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The Bottom Tier

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There were two levels of life in the year 2356, in the former capital cities. In one level you were wealthy and well off. Life was provided by high-paying jobs and low taxes. Life was one long game that you struggled to satisfy yourself with using sex or entertainment. The slave industry was alive and well, buying healthy eggs from the starving inhabitants of another life to clone new humans.

The bulk of these clones were soldiers and regulators. The regulators patrolled the safe, healthy world of the Upper Tier to protect the safe and happy people within it. These men (they were all men) were imbued with strong senses of loyalty and obedience and fierce protectiveness. They got many of these genes from a German Shepard.

The rest of these were all for sexual pleasure. Beautiful women and men with perfect bone structures and perfect bodies and flawless coordination were sold for incredible prices and the more you had, the higher your status was. Then they made the Ladyboys.

The Ladyboys were sad, frail children cobbled together from an unearthly beautiful combination of male and female. Some of the sweet little girls had penises and prostates, while some of the sad-eyed little boys had vaginas and clitorises. Most of the confused things had weird combinations of the two. Without exception the poor things were very beautiful and very small, and very easily hurt.

After the first ‘batch’ of fifty children were sold their popularity exploded. Thousands of pre-orders came in and the Generippers all smiled with ecstasy at all the money they would make. Batch after batch of underweight test-tube babies were ‘born’ in disposable polyurethane uteruses.

They grew up in short deprived childhoods where they were trained from an early age how to give pleasure to older men and women. At the tender age of three, they were given dozens of cruel, expensive shots that caused them unbearable agony, but made them immune to STD’s. The trainers were cruel and depraved.

The other life was in the Bottom Tier, here, everyone was poor. Everyone worked in factories that supported the Upper Tier. The only way to get up was to get enough money to buy a Tier license and to get a job. There was little food, no health care, and heinous crime and prostitution.

The two worlds collided very suddenly on a beautiful October day. A very small, wounded Ladyboy was huddled into a ball on his thin foam pad. This Ladyboy had managed to steal a scrap of food from a clogged trash-chute and the poor thing had been viciously whipped with a thin bamboo cane. He was too weak and starved to do his regular training so he was huddled on his bed. A few hours before a janitor on his lunch break had come in and raped him and he was still weeping from the pain and shame of that episode.

Two hundred yards down and an entire universe away a gang of half-starved men and women readied Old World weapons such as bullet-firing pistols and hand grenades. They went over a shaky plan to run up into the Upper Tier, knock out the guards and steal as much medicine from the Generipper center as they could. This medicine could be sold for credit, or food in the Bottom Tier.

A huge explosion shook the building where a tiny, mostly male Ladyboy trembled with fear. When the rangy group of renegades from the Bottom Tier came in the Ladyboy cried and covered his eyes. A shiny SteelFiber collar was around his thin, vulnerable neck. The round silvery tag read, KIP. And below that, there was a bar code and a small round tracker.

Five lean desperate men and two lean desperate women burst through the door and they saw the pitiful beautiful boy naked and crying chained by one fragile ankle to a thin pallet.

Kip screamed weakly in fear as the men and women ran towards him. He was so small, and every single full-grown human had either hurt or neglected him. He cowered from the seven strangers silent and trembling. A small sensor on the collar flashed franticly in time with his heart.

A woman hesitated. “I think it’s just a boy…”

“No way” a man growled. “Not if it has the damn collar on. It’ll probably grow tits or something in a few years, but let’s grab it, we could get enough off of that thing to turn us all into senators.”

Five ran on to the next room but a man and a woman stayed to drag the Ladyboy out. Kip passed out from the terror and the pain of his bruised body being shaken and thrown around like a small dog’s toy.

Kip woke up in the Bottom Tier. He was locked in a tiny cage. The heart-rate light pulsed slowly. The tiny space comforted him. He was so badly abused already that simple things like the collar, or small spaces, or being tied up made him feel better.

The light started pulsing faster when a door opened and a hand reached inside. Being in a small place wasn’t the same thing as being cornered. No creature that flew, walked, swam, crawled, or oozed liked being trapped. Not even unnatural things like the Ladyboy.

He gave a high-pitched yelp as the hand grasped him by the collar and dragged him out. He was thrown down onto the floor and an Upper Tier man looked him over with bright eyes and frightening clutching hands. The lean men and women watched with a mixture of pity and disgust, but if the rich man bought the frail Ladyboy then they would have enough money to join the Upper Tier.

