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An Awesome Weekend of Lesbian Love

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The phone rang and I picked it up, not really caring who it was. I was in that kind of a mood. I had a restless feeling inside me, one of those not really knowing what was wrong, but the world sure as Hell didn’t seem cheery and bright to me. Know what I mean? A shitty disposition! Yeah, that pretty well described it. My parents knew that disposition maybe too well, and got on my case about it. Maybe I deserved it, I didn’t know.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Hi Madison. Well, I can tell I caught you in a real shitty mood!” My best friend Pamela said laughing.

“Sorry! You hit that right on the head. Shitty!” I said laughing at myself. Pam can do that to me.

“Want to sleep over Friday and Saturday nights? My folks are going out of town and we can stay up all night if we want to. They just said no boys can come over – at all! I can handle that! They’ll come back Sunday afternoon sometime. We can have a blast. Sound good?” She said with her infectious laugh.

We agreed. I knew my parents wouldn’t mind. We were now 18! Well, both of us just barely 18, but straight A students, and usually well behaved – according to their standards at least – no drugs, we didn’t smoke, or drink much booze.

Pam and I didn’t chase after the boys, though we’ve had a lot of them chase us. For some reason we never dated much, an occasional light date, nothing more. We were both way too serious for most of the “jocks,” they wanted a quick piece of ass – then on to the next conquest. We weren’t into that at all. We studied hard, made good grades and liked dull stuff – like Science and Math, and both of us liked classical music too. God, we were really different!

Friday evening Mom dropped me off at Pam’s door and told me to “Be good – and careful.” – standard speech for my mom. I promised! I had no intention of doing anything but just kicking back with Pam and having a nice quiet weekend.

Pam greeted me at the door with a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. I hugged her back, feeling her enthusiasm. We went to her room and put my things down.

“My folks are gone already, I called in a pizza and it should be here any time. Sound good? As soon as it comes, let’s get comfortable and just relax. There’s a good program on the Discovery channel and we can watch it. It’s on Astronomy.” We’re astronomy nuts and both have rather nice telescopes and have spent time together looking at the planets, comets, and star clusters together.

A half hour later we were sitting on the floor in front of their large screen TV, in just our PJ tops and panties, pizza all over our hands as we drank some beer. Neither of us drank to excess and one or two was all we ever wanted. Our parents had said when we reached 18 we could drink beer if we wanted to. We did! It really went with the pizza.

We watched the astronomy program and discussed it while we finished the two beers. We were feeling very mellow and laid back.

“Let’s see what’s on the adult channel.” Pam said with a naughty smile. “I’m not supposed to watch it, but I do. Dad subscribes to it. They have some hot movies sometimes. OK?” I nodded.

She flipped to the adult channel and there was a couple making love. This was a hard-core porn channel and it showed all of the action. The girl was really sexy, and had nice tits. Her boyfriend was pumping his large cock in and out of her. He was behind her and as he thrust, her breasts swayed and jumped. We watched raptly.

“Damn, I wish I had tits like hers, don’t you?” Pam asked.

“They’ll grow. We just both happen to be ‘late bloomers’ as Mom says. She said she didn’t start developing breasts till she was 18.” I answered.

“Yeah, and she has nice breasts now. So does my mom, but I wish mine were larger. Now!” She said wistfully. “The damn girls keep teasing me about not having tits.”

“Me too. Fuck ’em!” I laughed. “Aren’t you glad you don’t have DD tits like Janet Jenkins. She says they are so large they hurt just to walk around unless she wears a bra all the time. All the guys want to do is get their hands all over them.”

We sat watching the porn flick. I felt my pussy get wet. The couple got through and the scene changed. The sexy girl was talking to another equally beautiful girl and as the plot developed it was obvious that they were going to make love. We got very quiet as they kissed very passionately and slowly began to undress each other.

“Damn, that’s sexy!” I said in awe as the two kissed and caressed each other. I meant it. I had seen women together before in video porn films. It always got me hot seeing them make love together. I had even watched and brought myself off. Something about seeing two women together really got to me. They were kissing, caressing passionately, and seemed to really like each other, not just play acting for the camera. I looked over at Pam and her eyes were locked onto the screen. I saw her hips wiggle a little and knew how she felt, I was getting hot too.

