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The First

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Like most young girls, my fancy has always been that of older men.

I am unsure whether its the experience or just the maturity that makes them more appealing than most guys my age, but I have found that most older men tend to flirt more with the younger girls as well. Out of all I have met though, there has only been one to make me weak with just a simple wink.

Steve had been a family friend since I was seven, and I took up with him quite easily from the very beginning. I stayed with him a lot during my parent’s separation, mainly because it was easier on them: it was cheap (he never charged to look after me) and they knew I would be safe.

As I got older, I started going to Steve for advice on stupid girl stuff that I am sure he knew very little about, but he always seemed to say the right thing. I started visiting more, even after I reached the age I could look after myself.

Most of the time we just sat around and watched movies, but I would have been happy just cuddling up to him. I didn’t realize I was attracted to him until recently, when boy had tried to get up my shirt.

For a moment, I closed my eyes and pictured Steve caressing my breasts, gently twisting my nipples. I snapped back out of that and slapped the boy’s hand away. The idea of any boy touching me repulsed me, except for Steve. I went home and masturbated twice, playing the idea up in my head, though I was convinced he wouldn’t have done anything to me.

One night, dressed in a casual dress I wore mostly during summer, I went to his house to watch a movie. As he was preparing everything, I snooped in the drawer of the coffee table, shuffling through random papers and old magazines. I came across one that caught my eye. Barely Legal Virgins the title read, with the front cover showing a picture of a very young looking girl around 18, my age, in a little nightie with her legs spread.

I quickly closed the drawer and looked up, as though I had been caught doing something terrible. My mind was swimming in thought. He likes young girls like me? Does that mean he finds me attractive? How come he hasn’t tried anything with me?

He finally came out of the kitchen with a beer for him, a bowl of ice cream for me.

“Ready to watch?” he asked with a grin.

I simply nodded as he plopped next to me on the couch and pressed play on the remote.

“This is going to be good,” he stated.

Suddenly everything he said felt dirty to me. I could feel my crotch become hot. All the thinking became too much for me, and I finally fell asleep midway through the movie, my head leaning against his shoulder.

I woke up with a blanket over me and Steve gone. I got up and walked down the hall, where I heard a bit of heavy breathing in his bedroom. Curiously, I poked my head inside and saw him lying in bed with his eyes closed, and his hand stroking up and down on his dick.

My eyes popped out when I saw him. The ones I had seen before had always belonged to boys, and where quite a deal smaller than what he had. I licked my lips and slowly slid my hand down to my crotch, rubbing gently.

“Oh, fuck..,” he whispered, as his hand started to move faster, pumping up and down, up and down. I let out a slight moan but quickly bit my lip, afraid that if he heard me, he would stop and never talk to me again. But I also wanted him to hear me. I wanted him to know I was watching, hoping maybe he’d invite me in for a closer watch.

Steve suddenly stopped and let out a loud sigh. I gasped as I saw huge globs of cum squirt out of his cock, hitting his chest and stomach. I pulled my hand away from my crotch and stared. I had given oral sex before to a boy I knew, and I’ve always liked it. I wanted to taste Steve then, and was weak in the knees from the idea.

As soon as I saw him get up, I ran to the living room and back on the couch, covering up and hiding any trace that I was just a peeping tom a few seconds ago. I heard the water running in the bathroom for a moment, then heard him walk to where I was. He gently shook my shoulder.

“Hey, sweetie, I think I should take you back home before your mother worries.”

I slowly opened my eyes as though I had just came from a deep and peaceful sleep. “Aww, can’t I spend the night? I don’t feel like going home.”

“I don’t know. I think you’d be more comfortable in your own bed than on a couch.”

I raised up and stared at him, nervous about how bold I was attempting to be. “I can’t sleep in your bed?”

“I….uh…don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?”

He sighed and sat down, and I casually put my legs on his lap. Giving him the pouty look that always allowed me to get my way, I begged. “PLEASE lemme stay. I promise I’ll be good. You won’t even know I am here!”

Steve stared for some time at me, and then patted my legs. “Well, I don’t work tomorrow, so…okay, just let me call your mother and tell her you fell asleep.”