The Regulators burst into the old warehouse then. Somehow, the tiny Ladyboy managed to escape. He ran on legs that were weak from malnourishment and bruised from his last punishment. He managed to break the tracker on his collar with a rock and to disappear into the darkness of the Bottom Tier.


Kip lived outside the wild part of the Bottom Tier. He lived in a place so picked over and inhospitable that no one in their right mind would live there. It was a collapsed elementary school. Only Kip, with his skinny lithe body and his tiny frame and his knowledge of the precarious rubble gave him a place to sleep. A pile of mangled steel desks held up the rubble in one small spot. A spot that was barely three feet wide and four feet long and two feet tall.

He had lined his secret place with scraps of cloth and bedding over the years, creating a tiny nest. He cowered in this nest now. He whimpered in his sleep and slept gingerly and lightly. Not for the first time, or the second time or by God not even the tenth time… Kip had been raped.

He had been digging for trash and he had mistaken their clumsy footsteps for some scavenger. They had stolen his clothes and his water bottle and a foil wrapper in his pocket that still had oily smears on it from a sandwich. They had stolen his worn SteelFiber collar that he still wore for comfort. Then all five of them had raped him.

He hurt. He hurt so badly. His entire body was bruised and sore and his ass was a quivering chasm of muscle that had been bleeding on and off for the last three days. He had eaten the last of his emergency rations about a day ago because he was too frightened to leave his safe place. The rations themselves had been pitiful, an energy bar and a handful of dried fruit.

Kip woke up from his nightmare with a frightened gasp. Kip was beautiful. Even starving and frightened and dirty, the Ladyboy was gorgeous. Kip was a little more than five feet tall. He was slim and flexible with a tiny waist and skinny legs. He had soft, full hips like a girl and small, firm breasts. Kip was a boy. He identified as one. He had a small penis and testicles and a prostate. He was a boy with breasts and an Adam’s apple and soft androgynous features. His hair was shaved short to disguise his girlish looks a little but it only made him look younger and more vulnerable.

After calming down a little he put on his only clothing. He had a thin loose t-shirt and baggy ripped jeans. They were ripped at the bottom where Kip had tailored them to fit his short legs and they were ripped at the waist where someone had ripped them off to fuck him and they were ripped and bloody at the knees where he had fallen while being pursued. Ripping for fashion was something only done in the Upper Tier.

Kip had no shoes so he wrapped layers of dirty rags around his feet. The soles of his feet were callused and hard and black with dirt. Tears gathered in the corners of his large dark eyes. Kip was hungry and afraid of those men who had raped him. The trash was bare and picked over. Kip knew that the only way he would survive was to sell his body for food. He had done it before, but the selling of his body was never without fear and pain and attempts to enslave and hurt him.

It took Kip ten minutes to crawl out of the safe place. He was slow from the pain and he was painfully cautious. He shivered, feeling naked and sick without a collar. Once he got into the dark winding streets, Kip became a wraith, a shadow. He melted into the darkness against the walls.

He saw the first humans about a mile from the trading center. They were a skinny teenage girl and an exhausted man. They both limped and the man had a racking cough. Kip avoided them. They had blacklung from the factory smoke.

It became harder and harder to hide as the streets became well lit. Kip saw gang members leering at exhausted women and smoky-eyed prostitutes. He saw wary pimps keeping a close eye on their meager harems. He saw dozens of coughing factory workers.

Finally he was hiding in a notch in the old brick walls, wondering whom he would sell himself to. The safest were factory workers. They were poor, but one of Kip’s few good memories was a thin, coughing man gently touching his body. The man had paid him with two protein packets and a drink of real milk. The factory workers were the safest because they hated the Upper Tier and wouldn’t sell him out.

Then Kip saw a lean, healthy man with dark, intelligent eyes. The man was tall, and in his forties. He wore clothes that were dirty but well taken care of. An ancient machine gun was cradled to his chest and he seemed wary, like an intelligent dog guarding against predators. The man was guarding an ancient grocery cart, like the kind the Old World used when they could buy enough food to last one of them a week and one of the New World people for a month.

A woman went up to the lean man and bought something in a paper bag. Kip gasped when he saw her shoving small, flesh-colored things into her mouth. The man was selling food!

Kip made his decision and crept through the scant shadows that did not hide him. The small shadows only blurred his form and the man noticed him. Kip cringed as far back as he could as the man stared at him. There was no going back now.

“H-Hello.” Kip stammered. “Would you like some c-company?”

The words were customary for a whore. They were bold, but the voice that spoke them was weak and shaky with fear. The man squinted at him.

