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Invited Home

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Chapter 1

I’m new to Atlanta, having moved here from near Chicago, and, being new and working for a big company, I’ve met all kinds of people; it’s been even kind of hard to keep track of them all. In fact, rather than my old circle of friends, there are so many new people I now know that it had left me somewhat insecure and lonely.

A few months ago, I had been introduced to Roy and Carol by a mutual friend and they seemed to like me right away. Roy was tall, about six-two, trim, handsome, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, around thirty-five, I judged. I liked him right away. Carol, however, seemed a bit intimidating. First of all, she was gorgeous, simply stunning. She was model-material; beautiful ash blond hair that fell almost to her waist, fairly tall, about five-ten or so, and a figure to go with it all. She had nice breasts, not huge, just right for her body, there was nothing the least bit wrong or out of place with Carol, she was perfect. Her tan accentuated her blue-gray eyes to a tee.

We had met at a small cocktail party and the three of us got to know each other over several glasses of wine, like I said, we kind of clicked.

About a week later I got a call from Carol who asked me to join them for dinner at their favorite Italian place the next Friday evening. I gladly accepted and asked them if I could ask a male friend that also knew the two of them. She thought that would be fun, so I called Harry and asked him along.

Now, Harry was a few years older than I was but the vibes clearly weren’t there, at least from my end. He was nice enough but, well, the spark was missing. He was fine for a casual escort but no more.

So, we met Roy and Carol at the restaurant and we were well into enjoying a wonderful meal and some delicious Barolo, when Carol asked me if I wanted to join her in a trek to the ladies’ room. So, we both got up and went off to do our business and when I came out of the stall, Carol was reapplying her lipstick as I stood next to her checking my makeup.

As I stood there, leaning into the mirror, Carol was looking me up and down as I wondered if she might be viewing me as a possible rival for her husband. Well, he was handsome but she was gorgeous, after all.

Now, I am nice looking, five-five, light brown hair with some blond highlights, hazel eyes, and a very nice body underneath it all. I currently measure 34-24-34 and the first 34 is just into a C-cup. I was finally over twenty when I could properly fit a C-cup and I was so happy. In fact, so happy that I went for weeks without a bra.

For this night, I wore a tight-fitting ivory sheath that just made me look so good. I loved wearing it because I feel like the butterfly who has just escaped the chrysalis. It came to mid-thigh and showed my legs quite nicely.

Carol, well, she was stunning in an ebony dress that was skin-tight with a high slit almost to her hips. There was a nice amount of cleavage showing which she had a generous amount of on display.

“I’m so jealous, Kristen, Roy just keeps looking you up and down, he’s been undressing you with his eyes all evening.”

“Oh, now, Carol, I can see you and you simply outshine any other woman in the place, certainly me included.” I had noticed Roy looking me over but just ascribed it to my legs which are two of my prime assets.

“Oh, he’s probably just fantasizing having us both, every guy seems to love the same possibility, I’ve found,” I assured her.

“Have you ever done it? You and another woman with a guy?”

I felt my face redden as the memories raced back from college.

“Well, it was in college. It was with my boyfriend and my best friend.”

“Oh, I’d love to hear about it.”

“Well, it’s kind of a long story, really,” I sputtered.

“Well, you’ll have to tell me all about it another time. I’d love to hear all the juicy details. I’m sure there are some. I’ve had the same fantasy and I’d love to hear your experience. Well, let’s get back, shall we?” and as we were leaving the restroom, she asked, “If you’re not planning anything later with Harry, maybe we could send him off and you could to come back to our place after dinner? We’d see that you got home after.”

“Is this, perhaps to do with your fantasy you mentioned?” I asked surprised that I was so emboldened. Perhaps it was the wine combined with the delicious memories of that wonderful night in college.

“It just might,” she answered and we went back to the table and rejoined the men.

As you can imagine, my thinking was a now bit distracted by our conversation in the powder room as the memories came back of my making love to my boyfriend and him also having my best girlfriend that night. I was never really into girl-on-girl sex and she and I didn’t do anything sexual with each other but, there were a few times when we touched each other that a tingle or spark of excitement ran through me.

I’d seen porn videos of lesbian sex and did feel sexually aroused by it but never to the point that I felt I was especially interested. But, well, sitting there, looking at how beautiful she looked, the lushness of her cleavage, well, then, taking the occasional glance at Roy, wondering what he looked like naked, well, I was getting pretty wet and was hoping that the back of my dress wouldn’t give away my arousal when I stood to leave.

So, on the way out of the restaurant, Carol asked Harry if it was all right with him if I went with them so she could show me some of the jewelry she had made. Harry made his goodbyes and I got in the car with Roy and Carol and off we went.