The two women began to make passionate love to each other and got into a 69. Their moans seemed genuine – for a change. The cameras moved back and forth between the two pussies showing pink wet flesh and tongues slipping deep inside. Their pussies were wet with saliva and a pink clit peeped out now and then to be flicked by a tongue. It certainly left nothing to the imagination. We watched as they finger and tongue fucked each other. Damn! The TV was a high definition set and you could count the pussy hairs, it was almost like being there. Their moans and groans filled the room. I wished I had been alone and could have slid my hand down and played with my pussy. It was drenched.

“Jeeze!” Pam said with feeling. The women went wild licking and sucking each other till both exploded. The rest of the film was anticlimactic and we half watched it. The mood had changed between us, we could both feel it. Pam turned the TV off and put a classical music station on the FM radio, and turned the sound down low.

“God, that was fantastic.” She said with feeling.

I got up and went into the kitchen taking the pizza box back and washing my hands. We put the leftover pizza in the fridge, cleaned up a little then went back and sat on the couch. The room was a little hot and I took my PJ top off. Pam looked at me and slipped hers off too. We sat in only our bikini panties.

I looked over at her and she looked delicious. The thoughts of the two women making love were still on our minds. “You have nice breasts.” I said softly. Neither of us have large breasts. Ours are rather small and just bulging from our chests slightly, but now our nipples were erect and sticking out. Pam’s areolas are rather large and bulging out, what I have heard called ‘puffy’ nipples.

I thought they looked particularly erotic tonight. I guess it was my mood. My mouth watered looking at them and my lips wanted to pucker. I could picture my lips surrounding them, sucking, my tongue licking them. Damn. I had never really thought a lot about them till now. They looked so suckable! Was that a word? It ran through my mind – suckable ‘puffy’ nipples! I shook my head at the thought.

“Thanks. Yours are nice too. I wish I were at least a B cup. A sucks!” She giggled. She reached down and stroked her breasts sliding her hands over them then pulling the nipples. It made them stick out a little more. “Do you ever pull on your nipples?” She asked.

“Yeah, thinking it might make them grow.” I laughed. “It hasn’t – well, not yet.”

We were silent, both thinking of the movie. “Did you like watching the two women making love?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Yes.” She said in a quiet tone. “I have seen two women making love before and it always gets me so hot.”

We sat looking at each other, soft Beethoven music playing in the background.

“I’d like to kiss you. Would you like that?” I asked, my voice suddenly hoarse. She looked at me and just nodded.

I scooted close to her and kissed her lips very softly, and very gently. Her lips were warm and soft. She didn’t kiss me back at first. We had experimented a couple of times kissing each other to see how it felt. We had Frenched a little and liked it. This kiss was very tender. A warm feeling swept over my body. My clit tingled too.

I pulled back a little looked into her beautiful dark eyes, then kissed her again with a little more feeling. Her eyes closed and she returned the kiss. I slid my tongue out slowly and gently slid it along her lips. Her lips loosened and I pressed my tongue a little deeper. I felt her teeth and pushed a little. She gave a low moan and her mouth opened and let my tongue into her sweet mouth. I slid it inside and her tongue met mine and we probed and explored. I pulled her closer to me and her breasts met mine. I could feel her hot body press against my nipples. I stroked her warm back, her skin felt like velvet.

We finally broke apart to catch our breaths. We just looked at each other and smiled. I wiggled over a little and put my back against the couch and lay down full length on my side. She moved and lay down facing me, our heads on the pillow at the end. I reached out and cupped her chin and she leaned forward till we were kissing again. I moved my hand and stroked her arm softly. Our tongues played and twirled, she caught mine with her lips and sucked on it gently, then stronger. It felt wonderful.

I pulled back and looked at her. She has rather short brown hair that shines with the light, and a lovely face. I looked down at her breasts and her nipples were hard points, the areolas puffy and swollen, fuller now. Her breasts were just small and barely curved above her rib cage.

“I like kissing you. Would you like for me to make love to you?” I asked softly gazing into her brown eyes. She blushed a little.

