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How Bad Can It Get?

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Some people say “no good deed goes unpunished.” I never subscribed to that armchair philosophy even though I had and saw many good deeds backfire. I must admit, though, that the “unpunished” saying did make me a little apprehensive that my most elaborate good deed might boomerang; but it didn’t stop me.

I’m a 52 year old guy with keen business acumen but poor social skills with women. I did get married when in my twenties to a bohemian woman that my friends considered a poor match.

I now have two grown sons that live in cities far away, and my gypsy wife simply “took off” about ten years ago when my sons were still teens. I divorced her in absentia.

I’ve worked hard enough, and have been lucky enough, to have made lots of money but that is also sometimes a problem. Even though I live fairly modestly (though not as modestly as my idol, Warren Buffet) everyone in the medium-size city I live in considers me the richest dude around. While many women my age, and even in their late thirties, seem interested in me I always wonder if it is me or my money. I don’t have the intuition or social skills to be sure so I’ve had very few sexual encounters since my wife left ten years ago.

I have great relationships with my sons even though they live far away. I brought them up to be independent and I really succeeded. They don’t let me help them out monetarily, although they value my counsel on all aspects of life. I am very reluctant to give advice when it comes to romance, however, since I have no confidence in that area. We talk and email at least every other day.

A number of my sons’ best friends during high school still live in my city, including Ray and Carmen. I’ve known them since they were in their early teens and always liked them. Ray and my oldest son were the starting guards on the high school basketball team, and Carmen was an All-Conference soccer player and hung out with my soccer-playing younger son and his friends. Ray and Carmen were the only two teenagers who, individually and independently, actually came to my door and offered their encouragement when my wife left even though they were only 16 and 17 at the time.

I had always hoped that one of my sons would marry Carmen. She was the most unassuming beautiful young women I had ever seen. In addition to being spectacularly good looking, with a winning personality, she was kind, funny, smart, and a phenomenal athlete. Since marrying one of my sons wasn’t to be I was happy to see her and Ray tie the knot. They were a good looking couple who seemed well suited for each other. Ray and Carmen were embarrassed by the wedding present I gave them – a new car – and wanted to return it. It required intervention by my sons to talk them into keeping it.

At the relevant time of this story Carmen was 26 and Ray 27 and they had two little kids. Carmen worked in the financial field and Ray in the construction industry. Then the economic downturn hit our city really hard. Ray lost his job first, then Carmen a few months later. Like many young couples they were overextended, but bankruptcy was not really a viable option if Carmen ever wanted to work in the financial field again. By the time I found out about their troubles from my sons they were in awful monetary shape and were shortly going to be evicted from their house.

As I have already hinted at Carmen and Ray were as independent and proud as my sons and I knew that they would never accept “charity” from me, especially after the car incident; but I badly wanted to help. So I came up with a plan which would be hard to execute but that I was highly motivated to pull off.

One of the garden apartment building complexes I owned on the outskirts of the city, called “The Luxor,” was managed by my longest-term employee, a legal alien from Italy by the uber-Italian name of “Guido.” Guido and his American wife had long wanted to visit his relatives in Italy but never could seem to be able to save enough money to do so; they weren’t good at handling the above-market salary I paid him even though they had free rent in one of the apartment units. I was already planning to give him a twentieth-year-as-an-employee gift, like a gold watch or something similar, but now decided to make it a better gift. An all expenses paid two month trip to Italy.

After I told Guido what my gift would be and told him to start planning the trip – luckily it was over the phone otherwise from his reaction I’m sure he would have kissed me – I called up Ray and Carmen. Carmen answered.

“Hi Carmen, this is Jeff. I haven’t seen you in a couple months. How are the kids doing?”

“Hi, Jeff. Yeah, it’s been ages. The kids are fine, though trying to drive their parents nuts.”

“Ha, ha. Were you any better?”

“You know I wasn’t, Jeff.”

