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It Started at a Garage Sale

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Her pants and panties were down to her knees and Judy felt Frank pry her buttocks apart and then lick her nether hole getting it very wet. He then blew on her wet asshole and Judy felt the slight chill caused by his blowing on her wet anus. Christa kissed Judy deep as she ran her hands up between their bodies and cupped Judy’s small firm tits. Judy followed Christa’s lead and she reached up and fondled Christa’s ample firm breasts. Judy then felt something in her ass and she realized that Frank was lubricating her anus.

Judy and Christa kissed and fondled each other as Frank prepared Judy’s ass for his cock. Judy then felt Frank as he stood up behind her and as he did, Christa broke their embrace and dropped to her knees in front of Judy.

Christa pulled Judy’s pants and panties all the way down her legs and Judy lifted one leg at a time so that Christa could remove them. Christa shed her robe and knelt naked in front of Judy. Then Christa parted Judy’s legs and stroked her pussy. Judy was soaking wet and she felt Christa’s fingers enter her vagina. Judy groaned and then shivered as her body felt tingles run through it when Christa moved her mouth to Judy’s pussy. Judy placed her hands on Christa’s shoulders to balance herself as Christa began her magic on Judy’s cunt.

“Lean over just a little bit more,” Frank whispered.

Judy felt Frank push her gently so that she had to lean forward over Christa and then she felt Frank’s cock slide into her lubricated asshole. It had been several days since Judy had anything in her ass and Frank felt larger than she remembered. The fit was tight but not painful and Frank was gentle as he slowly fed her his cock. Her hands moved down to Christa’s back as she was bent over further. Christa had her mouth fastened on Judy’s pussy as Frank drilled her ass from behind. Judy was going wild with desire and she felt her orgasm building in her loins. Judy squealed out loud as her orgasm rocked her body and she drenched Christa’s face.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Judy moaned as she orgasmed.

All the while Frank continued to slowly fuck her ass and caress her lovely buttocks. He continued to compliment Judy on her beautiful ass and he told her how good she looked with his cock sliding in and out of it. Judy had a massive orgasm and her entire body shook with the intensity of it. Christa then moved away from Judy and she lay on her back on the floor. Christa them beckoned Judy to come to her as she spread her legs baring her pretty blonde pussy. As if in a trance, Judy descended between Christa’s legs.

Judy’s mouth covered Christa’s pussy much to the delight of Christa and Frank. Judy felt her body positioned so that Frank could continue to fuck her in the ass while she ate Christa’s pussy. Frank’s cock was moving smoothly now gliding in and out of Judy’s shapely ass. As much as he tried to hold off cumming it was all too much for him and he ejaculated in Judy’s rectum. Judy felt the surge of semen flood her ass and it reminded her of how good it had felt the first time. Judy liked the feeling of the warm liquid coating her anal passage. Frank left his cock in Judy’s ass and she massaged it with her sphincter muscles keeping Frank hard.

Christa was the next to cum and she threw her pelvis up into Judy’s face as she reached up with both hands and held Judy securely. Judy’s head was locked to Christa’s cunt and she opened her mouth to receive Christa’s love juices. Christa came so hard that she actually squirted this time and Judy drank down every drop. Christa held Judy’s head tightly until she had reached her climax and then she released Judy as she fell backward on the floor.

Judy licked her lips and looked at Frank’s daughter in all of her blonde beauty on the floor. Frank eased his cock from Judy’s ass and the three of the cuddled together resting briefly before the next round of sex. In just two months Judy had become addicted the anal sex and she could not get enough of this father and his daughter. It had all started with Frank’s garage sale.


Frank Wilson was having a garage sale at his home. Frank was widowed but at the age of 71 he was still in great shape. He stood at 6’1″ and weighed a fit 170 pounds. He worked out every day that he wasn’t golfing including a six mile walk before his hour and a half gym session. Frank’s daughter a 36 year old blonde beauty was assisting with the garage sale. Christa too was fitness nut and she turned many a head at the gym with her 35-28-36 figure. She was 5’6″ tall and weighed a trim 125 pounds. Christa was often hit on by guys but she was committed to being single and her gay life style.

Frank noticed Judy and her mother arrive at the garage sale and right away he spotted Judy’s shapely ass. She was wearing tight red pants that hugged her curvy bottom. He assessed Judy to be about 5’7″ and 120 pounds. She had small breasts and a flat belly and a killer ass. Frank noticed that she was not wearing a wedding ring and he was pleased. He had always been a leg and ass man who loved anal sex. Frank was well traveled internationally and he had many a memorable anal encounter in his travels. Christa also noticed Judy and thought she was cute and wondered if Judy was into girls at all.

Judy looked at the items that were for sale and several times she caught Frank staring at her. Judy ignored him but she was getting annoyed with her mother who was openly flirting with Frank. Something then caught Judy’s eye and it was beautiful sliver set. It was priced at $100 but was easily worth closer to $500. Judy decided to test the water to see if she could get it for less. As she looked up she saw that Frank was standing right next to her.

“I can see that you like that,” Frank said.

“It’s beautiful. Would you be willing to accept $50 for it,” Judy asked expecting to hear a firm no.

Franks was savvy to the garage sale bargain hunters but he didn’t really need the money from the sale. In fact he was giving the proceeds to his daughter and what didn’t sell would be picked up by a charitable organization.

“I’ll tell you what. You can have it for free if you let me rub your super fine ass,” Frank whispered.

Judy was shocked and annoyed; the nerve of this man old enough to be her father to come onto her. “I think not.” She said and moved away from him.

“Think about it, it’s worth close to a $1000,” Frank told her.

Judy walked away and looked at some other items but she could feel Frank’s eyes on her ass. She really wanted the silver set and she could have it for free if she just let the dirty old man play with her ass a little. Frank had definitely got inside her head. What if she did let him cop a feel? Who would know? She decided it was worth the slight embarrassment to get the silver set.

She walked over to Frank and whispered, “Okay I’ll take it for free.”

Frank smiled and guided Judy into the house. Christa smiled at her father as she knew something was up. Frank closed the door and as soon as they were inside he grabbed Judy’s buttocks.

“Please be quick,” Judy pleaded.

“Just relax and enjoy this,” Frank whispered as he reached down and fondled her ass through her pants.

Frank then dropped down to his knees and slowly peeled her red pants and panties down off her buttocks. He pulled them down to just below the cheeks of her ass. Then he just stared at her lovely ass for what seemed like minutes.

“Beautiful!” he whispered.

Then he began to rub her ass gently with his hands. Judy stood still with her hands clenched and her eyes closed as Frank caressed her bottom. He continued to compliment her on her beautiful ass as he fondled it. Judy struggled with what to do. She should stop him but then again she wanted the silver. Judy gasped out loud when she felt Frank’s lips touch her buttocks. He planted loving tender kisses all over her ass. Then he ran his tongue in the crack of her bottom and tickled her tail bone.

Judy’s pussy was still covered by her pants as only her buttocks had been uncovered. Frank continued with his kissing, tonguing and fondling of her ass but he did not touch her anus. Judy felt a mild orgasm come on just from the incredible feeling in her sensitive ass. Then Frank stopped and pulled her panties and pants back up covering her buttocks.

“That’s enough for today,” he said as he stood up and added, “The silver is yours.”

Judy was stunned and confused. In a way she was glad he stopped but she also felt a void. But what did she want him to do? No one had ever done that to her before and she actually was turned on by the attention to her ass.

