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In For a Penny…

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Penny finished off her drink and set it down on the table. She eased herself off the stool, mindful that her short skirt didn’t rise too high on her slender legs. Picking up her empty glass, Penny turned to make her way through the other partygoers towards the wet bar. Along the way, the pretty blonde girl scanned the room for her friend, Jenna, who had brought her here in the first place.

In her three years of college, Penny had attended many such events. The house party was typical: loud music, alcohol, and plenty of attractive people, none of whom Penny knew. These were Jenna’s friends. Now that she had disappeared, Penny was understandably miffed, but undaunted nonetheless. Jenna had promised her a good time, and Penny fully intended to have one, with or without her friend.

“Oh, excuse me!” Penny exclaimed, bumping into Drew’s broad chest.

“Hey, I never complain when a beautiful girl walks into my arms!” He responded easily.

His confident smile disarmed her. Penny giggled at the compliment. “I’m Drew, by the way,” he told her, extending a large hand.

“Penny,” she replied, taking his hand in her own. Brushing her long blonde hair back behind her ear, Penny stared up at his strong features and impressive build, and felt immediately attracted to this man. He was so much taller than she; Penny was glad she wore her heels. Rather, Penny was glad she had worn the sexiest outfit she owned: a short, tight black skirt which nearly exposed her delectable ass, a low cut, off-the-shoulder blouse to prominently display her breasts, and black strappy high heels to accentuate her gorgeous legs.

“Oh, were you going for another drink?” he asked. Penny nodded. “I’ll get you one,” he offered, reaching for her glass. Drew took the opportunity to steal a look down the front of her almost scandalous blouse. Penny had impressively large breasts, and her top prevented the use of a bra.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Penny replied, handing him her empty glass and pretending not to notice his obvious attempt to check out her fantastic tits. Drew returned thirty seconds later with a cup full of the alcohol-spiked fruit punch she had been drinking earlier. “You’re so sweet!” she thanked him, touching his arm almost innocently. Penny started work on her second glass of the evening.

“Say, have you seen Jenna?” Penny asked him.

“Oh, yeah, I saw her leaving about a half hour ago,” Drew replied. “Why, did you come here with her?” Drew queried, feigning interest.

“Yeah,” Penny responded easily. “Oh, well, don’t worry about it.”

“Well, just because you arrived with her doesn’t mean you have to leave with her,” Drew replied, sly grin and all.

Penny laughed lightly. “Oh, and I suppose you’d rather have me leave with you?” she asked coquettishly.

“Well it wouldn’t be far at least; I live next door,” Drew responded, smiling. He’d made his play, now he’d see if she took the bait.

“My, aren’t you forward?” she inquired playfully. “We’ve just met and already you’re angling to get me alone and defenseless!” Penny shot him an innocent look and ran her down her skirt, pretending to smooth it subconsciously. In reality, of course, it was a calculated move.

“Please, I know better than to think tired old lines would work on a girl as beautiful as you!” he lied.

Penny’s lilting laugh let loose as she tossed her long hair back over her shoulder.

He chatted her up for another twenty minutes, complimenting her often, and working his way into her good graces. Penny responded eagerly, flirting with him openly. She teased him mercilessly, playing with her hair, straightening her short skirt, or touching his arm or chest.

When Drew felt she was sufficiently at ease with him, he made his move. “Hey, I gotta run next door and get some CDs, would you care to walk over with me?” Drew asked innocuously.

Penny pretended to mull the offer over for a minute, and then readily agreed. “Well, all right. Just don’t try to take advantage of me all alone in your big house!” she replied with feigned innocence.

Drew took her by the hand as they made their way through the crowd and out the front door. Several men stared after her, their eyes fixed on the delicious angles of her legs as set off by her strappy black heels or the smooth curve of her firm ass, barely covered by her flimsy black miniskirt.

The cool night air caused Penny’s nipples to harden under her tight blouse, a detail which did not escape Drew’s notice as they chatted. Her high heels clicked on the walkway as they made their way next door to Drew’s home.

“Here, I’ll give you the dime tour,” he offered, taking her by the hand and leading her into the den. The main room was sparsely furnished, populated only by an entertainment center, a sofa, a few chairs, and a large wooden desk.

The dime tour wasn’t worth a nickel, it turned out. No sooner had they walked in the door when Drew spun around and pinned Penny up against a wall. One hand went immediately to her waist, just above her miniskirt, and the other cupped her face in his hand. He kissed her.

Penny’s hands pushed against the wall for support. While surprised at Drew’s daring advance, she certainly did not protest. Penny appreciated a forceful man—one who saw what he wanted, and took it. Right now, Drew wanted Penny. He seized her wrists and pushed them above her head, causing her substantial breasts to jut out against her tight, too-small blouse. He used one hand now to hold her wrists; the other took hold of her shiny blond hair. Penny cooed into his mouth.

He released the pressure of his mouth on hers, and kissed his way from her cheek to her neck, nibbling and sucking on it. “Oh, Drew, you naughty boy…,” she started. Penny’s pussy dampened considerably under her skirt—he wasn’t the only naughty one, apparently.

Drew’s teeth released their hold on her neck momentarily. “Baby, you are so fucking hot. I just want to give you what you want,” he whispered, and then sucked her earlobe into his mouth. Penny purred and pressed her body into his.

“Oh, my,” she mewled. “You didn’t come over here for CDs, did you?” Penny felt wonderfully mischievous, and relished in the response her teasing had elicited.

“God, you look sexy,” he whispered again in her ear before tugging on her hair to expose her neck to his mouth. His body pinned hers to the wall. Drew’s rigid cock, still incased in his pants, pressed into Penny’s tight stomach.

“Yes…” she hissed. Penny exhaled lustily, aroused by the handsome man pressing his body against hers. She spread her legs involuntarily.

Drew’s kisses moved down her neck, to the tops of her tits exposed by the revealing blouse she wore. Penny gasped when his tongue made contact with her cleavage.

Drew’s hand dropped from her hair to her shirt. The tight blouse she wore was quickly pulled underneath her braless tits, pushing them up and exposing her nipples to Drew’s waiting mouth. Drew’s hand squeezed her tit while his mouth clamped down on her hard peak.