“I’m not sure.” She hesitated a long moment. “I think so. I have never done this before, have you?” Her voice had a little tremor in it.

“No, but I have thought about it.” I hesitated. I could feel my heart beat faster. “I thought about you and wondered if we would – could. I have looked at the women in the porn movies and gotten so hot. I’ve even brought myself off watching them. I only know what I have seen them do, and read some books where the women made love, but I have never actually done anything with another girl. Well, except one time another girl and I just looked at each other’s pussies and that was it.”

I leaned forward and kissed her again. She gave a little sigh and closed her eyes. “If you want me to quit at any point just say so. This won’t make any difference in our friendship. I love you very much and would never do anything to hurt you, or to end our friendship.”

Her eyes opened and looked deep into mine. All she said was a very soft, “I know!” And closed her eyes again. I stroked her face and put my hand behind her head pulling her head against me a little harder, and kissed her. I slid my tongue along her lips and it felt so wonderful. I stroked her arm gently over and over as we kissed. I pushed my tongue into her hot mouth exploring the interior, wanting to memorize every inch of her. I really didn’t know what to do. This was totally new to me but I did not want to frighten her at all. I could actually feel my pussy tingle and my juices flow. I hoped it was doing the same for her.

We kissed for a long time, sucking on each other’s tongues. She lay still, not moving except to press her head forward toward my lips. I stroked her hair and felt its smooth surface running through my fingers.

I ran my hands down her arm and then moved it to her hip and slid it upward over her chest. I felt her tremble as my hand came near her breast. I stroked her velvet skin and then felt the small rise of her breast. I watched my hand move upward slowly. I wanted to make it last and stroked softly over her small breast. Laying back her breast seemed even smaller now. I ran my hand upward and slid it over her nipple.

She sighed and her body tensed a little. I felt the nipple hard against the palm of my hand. I rubbed and stroked her breast then took the nipple between my fingers and rolled it between my thumb and middle finger. It was harder now. I pulled it just a little, stretching it. Pam wiggled her upper body seeming to enjoy it. I pulled it more till it slipped out from between my fingers. I caught it again and pulled, putting more pressure on her nipple. It stretched more and her breast tented slightly before the nipple slipped out of my fingers. I knew I enjoyed a little pain when I played with my nipples and gave her a little of that wonderful pain. I saw her hips thrust forward. She was enjoying it.

“Do you like that, Love?” I asked kissing her lightly.

“Ohhh God, yes, how did you know I liked a little pain? Pinch it. Pull harder. Make it hurt more! It seems to go straight to my pussy.” She said a frown on her face of concentration as I pulled her nipple again.

I did as she asked and pinched her nipple harder and pulled it outward. She moaned softly and her thighs rubbed together. I was making her hot. I sure was making myself hot too. Pulling on her nipple got to me too. I had never done this and found I really enjoyed it. I began to pull on her other nipple, twisting and rolling it, pulling her small breast outward and letting the nipple pop out from between my fingers.

I slid my hand downward over her chest to her soft smooth stomach. Her bikini panties were thin and I could see a dark spot at the crotch. I was getting her really hot. I stroked downward, slowly letting my hand move under her panties, teasing her, teasing myself too. She caught and held her breath.

“Do you want my hand down there? Do you want it on your pussy?” I asked wanting her to tell me she wanted it. My hand stroked her stomach and her panties slid across the back of my hand. I move my hand down a little and felt her pubic hair tickle the tips of my fingers. God, I was on fire.

Her breath rushed out and she gasped. “Ohh, please! Please! I need it there! You are setting me on fire.” She moaned.

“Are you sure you want it, want me to make love to you? Do you want my finger inside you?” I asked, my mouth almost dripping I was salivating so much. My pussy was on fire too.

“Ohhh! Yessss! Please Madison, please! Do me. You are killing me!” She cried out.

I ran my hands through her sparse pubic hair. I let my fingers feel the soft hair there. I sat up, reached down and caught her panties and pulled them downward. She lifted her hips slightly to let me pull them off. She drew her legs up and I slid them completely off. I turned them over and looked at the crotch. It was drenched.

