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She paced the hotel room nervously, glancing every few minutes at the clock on the nightstand. Any minute now she thought, as the time slowly ticked by. Absently she twisted her fingers as she paced. She knew this was going to be different than anything she’d ever experienced, she didn’t know how, she just inherently knew. What could she expect? She didn’t know. She paused in front of the mirror, checking her hair and slight touch of makeup.

She knew he didn’t like much makeup, but she felt she had to put some on to cover the weariness the day’s toll had taken on her. Satisfied, she then dabbed a bit more perfume behind her ears, on the curve of her neck, trailing the applicator down between her breasts, all the way down to her navel.

She readjusted her negligee, pulling the lacy tube top across her breasts, pulling it taut enough for her nipples to be apparent through the semi sheer white material. She turned to view her backside and noticed the g string was twisted, and moved the harem style skirt back to make her final adjustments. Facing her reflection once again, she noted how the white lace sparkled against her tanned skin; smiling softly to herself, she knew he’d be pleased.

Quietly she slipped into her mules, and walked to her computer to find some music to soothe her nerves. Soft, sultry blues filled the room; closing her eyes, she swayed to the music, getting lost in the rhythm. She imagined his body up behind hers- pressed tight, pelvis grinding against her ass. Her hands became his- trailing across her stomach, teasingly light and sensuous. Her reverie was rudely and abruptly interrupted by the shrill of the phone from across the room. She flew to the phone; her fingers shook as she reached to pick up the receiver. Consciously, she remembered to breathe as she whispered a soft hello.

“I am here little one, and I am thirsty.” His voice quiet and low, his drawl almost nonexistent as his words were clipped and distinct. She could only stare at the receiver, now dead in her hands. She stood frozen, her mind spiralled momentarily as the realisation hit her. He was here! Now!

Suddenly she snapped back to the present as his words filled her brain. Quickly she moved the chair at the small desk to the centre of the room, and leaned over the desk resting her cheek against the wood, facing the wall opposite the door. She moved her hands to rest above her head, palms flat, fingertips barely touching. Her pulse raced, and a flush spread quickly throughout her body as she realised too late that the skirt portion of her lingerie may not be appropriate. There wasn’t enough time to remove it and put it away. She gnawed on her bottom lip, listening to the soothing music, but only hearing the thumping of her heart.

The seconds seemed like minutes, her mouth dry, her breaths already ragged. She could feel herself growing moist, the ache for him already becoming unbearable. Her mind continued to race, trying to imagine the pleasures that were yet to become. Her hips rocked instinctively, slowly gyrating…anticipating…longing. She heard the doorknob turn and held her breath. This was the moment she’d been waiting for…lived her life for. She closed her eyes, willing her body to settle down, relax. However as the door opened, her body was in no mood for listening. The energy from his presence filling the room, she felt her skin tingle in response. The waiting was agonizing, why didn’t he say anything? She struggled not to squirm, she knew without words that he wanted her to remain still and quiet, until he told her otherwise.

She held her breath as she heard him move about the room, straining to hear every subtle nuance of his movements. In the distance she heard the clunk of what she could only imagine as his overnight bag. Next she heard the sound of a zipper, it sounded different from the kind one would find on clothing. It was louder, stronger, and longer, than a conventional zipper. Silently she cursed not being able to see what he was doing, and doubly cursed him for being so quiet, giving her no indication of his actions. She heard some rustling and scrambled to try and make sense of the sounds, her anxiety quickly forgotten. Her body began to relax as she became accustomed to his presence in the room.

She heard something being pulled across the carpet, then silence again. She sighed softly, fighting the urge to drum her fingernails on the desk, just to be sassy, but quickly dismissed the idea. She knew he approached before she felt his touch. She felt heat emanating from him as he stood over her. His hand brushed the hair gently back from her face, remaining just beyond her line of sight. Reflex had her leaning into his touch, moaning softly, instinct had her heat throbbing, and intuition had her trembling. His hand wound in her hair, gripping it tightly, causing her to catch her breath and tense. He wound his hand tighter yet, reminding her that she was there for him. The thought sent currents flowing through her like a raging river, finally pooling within her silky folds. She heard him take a deep breath, and exhale with a deep satisfied growl. For a moment she felt embarrassed when she realized that her musky scent was permeating the room, evidence of her arousal filling his lungs.

He tugged on her hair, pulling her head back to him, growling at her ear, “Are you getting excited pet? I can smell your lust from here. It pleases me.”