“Say, let me get right to the point of my call. I have kind of an emergency. I just found out that the manager of my Luxor apartment complex is going on a two month trip and I need someone to take over. Free rent in a two bedroom apartment is included and I pay above market. Do you know of anyone who you could recommend to do that?”

“Uh, really? When would they have to start?”

“Actually, any time that is convenient for them. I don’t mind if they overlap with my manager since they will need to learn the ropes, and they could help out for a few months after he gets back, too, if necessary. Know of someone?”

“Actually Jeff, I might. Let me run it by Ray and get back to you.”

“Thanks, you’d really be helping me out.”

Not surprisingly, I heard back from Carmen within an hour.

“Hi Jeff, Carmen.”

“Wow, that was fast.”

“Yeah, there’s a reason. Actually, Ray and I have been having a hard time financially recently.”

“Really; I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Thanks. Well, anyway, Ray and I would actually love to be co-managers ourselves. I think you know that we’d do a good job for you.”

“Are you serious? Wow! That would be wonderful, two people who I like and trust handling it. That’s far better than I could hope for. Is it convenient for you to meet me tomorrow at The Luxor? You could bring the kids.”

“Sure. Would 2 or 3 p. m. be OK?”

“Two p.m. would be perfect. You know how to get there, right.”

“Absolutely. See you then!”

When we met the next day Ray and Carmen were excited. I noticed that they arrived in the car I had given them and smiled inwardly. I introduced them to Guido, he showed them around while I waited in the office “doing paperwork,” and when they were done I called them into the office.

“What do you two think?”

“We like the layout; we’re game if you are,” Ray responded with Carmen nodding while their son played with some toys in the office specifically for that purpose, and their daughter slept in Carmen’s arms.

“Hey, you haven’t even heard the salary yet. Didn’t I teach you to negotiate?” I laughed.

“OK, what are you offering for salary?” Carmen shot back with a twinkle in her eye.

They were pleased with my proposal; why wouldn’t they be, it was the same as I was paying Guido even after his twenty years of service.

“Can one or the other of you stay at the complex most nights?” I asked innocently, knowing the answer.

“Actually, Jeff, we were looking for a new place to move into at the end of the month – just a few days from now – so we were hoping we could live in one of the two empty two bedroom units you have,” Ray responded.

“You’re kidding! Wow, that’s way beyond my expectations. You can move into 12B immediately if you want to. It’s been cleaned and is ready to go.”

Carmen and Ray looked like the most relieved people I had ever seen by the time they left, and almost as happy as at their wedding. Every time they tried to thank me I pre-emptively thanked them. I was sure that they had no inkling that this had been arranged solely to help them out.

Things went smoothly. They moved into 12B within a few days. I found out from the bank that held their mortgage it was less than a week before they were to be evicted. Since I now had a legitimate business interface with them on a regular basis I subtly pried into their financial situation. I told them they should go see a free credit counseling agency I knew about to get help. The “free” credit counseling agency was my accountant in a special office I set him up in for the times he was to meet with them.

From my accountant I got all of the information I needed about their creditors. I knew the presidents of half of them personally, and all of them knew me. I personally went to each, told them that if Ray and Carmen went into bankruptcy they would get less than 10¢ on the dollar, and offered to give them 50¢ on the dollar with Ray and Carmen still on the hook for 10¢ more just so Ray and Carmen would not suspect that I was doing what I was. In view of the many other debtors Ray and Carmen’s creditors had who were going bankrupt they all jumped at the deal. My only caveats – they could never tell anyone about the arrangement, especially Ray and Carmen, and the repayment schedules for Ray and Carmen had to be reasonable. All of them readily agreed.

My accountant gave Ray and Carmen the good news about how “he” had negotiated their debt down to 10% of what it was with reasonable repayment terms. They were thrilled and I acted pleased and surprised when they gave me the news. The next order of business was finding them jobs.

While I was contacting people about potential jobs in Ray and Carmen’s fields I had to go see them one day while Guido was about four weeks into his vacation. I went to The Luxor and found Ray in the office. He and Carmen had been doing a great job in Guido’s absence – which I knew they would – in fact probably a better job than Guido himself since they divided up the labor and were both doing more than 50% of what Guido had been doing. Ray didn’t know the answer to my question since Carmen had dealt with that subject so he told me to go look for Carmen and the kids at the complex swimming pool and she would know the answer off the top of her head.


