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Hunting For Bambi

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Jenni had come to LA about a year ago to make her name as an actress. She hadn’t worked for over two months, now, though. That was why she was wearing a too-tight yellow bikini and preparing to take yet another tray of drinks out to a bunch of drunk rich boys who weren’t much older than she was.

She sighed and tried to readjust her panties but whichever way you looked at it (and those guys were looking pretty hard) the bikini briefs were too small, riding high between the symmetrical cheeks of her perfect ass.

It was the twenty-first birthday party of billionaire Clay Robinson and he’d invited about a dozen of his closest male friends over and hired another dozen or so out-of-work models to serve them drinks. About half were blondes like Jenni. Most of them couldn’t believe their luck that they were getting paid $1,500 for one nights work. Just to wear a bikini, smile sweetly and wiggle their perfect little butts while serving drinks to assholes.

As Jenni walked out of the kitchen to the pool area where most of the guys were standing, laughing and checking out the chicks, she had to admit who ever had hired the models had done a good job. These girls were amazing. There were black girls, Chinese girls, European girls and of course five or so blonde All-American girls, all in tiny bikinis, all in stiletto heels. Jenni was in awe. She hardly even admitted to herself that looking at those perfect bodies made her kind of horny. For some reason the fact that the girls treated her with even more contempt than the guys didn’t change that. They saw her as an unsophisticated hick just because she came from Arkansas and had a sweet, slow, country twang to her voice. They’d been talking behind her back and snubbing her all evening. She suspected, although she couldn’t be sure, that someone had switched her bikini for a smaller size.

In her heart, though, Jenni couldn’t believe she was as pretty as the rest of them. At only 18 years old she still saw herself as the gawky, puppy-fat covered girl she’d been two or three years ago. But she was wrong. She’d changed. Her short blonde hair framed a face that was almost heart-shaped with wide-spaced green eyes and an incredibly innocent and charming smile. Her breasts were unusually large for such a slim frame and yet naturally pert and she had long, smooth bambi legs that took her up to almost 5’ 10’’.

“Drink?” she smiled dazzlingly at a group of three guys. They grinned, rich and smug.

“Sure, baby,” they purred, loving the fact that they could stare at her big tits, or down at her pussy, the cleft almost visible in her tight yellow briefs, and she wouldn’t say a thing about it. As far as they were concerned Clay Robinson had bought her to entertain them for the evening. They slid three martinis off her round silver tray and as she turned around she could feel their eyes watching her mostly bare ass sway on her high heels. She couldn’t help but find it a little humiliating. She’d had dreams of being a serious actress when she’d come to LA and now she was reduced to this. Still, she told herself, she was the one with power here. They could look but they couldn’t touch. She wiggled her ass a little more; kind of liking the fact that she was turning them on. Some of the girls here tonight would undoubtedly be taking another $1,000 here and there to suck a cock or let a guy fuck them. But not her.

At that there was a loud handclap. Clay had clambered up on a table by the edge of the pool. He was swaying slightly and grinning broadly. On the table next to him was a large wooden chest. He was a short but stocky guy with very dark hair swept back, and bushy, sardonic eyebrows that gave him a devilish look.

“OK guys,” he began. “This is the part that I think we’ve all been looking forward to. I think we’d all like to thank the lovely ladies who’ve been serving us. Now we’re going to play a game.”

Some of the girls smiled, confused. They had no idea what was going on but the guys obviously did. Clay looked around the room at the women and felt flushed with power. These were some amazing fucking bitches and as far as he was concerned he’d bought them and he could have any one he wanted. First though they were going to have some fun. He reached into the chest and pulled out a gun – a long, sleek, black semi-automatic weapon. “See this,” he couldn’t stop smiling. “This is a gun with a difference,” he raised it his shoulder and fired against the brick wall of the house. There was an obedient squeal of excitement from some of the girls but the wall was just splattered with a neat circle of white paint.

