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Homeward Bound

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On the bus ride home from college Amy was unconsciously teasing as usual. There weren’t ever many people on the bus and since I was the only one she knew, we usually ended up sat together in deep discussion about life and experiences. She teased with stories of what her boyfriend Nick liked her to do and all the things that really turned her on, not to mention the fact that now it was summer I couldn’t help peeking down the gap in her blouse at her pert breasts and the way her short summer skirt displayed almost all of her athletic thighs; thus leaving me to try and cover the tent being pitched in my trousers.

I didn’t have a girlfriend and to be honest, hadn’t seen any action at all in at least the past year so these discussions left my mind trailing about having the opportunity to have my way with Amy. At our stop I discretely put my hand down my trousers as I stood up to re-arrange my bits before anyone could notice my hard on.

Our walk home after the housing estate was through some woods, across a bit of field belonging to some dodgy farmer who always seemed to be out doing chores, into some more woods and eventually arriving at our village. It was Nick’s birthday and Amy kept stating how she couldn’t wait to get to his house and give him his ‘birthday surprise’ before his parents came home from work. From the discussion on the bus no query was left in my mind about the night of pleasure he was to have ahead of him. I, on the other hand, was going home to an empty house with the sole pleasure of the internet and my right hand.

We could see the farmer’s tractor in his field through the trees in the woods as we dodged between the stray branches. Amy walked ahead.

“Is that farmer staring at us from his tractor?”

Her words seemed meaningless as I stared at her cute bum, imagining my hands roaming all over it as my cock filled her insides.

“Yeah. Wierdo.,” was the only murmur I could put together as my eyes transfixed on her firm ass.

We came to the clearing, by which time the farmer had got out of his tractor and was now stood in the field watching us so we decided to pick up the pace a bit and get into the next section of trees.

The next part of the woods was much thicker and Amy’s eyes were on the track (mine on her fine legs imagining what it would be like to be between them), when suddenly a husky “Stay where you are!” broke the silence.

We stood still, turning slowly to see the farmer behind us pointing a shotgun directly towards my chest.

“Don’t dare to run,” he grunted to Amy, “or I’ll pop a round into his chest.”

He shoved the point of the gun into my chest and threw me 2 sets of handcuffs.

“You, cuff her pretty hands behind her back, slowly” I fearfully cuffed the non resistant Amy’s hands and she was ordered to do the same with mine.

“What do you want from us?!” I shouted.

He slapped me across the face, “Shut up! Don’t speak until I say so.”

He directed us back across the field to the farmhouse. I felt helpless as he led us up the stairs in the tattered old building, then ordering us to sit down on a long bench. He took off our handcuffs, still pointing the gun directly at us.

“Strip the boy” He ordered, “And don’t try any funny business. You, lad, I want no resistance, this bitch want to see your cock.”

My face turned bright red as Amy trembled at the buttons on my shirt. After my top half was bare Amy removed my trainers, and unbuckled my belt and button on my jeans. My cock was hardening as she undid the zipper and slid my trousers down to my ankles and over each foot in turn.

Amy stopped. “And the rest!” he yelled.

Her trembling hands slid into the waistline of my boxers and slowly pulled them down. I wished so much as my hard member sprung free that she would just take it into her gorgeous mouth and swallow my load that was so eager to fill her. She blushed as she was ordered to cuff me again and I sat on a chair at the side of the room.

“Take off your blouse” he told her.

She didn’t comply until he put down his shotgun, barged over to her and forced her back onto the bench. His bodyweight was too much for her to fight as this animal tore open the buttons on her blouse revealing a fine pair of tits in a frilly laced bra. This must have been part of lucky Nick’s surprise, I thought. The farmer buried his head into her tits as he fumbled up her skirt and pulled down a sexy, matching pair of French knickers. Lucky Nick. And now, lucky farmer!

He stood up and pulled down his jeans and pants swiftly, revealing his cock to her.

“Get your pretty face here and lick my cock.”

She lay on the bench with tears in her eyes as he pulled her up by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth.

“Suck me properly, bitch, and I won’t have to hurt your boyfriend over there.”

She started to suck on his hard cock as I looked down at my own throbbing member. I silently appreciated the fact that she could have refused to perform, resulting in him beating me senseless.

“Lick it!”

