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Private Sinclair’s Farewell

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Author’s note: this fictional story is written from the perspective of a bi-curious, submissive male enjoying his first experience. As always, I love feedback, so let me know what you think, good or bad, and thanks for taking the time to read!


Things weren’t going well for Private First Class Sinclair. My Battalion Commander had him standing at attention in his office while he angrily accosted him and explained the charges against him. This was the old Army, before Obama softened our stance on gays in the military.

PFC Sinclair had been secretly videotaped fucking a senior level sergeant from another unit. The video was short and grainy in the low light, but there was no mistaking my soldier in the video. The Sergeant from the other unit had already been discharged after the video went viral among troops on our base, forcing leaders to take action.

“Do you agree that is you in the video, or do we need to play it here?” the Battalion Commander asked the Private.

“No, Sir,” was the response. PFC Sinclair looked depressed. He hadn’t known he was being filmed at the time, and he was embarrassed. He had had every intention of keeping his activity behind closed doors. But he stood tall and proud now in his sharply pressed uniform with his clean and tight haircut to face the music. He was still a professional. He was also an imposing figure and looked the part of the ideal soldier at about six feet and three inches tall with a muscular build. He was the kind of guy that would have been a future enlisted leader and doing well at it; the kind of person you can confidently follow into battle. What a shame it all had to end like this.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

PFC Sinclair started off well. He explained how he loved wearing the uniform and that he respected the rules and the chain of command. He wished to stay in the Army and continue to serve. But then he blundered. He started on about how what he did wasn’t that big a deal and how he was being treated unfairly because he didn’t know he was being recorded. The Commander cut him off.

“Don’t give me that crap. You’re gay. We have proof. You violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice. You knew the consequences of your actions.”

PFC Sinclair became defensive and further sealed his fate: “I’m not gay, Sir. I’ve had sex with more women than all the men in this room put together, trust me. I just like to dominate men to get myself off occasionally, which plenty of men around here enjoy, and I don’t see any of them standing up here. Now I am surrounded by homophobic men who don’t get this.”

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about,” was the Commander’s reply.

“I like fucking men, and the higher ranking, the more it gets me off.”

“Good lord, son. How many others are there?” the Commander asked, forgetting for a second about arguing and instead trying to see if he had more damage control to do.

PFC Sinclair, seeing an opportunity to egg us on, took the bait. “There are a few more, even in this unit. But I haven’t done an officer yet, so you don’t need to worry. Yet.” Ouch. He was done for sure now.

“Get out, son. I’ll talk with your leaders about what to do.” The aide led the young soldier out.

I was the first officer in Sinclair’s chain of command, his platoon leader. I was barely older than half my soldiers. Also in the room was my subordinate, a sergeant that was his squad leader. My platoon sergeant was unavailable Also there was my boss, the Company Commander. His boss was the Battalion Commander that was presiding over the session and owned any decisions. The Sergeant-major was also there, and he was the senior enlisted person in the Battalion.

“Your thoughts?” the Battalion commander asked. He was sincerely interested in what his subordinate leaders thought, and he often took our advice on punishment

Sinclair’s squad leader went first as the lowest ranking person. He said he was a good solider but had to go. The law was clear.

Then it was my turn. “Sir, I know I’ve been in your office too much lately,” I said, referring to a few robberies, DUIs, and other crimes my boneheaded soldiers had committed. “But this time it’s different. This solider is a valuable asset to the army. He served well in his tour in Iraq. I’d honestly say other than this incident that he is my best soldier. He’s motivated, has integrity, and wants to serve. He postponed finishing college when he saw 9-11 from his dorm room TV. The kid cares about his mission. He should be allowed to continue. And this law is bullshit anyway, what do we care what he does behind closed doors?”

“You seem to think I should let him off just because you don’t agree with the law. That isn’t how it works. And there’s no way he can serve in your unit anymore after that video got out.” Damn, I was clearly not meant to be a lawyer. How did I not see it that way? The UCMJ was clear on this.

“Can we take rank away and transfer him to another unit?”

“He’s been in this room before. He doesn’t deserve the minimum punishment.”

I wanted to dive into the details of that, but what was the point? PFC Sinclair got in a fight last month and choked someone unconscious. It didn’t matter that he didn’t start the fight and was sticking up for a person off-post. These people didn’t understand that subduing him in that way was better than knocking him out, and that initially considering attempted murder charges was just crazy. No, this time Sinclair was done. He had the perfect storm of bad luck. He fought a bully to defend the helpless, and he plowed a guy in the ass and was vilified by an angry roommate filming him in secret. A good guy was about to go down.

The Company Commander went next and said good things about him, but he also had to deal with the fallout in the rest of the unit. He pushed to get Sinclair discharged. He wanted to make an example out of him and win back his credibility with the troops. I lost a little respect for my boss here.

The Battalion Commander had made up his mind. Sinclair was brought back in, reduced to a private, and told he would be discharged. I saw one tear out of his left eye as he stood tall. His closing comment before he left was, “I’m sorry I let you all down. I love my country and this army.” Then he walked out. I found out later he had 45 days left. He was transferred out of the unit to an admin job to await out-processing.

I think I was the only person in the room that understood PFC Sinclair’s motivation to fuck another man. I had never been with a man or wanted to be with one, but I was kinky as hell. I could totally see how he could be straight and make love to many women, but still get thrills out of plowing a man. I believed him and felt for the guy. And even if he was 100% pure and simply gay, this outcome still would have annoyed me. It was so unfair to see a good guy go down like this when someone else had maliciously recorded him. I won’t even go into the injustice of the slap on the wrist his evil roommate had received for his role in this. Too bad he was in another platoon or I would have made his life hell going forward.

A few weeks later, I was relaxing and drinking a beer on a Saturday afternoon. I clicked on the famous link, which I had added to my favorites and watched a few times. The sergeant in the video always intrigued me. Sinclair was taking him doggie style. You never got to see Sinclair’s cock in the video due to the angle, but you just had to imagine he was large. The grimace on the sergeant’s face indicated it was. He seemed to be in that typical “it hurts but I don’t want you to stop” mindset. Between those expressions, I saw a slight grin to his face. He was loving it.

This time, unlike previous viewings, I got an erection. I didn’t think I was turning gay. I chalked it up to the video reminding me of my own most kinky moment when my previous girlfriend took me with a strap-on. What would the Commander think if he had seen that, I thought with a laugh.

I jerked off all the time. I was a new officer only two years out of college. At 24 years-old, I had a huge libido. I was single at the moment, having broken up about three months ago with a girlfriend of over a year. On weekends I had a pretty bad habit of extending my masturbation sessions to a couple hours, often with some anal play or extensive internet surfing. On this afternoon, I spent about ten minutes cleaning myself out with an enema then slowly loosening up with one finger and a bottle of lube.

This was normal for me. After my last girlfriend had awakened me to the joys of anal stimulation by giving me a finger to get me off faster while getting head, I was sold. Now I owned a small vibrator and used it frequently. Instead of getting myself off quickly, I probed myself slowly while browsing porn. After about 20 minutes I went back to the video of Sinclair. I started thinking, and I got more and more upset about it. He was a good guy and didn’t deserve what had happened to him. I felt an urge to reach out to the guy and drink a beer with him and toast his future and wish him the best. Since he was leaving and already had been transferred out of my unit, maybe we could drink as equals, not as me being his platoon leader. I wondered if he would be interested, or maybe his anger was strong still and directed at his entire chain of command, in which case I would not want him to be uncomfortable. There were other linked videos next to his, and I clicked on one to see a white guy sucking a black guy’s cock.