“Come back and see me if you would like to continue this. You have a beautiful ass and I could spend hours making love to it,” Frank offered. A red faced Judy went back into the garage and spotted her mother who asked where she had gone.

“I needed to use the bathroom,” Judy lied. She then gathered up the silver set and told her mother that she was ready to leave. Judy and her mother left the garage sale

Christa asked her dad what happened and he told her about the brief anal encounter. “She’ll be back,” he said.

Judy would not be the same after that day. Every time she would look at the silver set from then on, she would think of Frank making love to her ass. Judy could not shake the new found desire and her curiosity would soon get the best of her. She knew that eventually she would return to Frank’s home.


Judy had been married for a short time but it didn’t work out and she divorced. She dated other guys and many were good lovers but not a one on them ever pushed for anal sex. They would hold her buttocks while they ate her pussy or caress them when they fucked her doggy style. However no one ever attempted to penetrate her ass with a finger or cock. Judy decided to do some research on anal sex to satisfy her curiosity. In the back of her mind she somehow knew that she would see Frank again.

In her investigation she learned that it was important to keep her anus clean, that she should douche before anal sex. She also learned that she should be well lubricated and to gradually stretch her sphincter. Judy began to experiment at home. She would douche her ass and then lubed it with her fingers. She began with one finger and then added a second. Eventually she used her vibrator and after several times she was able to handle it. She loved the tingling sensation in her ass as she rubbed her clit and she had many marvelous orgasms.

On several dates Judy subtly let her lover know that her ass was for the taking. However in spite of all the hints, he did not take the bait and Judy was left frustrated. She was dying to have someone make love to her bottom and she sensed it would have to be Frank. He was the one who stirred her hidden feelings to begin with.

Ready to take the next step, Judy made arrangements to visit Frank at his home. Two weeks later she was at his front door. Judy had worn a summer dress that was cut about 8″ above her knees and showed off her shapely tanned legs.

“It’s good to see you,” Frank told her and invited her in, “Let’s have a glass of wine and get caught up.”

Frank poured a wine for them and they sat in his family room chatting. She was at a loss as to why she was ready to let this man in his 70’s have his way with her. Judy was nervous but she was also anxious to get started. After all that’s why she was there. Unbeknown to Judy, Frank was prepared for her as he had taken a double dose of his EDS pills. His cock was already stirring at the thought of fucking her sweet ass. They didn’t finish the wine but Frank stood up, offered her his hand and led her to his bedroom.

Frank led her over to the bed and hiked her dress up around her waist. He maneuvered her onto the bed and whispered in her ear that he was going to play with her ass. He then removed Judy’s panties pulling them off her buttocks slowly as if he were unveiling an art masterpiece. He placed a pillow in front of Judy so that she could place her head on it and as she did she pushed her ass up and arched her back. Judy was now eager to be pleasured.

Before Frank began he stood behind Judy and took in her marvelous ass, so round, so shapely and so beautiful. Then as Frank knelt on the bed he noticed Judy’s face aglow and her eyes wide in anticipation. Frank then began to explore her ass as he began to caress it, massage it and rub her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart slightly and revealed her sweet tight aperture. Then he ran a finger over her sensitive little bud and watched it quiver when he touched it. Frank then lowered his head and planted soft tender kisses all over her buttocks. Judy cooed aloud when she felt his lips on her backside.

Frank placed both hands on her ass and began to massage her buttocks again. Judy felt the tender but firm deep massage of his fingertips. Frank would push her ass cheeks together and then pull them apart to expose her sweet asshole each time. When he exposed her anus, Judy could feel the cool air on her rosebud. Frank again lowered his mouth to one of her buttocks and pressed his lips against it. Then he blew a steady breath onto Judy’s anus and watched as goose bumps covered her skin.

He took his time planting well placed kisses on her buttocks and then began a slow torturous journey toward the crack of her ass. Judy smelt so nice and so fresh that Frank realized she had prepared herself for that moment. Judy had douched both her pussy and asshole before she left home that day. Frank’s lips then came into contact with the crack in her ass and trailed a line of kisses down to her anus. Judy’s body tensed as she was nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time.

Frank gently pried her cheeks apart wider exposing her nether hole even more. Then he lowered his lips to her anus and gently kissed it and caressed it with his lips. He repeated this act several times and Judy moaned aloud as her ass was pampered for the first time. Frank then moved lower and kissed the sensitive spot between her asshole and her pussy and Judy groaned again. He then extended his tongue and lightly licked the sensitive area as he continued the journey toward her pussy. Judy flinched at the first contact with her pussy as she was unprepared for that. Frank then began to lick a line from her pussy back to her asshole and then he flicked his tongue across her nether hole. Judy’s body gave in to the incredible erotic sensations and craved more attention.

Frank took his time and spent many minutes repeating the actions that seemed to turn Judy on. His hands continued to massage her fabulous globes while his lips and tongue explored her asshole. Both Frank and Judy learned how much she like to be kissed, licked and gently nibbled. Her body would twitch and flinch at the long strokes from his tongue and her buttocks would tighten when his tongue probed her anus.

Judy lay on the bed and she could feel her heart racing and her chest pounding. Frank then leaned over and whispered to her again and told her how beautiful she looked with her ass pushed up high in the air. Then he began to explore her with his fingers. He placed his index finger on her tailbone and slid it down ever so slowly toward her puckered asshole. He probed gently with the tip of his finger and it fit perfectly in the entrance of her tight hole.

Judy tensed up at first and tightened her ass but then she relaxed when she realized that he was going to be gentle. Frank pressed his finger in gently applying a little pressure as his finger entered the outer edge of her anus entering it just ever so slightly. Then he probed a little deeper and wiggled inside Judy’s ass. He then removed his finger and Judy felt its absence. Then she felt a cool substance on her anus and she realized that Frank had applied some sort of lubricant to her ass.

Judy felt Frank kiss her ass cheeks again and then his finger returned to her asshole and spread the lubricant around the entrance. Judy felt her asshole pucker up as it received the tip of Frank’s finger and she wondered how it would feel when he finally put it in her. Her body ached with desire and she realized that she wanted more. She wanted to be touched, penetrated, and filled up and to be explored in her forbidden area. Frank’s finger slid in deeper and Judy instinctively clamped her asshole around his finger. Frank held still in her and waited for her to relax before probing deeper.

Frank then wiggled his finger back and forth and let it slide out slowly to the first knuckle. Judy felt his finger slide out and she instinctively clamped her ass around it again, this time to hold it in place. Frank could feel her anal muscles clench his finger as if she were milking it and nursing it. Frank knew the battle that was going on within her body. The sphincter was designed to push things out not pull them in. Each time Judy relaxed her asshole, Frank pushed his finger in deeper until she clamped around it again. This process continued until he entire finger was buried in Judy’s ass.

With his other hand Frank continued to pay attention to the rest of her ass. His hand wandered all over her shapely buttocks massaging and caressing her soft skin. At the same time he continued to slide his finger in and out of Judy’s asshole and he enjoyed watching her anal muscles grip his finger each time. Judy’s breathing had become labored and she began to rotate her ass in tiny circles as if to get the finger in deeper. Frank was in no rush as this is exactly what he had planned. He wanted Judy to enjoy every moment of the anal sensations. He wanted to work Judy into a state that she would beg him to fuck her ass or her pussy or both. For now though he was content to worship and devour her hot luscious ass.