He lowered her head back down to the desk, the cool surface soothing on her enflamed skin. His free hand curled around her neck; causing her to stiffen that much more. Her biggest fear immediately assuaged her psyche. Her fingers scratched at the desk, instinctively she pushed back against him, her mind fighting with the thought of using her safe word so early, knowing it would break the spell already cast upon them. As her internal struggle mounted, her body prepared to flee, his fingers gently massaged her flesh, lingering on her neck, but slowly moving to her shoulder. She closed her eyes and said a silent thank you to whatever power that held her steadfast in that brief moment. Slowly the realization hit her that she was right to place her trust in him, he would not hurt her. Without words his touch alone reassured her that she was safe; little by little her body once again relaxed beneath his loving touch.

“Very good pet, very good,” his voice hissed in her ear. His hand continued down her back, taking in every inch of her tingling flesh. Her eyes closed as she lost herself in his comforting hand. She could feel her juices escaping from her pussy lips, her hips wriggled involuntarily, innocently seeking some- any type of relief. She bit her bottom lip, hoping the movement went unnoticed. When she heard a soft chuckle, she knew it had not. She tensed yet again, waiting for the sting that she was sure would follow- but it didn’t. Surprisingly, she felt a loss, a void. That void was slowly turning to a yearning, which surprised her even more. She felt sure that a hard swat on her backside would sate the need, the ache that was slowly consuming her. In her mind she could feel the sting reverberating throughout her body.

His hand circled her waist, his fingers spanning her side, almost measuring the fit of his hand against her curve. She heard him utter a long slow moan, she could only interpret as satisfaction, and it made her smile, knowing he appreciated her shape. Her eyes closed again, this time anticipating where his hand would roam next, where he would tease her with a simple touch. Once again he tugged on her hair, bringing her out of her reverie. It was almost that he could sense exactly when she was losing herself, and he was determined to keep her right on the edge, mentally grasping at every motion, every touch.

“Lift your head pet, and look straight ahead. Don’t move. Next time you may not be so lucky.” He whispered lovingly.

Without hesitation, she turned and lifted her head, wondering what he was going to do next. His hand left her hair and followed the same path as its predecessor, eventually stopping at her waist. She knew he was still at her side, she didn’t feel or hear him move. Each of his hands gripped her waist, digging into her flesh, once again gauging the fit.

He moved behind her, his hand grazing her stomach, his fingertips lightly pinching her skin, eliciting a plethora of soft moans from her. Unbeknownst to her, his smile was soft and knowing, as he watched her try and maintain her composure. He knew how difficult this was for her, how nervous she was. He also had confidence in her, for he knew her innate desire to please. He would draw out that desire and then some, feeding both their hungers.

He watched her closely, his eyes never leaving her form, watching her subtle reactions to his capable hands. He was learning her body, learning more about her than she knew herself. Committing to memory where she was most sensitive, where his touch seemingly had no visible reaction; but he knew deep down, deep in his heart that not a single touch, tug, pinch or caress was going unnoticed. He knew he was just stoking the fires within her, awakening her to pleasures she never knew existed. Just as he knew all of this, he also knew she was holding back, still unsure of fully letting herself go, becoming the wanton slut he knew she wanted to be. He knew before this night was done, she would be his, and only his, fulfilling a fire within him that had for too long been smouldering. She had awakened the beast that had lain dormant for years, rekindled a hope that he’d long since thought was dead. His one. He looked at her, her body responding to the lightest of touches. Yes, she would be his. He needed to show her everything she was capable of giving- and more. He knew her sex was dripping with desire, and he fought his own internal demons not giving into the temptation to drink from her well. He wanted, no he needed to draw her out of her own self- bring her to that place where she realized their joining would be the culmination of her submission to him, it would be complete. They would be complete.

“Does that feel good pet?” He inquired softly. His drawl more pronounced as he oozed the words out slowly, his fingers now crawling up to cradle each of her breasts in his hands. His strong body now draped over hers, his cock nestled in the crack of her ass. He groaned as he felt her body meld to his. His fingers pinched her nipples beneath the flimsy fabric. Roughly he pulled it away, letting her breasts hang freely. He cupped and squeezed them; taking in her soft mewls. He grasped the delicate rings that adorned her nipples and tugged, relishing in the feral groan that it produced.

“Tell me pet, tell me how that feels.” He softly commanded, waiting for her response that he was sure to be slow as she searched for the words she knew he required. He continued pinching, tugging and rolling her nipples between his fingers, each one a little harder than the previous one. He would continue until she said the words- the right words. The words he knew she had inside, but needed to let them flow.

“Yes, that feels so good, please don’t stop.” she murmured

He pulled harder.

She yelped, “Yes please…please, yessssssssss.” Her body trembled beneath his.

He pinched harder, yet he did not utter a sound. He knew she knew what he wanted, what he expected. She had to bring it out herself.

“YES! OH PLEASE- no more!” she cried

He pulled harder still, leaning down to bite the crease of her neck.

She pressed back against him, the heat becoming unbearable. The twinges of pain spiraled through her, settling deep in her core. Never before had she felt such an exquisite blend of pleasure/pain. While the thought of enjoying pain frightened her a bit, she couldn’t help but want more of its effects on her.