Here is where things got interesting for me. This was one of the pivotal moments in my life that I can’t easily explain, but it really did happen this way. I was never before turned on by this or any gay porn. I would much prefer to see a woman sucking this guy’s cock. But for the first time in my life, I gave serious consideration to how it might feel to suck a guy’s penis. The more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. Of course this made no sense at all. I was 24 and had never been aroused by these thoughts before. I don’t think this video’s interracial aspect made a difference either, since I was neither a flaming racist nor someone turned on by black cock any more than white ones. PFC Sinclair was black. Coincidence? I wasn’t sure. So here I was, a vibrator in my ass, wishing I could suck a penis for the first time.

Then an idea began to form in my head. It was a very bad, crazy idea, that I had no business considering at all, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. PFC Sinclair joked about never having an officer before. What better way to show my support than by giving him oral? I trusted him to be discreet. He was leaving post soon, which decreased the odds of word getting out. Then I looked at my watch and remembered something. There were four gyms on post, and Sinclair worked out in the same one as me. I saw him all the time lifting weights while I played racquetball. He typically went after work, but I remembered seeing him often at about 3PM on weekends. It was 3:15 right now. I had no idea what I would say to him, but I figured I needed a workout anyway, so why not?

I went upstairs to the free weights area. My heart beat a little faster as I saw Private Sinclair working his biceps. I did three sets of heavy squats, which I knew would be a sufficient workout by itself in case I had to quit early. He nodded at me as he left, wrapping up his workout. I waited a minute then followed him to the locker room, having no idea what I could say to him.

The Army seemed to loathe spending any money on dividing bathroom stalls or showers with walls. I found this to be ironic considering how homophobic the organization was. You’d think they’d want to separate all the penis as much as possible. Anyway, I entered the open bay shower. Sinclair was there, as was one other guy.

“Hey LT,” Sinclair said, smiling briefly and calling me by my traditional name in the unit, short for “lieutenant.”

While I showered, I looked out of the corner of my eye. Sinclair had the biggest cock I’d seen in real life. No wonder the sergeant on the video looked like he was passing a kidney stone while getting plowed. He dangled low and thick. He was shaved bare, not a pubic hair on him. This was pretty bold, considering that in the Army everyone saw your junk. It was a good-looking cock. Just the kind I was thinking I’d like to suck. Go big or go home, I thought to myself and laughed on the inside at the cliché. I realized I had been daydreaming, so I quickly averted my eyes. I could see him glancing at me out of the corner of my eyes as I turned. Shit, I thought to myself, He probably had seen me checking him out. I hoped he didn’t think I was interested. I wasn’t ready to indicate that. But I figured he probably just thought I was looking because he was so darn big it drew stares from anyone since it was such a big distraction.

Soon the third gentleman in the shower left. Sinclair was two showers over from me, about ten feet away. “LT?” he said. I turned to face him. He was looking at me, having just turned off his shower and started back to the lockers. “My squad leader told me what you said in there. I just want to say thanks, I appreciate it.”

“My pleasure. You will be missed,” I told him. Sinclair lingered just a few seconds longer than necessary while standing a few feet away from me. I think he had some kind of radar or something, or I was emitting some kind of chemical as I fantasized about him, and he had a super sense that could pick it up. He gave me a warm smile before leaving.

After I finished and toweled off, I went to the other section of the lockers where he was. There was nobody else in there, typical of a light weekend at the gym. “Sinclair,” I said to get his attention. “If you don’t have plans, why don’t you stop by for a beer before you go back to the barracks. Watch part of the game with me and we’ll talk about your future if you want.” I could tell he liked the idea. Hanging out in a place with other soldiers who’d seen you on video and watching the game with all of them in a large common area couldn’t have been fun. He readily agreed.

I told him my apartment number, which was all the info he needed. I lived in the only Bachelor Officer’s Quarters on post, and it was a few blocks from the gym.

Sinclair was taking his time dressing, so I beat him to my place by about five minutes. It was late autumn and cold out, but I had the heat up enough to make nudity comfortable. I changed to some shorts and a T-shirt. Private Sinclair arrived a bit later smartly dressed in a nice button down short with good looking dark jeans. He could have gone straight to a club or dinner or whatever.

I decided to set the informal tone right away, so I greeted him with a warm handshake and smile and quickly came in close for one of those semi-awkward man hugs with one arm. “Thanks for the invite, sir,” he said.

“Hey, you can call me Dan if you want,” I said. “I’m not your platoon leader, and I don’t want you to feel like I am managing you at all now, especially since you’re leaving soon. Can we just drink a beer as equals here?”

“Sure, and you can call me Bob if you want. But I don’t think I can stop calling you LT!” We both laughed and I offered him a beer as we sat in front of my big screen. It was first quarter of the basketball game. Both of us were sports fans, and we broke the ice discussing that. The first two beers went down over more small talk. On the third beer we began discussing a variety of topics triggered by an annoying drug commercial. I found out Sinclair was very knowledgeable in current events and politics as well as science when we discussed genetics and medicine. I had to remind myself he had several years of a postponed Ivy league education. He was more articulate than most enlisted men for sure. I made a mental note about getting to know all my troops better and to avoid making assumptions.

We talked more about our family, and then switched to his own dreams and work plans for after the army. He had already been accepted back to finish the last year of his education. His school administrators were very impressed, as they should have been, with his reasons for leaving college in the first place. I don’t know of they knew about the terms of his discharge, but I imaged that if they did, it wouldn’t change a thing. A liberal college would surely welcome him back. I was glad to see he was in positive spirits and had plans in place, considering his separation was involuntary.

I was having a great time and going with the flow, but my mind was a mess, and I was starting to get stressed even with the help of the alcohol. Private Sinclair, or “Bob” as I reminded myself, was a great guy. If I had met him at school, I could tell we would be friends. I thought this would make any next move on my part easier. Already I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I had not jerked off in a few days at least, which added to my sexual energy. My desire to try oral that was non-existent a few hours ago was now overwhelming. I couldn’t stop stealing glances at the dent in his jeans fabric his large cock created when he sat in different positions. So far I was confident he didn’t notice. But how could I initiate the first step? There was no way in hell Sinclair was going to try to initiate anything with me. I had to make the first move.

The sun set, but it was still early since it was just before the holidays and the days were short. When the game went to halftime and we were on our third beer, the conversation turned a little more serious.

“I think you’re getting screwed over big time, man. It’s the Army’s loss.”

“I appreciate you saying that, LT.”

I then turned the mood a little lighter. “I’m going to call you out on that bullshit comment you made about wanting to fuck an officer though. You made the Colonel’s homophobic, tightly quenched asshole close a little tighter with that remark! And that was pretty shallow anyway.”

“I know, I know,” he said. Then he tentatively eased into discussing it. Apparently, he wanted to explain his behavior more. “For me, it is a power thing. I do like being in charge, and a higher ranking person just adds to my fantasy aspect.” I nodded, indicating I still got it. “But I always discuss this stuff with anyone I get intimate with. We both agree, and the few men that have been with me I think want to be more on the submissive side anyway and don’t care. I only date women, and I know I will get married and say goodbye to this behavior eventually, but I like the variety in my sex life for now.”

“Yeah, I mean I wouldn’t know about all that, but I know I am very kinky with women sometimes. I’m sure I’ve done things in bed that are illegal in many states.” We both laughed, but I didn’t go into details.

Sinclair looked at me and finished his beer and said the perfect comment to both be non-threatening to me but also open the door for me to take the next step if I wanted. “You would be my best conquest so far you know. Not only are you the platoon leader, you made life hard for me a few times.” He was joking, but nervous I could tell. Had our conversation progressed far enough where it was acceptable to make this joke? Were we really drinking “as equals?”

I disarmed him quickly with a laugh so he would know I was not offended. “I’m not your platoon leader any more,” I said. But I think I’ll keep my butthole guarded for now.”

I heard a knock at the door. I had a small place, and the entrance opened to the living room we were in. I answered it, and a cute red head named Amy that lived down the hall appeared. “Just checking what you are doing later and if you have plans,” she asked. Then she saw Sinclair sitting on the couch.