I found Carmen at the pool with her kids and a few of the tenants. Carmen was always a conservative dresser, and I never attended or chaperoned any of my sons’ pool parties, so I had never seen Carmen in a bikini before. That’s what she had on then. I know my jaw involuntarily dropped when I saw her, and I was almost incoherent when I started talking to her. Luckily I had wrap-around sunglasses on so she couldn’t see my tennis-ball sized eyes. I just hoped I wasn’t drooling.

By a mile Carmen had to have the sexiest body I had ever seen! She was as beautiful as any fashion model, but more muscular. Her perfect golden tan highlighted every curve in her pelvic area and every muscle in her legs, buttocks, and arms. The material of her top was flimsy – almost see-through – and barely covered her supple breasts. Her skin was like silk, her long blond hair shimmering.

I remember thinking to myself “How in the hell could this woman have had two children and a body like that?” Then I remembered what Guido told me the day before he left on his trip. In the thirty days or so Ray and Carmen overlapped with Guido before he left the intensity of Carmen’s workouts in the Luxor exercise room were already legendary!

I finally stammered through what I needed to talk to her about, she had one of the tenants she was friends with watch the kids and we went to the side of the deck and sat under an umbrella. She took her sunglasses off and peered at me with her steely blue eyes as we talked. I didn’t dare remove my glasses.

I drew out our discussion of the issue I wanted information about as long as I possibly could in order to prolong the amount of time that I could bask in her glow. Only after I got back to my car was I embarrassed that I had done that – but I couldn’t help myself.

As I sat, stunned, in the driver’s seat, I had more to be embarrassed about. My cock was rock hard and almost bursting the zipper of my suit pants, I had completely sweated out my dress shirt, and my mouth was totally dry. I tried to mentally chastise myself about my lascivious response to one of my sons’ friends, who was a married young mother to boot, but the overpowering thoughts in my mind were of those shapely hips, full round ass, sculptured thighs, and robust breasts. The phrase “Holy Shit” endlessly ricocheted around my skull.

In a few minutes my libido had gone from almost non-existent to almost out-of-control. When an intense weightlifting and running session at my health club didn’t help get my mind off of Carmen one iota I did something that night that I had never done before.

I went incognito to a bar known to be a meat market. There were a few obvious sluts there in their mid-twenties. They were not particularly good looking, but not gross either. Even though I had no confidence with women I was on a mission and they were easy. I focused on the young slut whose height, weight, and coloring was closest to Carmen’s. After I bought her many rounds of drinks she was more than willing to let me take her back to her apartment.

As soon as I got the young slut back to her flat even though her roommate was sleeping in the next room I was all over her. She was enthusiastic about me unceremoniously and quickly removing her clothes, and helped me hurriedly get mine off. She only sucked my cock for a few minutes before I put her on her hands and knees so that I couldn’t see her face and doggy fucked the ever-loving shit out of her imagining that it was Carmen.

It was probably the most intense banging I had ever given a woman in my life because I was picturing Carmen the whole time. The slut either fell asleep or passed out shortly after I unloaded a large volume of cum into her pussy and I beat a hasty retreat. While I wasn’t proud I was hoping that I could move past what I feared was becoming a fixation on Carmen.

While fucking the young slut helped some it certainly didn’t “cure” me. I decided I really couldn’t be around Carmen long term, especially alone. I couldn’t be trusted not to make a total ass of myself. Fortuitously, my job search through numerous contacts yielded the possibility of openings suitable for both their backgrounds and interests in a city about 700 miles away where the job market was infinitely better.

Both Ray and Carmen were thrilled with the opportunities I brought to them. Shortly after Guido returned, they travelled together to the distant city with three interviews lined up for each of them while a friend took care of their kids. They each came home with a job offer with an even better salary than they had been making before they lost their jobs, one that would allow them to comfortably pay off the 10% of their previous debt that they still owed and likely faster than the repayment terms that had been negotiated.

