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I Secretly Watch My Girlfriend

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My girlfriend, Candy and I have been together for for almost ten years. I’m not sure why we never got married but I guess we both figure our relationship works well without having the ceremony. My name is John, I’m 33 years old, Candy is 32.

Candy is very petite at only 5 feet tall, weighing just over 100 pounds. She has a fantastic body with very firm B cup breasts.

I think her tits are perfect, her nipples are constantly hard and protruding noticeably through almost anything she wears. She is absolutely gorgeous, with big brown eyes and long auburn hair. Her olive skin is always silky smooth.

I’m quite a bit taller than Candy, standing at 6 feet tall, weighing 180 pounds. I work out a few times a week and by no means claim to be muscle bound but consider myself in pretty good shape. I’m a clean cut, military type guy, a bit more conservative than Candy. I’m average in the equipment department and have never had any complaints there either.

I think one of the main reasons we’ve never tied the knot is that our sex life is so great and we’re afraid to ruin it by getting married, it’s been the kiss of death for so many of our friends.

We do everything your average married couple does. We live together in a modest home, both have fantastic jobs, never had a desire to have children and we love to travel the world together. I think we have a fairly spicy sex life as we’re both adventurous and occasionally push the envelope.

We’ve experimented a little, once inviting a friend of Candy’s to join us for a threesome, it was wonderful but Candy acted strange afterward so we never attempted it again. We love having sex in places where there’s a chance of being seen by others and Candy has even gone as far as flashing strangers in the car and at the beach. She loves to fondle me in public. Candy even gave me a blow job one day at the beach when there was only one other person around. We’re sure he got quite a show.

Candy is a huge flirt, I’m sure she’d never do anything behind my back but I’ve always wondered if she’s actually wanted to go a little further than flirting. We’re not technically married so I guess it wouldn’t be considered adultery, but I’ve always had a funny feeling that she may have done a little more than just flirt. She especially loves to flirt and show off to young men. Ever since she turned 30 she’s been concerned about showing her age and is always looking for attention from the young guys.

Last winter we decided it was time to get away for a bit and seek a warmer climate for a few weeks of R & R. We’ve been all over the world and have talked about wanting to take a trip to Central America for our next winter vacation so we chose a trip including a Panama Canal passage and an excursion to the rain forest of Costa Rica. We’re both quite adventurous and planned on exploring some areas off the beaten path.

The big day arrived as we flew out of Logan Airport in Boston, with a connecting flight in Atlanta to Panama City. Surprisingly the flights were on time and quite uneventful. Customs and Immigration in Panama was much less invasive than either of us expected as we were on our way to the hotel in Panama City within an hour after landing.

The hotel was nice by Central American standards but I guess air conditioning isn’t the same down there, it was hot and sticky everywhere. Our first few days we enjoyed taking tours of banana plantations and a boat tour of the Panama Canal. The canal tour was one adventure neither of us will ever forget, it was amazing.

After spending a few days in Panama we took a very short flight to Costa Rica with plans to visit the rain forest including exploring hidden caves within the forest.

Our hotel in Costa Rica was much more rustic than the Panama hotel. We had no air conditioning and few of the comforts normally associated with hotels. But, we both agreed it made for a more genuine and local atmosphere as the area we were in was very historic with most buildings dating back to the 17th century.

We woke early the next morning as we joined our tour at 7AM for our three hour drive to the rain forest. The bus was nothing fancy, it must have been built some time in the 1960’s, with no air conditioning or windows. Again, other than being uncomfortably hot it added to the experience by not being modernized.

We were with a group of about 40 other tourists, mostly American High School Seniors taking a class trip. I later found out that they were all 18 and 19 years old as they had to be adults to go on this particular tour. There were a few other tourists from other countries but most were younger than us as this had the potential of being a strenuous tour not suited well for the elderly. One requirement to take this tour was that you had to be a good swimmer as some caves were only accessible by underwater passages.