“We’re going to play a little game of paint-balling. Only, again, this is paintball with a difference.”

Jenni put her tray down and folded her slim arms over her breasts. She didn’t like the expressions on the guys’ faces. They were all excited, some of them looked a little guilty, but many of them had got sadistic, horny smirks on their faces.

“This game,” Clay continued, “is called ‘Hunting For Bambi’. It was invented by some pussies who didn’t have the balls to go through with it and called it a hoax but we’re doin’ it for real. It’s pretty simple. All the guys get issued with a gun. The girls run off into the park and the guys have to shoot them. Depending on what part of the body they get hit,” he smirked, “they have to do a little forfeit.”

Some of the girls were still smiling sweetly, confused, but the smarter ones were shaking their heads. “No way,” Candi, a tall, large breasted black girl in a red bikini was saying. “I am not doing that. That was not in the job description.”

Clay just shrugged. “I’m going to start giving out the guns now. If you stay here you get shot up pretty bad for certain. Your only chance to save your pretty little asses is to make a run for it. Any girl who makes it back here without getting hit after 20 minutes gets $10,000.”

“No way, no way,” Jenni muttered under her breath. That was impossible. The grounds of the house were pretty big but to stay out of their way for 20 minutes, on stiletto heels, would be impossible. And didn’t these paint-ball things hurt like hell if they hit you? As if reading her mind Clay continued.

“One other thing. We’ve been nice to you, the guns aren’t quite full power, but even so you really don’t want to get hit in the eye in the eye with one of these things. Any girl who wants a pair of goggles, and I strongly suggest you do want a pair of goggles, queue here now and I’ll hand them out. I’ve also got sneakers so you can run a little faster. We start firing in two minutes so if I were you I’d get my sweet ass over here pronto.”

The girls stared in disbelief. “What if we refuse?” a beautiful, slender Chinese girl asked.

“If we refuse, we get shot the hell up anyway!” Candi muttered reluctantly.

“There’s one thing I didn’t mention,” Clay chuckled as his best friend Arron started handing out guns to the guys. “We have a rule in my house that girls are only allowed to wear three items, including shoes. If you want the goggles and the sneakers you’ll have to swap something else.”

“You assholes!” Candi exclaimed. But she was a smart girl and it didn’t take her long to put her hands behind her back and unhook her bikini top, making her smooth tits bounce gently, her nipples hardening visibly as the evening air touched them.

“Oh,” Clay added, handing her a pair of goggles, “the sneakers come with a pair of nice white ankle socks so if you want them you’ll have to take off your shoes and your bikini bottoms.”

Jenni watched Candi’s humiliation in disbelief. The black girl had obviously decided that the best thing to do was play the guys at their game and somehow beat them. She crouched down and slid her red panties over her long, cocoa thighs and kicked them dismissively away before sitting on her large round ass and putting the white ankle socks, the sneakers and then the goggles on.

She looked ridiculous, Jenni thought, naked but for clean white sneakers, pristine white ankle socks, and a pair of goggles. The white of the shoes contrasted with her dark skin, the round ass and big tits just a little lighter, her shaved pussy revealing the pink of her lips. Still, the black girl stood tall and proud, even though the guys were laughing at her humiliation. Once again Jenni ignored a strange throbbing sensation coming from her pussy.

“OK,” Clay laughed, “once you’ve got your goggles and your sneakers you can start running. We start chasing soon as the last girl’s out the door.”

Candi ran for it, her black ass wobbling as she made for the gate that led out of the yard and into the acres of park that surrounded the house. At that the rest of the girls suddenly woke up. They formed an undignified scrum in front of Clay, tearing off their bikinis and standing jiggling up and down in front of him, trying to attract his attention, literally begging him to turn their way. Jenni stumbled as she tried to get there and ended up right at the back. She kicked off the shoes first, feeling the cool concrete of the yard beneath her red painted toes. Then she slowly unhooked the bikini top and then slid the bottoms down her thighs. There was no good hurrying because there were too many naked girls in front of her.

