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Into the Woods

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Chapter 1

My eyes tracked her as she warmed up at the head of the jogging trail. My body stayed still and silent, only my eyes moved. From this vantage point I would be able to see her for the first quarter mile before the trail curved out of sight. Then I’d creep back into the brush and navigate to my next observation post.

I’ve been watching runners and hikers for years. They come here onto my land to escape the confines of the city. They skirt the edge of the wilderness, just enough to brag to their drinking buddies that they are adventurous. They tell stories as if they’re the next Bear Grylls staring in Man vs. Wild. But they always stay to the path, falsely secure in their impenetrable bubble of safety. They never feel my eyes on them. They have evolved beyond the pricking of their neck hairs and no longer fear the dark. In their world they’d vanquished the dark with their streetlights, lamps and night lights. They illuminate everything so they can see what was coming for them. But in doing so, they’ve lost the primal reactions of their ancestors who knew when a predator watched.

I crouched down into position, keeping low with the scrub. I knew I would see her soon. In the quiet of the early morning I could just make out her labored breathing and the sound of the tread of her running shoes gripping the packed dirt of the jogging trail. When she entered my line of vision, my breath caught in my throat. She was exquisite. I’ve been here in this spot hundreds of times watching her, and her beauty always takes me by surprise. Her voluptuous body was incongruous with her athleticism. She’d never be one of the willowy lean runners; her DNA wouldn’t allow it. Her rounded hips swayed seductively. Each stride with a rhythm that beckoned to me. Her breasts held me captive. The way they bounced with each of her footfalls, even hindered by a sports bra. I clinched my hands to keep myself from jumping out and taking her now.

I think of her as “Red” even though she’s actually blonde. She wears something red every day. The evenings I shadowed her from her apartment, I noticed it right away. A scarf, jewelry or shoes, there was always something red. Most of the time it was obvious, but a few times I’d had to search for it. I’ve dreamed of peeling her out of her clothes to find red panties hidden beneath.

Winter was quickly moving into Spring, but today the temperatures had dipped with a last nod to the colder climate. She wore my favorite: a body hugging red hoodie. She must have known today would be special, and my cock began to stir in anticipation. I knew there wasn’t time for that, at least not yet. My timing had to be perfect and I couldn’t allow distractions.

She averages just over a nine minute mile. I know because I’ve clocked her. Monday mornings she takes a little longer, but I can understand that. I move a little slower on Mondays, too. The trail she runs is a five mile loop. Her furthest point out into the woods away from other trails is just near the two mile mark. That’s where I’ll take her.

I reached the final watch spot with time to spare. I pulled the rifle from its shoulder strap and got into stance. The stock was cold against my cheek, but it helped to calm my racing heart. I took a deep breath in, and then another, clearing my mind of everything but gun and target. I couldn’t afford to miss. I didn’t think of Red as a woman, right now she’s the mark. No different than a buck or a boar. I’m hunter; she’s prey.

Chapter 2

I took aim and squeezed the trigger. The tranquilizer dart pieced her upper thigh and she stumbled with the shock and sting of the impact. She went down hard on her knee and looked at the dart hanging from her leg. I could tell by her slowed movements that the drug was already working. But I didn’t want to give her a chance to cry out. The trails were mostly empty this early in the morning, but I didn’t want anyone to hear a distress call.

Slinging the tranquilizer rifle back over my shoulder, I stepped out onto the path and hurried to her side. She looked up into my eyes, her eyes wide with panic. She glanced down at my Ranger uniform and her eyes softened with relief. Her mouth opened as if to speak, but her tongue was already slowed from the drug and her voice came out muffled.

“Easy,” I said. “Let’s get you out of here.”

I picked her up, cradling her against my body. Her head fell against my shoulder and I took just a second to breathe in her scent before stepping back into the woods and heading toward my cabin. I had only taken a few steps before her breathing smoothed out and she went completely under.

I still keep my apartment in town, but I prefer to stay in the cabin. This past month I’d spent too much time in the city. I’ve been following Red, learning her habits, her friends, and where she worked. I knew I’d take her from here, the home field advantage, but I had to pick a day that would give me the most time before anyone noticed she’d disappeared. I’d overheard her talking to a friend that she was taking off Friday to run errands. With a little luck no one would report her missing until she didn’t show up to work on Monday. By then the trail would be cold, and I’d have plenty of time to scout back and remove any evidence.

Even if the police do come sniffing around here, as a Ranger I’ll be in on the investigation. The city police wouldn’t search these woods without utilizing the resources of the park services. I’d be in a position to know the progression of the investigation and be able to sway it accordingly.