After the okay from my mother, who wasn’t the least bit concerned, I stayed up and watched a couple of late night shows with him. I could not take my mind off of what I saw earlier with him, as my eyes kept shifting from the TV to his boxer shorts. I didn’t even notice he had caught me staring until I looked up at one point, and met his eyes. I quickly turned red and glued my eyes back on the television set.

He got up and sat next to me on the couch, putting an arm around me and a hand on my knee.

“So,” he started, his voice sounding a bit different in tone, “are there any new boys in your life, dear?”

Nervously, still not taking my eyes away from the image on TV, I said, “There was one, but I broke up with him.”

“Why? He didn’t hurt you did he?”

“No…” I trailed off, too shy to go any further.

“Well, what then?”

“I um….he…he touched me.”

Steve shifted a bit, allowing his hand to slightly go up my leg, rubbing back and forth above my knee. “What do you mean?”

I then looked down, suddenly feeling ashamed about the situation that had happened with the boy, remembering the image that came to my mind when he touched me.

“Where did he touch you?” Steve took a different approach, and this time I carefully answered.

“He, rubbed my umm….my breasts.”

“And you didn’t like that?”

“I….I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you liked it?”

I glanced at him and blushed. “I don’t know if he did it right.”

Steve slightly smiled and said, “Well, how did he do it?”

I dropped my mouth and shook my head. “I can’t…I can’t show you that!”

“Oh, come on sweetie. I’ve known you since you didn’t have breasts. We used to be able to tell each other anything. I won’t think differently of you. I am only curious.”

I stared a minute into his eyes, still imaging him earlier getting himself off. I sighed.

“Okay,” I started, as I raised up my left hand and put it softly on my left breast. “Like….he did it like this,” and I rubbed it in circles for a while.

“Hmm…,” Steve started. “I don’t see how you can get much pleasure in that.”

“I didn’t really. I just…sorta closed my eyes and thought of other things.”

“What kind of things?”

I blushed deeper and turned away again. “Stuff.”

He chuckled and let his hand move up again, this time on the middle of my thigh. “The sky?”

I laughed. “No, not stuff like that.”

He leaned in close to my ear and whispered as his hand reached the upper part of my thigh, close to my panties. “Tell me, and I’ll tell you what I was thinking when you were watching me earlier.”

I gasped and quickly hid my face with my hands. “Oh my God! I’m soooo sorry!!! Please don’t tell anyone!”

He pulled my hands away and smiled big. “It’s okay, dear. It’s nothing you should feel ashamed about. I was wanting you to catch me.”

I looked at him with my mouth wide open. “Why?”

“Because,” he rubbed more quickly on my thigh, “I am attracted to you.”

I stared at him for a long time and finally, in a barely audible voice, said, “I was thinking about you rubbing my breasts instead.”

He leaned in, kissed my earlobe and then said, “And I was thinking of you touching me instead.”

My eyes were wide as he took his hand away from my thigh and placed it on top of my breasts, taking turns rubbing each one.

“You know I could do this much better if you didn’t have the dress covering them.”

I slowly stood up, and allowed him to take the dress off me. I now stood in front of him with only a pair of panties on, my nipples hard from the shock of sudden air. I couldn’t believe this was happening. All my fantasies of him were coming together. How was I going to handle myself?

Steve pushed me back down on the couch and continued rubbing my beasts, only this time twisting the nipples gently. I moaned and closed my eyes a moment, letting it all soak in.

“You like that, beautiful?”

“Yes….I do.”

“How do you feel?”

“Good…really good.”

He put his hand on top of my panty-covered mound. “And how does this feel?”

All I could do was moan. I was aching in anticipation on what he was going to do next. He then leaned in close to my right tit and took it sweetly in his mouth, sucking softly on the nipple and occasionally letting his teeth graze along it.

His other hand was slowly rubbing my crotch, and I am sure he could feel the heat from it. I couldn’t take much more of how slow and careful he was being. All I wanted him to do was take me.

Whispering, I said, “Harder…”

He lifted off my nipple and looked at me. “What was that?”

I stared at him and slightly louder repeated, “Harder…”

He smiled and a look of lust came over his eyes. “Oh…you like it rough?”

I just continued staring. “I…I don’t know.”

Suddenly he came down upon my nipple and sunk his teeth on it, causing me to cry out. “Like that?”

“YES!” I suddenly lost all inhibitions and screamed.