Clay was in heaven. He looked from pair of tits to pair of tits. He wasn’t listening as the girls begged, pleaded, cajoled or raged. He just looked at the round pink circles of their mouths and imagined his cock sliding in and out. He looked down at their pussies, mostly shaved into a narrow strip but some entirely bare and chuckled to himself again. This was the best birthday party ever.

“Girls who are on their knees get the gear first,” he ordered. As he’d expected they all dropped to their knees and begged. The silly bitches thought that if they got enough running time the guys might shoot up the stragglers and let them get away. Jenni was the slowest to kneel and for the first time he got a really good look at her. Even naked there was something sweet and naïve about her face. He ran his eyes over her body, taking in the tits that were a little too big for such a sweet looking girl; the pierced belly button with the gold stud that she’d had done when she moved to LA because she thought it would make her less of a hick, the thin strip of blonde hair at her pussy and her long, perfect legs. He looked up and just for a second he made contact with her clear, innocent green eyes and then she dropped to her knees and he felt his cock twitch in his blue denim.

One by one the girls, naked but for the white sneakers, ankle socks and goggles ran out of the gate until only Jenni remained on her knees in front of Clay and the rest of the guys who were by now preparing their guns with the balls of paint. She blushed furiously as she sat down and pulled on the white sneakers. Somehow wearing these was even more degrading than being naked but she knew she had to hurry now, they were about to start shooting.

As she scrambled to her feet Clay caught a glimpse of her pussy as it spread open for a second and then she was away, her white ass jiggling as she ran out the gate. “That,” he informed the guys around him, “is the bitch I really wanna screw.”

It was cooler out in the open air. Jenni felt the night air between her legs as she ran. In front of her she could see naked asses scattering, panicked, in every direction. Behind her she heard the guys counting. “Ten. . .nine. . .eight. . .”

She turned. She was going to get it for sure. Why hadn’t she swallowed her pride and stripped off when Candi did? Most of the girls were running as fast as they could but out of the corner of her eye she saw the big old tree just next door to the pool complex.

Back inside the guys could hardly contain their excitement. “Seven. . .six. . .five. . .four. . .three. . .two. . .one!” With a wild cry they shook their guns in the air and sprinted outside. The only girl visible was just disappearing over a ridge towards some trees in the distance. Clay whooped and followed her. “Remember the rules guys! You get a hit on the chick, doesn’t matter where it is, you bring her back to base. We’ll check out the hits later!”

He saw the girl glance behind her in fear as he came for her but she was slow. “It’s the French chick!” he whooped. “Watch me take her out!” It was Elise, a cute, dark haired little wannabe popstar from Paris. She’d been flirting like hell all day, asking them if they wanted her to sing one of her dumb songs. Now she’ll fucking sing. He raised his gun, aimed at her naked ass, fired and heard her squeal in a distinctly French accent.

They got closer and closer and ran her down as she stumbled in exhaustion. Clay could see he’d missed. Too high. The middle of her back was spattered with white paint. She turned and looked at him her eyes shining with tears, her arms modestly spread over her high, perky tits. “That stung!” she squealed indignantly.

“Arron!” Clay ordered, “take her back.”

Arron slung her over his shoulder, her sneaker-clad feet pounding against his broad back, her naked tits pressed against his shoulder. They ran down girl after girl like that. Some of them took hits on their tits as they tried to hide or beg for mercy, some on their backs like Elise, but most on their smooth thighs or, more often, their bare asses, making them howl. Each time they were carried, squealing, back to the pool. At last only Candi and Jenni were left. “Where are those fucking bitches?” Clay swore. Then he saw a faint movement in some undergrowth up ahead. “There’s one!” Arron cried. At that Candi broke from cover like a startled fawn and ran. Clay raised his gun, fired and saw her squeal in pain. Even more gratifyingly he saw her fingers go in between her legs to feel her ass.