Frank then lowered his face to her ass and licked her as he probed her with his finger. He took his other hand and reached under her to find her pussy and her clit. As soon as Frank made contact with Judy’s hot wet pussy her body trembled as a wave of pleasure passed through her. Frank was very skilled at finding a woman’s g-spot and he located Judy’s instantly. Between one finger rubbing her g-spot, another diddling her clit and a third finger in her ass, Judy groaned loudly and her body shook with desire. She knew that she was close to her first orgasm.

Frank’s two fingers in her pussy matched the rhythm of the finger in her ass Judy could feel all the fingers in her separated only by a thin membrane inside her. Frank pumped his fingers in and out and Judy went wild. Frank could feel her body giving itself over to him. It was his now to do as he wished. Her pussy was dripping wet, her ass clamped tight around his finger and her hips pushed back at him but Frank did not want her to explode just yet.

Frank suddenly removed his fingers from her holes leaving her empty. Judy screamed for him put them back in her, to fill her up again. Her eyes were wide open and she had a wanton look on her face. Her body was begging to be fucked but Frank was in no hurry. He enjoyed this moment and he savored her dilemma. Frank loved doing this to a woman, teasing her and prolonging her climax. He wanted Judy’s anticipation to last as long as possible.

Frank then lowered his lips down to her hot ass and planted kisses all over it again. He massaged the smooth white flesh of her ass as he kissed it and Judy cooed. She longed for his fingers to be back in her. Frank moved his mouth directly over her anus and blew on her nether hole. Judy thrust her ass back into Frank’s face as if to impale her ass on his tongue. Frank needed no further encouragement and his hands spread her ass open wide so he could probe her asshole. Frank stiffened his tongue like a tiny dick and probed Judy’s asshole. He poked his tongue in and out of her ass then he covered her ass completely with his mouth and sucked hard on it. Frank began to lick, nibble and tickle the sensitive rosebud and Judy cried out in passion.

“Are you ready to cum, Judy? Do you want me to make you cum?” Frank teased her.

“Oh God yes, please make me cum, let me cum,” Judy screamed back.

It was the first words they had spoken in over an hour. Frank then reached under her again and located her clit. Judy’s pussy was sopping wet and Frank knew she was very close to a climax. He played with her puffy pussy lips as she diddled her clit and then he pushed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her pussy. Frank then pulled his mouth off her ass and pushed two fingers from his other hand into Judy’s snug asshole. Judy gasped and swallowed hard at the new invasion in her ass but her state of desire and the lubrication facilitated the extra digit.

Frank now had three fingers in her pussy and two in her ass as he picked up the rhythm. The thrusts became deep and hard as he relished with the delight of devouring her ass and pussy with his fingers. Judy responded by pushing her ass back against his hands as she fucked back at them. The furthest thing from her mind at that moment was Frank’s age.

“That’s it Judy, fuck back, fuck my fingers in your holes,” Frank called out to her.

Frank finger fucked her two holes with both hands as Judy pushed back against him. He could feel the small patch of skin separating the three fingers in her pussy from the two in her asshole. Frank was getting carried away and he began to furiously fuck her lovely hungry body with his fingers. Then it happened and Judy exploded. She clamped down on the fingers in her body and her pussy spasmed as a massive orgasm rocked her. Judy screamed out loud with her mind blowing climax. Frank pulled his fingers from her asshole and replaced them with his mouth.

He could feel the hot moisture in Judy’s pussy as it coated his fingers. Frank continued to lick her quivering asshole as her first orgasm subsided but then another orgasm rocked Judy’s body. This one seemed even more intense than the first and it caught them both by surprise. Frank kept his mouth on Judy’s ass until the second orgasm had passed and she seemed to recover. With one last kiss on her cute little rosebud, Frank lifted himself up and looked at the beautiful Judy. She had her head turned to one side on the pillow with a look of pure lust and gratitude in her eyes.

Frank then stood up and removed all his clothes and for the first time Judy saw his cock. Although he was big he was not a freak but even so Judy was intimidated by the size. Frank moved around the bed and removed Judy’s clothes so that she was completely naked now. He gently squeezed her small tits and tweaked her hard erect nipples as he complimented her on her figure. Frank had Judy remain in the same position on the bed and then he caressed her curvy ass again.

“I want to fuck you in the ass Judy. Do you want me to fuck your hot ass? I can see that your ass is asking to be fucked.”

“Frank, I’m not sure, it’s not right,” Judy said nervously but she knew she had come this far and Frank would not take no for an answer.

“I don’t know if I really want to do this Frank but if you must then please use plenty of lubricant,” Judy said timidly.

Frank poured more lubricant on her ass and worked it into her asshole. Judy arched her back and pointed her beautiful ass back at him. He coated her asshole with a generous amount of oil and slid his thick finger back in her hole. He took his time preparing her ass relishing every moment. He then coated his entire cock with the oil and placed the head at the entrance to her anus. Frank pushed forward and the thick cock head squeezed into Judy’s tight asshole.

Judy winched in pain as her asshole was stretched wider than it ever and she gasped, “Go slow let me get used to it.”

Frank withdrew his cock head and then pushed it back in this time causing more pleasure than pain. He pushed until a couple of inches were in her ass. Judy found herself holding her breath and her body were covered in goose bumps. Frank was so thick that her asshole stretched to new dimensions and held his cock in a vice like grip. Frank slowly slid his dick in and out of her each time going a little deeper. Judy pushed back as if she were trying to poop as she knew that would make the penetration easier. Judy’s brief pain had subsided and it was replaced with a feeling of fullness.

Judy relaxed a little and then felt more of Frank’s cock slide into her asshole. She grunted out loud as she felt fuller and then a wave of pleasure passed through her body. She was convinced that Frank had his whole cock in her now but really he only had about half of his big dick in her. She felt so full so had no idea that he had about another four inches before he was done. Frank kept adding more and more of his cock to her ass. There was discomfort then fullness and then pleasure each time he went deeper. Judy would tense, relax and then enjoy it. This pattern continued until Frank had his whole cock buried in Judy’s ass.

Frank reached around and played with her clit as he pounded her ass. Her pussy and asshole were on fire as the big cock reached previously untouched areas in her body. Judy was on the brink of another huge orgasm as Frank methodically fucked her in her tight anus with his sizeable cock. He loved watching his cock slide out of Judy’s shapely ass and then plunge back in as his hips slapped against her curvy ass cheeks causing them to jiggle with each thrust. Her orgasm surged within her as he fucked her ass harder and faster.

As Judy came and came her entire body went into spasm. Her pussy convulsed and clamped around Frank’s fingers coating them with her cunt juice. Judy’s asshole pulsated as Frank drove his big cock in and out of it. Her ass involuntarily squeezed and released his huge member as he fucked it causing him to finally lose it. Frank slid his pecker deep into Judy’s rectum as his cock spasmed and sent a thick stream of hot cum into her channel. Frank kept fucking her as he came in her ass. His cock kept twitching inside the impaled Judy.

Judy had never felt so full as cum was blocked by Frank’s swollen cock buried in her ass. He slowed his pace and eventually stopped allowing his cock to remain buried in Judy’s ass. He did not go soft right away and he gently moved his hips pushing cum around in her ass. Some of it managed to trickle out and ran down over her pussy lips.

Judy could not take any more fucking and she pleaded, “Please no more, I can’t take any more Frank, please stop.”