“Oh, oh, yes!” Penny screamed in simultaneous pleasure and pain. Drew alternated between her tits, licking, sucking and biting each of them. Penny’s tongue traversed her lips. She watched him ravish her bare breasts, something that never failed to turn her on. Drew’s eyes locked with hers, and Penny returned his smoldering gaze. “Oh, yeah…” Penny cooed, now sliding her ass against the wall. Her pussy flooded and ached for attention.

Large and firm, Penny’s nipples jutted out from her chest. She writhed against the wall, still pinned there by Drew’s powerful hand holding her wrists. He stood up and used his free hand to hold her hair back, and kissed her again. She responded enthusiastically, returning his deep kiss. His tongue explored her mouth. Penny released a lusty moan into his.

Drew broke their kiss. “You’ve got such a hot little body, Penny,” he breathed in her ear. He knew he had her under control now; he released her wrists. He really had found a slut—she obviously wanted this as much as he did. His hand, now free, kneaded her breasts. “God I love your big juicy tits…” he whispered again.

Penny’s hands were momentarily idle as she enjoyed Drew’s attention. His hands, though, were not. While one tightly gripped her hair, his other hand reached down and massaged her tight ass through the thing fabric of her miniskirt. “Oh, I think I’m getting close to what I’m after…” he growled in her ear. His hand slid up under her tiny skirt and felt her sopping wet panties.

“Oh, please, what are you going to do to me!” she teased with feigned innocence, at the same time spreading her legs for him. Drew’s hand brushed her lacy thong aside as his finger slipped effortlessly into Penny’s wet cunt. Penny cried out at the extremely welcome invasion.

“Your pussy is so wet, little girl,” Drew hissed in her ear. “I’m gonna slam my big hard cock right up there. I’m gonna fuck you so good…” He inserted another finger. Penny moaned and spread her legs further, leaning back against the wall. She bit her lip and smiled, enjoying their game. “That’s right, spread your legs for me, baby. Your pussy is so hot and wet.” Panting and whimpering, her gaze locked with his. She had a pleading look in her eyes, begging him, imploring him, and challenging him. Short of breath and lusting for attention, she ran her fingers through his short dark hair with one hand and reached for the thick cock straining inside his pants with the other. Penny purred when she felt it, delighted at his impressive size.

Drew tugged on her hair. He sucked on her neck as his fingers fucked her wet slit. “Uh, fuck!” Penny cried out lustily. She pumped her pelvis against his hand as best she could in her awkward position.

“That’s a good girl,” Drew told her, “that’s a good girl.”

“Oh, please, please…” Penny gasped between breaths.

“Come on, tell me you want it,” he told her. Still pounding his fingers into her sopping pussy, Drew leaned over and sucked an erect nipple into his mouth. Penny whimpered and pushed his head into her chest, begging him to suck harder on her delicious tits.

Extremely aroused, Penny gave in easily, allowing herself to be controlled by this powerful man. “Oh, yes, yes,” she admitted freely, “yes I want it so bad!”

“There you go you little slut, tell me what you want!” Drew demanded, standing back up and biting her neck. Penny felt her pussy spasm at the word, “slut.” She certainly felt like one, back up against a wall, pert breasts exposed, legs spread, skirt bunched around her waist, while she begged a man she met less than an hour ago to fuck her extremely wet pussy.

Penny pawed at his hard cock, still trapped in his pants. “Oh please, please, give it to me!” she implored.

“Oh yeah, say it you little slut! Say it!” Drew commanded again, steely eyes locked with hers.

She found his zipper and pulled it down, freeing Drew’s nine-inch rod. Penny wrapped her hand around the think shaft. “Oh, I want your hard cock! Please, give it to me!” she begged, feeling it throb in her hand. Penny eyed Drew’s dick with intense anticipation, collecting a drop of his slick precum from the tip and spreading it over his shaft.

Drew stood up quickly and pushed her down to her knees. “Suck my cock, bitch!” he commanded. Penny needed no persuasion. Feelings of lust overwhelmed her, and, truth be told, she loved sucking cock. Her boyfriends frequently told her it was her finest skill. Her lips parted, and her warm wet mouth enveloped Drew’s dick.

Penny hummed around Drew’s hard cock as it slid in and out of her mouth, impacting the back of her throat. Drew grabbed her hair with both hands and rocked his pelvis back and forth, slowly but steadily fucking her mouth. “That’s right, suck it, suck my cock, whore,” he hissed at her. Penny brought her fist up to stroke his meat while she delivered an expert blowjob. Her groans were matched by the slurping sound as she lavished her tongue over his shaft.

“Oh that feels so good baby!” Drew complimented the little blonde cocksucker on her knees before him. “Your mouth feels so good you nasty slut!” Penny moaned approvingly at his flattering remark. Her other hand reached down to frig her clit as she sucked Drew’s cock. Her eyes locked with his: obedient, submissive, and desperately seeking his approval. He indicated his endorsement, removing his cock from her mouth and slapping her face with it. “You are such a hot little bitch!” he told her, smearing precum over Penny’s lips.

Down on her knees in front of a complete stranger, Penny whined and darted her head and tongue this way and that, desperately trying to maneuver Drew’s cock back in her mouth. Occasionally her tongue would score a drop of his salty precum, which she hoarded greedily. Penny’s skirt was bunched around her waist, her panties pulled to one side, her slippery slit occupied by her deft digits dancing across her engorged clitoris.

Gripping her by her golden blond tresses, Drew pushed his cock into Penny’s mouth again. The horny little slut was ready for him this time, and she tilted her head back to open her throat, allowing him the deepest access possible. Drew’s throbbing shaft disappeared all the way down her throat. He held it there, and Penny coughed as he withdrew. Drew pushed it back in, bearing down on her and fucking her hot mouth. Penny’s eyes rolled back in her head as she was consumed with lust. Her fingers moved with lightening speed across her hard nub, and it was too much. Penny convulsed and came as Drew’s cock penetrated her throat, muffling her screams.

Drew held his shaft in her mouth while she recovered. Soon Penny relaxed, and Drew slowly fucked her face. One hand continued a gentle glide across her clitoris, while the other stroked the cock as it slid past her lips.

“Did that feel good, baby?” Drew asked her, cock working its way in and out of her mouth, still.

Penny indicated an affirmative response as best she could with a combination of moans and short head movements.

“Your mouth feels really good, Penny, but I bet you can’t wait to get my big hard cock buried in your cunt, can you, you little slut?” he asked with a lecherous grin.