“Bullseye!” he roared. All of the guys ran towards her and they saw that the paintball had hit her right in the centre of her asshole.

“Just one left now,” said Arron.

“Fuck that,” said Clay. “I want this bitch now.”

He stood over her, her naked brown body writhing in the dirt. “You bastard!” she swore.

“Look at that!” he laughed, “the paint’s gone all the way from her asshole to her pussy!” It was true. He threw her over his shoulder and the guys following could see her a circle of white paint from the very top of her thighs over her pink pussy lips and the centre of her asshole.

Meanwhile Jenni was quivering halfway up the old tree. She’d seen the other girls brought back one by one with humiliating white stains on their tanned, naked bodies. She felt the rough bark pressing hard against her nipples. There was a hot, throbbing sensation between her thighs, tightly gripping the smooth thick branch that she was sitting on. She was appalled at what was happening but it was only when she saw Candi carried back, like a newly captured slave, over Clay’s shoulders, that she had to admit to herself that she was incredibly turned on.

The first girl to have to pay a forfeit was Elise. Against the wall of the house the guys had stuck a crude picture of a woman with a target over it. On different parts of the target it said ‘blowjob’ ‘titjob’ ‘pussy’ ‘ass’. Elise had been hit on the middle of her back. This apparently meant she had to take a cock in her mouth.

“You can have her,” Clay generously said to Arron. Arron grinned broadly and put one huge hand on the top of Elise’s head and forced her, with a tiny whimper, on to her knees. “I’ve heard French bitches know how to suck dick. Is that true?” Arron demanded.

“Fuck you!” she yelped but he grabbed her by her dark hair and pulled her pretty face towards his fat, stumpy cock.

“Lick my dick,” he ordered and, after a brief humiliated pause, she did, her pink tongue darting out and running up and down the length of his stem, her cheeks bright red with shame.

“You like the taste of American cock?” he crowed. “Suck that cock baby!”

Her face screwed up but she knew what she had to do. Her warm mouth opened and slid over the head, making it so wet that he felt a tiny bead of saliva slide down into his pubes. Then she formed her bee-stung lips into a tight seal and began bobbing her head rapidly up and down, up and down, so that the sensations got so strong he had to put his hands on her bare shoulders for balance.

Jenni watched in disbelief as Arron’s ass began jerking as he fucked her mouth and Elise just took it, naked on her knees, while the rest of the guys looked on and laughed. When he came he let her swallow the first shot before pulling out to make the rest of the jism splatter her face as she closed her eyes in humiliation.

Clay loved watching cum shots. He looked down at Candi, who was now trying to sit up and wipe paint from her pussy. He savoured the moment then stepped over one of her long, naked legs and kicked them apart at the knee so that she was spread in front of him. Then, like a triumphant general claiming his prize, he put one size-twelve, booted foot on her pussy and dragged it slowly back and forth. “You like that bitch?” he taunted. “You are one fucking sexy negress.”

In the tree Jenni started with shock. Had he really called the black girl ‘negress?’ She used to hear her grandaddy use words like that but Candi was a modern girl. There was no way she was going to put up with being spoken to that way. Of all the girls Candi had been the ring-leader, the most aggressive and dismissive of Jenni. Jenni clung tightly to the tree, shifting her weight so the bark very gently rubbed her tits and the branch she was sitting on pressed into the pink cleft of her pussy.

“How dare you!” Candi protested. But with her legs spread as wide as they would go, and with Clay’s boot on her pussy, her back arching so her tits pointed at the sky, all of the defiance seemed to have gone out of her.

In answer Clay crouched down and grabbed her by each foot. Then, kneeling, he picked her feet up so that they were resting on his shoulders next to his face and her paint-splattered pussy was level with his crotch. “Oh you bastard,” she moaned. Clay saw her breathing quicken as he ran his hand down her silky thighs. She was already panting as his fingers got closer to her pussy. Then, casually and dismissively, he began flicking at her clit. “Uhhh,” she groaned. With the other hand he unzipped his pants, letting his cock spring out. Candi stared at it with a mixture of fear and, Jenni could see, something else, too. It couldn’t be that the black girl was looking forward to being fucked like this could it? Not in front of everyone in that degrading position with her legs in the air?