“Amy, Bob, Bob, Amy,” I said. They waved and greeted each other. “I don’t have plans later, I will look for you,” I said in a non-committal way, also indicating I don’t want to hang out now. But then I realized I was being a jerk. Amy was a friend. “You can have a beer with us now if you want. We’re just watching the game,” I said and turned slightly to imply she could come in. Amy declined, and we agreed to talk later. I shut the door and went back to the couch.

“Damn!” he said with enthusiasm.

“I know,” I said. Amy was hot. I knew now from the look on Sinclair’s face he was sincere when he said he liked women. Amy was a young lieutenant in the Aviation branch. That of course just made her more sexy since she was a pilot. She was fit and had a large chest, so the attention men lavished on her was copious and well-deserved. I should also mention that she has a great attitude and a wonderful personality. It’s easy to forget with those large headlights staring at you. “I tried to go there, but it didn’t work out.”

“Bummer,” he said. I was lying. Amy and I had dated briefly, and I did have some great sex with her. But we decided we weren’t a great couple, and now were just friends. Although I think a certain tall, good looking Captain that lived off post and was into her might have been the catalyst for us to stop seeing each other, especially since they got together shortly after. I didn’t feel comfortable betraying Amy’s trust by discussing the details with Sinclair. I went to get us another beer, then we both took bathroom breaks and resumed watching the third quarter. One team was up by 20 now, so it wasn’t entertaining. That was a good thing. The game was supposed to be a distraction, not the primary focus.

I was getting impatient. It was time to act, but I was a chicken shit. I stood to pace, and I brought the conversation back home. “I can’t stop thinking about how this is unfair, man. You were just providing a service and minding your own business,” I joked. “I wish there was something I can do for you.”

Sinclair was on the couch still, relaxing. He wasn’t as pissed as me, or didn’t let on that he was. “Don’t worry man, everything happens for a reason. I got to serve my country overseas already. I am going back to school, everything is good.”

I stood in front of him. “Your future is going to work out great, I have a feeling,” I said and held out my beer bottle. He clicked his against mine and we toasted him briefly. “I just wish there was something I could do.”

“Don’t worry man, I’m happy you invited me over here and got to know me a bit better. I feel good.”

Fuck it, it was time to lay all my cards on the table. My palms instantly became sweaty, and my heart felt like it would explode. There was a table next to where he sat on the edge of the couch. I leaned over close to him and set my beer on it as I looked him in the eye with a nervous smile on my face. I’m not sure if he noticed my hand was shaking or if he sensed my mood had changed by the look on my face. “What?” he asked.

“I’m nervous.” I confessed. Then I moved one step to the left so I was right in front of him. His legs were slightly spread as he sat comfortably on the couch. I fell to my knees in front of him, wondering if this would be a welcomed invasion of his personal space. There was just enough room for my knees between his feet. My left hand went to his thigh. My right hand slowly reached out and pressed against his crotch through his jeans. So far he wasn’t pulling away. “Isn’t there anything I can do for you?” I asked.

Sinclair smiled. “I’m a little surprised, I must confess.”

“This would be my first blow job. I never wanted to do it before, then I woke up today suddenly wanting to try it. Nobody deserves a BJ more than you, and I’m confident I will do just fine on my first time.” My hand pressed harder against his crotch. I actually felt him grow a little underneath my hand as I gripped slightly and felt the contours it made under the jeans. I hoped I would get a chance to see him fully hard.

“Are you sure you can handle this? I’ve been saving up for a few days.” I nodded and smiled, knowing now he and I were on the same page. My position at his feet was more ceremonial right now, because he still had to move to get out of his clothes. We stood at the same time, and he took off his shirt first, then stepped out of his jeans. He glanced at the door. I realized he was checking the deadbolt. Smart man. An interruption would be most embarrassing. Then came the moment I was waiting for. Private Sinclair took off his boxer briefs, and I saw his beautiful ebony shaft hanging between his legs. He got back on the couch, and I positioned myself on my knees in front of him again. I’d never been so nervous and excited before. This was more nerve-racking even than when I lost my virginity when I was a teenager.

I looked at his manhood for a few moments, just taking in the eye candy. I put my hands on his thighs. His muscles were warm and rippling just beneath his flesh.

“You just passed your exit physical, right?” I said, which meant basically he had STD testing done and presumably passed.

“All clean. You can suck and swallow with confidence,” he joked. He scooted his butt forward, putting it closer to the edge of the couch to make his genitalia more accessible and encourage me to start. Now his penis was a mere foot from my face. His manly smell grew stronger.

My slightly trembling right hand moved from his thigh over to his cock. There was no turning back now. He was probably semi-hard. He hung down toward his feet, but at an angle and with enough girth to suggest swelling had begun. I could see the entire head, which I suppose made him circumcised. I didn’t particularly care about the color of the first cock I had seen this close besides my own, but I think I was grateful he was black. The contrast compared with my own white cock made the moment more exciting. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

I clasped my hand around the middle of his shaft. He moaned softly. His size was apparent immediately when I noticed I could barely reach around it, and even before fully hard, there was plenty of cock flesh above and below my full grip on his shaft. After gripping my own penis every day my whole life, I easily noticed the difference. I pumped it a few times, then playfully twirled it in a circle, making us both laugh for a second. It felt heavy in my hand. I was ready. I had coached a few women through their first times sucking dick, and I knew what felt good for me. What followed was the best one to two minutes of my life so far, and it turned out to be one of my best decisions.

I began with a lick up the sensitive underside, noting that he had a pleasant and neutral taste to him, just like skin anywhere else. When I reached the large head, I briefly slid my tongue around the groove where the head ended and the shaft began, then licked up to the top of the head around the slit and all over the large mushroom head. Slowly I opened my mouth around the head and slid down, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensations as his rod filled my mouth. My tongue led the way on the underside, coating him with saliva and caressing him while my mouth provided suction. So far, so good.

“Nice,” he mumbled softly to encourage me as the warmth and wetness of my mouth spread down his length.

I moved my hand off his shaft as I lowered, and I made it to the bottom, feeling him press just a tad uncomfortably in the back of my throat and almost triggering the gag reflex. My nose pressed against his pubic bone. He felt so thick in my mouth! I wondered if my jaw could handle this for extended periods. I slid my mouth up to the head again, feeling him grow harder as I rose.

After that first bob of my head, I knew I would finish the blow job. I might as well, I’d already taken him into my mouth after all. After two bobs, I knew I not only would finish, but I would also like it. His cock was growing in size and hardness fast. On the third trip down, I couldn’t fit him all the way inside anymore. I went as far as I could. On my way back up, his cock completed its rise and went to full mast. He felt rock hard in my mouth, but deliciously soft too. With a nice slurping sound, I let the large shaft plop out of my mouth.

Now as I looked at this impressive cock, fully hard and shiny with my saliva, I knew I had made the right decision. This was too much fun. Watching him respond with obvious arousal and appreciation for my efforts sealed the deal. I had become a connoisseur of cocksucking. It was that obvious and natural for me.

I paused just for a couple seconds and enjoyed the sight of him. He was probably close to nine inches long. I had measure mine many times before and knew what seven inches looked like, so I could gauge the difference. I estimated him at about seven inches in circumference, noticeably bigger than my five and a half. I didn’t even care about size big or small going into this, since I wasn’t going to have sex and likely wouldn’t even care about size if I did. But his size did make him seem so much more powerful than average, and it really played off my submissive mood well and enhanced the experience for me now that I considered it.

Our eyes met briefly as my tongue darted out to contact the head again, and he grinned. “You’re doing great, LT. This won’t take long,” he said. Then he added, “This mess at work and the stress really killed my libido, at least until you just got me hard. Now I have lots of pent up energy for you.”

I gave him a gentle squeeze, and a glob of precome must have come out the tip, because I felt the small, sticky glob against my tongue. I thought I detected a faint hint of the smell of semen, and that’s when I realized my own cock had gone fully hard now. Wow, I guess the thought of taking a load didn’t turn me off much. My mouth stretched over the head, and I began to suck him again with a purpose.