Penny was completely in his power. She only moaned in response. Drew removed his cock from her mouth, eliciting a whimper from the lusty little girl. Drew lifted her to her high-heeled feet and pulled her briskly by the arm to the nearby desk. “Bend over, bitch!” he ordered her. Penny complied immediately, stretching herself out across the oaken desk. She looked back over her shoulder and bit her lip in anticipation. “Spread your legs for me! Come on, be a good little whore!” he commanded her. Her high heels immediately increased their separation, opening her pussy for him. Penny whined and shook her ass at him.

“Please…please…” she begged.

Drew flipped her tiny skirt up over her waist. He didn’t need too, really. The slut had worn a skirt so short it barely covered her ass. Did she really not expect a guy to find his way up under there tonight? Drew spanked the fleshly globes of her ass with quick, hard strokes. Penny whimpered and pushed back against him.

“Oh, please…my pussy…please…my pussy…” she pleaded incoherently.

“Ha, ha,” Drew laughed, “Don’t worry you little slut. You’ll get your pussy well fucked tonight…and more.” Drew unbuttoned his jeans and they dropped to the floor. He stepped out of them and gripped his hard cock. He slapped it against her ass a few times, teasing her. She whined and squirmed in desperation. He slid her soaked thong panties around to one side of her ass and ran his finger along her slippery slit, teasing her further.

“Come on…please…” Penny begged again, consumed with lust and longing. She desperately needed him to fuck her, to fill up her tight cunt and pound into her.

Drew gripped her hair with one hand and his cock with the other. He leaned over her body and tugged at her hair, arching her back. “Here it comes you fucking whore,” he hissed in her ear.

“Oh yes! Fuck my pussy!” she demanded. Drew complied, finally, guiding his rigid cock to her gaping wet opening and then pushing it to the hilt with one powerful stroke. Drew’s cock met no resistance in Penny’s sopping wet pussy. “Uh, yeah, come on! Fuck me, you bastard, come on!” Penny begged. Her cunt was on fire.

Drew applied himself eagerly to the task. He tugged on her blond hair with one hand, and used the other to alternately spank or knead her ass cheeks. “Oh, fuck, your pussy feels so fucking good!” he complimented her. Drew slammed his cock into her pussy repeatedly, and she reveled in the wet squishing noise he made on impact.

Penny stepped to each side again with her strappy heels, opening her pussy wider still for him. Drew bore down, slamming her against the table. Penny gripped the table for dear life and pushed back as much as she could against Drew’s repeated thrusting, her moans and squeals coming in time with his dick. “Oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes!” she breathed over and over again. Her tits bounced against the table. Drew’s cock pounded into her pussy relentlessly.

A torrent of obscenities poured from her mouth. “Uh, yes, fuck me, come on fuck me, fuck my sluttly little pussy, come on you bastard fuck me!” she screamed over and over again.

Drew modified his grip on her. He released her hair and her ass, and reached for her arms instead. Drew pulled them behind her, arching her back and pressing her into the table. Penny was effectively immobilized, and completely at his mercy. Drew jackhammered his new slut’s pussy repeatedly.

“Oh, fuck yeah you’ve got a tight wet pussy little girl!” Drew told her, relishing the feel of her tight wet cunt around his cock. He slammed her pussy once, pulled out slowly, then thrust forward, rocking her against he desk. Penny’s wailing moans filled the room, indicating her approval.

“Uh, yeah, come on, fuck it, fuck my pussy!” Penny begged. Drew picked up speed again, pounding her as hard and fast as he could.

Just then, the door opened, and three men walked in. “Holy shit, Drew, that’s one hot slut you bagged!” one of them exclaimed. “We could hear her screaming all the way outside!”

Drew just laughed. “Oh fuck yeah, this bitch is a screamer!” he bragged to his friends. “She really loves cock, huh slut?” Drew asked.

Penny panicked. Who were these guys, and what were they doing here? What had she gotten herself into? “No, no…” she whimpered and tried to get away. It was no use. Bent over the desk with her arms stretched behind her back, she had no leverage. Drew never missed a beat. He simply pounded her pussy like the new arrivals weren’t there.

“Fuck, man, I love it when bitches dress all slutty like that! A fucking thong, heels, a skirt that wouldn’t cover her ass…holy shit she knew what she was getting tonight!” offered one of Drew’s friends. “Can we get a turn?”

“Yeah, sure,” Drew offered generously between thrusts. “I’m about done with her, anyway.”

Penny’s mind reeled. What the fuck was going on? She had let herself get carried away with Drew, but was she now going to get fucked by all his friends, too? “No, no!” she cried. “Let me go, no!”

“Shut up, bitch!” Drew commanded, tugging back on her arms. The sudden pain made her gasp. “Shut this whore up,” he ordered.

Drew’s friends were eager to help, surrounding the desk quickly. They elbowed their way for position at the other end of the desk. Penny stared on in fear as they dropped their pants, producing three healthy sized dicks, already rock hard at attention. They bobbed menacingly in front of her face. The one in the center grabbed her hair and yanked back, pulling her face up. Penny shook her head “no” as best she could. The man paid no heed.

“Come on bitch, open up, suck my cock!” he ordered her, thumping her forehead with his rigid member. He traced the tip of his dick across her mouth, leaving sticky drops of precum in its wake. Again she shook her head “no,” and again he ignored her.

Just then one of the other men, who had been feeling her exposed ass, pressed his finger against her tight anal ring. Penny parted her lips in shock, and the man in front took his chance. His cock immediately sank all the way into her mouth. Penny gagged as it impacted the back of her throat, but held on.

“That’s right you little cunt, suck my fucking cock,” the gent in front admonished her like a disobedient schoolgirl. He gripped her hair with both hands, forming mock pigtails. Given her current forced hairstyle, pretty blond hair and wide-eyed look on her innocent face, she actually resembled a schoolgirl quite nicely. Well, except for the cock being forced into her mouth…

Penny moaned and screamed around the cock in her mouth as she was fucked mercilessly from both ends. The two other guys were standing on either side of her stroking their cocks. “Grey, man, get a feel of this bitch’s ass!” said one to the other, has he used his free hand to squeeze Penny’s tight bottom.

“Shit, Quent, I can’t keep my hands off her big tits! These things are fucking perfect!” Grey responded, hands mauling Penny’s breasts.

“Ha!” Drew laughed. “Shit, this bitch’ll do anything. After me and Alex are done, you can get her up the ass while you fuck her tits!” he continued, looking first at Quentin, and then Grey.