I looked at her and put her still warm panties to my nose and drew in her excited sexual scent. She blushed. I rubbed them against my lips. I laid them aside and ran my hand down over her stomach. I lay back down beside her. Her pussy hair was dark and glossy where she had shaped and trimmed it close. She spread her thighs a little for me. I slid my hand down and cupped her pubic mound, curling my fingers down between her thighs. Her hips thrust forward against my hand. I just held my hand here, feeling her hot pussy against my fingers, the first one I had ever touched. I kissed her, and her tongue thrust out to meet mine, our lips slid sensuously together, and we breathed into each other’s mouths as I cupped her sweet pussy. My heart seemed to be pounding a mile a minute.

I rubbed her pussy mound up and down before I let my middle finger slip inward. She was very wet and my finger slipped between her lips effortlessly and found her hot inner flesh. She sobbed into my mouth. I rubbed my finger up and down her slit slowly, then curved it and slid it into her hot and very tight pussy. Her hot flesh surrounded my finger and I slid it in and out slowly, fucking her pussy gently. Her body trembled slightly and her eyes went wide. I pulled my very wet finger out a little and ran it upward feeling for her clit. She gasped as I found the firm little nub. I rubbed my finger up and down over it the way I liked to pleasure myself. She pulled back her mouth open wide and little grunts came from her mouth.

“Ohh, yes, like that! Like that! I’m dying, you’re killing me!” She cried out. I was glad no one else was in the house.

I made my finger run in little circles over her firm clit, as she moaned and sobbed, and I felt her body grow taut against me. Then she screamed out, unintelligible moans and cries of ecstasy, her sweet face distorted by passion. I rubbed faster, keeping the same pressure on her clit. Her hips shot up and her head flew back, her throat muscles were wire taut as she screamed over and over as she climaxed. My finger became a blur as I stroked her clit. She finally gave one last long scream and went limp. Her hand hit mine and thrust it away from her pussy and she clamped her legs together.

She lay gasping. I took my finger and brought it to my nose and sniffed her excitement, then without thinking slipped it into my mouth and tasted her. God, it was wonderful, tasting her pussy juices, smelling her! I almost came. I reached out and stroked her face as she gasped for breath.

“Ohhh, that was fantastic. I’ve made myself cum, but it was never anything like that.” She finally managed to say between gasps.

“The only thing I did was stroke your clit!” I said smiling at her. I really hadn’t done all that much.

“I know, but you got me so hot kissing, and I guess it was just the thought of you making love to me. The first time for me. God, why didn’t we try this before?” She asked.

“I know, we have missed a lot together. We’ll have to make up for lost time.” I laughed.

“Know what I’d like to do?” She asked smiling at me. I shook my head.

“It sound crazy but I’d like to dance with you with both of us naked. I’d like to feel you against me while we dance together.” She said reaching out and stroking my face lightly.

It did sound a little crazy, but I liked the idea. She got up and put on some slow music on the CD player, then she held her hands out to me. She went to her knees and ran her hands down my body and pulled my bikini panties down. I spread my legs a little and she slid them down. Her eyes were riveted to my pussy as my panties slid down my thighs. She bent forward and kissed my stomach gently then looked up at my eyes smiling. I stepped out of them. She stood up and we came together.

We had danced together several times practicing for a date. Now it was totally different as we were both nude, totally and wonderfully naked. She pulled me close and our bodies pressed full length then we separated slightly as we started to dance. It felt strange but so sensual to be dancing with her. Our bodies almost melted together. Her hard nipples pressed against me. I slid a hand down to her pert ass and pulled her hips against mine.

We moved with the music and our legs shifted so that we were straddling each other’s thighs, our pussies pressed against a warm thigh. I nuzzled her ear and smelled her subtle perfume. Quickly we became one as we danced slowly, turning, pressing together, getting used to each other’s motions, dance steps. We kissed and our hands moved up and down stroking soft flesh. I don’t remember anything like this ever happening to me. She ran her hands through my shoulder length hair. It was so sensuous. The feelings were fantastic. We both are good dancers and we glided around the room together.