I’d been working on enhancing my wolves den for a few years now. With just more than 400 square miles of National Forest, there are plenty of out of the way places and I found the perfect spot in a small natural cave. I’d built up a camouflage around the entrance making it virtually invisible unless you knew it was there. It’s close to the river, but not enough to be seen by those enjoying water sports. At only four miles away from the nearest hiking trail and more than ten miles from the campgrounds, its location was close enough to make it easily accessible but far enough away it was private.

The most challenging addition to my cave was to outfit it with a cage. I’d spent weeks hauling the equipment needed and several more to assemble and build it. The end result was certainly worth all the effort. I had an 8 x 12 cell furnished with a military cot.

I stepped into the enclosure and laid Red on the bed. I stood staring down at her and wondered how long she’d be under. I used the darts we keep at the Ranger station for smaller animals, but it would be a waiting game to see how long it would take her to surface from the effects of the drug. I removed her shoes and attached the red leather wrist and ankle cuffs that I’d special ordered just for her. I knew she’d love the color.

In all likelihood it would be awhile before she’d wake, and I had a list of things to do. I emptied her pockets, took her car key and cell phone. I took one last look at her before I walked out of the cell. I shut the door and clicked the pad lock shut. I didn’t fuck her yet. I didn’t want her unconscious. When I’m inside her, I want her to know it.

She drove a red Mini Cooper. It was a flashy little car and I would be noticeable driving one in my Ranger uniform. I changed into street clothes and headed back to the park entrance.

I had picked out a place in town to abandon the car. I wore gloves, but I wiped it down anyway. I also did a quick check for any trace I may have left. I wasn’t too worried about debris from the park, because she did run there every morning. But my hair would be harder to explain if found by law enforcement.

I’d locked a bicycle a few blocks away and was happy to see it still there. I rode back to my apartment, locked the bike inside and drove my motorcycle back to the Ranger station in time for work.

Chapter 3

I arrived back at the cave just before nightfall. She was still out of it. I didn’t think she was a good enough actress to be faking it, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I walked around the cage to the back corner where the cot was placed. I reached in through the bars and checked her pulse. Slow and steady, she was still under the drug’s influence.

I unlocked the door and tossed the keys along with the lock across the room onto my bed. I entered the cell and knelt down beside her. I freed her hair from the braid and fanned out the blonde waves around her shoulders. It was as soft as I’d imagined it would feel. I ran my fingers through the thick mass of it. I unzipped her hoodie and spread it open. She had on a white t-shirt with red stitching and her jogging pants were black with red piping along the sides. I wanted to know if I was right about her panties and hooked my fingers under the waistband of her pants and slid them down her legs.

A little red cotton triangle was the only thing separating her pussy from my view. My cock had been rousing but now jumped to attention. If I was going to keep from fucking her now, I needed to put some distance between us. But I wanted to see more of her. I removed her hoodie and t-shirt. Her red sports bra would be more difficult to get off so I pulled out my pocket knife and cut the offending material away from her magnificent breasts. They spilled into my hands in gratitude of being released from their bindings. They were heavy in my hands. The creamy white mounds of her breasts were capped in dark pink nipples that tightened from being exposed to the chill in the air. My fingers kneaded into her tits and my cock was now straining against my pants.

I put her hoodie back on her, but didn’t zip it up. I removed the jogging pants and left her panties in place. I took her arms and positioned them above her head and pushed her hands through the bars. I took a lock from my pocket and threaded it through the O-rings on her wrist cuffs and clicked it into place. When she woke up I didn’t want there to be any doubt of why she’s here. The sooner she understands that the easier it will go for her.

I took a moment to leer at her as she was splayed out before me. With her hands shackled behind her head, it pulled the jacket open enough so that her breasts were bared. Her hair spilled down and over her shoulders almost brushing against her hardened nipples that peeked out. In this stretched position it accentuated her flat belly that was exposed all the way down to her panties. The red of the material that framed her breasts and covered her pussy accentuated her alabaster skin. She was perfection.

I reluctantly tossed a blanket over her and locked up her enclosure. Then I set about starting a fire and getting my dinner ready.

I had just finished eating when I heard the first sounds of her stirring. She would be disoriented and probably a little nauseous as she was coming up out of the fog from the drugs.

I stood outside the bars and watched her face as she came back into herself. It was gradual at first with just a few moans and her head slowly moving from side to side. She struggled against the restraints still half under and seemed confused about why her hands weren’t working. When her eyes did finally open, she looked up at her wrists and saw them bound around a prison bar.

She strained against her cuffs. Because I’d left her legs free, she was able to tuck her feet up underneath her and sit up. But once she’d moved into a more vertical position the blanket slid down to her waist baring her breasts. She looked down and saw her state of undress and yanked harder against her bindings. Her breasts swayed with her jerky movements and I sucked in air.