Penny responded with a panicked scream, the sound distorted by the thick cock in her face. Drew smiled, and tugged a little harder on her arms, increasing the arch on her back. The desk shook as he pounded her cunt. His pelvis slapped against her tight ass. Alex’s cock sawed in and out of her hot little mouth.

“Shit, man she fucking loves it!” Drew said. “Alex, man, this bitch can deep throat, try it out. Here, I’ll hold her still.” Penny’s eyes went wide and her vocal protestations increased. Drew slowed his thrusting, then stopped, pinning her to the desk. With Drew’s weight pressing into her, her arms stretched out behind her, and Alex gripping her hair with both hands, Penny was immobilized.

“Calm down, bitch, calm down,” Alex told her, leaning over. His cock was still lodged in her mouth, head held still. “Shhhh…shhh…” he quieted her. “There, there, little girl.” She stopped whimpering, and looked up at him pleadingly, lips stretched obscenely around his thick shaft. “Okay baby, get ready, I’m gonna push my cock down your throat now, okay? Open your throat up, relax.” Penny whimpered and moaned around his cock.

Thump! Quent tried to slap her ass, but her black miniskirt had fallen back over her rear. He quickly snatched the thin piece of fabric, bunched it up about her waist and held it there. Slap! Quentin’s other hand rapped on her bare bottom. It stung, and Penny jumped. Rather, she would have, if four healthy men hadn’t been holding her bent over a desk. Instead, she grunted around Alex’s cock. “Come on you little slut, be a good girl and open wide,” he admonished her, striking her ass again at regular intervals, then stopping to knead her cheeks and massage her tight anal ring.

Penny quieted down now, but kept her eyes locked with Alex’s. “You gonna be a good girl now?” he inquired patronizingly.

The little blonde cocksucker whimpered an affirmative and nodded her head as best she could. Quentin massaged her ass gently now, while Grey slowly kneaded the breast closest to him, watching her face intently. Drew’s cock twitched slightly, buried deep in her steamy opening.

“Okay, baby, deep breath, here it comes now,” he told her softly, gripping her hair tightly and slowly but firmly sliding his organ into her mouth. The crown struck the back of her throat, and she gagged a little. “‘k, open up, open up, relax now,” he whispered at her. Penny obeyed, since she had no choice. She relaxed, opened up her throat, and felt the meaty knob slide all the way inside. Penny almost gagged again, but caught herself, and allowed Alex’s pole to penetrate her throat completely. Her nose was buried in his pubic hair. Alex withdrew, Penny gasped, inhaled again, preparing for the next assault, which quickly arrived. She grasped the rhythm now, and Alex fucked her throat with long, smooth, but insistent strokes. Calmed, she looked at him with submission in her eyes and worked her tongue over his thick meat.

“Fuck, man, I’m the Slut Whisperer!” he announced. The other three laughed, and picked up at their previous pace. Drew released Penny’s arms and locked on to her hips, giving him better leverage to penetrate her tight pussy. Penny’s hands went to the edge of the desk, steadying herself, and permitting her to raise up slightly. This gave Grey better access to her tits, which he greatly appreciated. He worked her breasts expertly, and took great pleasure in pinching her hard protruding nipples. Penny seemed to enjoy it, too, cooing each time he compressed her buds.

Quentin, was entertaining himself, also. He had both hands alternately squeezing or slapping her ass. Quent took firm hold of her cheeks and spread them open, exposing her puckered asshole. He traced the tight muscle with his finger, eliciting a jolt from Penny. “Fuck, baby, what a tight little ass you got!” he complimented her. Penny’s anus stretched and contracted in time with Drew’s thrusts into her cunt, centimeters away. Quent leaned over and deposited a healthy amount of saliva onto her backdoor, and worked it around with a finger. After another shipment and a little more effort, Quent’s finger was buried to the first knuckle in Penny’s tight asshole.

Penny had certainly gotten more than she bargained for. Admittedly she’d been goaded into letting Drew fuck her, but she hadn’t counted on entertaining all his friends, too. Penny hadn’t set out to be a slut, but that hardly mattered now. She’d been startled by the added company at first, but now she was really enjoying all the attention. Penny loved sucking cock, and she sure didn’t mind a good hard fucking, so she often wondered what it would be like to get stuffed from both ends. She’d never fucked more than one guy at a time before, but once in freshman year she’d gotten speared by two guys in one night. She’d gone to a frat party, gotten a little tipsy, and one of the guys there talked his way up under her skirt. After he finished with her, he left the room for a few minutes, came back, and fucked her again. Penny didn’t realize until he pulled out and started to cum on her face that it wasn’t the same guy she’d been with before, but one of his friends. Her memory of that night always brought her off when she masturbated, but she often imagined they both came in and took her at the same time. Since then it had been one of her greatest fantasies to get laid by two men. Having a third and fourth finger fucking her ass and ravishing her tits set her over the top.

Quentin inserted a second finger into Penny’s asshole. Penny had tried anal sex once before and had been surprised to find it extremely pleasurable. She had no illusions she would escape here tonight without a thorough ass-fucking, and the thought excited her. Alex’s thick cock muffled her lusty squeal.

Penny got into it, now, rocking herself back and forth between Drew’s cock filling up her pussy and Alex’s shaft forcing its way down her throat. Alex seemed to be getting close, but he obviously didn’t want to cum just yet. Still gripping her hair with one hand, he withdrew his cock with the other and rubbed it around her face. Penny followed it with her mouth, whimpering as she tried to get it back between her lips. The tip left a sticky trail of precum across Penny’s pretty face.

“You are so fucking hot!” Alex told her. Penny smiled at him obediently, and then opened her mouth wide for him, pleading for him to slide his cock back down her throat. Alex smiled. “Oh, that’s a good little cock-sucking slut!” he complimented her, acquiescing for the moment. Alex fucked her face with a few long strokes before pulling back out to tease her some more. Grey worked her tits with both hands.

“Please…uh…please…” Penny begged in time with Drew’s steady pounding at the other side of the desk.

Alex slapped her forehead a few more times with his thick shaft, deposit a few gobs of precum in her pretty hair. “Please what?” he asked her.

“Oh, fuck…fuck…uh…please let me suck your cock…please…uh…fuck my mouth!” she gasped. “Uh…I’ll be a good slut please…just please fuck me!” Quentin stretched out her asshole with three fingers.

