching and licking me somehow heightened my sensitivity. I almost came the instant she re-inserted her finger in my vagina. I let out an “Oh. Oh God.” I reached up and grabbed Leigh’s ass and waist. Her mouth hit my cunt, she sucked in my clit, her tongue doing circles over my protruding bud. My abs convulsed so dramatically that my head lifted off the ground and smacked into Leigh’s pussy. She was as wet as I was. She was excited by what she was doing. What had been a gradually building orgasm was upon me so suddenly I wasn’t quite ready for it. A loud moan roared out of me and my body started to tremble. Leigh didn’t let up though not aggressively Leigh continued licking and massaging my insides. I couldn’t stop my cries of pleasure and was worried someone may hear me if anyone was still in the office, so I clamped my mouth on Leigh’s thigh to muffle my pleasure. I don’t know if it was multiple orgasms or just one really long one. I hadn’t climaxed like that in a long long time. I’m sure it went on for several minutes and Leigh never yielded her attention to my cunt.

That normal state of hypersensitivity your clit goes through after orgasm lasted for only a second or two and I felt myself moving towards another orgasm.

“Thank you Leigh. Thank you. That was incredible.”

Leigh didn’t answer she just kept licking and kissing my cunt.

“My turn now Leigh. Lay on your side.” and I pushed on her hip directing her to roll down onto the floor.

Leigh’s pussy looked so scrumptious and I didn’t care why. I wrapped an arm around her hips and reached for cunt sliding two then three fingers into her. She was so wet I could barely feel any resistance to my prodding. God she tasted good and whatever she was doing to my clit now felt amazing. I wish I knew what her fingers were doing because I would emulate it for her, except that I wanted to suck her and taste her.

Her clit felt good in my mouth and she smelled so great. I buried my nose in her labia fighting for space with my probing fingers. Fuck, I was about to orgasm again I wanted to tell her to stop so I could get her off but it felt so damn good


“um! um! um! um!”

My scream into Leigh’s pussy was echoed by her orgasmic moans onto my clit. We bucked our hips and licked away until hands came between our mouths and genitals that had had enough attention for the time being. We laid in each other’s arms, heads using thighs for pillows, panting and coming down form our mutual climaxes. I gave Leigh’s drenched cunt a kiss, a long lick then a serious sucking before spinning around to hug and kiss her. We laid there for a while holding each other, kissing softly, whispering, thank yous and platitudes to each other for a wonderful love making session.

Eventually I broke up our little love fest before we fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke the next morning when someone arrived at the office. Besides, I still had a couple of hours of work to do.

“We have to get up Leigh.”

“I know. Can we go back to your place?”

“In a couple of hours we could but we shouldn’t. I have to finish these reports for Stephen and be fresh in the morning. If you come back to my place we won’t sleep tonight.”

“I can just cuddle with you. I promise.”

“And Leigh, you have to be dressed for tomorrow too and my clothes won’t fit you.”

“I know. You’re right. But the thought was nice don’t you think?”

“It was a lovely thought Leigh, and if we didn’t have these meetings all day tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate.”

I kissed Leigh again. A deep slow kiss. We made out for a few minutes more just kissing and caressing each other then we got up.

While Leigh gathered her clothes and got dressed I did a quick check on my laptop to see where I had left off and how much I had left to do. Two hours at least. I stood up with my hands on my hips and took a deep a breath.

“You are so beautiful Margaret.” Leigh was standing looking at me while slipping on her bra.

“Thank you Leigh,” I was a little embarrassed, “Here, let me help you with that.”

I walked over to Leigh who started to turn her back to me. I reached out and stopped her turn, kissing her while wrapping my arms around her to fasten her bra. We stood kissing for a few minutes. I wanted to undress Leigh again, or dress her and take her home but I knew my work would not get done if I did that.

I had to pull Leigh’s hand off my pussy and push her away a little or we would started another round of love making.

“Sorry Maggie. I can’t help myself.”

“Me too. I want to make love some more but my work won’t get done if we do and”

“I know. I know. I will go and get us some coffee to see us through the night.”

We got dressed. Leigh ran out to the local Starbuck’s and returned with my favorite summertime-keep-me-awake beverage, a venti iced Café Americano with an extra shot, no milk, no sweetener.

“Leigh. Please leave. It’s late. It takes you an hour to go home. An hour from now I will be done and at home in bed. Go.”

“I can’t. Stephen says”

“Forget what Stephen says. I can take care of myself. There’s nothing I need or will need from you in the next hour. GO!”

“Okay Margaret. If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure. Now please. Pack up and go.”

Leigh nodded her head. “Thanks Margaret. I appreciate this.”

I tried to focus on my work while Leigh packed her things. I didn’t need Leigh, but the other reason I sent her home was I knew she would be a distraction for me and if I tired or lost focus, I knew we would end up naked again on the floor or a desk or at my place.

It was almost two and half hours when I was satisfied the reports were done and done right. The coffee had energized me for a while, now the caffeine had my heart racing and my eyes unable to shut. I stood up and stretched, feeling relieved the reports were done and emailed. I knew that in the morning Stephen would review them and want some changes made moments before the meeting. He always did.

I went to the washroom and emptied my bladder of the gallon of coffee I had downed while working. It was after midnight and I felt wide awake. I had to calm down enough by the time I got home to get in a few hours of sleep before tomorrow’s meetings. The videos and stills.

I opened my hidden directories and clicked on the video. I slipped my pants off while the first few minutes played. I fast forwarded to the part where Sasha spun me around then bent me over and licked my ass. I reclined in my chair, spreading my legs, my two hands playing with my pussy and ass. I put a greasy finger on my anus and closed my eyes recalling the feeling of Sasha’s tongue on and in my ass. I pushed a little, cringing at first then sighing when it broke though and entered me.

I continued watching the film and playing with myself building my arousal more slowly than it happened that night in the conference room. Once Sasha and Leigh switched places on the video my arousal accelerated. I knew what images were coming and when I moved to the corner of the table and Leigh went down me, I was frantically frigging my clit remembering how she felt. Sasha appeared in the video again hugging me then pinching the hell out of my nipples. I leaned back in my chair, legs spread, ass occupied, my mind and hands worked together to speed me to another orgasm. It was less intense than the ones Leigh gave me earlier in the night, but it still drained some energy, calmed my mind and made me feel spent enough that I may actually sleep when I got home..

I had been experimenting fingering my ass when I masturbated since my night with Leigh and Sasha. I started trying it when the video and stills became my inspiration for solo sessions. I recalled how good it felt having Sasha touch lick and explore me back there, and how she had looked me in the eyes after I plunged my fingers deep in her anus and said ‘You have no idea how good that feels.’ Well, I was beginning to find out that it indeed felt pretty good and seemed to enhance my orgasms.

I shutdown my laptop and gathered up a few things before putting my pants back on. It felt fun and risqué walking around the office without pants. I was closing the door behind me when I received a text message on my phone.

‘Thank you Margaret. Tonight was as wonderful as the night in the boardroom.’

I sent back a smiley and typed. “I agree!! Tonight was fabulous!! Thank you Leigh.”

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