I thought blowing a man would feel kind of impersonal, but the exact opposite was true. I felt a deep connection with him. I’d never felt this on the receiving end of oral before, but once his cock slid past my lips, I felt I could tell Sinclair anything. I felt that we had a special bond, fleeting as it may be, and that he’d forever be special to me in some way.

I enjoyed the paradox of control I had over him combined with my feelings of submission. Just the slightest change in suction or a light flicker of the tongue the right way would register immediately in the pleasure center in his brain, and I would get a response. He’d moan, or his cock would switch noticeably in my mouth, or he’d catch his breath a little differently. I knew he was headed for an inevitable climax, and it was 100% in my control as to when and how it happened. But I reminded myself that even though I was driving this train, my job was to serve. The job wasn’t done until a flood of semen exploded out as my reward.

There was nothing special about my technique. I kept it high quality but simple. Due to his position on the edge of the couch, I could use one hand the stimulate the base of his cock that I couldn’t reach with my mouth. After I was in a good rhythm, I brought my other hand to his balls. I gently cupped them and just held them, not really applying pressure or anything. This is what I liked, and Sinclair wasn’t complaining. I didn’t suck him fast or really hard, because I know slow and steady would finish this race. I was careful to use my tongue on the bottom and keep my teeth off him, which was easier than I thought it was going to be given his large girth. I was liberal with the saliva, allowing him to get wetter and wetter, dripping down to his balls as the BJ progressed. My tongue pressed firmly against his sensitive underside, occasionally twirling around in circles to stimulate him. After a while, I pulled the cock out of my mouth again, deliberately making suction noises with my mouth. I licked his balls for a few seconds and slapped myself in the face with his cock before going back to sucking. It was just a hunch, but I thought a little noise and visual stimulation might help him also.

A few seconds later, Sinclair confirmed it was working: “God, you’re good. I’m getting close.” It was time to decide what to do with his ejaculate. I hadn’t thought too much about it, but now I realized I wanted to try to take it. No way was I going to ruin a good blow job by making him climax all over himself while I lazily looked away and jerked him off. I picked up the pace a little and increased the suction. One of Sinclair’s hands went to my head, but he didn’t pull me into him. He began to moan. He said, “I’m getting close” about two more times, then finally: “Here it comes. Arggh!”

His cock was buried into the back of my mouth when he started to come. The opening to his tube was pointed just above my esophagus, which was a good thing, because his first pulse jetted out with serious pressure. It reflected off the back of my mouth and instantly spread a sticky mess all around the back half of my mouth. I inhaled at that exact moment, and the smell and taste of his spunk hit my senses immediately. Having never tried my own, this was my first taste of sperm. I pulled back a tad, and the second volley hit lower, near the opening of my throat. I coughed a little but managed to keep my composure as I left my mouth stationary and milked him with my hand, getting pulse after pulse of his potent load.

I swallowed a couple times through the process, worried the taste would gag me or the load would spill. After a few seconds I realized I didn’t mind the strong scent, and feeling him climax inside my mouth aroused me more. As his orgasm wound down and I was confident I could handle the volume safely, I let the remaining semen pool up before swallowing, using my tongue to distribute it throughout my mouth more so I could enjoy him. I felt completely submissive, dirty, and perhaps violated. It was incredibly hot for me. But most importantly, the man I was there to help clearly was enjoying himself. I managed to look up as he gave his last couple spasms and began to laugh in relief and excitement.

“God, LT, that was great. I needed that, holy shit! You did good to take my load too, that makes it so much better.”

I grinned as best I could with my mouth full of cock still. I was so happy to have been able to give him a good experience! I sucked around the head and first few inches of shaft and swallowed a couple times to ensure it was clean, careful not to touch the head too much directly since I figured he’d be too sensitive right after ejaculation like I always was. I let him plot out again and checked him with my eyes to see if he was clean. Committed to providing five star service, I gripped him tightly at the base and milked up to just below the head, forcing one final, sizable glob of white come out the top. I took this semen onto my finger before transferring to my mouth, then patted his thigh affectionately and smiled as I got up and sat down next to him on the couch.

A few seconds passed as his breathing slowed and I came out of my numb state of shock, scarcely believing what I had done. He handed me my beer. “In case you need this,” he said. The strong aftertaste of his load was definitely still there along with a sticky film coating my mouth, but it didn’t bother me like I thought it would. In fact, I enjoyed the little bit of evidence that stayed with me after the deed was done.

I took a sip. “You didn’t taste bad, and that was the first time I’ve tasted it,” I said truthfully.

“Not even your own?”

I shook my head no. “Was I good?”

“You are a natural, sir.”

“Don’t call me sir.”

“But I have to. I just exploded into the mouth of a senior officer. The least I could do is show military respect,” he said.

I laughed too. “And I just sucked off one of my soldiers. At least nobody can accuse me of not caring for my troops now!” We both clearly enjoyed the role reversal of the power from our professional relationship. “Hey, we’re keeping this between us, right?” I asked, serious but hoping not to darken the mood.

“Of course. Unless you’re recording me. That seems to happen to me a lot. Are you?” he asked and looked around, adding the perfect element of humor at the right time while reassuring me. “You took good care of me, sir, and I thank you,” Sinclair said and held his beer out. I never thought I’d be toasting my successful completion of a blow job, but the two of us just did.

We drank in silence for about a minute until the game went to commercial break, now halfway into the third quarter. “Do you need to go? I’d understand. I don’t know if it’s weird for you after getting off or what?” This was my first bisexual experience, but I knew from kinky play with women that you feel a little guilty after you come.

“No, it’s okay,” Sinclair said sincerely. “I can go if you want, but I’d like to watch the rest of the game.”

“I’d like for you to stay for a bit and have another beer,” I said. I was grateful the post was small and he would be walking home anyway. There was no need to monitor our drinking. “Just don’t put your clothes on yet, I’m still horny and I like the look of that cock,” I joked.

“My pleasure,” he said. Now that his semen was fresh on my breath, there was really no need for small talk. We talked about sex, and there was no need for secrets anymore. It felt good to have someone I could talk to about anything, and I mean absolutely anything.

“How was it for you? Did you like performing?” he asked.

“Dude, I am rock hard and have been since I started.” I confessed. “I loved it. And it’s really strange, because I was serious when I said I never even thought about doing it before today.”

“It sneaks up on you sometimes. I was in my second year of college and a few years past losing my regular virginity before I looked at another man and thought I might like to fuck him.”

“Have you ever given oral, or are you just more on the dominant side?”

“I’ve not given a true blow job before in the sense of what you just did. I’ve used my mouth and hand to arouse a man and prepare for sex though, but I’m not submissive at all. I wouldn’t call myself ‘versatile’.”

I hadn’t heard that term before, but based on context, I knew what he meant. “Isn’t it weird how different we are? I mean, the idea of you blowing me doesn’t really turn me on at all. It’s my job to blow you. That red head down the hall? It’s her job to blow me!”

“True, true,” he said, smiling. We were seated close together on the couch, the closeness obviously not bothering us now. He reached over to me, and with a sly grin pressed his hand against my crotch. “Dang, you are hard.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Take those clothes off, I want to see your body.”

I was intrigued. I saw no reason to deny him, and I wanted to be naked anyway. I stood and removed my shorts and shirt. My boxers came off last. I was facing him a couple feet away, giving him a good look at my cock. I had lost some of my hardness and was pointing out with three quarters of an erection, about parallel to the ground. I was glad I at least had freshly shaved balls and trimmed up nicely everywhere else since my lover was shaved bare and looked so good.

“That’ a nice looking cock. Good size. I mean I’m more an ass man like you’re a cock man, but I can tell it’s nice.”

“And I can tell you have a nice ass, even though I’m a cock man,” I joked. Before I could object or even have time to think about it, Bob reached out and clasped my cock. Two pumps and I was back up.