Satisfied, Alex complied. “Here you go baby, suck this big cock. Make me cum down your throat.” Penny purred contentedly, and brought one hand up to help her stroke the shaft while she demonstrated her oral talents. Penny sucked and stroked Alex’s cock expertly, her tiny hand twisting and sliding along the length of it as it speared in and out of her mouth. Her tongue lavished attention on the thick rod while her throat emitted lusty groans, mixing with the sound of Drew’s pelvis slapping against her ass each time his cock struck home.

Penny took her lips off Alex’s cock momentarily, but didn’t stop stroking it. Looking back at him over her shoulder she begged lustily “Oh, Drew fuck me…uh…please cum in my pussy cum in my pussy!” before wrapping her lips back around Alex’s cock.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby, I’ll fill up your little cunt!” Drew told her, gripping her hips tightly. Quentin never stopped pounding her ass, using three fingers now, while Grey pinched and pulled at her nipples.

Drew and Alex slammed her now, double fucking her from both ends. They hammered relentlessly, intent on filling her tight body with their hot cream. Penny released a constant guttural scream, overwhelmed by the sensations. Drew was the first to cum, exploding into her hot wet cunt. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he grunted. “Oh I’m cumming in your pussy you little whore!” he called out, slapping her ass while he fucked her. Wave after wave of hot liquid splashed inside Penny’s juicy cunt. Penny gasped lustily, and sucked harder on Alex’s cock.

Seeing his friend fill up the hot slut’s pussy was too much for Alex. He gripped her hair tightly and forced his cock all way down Penny’s throat. Penny, wide-eyed, locked her gaze with his. “Here it comes you fucking bitch!” he growled at her, and then threw his head back. Alex’s cock twitched in her steaming throat, and two quick jets of hot cum shot into her belly. Alex looked down and slid his cock quickly out of her mouth. Still holding her hair so she couldn’t turn away, he aimed his prick at her surprised face. Alex’s fist flew over his cock, and three more jets of cum splashed over Penny’s pretty face. Penny lapped at it greedily; Alex milked the remainder out onto her eager tongue. The excess hung in obscene tendrils from her chin. Spent, he slid his dick back into her mouth. Penny bathed his cock with her tongue, submissively swallowing every last drop of his seed. “Oh, fuck you suck a good cock!” he complimented her, before removing his cock from her mouth, slapping her wetly face with his softening member a few times before stepping away. Penny beamed a self-satisfied smile and licked her cum-covered lips.

Drew gave her a few more thrusts, and then he, too, withdrew his softening cock from her now cum-filled pussy. Penny whimpered as the head popped out of her tight opening, feeling empty. She raised herself up on her hands and looked back though, and smiled when she caught Quent’s lusty gaze. The well-built young man was still sawing his fingers in and out of her ass. She rubbed her cute butt against him. “Okay baby, it’s my turn now,” he told her in a low, menacing tone.

“Ooo, are you gonna fuck my ass?” she cooed in her best school-girl voice, wiggling her tight ass at him.

“Oh, yeah, you little slut, I’m gonna slide this big cock right up your tight little asshole,” he threatened, stroking his weapon, slick from his own precum.

Not to be left out, Grey interjected, “Wait, flip the bitch over so I can fuck her titties.”

Quent agreed. “Okay, cunt, stand up,” he ordered, tugging on her hair and pulling his fingers out of her ass with an audible “pop.” Penny straightened out, shifting her weight back to her dainty high-heeled feet. Drew’s cum dripped from her open cunt, leaving a trail down her thigh. Penny’s legs wobbled a little, but Quent’s firm hold on the well-fucked blonde kept her upright. Quent stole a quick feel of her big tits, compressing them in his large hands. Drew stepped up behind to help out, pulling her baby-doll blouse down over her arms and around her waist, where it bunched together with her slinky black miniskirt. Penny stood with lust in her eyes at the mercy of four horny men, only two of whom had yet fucked her, while strands of cum hung like clear milky stalactites from her chin, her blouse and skirt both bunched uselessly around her waist, exposing her firm round tits and cum-soaked thong panties and a gaping pussy from which cum bubbled and then dripped lazily down her perfect legs towards the black straps of her sexy heels.

Quent spun her around, and quickly pulled Penny’s panties down around her ankles. “On your back, slut,” he commanded. Penny obeyed immediately, squealing excitedly as she jumped back on the table, and waited for her next command. Her silky blonde hair played out over the desk, contrasting with the dark stain of the tabletop. Grey wasted no time pawing at her tits again before leaning over to suck them into his mouth. He bit gingerly on her firm nipples, eliciting gasps of pleasure from Penny’s cum-stained lips. “Open your legs, bitch,” Quent ordered. Penny complied, parting her knees. “Wider! Hold ’em open, whore!” he spat. Penny lied on back, submissively brought her legs straight up in the air, and then spread them as wide as she could, reaching around Grey to grasp a slender ankle in each hand, just above the straps of her high heels. She gasped when the cool air struck her sopping wet pussy. The folds parted slowly, stuck together by the recent deposit of semen, to reveal her well-fucked hole. “That’s a good girl,” Quent complimented her, gripping the root of his hard cock and slapping it against her pussy wetly. Penny cooed each time the knob collided with her hard clit. Quentin gripped her flimsy skirt with one hand, and used the other to guide his impressive pole at Penny’s expectant pussy.

“Oh, oh, oh yes!” Penny gasped as her slit opened easily to admit Quentin’s cock. She bit her lip when she felt Drew’s juice, along with her own, forced out of her cunt by this new invasion, leak down between the globes of her tight ass, and slide wetly across her already loosened asshole.

“Oh, your pussy’s nice and hot little baby,” Quentin told her. “I’m gonna fuck it nice and slow, get my cock good and wet before I fuck you in your slutty little ass, okay?” he informed her. Penny panted pleadingly as she raised her head and craned her neck, trying to catch a glimpse of Quentin’s hard cock sawing easily in and out of her wet cunt, but all she could see was Grey, squeezing, biting, and sucking on her tits.

“Oh, I wanna see it! Come on, I wanna see you fuck me!” she whimpered.

That gave Alex and idea. “Fuck, man I’ll go get the camera,” he started. “You can watch it again later.” He strode off into the back room, and returned a minute later sporting a digital video camera. Standing next to desk he aimed the lens at her face. “Smile for the camera, baby!” he told her.