Her tongue ran up and down the length of his cock, and nibbling the end. Her hand was sweeping its length when she surprisingly took one of his balls into his mouth as he groaned with pleasure.

“That’s enough bitch, I don’t want to be cumming all over your pretty face just yet. Turn around and lean on the bench, I want to fuck your tight cunt from behind”

Amy seemed to accept that there was no way out of this and bent over ready to take this farmer’s hard cock. His hands pulled up her skirt over her waist and ran up her thighs, over her pussy.

“Seems like this bitch likes it,” he chuckled at me while probing her slit.

She gasped at he poked the tip of his cock into her now wet hole. He ran his hands up her back and undid the clasp on her bra. It fell onto the bench, allowing her pert tits to sway as he moved slowly in and out. I felt on the verge of cumming watching this animal having his way with one of the sexiest girls in college.

His hands grabbed her tits, pulling her further onto his shaft and tweaking her hard nipples. Amy held in her screams as her pussy contracted around his cock and she began to orgasm, coating this dirty bastard’s hard cock with her cum. She panted as he now drove his member in and out, and from the expression on his face, he wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck, I’m guna come deep inside you bitch! Take my hard cock! Oh fuck!” Amy moaned with pleasure as he emptied his load deep into her cunt. She sank onto the bench and noticed I was staring, my eyes fell to the floor ashamed.

The farmer wiped the cum of his limp cock with her skirt and told her to stand up. She stood feet together, trying to hide the mixture of cum trailing down her legs. Her body was beautiful. Just turned 18, her tits were pert, but full. She was part of the athletics team and had the figure to go with it. Her short haired snatch was shaved into a line which descended towards her pussy. He legs were slim but muscular with a tennis ball bum at the top. Suddenly my thoughts were distracted by the sound of someone coming up the creaky staircase.

“Oh John, she’s beautiful,” said the voice, belonging to an older female, maybe of around 40, seemingly the farmers wife.

Her face was pretty and had a fine physique from what could be seen. She wore a long flared dress with a small top, encasing a pair of huge tits. Her nipples were poking through the fabric as she stared at Amy.

“Caught ’em in our woods” he replied proudly.

She walked from the staircase over to Amy and ran her hands over Amy’s fine curves. She lingered on her nipples, caressing them until they became erect. Her hands ran down to Amy’s thighs and stroked the cum mixture, wetting her hands. She brought her cum coated fingers up to Amy’s mouth and ordered her to suck them. Amy just opened her mouth, the thought of licking both her and the farmers cum off some woman’s fingers revolted her. The woman pasted her lips, returned to Amy’s pussy and again coated the lips and insides of Amy’s mouth with the cum mix.

She then touched Amy’s pussy one more time and walked over to me.

“Want some too?”

I didn’t answer and she pushed her fingers through my lips into my mouth, tasting the salty cream. Her hands trailed down my naked chest and ran gently over my hard cock.

“Can I fuck him, John?”

“As you please,” was the reply.

She told me to stand as she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Her still moist hands ran down over my balls and played with the entrance to my asshole. It felt amazing, I didn’t know where to look – at the gorgeous naked Amy, or at this mature woman skilfully sucking my cock right in front of her husband! The farmer went over to a drawer, pulled out a mini vibrator and ordered Amy to sit on the bench and use it on herself.

“I want to see it nice and wet,” he exclaimed, “coat some more of your cum on it, I want that cunt nice and wet for its next fucking.”

His wife was now pushing my cock further into her mouth, nudging the entrance to her throat. The pressure felt so good as she gagged and pushed my member right down into her throat, at which point the farmer lifted her dress and pushed his newly hardened cock into her pussy. The sensation was too much and I was breathing heavily.

“I’m guna cum” escaped from my lips and suddenly she plunged her finger deep into my ass, reaming the insides of my virgin hole.

The farmer was getting close once again and panted loudly as he fucked his wife. My cock burst in her mouth and it seemed like too much as she pulled it out, coating her face with my cum, still jacking me off with her hand as streams shot out into her hair. The farmer pulled her down hard on his cock as they both came together and gently slowed the pace. My cock was still hard as she ordered Amy over.

“Do me a favour love, lick this boy’s cum off my face.” Amy stood back, shocked.

“Do as she says!” yelled the farmer, now sat on the floor after his second cum of the session, “And do it good, else it’ll be my cum all over your pretty face.”