Reluctantly Frank stopped and slowly withdrew his cock from her loosened asshole. He marveled in the sight of his impressive cock sliding out of Judy’s shapely ass. His man seed oozed from her asshole and trickled down over her pussy and between her sweet thighs. Frank and Judy stayed in the same position for a while and he massaged her beautiful ass as she remained on her knees with her ass perched in the air. Frank pushed down lightly on Judy’s back causing her to accentuate her ass even more. He loved looking at it and playing with it as she cooed into the pillow. Frank’s cock remained hard and looked menacing around Judy’s asshole. It was hard to believe that he fucked her beautiful tight ass. Judy looked magnificent with her just fucked curvy ass in the air. Frank could not resist sticking one of his fingers in her asshole and she just wiggled her bum instinctively.

Judy looked at the clock and saw that they had been at it for over four hours. No wonder her muscles were aching and she was exhausted. As Frank closed his eyes and relaxed Judy thought about the final act of giving up her ass to this man old enough to be her father. Why couldn’t she just refuse him? Why did he have this new unexplained control over her? Would he tell anyone else that he had fucked her in the ass? Why did she let this happen but then, wasn’t she glad that it did?

Judy showered in Frank’s bathroom, dressed and left for home. She was embarrassed but sexually sated like never before. She left without speaking but Frank knew that she would be back again.


Judy summoned up enough nerve to go to back to Frank’s house. Under the pretense being in the neighborhood she arrived at Frank’s home at about 10:00 AM. Judy rang the doorbell and stood nervously at the door waiting for it to open. She had stood there for a few minutes and she was just about to change her mind and walk away when the door opened. Judy was all set to greet Frank when Christa opened the door. Christa looked like she just got up and she was wearing a short terry cloth robe. The robe was cut just below her pubic area and showed off Christa’s shapely legs. Judy was sure that Christa was naked under the robe.

“Hi, can I help you?” Christa asked in a polite voice.

“Oh, I’m Judy. I was just in the area and I thought I would stop by and tell Frank how much I enjoy the silver set,” Judy lied and then apologized, “I’m sorry to have bothered you.”

“Oh it’s okay. Frank’s not here today. In fact he will be gone all week. He’s out of town on a golf junket. He asked me to house sit for him,” Christa explained.

“Oh, well tell him I enjoy the silver,” Judy said and then turned to leave.

“Wait, you’re Judy from the garage sale. I remember now. Hey, I just made a fresh pot of coffee. Why don’t you join me for a cup,” Christa offered.

“That’s okay; I don’t want to bother you. Thanks anyway,” Judy replied.

“Don’t be silly it’s no bother and I would love some company. Come on in,” Christa insisted as she held the front door wide open for Judy.

“Well coffee does sound good, thanks” Judy accepted and entered the house.

Judy walked behind Christa and followed her into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but look at Christa’s shapely legs and curvy figure. Judy watched closely as Christa’s buttocks undulated beneath her robe. Judy found herself wondering what Christa looked like naked. In spite of the fact that Christa had just gotten out of bed, she looked beautiful.

Christa poured the coffees and then suggested that they sit in the family room. Christa sat in a chair facing Judy and curled her legs up under her as she sat down. Judy subconsciously looked at Christa’s pubes almost as if she was trying to get a glimpse of Christa’s pussy. Christa caught Judy’s eyes and smiled at her as if she knew. Judy blushed and mentally scolded herself for checking Christa out.

The two women chatted easily and got to know each other over several cups of coffee. Judy found that she liked Christa and that she was very sweet in addition to being a blonde bombshell. Judy learned that Christa was single, unemployed and gay. Judy’s encounter with Frank was never mentioned in their conversation. So either Frank never said anything or Christa didn’t let on if she knew. In either case Judy was pleased that the topic never came up. They finished the pot of coffee and Judy prepared to leave.

“Thanks for the coffee Christa and I really enjoyed talking with you. I should get going now,” Judy said as she stood up to leave.

“Judy, I was just going to sit in the hot tub. Would you like to join me?” Christa asked.

“Normally I love hot tubs but I don’t have a swimsuit with me,” Judy replied.

“I never wear a swimsuit in the hot tub. It is totally private out back and the hot tub is in the three season room. Come on it’s just us girls,” Christa encouraged.

Judy found herself intrigued by Christa and she was anxious to see the pretty blonde naked. “Okay but just for a short while,” Judy accepted.

Judy shed her clothes and Christa dropped her robe. As Judy suspected Christa was naked under it. They walked into the three season room and the two of them removed the cover. Christa then slid sexily into the bubbly water and leaned her head back on the side of the tub. Judy entered the tub and sat across from Christa. They both sat with their heads back and their eyes closed as the jets caressed their bodies. Judy moved and as she did one jet propelled the water into the crack in her ass. At first she was startled by the surge but then she relaxed and let the water run over her anus. Judy liked the feeling of the warm water caressing her nether hole. She found the right distance from the jet and then she tilted her head back and closed her eyes again.

The two young women sat quietly in the hot tub and let the water soothe their bodies as the jets spurted water over their intimate areas. Judy was getting turned on by the jet hitting her anus and she felt a mild orgasm pass through her body. Judy opened her eyes and looked over at the beautiful Christa who had her head back and her eyes closed. Judy found herself wondering what it would be like to make love to a woman, not just any woman as she was thinking about Christa.

Just then the jets turned off and the water came to a rest. Now both naked bodies were visible again and Judy stared at Christa’s beauty. Christa gracefully eased her body out of the hot tub and Judy watched intently when Christa walked over to get some towels. Christa’s ass was magnificent and Judy took in every sexy movement of the rolling hillocks. Christa retrieved a couple of towels and then gave one to Judy as she exited the hot tub.

“I’m going to make us a light lunch and then we can get more acquainted. Are you cool with that?” Christa asked hopefully.

“Sure that sounds great,” Judy accepted and then moved to put on her clothes.

“Oh leave those there. I’ll get you a robe. Here put this one on and I’ll get another,” Christa offered.

Judy accepted the short terry robe from Christa and put it on. The soft terry material felt great against her naked skin and Judy felt very sexy. Christa walked naked into the house with Judy right behind her and once again Judy’s eyes focused on Christa’s ass. Christa walked down the hallway to a bedroom and returned shortly wearing a similar terry robe. Christa made them a salad for lunch and opened a bottle of white wine. They dined in the sun room and finished off a glass of wine. Then they tidied up after lunch and they took a second glass of wine back to the sun room.

Christa and Judy moved the lounges around so that they were facing the sun and took off their robes to sunbathe in the nude. Judy had become comfortable with her nakedness by now and she stretched out in the lounge. She took a sip of wine and then put her head back and closed her eyes. She was turned by being naked with Christa and she again thought about what it might be like to make love to Christa. Judy wondered what she would do with Christa but then she suspected that since Christa was gay she knew what to do. Just then she felt something warm on her breasts and she opened her eyes. Christa was propped up on her side with a bottle of suntan lotion in her hand.

“You don’t want to get these babies sunburned,” Christa said as she poured the lotion onto Judy’s tits.

“I can do that,” Judy stammered.

“But it’s more fun if someone else does it. Isn’t it?” Christa whispered.

Judy just shook her head yes as she was lost for words. She just lay there as Christa rubbed the lotion over her white tan lines. Judy’s nipples hardened immediately and she clenched her fists tight as Christa massaged the lotion into her skin and covered her breasts. Judy was so turned on that she wanted to plunge her hand into her pussy and rub her clit. Judy lay there excited and confused. Christa’s hands had felt so good that Judy had not wanted her to stop. Judy’s nipples were on fire and it was all she could do to keep from rubbing her own tits.