Penny shot Alex a lusty smile, chin and cheek still shiny from his cum. “Fuck my slutty little pussy!” she begged the camera, feeling deliciously naughty. Alex walked around the other side and filmed a close up of Quentin’s cock gliding in and out of her open wet cunt.

Grey decided it was time for him to get some action. He slid out from under Penny’s arm, which was still latched onto her ankle keeping her legs splayed nice and wide for Quentin’s cock. Grey stood over her face and tugged downwards at her hair, causing her head to hang over the side of the desk. Penny stared at his thick cock, which bobbed menacingly in front of her face. “Open your mouth, slut,” he commanded, quietly but insistently. Penny didn’t need to be told twice. She spread her lips wide, and Grey slipped his meat into her mouth. Grey played with her tits while thrusting his hips at her face. His balls bounced against the bridge of her nose as his cock disappeared down her throat. Penny lathered the thick meat with her tongue, sucking at it wetly and emitting lusty moans from her throat. “That’s right, suck my cock, bitch, get it good and wet!” he commanded. Penny was only too pleased to comply. Alex caught the oral penetration on video, of course.

Once he felt his cock was sufficiently lubricated, Grey removed it from Penny’s hungry mouth, eliciting a whine of disappointment from the slutty blonde cocksucker. “Okay, whore, I’m gonna fuck your tits!” Grey demanded, climbing up on the desk and straddling the defenseless girl’s chest. Grey spit on his hands a few times and rubbed his saliva on Penny’s mounds, lubricating them as well.

“Yeah, fuck my titties with your big cock!” the little blonde whined. Grey placed his staff between her swollen mammaries and squeezed them together, enveloping his cock. His hips rose and fell, thrusting his shaft between her generous globes. The tip of his cock poked against her lips. Penny opened her mouth, licking and sucking the crown of Grey’s dick on each upstroke, savoring the salty taste of his freely-flowing precum.

By now, Quentin was ready to violate the little slut’s ass. He slid his steel rod out of Penny’s steaming gash, much to her dismay. Quentin clutched his cock with one hand, and held Penny’s ass open with the other, revealing the entrance to her tight back passage, now slick and slimy from the sex juices that leaked from her gaping pussy. Quentin unceremoniously lined up his mushroom head with her tight anal ring, and began to push. Penny cried out in pain and pleasure. “Come on, open it up bitch. Take my cock in your ass…that’s a good girl,” Quentin growled at her. Penny relaxed as best she could, tugging on her ankles to open up her asshole for him. Still, she screamed when Quentin’s fat cock head popped past her tight muscle and worked its way into her back passage.

“Oh, fuck! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck,” Penny repeated. “My fucking ass, God your cock is so fucking big in my ass!” she cried out pleadingly.

“That’s right baby, come on, take my cock,” Quentin soothed her, applying firm pressure, as, inch by inch, his cock disappeared into Penny’s sexy ass. A constant stream of obscenities emanated from Penny’s throat. Her head hung over the back of the desk, her golden hair streaming down. She kept a death grip on her ankles; her heels pointed to opposite ends of the room. Alex kept the tape rolling, capturing Quentin’s cock as it slowly but surely pierced Penny’s anus until, finally, his pelvis was pressed against hers, his cock bottomed out in her ass. “Oh, shit your ass is so fucking tight!” he exclaimed.

Penny’s chest heaved. A constant moan escaped her lips. Quentin remained still for a minute, letting her ass become accustomed to the invader, before slowly withdrawing it. “Oh, God, fuck my ass! Fuck it, fuck it, come on, fuck my ass!” she screamed at him. When his cock was almost all the way out, Quentin slid it back in more quickly. Each stroke he built up speed until he was pounding the spread-legged whore, pistoning his cock in and out of her tight ass. Penny’s gooey pussy opened and closed wetly as Quent’s cock stretched out her asshole nearby.

Grey pumped his cock between her tits. Penny’s raised her head to take in the scene, transfixed by Grey’s cock stabbing at her face while Quentin plowed her ass. Her breathing was quick and ragged, and her head swam, consumed with lust. She swirled her tongue around Grey’s cock whenever it came within range. Occasionally Grey would release her tits, grip her hair, and fuck her mouth a few times before continuing his work on her luscious breasts. Alex continued working the camera like Coppola, tracing the little slut’s slender, wide-spread legs to their meeting place, where her pussy begged for attention while Quentin filled her ass a few centimeters away. Drew, however, was inconspicuously absent.

Quentin slam-fucked Penny’s ass, eliciting cries of absolute lust from her mouth when it wasn’t stuffed full of Grey’s cock meat. “Oh your fucking cock is so fucking good!” she screamed. “Fuck it, fuck my ass, oh fuck! Come on, make me cum, spank my clitty, spank my slutty little pussy!” she cried out pleadingly.

Quent obliged, slapping his hand against Penny’s wide-open cunt. Penny gasped each time he contacted her engorged clitoris. His other hand he used to finger her pussy, inserting three fingers easily into the juicy gash. “Come on, bitch, cum for me!” he demanded. “Fucking slut cum on my hand!”

“Oh, fuck my little holes!” she screamed. Penny moaned and thrashed on the table, hands locked on her ankles.

Grey was nearing his climax, having bounced the blonde’s generous tits against his dick for several minutes. He sat up and gripped Penny’s hair roughly, pulling her face to his cock. “Suck my fucking cock you little whore!” he growled at her, forcing his cock into her hot mouth. Penny gasped, unprepared, but then started sucking obediently, blowing him in earnest, eyes never wavering from his. The constant attention was having the desired effect on Penny. Grey’s throbbing cock lodged in her throat, Quentin’s meat plowing her tight asshole in addition to both his hands working her sopping wet pussy, and her comprehension of the whole situation as she lie there, on her back, legs spread wide, submissively letting herself be fucked by a group of powerful men combined to bring her an earth-shattering orgasm. Penny’s body shook, her pussy convulsed, and her ass clenched tightly around Quentin’s cock. A deep, guttural moan symbolizing pure, unadulterated lust escaped her throat only to be muffled by Grey’s thick meat, modified to sound that much sexier to her ears. Penny felt like a complete and total slut, and loved every minute of it.