He released his grip just as quickly as he had initiated it. “Turn around. Let’s see it,” he said.

I’ve never had anyone want to check out my ass before. I never really thought women looked at me from behind much. I just assumed they only ever looked you in the eyes. It was oddly flattering. I turned and faced away from him.

“Nice,” he said. “I like it.”

“Is it? I mean I don’t know what you guys look for really,” I said over my shoulder.

“Every guy is different I think,” he said. “I like a little stronger ass that is very masculine. I am not one of those guys that likes the feminine men with small frames and tiny butts, although respect to them. I don’t mean to demean them or anything. I just think if I want a cute, delicate ass I will do what I normally do and make love to a beautiful lady. Every now and then I want to enter a manly ass like this. You have these nice dimples on the side because you’re strong,” he said as his warm hand touched me and traced the outline of the side of my left cheek. “I see you doing squats and deadlifts in the gym and it shows, because you have these big quads too. All big turn-ons for sure.” I had goose bumps, perhaps from his light touch, perhaps from his compliments. I liked what he was saying.

“Do you care about race?” I asked.

“No. But I haven’t been with that many men anyway, and they were all white. That works for me.”

“So hypothetically, you’d tap this?” I asked playfully.

“Yep, I’d hit that for sure.” His hand then went to the small of my back, and then worked down until one of his fingers pressed against my skin just a the top of my ass crack. “Do you think you will ever take the next step?”

That was the million dollar question, and he crafted it well. It was non-threatening and encouraged more discussion. He didn’t say he wanted to fuck me, and do it right now. I supposed it was inevitable it would come up. “Anal? No. I don’t think so. Not sure I’ll want to.”

Maybe he detected the nervous tone in my voice and wanted to put me at ease, thinking I was worried he would try to fuck me. He said, “I understand. I mean, you serviced me well with your mouth of course. Anal takes preparation to be clean, and we’d need lube, you know.

I felt the need to explain more, and for some reason I wanted to tell him I was familiar with anal, even though I might not ever do it with a man. “Well, I’m clean actually. I masturbate with toys and did the prep work. I did it a little earlier before the workout. I never finished though, which is why I am so friggin’ horny and easy to manipulate,” I added with a laugh.


“My last girlfriend was very kinky. She fucked me with a strap-on once. I enjoyed it, so I have a small vibrator I play with.” He seemed unconvinced, so I said, “the drawer next to you.” He laughed as he opened the door. The bottle of lube and the small silver vibrator were in there next to the DVD player remote. I briefly wondered what I would have done if he had seen that before I offered to blow him. I made a mental note to hide my sex toys better. He pulled the vibe out and held it up. “Not as big as you,” I joked. “And the strap-on wasn’t even close either. Anyway, I just think if I want to receive anal, I’ll get a woman to do it. Getting fucked my a man is kind of a big deal. Not sure I’ll ever be ready.”

“That makes sense. So this is what started your submissive side coming out. Thank your ex for me, I think she helped me get a great blow job today.”

“True, but seriously, never a homosexual though until this morning. Credit to you, my man.”

Sinclair put the toy back and stood after finishing the last sip of his beer. “Can I get you another?” I nodded. Before leaving the living room, he stopped behind me. I froze as I felt his hands grip my ass-cheeks and his flaccid cock press against my right cheek. “If you do change your mind, call me. I’d love to be the first person to hit that.”

This was a very erotic moment for me. It felt good to have him show interest, and it turned me on to have the strong man behind me. I couldn’t deny it. Sinclair backed off, but not before patting my ass cheek affectionately. He was gone for a few minutes, hitting the bathroom before returning with a couple beers.

The fourth quarter had begun. Not that either of us gave a shit about the game. It was there to provide us with a distraction when needed, and that was its only purpose now. Sinclair settled next to me. I realized my hand was on my cock, and I was lazily stroking it. Wow, I was really comfortable around this guy. “Let me do it for a while. You just relax.”

I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy another man touching me, and I was worried he might try to give me head. I didn’t know if that would turn me on. But Sinclair just stroked me gently. We watched the game together and even talked sports while he lazily pumped me. I think this is what he wanted. He was keeping the atmosphere causal, and I was not moving toward climax because his strokes were slow. I realize now looking back he was just taking his time, making me comfortable with another man taking the lead. When I was performing oral, that was a huge step for sure and I was the submissive, but in reality I was in charge of that. I controlled the touch and the pace.

Somewhere in the small talk, Sinclair did address what was going on. “Just relax and enjoy my touch. I’d rather touch your penis and watch the game than just watch the game. It certainly makes it more exciting.” I agreed with him.

This teasing went on for about ten minutes, and the fourth quarter was half over. The game was even interesting now, because the team that was way down was staging a comeback. But we didn’t care. I noticed that Sinclair had begun to stroke me a bit faster and with a firmer grip. Also my erection had faded to a semi hardon, but now it was growing firmer. Then he brought his hand over and cupped my balls, triggering a full blown erection. I moaned. He noticed. His left hand gently tugged at my scrotum, pulling it up and down just a tad, using exactly the right amount of stimulation to complement the hand on my cock. Now I was definitely enjoying this. I spread my legs a little more to give him more room to work now that my balls were in play.

I saw a glob of precome appear at the tip. It mixed with his hand and was distributed down the shaft. Sinclair let his hand linger a bit below my balls now when he lifted them slightly. His palm and fingers tickled my perineum occasionally. This was beginning to drive me crazy. I now officially wanted him to explore south.

In this position on the couch, my ass cheeks were closed enough to block access to my hole, and I was still sitting with high enough posture where my butt pointed down enough where he couldn’t access it. Not to be denied, the next time his left hand lifted my balls, his middle finger pressed downward and teased the beginning of my crack, an inch or so away from the hole. This is precisely what my body needed now. I reached over and pulled the lever, triggering my side of the couch to recline. I settled my weight forward a bit and bent my knees and put my feet on the foot rest. I felt cool air in the right spot and knew I was accessible to him. His finger slid down and pressed lightly against my anus. I was glad I had taken the steps to be ready in the hygiene department, and I was glad I shaved the area around the hole as well. I was completely cool now with Sinclair exploring a bit if he was so inclined.

I noticed we were not talking as much anymore. I heard the flip top of the lube. I didn’t even noticed he’d gotten it out. I nodded. Not that he needed me to tell him, but now he knew I wanted the finger.

The lube was only cold for a second. He massaged the entrance with the pad of his middle finger while he stroked my cock. It was heavenly. He teased me for a minute while he used my ass to spread the lube on his finger, then he slowly entered me. I reflexively gripped him tightly for a for a few seconds as I always do when penetrated for the first time, then quickly relaxed my muscles.

“Wow, you’re good at this,” he observed. “You took that no problem.”

“I like a finger in, it’s okay.”

“So experienced,” he said, playfully mocking me.

The finger slowly probed in and out. There was no pain, and I quickly began to move toward orgasm. I felt the climax coming, and I panicked and reached down and stopped him. “Wait,” I said. “I almost came.”

“Well, that is the idea,” he said. “I need to get you off, because you were so good to me.”

“No,” I said. I was sure of this. “Not yet, or not at all. I’m worried it might get weird for me after I come. Guilt and all.”

“I get you,” he said. Actually, we just had a little bit of a misunderstanding, as shown by his continued seduction after this. I think he might have thought I meant for him to not get me off so I could let him fuck me and then get off. What I think I meant was I just wanted to climax myself after he left. I thought that would be simpler, and I was grateful for his effort, but he didn’t need to make me come. Or maybe deep down I really did just want to get fucked.

“You can continue. Maybe use two fingers, then it will be harder for me to come,” I said. Wow, that was a senseless comment! I might as well have gotten on my hands and knees and begged him to plow me. But I did know the statement was true. It would slow down orgasm.