“There that will take care of your cute titties, now let’s take care of this,” Christa said as she poured lotion on Judy’s pubes.

Once again Judy clenched her fists tight and this time her loins stirred as Christa rubbed the lotion into the white skin surrounding Judy’s vulva. Christa just smiled as she knew that she had gotten to Judy. Later that afternoon Judy was on her stomach when Christa repeated the action. This time she rubbed Judy’s buttocks and covered them with lotion. It seemed that Christa spent more time than needed on Judy’s ass and Judy subconsciously wiggled her buns in response. Christa then let her fingers drift between Judy’s thighs and work their way up to Judy’s nether hole.

Christa noticed Judy trembled a little and that goose bumps appeared on her body. Christa took that as a sign of encouragement so she had Judy get up on all fours as Christa knelt behind Judy and began to tongue her nether hole. Christa got Judy’s asshole wet with her tongue and then inserted a lotion moistened finger into the opening of her ass. Christa pressed her finger in Judy’s sphincter and let it slide in up to the knuckle causing Judy to flinch and groan. Christa removed her finger and then she spat into Judy’s ass allowing her saliva to moisten her anus further. Then Christa dipped her tongue back into Judy’s bung hole and Judy almost came with the eroticism of the moment. Christa alternated between eating Judy’s ass and finger fucking it. Christa’s fingers now slid easily in and out of Judy’s hot asshole. Judy couldn’t believe that she was letting someone else make love to her ass and this time it was a beautiful young woman.

“Come on let’s take this to bed,” Christa whispered.

Judy just nodded in the affirmative and followed Christa back into her bedroom. Christa knew that Judy was ripe for the picking. They both knew what Judy desired. Christa didn’t wait for Judy to make a move she just took her silence as permission to begin the seduction. Christa embraced Judy holding her close so that their tits mashed together. Judy could feel Christa’s hard nipples pressing into her own and her pussy was on fire. A gasp came from Judy as she was overcome with desire. Moving in closer and pressing her against the wall Christa brushed her lips against Judy’s hungering for a taste of her sweet mouth. Judy gave in and submitted to Christa parting her lips following Christa’s lead. As Christa’s tongue tasted Judy’s mouth for the first time she shuddered with pleasure and delight as she heard Judy moan against her and Judy’s hot breath exhaled into Christa’s waiting mouth.

Judy’s tongue began to explore Christa’s lips, the soft tip running over her and tentatively moving inside her. Christa opened wider, allowing the young woman’s tongue to trace the ridges on the roof of her mouth. Christa felt the place between her legs grow hot, and she softly rubbed herself against the woman in her arms, thrusting her hips and rubbing her pussy against Judy’s leg. Christa’s clit seemed to scream out with frustration, the soft skin of the young woman teasing the flesh around it, but the skin keeping it from getting any friction itself. Christa moaned against Judy’s lips, completely forgetting all her senses except for the arousal flooding her and the feel of Judy’s lips against hers.

Every part of Christa’s body ached for Judy as she held her closer. Christa caressed the flat of Judy’s stomach running the tips of her fingers over her abs. Christa’s fingers grew bolder as she traced the curve of Judy’s waist up to the small curve of her bosom. Christa ran her hand around Judy’s small firm breast and toyed with the semi-erect nipple. Pressing slightly harder Christa teased the nipple, running her thumb around Judy’s aureole. Judy’s tiny nubs grew larger and poked out more obviously as Judy let out a soft moan.

Judy’s eyes were shut with her lips slightly parted and Christa could see her chest heave with each heavy breath she took. Christa ran her fingers around in circles, tracing her curves again, and then she traced down Judy’s body again. Judy moaned softly and thrust her breasts upwards as her legs were slowly inched apart. Judy allowed Christa better access to her body without even being aware of it. Judy’s hips thrust upwards in very slight movements and Christa smiled because she knew that Judy now wanted what she wanted.

Heat seemed to radiate from between Judy’s thighs and Christa could feel the warm air around her as Christa’s hand got closer and closer to the pussy. After what seemed like an eternity of stroking her thigh Christa’s hand got close enough to touch Judy’s little tuft of hair guarding her pussy. With the tip of her first finger Christa traced the shape of Judy’s pussy between her legs and ran her finger up from Judy’s ass to her clit. Judy gasped and thrust towards Christa again, her hips grinding against Christa’s hand.

Christa pushed Judy lightly and lowered the woman to her bed. Stroking her own pussy lightly Christa looked down at Judy’s beautiful body. Judy was writhing in small movements of pleasure, her breasts and hard nipples were standing straight out; her arms were at her sides with clenched fists and her legs squirmed looking for more. Christa at that moment wanted more than anything to hold Judy in her arms, to caress her bare body, to taste her, to stroke her, to fuck her.

Slowly Christa sank to her knees and put Judy’s pussy level with her eyes. Christa licked her lips and reached for Judy’s legs. Judy bucked forward, her hips pushing her fragrant crotch closer to Christa’s face. The sweet scent of Judy’s pussy filled Christa’s nostrils and she licked her lips once again, trying to hold off contact with Judy’s pussy which was now right in front of her face. Christa traced Judy’s thighs with the tips of her fingers along Judy’s silky smooth youthful skin. Judy lifted upwards towards Christa’s face moaning softly as she was as anxious for Christa to taste her as Christa was.

Swiftly but gently Christa kissed Judy’s exposed pussy lips peeking out from underneath her tuft of hair. Judy whimpered softly and thrust upwards again toward Christa’s mouth. Christa moved her mouth away from Judy’s hot body teasing her and letting her eyes take in the beautiful form squirming on the bed before her. Christa smiled to herself as she knew that she had Judy exactly where she had hoped.

The bed moved slightly as Judy squirmed causing the bed covers to shift underneath her hot lithe body. Judy’s hips writhed ever so slightly as she covered her own tits with her hands and she cried softly under her breath. Judy’s eyes opened and her lips parted and she moaned audibly as she made eye contact with Christa. Lowering her head Christa once again turned her attention to Judy’s fragrant quivering pussy.

“Oh, Christa,” Judy moaned.

Christa placed her hands on Judy’s knees and slowly peeled her thighs apart. The slick wetness from Judy’s slit made a slushy noise as her pussy opened in front of Christa’s face. Christa pushed her knees even further apart and licked her lips

“I have wanted this from the first time I saw you at the garage sale Judy,” Christa whispered softly.

Christa eagerly put her mouth against Judy’s pussy allowing her lips to brush against it and causing Judy to moan again. Slowly Christa snaked her tongue out of her mouth and rubbed it against Judy’s hard clit. With the tip of her tongue Christa teased the nub, flicking it softly as she listened to Judy’s cries of pleasure. Carefully Christa moved her tongue down tracing the outline of Judy’s slit, running her tongue along the lips and into the sopping skin between them. Judy’s slick skin seemed to seep even more as Christa lapped at it running her tongue along the length of Judy’s slit and back up again. The taste of Judy was intoxicating and Christa covered her snatch with her whole mouth. Christa opened her mouth wider and pushed her tongue inside Judy’s slit. Christa flicked at the inside of the pussy and darted out again and ran her mouth up towards Judy’s clit again.