They insisted on taking me out for dinner to celebrate at one of the best restaurants in town, one they didn’t know I owned. They might have been a little puzzled about how we got the best table and the best service, with some of the great food and drink “on the house,” but didn’t make a big deal about it. They had a fantastic time.

I had a great time too, although I wish that Carmen had not worn the sundress that she did. She looked almost as good in it as she did in her bikini. I tried, with only limited success, not to gawk. I didn’t drink so that I would minimize the chance of making a fool out of myself and thankfully had no major gaffe.

Ray and Carmen’s new jobs were starting in about three weeks, they already had an apartment lined up, and they were moving in about ten days after our celebration. I offered to help them pack up just to get to see Carmen one last time, in a controlled situation. It was fun work and included time playing with their cute and delightful kids. A number of their friends helped out as well, and we all shared pizzas and beers afterward.

Before I left their apartment that night Ray inquired as to whether I would be home in the afternoon the next Sunday. They wanted to drop by before they left. I said “Sure.”

They got to my house about the middle of the afternoon on Sunday. When I answered the door they were all smiles, dressed in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. Carmen had a small suitcase in one hand which she left outside as they entered. Ray thanked me profusely even though I tried to tell him there was nothing to thank me for. He then surprised me by giving me a big hug as he said:

“The kids and I are driving to our new home first thing tomorrow morning, Jeff. Carmen has something to talk to you about. She’ll be joining us in a few days.”

Ray then gave Carmen a kiss and squeeze, they smiled at each other, and he left.

I was completely perplexed when Carmen plopped me down on a kitchen chair. She sat on the table and stuck one sandal-clad foot on my chair between my legs. She got a semi-stern, semi-smiling, look on her face then started talking.

“You’ve been a really bad man haven’t you Jeff?”

“Uh, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you going behind our backs to make financial arrangements to get us out of hock and restore our normal lives, for one thing.”

“Uh, well, I never…”

“Hey, Jeff! Don’t try to deny it.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean.”

“I think you do, bad, bad, Jeff. Guido, your accountant, and our mortgage-holder told us what went on.”


“Shhh. Guido told us that the trip was your idea; and with regard to your accountant and our mortgage-holder let’s just say that you should never recommend them for jobs at the CIA. They both slipped up and when we pressed them for details they told us what you had done to help us, and begged us not to tell you. You’ll have to deal with them when I’m done with you.”

By now I was sweating profusely and felt a pit in my stomach, and tried to bring one of my hands but to my face. But Carmen stood up and pulled my hand away from my face, then continued.

“Don’t try and hide, bad Jeff. You know what else you did? You ogled me! You stared lasciviously at a young mother.”

Shit; now the sweat was pouring down and I was so nervous I thought I might toss my cookies. I’m sure I had a hang dog look on my face when Carmen started talking again, with a really edgy tone.

“Ray and I decided there is only one way to punish you for your misdeeds – saving our family from economic disaster, getting us jobs that suit us and will make us independent, and ogling me. I’m going to have to fuck you the rest of this week.”

As she said that she quickly removed her top – no bra underneath – and while staring at me like a snake hypnotizing its prey slowly and deliberately removed her shorts – no panties.

My brain wasn’t working but my dick was. It sprung to life as I eyeballed the first shaved live pussy I had ever seen, and gawked at the first puffy nipples in my experience. I was in a trance as Carmen bent in front of me, her ample tits dangling like lures, as she undid my pants, simultaneously yanked them and my boxers off like a magician pulling a tablecloth from underneath a place setting, and pulled my shirt over my head. Then she straddled me.

