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Houseboat Blues

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I had only been out of work for a week, and already I was getting bored. And that’s a bad thing for me . . . to be bored. It’s how I always get into trouble.

Okay, it’s one of the ways I get into trouble.

So here I am, back home in the mountains of Tennessee, and I need something to do. It’s beautiful here, and very secluded.

I got back into hiking the trails in Smoky Mountain National Park, and I’m still running and exercising. I was so glad to see my husband and my dogs; I thought I’d never leave again. But he’s so busy this time of year, with all the tourists and hikers and campers, there’s always some kind of crisis in the park. I was left alone again, and that’s not good either.

I started running with my neighbor’s 17 year old son; he’s on the local high school cross country team. We run a 10 mile course on Saturdays and Sundays, unless he has a meet. Even he’s starting to look good to me.

Don’t worry dear readers, your favorite cat doesn’t rob the cradle . . . . yet.

One day, an old friend from college called me up. “Hey Cat, how ya doing?”

“Bill Randall! How are you? How’s the family? Lisa ever wise up and dump you?”

Bill lives in Michigan with his wife Lisa and their kids. He’s a school teacher, teaches composition or computers or sex ed or something, I can’t remember.

“Still a smart-ass, huh Cat? Are you ever serious?”

“Why should I change now, Bill?”

When I was in college, as in high school, I hung out with the guys more than the girls. I did a lot of traditional “guy” things. I took a bunch of physics and math courses, I played sports, I liked to party, I could belch and fart with the best of them. There were these five guys who had been friends since high school, and were now in college together. We met on the racquetball courts and I hung out with them for the next four years. It wasn’t anything sexual; I was one of the boys. We stayed friends until well after we graduated.

“Hey Cat, I’m planning a reunion for the old gang. Just the six of us, talk about old times, get away from the boss and the family for awhile. Whadda say?”

Hmm, me and five guys . . . . . . . alone. Sounds like trouble. I hope Bill knows what he’s getting himself into.

“Sure Bill, count me in. Where are we going and what are we doing?”

“I thought we’d rent a houseboat for a few days, sail around a big lake, do some drinking, smoke cigars, play cards, maybe do some fishing, rent jet skis, stuff like that.”

Guy stuff . . . . . . cool! “Sounds like fun. Um, I’m the only girl going right?”

“Well, yeah, I guess you are. I hadn’t thought about that. Is it going to be a problem?”

“Not for me Bill. What about the wives? They know you’re inviting me, don’t they?”

Dead silence. I thought we’d lost our connection for a minute.

Bill stammered, “I’m thinking I might not tell Lisa, you know how jealous she gets. I don’t know about the rest of the gang. You think we should?”


“Bill, what happens if you don’t say anything, and she finds out on her own? Doesn’t that look like you’re trying to hide something? You’re not hiding anything are you? You want me to talk to Lisa?”

“Uh no, that’s okay Cat. I’ll tell her. I promise.”

“Bill, we’re all still friends right? I’m still one of the guys?”

“Yeah Cat.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about. Just some friends getting together for a reunion. Tell Lisa you’ll call her every day, and I’ll make sure that you do. Okay?”

“Hey! That’s a great idea! I’ll tell the other guys to do the same thing.”

Boys are a lot of fun to play with, but they need training and discipline in order to make them acceptable for public display. I do love them though!

Bill made all the arrangements and the rest of us sent him money. We split it six ways. We were going to rent a houseboat on Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky for 6 days. I couldn’t wait! Finally, something fun to do. My husband was okay with it, especially after I invited him to drive up and meet us for dinner at one of the marinas on the lake. It would only have been a two hour drive from our house. He declined, but told me to have a good time.

“And behave yourself Cat.”

People keep saying that to me lately. Is my reputation that bad? Would I tease five guys I’ve been friends with for 25 years, five guys I will be alone with on a houseboat in the middle of a secluded lake in the heart of rural Kentucky?

Hey! Don’t answer that! That was a rhetorical question!

I shouldn’t even have to say it: You betcha!

I figured I’d be in a bathing suit for most of the six days, so I went out and bought a new two piece. The top was two scraps of material with strings attached and the bottom was an itty bitty thong. My nipples and Miss Kitty would be covered, but that’s about it. I also bought some short shorts, a tube top and some bare midriff tees.

I also packed my usual sleepwear: boxsies and racer back tank tops from Victoria’s Secret. I only packed one pair of jeans; I figured we wouldn’t be going anywhere fancy, maybe to a marina restaurant at most.

The day finally arrived for me to drive up to the lake to meet the boys. I hadn’t seen them in about three years, the last time was for a funeral; someone’s relative had died suddenly. I really was looking forward to having some fun and sharing memories. These guys were like brothers to me, and they’ve always treated me like a kid sister. And as some of you out there know, I have always been very good to my brothers!

When I arrived at the marina, I checked in at the office, and was escorted to the houseboat. At 74 feet long and 20 feet wide it was huge. Bill got the top of the line. There were six bedrooms all with queen beds, and two bathrooms, but only one had a shower. I had to share one shower with five guys? Oh well, it was only for a few days. Bill and Rich were already on the boat, the rest of the gang was nowhere to be seen.