She cried out as he pulled just the rings this time, “Yes Sir, that feels so good Sir!” she croaked out without thinking, her sex throbbing- aching to be filled by him.

With one last tug, he released her nipples, rubbing them against his palms, absorbing their heat, and sunk his teeth on the opposite side of her neck. She said what she knew she needed to say, what she needed to release. He was surprised at his own body’s reaction when she acknowledged him as Sir. He pulled away, putting physical space between them, and watched her body writhe as he slowly dragged his nails down her back; smiling once again as she instinctively responded to him. He knew his resolve was slowly slipping, his cock, raging hard, encased in his clothing, pulsing and throbbing- reminding him of his own need for her. He watched as she threw her head back when his fingers grip her hips. He feels her quiver in anticipation, his hands getting closer to her heat, her scent stronger and headier.

“Put your head back down on the desk pet. Don’t move.” he issued calmly, and watched her comply with a slight nod and soft whisper.

“Yes Sir”

He smiled at the ease in which the word Sir came from her lips this time. He stepped back from her, dragging his fingers across her ass cheeks, aching to bury himself deep within her. He chuckled softly as he heard her whimper when he took his hands away.

He stood back, silently observing her. He could feel her excitement and anticipation a foot away.

He walked over to the light he dragged over to the desk and turned it on. It illuminated her ass and her pussy, her glistening pussy. A slow smile crept onto his face as he watched her body quiver, how she fought against moving. He knew she was aching for his touch, for him.

He stepped closer to her, his hands splayed across her ass. He knew she was anticipating a hard smack on the ass. He also knew she was ready; her reaction to his nipple play impressed him, her ability to absorb small bits of pain. He leaned down and blew softly against her nether lips, and saw her pussy clench and relax in response. He repeated his action, this time with a long drawn out breath, once again pleased when he saw the multiple contractions of her pussy.

His hands massaged her ass, his fingers pressing into her full globes. He was rewarded with soft whimpers as he drew his index finger along her crack. He heard her nails scrape against the wood. This was only the beginning, he thought. He knew that while she had imagined him doing all the things he’d told her many times he’d do, she had no concept of how intense she was going to feel, or how much he was looking forward to making her feel.

He pressed his lips to her ass, and felt her jump. He blew softly in a wide circle, and then leaned in to nibble in the centre of where he blew. He felt her body twitch, and heard her gasp. He teased her repeatedly all over each cheek, blew, kissed, nipped, at times he bit. Her nails scratched the desk, her body quaked and trembled. Her gasp quickly turned to moans and mewls. As he played her ass with his mouth and tongue, he snaked his hand to her breasts, grabbing them hard in his hands, squeezing them together. He dragged his fingertips to her nipples and pinched them as his teeth sunk into her cheek. He saw her head rise off the desk, and heard her first scream of the night.

He felt a ripple flow through her body, from his hands past his mouth, and knew instinctively that it settled deep within her core. He felt the rush of passion flow through his is own body, his cock throbbed. He waited for the feeling to ebb, but there was no ebb, just the continual flow coursing through his veins. He moved a hand from her breast, and slid it down her side. He watched with satisfaction as her body writhed from his touch. He pointed his tongue and ran it along the crevice between her cheeks; heard her murmur repeatedly. He pinched again while his tongue pressed further between her cheeks. Again her head rose up off the desk. The first he let pass, the second he would not.

He raised his hand high in the air. He paused only for the briefest moment, before he moved his head and landed his palm flat against her right ass cheek. He heard her scream for the second time that night.

“Don’t move woman.” he snarled.

Her voice cracked as she replied weakly, “Yes Sir.”

“I didn’t hear you.” he said slowly.

His hand came down solid on her left ass cheek. He heard her moan- a deep guttural moan. She did not scream out this time, but held back as she bit her lip. He felt her knees buckle slightly. He knew she was trying to find her voice.

“I said I didn’t hear you.” he said in a deeper voice.

His hand came down fast and hard, once on each cheek. He could see the imprint of his palm on each cheek. Her ass- soon to be his ass. It would be by his hand that she would experience a red ass for the first time.

Her head nearly flew up off the desk as his hand swiftly spanked each cheek. Her mind reeled at how the sting spread like fire through her veins. She felt her pussy throb and her juices flow. Somewhere in her mind she knew she needed to answer him, but she was just too amazed at how good she felt to realize it.

His hand came down again and again, slapping each cheek in succession. Her ass was on fire, her pussy was on fire. She wanted to yell for more, but there was still a part of her that said she wasn’t supposed to like this. This behaviour was supposed to be degrading, but she had never felt so alive. She scrambled to respond as she felt his hand move, she anticipated another slap.