Carmen continued to glare at me as she slowly lowered her glorious wet pussy onto my completely upright dick, uttering an “Ugh” or “Oooh” as each inch of cock disappeared into her love canal. My hands were drawn to those puffy nipples like nails to a magnet, gently twisting, pinching, and stroking them. When she was fully buried, she bounced twice then gave me a long smothering tongue-filled kiss, one with more passion than any I had ever received in my life. When she finally let me breath again with a look of mirth on her face she started bouncing in earnest while simultaneously contracting then releasing her vaginal muscles. I instinctively started thumping back, timing upward thrusts to correspond to her downward thwacks.

Talk about heaven! This was the Holy Grail of sex!

Her tits were big enough, and my desire heightened enough, so that as we fucked I could get a nipple in my mouth and suck on it with the intensity of a dying man on a respirator. I sucked and tongued her puffy nipple with alacrity until she increased the pace of both her vaginal muscle contractions and her bounces. No longer in control of my mouth, I pulled her tight to me and exploded in her. She screamed and convulsed, twisting and squirming on my lap as sweat poured off both of our bodies.

My God what a feeling! An order of magnitude better than anything else I had ever experienced in my 52 years! What in the hell had I been missing all this time – or was she the only one capable of making me feel this way?

When Carmen finally stopped her wiggling on my lap, she smirked wickedly, bit my nose, and said “I trust that was an acceptable start to your punishment.”

“Maybe” I responded with an equally wicked smirk.

“Listen, bastard, by the time I’m through with you you’ll be lucky if you can even walk bow-legged. You may have to crawl to get around.”

“We….will….see….about….that!” I retorted between mouthfuls of her boobs.

After I sucked on her boobs for another five minutes as she giggled and offered words of encouragement she finally lifted herself off me. Staring down at my cock which, much to my surprise, was still almost erect, she said “Why is that thing still at attention?”

“I honestly don’t know. I’m normally flaccid shortly after shooting my wad. Maybe you’ve got something to do with that.”

She grabbed my hands and pulled me up off the chair with her powerful arms and thighs, saying “We’ve got almost two hours before dinner so let’s do a little exploring,” as she led me to my bedroom.

When we got to my lair she pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my cock, fondling my balls, and stroking my taint. I pulled her ass into a 69 position and started fingering and tonguing her cunt with a vengeance. Up close it looked divine and smelled like olives (I LOVE olives). It may have been the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, closely followed by her puffy nips.

After orally pleasuring each other for an appropriate amount of time we cuddled, gave each other back and thigh rubs, and just lay arm in arm chatting. After about a half hour I saw a gleam in her eye, she squeezed my still ¾ hard dick, and said “Now you have to doggy fuck me!”

With that she went back to my cock and sucked it in earnest, giving it tongue and lip action much more intense than she had before. I was steel hard quickly and raring to go. Once my dick was to her liking she got on her hands and knees and I nuzzled up behind her. I stroked my dick over her pussy about a dozen times until from her moans and how wet my dick was getting touching her cunt lips it was clear that she too was chomping at the bit. Then I unceremoniously buried myself balls deep in one penetration.

As I pumped like an oil derrick I alternated putting my hands on her ass cheeks and tits, and pulling back her long blond hair. She was no passive participant. She grunted loudly with each of her backward thrusts meeting one of my forward thumps until she was obviously climaxing hard, at which point her face and arms dropped to the mattress. She whimpered until I unleashed my second charge into her scouring her vaginal walls and causing her to yelp and go limp. It was unprecedented for me to cum twice in two hours yet with this goddess it seemed totally natural.

I continued to slowly reciprocate in Carmen’s lush pussy as my cum leaked out of it while I gently squeezed her tits or ass cheeks. Each action on my part produced a soft “aah” from her. My dick finally went completely flaccid for the first time in more than two hours, and popped out of her glorious chasm. We collapsed in a spoon position onto the mattress.

It was probably an hour later when Carmen woke me up. “Time for dinner cave man. I’m hungry.” After seeing the evil look on my face she continued, “For food, not more cock, you beast.”

I laughed. We showered together with her slapping my hand each time it lingered on one of her body parts long enough to indicate – “groping, not washing” – to use her words. We then got dressed and went out to eat.