Candy and I were dressed as lightly as possible and carried a change of clothes with us as suggested by the tour organizers. I was wearing a tank top and shorts as was Candy. She wore no bra and her nipples were not going unnoticed by the young men on the bus. It was very humid and we were moist with perspiration within seconds of beginning our drive to the rain forest. I could tell Candy was taking in all of the attention as she smiled and flirted with most of the young men. I would say they were all between the ages of 18 and 21, that age where boys had only one thing on their minds…

We finally reached our destination after many hours of driving on muddy, rutted roads, most barely wide enough for our bus to squeeze through.

As we stepped from the bus everyone gathered around our tour guide as he gave instructions on what to do and not to do as we ventured into the forest. Almost every young man was stealing glances at Candy and I could tell she was loving the attention. Her shirt was damp and her nipples were standing erect, she must have made eye contact with almost every young man on the tour, smiling and chatting with a few. Five or six of these guys clung to Candy fairly closely and she was loving the attention. She really had a thing for young men and they all had a thing for her.

We started our tour by walking through narrow paths, lined and shrouded by trees, bushes and tropical plants we’d never seen. We encountered wildlife throughout our walk including exotic birds, lizards, snakes and monkeys. It was incredibly interesting, hot, humid and very strenuous.

We finally reached our cave to explore as the guide explained we’d have to enter it by swimming through a short, narrow entrance way. Candy had already made quite a few friends, all young men clinging to her and offering assistance at every turn. All eyes were constantly on her tits as they stood firm and she took every opportunity she could to model her tits whenever possible. I could tell these guys were horny for her and I was beginning to think she was encouraging their attention.

“Are you married?” one of the boys asked Candy.

“My goodness no,” Candy responded, batting her eyes flirtatiously. “I just have a boyfriend.”

This boy was very lean, muscular and handsome and had been paying very close attention to Candy the entire trip. He was hanging out with a small group of other young men, all being about the same stature. I figured they all must have been sports jocks on their local team.

“If you need anything at all, I’m at your service,” said the young man.

“I’ll take you up on that, I’m sure,” Candy said.

At that moment the young man removed his shirt, surely showing off for Candy. He was definitely ripped with a very well defined six pack.

“Mmm,” Candy moaned softly but loud enough for the young man to hear.

At that, his buddies also removed their shirts as if to offer themselves to her as if in competition for her attention. Candy’s eyes darted from one to the other of them, checking each guy out. God, she’s such a flirt and these guys were loving the attention. I noticed her eyes focusing on each of their crotches, sure teasing them.

‘You need to be careful around these guys Candy,” I whispered. “We’re in the middle of nowhere and we may get separated at any time. I remember being their age!”

“I can handle myself, these guys are harmless and they’re very helpful.”

“Whatever you say Babe, just be careful,” I warned.

The guide gave instructions on how to enter the first cave as we had to swim about 50 feet to reach the first destination inside the cave.

“Would you be kind enough to be the last person to swim through?” the guide asked me. “Just to make sure we don’t lose anyone, I’d appreciate it.”

“Sure, I’ll make sure everyone makes it,” I responded.

Our guide was the first to enter the water, one by one the others joined. Candy’s new friends were some of the first to follow as her chosen stud actually took her hand as he led her into the water. She was surrounded by three or four other young men, all shirtless and competing for her attention.

I lost sight of Candy as she and the others entered the cave, swimming through the tiny opening into the cave. As the final tourist entered the water, I followed closely behind. The water was surprisingly cold and clear, but very refreshing as it was so hot and humid.

As I completed the short swim and stepped from the water I was amazed with the view before me. The cave was breath taking, cool and spacious. I was even more surprised to see the attention Candy was gathering.

As I approached I immediately noticed why. Her sheer white tank top was completely see through with her fantastic, perfect tits fully visible. Her nipples were as hard as I’ve ever seen. I’m not certain if that was because of the cold water or the attention she was getting. Every young man in the cave was staring at her perfect tits. Hell, I was staring at them too!

“You are very sexy Candy,” her young admirer said quietly, though I still could hear.

“Oh, you’re just saying that. I’m so much older than you, you must have a beautiful girlfriend at home,” Candy said.

“Actually I don’t, I’ve only had a few girlfriends and I’m still a virgin. I just haven’t found the right lady yet,” the young man said.