At my noise she turned her head and we locked eyes. Hers widened in recognition and she took several shallow quick breaths. My gaze dropped back to her tits. She turned her body and tried to cover herself with her arms. “Who are you? Why am I here?” she demanded.

I didn’t answer her. The first question didn’t matter and as for the second, she already knew the answer. And if she didn’t, she would find out soon enough.

I opened the door to her cage and stepped inside. She scooted back further against the corner of the cell. “Don’t come any closer or I’ll scream,” she threatened.

I took hold of the blanket, pulled it off of her and tossed it to the floor. Her arms started to shake, and I was sure it wasn’t from the cold.

“Face forward,” I said.

She shook her head and tried to tuck herself further into her arms.

I sat down on the edge of the bed. Her head snapped up when she felt my weight dip the mattress.

“You’re in the middle of nowhere. Go ahead and scream if you’d like, but no one will hear you. You’re now completely at my mercy. From this point forward everything you have will be because I’ve provided it including your food and water. You have value because you please me, but if you don’t then there won’t be a reason to keep you.”

I let her think about that a moment. She’d seen me, could describe my face, and knew I was a Ranger. I couldn’t let her go now; we’ve passed that point. I could see she was working that out in her head.

“Face forward,” I repeated.

Her arms were still shaking, but she turned toward me. I reached out to brush her hair back and she flinched and closed her eyes tight, but she didn’t turn away. After pushing back all of her hair I returned my hands to my lap until she opened her eyes.

“Now, slide back down so you’re lying on your back,” I said.

Her eyes closed again and she whispered, “Please don’t do this.”

I again waited until her eyes opened. I arched an eyebrow, but she still didn’t move. “Would you prefer me to bind your ankles too?” I asked.

Her breathing quickened again. God damn her breasts were glorious. It was a struggle not to yank her down and take my cock out and plunge into her. But I wanted her to do it on her own, so I was being generous with the timing. I wouldn’t be as accommodating next time, but to get her to submit to me now, I’d give her a moment to think.

My patience paid off. She started to wiggle her way back down on the bed.

“All the way so that your hands are taunt against the bars.”

I was still sitting on the corner and again my eyes were drawn to the hypnotic waves of her abundant breasts as she shimmied her way down. She slid down as far as her bound wrists would allow, but she’d kept her legs pressed tightly together. That wouldn’t do.

“Open them.”

“I can’t, please don’t make me,” she said.

I reached into my pocket to remove a knife. It wasn’t the most intimidating weapon at my disposal, but I thought the metallic hiss while opening the edge would help to make my point. Her eyes followed the trajectory as I exposed the blade. She flinched when it clicked into place.

I buried my free hand into her hair and fisted it tight to hold her still. I didn’t want her to be able to jerk away and accidentally cause me to cut her. I brought the knife down flat to rest against the hollow beneath her jaw. I could feel the hilt pulsing against my palm to her erratic pulse.

“Have you ever been hunting?” I asked. “There’s an art to field dressing a kill. The first step is exsanguination.” I pulled the knife across her neck as I’d been speaking, angled toward the blunted back of the blade. Her skin was so fair that even the blunt edge made a mark across her delicate skin.

“Stop, please. Put the knife away and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Slowly she parted her thighs and she was again spread out before me. This time she was awake and aware of where she was and to whom she’d debased herself.

I leaned over her and brushed my lips across the line I’d made on her neck. “That’s my girl.”

Chapter 4

I stood up and snapped the knife closed. Once I’d removed my clothes, I wanted it within easy reach, but more importantly I wanted her to know it was still nearby.

Red whimpered and I saw tears start to form in the corners of her eyes. My cock was standing at attention and I wanted nothing more than to nestle between her thighs and to mindlessly fuck the stunning body she’d displayed before for me. But I didn’t want to hurt her more than necessary. I wanted her to give in, not to fight me. I’d rather the knife not make an

I settled back onto the corner of the bed and wrapped my hand around her ankle. She gasped and kicked out, but I’d expected that and tightened my grip. She wasn’t able to break my hold. Once she stopped struggling I slowly ran my fingers up the inside of her leg along the curve of her calf to the inside of her thigh. She squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her face into the sleeve of her hoodie.

I kept traveling higher until I was cupping her pussy. There was still the barrier of her panties between her skin and mine, and I knew she could feel the heat radiating off of me. I pressed against her with the heel of my palm, massaging her with small circles. Because I had her legs spread so wide, I could feel the crests and valley between her pussy lips and clit.

“Look at me,” I said. “I want to see your eyes.”