At dinner, as we chatted and laughed, twice she got a quizzical look on her face, reached under the table with her napkin, and obviously wiped my cum off her thigh. When she chuckled and said “How in the hell did you get that stuff so far inside me, you animal?” I was enormously proud.

That Sunday, and the next four days, were the best of my life. I had a permanent smile on my face, I was on a natural high better than any chemically-induced one could possibly be, and I was virtually giddy every waking hour. We went bowling, dancing, to cultural events, to sporting events, and to a local casino. I even made the mistake of working out at my health club with Carmen. How humbling. Except for some upper body lifts anything I could do she could do better!

Every hour of each day that we weren’t eating, fucking, or sleeping, we were involved in one activity or another. But of course it was the fucking that was the engine powering our exuberance.

The fucking was simply mind boggling. I orgasmed twice every day and even three times one day. Either orally or with my fuck stick I caused Carmen to climax at least five or six times a day. After one particularly intense missionary position fuck on Wednesday night Carmen panted “Where in the hell is all your ejaculate coming from? Are you actually a teenager?”

My response – “No; I’ve been saving up for 10 years, and yours is the most worthy cause I’ve ever wanted to donate my sperm to.”

When we woke up on Friday, my last morning in heaven , she could tell that I was morose because I was going to have to take her to the airport that afternoon for a flight back to her family

“No grumpy face today, Jeff. I’ve got a special surprise for you.”

“Oh yeah?” I skeptically mumbled, “How so?”

“I’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl. And I know you’ve always wanted to fuck my ass, haven’t you, you perverted bastard?”

Actually, I had. I had never tried anal with my wife, and Carmen had the finest ass I had ever laid eyes on.

Taking the wide-eyed look on my face to be a confirmation, Carmen took a tube of coconut scented lube out of a nightstand drawer, placed it next to me, and then started sucking me off with great enthusiasm while gently massaging my testicles. Once I was groaning enough to suit her, she lubed up my cock, swung her right leg over me so that I was looking at her spectacular rosebud, then turned her head toward me and said “Grease me up, horse!”

With a level of eagerness that matched her own I did as instructed, first lubing her rosebud, then one finger which was inserted into her anus, then a second, then a third. Once she was almost screaming as I twisted my three lubricated fingers in her asshole I pulled her rosebud onto my dick and started pressing. She pushed from her end. Although there was resistance soon I heard a gratifying “popping” sound and immediately thereafter was completely buried. Once I was, Carmen got on her haunches, put her hands in supporting position on either side of her, groaned “Let me do the work,” and then started pasting the shit out of me as I lay there in splendor.

Each time she smacked her ass against my pelvic area she let out an involuntary yelp, shriek or “whoop,” and I groaned. She must have pummeled me for five minutes before she increased the pace to the point where all of the slaps, groans, and yelps became a pleasant din. Then she started contracting her sphincter muscles, which had the same effect as poking my prostate with a finger, causing an immediate and massive ejaculation of my seminal fluid into her asshole. That triggered a mini-orgasm in her, and though her yelps now turned to moans, it didn’t stop her from contracting or bouncing until she was sure she had sucked ever last drop of cum out of me.

Once she was certain my balls were empty she pulled herself off of me. A lightning bolt went up each of our spines as my dick head popped out of her anus. When she recovered from that jolt she turned to face me, gave me a lascivious kiss, and posed the rhetorical question “Hey, is ass fucking fun or what?”

When I kissed Carmen goodbye at the airport I couldn’t help but make it a lingering French kiss even though it was in public. With tears in my eyes I told her “There is nothing else to say except that you’ve made the last week more fun and rewarding than all of the Christmases, business deals, fireworks displays, and birthdays of my whole life, combined. You are the best woman on the planet.”

Carmen smiled broadly since she knew I was speaking from the heart. With a twinkle in her eye she said “You know you really are a great lay. You owe it to the women of this state to get out there and start fucking. No more waiting months or years between fucks – at least three times a week, understood!”

“Given the way you’ve ramped up my sex drive if that doesn’t happen I’ll die trying!”