“I find that hard to believe,” Candy said as she glanced at his crotch.

He was wearing fairly tight shorts, showing his growing interest as they talked. I could tell this guy was either hung like a horse or he had a full erection. I remember being 18, I got hard at the mention of a woman, let alone looking at a beautiful, half-naked woman like Candy.

“Well, it looks like you have a lot to offer a lady Joshua,” Candy said, still staring at his crotch.

Now she was on a first name basis with this guy, she was getting more friendly than I’d ever witnessed before with a total stranger. She loved to tease but I was beginning to wonder how far she was going to take it with this guy. The thought of the possibilities were getting to me as I felt my cock swell.

“If I could ever find a lady back home just like you, I’d do everything I could to get her to go out with me,” Joshua said.

“You’re just being nice, stop,” Candy said, running her hand along Joshua’s forearm.

“Not at all, you’re as good as it gets,” Joshua said, returning her touch by placing his large hand on her shoulder.

“We better break this up, you’re getting me all hot and bothered and you’re so young,” Candy said as she felt the muscles on his arm.

We continued our tour of the caves. I stayed back a little from Candy as I was enjoying watching her drive these young men insane with desire. She had four young men following her every move now, with Joshua becoming more aggressive with his advances as time passed. Even the other guys were talking, flirting and touching Candy occasionally, though still innocent enough to not warrant my intervention. I was positive Candy was very turned on by the attention.

“I’m getting cold, I hope we get out of this cave soon or I might need someone to warm me up,” Candy said to Joshua as she leaned toward him. “I wonder where my boyfriend went.”

“Don’t worry about him, he can’t get lost. I’ll keep you warm,” Joshua said as he put his arm around her.

Candy was quick to wrap her arm around his waist, pulling his torso close to hers. His excitement for her was very noticeable as his cock was struggling to be freed from his shorts. This kid was ready for action.

After finishing our exploration of the cave, we entered the water again, one by one, until I was the final person remaining in the cave. I stepped into the water, swimming through the tiny opening again as the hot, humid air hit me like a blast as I exited the cave. It must have been well over 100 degrees out.

The plan was to have a picnic lunch after the tour so all were gathering in a small area about 100 yards from the cave entrance. The tour guide was busy spreading out blankets on the ground under a huge tree, providing a little shade from the searing hot sun. Others were placing picnic baskets on the blankets.

“If anyone would like to change into dry clothes, we have plenty of time. There aren’t any changing rooms in the forest so you’ll have to just pick a tree to change behind,” our guide announced to everyone.

“I’m soaked and showing a bit too much through my shirt so I’m going to change,” Candy announced.

Candy gathered her dry clothing and entered a small, narrow path to walk to a more private area so she could change. She looked back at me and gave a little wink as she left. I had no idea what that was about but would soon find out.

As Candy disappeared into the forest, Joshua stood, gathering his dry clothes and headed toward the same path Candy had taken. As he disappeared into the forest, I followed, trying not to make any noise as I searched for them.

I slowly and carefully traced their steps, almost as if stalking prey quietly. I was surprised how far I had walked before I caught my first glimpse of someone. I stepped off the path and quietly circled them, not wanting them to be aware of my presence. I got very close, easily within 20 yards as I hid behind a tree, crouching as not to be seen.

Candy stood topless as Joshua stared, not yet making an advance of any kind.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait long enough for you to finish changing Candy, you have a fabulous body,” Joshua said as his eyes were locked on her tits.

“That’s OK Josh, I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t already seen.”

“I’ve never been this close to such a beautiful, sexy woman, half-naked before though. You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Candy said as she stepped out of her shorts, exposing her shaved pussy, standing before Joshua totally naked now.

“Oh my God, you’re so sexy,” Joshua said, his breathing noticeably becoming heavier.

“Thank you Josh. I must say, I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked as well. I bet you have a fantastic body, so young and hard.”

He immediately dropped his shorts, stepping out of them, exposing his huge cock. I’ve never seen anything like it, he must have had a 12 inch cock, as big around as a beer can. His huge cock was almost erect, pointing straight at Candy as her eyes were locked on it. He was circumcised with veins protruding his entire, thick shaft.