“This is so cool!” I said. “I’m so glad you suggested it. This beats dancing with a guy any day!” We both giggled at the thought. We danced slowly, bodies pressing. I loved the feel of her soft body against mine. I put my hand between us and fondled her breast. We kissed and finally wound up standing still in the middle of the floor, pressing our pussies against each other’s thighs, dry humping slowly.

“Lets go to the bedroom. I want us to make love. You gave me a fantastic cum, now I want to give you one.” She said, a tremor in her voice. I didn’t argue and hand in hand, we walked down the hall to her bedroom, pulled the covers down, and got on her big bed.

We lay down and kissed, softly stroking each other. As she kissed me her hand went to my breast cupping and fondling it. She caught the nipple and rolled it between her fingers and pulled on it. I loved it and pressed my chest upward encouraging her. She pulled on it harder the way I had done to her. She moved around and sat up, legs under her butt and took a nipple between her fingers and pulled and twisted them at the same time. I moaned and writhed on the bed. When I thought I could stand it no more, one hand went down my body and stroked my belly then lower to cup my pussy mound. I spread my thighs wide for her and she slid her hand down a little and I felt her finger press inward.

“Ohhh, yes make me cum. Make me cum, Baby. I’m so hot. Please!” I cried out. Her finger moved down and slid up inside my pussy. I moaned it felt so good. I knew I was dripping and her finger moved upward and then I screamed as she rubbed my clit. She did it just the way I love to do myself, around in circles over my hard nubbin. I lifted my hips upward toward her finger. She moved down a little and I felt her other hand slip to my pussy and she pressed her finger down and found my opening and slid her slick finger inside me. I went wild.

She had one finger inside me fucking me, the other rolling my clit and I came like I had never cum in my whole life. I cried out! I screamed! I threshed on the bed. She managed to stay with me with one finger thrusting up inside me hard and fast, while her other finger played over my clit. I came explosively and she didn’t let up, but kept finger fucking me and stroking my clit till I had a couple of absolutely fantastic cums. I weakly pushed her hands away and lay gasping for breath. She moved beside me and kissed my cheek till I had recovered. We lay kissing gently, till we recovered.

We got out of bed and went into the bathroom. We were laughing and tickling each other. She sat on the toilet and I got in front of her.

“I want to see you pee!” I said pushing her legs apart.

“You’re kidding me!” She laughed back, trying to close her legs.

“No, I want to see you pee. Come on! I want to see it.” I said seriously pushing her legs apart.

“Well, hell, sure. I’m just a little shy though. No one has wanted to see me do that since a boy wanted to see me pee when I was about nine. I told his mother and he got in a lot of trouble! You sure?” She asked skeptically.

“I’m sure. I want to watch. You can watch me if you want.” I said teasing her.

“OK, here it comes!” She spread her legs wide and leaned back a little. A stream started then got larger, the sound of her urine hitting the water below loud in the room. She got to giggling and it came in spurts till she was through. She wiped herself and her face was a little red. “You’re weird, you know it Madison?”

We both giggled as she flushed the toilet and got up. “I’ve seen it on the net – women peeing. Evidently lots of men want to see women do it. They have movies of it – with sound.” I told her while I moved around her and sat on the toilet. I was not shy and spread my legs wide. I wondered if she would watch.

“OK, I’m weird too! I want to watch you!” She laughed out loud. “I want to see you pee, I want to see you pee!” She said in a singsong voice. We both broke up.

“OK then watch this!” I got up and pulled the seat back and stood on the rim of the toilet and spread my legs wide, squatted and reached down and with both hands pulled my pussy lips apart. I had done this at home in the bathtub using a mirror. I had seen the women on the net do it in the movies and I wanted an audience now. My pussy lips were spread wide and I let a stream go and when it was going full leaned back and let it flow toward the front of the toilet. Pam moved closer and her face was flushed as she watched, her face inches from my golden stream of pee. From all the beer, I had a full bladder and it seemed to go on and on.

“Wow, that’s so cool! I can see your pee hole. It’s puckered outward and the stream is coming out real far. I never knew this was so cool to watch. Cut it off and start it again.” She said, her face close to my pussy. I did and her eyes got big. “Cool!”