Flicking her tongue rapidly Christa brought Judy’s clit to an erection that made her cry out with pleasure. Judy moaned as Christa ran the length of her tongue over the hard nub. Christa moved back and stretched for a moment. Judy’s whimpers filled the room and she strained thrusting towards Christa’s mouth with a yearning desire for more. Judy’s slit shimmered with her juices and Christa leaned forward to lick her some more. Christa wrapped her lips around Judy’s clit and sucked it hard. Judy cried out in ecstasy and thrust her hips toward Christa’s face. Christa moved her hand up the woman’s leg and stroked the smooth skin with her fingertips until her hand met Judy’s pussy. Christa slid her first finger and then added her middle finger into the slick folds of Judy’s cunt. Christa wiggled her fingers around inside Judy as she sucked on her hard throbbing clit.

Judy cried out and tightened her pussy around Christa’s hand squeezing her fingers. Christa continued working her fingers in and out of Judy’s pussy and sucked her clit even harder than before flicking Judy’s clit with her tongue and tickling the tiny tip of the erect nub while she sucked on it.

“Oh please, oh Christa please!” Judy cried.

Judy’s hips humped Christa’s hand as she pumped her fingers in and out of the woman’s pussy. Judy’s fragrant skin ground against Christa’s face and her hips twisted and gyrated as she writhed on the bed under Christa’s manipulations.

Judy’s breathing became heavier and her chest was rising and falling dramatically. Still sucking hard and pushing her fingers in and out Christa smiled to herself knowing that Judy’s climax was approaching fast. Judy’s gyrations became more frantic, wilder, and animalistic as she panted and lost control of her body. Judy’s hands grabbed fistfuls of Christa’s blond hair and she shrieked piercingly as her pussy began to spasm around Christa’s fingers.

With her fingers inside her Christa ceased her pumping and wriggled them around inside Judy’s soft flesh as she came in Christa’s mouth. Judy’s clit seemed to grow larger as her hips pushed upwards and the juice flowed and covered Christa’s face. Christa inhaled her scent deeply and she groaned against Judy and sucked hard and long at her pussy until the woman began to relax.

Judy’s hips fell back down on the bed and Christa released her clit. Christa slid her fingers out of Judy’s wet slit and gently planted kisses on her thighs. Softly Christa lapped at the woman’s juices and licked her clean of her orgasm as Judy whimpered and shivered underneath Christa’s expert tongue. Kissing her cooling thighs once more Christa slid up on the bed and laid next to the drained woman on the mattress.

Judy lay silently for a few minutes with her lips parted as she breathed shallowly through her mouth while her body lay limp next to Christa. Christa watched her and admired her soft features as Judy recovered from her orgasm and slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Christa. Looking into her eyes Christa smiled back at her and Judy blushed slightly her cheeks turning pink as Christa looked into her face.

“You have an incredible body, Judy and you are very sensual,” Christa whispered in her sultry tone.

“You have to believe me I’ve never done anything like that,” Judy whispered back, her soft voice barely audible and then she added, “I have never cum like that in my life with another woman, it was incredible.”

Judy’s nipples were standing half erect and her chest was still heaving with each deep breath she took. Christa heard the girl’s excitement escape softly through her lips as she slid her wet fingers over the woman’s breasts and tickled the tiny nipples with the tips of her fingers. Judy gasped audibly as Christa flicked the nipples as they grew wrinkled and hard underneath her touch. Judy groaned again and pushed her breasts up into Christa’s hand. Sensing the Judy’s renewed desire Christa lowered her mouth down to one of the nipples and nipped it lightly with her teeth. Judy cried out and held Christa firmly to her breast.

Judy’s hands reached up and wrapped around Christa’s bare breasts and her nipples puckered as Judy watched them come to life. With a small bit of pressure Judy pulled Christa’s chest down toward her own. Christa lifted a leg over Judy’s body and straddled her waist. Bending down Christa’s breasts brushed against Judy’s and Christa’s nipples felt jolts of fire through her body as they rubbed against Judy’s. Their faces moved towards each other’s and their lips sought each other meeting in a kiss of pure passion.

“My dad said that you loved anal. Would you like me to make love to your hot ass again?” Christa whispered.

“Oh, yes!” Judy exclaimed.

Christa then rolled Judy over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. Then she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Judy’s ass. Christa lubricated Judy’s asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Christa pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Judy’s nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Christa then slid a second finger into Judy’s ass and gently started to pry Judy’s asshole open. Christa then pulled Judy’s cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing her saliva to dribble into Judy’s gaping hot asshole and then she probed Judy’s ass with her tongue. Judy almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Christa. Christa continued to eat Judy’s ass for a while longer dipping and probing Judy’s ass with her tongue. Then Christa stopped and went over to her nightstand and retrieved a large strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Christa slipped on the harness and then snapped the large dildo in place. Christa approached Judy again with the lube in her hands.

“Now I’m going to fuck you in that hot ass of yours just like my father did,” Christa announced.

Judy remained speechless and motionless as she awaited her fate. Judy felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Christa began to rub the tip of the dildo against Judy’s ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against the fake cock in frustration before Christa finally pushed it deep into her. Christa stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Judy’s ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Christa thrust deeper and harder into Judy’s ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against Christa’s already swollen red clit. Judy was moaning loudly now and Christa’s fingers began to strum Judy’s clit as she fucked Judy really deep and hard. Christa thrust the strap-on into Judy harder and harder, stretching her tight curvy ass. The strap-on was rubbing Christa’s swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Christa knew Judy was close to her climax and she reached around Judy and as she fucked her deep and hard, she teased Judy’s pussy. Christa stroked and pinched Judy’s clit and let her fingers slip into her wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Christa went over the edge and she came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Judy came too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Judy’s cum gushed all over Christa’s hand and Christa brought her hand to Judy’s mouth allowing Judy to taste herself.

The two women collapsed face forward onto the bed with the dildo still embedded in Judy’s ass. Christa’s tits pressed into Judy’s back as the two of them lay motionless for several minutes. Then Christa pushed herself up off of Judy and the dildo slid out of Judy’s asshole. Judy felt the cool air of the room caress her dilated anus and she cooed softly. Christa rolled over on her back and she looked absurd with the dildo sticking straight up in the air much like a guy with an erection. Judy slithered over to Christa and kissed her.

Christa then got up and removed the dildo and harness. “Come on, we can hit the hot tub again. Then I want you to make love to me and fuck me,” Christa said in a sultry tone.

They walked naked out to the three season room where they relaxed in the bubbly water of the hot tub. This time they sat next to each other and began to play. The lovely women caressed each other’s bodies and fingered each other’s pussies as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. By the time they left the hot tub they were hotter than the water itself.

They dried off and made a beeline for the bedroom. Christa got in bed and opened her legs in invitation to Judy, who was still nervous and hesitant. With encouragement and coaching Judy soon found herself between Christa’s legs. A moan escaped Judy and Christa felt her tremble yet again. Christa felt the Judy’s hands move down the length of her body and caress her skin. Gently she guided Judy’s body up so that her mouth could find Christa’s breasts. She gasped as Judy’s lips locked around one of her nipples and sucked deeply emulating what Christa had done to her earlier. Her hands cupped the cheeks of Christa’s shapely ass and her delicate fingers softly massaged Christa’s hot skin as she sucked long on Christa’s nipple. Judy would leave one nipple wet and chilled by the air as she moved to the opposite one and sucked again driving Christa wild.

Throwing her head back Christa opened her mouth as if to moan but no sound came out. Judy continued to play with Christa’s breasts as her teeth scraped against the nipples and pinched them while her hands still dug into Christa’s firm ass. Christa reached up and grabbed onto the headboard of the bed to support her body as she pushed her chest closer to Judy’s face. Judy grunted around Christa’s breast and she sucked even more into her mouth. Judy not only sucked on the nipple but on the whole area around it as if she were trying to devour Christa with the same hunger that Christa had for the girl’s pussy earlier.