As her orgasm rocked her body, Grey felt his spunk rise from his balls, ready to pour out into Penny’s hot wet throat. Instead, he pulled out quickly, and, fist flying over his cock, aiming the weapon at Penny’s sweet face. “Get ready bitch, I’m gonna cum all over you!” Grey commanded her. The little slut held her mouth open, begging for his seed. The first salvo met her expectations, impacting the roof of her mouth. The next several shots went wild, striking her forehead, her cheek, her chin, and her hair, covering the lusty blonde’s face with wet cum. Grey replaced his cock in her mouth, and Penny lapped at it greedily, milking the remainder of his seed.

“God damn that’s a nasty bitch,” whistled Alex, who caught the entire episode on video. Spent, Grey dismounted and stood off to the side, watching Quentin continue to pound her ass.

Penny released her ankles and held on to the table for dear life. Quentin’s hands took up the slack, holding on to her ankles and spreading the little slut’s legs as wide as he could, boring into her. Penny held her head up and stared down the table, watching with lust as Quentin slammed his powerful body into her, piercing her anus with each stroke. Penny whimpered each time Quentin’s heavy balls slapped against her tight ass.

At that moment, Drew reentered the room, with two gentlemen in tow. “Hey guys,” he called out. “Fuck, you made a mess of this one, didn’t ya?” he said, noticing Penny’s cum-smeared visage. Penny suddenly felt self-conscious. “Nick and Jay, meet Penny. Penny, this is Nick and Jay. They’ll be fucking you next,” Drew announced, matter-of-factly.

Penny responded only with a low moan and a lusty glance as she bounced on the table, not even considering the kind of introduction she made. For her first meeting with these two men, Penny was flat on her back, cum all over her face, high heels pointed at opposite ends of the room, tits bouncing around as a stranger slammed his cock into her ass. She was still horny, but started to wonder how many more guys she was going to have to fuck tonight.

“Hey there, beautiful,” Nick said, approaching the desk. “You look like you’ve been having fun,” he continued, squeezing a breast. Jay walked over silently and slid a finger up and down her wet slit.

“Oh, fuck…” she breathed, relishing the sensations these men inflicted on her, but slightly afraid of servicing two more.

“Where’s everybody else?” asked Grey.

“Oh, they’re next door pulling a train on Jenna,” Drew responded.

“Fuck, Jenna? I’ve been trying to get at her ass for a month!” Grey replied. “I’m gonna go hit that, I’ll be back later,” he finished, making for the door.

“Have fun!” Drew laughed after him, “we’ll keep this one nice and hot for ya.”

Penny gasped as Quentin bottomed out in her ass. She though of a room full of guys fucking her friend next door. She wasn’t sure whether she was jealous of Jenna or sorry for her. More importantly, she wondered how many more of them would wander over here after they were done with her. However, she didn’t have much time to think. While Jay was playing with her pussy and Nick pawed at her tits, Drew had come around to her head and dropped his pants. His cock, which had recently deposited a gratuitous amount of spunk in her sloppy pussy was now making its way down her throat. Drew held her head steady and fucked her mouth with long, slow strokes. Penny never protested, she simply brought one hand up to work the shaft as it sawed in and out of her mouth. For the second time tonight she was being fucked at both ends with two more hard cocks waiting for her. The thought coaxed a lusty moan from her throat, muffled by Drew’s impressive tool.

Quentin, who had been steadily fucking Penny’s ass during all this, was nearing his limit. “Oh, fuck yeah bitch, your hot little ass is gonna squeeze all the cum outta my cock!” he told her, pounding her harder. Penny squealed around Drew’s dick and tried to open her legs wider for Quentin. Quent held her ankles at full spread and plowed into Penny, fucking her ass for all she was worth. Her eyes rolled back, and she screamed as loud as she was able as the thick shaft filling up her tight back passage twitched, and began unloading wave after wave of hot sticky fluid into her ass. “Oh, fuck, you nasty slut I’m filling up your ass with my cum!” screamed Quent, throwing his head back. Penny felt the hot juice splash around her bowels, and she sucked harder on Drew’s cock, crying out around it.

Quentin pumped her slowly for another thirty seconds or so before withdrawing his softening cock. Penny whimpered, feeling empty. Quent allowed her legs to fall, and dangle over the edge of the table. Cum bubbled and leaked from both her holes now, spilling onto the desktop. Penny wasn’t given any time to recover. Drew pulled his cock out of her mouth, and slapped it a few times against her face before pulling her up to her feet. Jay and Nick gathered around her, and Penny looked up at them lustily, wondering what they had in store for her next. Drew pushed her down to a squatting position in front of them. Penny rested on her haunches, but the position spread her pussy and ass wide open, allowing the evening’s cum deposits to drip out and pool on the floor beneath her. “Suck our cocks, whore,” he ordered her.

Penny obeyed, opening her mouth wide to envelop Drew’s dick. Her hands reached for Nick and Jay’s shafts, and she stroked them eagerly while Drew fucked her mouth. Penny’s eyes locked on theirs, desperate to please. They returned her gaze with lust. Jay grabbed her hair and pulled her head over to his cock. Penny licked it from base to tip, then swirled her tongue around the bulbous head while her hand worked Drew’s shaft.

“Yeah, that’s good, slut, suck my cock real good,” Jay told her. Penny let a satisfied purr roll around the meat penetrating her hot mouth. Nick demanded his piece of the action as well, so he, too, pulled her away, this time directing her pretty face to his throbbing organ. Penny worked them each in turn, always sucking and slobbering wetly on one hard cock while she stroked the other two. The men complimented her frequently, telling her what a good cocksucker she was.

Nothing ever made Penny quite to wet as sucking a cock. It was her favorite form of foreplay, and the act of licking and swallowing three of them set her pussy in overdrive, producing copious amounts of fluid. She felt the need for another fucking, and soon. “Fuck me, please?” she asked while traversing between hard cocks. She squirmed, desperate for some attention. “Oh God, please, please fuck me!” she begged, looking from man to man with a pleading look in her eyes.

“Fuck, man, this bitch can’t wait, can she!” Jay asked.

“You have no idea,” Drew told him. “This slut is insatiable!” Penny mewled around Nick’s cock in her mouth, hearing them talk about her like that.

“Please fuck me, please fuck my pussy or my ass, please?” she begged, staring at Jay with desperation in her eyes.

“Heh, all right. How about I fuck your little pussy, slut?” Jay asked her. Penny nodded her head excitedly and released a gleeful squeal around Drew’s cock stuffed in her mouth.