Finally my bladder was empty and she pulled back. “Well, I never thought I would be watching my best friend peeing and liking it.” She giggled and fell back on the floor laughing. I wiped myself and got over her and tickled her. We wound up on the floor tickling each other, laughing like crazy.

We went back into the den and watched a little TV then got ready for bed. We decided to sleep naked, no one else was around and we had liked dancing naked together and could see no reason to put anything on. My mom knew I slept in the nude and had no problem with it.

We brushed our teeth and climbed into bed and snuggled together. We kissed a little then I moved close to Pam and curled up against her back. She pushed back against me, her body warm and wonderful against mine. I reached around her and put my hand over her small breast and cupped it. We went to sleep that way.

The next day we made breakfast then took a shower. Naturally we took it together. We laughed and played around in the shower, soaping each other and washed each other’s hair. It felt so wonderful to feel her slick body against mine. I slid a finger down and washed her pussy and she did the same for me. I washed her butt too and slid a finger along her ass and gently slid it up inside her ass. She moaned and said she liked it. I turned a little and slid a soapy finger in her pussy too, one in front and one in back. She loved it and it didn’t take long till she exploded under the water and came, her cries echoing in the shower.

I held her, and when she had recovered she did the same for me. It was fantastic to feel her finger in my ass and the other in my pussy. When I came, she had to hold me up I was so weak. We washed off and finally got out.

“Lets watch some more porn. Want to?” She asked. “Maybe it will give us some more ideas.”

We went into the den naked and still a little damp, and lay back on the couch and I reached over and pulled her to me. “I like kissing you. It makes my pussy tingle.” I said slipping my tongue into her mouth. She turned and we kissed for a long time, playing with each other.

We came up for air and she turned the TV on again and found the porn channel. They were showing a couple making love and we watched absentmindedly while we kissed and caressed. I fondled her breasts and squeezed and stroked them while she did the same for me. When we looked back two women were kissing and caressing, that got our interest. One got between the other’s thighs and the camera showed her wet tongue slipping up and down the wet slit. The woman had a rather large clit and we talked about that while we caressed each other. They traded places and then got into a 69.

“We haven’t licked each other, or had a 69.” Pam said. “Want to try that?”

“Sure. I tasted your pussy juice last night and liked it. I’ve tasted mine and I like it. Now, how to see if your friend is really a true friend, will she eat your pussy?” I jibed at her.

“Hey, I’ll try it. Want to try a 69 and do it together at the same time? That way neither one of us can chicken out.” She said kissing me. We agreed.

We moved to the couch and lay down and began to kiss and caress each other then slid a finger down to slip it into spread pussies. I put my wet finger in my mouth and tasted her. “Delicious. I like it. You still taste so good. Now your turn!”

She slid her finger inside me and pushed it in and out several times. It really felt good. Then she pulled it out and sniffed her finger. “Nice, now the moment of truth!” She said dramatically. She slipped her finger in her mouth and made a horrid face. “Ughhhhh, nasty!” I hit at her and then she giggled and broke into a huge grin. “Not bad, best friend. Now I want to try it straight. Let’s turn around.”

“No, lets kiss and caress each other and move down slowly. OK? Get each other hot and wet, like they do in the movies.” I suggested.

“OK, but we don’t have enough room here, lets go into the bedroom.” She said.

We got up and went to her bedroom and slipped onto the bed and began to kiss and caress again. We stroked each other and kissed till we were both hot then turned around and kissed downward. We kissed and sucked each others breasts for a long while making our nipples pop up and our breasts seemed to feel fuller and more sensitive. I loved the sensation of sucking on her puffy nipples and seeing how hard I could make her nipples, and how far I could stretch them with my lips. Her mouth felt wonderful sucking on my breasts and nipples too. We learned as we went, finding out what felt good, then trying it on each other.

We kissed slowly downward and finally were at the juncture of each other’s thighs. We spread our thighs wide and both hesitated for a long moment. I took my fingers and spread her pussy lips. They were small and neat and I pulled them apart with my fingers. I felt her doing the same to me.