Christa’s cunt was dripping wet and she could feel her juices flowing down her thighs as she ground her hips against the woman. The fire in Christa’s nipples spread through her chest and belly to her pussy and ignited so much passion inside her body she felt as if she may explode at any minute. Still holding tightly to the headboard Christa moved her hips up Judy’s body so that she could place her pussy in front of new lover’s mouth. Judy reluctantly released her mouth hold on Christa’s tits as the blonde moved her pussy into place.

With a moan of pleasure Judy stretched and kissed Christa’s pussy. Her warm lips made the blonde shiver as they caressed her lips and one of her hands caressed Christa’s ass. As she breathed on Christa’s pussy Judy’s warm breath made her tingle. Christa moaned out loud unable to control her own gyrations as Judy moved closer and closer to her pussy.

At the first touch of her tongue Christa nearly jumped out of her skin. Christa had experienced this many times before but there was something very special and very erotic with this beautiful woman. She moaned loudly again as Judy’s tongue timidly lapped at her cunt. Judy shifted underneath her for a better grip on Christa’s ass, and the hot tongue snaked out again and the girl’s hands tightened on Christa’s ass bringing her pussy closer to her face as she licked Christa’s juices.

Christa moved her hips, gyrated, thrust, and whimpered as Judy began to lick her more insistently copying everything that Christa had done to her. The woman’s lips parted and she sucked on Christa’s skin, taking parts of Christa into her mouth, sucking softly and then diving back inside Christa’s pussy with her tongue. Judy was inexperienced but she was a quick learner and was doing well. Christa cried out as Judy’s lips found her clit.

With just the slightest brushes of Judy’s tongue and lips against her sensitive clit Christa felt her body go into convulsions. She felt the juices flow out of her body and she cried out as her buttocks tensed in Judy’s hands and she drove her pussy into the eager young woman’s face. The orgasm rocked Christa’s body as her pussy pulsed and her muscles tensed and she came gushing onto Judy’s face.

“Judy!” Christa cried out. “Judy, don’t stop, Oh God don’t stop!”

Judy plunged her tongue deep inside Christa drinking her juices as they poured out of her body. Each lap of Judy’s long tongue sent more shivers through Christa’s body, tingles shot up her spine, down through her legs, around her arms and through her pussy. As it finally it ceased and Christa’s body relaxed there were still slight tremors of aftershock shaking her. The woman continued to lick Christa tenderly savoring the experience of eating pussy. Judy’s silky tongue ran up and down Christa’s widespread slit as she remained motionless on top of the beautiful young girl. With a reluctant groan Christa shifted her body off of Judy and lay down on the bed next to her. Taking Judy in her arms Christa pulled her naked body towards hers. Their skin sticky with sweat and cum added to the eroticism of the moment as they held one another.

“Judy you were magnificent. Welcome to my world,” Christa said speaking first.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would eat pussy but I loved it. I loved everything we did,” Judy said excitedly.

“Let me rest for a minute and then I want you to make love to my ass just like I did to you this morning,” Christa said sexily.

Judy was now faced with another challenge. Could she bring herself to tongue Christa’s beautiful ass? Would she be able to probe the cute aperture with her tongue? Judy contemplated these acts while the two of them rested. Christa smiled at Judy as if she knew what was going through Judy’s mind. Positioning herself, Christa was ready. Judy was nervous as she watched Christa on her hands and knees, glancing over her shoulder, giving her a little wink.

“This is how I like to have my ass licked,” Christa said with a wicked grin.

Judy moved cautiously also on her hands and knees right up behind Christa. She leaned forward and extending her tongue and licked Christa’s ass check from her thigh, up and over it to her lower back. Christa shivered from the thin trail of wetness from Judy’s tongue and the heat of her breath on her skin. Judy repeated the action, slowly licking from Christa’s lower back down to her thigh.

Moving closer, Judy took a hold of Christa’s ass and pulled her cheeks apart. She had never seen another woman’s asshole so up close and was mesmerized by it. Christa quivered in anticipation of feeling Judy’s tongue and she didn’t have to wait long. Bending over a little, Judy extended her tongue and lightly flicked around Christa’s lightly pink colored hole. Judy took a deep breath, summoned up all her courage and lunged at Christa’s asshole. She forced her tongue into the nether hole and then just as quickly withdrew it. Judy wasn’t sure if it was the shock of doing it or the beauty of Christa’s ass but whatever it was she was hooked. She wanted to try to please Christa as much as she had been pleased by her. Flicking her tongue up and down, she grazed over Christa’s puckered ass and felt the tautness of the seemingly tiny opening. It was all so new and exciting and so incredibly arousing.

Working her tongue in little circles, Judy heard Christa’s moans get louder and felt Christa’s hips and ass moving back and forth against her tongue. Judy slipped one hand downwards and between Christa’s thighs and lightly stroked her clit. Judy’s ministrations drove Christa into a frenzy. Christa pushed her entire body back to Judy, wiggling her hips and lifting up and down against Judy’s tongue. It was all Judy could do to keep up with her. Christa’s soft moans were quickly getting louder, her body spasmed and trembled from Judy’s fingers manipulating her clit and the tongue flicking and poking her ass.

“Yes, oh God right there!” Christa cried out as Judy pressed her tongue into her tight asshole again.

Judy slid two fingers into Christa’s dripping pussy. The juices that flowed over Judy’s fingers were more than she expected and she moaned as Christa squirmed from her touch. Judy loved how Christa was responding to her touch. Judy continued finger fucking her pussy, rimming her ass and pinching and rubbing her clit.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Christa moaned again. “Oh, that’s it, don’t stop, oh, don’t stop!”

Judy was in awe of the noises and movements from Christa but she didn’t want let up her oral and manual onslaught. Judy then realized that she too was turned on. She felt her own juices coating her thighs as she played with and teased Christa. Working harder to make Christa cum, Judy removed her fingers from Christa’s sopping pussy. Sliding her hand over her ass, she pressed her finger against Christa’s ass gently. Feeling the pressure, Christa thrust her ass back, taking more of Judy’s finger into her as quickly as she could. Judy was a little shocked at doing it but she knew Christa would like it.

“Ah, I’m cumming,” Christa moaned. “Deeper, fuck my ass deeper Baby!”

Judy leaned down and licked at Christa’s drenched pussy as she fingered her ass and rubbed her clit harder. Christa was writhing, her body shuddered uncontrollably. Judy was rewarded with a flood of Christa’s juices flowing into her mouth. Judy felt Christa’s ass squeezing tight all around her finger as her pussy spasmed on Judy’s tongue. They both moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Christa slowly sank down onto the bed, her arms and legs giving way to her trembling body. Lying down next to her, Judy stroked Christa’s long curly blonde hair away from her face and gently kissed Christa on the lips.

“That was incredible,” Christa whispered. “I can’t believe you’ve never been with another woman before. Your touch is so sensuous, so amazing. I feel like I’m on fire when you touch me. Now I am going to show you how to put on the harness and dildo so that you can really fuck me in the ass,” Christa said in a sexy voice.

Christa bounded to her knees realizing she had unlocked a sexual tiger in Judy and cautioned Judy that it would be better if she lubed the dildo first with the gel on the bedside table. Christa braced herself for what could be a bit of a brutal assault from the inexperienced Judy and then she felt the dildo jabbing at her ass. Judy prodded briefly due to her inexperience and then pushed hard. Christa felt the initial bolt of pain as it was pushed inside her ass past her anal ring. Breathing hard and trying to relax, Christa had to bite her lip as Judy just forced it deeper and deeper. Judy was so turned on the act that she threw all caution aside.