“Hmm,” he said while looking at me. “I need better access. You might have to lift your legs.” My feet were on the foot pad area of the recliner, and I lifted them and bent my knees. This didn’t feel like the most manly position to be in when getting jerked off, but I definitely felt more open and available to him. He could more easily finger me for sure. Sinclair stood over me and used his foot to push the recliner back down, jarring me slightly. He then reached under my butt and pulled me a few inches down so my ass was perched just on the edge. I didn’t mind my assertive and strong friend imposing his will. He sat next to me again.

“I don’t know, I feel kind of submissive here,” I said faking a complaint. It was actually comfortable. My couch was padded and deep enough for this position. My head mashed against the back of the couch, but it didn’t hurt. Instead it just lifted my head and put me in a comfortable position to see the TV or the man working on me. I didn’t buy this couch for blow jobs and anal play, but it sure was serving that purpose well.

“But submissive is just how you like it, and I know it now,” he teased.

Sinclair retrieved the lube bottle and I saw him apply the thick gel to two of his fingers. He put one knee on the couch and faced me sideways. My erection had subsided a teeny bit, and I had come off the point of no return enough to be confident I wouldn’t blow my load at any second. Both fingers teased my entrance gently, then I felt a single digit probe inside again. I opened easily to him, clearly ready for the next challenge. He only probed a couple times before gently inserting two fingers all the way. I grunted softly as I felt my ass open wider around them.

“Tight,” he said. “How’s that?” He slowly pulled them back and reinserted.

“It’s no problem.” It felt good. I’d taken two fingers many times, but it never felt better than it did right now. His other hand returned to my cock and pumped it slowly. More precome appeared. His stimulation was working so well. He seemed to flow his fingers in and out in the perfect way compared to when I had done it to myself or when my ex girlfriend had done it. He curled them slightly, hitting that sensitive area perfectly.

I noticed his cock had swelled a little again from its post-BJ flaccid hang. His refractory period was over. I was happy to see I was arousing him. “You’re getting hard again,” I told him.

“I’m having a great time,” he admitted. I grinned, enjoying the validation. “I like your body and will sit here and probe it and play with it as long as you want.”

Sinclair’s fingering technique changed over the next couple of minutes, I felt him pulling his digits all the way out with each withdrawal, really conditioning my sphincter to open readily. He softly pressed them down, not just in, then he was pressing them up and all around, testing the diameter of the canal. I barely noticed when he began moving his left hand off my cock and occasionally cupping my balls and playing with that lower area. He was using the lube already on and around the hole to prepare fingers on his other hand. Then when he had two fingers pressed down inside me, he slipped in a finger from the other hand above it. I was ready for the increased size, and this caused me no discomfort.

“I’ve never had three fingers before,” I said. “You make it feel good.”

“You’re doing great. I’ve broken in a couple virgins before and you’re going to have no problems with the real thing.”

“Have you ever been fucked my a cock as big as yours?” I asked him, ignoring his insinuation that he would soon have his penis inside me.

He shook his head no. “I’m a virgin actually in that department.”

“Really?” I was surprised. But I shouldn’t have been if I understood this culture better.

“I’m only interested in giving really, not receiving. But I’m really good at giving. Haha.”

“I know. I’ve seen you in action,” I joked, referring to the video.

Sinclair had started pulling his hands apart, applying pressure against my walls in the opposite direction, his two fingers on his right hand pressing down while the finger on his left pulled up. I quickly realized it was a very effective fingering skill to open me up and relax me. With his steady pressure, it seemed with each breath my muscles contracted briefly, then relaxed a little looser than the previous time. Just from the exposure and cool air inside the hole I could tell I was really opening up more than I had before. He slid in the second finger on his other hand, and I easily accommodated four fingers. God he was good at this! Less than ten minutes of prep and I felt as open and relaxed as ever before.

“Relax, LT,” he coached me. “You’re right on track here.”

On track for what? It was obvious without either of us saying it that I might consider the next step. Sinclair’s hardening penis indicated he might want it. To his credit, Sinclair had been trying to get me off at first, and seemed to only switch to seduction mode when I shut that down. His fingerings were clearly no longer designed to bring me off as quickly as possible, but rather to prepare me for a possible next act, which could only be penetrative sex. We had already made several comments hinting around about it.

As he continued to warm up and stretch out my ass, he left me alone with my thoughts. I knew eventually Sinclair would make a move to fuck me. I began to wonder why I shouldn’t let him. Hell, I should be flattered. I really had gone into this only wanting to try oral, but I had to admit now I wanted him to fuck me. It was a credit to my lover. He had put me at ease and ensured I enjoyed every little step we took. I had to run through in my mind all the reasons not to, and none of them really stood up to the test. I didn’t object on religious grounds to this act, although I certainly would respect those who did. I wasn’t saving myself for someone else, nor was there a physical hymen that needed to stretch or any real significance to my virginity. I knew the real answer. It was shame. How would I feel the next day? But then I thought more, and I knew could deal with that. I had just swallowed his load after all, and so far that only left me with a sense of pride, not shame. Pride for approaching him with the idea. Pride for trying something I was scared to do. Pride for performing well with the act.

Another thing holding me back was worry others would find out. Look what had happened to Sinclair, and he wasn’t on the receiving end of the fucking! But this guy built trust. I believed he had discretion. He had been patient and careful to prepare me, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt too much. He deserved this ass if he wanted it. I would leave the ball in his court. I was a little nervous and excited just like the first time my ex took me with a strap-on, but I knew this would be better. I would be able to use my body against real flesh, not plastic. I would have a real purpose, which was to bring him off. And virgin I might be, but I would make damn sure it did feel good for him.

Sinclair had leaned over me a bit more now so he could use his four fingers to pull apart my ass from side to side now, not top to bottom. This put his face a few inches from my cock, which was hard now and flat against my belly. I laughed quietly. He turned and looked at me, then at my cock and smiled. He gave it a quick kiss on the shaft right below the head. “Just so you can say you’ve had a man’s lips there,” he joked.

He took his left hand’s fingers out of my ass and put them back on my cock. It was strange to have two fingers inside me that felt so much smaller now than they did ten minutes ago, but it made me more confident that he could actually fit his penis inside later. His stimulation on my cock was great now that I was super horny, and the bit of lube on his hand made it even better. “You still have a loaded gun,” he said, shaking my cock briefly in his hand and making the erection slap against my belly. “I can manipulate you into anything. Or I can made you come in seconds now. Is that what you want?” There it was. The beginning of his cocky, dominant personality emerging and contrasting with his selflessness perfectly.

He was close enough where I could reach over with my right hand and clasp his cock. He was about 90% hard again. God, this dick was going to tear me up! I pumped him a couple times and gave him what I hope was great news. “I want something else.” I paused for a second as he smiled. “I think we want the same thing now.”

Sinclair had the bottle of lube, and I watched with anticipation as he squirted a generous glob onto the head and worked the slippery substance down his large shaft. It pleased me to propose to give him what he obviously wanted; his cock rose to full hardness while he lubed it up. If the size of his ereaction was a good barometer of his desire for me, then I was very much in demand. He stood and came around to face me. I felt deliciously helpless and vulnerable as I looked up between my spread legs at his imposing figure. The tall, dark, fit man with his six pack abs and ridiculously large cock were going to ensure this was a wild ride I would never forget. Sinclair knew when to talk and when to shut up. He never said anything about the fact I had changed my mind, he just proceeded to quickly capitalize on it before I reversed the decision.

“I’ll break you in slowly in this position, then I’m going to bend you over and fuck you hard like the little slut you want to be,” he announced as he moved into place. He knew talking to me like this is what I wanted to hear.

“Sounds good to me,” I said with a grin.

His erection pointed to the sky. Sinclair had to spread his legs just a little and bend his knees to comfortably align his pelvis with mine. With a skilled hand, he angled his cock downward and pressed the head perfectly on target against my hole. A gentle nudge and the head slipped partway inside until it pressed against the tight barrier of my sphincter muscle.