She shook her head and kept her face hidden against her chained arm.

“This is the last time I’m giving you a choice. You’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you and I’ll do my best not to hurt you. You might even start to enjoy it. Or, you can keep fighting me and I promise you, it will not be pleasant.”

She turned her head and lifted smoky green eyes to meet mine. Her tear-dampened lashes framed them and they reminded me of the woods after a heavy rain. I wondered if they’d brighten when my cock was stuffed inside her.

Now that I had her attention and compliance, I moved into a kneeling position between her open legs. I lifted her hips until the back of her thighs were resting on the front of mine, angling her pussy toward me. I traced a line up and down the fabric at the crotch of her panties before snaking around the material to slide a finger inside her. Her quads tightened at my invasion, but she kept her legs spread. I couldn’t get too far in, because she was as dry as the Mojave.

I removed my hand and leaned forward over her body. My cock strained against the cotton barrier and I couldn’t stop myself from grinding against her. Her breath stuttered and she let out a small cry.

I held two fingers to her mouth. “Open up.” Her lips parted and I slid them inside. She began to suckle them without prompting. Seeing her full lips wrapped around my fingers kept my hips straining against her. I watched as her cheeks hollowed while she worked her mouth and tongue. She was going to be a great cocksucker.

Once my fingers were covered with her saliva I pushed back up into my kneeling position and I hooked her panties to the side, exposing her pussy to my view at last. She wasn’t clean shaven as I prefer, but it was nice to see that the carpet matched the drapes. I eased one finger past her blonde landing strip and felt her velvety cunt stretch around me. She was tighter than I expected. I pumped my hand several times, going deeper with each thrust and then added another finger.

“Do you like that?” I asked.

“Y – yes,” she stammered. When I looked back up to her face, each time she blinked another tear carved a path down her dampened cheeks.

“You don’t sound convincing. Tell me you like the way I feel inside you, that you’re ready for my cock and not just my fingers.” At her silence I punched harder inside her vagina and added a third finger. “Tell me.”


“Please, what?” I jabbed my fingers faster inside of her tight cunt. I wanted her to know that not obeying would result in her pain.

“I need you,” she said between sobs.

“What do you need?” I wanted her to say it.

“Your cock. I need your cock inside me.”

I smiled down at her and eased the pressure of my assault within her. My thrusts gentled and smoothed out into a more leisurely exploration of her depths. She had gotten wet during the abuse of my fingers. I could feel the slipperiness of her juices that had started to flow. I wasn’t under the illusion that she wanted me or was enjoying my touch, but she couldn’t stop her body’s physiological response to the stimulation. The musky scent of her sex filled my nose as I pushed in and out of her honeyed cunt.

“Your wish is my command.”

A simple twist and pull with my fists and I ripped her panties off. Kneeling between her gaping thighs I took my straining cock into my hand. I wiped my slick coated fingers around the crown and positioned myself at the wet hollow of her core and plunged inside. I watched as my dick was swallowed by her pussy.

I sank balls deep into her, holding still inside her pussy savoring how I’d stretched her open to conform around my thick cock. Then I began to move. I pulled my hips slowly away before sliding back home. I kept it slow and steady. My eyes drifted closed and my head tipped back as I reveled in her heat engulfing me.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I asked.

I couldn’t hear her muffled response, so I tilted my head forward to look down at her. But it was her full breasts swaying with each of my thrusts that caught my attention. I reached out and filled my hands, squeezing and kneading them while my cock continued to piston inside her increasingly wet pussy. I let go long enough to swat her nipples with my fingers. Her pussy convulsed around my cock with each slap as I alternated between groping and slapping.

She was crying in earnest now, but I was too frenzied to care. My breathing was labored and I was grunting each time I punched into her sweet muff. She felt fucking incredible. I could feel the blood pounding in my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“That’s it, baby. Take my cock. You know you want it. You’re my cock whore, aren’t you? Say it.” I demanded.

“Yes, I’m your cock wh-whore,” she managed to get out between her whimpers and cries.

“You want my cum in you don’t you? Tell me.”

“Please. Cum inside me.”

I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her up to meet the driving force of my cock. My fingers dug into her skin as I kept pounding into her tight cunt. It was only a few more thrusts before my balls tightened and I shouted my release as I emptied my load into her pussy.

I stayed buried inside of her for several minutes. Lanquishing in my conquest. Months of planning had led to this moment and I wanted to savor it. When I did slide out of her I lowered her hips back down to the bed and watched as my cum oozed out of her beautifuly swollen and used cunt. My cunt. I’d never felt more virile and alive.