Amy licked and sucked the woman’s face, cleaning it of all my cum.

“And here,” said his wife, pointing to a wad that had landed on her cleavage.

“Good, now clean up the boy’s cock.” Amy paused, but knowing she had no other choice, began to suck my cock, making it stand to full attention.

“Oh look! You’ve made the young stud hard again, it would be rather unladylike not to do anything about it, stand up”

Amy stood up straight as the farmers wife tore down Amy’s skirt, pulled the wet vibrator from Amy’s cunt and grabbed her waist. Amy tried to pull away as the vibe was nudged gently into her arsehole. It was only small but hurt slightly, Amy had only tried anal sex a few times with Nick but didn’t like it.

“Now sit on his cock,” she ordered.

Amy reluctantly stood with her legs either side of my chair and lowered herself onto my hard member, slowly sucking me inside. The vibe had made her extremely wet and it was evident by the look on her face that she was on the verge of cumming. The farmer unlocked my handcuffs and my hands sprung free. Trying to escape was the last thing on my mind, I was totally amazed by Amy bouncing up and down on my cock and couldn’t stop my self from grabbing her tits.

Amy lost all control and pulled my head into her breasts. I sucked hard on her nipple as she began to scream in ecstasy, her pussy sucking hard on my cock and contracting around it. I could feel the vibrations coming through from the vibe in her ass, my cock expanding and suddenly shooting a huge stream of semen right into her cunt. It was too much for her as she plunged me in and out, coming hard all over my cock. She pulled my jaw up and secured my mouth to hers, exploring my mouth with her hot tongue as her pussy sucked the cum from my cock, both of our juices leaking down over my balls.

The motions came to a pause and we sank into each others arms.

“Looks like you’ve caught 2 right horny fuckers here, John,” his wife interrupted, “hope he’s got some cum left for me”

With that the farmer ripped Amy from my embrace and dumped her, face down, on the bench. After the mass fucking, she did not have the energy to position herself as he dipped his cock in her pussy, coating it with juices and pulling the vibrator from her rear. He began to slide the tip of his cock over her arse, making it nice and lubricated from her and my cum that was still leaking out, then pushed it into her. She offered no resistance, her arse still open from the vibrator and her body drained from the previous sensations.

His wife was now back on my cock, totally naked and cleaning me up once again, running her tongue down to my arsehole and licking the entrance. This made my cock begin to stir again and I reached down, trying to cup her huge tits in my hands. She moved up over me and sank my cock into her pussy. I wanted revenge for the ass fumbling she gave me earlier so I hugged her close to me, shafting my cock in and out, and trailed my hand down to her arse and pushed my middle finger deep inside her. She shook with pleasure and began to fuck my finger and cock at the same time.

I looked over at Amy, “Yes, yes…” was shouting from her mouth, she seemed to be enjoying this cock in her arse. The farmer suddenly tore her to an upright position and started shafting wildly as he came deep inside her bowels. She fell onto the bench and before the farmer could lose his erection, he ran over to his wife as she was still bouncing fast on my cock.

I pulled my finger from her arse, quickly to be replaced by the farmer’s big dick. I was getting closer and closer, trying to push my cock deep inside his wife as he pummelled her from the rear. She came instantly, causing my cock to erupt inside her, sending small waves of cum into her. The farmer must have noticed cos he picked her up, and still with his cock in her arse, slammed her onto the bed. Continuing to push into his wife’s arse, they were screaming with pleasure as the last of his cum spurted into her. They fell down on the bed together, wrapped in each others arms.

They seemed asleep so I crept over to Amy and we decided to make our escape. Picking up our clothes on the way, we slowly edged, naked, down the stairs. No time to dress, we ran across the field into the woods where we embraced each other, clothes falling to the floor.

“Better get dressed and get out of here,” I said.

Both of us put on our clothes and ran. At my house Amy gave me a hug and whispered into my ear,

“I thought you were great,” she gave me a long deep kiss before running off down the street to Nicks, probably for another session. Shortly after she text me,

“Lets just keep it our little secret, Amy xxx.”

The secret was fine with me, but I couldn’t help replying,

“Maybe we could have some more ‘little secret(s)’ sometime.”

She replied, “I’d love to x.”

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