“Come into the light, Boy.” He growled. “I want to see what I’m buying.”

Kip crept into the smoggy streetlights. The light slowly illuminated him and the man’s eyes glittered on him. The light shone softly on a body that was achingly thin and covered by baggy clothes. His small firm breasts made soft bumps in the front of his shirt. His hips were sweet and girlish and his face had an attractive feminine cast. His thin arms were covered in rough goosebumps and he was shivering. His dark eyes were downcast, staring at the gravel.

The man’s eyes softened slightly. “Hey, Sweetheart. How about you’n’me go into that little alley there. If you do me I’ll give you two pounds of mushrooms. If you do me and that man over there, I’ll give you five pounds.”

Kip looked in the direction he was pointing and he saw a large younger man with broad shoulders and dark hair and the same features as the man.

“That’s my son, Radon. What do you say?

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

Kip found the darkness of the alley comforting, even if it had no way out. The man’s son, Radon, was guarding the entrance with another Old World relic in his hands. The machine gun looked heavy and deadly despite it’s age. Kip was half-cowering into the shadows as he reached slowly for the hem of his shirt; steeling himself for an exercise in helplessness and pain.

“No.” The man said softly, gently. “Not yet.”

Kip gasped as the man took out a handful of dried mushrooms. His frail body leaned forward and his hands nervously clasped between his breasts. The man smiled and held a mushroom out. Instead of reaching for it, the boy leaned forward and nibbled it from his thick fingers, like a shy, abused animal.

“That’s it pretty one, it’s been hard hasn’t it?” The Ladyboy nodded and nibbled the next mushroom from his hands. “My name is Taylor. And I promise that I wont hurt you. Neither of us will.”

Hot tears studded Taylor’s hand like pearls. “Th-Thank you Sir.” The boy whispered. “My name is K-Kip.”

Taylor was hard and eager. He liked the Ladyboy. The boy was sweet and obedient and grateful. He didn’t have the hard, gritty exterior of most of the prostitutes that Taylor saw every day. He enjoyed the gentle, sexy sensation of the boy’s chapped lips on his fingers.

Taylor ran his fingers across the soft fuzz of the boy’s scalp and tilted up his head. “How about we start up now, pretty one.”

Kip held still as Taylor reached for the hem of his baggy white shirt, and he held up his arms as Taylor pulled it over his shorn head. Kip did his best to show off his beautiful, bruised body. His skin was so pale it glowed in the faint streetlights. He had a tiny waist below pitiful jutting ribs. He had small, high breasts that gleamed faintly in the wan light. His nipples were hard from the cold and colored the palest pink.

Taylor licked his lips with a tongue that was suddenly dry. The boy’s body was frail and poorly used. He could see the cruel crescent-shaped scars on his breasts where they had been bitten hard enough to draw blood. Ugly black bruises marred his tiny waist where someone had grabbed him roughly. He could see black marks on his slender neck where he had been choked. Despite all of the cruel marks and half-healed scars, Kip was beautiful.

Taylor gently cupped the sweet little breasts in his huge, callused hands. He fondled the chill-swollen nipples in sandpaper-rough fingers and watched the boy’s face to see the reaction. Taylor smiled as he saw the skin across the high cheekbones flush a deep pink with arousal. Kip arched his head and his mouth opened and his eyes sparkled with pleasure as he let out a sweet moan.

Taylor played with his breasts until the boy was moaning over and over; his face red and hot. Then he opened his pants and took out a long thick cock.


The Ladyboy’s eyes rested on his cock and the boy fell gracefully to his knees. Taylor felt a rush of arousal at the feeling of control. The boy knelt between his slightly splayed legs and one small, cold hand caressed the throbbing side of his thick, seven-inch cock.

Kip looked up into his eyes, black into black, as his little tongue went out to catch a clear pearl of precome glittering at the slit of his cock. Taylor let out a strangled groan. The boy was so fucking sexy, and if he didn’t start soon he would come right away. Taylor liked the idea of having the Ladyboy suck him off, but for five pounds of mushrooms he wanted to get his full worth.

“Get up.” Taylor’s voice was strained and hoarse with need. “C’mon, turn around and bend over… Lord that’s nice.”

Kip trembled fitfully. He had felt so good; the man had been so nice to him. Now he felt small and frightened as he turned around and braced his hands on the wall, spreading his legs in a wide stance.