“Yes Sir” she said in a tone that echoed in her ears. She hoped she didn’t sound petulant.

“Very good pet.” he soothed, both of his hands now caressing her ass cheeks.

He rubbed away the sting. She moaned a string of words to the Almighty. Her body was inflamed. She needed his hands everywhere on her skin- to soothe, to caress, to enflame.

“Please.” she whispered repeatedly.

His hand came down again.

“Please what?”

“Oh God, please Sir, please” she cried out.

“Better, pet. What is it that you need?” He crooned, almost teasingly.

“Please Sir, may I cum.” she whimpered.


She groaned. Did the man know what he was doing to her? Did he know how much she needed a release, to be set free? Did he know that she couldn’t take much more?

He snarled as he pulled his hands away to ogle her ass. Her cheeks were a nice shade of pink. His hands gripped her ass cheeks and spread them wide. He exposed her completely to him and just stared for a moment, allowing her to wonder what he was going to do next. He ran his tongue around her puckered hole, and heard her cry out, but he knew it was just the beginning. He would take her places she’d only dreamed of. With a careless flick of his tongue, he watched her pucker even tighter. He grinned, repeated the flick, and was rewarded with a long frustrated growl from her. He pressed his tongue against her anus; he didn’t push, although he knew she wanted him to.

“Grab your ass for me pet, and open yourself to me.”

“Yes Sir”

Her fingers clasped each cheek and she held herself open, just as his hands had done. He took a step back and just took in the sight before him. He watched her shift her weight from one foot to another, and smiled- slow and easy. He knew she was uncomfortable exposing herself to his eyes.


She spread her ass cheek wider. He watched her pussy and her rosebud clench, as if to prevent him a closer look at what mattered most. He waited for her to relax, and was greeted with a series of spasms as he watched her pussy throb.


She pulled even harder, stretching herself as wide as she could. Her anus stretched and opened involuntarily for him, just the slightest opening- inviting him. He watched her muscles relax, her ass and pussy spread and waiting. He knew how wet she was, how much wetter she would be. He pulled the desk chair behind her and sat. With his knees he pushed hers wider. What a sight before him, this beautiful woman, his woman, with her ass in the air, waiting for him to do as he pleased. His cock twitched, and he shifted in the seat to try and gain some comfort. It would take nothing right now to bury his cock deep in her pussy, or take her ass for his, but it wasn’t time.

Now it was time to quench his thirst. He trailed his finger along the outside of one of her lips at the crease of her thigh. Slowly he dragged it up the crack of her ass up to her tailbone and then back down again, to trail along the opposite side. He could feel her heat, heard her moans, watched her body ripple, and smelled her desire. All that was left was to taste.

He leaned forward in the chair, his hands on the backs of her thighs. He extended his tongue reaching all the way to her mons, his nose pressed tight against her skin, and pushed through her lips. He curled his tongue and dragged it across her slit, over her engorged clit, pushed deep into her silky folds and gathered the abundant nectar on his tongue. She tasted every bit as sweet as he thought she would.

Her moans blended with his as he dove into her sweetness. He heard her third scream of the night as he speared his tongue into her. It only served to fuel his desire for more. She would quench his thirst tonight. He pulled, sucked and drank her honey. He reached forward and flicked her clit with his tongue, and was rewarded with her pressing against his face. He knew his slut wanted more, he knew his slut would give him more.

He covered her entire pussy with his mouth; he sucked and slurped her juices, his tongue hungrily devouring her silky flesh. Her juices flowed, he knew she was on the brink of losing all control, she needed release. Her legs trembled, she was so close. He was proud that she held back as long as she had. Now, he would bring her even closer. He pulled his mouth off of her, giving her a brief respite.

“Do not cum pet. Not until you are told you can. Do you understand?” he inquired, as he ran his finger along her swollen soaked lips.

“Yes Sir, I understand.” she managed to croak back at him through bated breath.

He leaned over her and bit her ass cheek hard, sucking on the flesh. He watched as her head flew up and back off the desk as she cried out. He sucked harder, and reached up with his hand to grab a handful of hair. It was not the scream he hoped for; he knew how to get one. He dipped his face lower and sucked hard on her nub, pulled her head further back, and drove two fingers deep in her pussy.

She nearly let go of her ass, as he yanked her head back. She thrust forward using her chest to hold herself upright. She screamed as his fingers push deep in her heat. He sucked hard on her clit. Oh god, she thought, I’m going to cum. What am I going to do? She knew he was pushing her, to see if she could control herself. She started thinking about what would happen if she did. She fought the urge, but felt herself losing the battle as he began to drill his fingers in and out of her. His tongue flicked her clit. She screamed again, pleading for her release.