I sensed the difference immediately compared with any previous penetration. Any discomfort I ever felt from anal was due to muscles not relaxing correctly. My anus could always accommodate. This was different. I was completely dilated and relaxed, yet I still felt a burning and stretching sensation at the entrance as he tried to squeeze his way in. “Whoah. Geez, arrgh!” I said in protest as the head opened my hole almost enough to push in. I took two deep breaths as he patiently waited, applying steady pressure but not driving forward hard. He could have forced it, but my skilled lover took his time. My muscles contracted involuntary and tried to expel the intruder. Sinclair backed off the pressure slightly. He must have been used to people resisting a little in the beginning.

“Push down hard around me and let me in,” he said. I nodded up at him. I really wanted him to be inside also. I reached under my raised legs and grabbed a cheek with each hand and pulled my buttocks down and apart to help spread myself apart. Sinclair drove forward again. This time I felt the muscles open all the way around him as I pushed against him. His large head stood at the doorway with nothing to impede its progress, my sphincter gripping the ridge of his head tightly. Yet he stopped there for a few seconds, delaying his conquest. What was he waiting for? I was ready for him!

Then suddenly he pushed again and was in, past my defenses. “Ooh yeah, just like that, LT,” he muttered quietly, not breaking focus. The head disappeared, then one inch, then two, and all the way up to about half his cock was buried over the course of a couple seconds.

Tight flesh and muscle stretched almost to the breaking point. Pain. Not too much, but still significant. I gasped. “Uggh. Okay, whew! Ouch” I exclaimed. It did hurt, but he had prepared me well. I was playing it up a bit for him since I’m sure he liked a reminder of his impressive size. I turned my head to the side, feeling a need to break eye contact with my grimace of slight pain. He paused for a few seconds. But he was in, and he wasn’t going anywhere.

Boom. Just like that. Non-virgin status. Is there a Facebook status I need to change, I jokingly think to myself. It was done. Perhaps we’d like to think this isn’t a big deal. But the reality of it is that it was a huge deal. I was forever now a person who had “taken it” in the ass from another man. There was no popped cherry or any real physical changes, but mentally I was a new person. It felt strangely liberating to have no way of going back to my completely heterosexual self.

I felt something new now as Sinclair started to move again. He was pulling out. Sensitive flesh and tight muscle still clung to the monstrous intruder, resisting motion in any direction. It still hurt a bit. Whoever said anal should not hurt at all if done properly had obviously never been fucked by Private Bob Sinclair. He was definitely doing it properly, but the beginning was inevitably going to be rough going.

He left the head in, expertly ensuring I didn’t have to start over with a completely closed off sphincter until I was broken in better. There was no pause at that point; he drove back in immediately. Believe me, I felt every millimeter of his progress in my tight tunnel. The difficult work having been done at the entrance, he easily explored progressively deeper with each subsequent thrust. My virgin canal had to stretch to accommodate the largest object ever to pass through it, but there was no tight muscle actively resisting him anymore. The nerves deeper in my rectum were not as sensitive as the tight entrance, but I could tell he had penetrated a little further with his second probing.

“That’s a nice squeeze, LT, your ass feels great. High quality. You’re gonna be a great fuck,” he commented. That odd selection of words for a crude but genuine compliment of course emboldened me even more to service him well and never look back on the decision.

I didn’t say anything yet. I was busy concentrating on relaxing and feeling every motion. I wanted to remember my virgin experience with as much detail as I could. On about the fifth thrust, I felt the Sinclair really press in deep. I sensed some minor adjustments inside of me, then his pelvic area pressed against me. His estimated nine-incher was completely inside my ass. I grunted. I didn’t think it was possible to go that deep, especially without additional pain. I knew I would have a sensation of fullness when I reached this milestone, but it still surprised me with its intensity.

“Congratulations, you took it all,” he said. For the first time since his initial thrust, he held himself still for a bit inside me. “Well on your way to reaching your full potential of sluttiness,” he joked. I knew we were doing a bit of role playing here. We had mutual respect no matter how far he took it making me his little bitch.

“You feel huge, Private,” I said, the large cock in my ass probably causing me to momentarily forget our informality and talk to him like we were at work. But I think he liked it. “It hurts a little, but I’m glad you’re finally fucking me.”

“This is going to be a long one, LT. I’m going to fuck you until it feels good for sure, don’t worry. You already made me come once, so it’s going to take longer anyway.”

Sinclair began to stroke me with the full throbbing length of his cock. The pace was slow and reasonable, but he buried himself completely each time. He continued this for over ten minutes, and after a few minutes the pain was indeed almost completely gone. It settled into a dull but barely noticeable ache that in no way would diminish the experience Sinclair piercing gaze alternated between looking into my eyes and enjoying the submissive expressions on my face to looking at his cock as it probed my ass. I hoped I was providing just the right mix of emotional connection for his mind and physical pleasure to his rod. He wasn’t complaining! He continued to moan occasionally, which complemented my soft groans and grunts well as he fucked me. He was saying things like “Yeah, take that cock, baby,” and I was throwing him the usual mix of stuff like “Fuck me, yes like that.” I didn’t know what else to say! I had never been fucked before, so I didn’t worry about it.

My lover was beginning to sweat now, but not so much that is was dripping all over me. He had a nice shine to him.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, Sinclair slowly withdrew his cock all the way. I heard a sticky, slurping sound as my tight sheath gave him up, and my muscles clamped down behind him. I felt a brief bit of discomfort as he reopened me, but it certainly wasn’t as difficult as the first time. He probed all the way in, then began a pattern of pulling his cock out all the way each time. I quickly found it easier to relax that muscle upon initial insertion. Soon I was hanging open after each withdrawal, and I barely noticed that he was pulling all the way out.

After a couple minutes of this, he left his cock out a little longer. He brought his hands to my ass again, and once again two fingers were inserted from each hand. It was so easy for him this time. It didn’t matter that he didn’t lube his fingers. My ass was very open, and the lube already there was enough. “That’s a nice gape, LT. You’re broken in really good now,” he proclaimed.

“I can tell.” A few seconds after he pulled his fingers out, I still felt my hole hanging wide open. Sinclair took one step back and made a circular motion with his finger. He wanted to take me doggie style now, and I thought that was a fantastic idea. “You want me on the couch or the floor?”

“Let’s try the couch.”

I got on my knees facing the back of the couch, using the cushions to rest my chest on since I couldn’t get any lower. There was just enough room. Sinclair would be able to stand behind me and align his cock perfectly with my ass. I heard the flip top again as he applied more lube.

As soon as I arched my back and knew I was about to be filled with cock again, I realized that doggie style must represent the pinnacle of true submission. I must have been drunk when my ex fucked me with the strap-on, or we never did it in this position. Maybe we did missionary only, or I rode her. This felt new. When I was providing oral, really I was in charge. I controlled the pace and what happened. But now I understood every insecurity women ever had in this position. Did my ass look fat? I think I had a couple zits on my ass, so was it even attractive? And I couldn’t connect emotionally like on my back since I couldn’t see him, nor could I control or stop his thrusts as easily. It was primal, and I was at his mercy. I was grateful he took my virginity in missionary, because this might have been too much to kick things off.

I felt a hand on the small of my back. “Damn, you look hot, LT. Nice ass.” He then startled me with a sharp slap to the right butt cheek. Basic and stereotypically “horny male” as these words were, they sure did encourage me. My insecurity evaporated as I felt the head contract my open hole. My ass gave no fight this time, and he buried himself to the roots with no problem. I felt both his strong hands grip my hips, and he began to fuck me assertively at a faster pace than he had when I was on my back. Soon he was as much pulling my hips into him as he was driving forward into me. The sex became much louder. We were both saying nice but dirty things to each other between moans. I heard a loud slap each time his hips slammed against my ass cheeks and his heavy balls slapped my perineum area. I knew for sure if the clean-cut, conservative Captain that lived on the other side of my living room wall was home, he knew I was getting fucked by a man. Oh well!