Steve moaned and sucked harder. Now his hand was inside my panties, working hard at my swollen clit. I felt his dick against my thigh, and I moved it up and down. He stood up and smiled, as I lay there completely horny and wanting more.

He took off his boxers and I gasped as I saw the dick that I witnessed earlier. Without question, I immediately raised up and flicked my tongue back and forth on the huge, purple head.

“Oh gosh, baby, you’ve done this before, haven’t you?”

I looked up and slightly smiled, as I slowly put the whole tip in my mouth, sucking slowly. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced me to take him all in. I almost gagged and pulled away.

“It’s okay, I like to hear that. Come on, sweetie. Show me how much of a slut you can be.”

I don’t know why, but in the instant he said slut, I moaned loudly against his cock and allowed him to push my head again, letting the head touch the back of my throat. He increased the pace little by little, until my head seemed to be a blur. Precum oozed out and coated my tongue. He tasted as good as I thought he would.

He suddenly pulled out of my mouth and gasped. “Lean back,” he said in half a voice.

I lied back on the couch and spread my legs, eager to know what was next. Steve quickly ripped my panties off and flung them across the room. He put his head next to my crotch and flicked his tongue a few times on the clit. I moaned and arched my back.

Grinning, he said, “Mmm, I wonder what it feels like.”

With that, he took a finger and slid it up and down on my slit, until he stopped above my hole. He pushed it in hard, and then wiggled it around, hitting my inner clit again and again. I yelped at the surprise pleasure.

“Wet…hmm…what should I do now?” He looked up at me, his finger still attacking my g-spot. I grabbed the back of his head and tried to push him forward, but he resisted. “No, baby, tell me what you want me to do.”

I closed my eyes and begged, “Please taste me. Lick my pussy, please!”

Steve grinned and quickly dove in, sucking my clit hard while still finger fucking me. He took his finger away, lifted my legs up high and sunk his tongue into my hole.

“Oh FUCK!” Never had anyone done that to me before. I took one of my fingers and rubbed my clit, as he continued to move his tongue in and out of me. I came almost instantly, and he felt it obviously, moaning at the taste.

He finally lifted his head up and kissed me on my lips, letting me taste myself for the first time. “Bend over,” he whispered in a stern, heated voice.

I turned over and arched my ass out at him, spreading my legs just slightly. I yelped as he slapped his hand aside my butt cheek.

“You want to feel me inside you now?” He slapped my ass again, only harder. “Answer me!”

“PLEASE!” I screamed.

“Little slut, wanting your cherry to be taken by a man old enough to be your father. You like that idea? An older man making you his?” He smacked my butt again, and I know the cheeks were turning red.

“Yes, sir, I do.”

I guess the sir remark did him in, because the next thing I knew, I felt his dick rubbing against my hole. “This will hurt for a moment, baby, but trust me, you’ll love it. I”ll be gentle at first.”

“Don’t be gentle,” I heard myself say, and with that, he growled and plunged into me hard. I cried out and grabbed the back of the couch, leaving deep imprints of my hands. He pumped hard and deep, occasionally slapping my ass.

At one point, he grabbed my hair and pulled, making my head reach his. “My cock feels good inside you, doesn’t it?”

“YES!” I screamed, “Fuck my tight pussy, Steve. Take my cherry!”

I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth and I guess he couldn’t either, because he moaned loudly, reached around to rub my clit and started to pound me faster.

I lost count of how many times I came as he was fucking me, because they all seemed to be one after the other after he started on my clit. Finally, he pulled out and pulled me around, letting my face right at his cock.

“Want to taste me?” he asked, and I smiled and opened my mouth wide. No sooner I did that, did I feel a huge amount of cum explode into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and covering my tongue. I waited until he was done pumping and then took it upon myself to lick up all the leftover from his cock. As I swallowed all of it down, he sat down next to me, spent and content.

“Wow,” he started, with a wink, “if I’d have known you were like that, I would have tried you a long time ago.”

I giggled and stared as he looked off in the distance. I then guided myself on top of his lap and started to rub my pussy against him slowly, feeling wet once again.

“Well, it’s not over yet, silly.”

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joe c wrote

older men are better nyounger women are awesome to make enjoy the special things when someone isnt only worried about themselves