“Oh my, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I can’t believe you’re a virgin with a beautiful cock like that. I wish my boyfriend had a cock like yours, his is so much smaller,” Candy said. “I hate to be so forward to ask but would you like to lose your virginity?”

Joshua’s cock grew to a full erection as she stared, still neither had touched each other. He stepped closer to her until his cock was resting against her, the head almost reaching her tits.

“You’re huge cock is beautiful Josh, I would love to be your first.”

I think Joshua was afraid to touch her as he didn’t make the first move. Candy reached up, wrapping her arms around Joshua’s neck inviting him to kiss her. They kissed passionately as his hands quickly moved to her ass, clutching her tiny ass cheeks.

Their kiss continued as Candy panted, her hands now reaching for his huge cock. She grabbed his cock as it swelled, I could see the moisture escaping from the tip of his cock, glistening in the sun. Candy stroked him as his hands were now kneading her tits feverishly. I swear this kid really was a virgin, he looked like he was ready to explode already.

“You have a great cock, I have to taste you,” Candy panted as she dropped to her knees, never letting go of his monster.

Candy’s tongue circled the head of his cock, uncertain if she could actually fit it in her mouth. She licked the moisture from the tip of it, then traced the entire length of his cock with her tongue until she reached his balls. His balls were a good match for the huge mast above them, they hung low and large. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, I couldn’t blame her for not being able to resist.

Joshua’s eyes were locked on Candy as she fondled his balls while licking them. She then traced her way back up his shaft with her tongue until she reached the tip, again licking the moisture oozing from the tiny slit, sinking her tongue into it.

Candy arched back as if sizing it up, then stretched her lips around the head, her tongue working the underside of his shaft as she attempted to consume as much as possible of him. She devoured him until his cock filled her mouth, gagging her. She could only take about half of his monster into her mouth. She slowly slid back up his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around it, stretched as far as she could, until his entire moist shaft was exposed again, then began plunging up and down his shaft.

I was so horny watching this, I removed my shorts and had my cock in my hand, slowly stroking as I watched.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good Candy,” Joshua panted.

Candy continued assaulting his monster as best she could, considering his gigantic size. I could see the saliva glistening in the sun as she rose, her lips fucking his cock. Then she released his huge mast from her mouth, looking up at him, sensing he was about to cum already.

“I want that fucking thing in my pussy,” Candy said seductively.

Candy stood as they embraced again, their mouths locked, tongues searching and exploring, a wet passionate kiss. Candy was stroking Joshua’s cock as his hand moved to her pussy, his fingers searching for her entrance.

“I really haven’t done this before,” Joshua said.

“Just follow my lead and fuck me. It’s easy, shove that big cock into my pussy.”

Candy turned away from Josh as she bent over, grabbing the trunk of a tree, exposing her moist pussy for his taking. Joshua positioned himself behind her as she reached back to guide his monster to her entrance.

I moved quietly, my shorts now off as well, to get into a better position to watch.

“Fuck me, but take it slow at first. I’ve never had a cock as big as yours so be gentle,”Candy moaned, almost begging for him.

Joshua placed the head of his cock into position, spreading her labia as she reached behind herself, parting her pussy for him. The head of his cock entered her as she arched, moaning.

“Am I hurting you?” Josh asked as he paused.

“Fuck no, that’s a good sound Josh. Everything is perfect, just fuck me.”

Josh pushed forward as Candy pushed back toward him, accepting about half of his length as she attempted to muffle her screams of pleasure so nobody would hear her back at the picnic area. He withdrew slowly, his eyes now closed, his hands grasping her hips tightly. He pushed forward again, sliding most of his monster cock into her tiny pussy as she screamed, muffled by her own hand.

“That is so fucking good, give me all of you,” Candy commanded.

Josh pushed forward until his huge balls hung below her pussy, his pubic hair tickling her asshole. It was almost too much for her to take as she quivered in orgasm immediately, soaking his cock with her moisture. As he withdrew, his cock glistened with her moisture, surely making the next push more pleasurable and easier for her. He started rocking back and forth, pushing his entire length into her, her pussy stretched to it’s limit, tightly gripping his mast. Joshua’s eyes were still closed, probably rolled back into his head with pleasure as he enjoyed his first fuck.