“By the way, Carmen; one more thing,” I said as I removed an envelope from my sport jacket pocket. “I’ve set up trust funds for your kids to pay for their undergraduate and graduate school educations. The account information is in this envelope. My attorney says that since the accounts are in their names with you and Ray only the trustees you cannot legally refuse them.” Of course my attorney never did say anything of the kind, but I didn’t want her to try and decline my offering.

With that I pressed one of her hands around the envelope.

Now it was her turn for tears. They didn’t just well up, however – she began quietly sobbing. She started to say “Thank you…” when I put my finger to her lips. “After what you’ve done for – and to (ha, ha) – me, if I ever can do anything for you and Ray or your kids again, just hint, and it’ll be done.”

After one last deep kiss I turned and walked away and didn’t look back for fear I’d start bawling like a baby.

My eyes were still more than misty as I drove away from the departure area. Millions of thoughts were ebbing through my brain, and I was completely distracted. Suddenly as I merged onto the main road, “Crash!”

Not surprisingly I had rear-ended the car in front of me. At least that snapped me out of my stupor.

After both vehicles pulled over to the side of the road I immediately got out of my car and before the other driver did was apologizing profusely.

“I know the insurer says to never admit liability but this was totally my fault. I assure you I’ll pay for all the damage and a rental car. Do you need medical assistan….”

Before I could finish my mea culpa the other driver had gotten out. A woman who looked to be in her mid-forties, dressed in a stylish electric blue business suit and three inch matching color heels. She had nicely coifed brunette hair and a perfectly sized and proportioned round butt. She was slim and about 5’8″ in her heels.

“I don’t think so, I feel fine right now,” she replied, not smiling but not evidencing anger either.

As she looked over the damage, she continued “Oh damn, my first week in this city, and a new car.”

“Did you and your husband just move here?” I blurted out, noticing no rings on her fingers and hoping that she was single.

While still inspecting the damage she responded “I’m not married, but yes I just moved here and started my new job Monday.”

“Can I ask what you do?” I queried, being pushier than I ever had been before when first meeting a woman.

“I’m a bankruptcy attorney.”

“One of the few growth industries in this city,” I half-laughed.

“Listen, are you sure you don’t need medical attention; you could have whiplash,” I continued.

“No, it wasn’t that hard a hit; it’s just that with these eggshell exteriors of modern cars I know it will be expensive.”

“I assure you that I will pay for everything and you won’t be inconvenienced at all. If you want we can drive to the shop right now, and I’ll arrange for a rental car today. Here, let me introduce myself.” With that I handed her my business card.

She looked at the card then up at me. She had an open, friendly, and very pleasant face, one that matched her sleek body perfectly. “Jeff Wilcox? THE Jeff Wilcox?”

“Well there are lots of guys named Jeff Wilcox, but I may be the best known one in our little city.”

“I’ll say.”

“By the way, what’s your name?” I asked extending my hand.

As she shook my hand she said “Beth Williams.”

“THE Beth Williams?” I shot back with an impish grin.

“Don’t get cute, Jeff,” she retorted with her own impish grin.

“Say Beth, I think I was – no pun intended – destined to run into you today. After we make arrangements to have your car fixed and get you a rental would you have dinner with me?”

Before my experience with Carmen I NEVER would have had the confidence to have been that bold; but I figured that if the sexiest woman in the world could stand to fuck me for a week I had to have something going for me. Plus there was that over-the-top sex drive Carmen had unleashed in me.

Beth paused for a few seconds then smiled and said “Destined to ‘run into me today’ huh? I haven’t heard that line before, Jeff. OK, outside of my law firm I don’t know anyone in town yet, so I guess I might as well get to know someone even if he is the worst driver around.”

“Hey, I’ll try to do better while you follow me to the best auto repair place in town. Get in your car and let’s go. My cell number is on my card in case I lose you with my Le Mans skills.”

I watched as Beth smiled and turned to get into her car, sticking her impossibly cute ass out as she slid in. I got into my car with a big smile on my face as my dick was already starting to salute again.

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