Kip let out a small whimper of pleasure as Taylor ran his rough hands over Kip’s sensitive nipples. Taylor took off the boy’s jeans; sliding the baggy pants down to his ankles and running light hands over the boy’s full, girlish hips. He stroked the firm buttocks and the tender cleft, and then he reached around and fondled his rock-hard penis and testes. Kip was not well-hung but the genitals were perfectly shaped and smooth, without a single hair.

Taylor spat generously into his hand and lubed his thick cock. He got himself slick and then he got his finger wet to stretch out the boy who had gone rigid and trembly under him.

The boy’s head arched, his beautiful features crumpling with pain as he cried out. His body shook and cringed and Taylor could even feel the cute little penis in his hand go limp.

Taylor leapt back with a loud curse. “What the fuck!”

Kip’s legs tangled in his jeans and he fell to the concrete with another yelp of pain. He cowered naked against the wall trying to cover his head with his arms.

“I’m s-sorry S-Sir!” He babbled through his frightened tears. “I’m s-so sorry. I can d-do it I p-promise, j-just please! Please let m-me have another chance. Please d-don’t hurt me Sir.”

Taylor watched, speechless, as the wounded and terrified boy cringed against the wall, crawling into a kneeling position and showing his pale ass with the blood dribbling from the bruised pucker and crying silently.

“Stop.” Taylor said hollowly, pity wrenching him from the inside. “Please Kip, just stop, I ain’t gonna hurtcha.”

Radon was concerned. “What the hell’s going on in there, Dad?”

“Shut up Radon, nothings wrong!” Taylor winced as the boy cowered at his outburst. “Hush up Sweetheart, I’m not gonna hurtcha. It’s just, why didn’t you tell me that you were hurt?”

The boy looked up and his eyes were swollen and red from crying and old bruises. “You wouldn’t have bought me… and I was so hungry…”

Taylor sighed. “You might be right. Just hush up your crying and come here. Come here pretty one, I’ll take care of you.” Kip crawled between his legs and nervously covered his cock with small, sweet kisses. “That’s it.” Taylor groaned. “That is absolutely perfect pretty one, just keep doing that.”

Kip wrapped his full, soft pink lips around Taylor’s fat cock. He knelt between Taylor’s legs and the man reassured him and played with his firm breasts. In a few minutes Taylor was leaning against the wall, swearing softly under his breath as the Ladyboy bobbed his shorn head up and down on his cock. Taylor could see that his small erection was back. It was stiff and dripping and no more then four inches long. Kip stroked it urgently as his flushed cheeks rippled from the cock pounding in and out of his mouth.

Taylor swore one more time as he spasmed. Kip moved back so three fat ropes of come splattered across his beautiful face. Kip sucked on his wilting penis gently and Taylor went down to his knees. Kip demurely lowered his head and hid his genitals with small hands.

“Move aside.” Taylor murmured. “You’re as hard as a rock and I think you deserve to come after that.”

Kip looked up and his black eyes were startled and wide. He moved his hands away and gasped as Taylor wrapped his large hand around his streamlined cock. Taylor brought the tiny Ladyboy to climax, something that no one had ever done for him. His cries and whimpers were very soft. He couldn’t make loud noises, they had been beaten out of him, and it was so unwise in this harsh lower world.

Taylor smiled as the Ladyboy arched with a tiny whimper, as he lunged his hand felt a spurt of feverishly hot come. The boy went limp against him for a few moments, panting like he had run for miles. His pale skin was rippled with goosebumps and the shadows were kind to his bony frame, lending a seductive curviness to his body that he lacked in his starved state.

Taylor gently wiped the semen from Kip’s flushed face. “That was excellent, pretty one. I’m just going to tell Radon that it’s his turn.”

Taylor went to the mouth of the alley. He turned to his only son and took a deep breath before telling him what to do. “That is one fucked up kid in there, Radon, but he is also a very sweet kid and I want you to be very gentle with him. He’s a Ladyboy, so all his life he’s been hurt and tied up and treated like shit. I’ve seen Ladyboys topside, their not just brainless sex toys, most of their appeal is that they still feel pain and they cry.”

“Sure Dad, I don’t wanna hurt the kid… does he give a good blowjob?”

“One of the best, Son.” Taylor said gravely, a small smile on his face.

Radon was more then satisfied by the beautiful Ladyboy. His father had told the truth, Kip did give one hell of a blowjob. The boy wiped the come off of his face and ate it. Radon was slightly horrified to see real hunger on the Ladyboy’s face. Kip was eating it not to be sexy, but because he was hungry.

Kip took a paper bag filled with mushrooms and he paused before melting into the shadows.

“C-Can I c-come b-back sometime?”