Joshua was grunting and driving his big cock into Candy hard, I could tell he was about to erupt. He slammed his cock in and out of her as they moaned and grunted together.

I stroked and was about to cum when I heard a snap behind me, someone was coming! I quickly pulled my shorts on, not knowing who was about to discover them.

“I’m going to cum!” Joshua yelled as he slammed in and out forcefully.

He was exploding into her pussy as he held her torso, his cum oozing from her pussy each time he withdrew to slam forward again.

Just then, Joshua’s three friends came into view, astonished by what was taking place before them. They stood staring at Joshua and Candy. Candy immediately noticed them as Josh continued his assault on her pussy, completely unaware of their presence as he was lost in a world of lust, shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside her. He acted like a wild animal, grunting with each push and shot of cum that erupted into her pussy.

“Join us boys, drop those shorts,” Candy moaned as Joshua finished emptying his huge load into her pussy.

Joshua quickly pulled out, surprised and embarrassed by the sight of his friends witnessing this.

“Holy fuck Josh, huge cock!” one of the young men exclaimed.

The three other men quickly stripped and approached Candy as she turned to greet them, Joshua’s cum oozing from her cunt. They surrounded her with no hesitation as she reached for two of their cocks. She immediately started stroking them as they fondled her tits and pussy.

Candy dropped to her knees, taking one of the men into her mouth. He wasn’t nearly as large as Joshua, but had an average sized cock, about the same size as mine. She slammed his entire cock into her mouth, devouring it as she stroked the other two cocks. Each of them had their hands on her head, almost trying to steal her from the other. She released the first cock, plunging onto the second one. He was large, probably nine inches, a lot bigger than me, as she tried to force all of him into her mouth. He was uncircumcised, I don’t think she’d ever seen one like that.

She gagged as she stuffed his cock into her mouth, his foreskin sliding back, and couldn’t quite take him all. She sucked him for a minute, then went to the third cock, another large one, at least 8 inches long but very thick. She sucked him for a minute or so as she stroked the other two. All three cocks were wet from her saliva and very erect, these young men were giving her the fuck of her life!

“How am I going to do this guys?” Candy said after she released the third cock. “I need to take care of all of you at once, we don’t have much time. One of you needs to lie down on your back, I want that big cock!”

The guy with the nine inch cock obeyed, positioning himself as instructed, his cock pointing straight toward the sun as he held it in his hand. Joshua was memorized watching this, still naked and becoming hard again.

Candy slowly lowered herself onto his cock, luckily she was moist from Joshua’s cum so she easily took all of him, her tits resting on his chest.

“Damn, your cock is so big, it feels so good.”

“You, fuck me from behind,” she commanded the guy with the smaller of the three cocks.

Candy reached back, inserting her finger into her own ass, lubricating it with Joshua’s cum. The other man slowly inserted his cock into her ass as she arched, screaming in ecstasy. The man beneath her remained motionless as she accepted the cock in her ass. Her eyes were closed tightly, her hands gripping the shoulders of the man beneath her.

Candy and I rarely did anal so this was a huge surprise and turn on to me. I had my shorts back off, stroking my cock again.

Candy sat up just a bit and said the the third man, “Come here.”

The third man approached as she reached for his eight inch throbbing cock, twitching in anticipation. She quickly stretched her lips around his cock and started sucking and slurping him as the other two were now working in unison, fucking her pussy and ass at the same time.

The third man was now gripping her head, forcing his thick cock deep down Candy’s throat, gagging her each time he pushed forward. The two men fucking her were slowly working together, filling her completely as she screamed and shuddered in orgasm. I’ve never seen Candy shake so violently, she was completely taken over with desire.

The man fucking her mouth was still shoving his cock down her throat as his ass cheeks tightened, he was about to explode. He tilted his head back with his eyes closed as he thrust forward, shooting his first load of semen into Candy’s mouth, choking her. His cum oozed from the corners of her mouth as she eagerly consumed him, load after load forcefully erupting from his shaft. I could actually see his shaft expand each time he emptied into her.