Her pleas grew louder as he finger-fucked her harder. Each time he pulled his fingers back, she felt more and more of her juices flow with him. His tongue sought her juice and he lapped at her. He didn’t stop there; his fingers drilled her harder and faster. He felt her pussy spasm as she slowly lost control. He knew she couldn’t hold back much longer; she begged him now.

He pulled his mouth away, but kept his fingers digging deeper, curling them while deep inside her. He watched as her nectar dripped from her- coating his fingers. He noticed her entire body quake as she fought to hold back. He pulled his fingers out quickly and watched her pussy clench against nothing. He watched her teeter on the edge. He let go of her hair and pushed the chair back away. He listened to her softly beg over and over for him to let her cum. She obediently held her arse cheeks wide for him. He couldn’t resist and thrust his fingers back into her, pushing as deep as they would go. He closed his eyes and grinned as her pussy clamped tight on his fingers. He pulled them out quickly again, waited a few moments then shoved them deep again. He repeated this each time leaving her empty for a little longer than before. His hand grew damp from her juices.

“Let go of your ass pet. Grip the edge of the desk.” he commanded. “Oh God…yes Sir…oh please Sir…please let your pet cum for you” she pleaded huskily. “Soon pet, soon.”

She grasped the edge of the desk, but did not lift her body upright. He was pleased that she did as instructed, but no more. He pressed his fingers in deep once more, he twisted and turned them. He pulled her to the brink, and brought his hand solidly down on her ass. He listened to her howl, watched her back arch, and felt her flood his fingers with more juice. He pulled his fingers from her, and slid one back inside her pussy; with the other, he spread her honey around her anus. He pushed against her tight puckered hole, not to gain entrance, but to let her know that if he wanted to he would. He pulled his fingers once again from her and covered her pussy with his mouth again, brought her once more to the brink, drank her juice, then pulled away. He then knelt between her legs, and nudged them even further apart.

The resulting effect spread her lips further apart and brought her luscious pussy right down to his face. From this angle he could watch her quiver, see her lips swell, and from here he would bring her over the edge. He reached up behind her, grabbed her ass firm in his hands and dug his fingertips into her flesh. He pulled her cheeks wide and heard her gasp. He ran his tongue along the outside of her lips, as if he had just begun to tease her. He slid his hands down lower, to that tender place where her thighs give way to the gentle curve of her ass. From there he could reach over and rim both her holes with a finger or two- when he chose to. “You may cum when ready, pet”

Somewhere in her head, she heard his words, somewhere between the endless pleadings for her release. Ready? She thought. Finally! She felt his hands low on her ass as he pulled her cheeks wide again. The cool air was an instant relief to her overheated dripping sex. She felt his tongue sweeping along her lips and slit. He flicked her clit lightly and sent a tremor of excitement up her spine. He let one cheek go, and pushed his two fingers slowly into her tight opening.

She let her mind and body go, gave in to the sensations his mouth and fingers on and in her pussy. Her hips rocked against his fingers; back and forth she slowly fucked them. She heard him moan, felt him shift beneath her as he locked his lips on her clit and sucked. Briefly she hovered on the brink, and fleetingly wondered whether he would stop again, and make her suffer even longer. He scraped her clit with his teeth, nibbled, and then pulled back with her clit locked between his teeth.

She screamed aloud, pushed her hips to his face as the floodgates opened. The room exploded in a flash of light as the first wave hit, and hit strong. She bucked wildly against his mouth and fingers. His hand that held her ass wrapped around her holding her tight against his teeth and tongue. Spasm after spasm ripped through her, her knuckles white from her death grip on the desk. Her screams continued to echo throughout the room as he pistoned his fingers faster, and pulled her higher, prolonging her orgasm. Her head whipped back and fell forward as she was caught in the vortex of wanting to come down, but needing to fly. One orgasm blended into another until she felt like her body was going to give out on her. She gasped and panted, her body completely out of her control, but she no longer cared, she let go- she gave.

He felt her body tremble and tense right before she came. Her walls clenched tight against his fingers before he felt her convulse and flood his mouth with her sweet nectar. His tongue went wild as he slurped her juices from her. She fed his hunger, and he wanted to take more. His fingers drove into her relentlessly, he wanted to pull her higher keep her riding wave after wave. He held her tight to his mouth, not giving her the opportunity to descend. He kept her soaring, heard her scream, moan, growl, and whimper over and over. He also felt the second she let go and gave him the reins. The subtle change in her body, the way she relaxed and sank onto his face. Without words she said take me- and take her he would.