“Of course.” Radon panted eagerly. “Anytime.”

Kip smiled.

Kip opened his eyes. He had hid within his safe place for five days; resting, healing, and recuperating. His body still hurt, but the terrible pain of the five men who had violated him was beginning to fade. Kip had gained a little weight and was healthier then he had been in months.

The mushrooms were gone. Kip got dressed after washing his body as best as he could. He used a rag dipped in a puddle. Kip wanted to get more food, but it was more then that. Taylor and Radon had been kind to him. Taylor had stroked him to climax, and both men had been gentle with him.

Kip had learned to survive in the Bottom Tier, not making noise, hiding without food for days at a time, never trusting anyone. However, despite the abuse he had suffered as a child and on the streets, Kip was lonely. He desperately needed the touch of a human being, one who wouldn’t hurt him. Now he had found it, he hoped.

He was dressed in the torn jeans and thin shirt. He had wadded up rags and put them under his shirt as insulation to the bitter October winds. He shivered as the wind sliced through his meager protection and cringed. Winters were unbearably harsh in the Bottom Tier. In each one Kip had almost died of starvation and exposure. Kip felt naked without his collar, so he tied a thin strip of cloth around his neck and felt a little better.

Kip crawled through the dark alleys of the Bottom Tier. He walked past a pimp with a sleek Taser in each hand and three little girls cowering around him. They were dressed scantily in flimsy pink summer dresses that exposed their young bodies to leering eyes and bitter winds.

Kip was tormented by doubt as he got closer and closer. What if they weren’t there? What if they changed their minds and wanted to hurt him, or sell him to the Upper Tier? What if they didn’t like him anymore? Kip felt so nauseous with fear that he retched feebly, barely able to keep the contents of his stomach.

Kip was so distracted that he didn’t make his usual, invisible trek through the shadows. A scrawny gang member who lived by stealing from others saw a flash of the Ladyboy’s pale skin. His Meth-sharpened eyes glittered. He couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but it was small and frail and whatever it was, it could be sold to a pimp for weeks of food or days of Meth.

Kip saw the skinny man on his trail a moment later. He moved faster, raw panic flashing through him. He would be raped, beaten, humiliated, sold to either a pimp or the Upper Tier. He ran out into the openness of the street where he had gone the last time, his eyes were glassy with exhaustion and terror he was sobbing for air and hyperventilating. For a few terrible moments, Kip was certain that it was the point of no return, the man was closing in and taking out a pair of plastic zip-cuffs to restrain him once he had caught him.

“Kip! Hey, over here!”

The voice was gruff and loud and full of life and health. The terrified Kip looked over and the steel bands around his lungs loosened. The tiny Ladyboy fled to the broad-shouldered young man with a machine gun around his thick neck. Radon chuckled as the frightened boy wrapped his skinny arms around his lean, muscled torso, burying his face in the threadbare cloth of his overcoat.

“I was beginning to think that you wouldn’t come back little guy.” He noticed that the boy was still shaking with fear and fatigue. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Then Radon saw the scowling, scrawny man who was leering at the Ladyboy in his arms. Radon growled and put a protective arm around Kip’s skinny shoulders.

“Hey, hey Kip? How about we go to the nook?” The younger boy looked up with a sweet, confused look on his face. “It’s where we live, me and my Dad. It will be a lot safer.”

“Y-Yes Sir. P-please.” Kip could barely talk, he was panting so hard.

Radon frowned a little and he nudged the boy, “Hey, you don’t need to call me sir, just Radon. I like you, Kip.”

Kip smiled shyly and his neglected heart almost melted in a wave of affection. He huddled under Radon’s arm and smiled until his face hurt.

The nook was an old warehouse. It was squat, and small, and about three stories tall. All of the windows were boarded up and all of the doors were welded shut. An heavy black grate surrounded the only door that wasn’t welded.

“Electrified.” Radon said proudly. “I did it myself.” Then the older man cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted, “Hey, Dad, come out here! I got us a friend!”

Kip was high-strung and nervous from being in the open, so he jumped about a foot in the air when the door clanked and shuddered open. Radon led him into the gloom of the dimly lit nook.

Kip’s jaw dropped open as he saw the sight inside. Row after row of wooden shelving was covered with mushrooms. They made their swift growth in the darkness. Kip had never seen this much food in his entire life. His legs trembled and he almost collapsed. He would have if Radon hadn’t caught his skinny shoulders as he fell.

