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Slips a New Sensation

Category: Fetish
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My girlfriend now loves wearing silky slips and other types of silk or satin lingerie. Some time ago I bought her a beautiful black silk full slip as a first anniversary present. She never wore slips before thinking that they were just another bother when getting dressed and she felt that they were old fashioned.

The first time she put it on we were getting ready to go out for a special evening. She drew it over her head and then down and was trying to place it so there were no wrinkles and to make sure that it fitted her beautiful form. She asked me to help her with this and it was then that we both realized how sensual a slip was, not only for the observer, but the wearer as well. As I smoothed the back over her behind the effect was electric as I could feel the silk slide so sensuously over her silk panties. It excited me so much that I kept doing it and then I saw in the mirror that she was doing the same smoothing motion, but over her breasts. She was wearing a black under-wire bra with silk cups. She loved the sensation of the two silks sliding over each other. I continued to caress her behind through the two layers of silky material as I watched her caressing her silk clad breasts in the mirror. I looked over her shoulders and I saw that her caressing hands dallied around her nipples. Her nipples became larger and longer as she gently pulled on them and messaged them between her thumbs and forefingers through the two layers of silky fabric. I also watched her in the mirror as she watched herself and me watching her.

I was nude as I had just dried off from my shower. I put my arms around her and started to caress her stomach very slowly with my finger tips. I also loved the feel of that silk sliding over her skin. I could feel the outline of her black silk panties as my fingers went down below the waist band. My fingers traced the outline of her panties down to her bushy mound. My fingers found the lower tip of her mound and gently rubbed that magic spot tenderly. She moaned slightly and moved her legs a bit wider for better access. At first I used her silky slip sliding over her panties, but then I pulled the slip up for better access to her Delta of Venus. Her panties were already very wet from my caressing.

At the same time I slid my hot stiff member between the silky slip and her silky panties. The base of my throbbing member rested in the upper crack of her wonderfully round ass (just like a groove tube) and her slip slid over the hot bulging head, giving me a wonderful sensation. We moved to and fro as we watched ourselves in the mirror; her caressing her breasts; and me fingering her panty clad pussy. The feel of her slip running over the head of my swollen member was so intense and unexpected that I soon came in gushes of hot steamy cream, soaking the back of her silky slip and the back of her silky panties as well. I kept fingering her until she came with great gasps and shudders, and soaked the crotch of her silk panties through and through.

She gasped that that was one of the easiest cums that we had experienced. I asked her if she wanted to continue and she agreed. I placed my towel on the edge of the bed and had her sit down. I got on my knees and pushed the black silk slip up and pulled her cum soaked panties down and off. I then started to caress her sopping pussy with my finger tips then sliding one then two inside of her waiting love hole. She moaned and asked me to eat her. I certainly didn’t need much encouragement as I took one then the other of her nether lips into my mouth for a good sucking. Then I licked her hard juicy clit as she writhed and moaned. With the other hand I caressed her tits pulling hard and twisting her nipples through her silky slip and bra. It didn’t take long as I finger fucked her and clit sucked her to another orgasm.

I climbed on top of her and settled my cock between her tits and squeezed them together and tit fucked her until I came again. This time I soaked her bra and slip with my creamy cum. That had been one of our best sexual experiences up to then.

After that, we always played that game or many derivatives of her dressing or undressing with that slip or several others that I or she bought for her. She knows that she can get and hold my attention just by wearing or even just talking about or showing me her slips. We invented many little games that we played together, all centred on full or half slips with matching camisoles or other silky lingerie, but especially white silky lingerie.

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ปั้มไลค์ wrote

Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Martin Dodds wrote

A beautifully sensuous silky story. Nice to see it is all gentle and smooth loving