I wiped my cock off with my briefs and gathered my scattered clothes and stepped out to lock the gate. Before unlocking her wrists I reached back inside the enclosure to stroke her hair. She had exceeded my expectations.

“You were amazing,” I whispered. I felt her flinch, but I knew that would ease with time. Soon my touch would be her entire world.

Chapter 5

“Honey, I’m home,” I said as I walked around the camouflage at the entrance to the cave.

Red was still huddled under the blanket in the back corner. I wasn’t surprised, especially since I hadn’t left her any clothes except for the hoodie. I wouldn’t reward her with clothing until she’d learned her place. Until then I’d only allow what she’d need to stay warm. I longed for warmer weather so I could take the blanket away, too.

We’d had one of our regular hikers report damage to one of the trails, the one that weaved closest to my place. I’d quickly volunteered to look into it and as it turned out the damage wasn’t as extensive as we’d originally thought. I radioed in that I’d be able to handle it on my own, but that it would take me most of the afternoon.

A small rock slide had smashed into a tree and several mid-sized chunks of stone along with the amputated branches blocked the path. I’d exaggerated the damage to my colleagues to squeeze in some time with Red since I was so close. I made quick work of clearing the debris, and headed home for another taste of her.

I’d picked up a small gift that I’d intended to present to her tonight, and now thanks to a little help from Mother Nature I’d be able to give it to her early.

“Is that any way to greet me?” I asked. “When I come in, you will stand to welcome me home.”

She stood and dropped the blanket to the floor. The hoodie was zipped up to her chin, and she’d stretched it so that it hung low enough to just drape over her pussy. My cock flared to life seeing her standing there barely covered inside the cage I’d built for her.

I walked up to the bars. “Come here.”

She took her time to cross the few steps that would bring her to stand in front of me. I reached through the bars and slowly unzipped her jacket and pushed it off of her shoulders until it dropped to the ground. She stood before me naked and I couldn’t resist the urge to touch her. I cupped her breasts and hefted them in my hands, running my thumbs across her nipples. She closed her eyes and shivered.

“Much better,” I said. “I’ve brought you a gift.” I reluctantly pulled my hands back through the bars to reach into my pack for the paperback novel I’d picked up for her. “I’m not sure what you’d prefer to read, but I hate to think about you getting bored when I’m not home.”

She accepted the book that I held out to her and stood there holding it. I don’t think she knew quite what to do. We were still in the getting-to-know-you awkward phase.

“Now you can thank me.”

“Thank you,” she parroted back at me.

“You’re welcome. I was thinking about a more physical demonstration. On your knees.”

Her eyes flashed up to mine. Up until now she’d been staring at a point past my shoulder, facing toward me, but not actually looking at me. I had her attention, now.

“You want me to…,” she didn’t seem to be able to get the words out.

“I want you to thank me properly. Drop down to your knees, and don’t forget your performance will drive future gifts.”

Her breasts heaved with a long sigh before she sank down onto the floor. I took a moment to take in the view. Her sandy blonde hair fell in soft waves past her shoulders, caressing the tops of her breasts. Her flat belly flared into lush hips and her smooth white skin seemed to glow in the dim interior of the cave. The submissive pose was intoxicating.

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants to mid-thigh, just enough to expose my cock and balls. My fist pumped up the length of my semi-erect shaft as I watched her kneeling before me. I considered just jacking off and cumming onto her mountainous tits, but I wanted to feel her mouth convulsing around me as I fired off down her throat.

I reached a hand through the bars, cupping the back of her head and pulled her forward until her lips grazed across the tip of my cock. Once I had her into position, I released my hold on her. I wanted to see what she’d do on her own without me guiding her.

She shook her head and her petal soft lips feathered across my head. I’m not sure if she was trying to arouse or was just still in denial, but the light brushing felt amazing. I could feel my pole expanding to full mast.

One trembling hand wrapped around me. Her hand felt cool against my heated flesh. She held me mid shaft and her thumb rubbed the underside, stroking up and down applying pressure on the down stroke. I let out an encouraging moan at the intimate massage. Her big cat’s eyes looked up at me when she heard my vocalization. She was a wet dream come to life kneeling before me with my cock just a whisper away from her lush lips. My fingers twitched with the need to reach in and force her down onto me.

She dropped her eyes back to my cock and her tongue flicked out to trail the vein running up the length of my dick and followed through with a sensuous kiss. It wasn’t just a peck of her lips, her mouth opened around me with her bottom lip nestled in the hollow beneath my head and her top lip sucking my skin into her wet mouth. Her tongue continued to tease when her mouth was open.