Clay teased her by rubbing the round head of his cock against her pussy and watched her visibly attempt to suppress her arousal. But she couldn’t. He alternated stroking her pussy with his cock and his fingers and she arched her back further, her big lips forming into an ‘Oh’ of sexual frustration. “You want to be fucked, don’t you you horny bitch?” he laughed. She shook her head violently back and forth and bit her lip.

“You sure?” he carried on stroking her in little circles.

“Fuck the bitch!” Arron encouraged.

“Well,” Clay grinned. “I got her pussy and her asshole so I guess that gives me a choice of what I fuck.”

“No!” Candi protested.

For a second Jenni was confused. Then she saw Clay push Candi back another inch or so to reveal a little more of her ass. Oh my God, she realised, he’s going to sodomise her. Jenni couldn’t imagine anything more degrading for a woman. Almost unconsciously, though, she began slowly rubbing herself against the branch, feeling warm waves of pleasure spread from her moistening pussy right through her whole body.

Clay pushed the head of his cock against Candi’s tight asshole and heard her whimper. “Please!” she cried timidly.

“What’s that?” he grinned.

“Please use lube.”

“Hahaha!” he pushed his cock a little harder and felt her hole start to accept him. “Someone get me some butter!” he ordered.

Arron giggled and handed him half a pack of butter that was left over on the table just inside. Clay took a big scoop of it with his fingers and very deliberately rubbed it around his cock. Candi couldn’t stop staring, her mouth hanging open in fear and lust. With his cock greased up Clay took another scoop of butter and thrust first his index finger, and then two fingers, into her ass. It was tight and hot. He rubbed his fingers round and round in circles and Candi groaned again and arched her back further. Then he took his fingers out. “Tell you what Candi girl,” he grinned. “Ask me nicely and I’ll be real gentle with you.”

“Please be gentle,” she begged.

He took his cock in both hands and pressed it against her round hole. For a second it was stuck and then, with a slight pop, it pushed inside her making him instinctively moan. As Candi wriggled on the floor trying to get comfortable, his cock slid in further making her gasp again.

Up in the tree Jenni was now panting herself as she rubbed herself backwards and forwards on the smooth branch, feeling waves of pleasure spreading up from her pussy through her belly to her tits and her neck and face which were flushed pink, her mouth open in ecstasy. She couldn’t believe that Clay was fucking that beautiful, haughty black girl in the ass. He’d totally dominated and humiliated her and she was just taking it, lying on her back with her knees bent, those long legs pointing at the sky.

Clay could hardly contain himself as he felt his heavy balls slap against Candi’s ass but he spread her legs apart a little more with one hand and freed the other hand so he could rub her pussy too. He knew that she’d never forget it if he made her cum while taking her asshole in front of about twenty people. His cock slid in and out of her. Even with the butter it was a tight fit, the muscles of her anus gripping the stem of his cock. He grabbed her ankles tightly, making white marks in her brown skin and just fucked her and fucked her. Then, as he saw that she had her head thrown back and was moaning in more than just pain he stroked her clit a little harder and felt her whole body start to shake. They came at the same time, Candi squealing in shameful ecstasy, Clay grunting triumphantly as he spurted cum inside her ass.

In the tree Jenni was now unselfconsciously riding that branch. Everything went quiet as Clay and Candi’s breathing subsided and Candi’s brown, magnificent body went limp. The black girl had never felt so degraded in all her life and yet she’d never cum so hard. Just as she was lying back with her head on the decking she heard a little feminine gasp. She opened her eyes, looked up and saw the naked white form of Jenni in the throes of orgasm up in the tree. She couldn’t believe it.

“Clay. . .” she whispered viciously.

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