He felt her juices drip down on his chin, heard the wonderful wet sounds her pussy made as he finger fucked her hard. He knew she was nearing nirvana, lost in the hurricane of desire. As her pussy continued to convulse and spasm, he pulled his fingers from her and fucked her with his tongue. He sucked her flowing honey directly from her as she began to ride his tongue. He circled his drenched finger around her anus, and slowly pushed. She immediately tightened around his finger and tongue, he continued pushing deeper until his finger was completely rooted. He finger fucked her ass, slowly increasing his thrusts pushing her further into the abyss. He heard more screams and felt more tremors spiral throughout her body. He pulled his finger halfway out of her ass and rotated his hand in a circle, stretching her rosebud. He then slipped in his second honey coated finger and sucked her pussy harder. She exploded in his mouth, a waterfall of her sweetness descended upon his lips. He drank from her well, she sated his thirst, but fueled his hunger for more.

He sucked hard on her pussy until he felt her body collapse against him. He eased up on her, gently lapping at her quivering lips, slowly bringing her back down. He pulled his mouth from her, and slowly drew his fingers out of her ass. He moved away and stood over her, caressed her slender form as the aftershocks rippled through her. Her head fell back to the desk, her chest heaved. He watched her try to regain some semblance of herself.

“You’ve pleased me pet.” he leaned down to whisper in her ear and walked away.

She whimpered at the loss of his touch, even though she knew he was still close. She could feel him, his strength, his virility, his presence. She heard him walk to the computer and shut the music off. She could see him at the computer, just within her line of sight. She moaned softly as she watched him move, blushing when he turned to look at her. She knew he must have heard her, and wondered what caused her to moan. Her eyes sought his, and in that moment time stopped. She couldn’t describe that feeling if someone asked, but in that moment everything just…was.

She looked into his eyes, dark with passion, yet kind. Slowly she smiled at him, seeing the warmth of his eyes. His smile, almost a smirk, sent a shiver down her spine. She began to gnaw on her lower lip as she watched him approach her. Her eyes quickly darted to his groin, his arousal evident in the bulge, and back up to meet his eyes once again. The smile on his face faded when he saw her eyes dart to his cock. She tensed again, sensing she may have displeased him in some way. He strode to her in three strides, locking his hand in her hair again, pulled her upright, and crushed her against him. His mouth devoured hers, his tongue probed, sought, and demanded. Hers matched his in hunger, desire, and need. She heard a growl, felt it race through him from deep within, reverberating through them both. She brushed her pelvis against his, enticing him. She needed to feel him inside her. She moaned against his lips, and pressed herself tighter against his chest

He pulled back from the kiss, and for a moment they just stared at each other. Her eyes wide and searching- his confident and knowing. He leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lips, grabbed her ass and pulled her hard against his groin.

“You’ve made me hungry my pet, very hungry.” He murmured. “Are you hungry as well?”

“Oh, yes Sir, I am very hungry.” she whispered huskily while her hands crawled up his back.

With another low growl, he squeezed her ass cheeks hard. Her head fell back as she arched against him- a moan escaped through her lips. His fingers dug deeper, pulled her tighter to him, she groaned and writhed.

She felt his hands tug on her hips, nudging her. She briefly resisted until after a moment she realized what he wanted. She brought her head upright to look into his eyes. She ran her tongue along her lips as she brought her hands to his front, splaying her fingers out over his broad chest. Her pupils dilated making her eyes even darker as they filled with lust. A slow smile crossed her face as her hands moved lower, down his stomach. He stood very still, but she had felt how hard his heart beat.

He looked down at her throat when her head fell back. Her flesh begged to be kissed, licked, nibbled, and bitten. He could and would devour her, but first things first he decided quickly. He nudged her hips and watched her head snap back up to look him in the eye. He watched as the realization of what he wanted reached her eyes. It pleased him to see the lust, the desire, and evidence of her eagerness to please him. He felt her hands on his chest, slowly sliding down his stomach. Her touch soft but firm, gentle while cruel.

She was not going to turn the tables; she was not going to tease. He nudged her harder, pushed her hips. Slowly she sank to her knees, her eyes never leaving his as she unbuckled his belt, released the button, and lowered his zipper. He buried his hand in her hair and pulled her head back, as her hand reached inside to pull his cock free. He watched the need creep into her face, from her parted lips, to the flush of her cheeks. He knew she wanted his cock.

“Put your hands behind your back pet, clasp your fingers. Do not move them. Do you understand?” He uttered.

Quickly, she complied, “Yes Sir, I understand.” she offered.

With her fingers clasped behind her back, her chest was thrust forward. He took his member in hand and brushed it across her flesh, over her chest, her neck. He bent slightly at the knees and rubbed the head of his cock over her nipples, coating each with drops of his precum. The metal of her nipple rings felt like ice on his enflamed skin. He rubbed his shaft along her jaw. He observed the change in her, watched her chest heave, her hips rock, the slight shifting from one knee to another. Her eyes bore into his and his into her. He knew at that moment, she would give until there was nothing more to give, and he would take until he knew she had no more to take from. He would hear her whimper, listen for her to plead, and wait for her to beg. He would not do it to be cruel, he knew it was what she wanted, what she needed from him. He knew she would please him many times over. He also knew it would not be enough. He watched her face as he moved his cock closer to her lips; her tongue darted out in attempts to taste him. He watched the frustration grow as he purposely kept his cock away from her eager waiting lips.