A bit of pre-cum escaped while she was French kissing my cockhead, and her tongue flicked out and caught the droplet. She made a little purring noise when she tasted me and finally she took me into her hot mouth. She continued to just concentrate on my head. Her tongue was doing magical things while her hand reached down to massage my balls.

After spending several minutes on my knob she began to take more of me in her mouth. I could feel the tugging of my skin as her cheeks worked around my shaft. I could hear her wet sucking sounds as she went to town on my dick. She was really getting into it. When she’d sucked my fingers the night before I’d thought she’d be good, but I had no idea she’d be the best mouth to grace my cock.

She snaked her arms through the bars and around my waist pulling me closer. My hips were pressed tight against the bars as she opened her throat and took all of me down into her throat. She gagged a couple of times before she was able to relax and expand her throat enough to accommodate me easily.

My cock had been steadily weeping pre-cum while she’d bobbed up and down and I knew I was getting close. My hands fisted around the bars, my knuckles going white as I tried to hold back, but her mouth was just too skillful. I felt my cum shoot out in three concussive heavy streams. She didn’t stop sucking when I came, and I watched her mouth and throat as they milked my cock to the last drop.

She held me in her talented hot mouth until I was completely spent and only then did she ease back and let my cock fall from her lips. She had blown my mind as well as my cock.

I offered her a hand through the bars to help her stand. Once upright, I pulled her close and kissed her cheek. “I’ve got to get back to work, but I’ll see you tonight. Enjoy your book.”

I righted my clothes and hiked back to the Ranger station with a very satisfied grin on my face.

Chapter 6

I had an extra pep in my step on my way home. It was a special day for me and Red, today we’d be celebrating our one month anniversary. We’d established a routine of sorts and she’d come around, or at least resigned herself to her situation. She’s always been pliant, but is now enthusiastic. I can even get her to cum more often. It’s still not every time because she’s so fucking hot I lose myself when I’m inside her, but I try to make sure that she gets off too.

I still keep her inside the cage when I’m asleep and during the day while I’m at work, but I allow her out in the evenings now that’s she’s proven herself trustworthy. I’d had to Red-proof the place and haul in a locked cabinet for all my weapons and anything I thought she could use as one. It was a small price to pay to have her in my larger bed with a wider frame in which to bind her.

“Honey I’m home.” I called out my usual greeting.

When I stepped into the cave she was standing at the gate to her enclosure. She was wearing a sheer red baby doll nightie that barely covered her pussy. It was the first article of clothing I’d gifted her with and I’d asked her to wear it tonight.

“Hi, baby, welcome home.” I loved to hear her voice. It was sultry but still held a hint of girlish coquettishness. It wrapped around my cock and made it wake up and take notice.

“I have a special night planned for us. Do you know what today is?” I asked.

She furrowed her brow, but couldn’t seem come to up with anything. She shook her head. I prefer she speak when I ask her a question, but today was a day for celebration and I didn’t want to wreck the mood.

“It’s our one month anniversary and I’ve brought you a gift,” I said. I reached into my pack and pulled out a shoe box and passed it to her through the bars.

She took the package and then looked at the bars. I’m sure she wanted to ask why I hadn’t let her out for the night, but tonight I thought should be reminiscent of our first days together. I wanted to fuck her in the cage I had built for her.

She didn’t say anything, though. She really was turning out to be as perfect as I’d hoped.

She pulled the red platform stiletto pumps out of the box. They were the first shoes I’ve given her. I wasn’t worried about her escaping in them, but I would need to make sure they were put away after we were done. Those heels could do some serious damage if she had a mind to use them.

After grabbing a few chains and locking up all my daily Ranger equipment, I opened the gate and joined her in the cage. I didn’t bother with locking the door or tying her up first. We were beyond that now. She was mine and she knew it.

“I thought we’d celebrate in here. Why don’t you put the shoes on and come stand over here.” I said. “Oh, and just the shoes, lose the nightie.”

She put the shoes onto the cot and lifted one leg, giving me a shot of her pussy and slipped one foot into a pump. She repeated the peep show with the second. Once she was standing up in the mile high heels, she spun around, flaring up the nightie. It was sheer, but not completely see through. I could see hints of what was beneath the gauzy film, but nothing was in clear focus.

She grasped the material from the hem and slowly raised it up revealing her pussy that had already made a brief appearance. We were now keeping her shaved as I prefered. I liked being able to see her smooth petal-soft lips as opened up and swallowed my cock.

Next for my viewing pleasure was the flat plain of her abdomen and then her amazing breasts, their rosey tips already hard and twisted. She tossed the nightie onto the cot and stood before me in her new fuck me pumps, which is what I planned to do.

I was still standing by the open gate and for what I had planned I needed her in the open space between her cot and the door. I crooked a finger and bid her to come to me.