“S-Sorry.” He stammered. “But there’s so m-much…”

Radon chuckled. “A lot of the people we bring here are surprised. This is how we make our living. We’re healthy, we don’t have blacklung, and we’re not wasting away from drugs or STDs because we aren’t unhappy enough to shoot up poison and we have enough to buy condoms.” Radon looked at Kip curiously. “Is it true, what Dad said, that you can’t catch or carry STDs?”

Kip nodded. “There are immunity shots in the Upper Tier, but they are really expensive, even for rich people, and they are very painful.”

A broad-shouldered man descended into the dimly lit level.

“Kip!” Taylor bellowed, a huge grin on his lean face. “It’s damned good to see you again, we thought you had disappeared!”

Kip shyly looked down as the older man neared him. Two pairs of eyes strayed to the Ladyboy’s firm breasts and perky ass. He looked worlds better then the last time. The deep shadows under his eyes had faded and he wasn’t as skeletally thin. He moved easier and he was smiling. His large, dark eyes glimmered softly with genuine pleasure at seeing them and his full lips were slightly parted to reveal small, neat teeth. His shorn head and sweet features and feminine body all made him look very young.

Taylor was looking at him with a kind of lust when Radon intervened, scowling a little.

“C’mon Dad… not right away! Let the poor guy get something to eat first!”

Taylor’s cheeks flushed a little, “Uh, yeah, sorry Kip.”

Kip was smiling and he took a step forward to hug the older man hard. “Thank you.” He whispered softly, “Thank you for everything.”

Kip sat on a worn wooden chair with a threadbare blanket around his thin shoulders. The tiny Ladyboy was in heaven. They were feeding him; feeding the starved Ladyboy a bowl of fried mushrooms mixed in with dried onions and a protein packet. The bowl of food was larger then what he normally got to eat in three days and it was rich in flavor and protein.

He ate until his shrunken stomach was feeling weird and heavy. He wondered if maybe he was sick, but then Kip realized that that strange heavy sensation was just being full.

“I can’t eat anymore.” The Ladyboy whispered shyly. “”I’m full.” Taylor and Radon couldn’t help smiling at the soft look of wonder on the young man’s face.

“You can go first Dad. I’ll stay down here and clean up.” Kip looked up at Taylor and smiled sweetly his bruised, wounded heart melting with love for these kind men.

“Come on upstairs pretty one… we can have a good time there.”

The nook was lush and rich; a mansion compared to the tiny nest of rags that Kip slept in. Two stories had bookshelf after bookshelf of rich mushrooms. The second floor had a closed off area that had maybe been an office area a hundred years ago. There was a single massive bed heaped with layers of thick coverlets and quilts.

Taylor began stripping off his layers of clothes, unashamedly exposing his lean strong body to the frigid air. He saw Kip shivering in his thin clothes and the tatty blanket around his shoulders. “It’s cold Hon, we’ll wait till we warm up first.”

He lifted away about half of the covers and Kip slid between them. A few moments later Taylor slipped in as well, shivering and clad only in tattered underwear.

At first the quilt under them was cold and the woolen blanket above was scratchy, but the Ladyboy just huddled into Taylor’s arms, burying his face in the warm salt-and-pepper scruff of his chest hair. The blankets warmed up well with two bodies huddled under them. Taylor felt the fragile creature in his arms cry a little into his chest. Kip was so overwhelmed by the warmth and the fullness and the kindness that he was crying.

Taylor groaned softly as the boy sucked sweetly at one of his nipples. The boy’s face was smooth and relaxed, his eyes closed and his mouth smiling around the dark pink nub. He burrowed into the nipple like a kitten suckling for milk. The soft innocence of that face and the warm wet massage made Taylor groan softly with arousal.

“Mmmm” the Ladyboy purred softly, “Mmmm”

The boy nuzzled into his chest, lapping at his warm salty skin. Taylor groaned deep in his throat when the Ladyboy reached into his tatty briefs and carefully explored his cock with his cool fingers.

Kip lifted his head and gently pressed his soft cold lips to Taylor’s mouth. Taylor growled softly and leaned forward to ravage the boy’s mouth. Kip tasted like the meal he had just eaten, and the two kissed in the warming bed as Kip’s cold little hand gained rhythm and stroked Taylor in time with the gentle bumping of his hips. Taylor could feel the hard hot little nub of Kip’s cock rubbing against his thigh.

As the whimpering Ladyboy sucked on his probing tongue, Taylor reached down and engulfed Kip’s sexy little prick in his hand. The boy’s cock was hard and as hot as a live coal, dribbling precome. Kip let out a sweet cry and began humping his hand, fucking the slick hollow of his loosely curled fingers.