As we drove down the driveway, the garage door opened and Roy stopped the car. The door was cycling back down as we went in through the kitchen where Roy picked out a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“This way,” Carol said and I followed her down a hallway and turned into their master bedroom.

As I stood there admiring all the beautiful furnishings, Carol stepped over to me and embraced me, kissing me full on the mouth, slipping her tongue between my lips. From behind, I felt Roy’s arms encircle me as I felt the hard bulge in his pants press between my ass cheeks.

Then, their four hands began loosening my clothing as they both worked together stripping me down to nothing, both kissing me everywhere I was being exposed to them.

When I was completely naked, they both stepped back to look at me.

“Beautiful, everything I expected. Isn’t she hot?” Roy asked his wife.

“She’s stunning, such beautiful breasts. I just knew they would be,” she said as they both began removing their clothes.

Carol’s breasts were stunning, just perfect globes tipped with large, pink nipples, each one, hard and erect. They looked delicious. As I was looking at her, Roy pulled off his boxers as his large cock hung down, now just a bit soft, it was pointing down some but on the rise. It looked to be about nine inches and nicely thick around. This was going to be a very exciting night, I thought.

They were now moving back to me, each of them with their arms around me as I felt hands everywhere, Roy now in front, kissing me, his cock pressing against me, Carol behind, kissing and licking on my back, her hands roaming between my breasts and across my pussy.

She took her husband’s cock and started rubbing the tip between my legs, I was so wet, there were juices running down my legs.

“Come, lets go to bed, Kristen,” Roy whispered in my ear followed by his tongue. Carol and Roy guided me to their bed and we all three got in as Roy began kissing my neck and shoulders, then began working his way down my excited body while Carol began kissing me, tonguing my mouth as her hands kneaded my breasts and her fingertips tweaked my nipples.

Roy was now kissing and licking my abdomen so I opened to him knowing where he was no doubt headed and knowing just where I wanted him to head. And, soon, bless him, he was down licking my wetness as his wife sucked my nipples and slowly rubbed her hand so soothingly over my abdomen.

My only other threesome, the one back in college, was with my boyfriend at the time and my best girlfriend but she and I didn’t do anything sexual. So, until this very night with Roy and Carol, I had never had any girl action at all.

Did I like it? No, I loved it. I loved them both making love to me. It was the most erotic moment of my life with both of them pleasuring me. I opened my legs wider to help Roy in any way I could and then heard a buzz coming from below followed by the electric sensation of a vibrator running slowly around my clit as his tongue licked just below.

It was all I could handle, my entire body began to shake and tremble as wave after wave of the purest pleasure imaginable swept over me while my two new lovers continued pleasuring my writhing body.

“OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, oh, oh, so good, mmm, oooh, oooh,” and I just shivered and lay there with them continuing their caresses to my excited body.

He now had the vibrator in my pussy as he softly licked my clit. It was almost too much, two people were almost more than I could handle, but, thankfully, they were slowing down, Roy stopped using the toy and was now moved up to suck my other breast giving me a bit of respite from their sexual advances.

Carol raised up and kissed me on the lips, tonguing me lovingly, then went down and gently opened my labia with her fingers and began licking around inside me, all around the entrance of my vagina. I had my hand on Roy’s cock pulling it up and down, almost in a frenzy from Carol’s tonguing of my pussy.

Roy moved up to place his cock near my mouth and I hungrily moved toward it, taking it in, sucking him fervently as Carol was moving me up to another wonderful orgasm.

She, I think, might have been gently pinching my clit, I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that it was feeling wonderful as she was flicking her tongue in my pussy. She hit all the right buttons again as I started trembling as a bright white light blinded my eyes and I was swamped with the most glorious feelings. I had my mouth full of Roy so was gagged from being very vocal, but it was one of the best orgasms of my life. It seemed to go on and on, much longer than most, maybe because she just kept going and I kept sucking her husband.

He was holding pretty steady, I really don’t like it when guys start fucking my mouth, and I could hear him moaning so I knew I was pleasing him as I was being so wonderfully pleased by his wife.

“Oh, Kristen, mmm, oh, yes, unh, UNH, UNH, UUH, MMM, MMM, oh, mmm,” and spurt after spurt of his warm cum hit the back of my throat as I moved up to try to take him more fully into my mouth.

We all three seemed rather out of breath and soon, were separated sexually, now nestled in each other’s arms, me sandwiched in the middle as our six hands roamed caressing wherever they landed.