He noticed her attempts to turn her head as his shaft caressed each cheek, how her eyes instinctively closed, as she absorbed the feel of his skin. He noted how each time her eyes closed, they flew open again to meet his, and the slight apprehension in them. She didn’t want to displease him. He smiled down at her, reassuring her. He brushed his shaft back and forth across her lips; her tongue snaked out to follow his movements. He groaned as her hot tongue seared his flesh.

She felt him push her head lower and press his balls at her lips. She responded eagerly, dipping her head even lower, and extended her tongue as far as it would go. She reached her tongue behind his sack, slowly drawing it forward and up the center, stopping before she reached the base of his cock. She knew he didn’t want her mouth there yet, and she was happy to finally relish in the taste of him.

She inhaled deeply, taking in his musky scent, filling her lungs. With a deep moan, she went to task. She swirled her tongue all over each of his heavy balls. She lapped them, bathing them, leaving nothing untouched by her tongue’s soft caress. She watched his cock twitch and throb, noting which actions elicited a response. His hand gripped her hair; the other framing her face as she delicately wrapped her lips around his scrotum, and pulled it into her hot wet mouth.

Her deep moan vibrated against him, as she swirled her mouth around him. She sucked and kneaded him with her mouth, pulling him deeper until her nose rested against his shaft. His sack filled her mouth, leaving no room for movement. She swallowed, allowing her muscles to caress him, the moist heat from her mouth to soothe him. Her moans quickened as she traversed from the left to the right, back and forth never leaving one unattended for long. She pressed her face against him coating her face with her saliva and his scent.

He tugged on her hair, inching her higher. He watched as her tongue flicked and bathed his balls. His eyes became slits when she sucked each one into her mouth. He was pleased so far, very pleased. He knew her mouth would feel as exquisite on his cock as it had on his balls. He groaned as her tongue slid up his shaft, her eyes once again locked on his, as she knew it should be. Her tongue bathed his pulsing cock, tracing each vein, curling around each side, coating him with her saliva over and over, never once touching the bulbous tip. He held his breath as she followed the curve of his cock head, flicking her tongue along the frenum, making his cock twitch. He noticed the slight pull of her shoulders as she almost let go of her fingers…almost.

He smiled as she lifted higher on her knees, reaching up and over his cock, circling his head with her tongue- wide slow circles, slowly zeroing in on the very tip. She paused briefly to lean her head back, meet his eyes once more, and extend her tongue to lap the small drop of precum that sat gleaming. She smiled in satisfaction as his fingers curled even tighter in her hair.

“Enough woman.” He growled, and pushed her mouth onto his cockhead

She opened her mouth wide to encompass his girth, and quickly fastened her lips tight around him. She leaned back on her knees, attempting to pull him lower. His rigid cock pulsed in her mouth as she slowly slid inch by inch down his shaft, pulling back each time she progressed lower, spittle already gathered on the corners of her mouth. She silently prayed that she’d be able to fit him completely in her mouth without gagging. She knew that would not please him, and did not want to start or finish the evening, for that matter, with any form of punishment. Further down she pressed, her tongue, pressed up against the underside of him. Each time she pulled back, her cheeks hollowed from the intensity of how tight her mouth gripped him.

She hesitated when she felt him deep in her mouth, it was now or never. She pushed quickly and felt him slide into her throat. She felt triumphant in the fact she did not gag, and continued to press further until his hairs tickled her nose. As she started to pull back, his grip tightened and he pushed her mouth completely on his cock.

He enjoyed her slow steady progress down his cock, her mouth tightly wrapped around him; hot and wet, just as he imagined her pussy will be for him. He thought about her pussy, how warm and welcoming it would be. How inviting she would be for him, her silky walls closing in around him. He knew he’d relish the feel of being rooted to the hilt. He growled again as he imagined her hips arching up to meet his, taking all of him inside her. He brought his other hand to the back of her head and pushed her mouth the last of the way on his cock. He held her head tight, not letting her push back. He felt her stiffen, knowing that she couldn’t breath. He waited for her to relax before using her hair to pull her back. He pulled her half way back on his shaft and thrust his hips forward while pushing her head back down. Again he held her head tight against his groin, feeling his cock slide into her throat. Her muscles gripped him tight as she swallowed him. He heard her whimper from the force of his thrust, and admired the fact that she did not resist him. He pulled her back again, felt her gasp for air, and quickly impaled her mouth with his throbbing member. He increased the rhythm of his hands and hips, effectively fucking her face, and like a good slut- his good slut, she eagerly sucked and milked his cock.