“You have a beautiful pussy. It’s so neat and the center is pink and kind of wrinkled. You are really wet too. I guess we both got hot kissing.” I said looking at her pretty pussy. She was very quiet, not saying anything.

I bent forward a little and kissed her pussy right on the center. She jumped when I did. I looked at her pink flower and slid my tongue out and licked it slowly. She jumped again and I heard her moan. I licked it again and flattened my tongue and ran it over her wet center. She tasted delicious and I loved the scent of her excited pussy too.

“Oh, you taste so sweet. You OK down there? You haven’t done anything yet.” I said.

She was very quiet. “I don’t know!” She finally said, her voice very soft. I guess she was still a little hesitant. She is the quiet shy type and I guess it was quite a step for her.

I certainly knew what I wanted to do, so I did it. I licked her sweet pussy again and again. I loved the smell and taste of her, so fresh and wonderful. I pointed my tongue and slid it inside her tight pussy. I pressed downward extending my tongue a far as I could inside her and my lips came down on her spread wet flesh. I sucked a little and tasted her sweet juices. They were slightly salty and sweet too. I had tasted my own juices and hers tasted about the same except I was sucking them directly from her pussy. I pressed down still more mashing my lips against her and sucked harder. Her sweet juices flowed out and I slid my tongue in and out of her pussy. She moaned and then I felt the wonderful sensation of her wet lips on my pussy. She had finally taken the last step and kissed my pussy.

I licked and sucked her and felt her tongue play over my pussy again and again. I loved it. Here we were making love to each other just like the women in the videos. I put my hands under her butt and pulled her hips against my face and devoured her pussy. I wiggled my face against her pussy and heard her groan with pleasure, her moans muffled by my own pussy.

I pulled back just a little and moved my head down a little and explored her slit with my tongue. I found the small firm bud of her clit and she cried out. I sucked it and flicked it with my tongue over and over. I heard her scream and her body went rigid. I continued to flick her clit as fast as my tongue would go and she threshed against me, her face thrust against my pussy. Her body writhed against mine and I managed to keep my mouth against her pussy and sucked and tongued her clit till she had at least two screaming climaxes.

I know my clit is very sensitive after a climax and I slid my tongue back to her pussy and sucked and lapped at her opening again. Her sweet juices were very abundant. I marveled that I was doing this to my best friend for the very first time.

I stroked her legs and ass and finally felt her move and her mouth went to my pussy. I relaxed and let her make love to me now. I spread my thighs a little more for her. Her tongue played over my pussy, licking from top to bottom over and over. She pressed her tongue inside me and I felt her suck hard. God, it felt so wonderful. We sure had missed a lot by not trying this before.

Her lips sucked my clit and I moaned out, then she flicked it over and over with her tongue. I felt her finger press against my pussy and slip inside to explore. Gently she finger fucked me while she sucked and licked my clit again and again. The tension kept rising in my body. The sensations of her tongue and lips lit fires in me I never knew existed and I felt waves of ecstasy start at my clit and flow through my body. I was overcome by the passion and screamed out over and over as she fingered my pussy and licked my hard clit. She said I climaxed three times before she quit licking me. I was limp as could be, and lay panting.

We lay kissing each other’s pussies and thighs before we turned in the bed to kiss and caress. We gleefully licked each other’s mouths tasting our own pussy juices.

“Fanfuckingtastic!” Pam managed to say. “I was a little – I don’t know – shy – hesitant – about kissing your pussy. But know what? I love it. You taste so fucking delicious. I’m hooked on your pussy. I want more!” She said laughing and kissing me.

“You are delicious too. I loved kissing and licking your pussy too. Want to explore each other some more?” I said enthusiastically. Her answer was to reach down and cup my pussy and slip a finger along my slit and press it up inside me. We kissed and fondled each other. I moved down and kissed and licked her breasts, squeezing and fondling first one then the other. I could actually feel them swell slightly and called her attention to it. She said they felt fuller to her too, so we turned and sucked each other’s nipples and fondled breasts till we became very hot.

We didn’t waste much time moving downward and lay on our sides licking the other’s pussy. I slid a finger deep inside her and explored her pussy, seeing how deep I could reach. I felt the bulge of her cervix and then slid another finger inside her. She was so tight and I rotated my wrist, turning my fingers inside her. She wound up doing the same thing to me.