Chapter 2

“Suck my nipples, Kristen, would you, sweetheart?” she asked as she moved up so I could easily reach them. I took one of her large pink nipples in my mouth to suck as Roy, behind me, was gently easing his cock against me from the back. I reached around and positioned him right between my labia, giving a slight shove to get him started and then felt his cock part my lips and push deeper inside.

I lifted my lips from Carol’s breast and began kissing her down her front, tonguing her navel, then slowly moving downward as Roy moved with me, keeping his cock inside me.

I think he figured out where I was headed and soon, my head was buried between Carol’s legs, feasting on her pussy as Roy fucked me doggie-style from between my legs.

You know I had a threesome in college but it was sure tame compared with this one. Now I was tonguing a woman while being fucked from behind by her mate, the most erotic moment of my life. My whole being, at that moment, was consumed with sex.

Carol began to tremble and hump my face as I pulled her open for more of my tongue.

“OH, OH, UHH, UHH, AYYE, AYYE, uh, uh, mmm, oh,” she groaned as she clamped her legs around my head. My hips were up in the air as Roy kept at me, fucking and fucking while I kept my face in his wife’s pussy sucking and licking and probing her with my eager tongue.

His hand slipped up under me and began softly rubbing across my clit. That was all it took, my whole body shook as I was engulfed in wave after wave of sheer bliss radiating from my middle.

“Oh, Roy, OH, OH, UH, UM, mmm, mmm,” I moaned as he kept at me, fucking and fucking. Then, it was his turn.

“Oh, I’m cumming, oh, OH, OH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm,” he cried out as he shoved deep in me, his warm cum flowing from him to me in spurt after spurt as his cock throbbed out its juice.

He knelt there behind me, now slowly moving in and out, as we all quietly enjoyed the steamy mood in their bedroom. Then he pulled out and there was some shifting of bodies getting me in the middle of them once again as hands and mouths roamed looking for places to pleasure.

“You have such a lovely body, Kristen, I’m enjoying it so much. And I can tell that Roy is as well.”

“I’ve never done much with a woman before but, well, this has been thrilling. And, well, Roy, is a wonderful lover as well,” I told them and they both kissed me over and over, their hands pleasuring me nonstop.

There’s no question that being with Carol and Roy was the most erotic event in my life. They were both highly sexy and attractive people who were certainly not at all bashful about their wants and desires.

We necked and cuddled and just enjoyed each other for a while longer then got up and brushed our teeth and got back in bed and said goodnight.

There seemed to be arms around and over me all night long, it was quite lovely and comforting actually and, in the morning, we each began to awaken and become aware of the lovely position we were all in, three horny naked people who hungered for each other.

“You two have fun while I go get breakfast started. I’ll call you when it’s ready. Come as you are,” Carol joked as she got up and left us in bed.

I reached over under the covers to find a wonderfully-hard cock which I wrapped my fingers around.

“Mmm, what’s this, Roy? Something for me?”

He pulled me close, pressing his cock at me, grunting, “It sure wants you again this morning. You ready?”

“Well, why don’t we go down and keep Carol company, I’m sure we can be creative enough to find some way to have fun in the kitchen, surely you and Carol have had the mood strike while you were cooking? What do you think? She can watch us, think she’d like that?”

“Oh, that’s a great idea, I know she’d love watching us, come on,” and he pulled me up and we went prancing down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Wow, you two set a world record,” she exclaimed as we walked in arm and arm.

“No, hon, Kristen thought you might like to have some company and you can watch while we enjoy one another.”

“Well, why not move that bowl of fruit on the table and bend her over and have her right there as I make breakfast,” she suggested and we both went to the table and I positioned myself as Roy worked his cock up into me and began.

He stood behind me as I lay over on the table, his cock moving in and out while his hands massaged my back, it was lovely.

“Mmm, Roy’s had me right there, too, Kristen, I know just how you’re feeling.”

“Yes, it’s nice, you have a very nice husband, he knows his husbandly duties quite well,” I jested.

“Oh, he gets lots and lots of practice which makes me quite happy and, I must say, I’m greatly enjoying watching him pleasure you, Kristen, you two make such a beautiful pair.”

“Well, you two do as well, maybe we’re all meant to be together, who knows?” I jested as he ran his thick cock in and out of me.

“About two more minutes and these eggs will be ready, I hate to rush but…” Carol said from the stove.

“Well, babe, scrambled eggs aren’t good cold and we can reheat each other up I think, pretty quickly. What say, Kristen?”

“I vote for the eggs, I’m hungry,” I moaned, hoping he would understand.

I felt him pull out as he said, “Yes, I know right where I left off. Let’s eat and then continue what we were doing, right?”

I got up from the table and agreed and we had a wonderful and wonderfully-naked breakfast. Being with Roy and Carol was so comfortable, it felt so good and right, we just all clicked.