As she choked and gargled on his cum, the man behind her was cumming in her ass, clenching her hips tightly as he exploded, pumping his sticky semen into her ass.

I repositioned to witness his cum ooze from her ass, lubricating the cock below as he continued fucking her pussy. He was also tensing to cum, forcing himself upward as he groaned, splashing her with his first eruption. I could tell she was feeling the force of his ejaculation as she relished with the fact she could make all four of these guys cum in such a short time span.

The man fucking her mouth had finished cumming as some of his cum was on her face as he withdrew, smiling down on her as he released her head from his grasp. He stoked the few remaining drops from his cock as Candy licked and sucked him dry. The man behind her was withdrawing as his cum flowed from her ass onto the man below.

Candy was now lifting up and down, riding the big cock below as he continued cumming, exploding in her cum soaked pussy. The other three men were watching in astonishment as Joshua stood with his cock in his hand, now hard again.

Candy sat up when the man below had emptied his entire load deep within her and stood, cum running down her legs from the three men who had consumed her and filled her.

Joshua moved closer, presenting himself to Candy as she noticed he was hard again.

“My my, you young men are eager!” Candy exclaimed. “Come fuck me.”

I could tell Candy was exhausted as she rolled over on her back, spreading wide for Joshua’s monster cock again. The other three men looked on in astonishment of his size and quick recovery.

Joshua mounted Candy, sliding his huge shaft all the way in.

“Fuck me hard with that monster!”

He didn’t need any coaxing as he started slamming her pussy with his massive cock, his big balls slapping her cum soaked ass with each push. Candy was holding on, gripping Josh’s torso as he pounded her. This guy was punishing her pussy, slamming in and out with such vigor and force I was surprised she could stand it.

I couldn’t take any more as I tensed, preparing to explode, my hand quickly sliding up and down my shaft as I watched her shake in orgasmic pleasure. I erupted, my cum shooting forcefully as if shot from a cannon. I continued splashing the forest floor with my semen as I watched Candy and Joshua.

I shot load after load, difficult to contain my grunting in excitement as I watched.

“I want to cum on your tits'” Joshua grunted as he pulled his huge cock from her pussy, making a popping sound from the suction the monster created as it escaped.

Candy sat up as Josh feverishly stroked his cock, Candy’s tiny hands joining his as she cupped his balls. Just as he was about to cum she slid a finger in his ass as his first load burst from his shaft. His cum splashed right between her tits as she eagerly leaned forward to force his shaft into her mouth to gobble up the rest of his offering.

His second shot actually choked her with the force as he erupted again, his hands now entangled in her hair. Candy continued sliding her finger in and out his ass as he emptied into her mouth, his ass tightening with each forceful spasm of his hot semen. Candy never backed off, swallowing every drop eagerly, choking with the force of his ejaculation. As he relaxed, Candy removed the finger from his ass, looking up into his eyes for his approval.

“I will never forget my first time,” Joshua said.

“Neither will I,” Candy said. “I love your big cock.”

I quickly pulled my shorts up and made my way back to the picnic area as we’d been gone for at least a half hour.

“Where have you been?” the guide asked me.

“Looking for my girlfriend, I couldn’t find her.”

Just then the four young men and Candy appeared and was asked the same question from the guide.

“I went in the forest to change and got lost. These young men were kind enough to find me, I was getting scared,” Candy said trying to be convincing.

Candy winked at me. Had she known I was watching all along? She never did say anything about it afterward and I never brought the subject up. The young men weren’t as clingy with Candy after having sex in the forest so I spent time being closer to her for the rest of the tour.

I was so horny just thinking about it, I couldn’t wait to get her back to the hotel to fuck her. We had great sex that evening as I relived every moment in my mind as we fucked, I’m sure she did as well. She even asked me to fuck her in the ass that night.

Since that day in the jungle, our sex life has gotten wild. I’ll write about our other adventures soon. We’ve been with couples, had threesomes and even visited a swinger’s club once since then. She still prefers the young men and I expect I’ll catch her again in the future, I hope. We’re still not married and have no plans to wed in the future. Why ruin a good thing?

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