I remembered reading about the G-spot and asked her to see if we could find them. I told her where to feel. I felt her finger slide around and suddenly felt a wonderful sensation. It felt so funny at first to have her fingers running over it. It felt like I needed to pee, but was a very nice feeling too.

“Ohh, right there. Rub it gently, around and around. Yesss, like that! That feels sooo good!” I exclaimed with a long moan. I slid my finger around and found the small pad inside her pussy too. She moaned out and we knew we had found the fabled ‘G’-spot.

Gently we both massaged the spot inside our lover and it brought both of us some very wonderful feelings. Our hips began to push upward and we began to lick swollen clits and nibble on the outer lips. Steadily our passions climbed till we were both panting and moaning together, our fingers deep inside our friend, stroking the swelling pad that seemed to give so much pleasure to us.

Our motions became frantic and we licked and sucked firm swollen clits while our fingers stroked the G-spot. Pam was the first to climax and her body bowed up and her pussy slammed against my mouth. I sucked her clit and ran my finger around in circles inside her sweet sex. I felt her pussy clamp down on my finger almost painfully, and she screamed out her passion. Suddenly I felt a gush of juice against my lips. I managed to move my lip down a little and it squirted into my mouth.

Sweet delicious pussy juice shot out into my sucking mouth and I let it flow over my tongue before I swallowed it. Gush after gush shot out and I exploded it made me so hot. I cried out my ecstasy and my own hips pushed against her mouth and probing finger. We seemed to feed off of each other’s passions and our climaxes went on and on. Wave after wave of ecstasy shot through our bodies as we soared together from climax to climax. I don’t know how many we had, but it was the most fantastic thing that had ever happened to me in my entire life. We moaned, cried, screamed together, bodies writhing and hunching till we collapsed, totally spent.

We lay for a long time, resting; recuperating from our fantastic series of climaxes then turned and lay side-by-side too weak to even kiss. We held hands and drifted off to sleep together. We woke about 30 minutes later and kissed, caressed and compared notes.

“Did you know that you spurted?” Pam asked me.

I was astonished. “No, but I know you did. Your pussy gushed out and hit me right in the mouth. I loved it. It tasted just like your pussy juices, sweet and a little salty too. It was wonderful. Did you like mine? I didn’t pee did I?” I’d have been horrified if I had.

“Oh, God, no. It was just like your sweet pussy juices too. Delicious. I wonder if all women do that when they cum. It never happened to me before when I brought myself off. I’m glad you did. That was wonderful. Thank you best friend.” She giggled. “I wonder how many best friends do this together? That’s really taking best friendship to a new height, isn’t it?”

“Wow, it sure it. And this is just the first time we have tried it. Too bad we can’t tell anyone else about it.” I laughed.

“I just now thought of something. I’ll be right back.” Pam said and hopped out of bed. I could hear her running down the hall. I slid my finger down and found my very wet pussy and lubricated my finger. I ran it up just a little and stroked my clit. It felt so wonderful. I rolled it around with my finger looking at the door, waiting for Pam to come in. I wanted to see her face when she found me masturbating in full view for her. My other hand found my breast and I cupped it. Hmmm, it felt a little fuller. Maybe this sex with her would make our hormones flow more and we’d finally get some nice tits!

“Close your eyes!” Pam said coming back. I closed them but my finger still rubbed my clit slowly. I knew she was watching me. “Ohh, I see that, you naughty thing. Now open your eyes and see what I have.”

I opened them and she had a nice long golden vibrator in her hand. She turned it on and it hummed softly. She reached out and pressed it against my nipple. The vibrations felt fantastic.

I looked up at her and she ran it slowly down my body. “Ok, move that finger. Let’s see how you like this. It’s my Mom’s. I don’t think she will mind if we use it while they’re gone. We can put new batteries in it before they return. Here!” She said as she gently pressed it against my swollen clit.

My scream of joy echoed through the house. I spread my thighs wide for my lover, and my hips came upward to meet the softly humming little machine. Yes, this was going to be an awesome weekend of Lesbian love for us.

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