Kip broke the kiss, and Taylor looked into his dark sparkling eyes. “I’m ready Sir. I didn’t f-fuck anyone for five days, a-and I think I’m r-ready.”

“Shh… That’s good Kip, but if it hurts I’m not gonna do it. You don’t have to feel guilty because some bastard hurt you.”

What Taylor just said was like a balm to Kip’s soul. It made him feel whole. He buried his face into Taylor’s warm neck and cried a little as he humped Taylor’s hand.

Taylor rubbed his cheek against Kip’s stubbly head and slowly reached down his thin moonlight-pale back towards a pair of small shapely buttocks. He looked carefully into Kip’s pleasure-dazed face as he toyed with Kip’s tender little asshole. What he saw was a mix of needful pleasure and pain.

“I think you need a little more time, Love.” He whispered, leaning down to cover the Ladyboy’s heartbroken face in kisses.

Taylor groaned softly as Kip began to sinuously rub his small body against his. He could feel the soft individual press of each small breast and the hard needful prong of his cock. The feeling was so intensely arousing that Taylor’s breath came in harsh pants.

Kip’s body began to slide downward and soon Kip was lying on his back and grasping his cock. He was using the tip of Taylor’s cock to tease his hard little nipples.

“You can fuck these then.” The boy whispered.

Hearing those callous whorish words spoken in Kip’s sweet angelic voice drove Taylor wild with lust. He lifted his lean fit body so he was straddling Kip’s slim chest. He dribbled saliva in the rift between those perky little tits and then laid his throbbing cock between them. Those sweet dark eyes were on his face, filled with adoration and need.

Taylor gripped the firm hot flesh in his hands and began to thrust his length back and forth between the Ladyboy’s tits. He was rough, but not cruel. Soon his low grunts were mingled with Kip’s frantic cries. When Taylor looked back he saw Kip’s small hand blurring over his cock, practically flogging the poor thing.

Taylor grunted. With every stroke his cock bumped into Kip’s chin and with every backstroke the flushed head disappeared into the pale slick flesh. He pressed Kip’s tits even harder together, making a tight slick channel for his cock.

He came with a rasping moan. Thick ropes of semen splattered Kip’s panting flushed face. Breathing like a racehorse, Taylor moved quickly. He dismounted Kip and nudged Kip’s frantic little hand away from his cock. His cock was flushed bright red and bobbing in the air from the force of Kip’s frantic stroking.

Taylor licked his lips and let that sweet little cock slide into his mouth.

Kip was on a hair-trigger already, and the sheer shock of a man sucking his cock drove him over the edge. He let out a high feminine cry and went limp on the bed. Minutes before he had been freezing, but now he sprawled on the bed, feebly tugging the covers off of his hot body while an amazing gentle man suckled on his soft cock.

Taylor tasted the young Ladyboy’s come. It had a mild, almost sweet flavor.

He looked up and smiled at the slender, flushed boy. “You’re such a sweetheart… you even taste sweet.”

Kip smiled and his tongue went out to lap up the white droplets.

“You taste good too.” He whispered shyly.

They rested for a few moments under the rough coverlet. Then Taylor sighed and pulled on his clothes.

“We sleep in the same bed for warmth, but I’ll get out of here so you’n’Radon can have some privacy. He looked at the sweet little Ladyboy for a moment, bemused. “Thanks a lot Sweetheart.” He ruffled Kip’s hair and leaned in to kiss his forehead. Then he got up and went down the spiral staircase.

When Radon came up the Ladyboy was looking at him from under the covers.

“Hi.” He said shyly.

Radon smiled a crooked handsome smile and started to strip. His body was fairly clean because he had taken a sponge bath the day before. Unlike his father who was lean and rangy, Radon was very muscular. His stocky body was robust with health. He had rangy forests of hair on his thick chest and under his arms and a tangled thicket in his crotch. His legs and arms were thick and powerful. He was of average height, but he still towered over the slender Ladyboy.

Radon liked girls. Before Kip he had only ever turned to boys out of desperation. He didn’t mind boys, but girls had always just had so much more appeal. But Kip wasn’t a girl, nor was he completely male. Kip was something special.

Radon turned off the lights and slipped, shivering, under the sheets. He groped in the darkness until his calloused hand touched something warm and yielding and soft. He groaned softly and Kip let out a sweet little whimper as his hand kneaded his left breast. In a sinuous movement of bodies, Kip slid into his arms.