The height she gained with the pumps put her almost eye level with me. I took her by the shoulders and spun her around so that her back and ass were pressed up against me. I took a moment to feast on her neck while my hands groped at her breasts, tugging and twisting her nipples. She moaned and leaned back against me, grinding her ass against my crotch. She was becoming quite the sex kitten.

I nudged her legs open with my boots until her legs were slightly more than shoulder width apart. I dropped my hands to her hips to steady her as I stepped back.

“Stay in that pose,” I said.

I dropped to my knee and looped one chain from a bar to her left and one on her right. The two ends I locked into place on the O-rings of each ankle cuff. She was now spread open and wouldn’t be able to close her legs.

“Now bend over and give me your wrists.” She didn’t hesitate, even though I’d never chained her in this position before. I locked her wrists to the ankle cuffs. It was a heady feeling to have this gorgeous woman obeying my every command.

I stood and admired the silhouette she presented. The heels made her legs look a mile long and her calves were flexed because of the forced height difference. She was now chained with her beautifully rounded ass pointing up at me. I could see her open exposed pussy peeking at me from between her thighs.

My hands landed on her ass. I caressed and squeezed the twin globes before sliding my hand under the curve to her exposed pussy. She was wet and ready for me. When my finger entered her she moaned and thrust back with her hips shoving my finger in deeper.

“God, you’re such a slut now. Aren’t you?” I asked. I added two more fingers; she was wet enough to take it and I pushed in deeper, my fingers curling up to hit her g-spot.

“Yes, I’m your fucking slut. Finger fuck me and make me cum like the whore I am.”

“Do you want it harder?”

“Yes, please, yes harder.”

I slowed my fingers to a crawl until I stopped moving completely. I was still inside her, but no longer moving. “If you want it harder, you’re going to have to do it yourself. Fuck my hand with your cunt.”

Her hips began a rolling motion undulating back against my hand. I pushed my fingers as far into her as they would go. Her breathing was getting erratic as she kept up her intoxicating motions, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her pussy engulfing my fingers. She was slamming herself onto me with abandon and her moans and whimpers got louder. She continued to pick up speed going faster and harder with each thrust onto me and my hand was soaked in her juices. She was riding my hand like she’d never get a chance to cum again.

Her pussy was squeezing against my fingers and I added in the last one. My free arm circled her waist and searched out the feverish skin of her mound. Her clit was swollen and pushing out. She came with the first flick of my finger and slammed down hard onto my hand and shuddered her release.

I held onto her until her breathing came back to normal and I slipped my hand out of her drenched cunt. I used my less messy hand to open my pants and pull out my dick. I smeared the slippery mess onto my erection and positioned myself at her gaping hole.

“What the fuck is going on here?” a voice from behind me asked.

I spun around and saw a man standing in the entrance of my cave. He was dressed like he’d been out hunting. But I didn’t see a gun on him. I was tucking myself back into my pants and heading toward him when Red started screaming.

“Help! Help me, I’ve being held prisoner.”

“It’s ok honey, he’s not part of the fantasy. I’ll just get rid of him.” I tried to diffuse the situation and make it sound like we were just a couple acting out our fantasies. “It’s ok man, the wife likes captive / rape scenes. You can head on out. Nothing more to see.” I tried to stay in front of Red so he couldn’t get a good look at her. I know her description is all around town and I didn’t want to give him any ideas.

“No! He’s holding me as a sex slave. My name is Casey Miller. Please you have to help me.”

The stranger tensed when he heard her name. If he was a local then he was sure to know it. “Ok, sure sure. I’ll just head out and leave you two to your privacy.”

He backed out around the camouflaged wall.

“Damn it!” I shouted. I headed to my cabinet and cursed my leniency with Red as I fumbled with the locks to get the cabinet open. I grabbed a knife and a pistol and left the door open. Red was still chained and wasn’t going anywhere. “When I get back, you will regret that little outburst,” I told her.

Chapter 7

I followed him out of the cave and scanned the area for a sign of which direction he had gone. I couldn’t let him reach civilization, he’d seen too much.

But he hadn’t gotten far. He was crouched down with his back to me trying to get his rifle out of its carry case. He must have dropped his gear to come inside to investigate. He shouldn’t have left his weapon if he thought there was trouble. It’s always the small mistakes that come back to haunt you.

I pulled back the slide to chamber a round and rotated the safety off. The metallic rasping got his attention and he whipped his head around to stare at me.

“Drop it.” I said. When he didn’t do it immediately, I followed up with, “Now, motherfucker.”