At first Judy was thrusting with clumsy strokes but soon began to get the hang of it, and Christa began to enjoy the feelings as her ass stretched to accommodate the dildo. Christa slid her hand between her own legs and rubbed her clit as Judy continued to pound into her. Christa couldn’t help but scream as her orgasm crashed through her from the brutal fucking she had received. Christa collapsed face down onto the bed breathing hard and she felt Judy’s body pressing onto her back as she lay on top of Christa. The dildo was still embedded deep in Christa’s ass and Judy was panting and planting kisses all over Christa’s neck.

Judy whispered in Christa ear, “How was I? Did I do okay?”

“A little rough for your first time, but nice” said Christa kindly, “You’ll get better each time from now on.”

Judy then realized that there would be more times with Christa and Frank. Judy still had trouble believing that she actually did all those things with Christa but at the same time she knew that she was hooked on anal sex forever. Judy and Christa relaxed in bed for a few minutes and then they showered together and washed the dildo. Judy later dressed and returned to her home. Her head was filled with all sorts of erotic thoughts. She never knew that she was capable of such behavior but Frank and Christa had awakened her deep hidden desires. Judy knew that from then on she would return to Frank’s home many times and that would not care who was at home, Frank or Christa.


The next time Judy stopped over at Frank’s home she was surprised and also strangely excited to find both Frank and Christa at the house. They invited her in and Frank poured wine for the three of them. Judy was shown into the family room once again. She sat on the sofa and Christa sat across from her as Frank served the wine. Frank then sat across from Judy in the other chair. They sipped wine and chatted and Judy felt very relaxed. Judy loved the wine and she wanted to remember to ask what kind it was before she left. Judy was getting horny again and then she felt the familiar tingling in her loins. Her condition did not go unnoticed by her hosts and Frank moved over to the sofa to sit next to Judy.

Frank put his arm around Judy and she just melted and cuddled up to him. Frank kissed her neck and ears and Judy was gasping out loud. What was it about this older man that made her melt in his presence? Frank turned Judy’s face toward him and he kissed her deeply driving his tongue deep into her mouth. As their tongues danced around Judy felt someone’s hands traveling up her legs and she knew it had to be Christa. The hands climbed over her nylons to the bare skin of her thighs and Judy thought she would cum on the spot. Christa then hooked her fingers in the waistband of Judy’s panties and slowly pulled them down and off her legs. Christa pried Judy’s thighs apart and then kissed her inner thighs. Judy moaned and groaned into Frank’s mouth. Judy then felt the first touch of Christa’s tongue on her labia and she shivered with desire.

As Christa went about her expert cunt lapping Frank had begun to rub Judy’s tits through her blouse. Frank methodically unbuttoned Judy’s blouse ad unhooked her bra. He opened the blouse and pushed the bra up over her tits baring them to his eyes and touch. He gently rubbed her tits and tweaked her swollen nipples as Christa continued her ministrations on Judy’s pussy. Judy was excited beyond her expectations and she came in Christa’s mouth when Frank leaned over and sucked on her tits and nipples. Judy’s hips bucked of their own volition as she creamed Christa’s face and screamed in ecstasy. Judy was putty in the hands of her two lovers but she loved every second of it.

Christa and Frank then stood up and undressed and then took off the rest of Judy’s clothes. They steered Judy into the bedroom and they had her lay on the bed. Frank climbed between her legs and he inserted his impressive cock into her pussy. Judy was thrilled to have his cock in her vagina and she wrapped her legs around Frank’s torso and humped up at him. Christa moved over Judy and lowered her pussy onto the woman’s face. Judy did not hesitate and she began to lick and suck on Christa’s pussy with enthusiasm. Christa was very hot from just eating Judy’s pussy so she knew that she would not last long particularly with Judy aggressiveness.

Frank felt his own cum building in his balls and he picked up the pace and pounded Judy’s pussy. Christa gasped out loud as the first wave of her orgasm hit her and then she rubbed her pussy all over Judy’s face. Frank’s body stiffened as he unloaded in Judy’s pussy. Judy came hard and her body thrashed all about as Frank continued to spurt in her and Christa doused her face with female juices.

“Oh damn this is good!” cried Christa as the final wave of her climax hit her.

Christa climbed off of Judy’s face and left the bed briefly. Frank pulled his still stiff cock from Judy’s pussy and knelt back on his heels. Judy acted as if she still needed more and her hands went right to her pussy and she frantically rubbed her clit and fingered herself. Judy couldn’t believe her behavior in their presence. She was insatiable. Christa returned to the bed with a double dildo in her hand and she pushed one end into Judy’s pussy. Then Christa put the other end in her pussy and she began to fuck Judy. Judy fucked back at Christa as the French woman fondled Judy’s tits. Frank moved next to Judy’s face and offered her his hard cock which she immediately took in her mouth. Judy sucked fast and furious on Frank’s cock as she humped her hips frantically at Christa. Frank pulled his cock from Judy’s mouth. Judy looked like a little bird as the cock was removed and she was trying to get it back in her mouth. Frank smiled because he had other plans for Judy maybe the next time he would cum in her mouth. Frank told Christa to roll over and she held tightly to Judy as she rolled them both over keeping the dildo in their pussies. Christa held onto Judy buttocks as the two women fucked each other and then Frank nestled his cock into the crack of Judy’s ass. Frank had lubed up his cock as the woman were turning over and now he pressed it against Judy’s nether hole.

Judy felt the hard cock looking for its entrance into her asshole and she pushed her hips back in acceptance. Frank eased his cock into her ass and began to fuck her ass slowly. He could feel the fake cock on the other side of her thin membrane. Judy was creaming all over the fake dick and it seemed as if her orgasms were just continuous ones that would never stop. Christa was close to cumming again as the rubber shaft rubbed constantly against her engorged clit. Judy was now lying on Christa and their tits and sensitive nipples rubbed together as they fucked one another. Frank felt his balls tighten once again and he unleash small amount of cum into Judy’s ass. Judy continued her string of orgasms and her body reacted violently to her recent climax. Her whole body shook with the tremors of her volcanic climax as she thrashed between the bodies of her lovers. Christa exploded in response to Judy’s gyrations and she creamed the one end of the dildo.

Frank and Christa left the bedroom and moved into the family room leaving Judy with the dildo. After about 30 minutes they returned to the bedroom and found Judy working the dildo in her pussy. Once again Christa joined Judy in the bed and turned her to the side and slid the other end of the dildo into her own pussy. Frank lay on his side behind Judy and once again he slid his cock into her shapely ass. It took quite a while before Christa and Judy came again but when they did they went wild. Frank did not cum but because of the pills he remained as hard as the dildo. Judy had come back to her senses and she realized that she had spent the day having incredible sex.

Later Judy bathed with Christa and then she got dressed and prepared to leave. She thanked them for a wonderful afternoon and they agreed to see each other again. Judy started back home and she had a very sated and tired body. There was one thing missing and it took Judy a while to put her finger on it. She missed the volcanic like ejaculations that she experienced with younger men. Frank was a good lover but he produced very little sperm when he came. Judy wondered what it would feel like to have her rectum flooded with cum. At that moment she made up her mind to find out. She would find a younger man who could cum in buckets to fill her desire.

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