Jay walked around back of Penny and coaxed her to stand. She did so, her lips never moving from Drew’s hard shaft. Jay lied on the floor, sliding his legs between Penny’s and scooting down to align his cock with her cunt. He gripped his cock with one hand and her ass with the other, and, aiming his rock-hard dick, eased Penny’s pussy slowly down over his erection. Penny squealed, delighted to be stuffed full of hard cock again. She bounced herself easily, impaled with each stroke on Jay’s rod, still alternately sucking off Drew and then Nick.

“There you go, fuck yourself on my cock, bitch,” Jay told her, thrusting his pelvis up to meet hers. He guided Penny with his hands on her waist, underneath her bunched miniskirt and blouse. Jay ran one hand down over her ass, her smooth legs, to her slender ankles and then the straps of her high heels. Then he gripped her ass with both hands and pulled down now, slamming her on his cock. Penny screamed around Nick’s cock in her mouth as Jay’s hand rapped against her bare ass, spanking his little slut.

“Fuck, bitch, you got a hot pussy!” Jay told her, pounding her cunt repeatedly. Passionate moans escaped her lips.

“Shit, Jay, I want a piece of that,” Nick started, holding Penny’s hair while he fucked her sweet throat.

“No problem, man, there’s plenty to go around,” Jay replied, slowing Penny’s frantic oscillations. She didn’t want to stop, but he held her tightly, forcing her to rest. Then he lifted her easily off his cock.

“No…no…fuck me…” Penny begged breathlessly.

“Shh…shhh…” Jay told her. “Open up for me, baby, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass now.”

“Okay…” Penny whined in response. She raised herself up, then used her hands to spread her ass cheeks open. Jay gripped his cock and aimed it at her asshole, now gaping and frothing with cum after Quentin’s expert attention. Jay set her down gently, his cock piercing her anus with ease. “Oh, fuck…” was all Penny could respond, eyes closed, head held back. Soon she was all the way down, ass impaled on Jay’s hard shaft. Jay bounced her on his cock a few times before pulling her back on him, locking his arms under her knees, and spreading her legs open. Nick moved into the opening.

“No, no, wait…” Penny started, only now realizing what was about to happen. “Oh, God, that’s too much!” she pleaded. Penny tried to struggle, but off-balance and impaled on Jay’s cock, there was nowhere to go.

“Shhh…shh….” Jay whispered again in her ear. Nick knelt down and guided his cock quickly into Penny’s gaping cunt. She cried out in shock and momentary pain, feeling fuller than anytime in her life. Nick gave her no time to recover, immediately pounding her pussy as hard as he could, oblivious to her protests. Jay picked up on the act, thrusting his pelvis into her from below, spearing Penny’s ass. The two well-hung men mercilessly fucked both Penny’s orifices.

“Oh, fuck…oh my God, oh my God…” Penny moaned breathlessly. She had never experienced anything even close to this before. Her body was passed between them like a rag doll. Alex knelt down with his camera to get a good shot of both cocks piercing her holes simultaneously.

A stream of obscenities flowed freely from her lips, until Drew knelt beside her and fed Penny his cock, shutting her up. Now she could only scream around his thick erection while Jay and Nick plugged her ass and pussy. Penny’s body exploded with lust. She pushed back against them as hard as she could, forcing Jay and Nick as deep into her body as she could manage. Her hand came up to grip Drew’s buttocks, pulling him towards her mouth while she opened her throat, taking him deep inside. Penny rutted against the three cocks piercing her body, completely overcome by pure animal lust.

“That’s right, suck my cock, btich!” Drew screamed at her, hands locked in her hair. He force-fucked her throat while his buddies did the same to her ass and pussy. Penny responded with carnal moans.

Nick coaxed her on as well. “Fuck you gotta hot little pussy!” he told her, positioning one of her legs over his shoulder.

Drew withdrew his cock from her throat and slapped it against her face. “Oh, you’re a nasty little whore, aren’t you?!” he demanded, cock thumping against Penny’s forehead.

“Yeah, I’m your nasty little whore!” Penny spat back. “Come on, fuck me, fuck me with your big cocks, fill up my tight little holes!” Drew shoved his cock back in her mouth and fucked her throat with abandon. Jay and Nick pumped her ass and pussy, respectively, determined to cream their little fuck-slut.

Drew was the first to go, however. He slammed his cock down Penny’s throat, over and over again, as she wetly licked and sucked on his throbbing meat. He locked eyes with her and growled, “Get ready bitch, here it comes, all my hot cum down your fucking throat!” With that, his cock twitched in her mouth, sending forth stream after stream of hot cream. Penny gagged, and Drew pulled out of her throat, filling her mouth to overflowing instead. Penny swallowed as much as she could, but the run-off spilled out over her lips to hang in obscene tendrils from her chin. Drew worked his cock in and out of her mouth a few more times to clean it off before removing it and stepping back, spent. Penny smiled at him, licking her lips.

Jay, his cock buried in her tight anus, was the next to go. He slammed his cock into her ass as hard as he could, forcing her down on his cock. “I’m gonna fill up your fucking asshole with my cum!” he hissed in her ear.

“Fuck, yeah, fill up my little asshole! Come on, come on, fuck your little slut’s ass!” Penny’s eyes rolled back in her head. Jay gave one last mighty thrust, and then exploded into her bowels, flooding them with hot semen. Penny felt the steamy liquid fill her up and clenched down on her ass and pussy.

That set Nick off, too. He gripped her hips, bore down, and let loose a torrent of spunk into her sloppy cunt, adding to the growing collection. “Oh, fuck, there’s so much cum in my pussy!” Penny cried as the men fucking her continued to convulse. Finally, they, too, were spent, and withdrew from her cum-filled holes.

Penny slowly got to her knees, both her ass and pussy leaking cum, with still more covering her face. Her skirt and blouse, both soiled by cum and sweat, clung to her hips. Drew, Jay and Nick helped her to her high-heeled feet. Penny stood there looking thoroughly dazed and extremely well-fucked, as the front door opened, and ten men entered. The cute red-haired girl they pulled along with them seemed to be in an even sorrier state than Penny. She was totally naked with cum matted in her hair and splashed all over her body. Alex’s camera zoomed in on Penny’s face, capturing the moment she recognized Jenna and realized, obviously, things were just getting started.

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