“Look at me pet.” he said gently. “Look in my eyes to see how much I enjoy fucking your mouth.”

She looked up at him, and saw his eyes dark and full of lust. She moaned as he shoved his cock in her throat. Her eyes glazed with hunger for him. She relaxed in his grip and gave her mouth over to him. Tears fell from her eyes as he thrust his cock in and out of her eager waiting lips. She held her fingers tight behind her back, fighting the urge to wrap her arms around him and hold him tight. She wanted to devour him, ached to have his seed fill her mouth. She groaned at the thought of tasting him, surprised at the sudden heat that surfaced between her legs. She couldn’t possibly be ready to cum again, not after what he’d just given her.

He watched her eyes glaze, noticed the slight change in her demeanor as she gave herself to his pleasure. He took in the shifting of her weight as she spread her knees further apart. He knew she was wet again. He saw her transform from the reserved woman to the wanton slut who wanted only to be used for his pleasure. The woman who now knew her pleasure was derived through his. He growled fiercely with his new found knowledge and drove his cock deep, fast, and hard into her mouth. He watched her struggle to keep up with his pounding, watched the tears stream down her cheeks, and watched her face take on a look of pleasure as she serviced him.

He slowed his pace to allow her a moment to catch her breath, reaching down to wipe her tears and smile down at her. He fucked her mouth with long slow strokes; allowed her mouth the time to make love to his cock. He rewarded her efforts with long deep moans, his hands roamed over her head and through her hair. He piled her silky mane atop her head, grasped it in one hand, and slowly guided her head to his rhythm once more.

He increased his thrusts as he felt the pressure begin to build within. His cock swelled, and he heard her growl ferociously. He felt her mouth close tight around him as he thrust harder. He knew she was waiting for his reward- his gift to her. He intended to give her his seed. He withdrew his cock from her lips and heard a popping noise as he pulled free.

He looked down to her hurt and questioning eyes, and smiled.

“Open your lips, pet. Open and taste my gift to you.” he crooned.

Obediently, she formed an “O” with her puffy lips, and looked up at him expectantly. He pushed his only his cockhead into her mouth, and rocked his hips back and forth. Her lips sealed around him. He groaned as he felt his balls tighten.

“Open wide pet-.NOW!” He roared.

She opened her mouth and extended her tongue for him. He needed to watch her take his cum, taste it on her tongue, lick it from her lips, feel it sear her skin. His hand gripped her hair, while his other hand grabbed his shaft. He held her still as his cum streamed from his cock. He saw her smile as he fed her the first jets. He watched her blink, and heard her moan with desire, as stream after stream tattooed her face. He marked her face, her hair, her lips, and her tongue with his seed. He placed the head of his cock on her tongue as his hand milked the last of his cum, and watched it pool in her mouth. He let go of his shaft and watched it continue to spasm and pulse. She closed her lips around him and gently sucked, milking him dry. He shuddered as her tongue gently cleansed him, before pulling back. He stood silent for a moment and looked at his cum drip down her face. He took his fingers, scooped up what he could, and offered his fingers to her mouth. She hungrily sucked his cum off of each finger, and then sucked on his fingers together; her tongue swirled and cleaned his cum from them.

“MMM, very good pet. You have pleased me, and pleased me well.” He whispered down to her. He let go of her hair, and pulled her to her feet.

He massaged her shoulders muscles he knew would be cramped, “Release your hands pet, and slowly give them to me.”

Slowly she moved her hands forward, surprised at the ache when she attempted to move. She groaned as she introduced movement again. His hands massaged down each arm, inducing blood flow. She sighed heavily, and looked into his eyes.

“Thank you Sir.” she whispered. “Thank you.”

“Thank you pet.” he smiled back, and kissed the tip of her nose. “Come with me.”

He led her to the dresser. She looked at her reflection. He stood directly behind her. Gone was the perfectly done hair. Gone was the carefully applied makeup. Immediately her hands flew to cover her face. Gently, he pulled her hands away.

“Sir, please, I look horrid. Please let me straighten up.” she pleaded, turning her face away from their reflection.

“No pet. Stop.” he replied as he turned her face back toward the mirror. “Look at your beauty pet. Look at my seed in your hair, and on your face. Look at the woman I see. I see the woman who gave herself to me. I see the woman who pleased me beyond what I’d hoped for. I see the woman you wanted and needed to be. I see nothing but the beauty that is you.”

He saw her eyes well with tears; watched her mouth the words “thank you” in the mirror. He locked his arm under her breasts, and he pulled her tight against him. He was still hard, and he wanted her to know that. He thrust a hand between her thighs, and smiled when he found her wet. He rubbed along her slit to tease. He saw her lips part as her head fell back against his chest.

“Seems like we have some unfinished business pet…let’s go get clean.”

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