Kip seemed to fit perfectly, his small waist perfect for Radon’s muscular arm, his mouth to Radon’s mouth. Even the firm insistent press of the young boy’s cock against his stomach, a sensation he had always found faintly unpleasant, felt amazing.

Taylor had warned Radon not to fuck the fragile creature in his arms. He leaned forward and nibbled on the delicate curve of Kip’s ear before whispering.

“You crawl down and suck me off, then I can take care of you… how about that?”

Kip mewled in agreement and started to slowly move down Radon’s muscular body. Radon was nearly glowing with health. Kip nuzzled his dark pink nipples, feeling the rough dark fur of his chest against his smooth beardless cheeks.

“That’s it Kip… Damn that feels good.”

Radon was breathing heavily, and for a moment, Kip pressed his ear to the older man’s chest and heard the fast excited thud of his heart. He crawled further down, covering every inch of Radon’s body with kisses, and sometimes his hot little tongue. Radon growled fiercely as the boy dipped his tongue into his navel, swirling it around and looking up at the older man with an innocent expression that was just short of cheeky.

Then Kip buried his face into the thick thatch of dark pubic hair, inhaling the clean masculine scent. Kip had been bred with a different pore structure, so he had very soft smooth skin and no body hair. Radon’s body hair was an exciting thing for the Ladyboy.

Radon cursed softly, caressing Kip’s shorn head and closing his eyes as that hot lapping tongue explored every inch of his furry groin, even lapping at his heavy sensitive testes. Then Kip started at the base of Radon’s long slender dick and went up in a long rasping lick, ending by swirling his tongue around the red inflamed head.

Radon swore in the dark and reached down, groping for Kip’s soft, incredible body. His rough clumsy hands squeezed Kip’s breasts, kneading the sensitive nipples in all of the right ways while Kip let out muffled whimpers around his steel-hard cock.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna nut, get ready Baby!”

Kip whimpered and bobbed his head faster on Radon’s hard cock. Radon swore in a harsh whisper and his cock went through its convulsions in Kip’s mouth. Kip moaned sweetly as his mouth filled with hot salty cream.

They were both panting, both coated lightly with sweat Radon moved downwards, his feet sticking out of the heaped covers and he carefully wrapped his hand around the Ladyboy’s hard cock, waiting for the sense of slight revulsion that he had always felt when he had to touch a man he was sleeping with. He was waiting for the sense of necessity, of only sleeping with a man because there were no women. That feeling never came, and he even derived pleasure from touching the boy, of hearing those sweet little groans and cries.

He stroked the Ladyboy until Kip let out a harsh cry and squirted semen all over Radon’s hand. Radon held his hand to Kip’s mouth and felt the small hot tongue on his fingers a moment later.

They crawled back up to the tatty pillows and Kip went limp in his arms, snuggling and looking so adorable in the faint light from the stairwell.

“That was really nice Baby. That was really fucking incredible.”

Kip answered him with a soft child-snore.

Taylor came up to bed later. Father and son had always slept together for warmth, and it seemed a foregone conclusion that the exhausted little Ladyboy was spending the night.

Taylor slipped under the covers, and a gentle probing with his hand told him that his son was spooning with the softly snoring Ladyboy.

“Don’t wake ‘im up Dad, poor kid’s exhausted.”

They spoke very quietly, barely whispering.

“He’s a very sweet little guy, but someone musta hurt him, and fairly recently. The first time I was with him in the ally, he was bleeding. I heard some Meth-heads bragging about fucking a Ladyboy a few weeks ago, but I just assumed that they were pulling that out of their asses. There were always rumors about a Ladyboy who had run away, but it seems that they were real.”

Radon sighed quietly. “Dad?” He took another deep breath. “I think we should keep him.” He spoke quickly, as if afraid that his father would contradict him.

“It just makes sense y’know? He’s such a nice kid and he likes us and I know that we can afford the extra mouth, especially if he helps running the place. If he stayed we would never have to pay for another whore again, and if we let him out he’s gonna die! I mean, do you remember how thin and beaten up he was when we saw him a week ago? And what about when winter comes?”

Radon quieted, flushed and embarrassed in the darkness. Kip sighed in his sleep and turned over so he could snuggle into Radon further, burying his dreaming face into Radon’s warm furry chest. Taylor sensed, rather then saw, Radon cradle the sleeping boy’s body in his gentle arms.

“He can stay Radon. I agree with all of that.”

Radon sighed with relief and the two men prepared to sleep. The dreaming Ladyboy in their arms murmured unintelligibly. He was having a beautiful dream.

In the dream he was happy.

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