It was here in doggie style that I really began to enjoy the experience, which surprised me somewhat. My penis was half hard at best now, having fallen from its full erection due to the shock of the experience probably. My ass still ached a little. While the sensations and friction in my ass did feel good, I certainly didn’t fell any kind of magical “P-spot” stimulation that was going to make me climax. But I still had to admit I was having the time of my life. I loved getting fucked by him! I was thrilled that I had mustered the courage to do it. I knew the answer to this mystery was in the mental aspect. The mind candy of having him fuck me was enormous. I was as turned on as I had ever been in my life, even with my semi-hard penis that wasn’t being actively caressed at the moment. Feelings of insecurity were completely replaced with willful submission, and I clearly had a hugely repressed submissive side to my personality that rewarded me when I allowed it to emerge.

Sinclair continued to pound me hard. Again, he was an expert lover, having built up from slow stroking into wild fucking at just the right pace to allow my inexperienced ass to cope. I had plowed a few women in the ass before, and I hoped I had offered up half as good an experience for them.

I wanted to help him get off and provide him with a good ride just as any bottom should do, but I really had no idea how to help other than giving myself to him. I was saying the right things and being enthusiastic, and it seemed like my dirty talk was helping him as much as his was helping me. I was pushing back to meet his thrusts. I tried to contract my muscles and grip his cock. It was hard to tell if it made much difference since his cock stretched me so wide already. “Yeah LT, that’s how you do it, nice,” he said. I didn’t know when to try to grip harder, so I did it randomly, and that seemed to work well enough. I made a mental note to google this later so I could be a better lay if I ever did this again.

“How’s this feel now, LT, are you enjoying it?” Bob asked between quick breaths. He was really working me hard.

I turned my head and smiled at him as he continued thrusting. “It feels good, man. I love having you fuck me. Do whatever you want to get off, Private.” I reached around and grabbed my right butt cheek and pulled it apart a bit while I enjoyed the look of concentration and pleasure on his face. Then I slapped my ass between thrusts and turned back to face the couch.

Sinclair started to slow his thrusts from his relentless plowing and do that thing where he pulls all the way out and lets me gape for a second before driving back in. Now I knew I had been completely conquered and deflowered. My sphincter barely had to open at all when his head passed back inside each time despite his immense girth. My opening had not only been made larger, it was staying in its opened form for longer. I wondered if my ass would ever be the same. It seemed unlikely. I knew I must feel more like a seasoned pro than an anal virgin to him now.

“I’m getting close,” he said. Last time he said this, he exploded in my mouth within seconds, so I knew he wasn’t far off. His strokes changed again as he tried to come in my loosened ass. I could tell there was much less gripping and friction going on, and I worried I wouldn’t be able to make him climax, especially since he’d already ejaculated not too long ago. He stopped pulling out all the way each time, and his strokes were shallower too. I’d guess he was using about two thirds of his impressive length now, focusing on stimulating the more sensitive area nearest the front of his shaft. I sensed more pressure near the bottom of my ass as he pushed in and down, seemingly trying to focus friction on the sensitive underside of his cock as well. I gripped him as hard as a good and tried to hold it, taking breaks when I needed to. Thirty seconds later and we were home.

“Here it is, it’s time,” he muttered. “Don’t move.” I had never considered what I wanted him to do with his ejaculate this time. Apparently he had a plan. He vacated my ass and used his hand to bring himself off. “Arrggh, Yes!” he shouted. I couldn’t see his orgasm, but I sure could hear it and feel it. The first spurt of the hot fluid landed where my neck meets my back. That was impressive ejaculatory pressure for his second orgasm! He pumped himself a few more time and emptied his load on my lower back, then I felt him affectionately slap my left butt cheek with his softening cock a couple times, signaling the end of his climax. I could tell it was an impressively large amount for his second load. He seemed to read my mind about where to finish. I would have mixed feelings about him ejaculating inside me, but this was perfect.

“Holy shit, LT! That was hot.”

“I agree,” I said.

“Hold on, just wait and I’ll be back in a sec. I managed to keep it all off the couch even.”

Ten seconds later, he returned with some tissue and wiped the semen off my back. “Your ass is still gaping,” he said. “You had a tough ride. I hope you liked it.”

“I decided to lose my virginity, and I’m pretty sure you did a thorough job of that!” When he went to dispose of the tissue, I collapsed onto my stomach on the sofa. My asshole seemed to close a bit, or maybe that was just the clenched cheeks forcing it shut. It still felt sticky and open. I realized now my leg muscles were very tired after a tough gym workout followed by punishing doggie style sex. My cock pressed against the couch, the sensations fabulous in my hyper-aroused state, but my erection still didn’t appear. I blamed the anal. I knew it would be back strong shortly. I smiled up at him, exhausted and happy. He was sweaty and grinning. He came over and patted my ass cheek.

“That was my favorite time with a man, LT. You set the bar high.”

“I’m flattered, ’cause I didn’t do much,” I said.

“Well you have a nice ass, and you know it drives me crazy to have someone boss me around one day then beg me to fuck him later. I’ve had a hard a year of foreplay with you bossing me around at work.”

“I have to give you credit too, Sinclair. I never thought any man would make me want to have him explode in my mouth then shove his giant cock in me. That was awesome.”

Do you want to get off now? Let’s do this. I’ll even try blowing you if you want. I’ve not done that before but I’d try it for you.”

“It’s okay, I don’t think I can easily get off now anyway, and I don’t mind doing it later,” I said. I was sincere. I was moved by his desire to make sure I enjoyed this as much as possible also. “If I stay super horny, I will think about what you did to me all evening, and I don’t mind that at all.”

We made small talk as he got dressed, then he turned serious before he left. “Thanks again LT. I know you took a huge chance initiating this, and you must trust me a lot. Thanks also for everything you did to try to make it so I could stay in the service.”

“My pleasure. I know you will do great things outside of the Army. It’s the Army’s loss.”

There was no awkward moment at the door like I was on a date or anything. We said goodbye just like two male friends with a handshake and a brief hug. The fact I was naked didn’t seem to matter. Just before he opened the door, I said, “Hey Bob,” addressing him by his first name for the first time. He turned to look at me as he opened the door. I was glad we were on the top floor, and I hoped nobody was in the hall. “If you’re still around after the first of the month, I’ll be getting promoted. Come back if you want to fuck a Captain.” He laughed as he closed the door behind himself and brought our wonderful evening to a close.

After Bob left, I cleaned up the apartment and showered. The night was still young, and I was in a blissfully good mood. This positive attitude combined with my unusually relaxed state made me do very well when Amy knocked on my door later. Amy and I still hung out a lot as friends when her man wasn’t interested in seeing her. I had been a little whiny when she said she didn’t want to see each other months ago, and now I seemed like I didn’t have a care in the world. When I declined her offer to go out and said I was just going to hang out and watch a movie, she asked to join me. My indifferent but respectful and confident attitude towards her made her see me in a different light. Funny how that works. Because I wasn’t really trying, the panties came off in record time.

I made love to Amy that night well enough that when she left, I was confident it was the best she’d ever had. I was in tune to her wants and needs like never before, and we both came several times. When she left, it turns out she was still together with her boyfriend. I had never been a booty call before. The job suited me well.

My butt hurt a little bit the rest of the night; I felt stretched out and torn. I woke the next day feeling refreshed and pain free though, and my sphincter seemed to have returned to normal, thank God.

It was a long time before I took a male lover again. Bob raised the bar pretty high and scratched that itch well. I was worried how I would feel afterward, but I have to admit, I felt proud for having the courage to try and blessed to have the experience. I also definitely did not turn more and more gay, again not that there would have been anything wrong with that. It seemed I was more into women also after that night. I think Bob’s cock just liberated me from all my inhibitions and made me more sexual in general. He was totally worth it. It was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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