He dropped his hands from the half exposed rifle and started to rise into a standing position. It was a slow ascent until the very end when he whipped around. With the momentum of his spin, he threw a knife. It grazed across my arm before I could get off a clean shot and I fired wide into the trees.

I tried to raise my gun back into stance, but he’d already leapt toward me and tackled me. The guy was fast. I landed hard on my back and he followed through with an upper cut into my jaw. I was seeing stars, but I managed to keep hold of the gun.

He didn’t have a tight hold on me and I rolled away before he could get in another punch. I had him by at least fifty pounds, so if I could get in a hit, I would be able to even up the fight. But at the moment his speed and agility was kicking my ass.

I did my best to ignore the throbbing pain from my arm. I could feel my shirt sticking into the oozing wound. He must have clipped me harder than I’d thought. I still had the use of it, but it hurt like a son of a bitch.

I was getting to my feet, but he’d already leapt to his. From my kneeling position, I attempted to aim my gun at him. His boot made contact with my wrist and the gun skittered into a copse of trees out of reach. He reared back to kick again, this time I caught his foot, twisted and flipped him to the ground.

I made it back up on my feet, pulled my knife and got into fighting stance. I would be ready this time and he wouldn’t find me such an easy mark.

He mirrored my stance and we circled each other, sizing one another up, neither of us committing yet to that first attack. He was unarmed and I had a knife, my reach was already longer than his, so I decided to make a move. He’d pissed me off, and I wanted to get in a little pay back.

I struck out with the knife aiming toward his chest. He grabbed my wrist to block and held on. I knew he’d have to concentrate on the knife so I sent my left flying into his jaw. I connected and he stumbled back. It was satisfying to get in a hit and to watch his neck whiplash from my fist. I didn’t want to lose the momentum, so I followed him, pressing my advantage.

We exchanged blows, mostly feeling each other out. I’d managed to get in a cut, but it didn’t seem to be slowing him down. I was surprised by his endurance. He must have had training in fighting, perhaps military. I kept steadily moving him back and he’d lose open ground soon and would be into the trees.

I amped up my assault. When he was just a few steps away from the uneven ground, I flicked the knife and cut him again. The distance had shrunk between us and I could smell the blood and sweat we were both losing. An uppercut with my left surprised him, and he stumbled back and went down.

I was changing my grip on my knife so I could slam down and bury it into his heart. But, before I could start my descent he’d found my gun, and was pointing it at me. I didn’t think, I just charged.

I felt the impact before I heard the rapport. Searing pain shot through me and all I could see was a blinding white light before everything went dark.

Chapter 8

Sean got to his feet. Even though there was no doubt the body on the ground was dead, he still kicked the knife away. He put the gun into his waistband and ran his fingers through his hair. It had been a long time since he’d had to kill another human.

He had heard about the girl, Casey. Everyone around here had, her disappearance had made the news for weeks. But with no new evidence it had lost momentum with the media. It was difficult for him to believe she’d been kept in a cage out here this whole time, and by one of the Park Rangers. He’d recognized the man lying at his feet. Sean had been coming out here long enough that he knew all the Rangers if not by name, at least by sight.

This was going to be a hell of a mess, he thought.

He picked up the knife and headed back toward the cavern. Inside the scene hadn’t changed, since the girl was still bound. She’d been watching the entrance from between her legs because of the way she’d been chained it was her only angle. He dropped his gaze when he realized he was staring at her naked body that was bent over and spread open like a buffet waiting to be sampled.

“Is he…?” she asked.

“Yes,” Sean answered. “He’s dead.”

She closed her eyes for a moment, and he thought she was going to cry. She did take a deep breath and he noticed her breasts for the first time. Again he had to look away.

“Ma’am do you know where he kept the keys?” he asked.

“He always kept them on a key ring he carried. They should be in his pocket.”

“Ok then,” he said. “I’ll be right back.”

He turned and marched back into the woods to retrieve the keys. The body was still where he’d left it. Something would have to be done soon before the buzzards showed up. He knelt down beside the corpse to check the pockets. The key ring was the only thing he found.

His thoughts drifted back to how long she’d been kept in that cave. How long would she have been held captive here had he not come along? And if there hadn’t been sex noises coming from the cave he wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t have walked right past it.

The gate to the cage was standing open and he walked through. His eyes were drawn to the naked woman adorned with chains and splayed open before him. He took a deep steading breath. It was a mistake. He could smell her now, the scent of her sex still heavy in the air. And yes, her thighs were still wet with her juices.

They weren’t looking for her anymore, he thought. It wouldn’t take much to get rid of the Ranger’s body, not in the deeper sections of the park where the larger predators roamed. She was already in a cage.

He looked back at her lush body and dropped his hands to his belt.

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