Then, after we straightened up the kitchen, we were back to bed. I got into the center and Carol followed me right in. I lay back and she sat next to me, cross-legged, as she rubbed her pussy, then slid two fingers up inside stroking in and out for a minute, then took them out and put them up to my mouth.

I opened and her warm, wet fingers went in as I sucked her juices, warm and pleasantly fragrant, as she finger-fucked my mouth while I closed my eyes in happiness.

I felt her move as her fingers came out and, as I looked up, saw her leg rotate over me and down came her pussy right over my face as I automatically spread open for her.

There was more of her aroma and taste as she pressed to me while I wiped my open mouth over her, my tongue raised up to dig between her labia as she rocked her hips back and forth over me.

She got her lips onto my clit as she sucked softly, wiping her tongue across it as two of her fingers went up inside me to caress the walls of my vagina.

My hands were up on her soft, smooth buttocks pulling her pussy tight against me as she licked and sucked on me as I held my legs as wide as I could. I don’t know what Roy was doing and, well, really, I didn’t really care right then, I was just enthralled with Carol and me feasting on each other.

Carol’s body was classically-beautiful, I suppose that may have attracted me to her, I’ve never been particularly tempted by the female body but I was finding Carol to be a very desirable lover, much to my surprise and enjoyment.

She was flicking my clit with her tongue which just threw me over the cliff into a wild orgasm which had me bucking and shuddering on and on and on. It was a tremendous orgasm, one brought by a woman, a woman that I was wanting sex with, more sex, I knew she would be in my arms many times in my future.

After our lovely time together, Carol suggested to Roy that he take me from behind which happened to be my favorite position. As he got up behind me and began pressing in, I asked Carol to lay in front of me so I could bury my head between her legs as her husband fucked me.

I just loved offering them both the pleasure of my body which eventually caused them both to have wonderful orgasms along with a grand one of mine. Even though it was now quite late in the morning, they stretched me out on their bed and then both roamed all over my body with their mouths and tongues until I had another orgasm.

Then we all collapsed together in bed with me in the middle and their hands fondled me, petting me and pleasing me as I lay there being kissed and caressed like their little treasure. Again, they both were kissing me all up and down my body bringing me to another peak.

“How long can you stay with us this weekend, Kristen?” Carol asked me. It was Saturday morning, almost noon now, of course, and I really didn’t have any plans that would come close to offering me the joy and pleasure that I was having in their bed, so I answered, “How long do you want me?”

They both asked if I could be with them for the rest of the weekend and I agreed.

Saturday was a day I will never forget, one of pure sexual pleasure from my two new lovers. I have never dreamed of being so thoroughly and completely made love to than I was all day and evening that wonderful Saturday.

My sleep that night was the most solid, peaceful and satisfied of my life.

On Sunday, like the day before, we all three began rousing together and, like the morning before, Carol told us to have some fun while she went to start breakfast.

So, I swung up over Roy and slid down onto him as I reached under holding him steady.

“Mmm, you are so tight, Kristen, and your breasts are wonderful,” he said as I began rocking up and down while he massaged my boobs. I dropped over him so he could suck a nipple as I cycled up and down filling and emptying my pussy of his wonderful hard cock.

I was laying over him when Carol came in to summon us for breakfast. His cock was still inside me, now softer and happier, as was my pussy gently holding it. I lifted up off him as his cock flopped back down on his abdomen. Carol leaned over, lifted it up and slipped her mouth over him sucking him for a minute, then raised up to tell us, “Just wanted to know what you two taste like together. You two make a delicious couple. I look forward to tasting you together lots more. Let’s go eat,” and we followed her lovely backside downstairs and had a wonderful naked breakfast complete with Mimosas.

Carol held her husband’s cock while she ate and took time to pet and rub my breasts. I had become more open about my enjoyment of her body and would lean over to kiss and suck her nipple. I was now convinced that, at least with the right woman, I was as highly attracted to the female body as I was the male. And it was something I was to become completely comfortable with in the months ahead.

Yes, there were months ahead, I actually was invited to move in with Roy and Carol and while I have my own bedroom, I most often sleep with the two of them. The three of us rarely wear any clothes when we’re home and have an agreement that we are fully open to pleasing each other in whatever way the other desires. So, if Roy wants me to suck him, I’m happy to do it. Or if I want Carol to tongue me to orgasm, she does cheerfully.

Having two lovers, one male, one female, has been the best thing in my life. Each lover is different, each one bringing their own passion and manner to their loving of me, opening my arms and legs to each and to both, has brought me more joy than I ever thought possible.

I’m glad they invited me home and home it has become.

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