Bill came out to greet me first. “Wow Cat, you look great!”

I was wearing my new tube top and white short shorts, my water sandals, and a straw sun hat. Bill had on a loose pair of multi-colored swim trunks and no shirt.

“Bill, how are you? Hey, you’ve been working out. Look at those biceps!”

“Thanks Cat, I lift weights every now and then. I still need to lose 30 pounds though.”

“Aw you look great Bill!”

Bill said since I was the only girl, I could pick my room first. There were three on the main deck and three on the upper deck. The bathrooms were on the main deck, but I chose one of the upper berths. I liked the view out the window. I unpacked my things, which wasn’t much, and headed out to the galley to see what we had to drink.

Bill and Rich were drinking Coors Lite, my favorite beer.

Rich said, “Hey Cat, wow, you look great! What do you want to drink?”

Rich Maxwell lives in Philly with his wife and three kids. He is a quality assurance manager for an auto dealership. I love the man dearly, he’s a great guy, probably my favorite actually.

“Aw thanks! I’ll have one of those silver bullets you’re drinking.”

One-by-one, the other three guys showed up, and greetings were made all around. The guys shook hands with each other; I got kissed on the lips, by everybody. Go figure.

We shoved off and cruised around the lake a bit, checking out various spots to anchor for the night. We stopped a few times to swim and cool off. The water was perfect, not too cold, not too warm, and clean! I had changed into my bathing suit, and soon realized the top was probably a size too small for my 36 D’s. It nearly came right off a couple of times when I dove into the water from the deck of the boat.

For lunch, someone had thoughtfully brought some sub sandwiches from a hometown deli. We docked in a cove, broke out the sandwiches and beer, and had our first meal together.

Neil said, “So Cat, how’s outer space these days? Met any Martians yet?”

“Outer space is still a big empty vacuum, just like the space between your ears.” That got a chuckle from the others. Neil’s an attorney in Atlanta, and he has a great body, not an ounce of fat. He’s big into cycling, and competes regularly in races. He’s the best looking of the bunch. He and his wife Betty have two boys, nice kids. I totally adore Neil.

We talked, and laughed, and had a great time. I was in heaven, surrounded by five guys I loved, the only woman alone with them for six days, the center of their attention. It doesn’t get much better than that for me.

That evening as we coasted into a quiet, secluded cove, I put my homemade pasta sauce on the stove to heat up, then filled another pot with water, and got it going for the noodles. I decided to take a shower, and then change into dry clothes. I retrieved a half tee and cotton short shorts from my room, some shampoo, and headed for the bathroom. Just as I opened the door and stepped in, I realized someone else was already in there.

Neil was in the shower stall, clearly visible behind the glass door. He had his right hand wrapped tightly around an impressive hard-on, and was obviously practicing his chicken choking techniques. If my husband had a dick as long and as wide around as the truncheon I was looking at now, he wouldn’t have time to jerk off because I’d be all over him day and night. And, like they say at American Express, I’d never leave home without it.

“Oops, sorry Neil, knock, knock.”

Neil turned away and brought both hands to his head, as if he were washing his hair. I couldn’t see his boner anymore.

“Oh hi Cat, I’ll be done in a sec.”

We had all agreed earlier it would be nearly impossible to have any privacy here, with the six of us sharing two bathrooms and one shower. Since I was the only girl, the boys wanted to know what I thought we should do.

“Look guys, you know I’m not shy, and I don’t need too much privacy. As long as you can handle it in a mature manner, I’m going to dress and undress, shower and pee, whenever the need arises. Just pretend I’m your sister.”

There was a collective sigh of relief, as if they had been agonizing over this for quite awhile. Obviously they agreed with me and I’m sure they were happy I made the decision they were hoping for anyway.

I told Neil, “Oh that’s okay, I’m just enjoying the show. Cute butt by the way.”

Still facing away from me, Neil responded, “We probably ought to double up on the showers; you know, to conserve water.”

With soap all over his face, Neil didn’t see me walk over to the shower. I took off my bathing suit, opened the shower door and stepped in. I don’t think Neil was expecting me to call his bluff.

“Uh, hey Cat, what’re you doing?”

“How long have you and Betty been married Neil?”

“Uh, I don’t know, 20 years I guess.”

“Hmm, no wonder you don’t know what I’m doing. We’re conserving water remember? Give me the soap, I’ll do your back.”

I picked up a wash cloth from the towel bar, moistened it with shower water, and then rubbed the bar of soap into it. Once I had a good lather, I started at Neil’s shoulders, scrubbing his back all the way down to his butt. I started soaping up his ass, running the wash cloth up and down his crack. Neil had his butt cheeks clenched tighter than a crab’s ass, and that’s water tight! Mental note, Neil’s not into anal. Squatting down, I went up and down first one leg, then the other.

“Turn around, I need to do the front of your legs.”

Probably not realizing I was crouching down, with my head level with his waist, Neil abruptly turned to face me. He was still sporting a rather large hard on, and as he turned, his dick whipped around and smacked me right in the face!


“Oh jeez Cat, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were down there!”

Still squatting, with my nose less than 4 centimeters from his hard cock, I rubbed my cheek like it still hurt.

“Damn Neil, what’s that thing made of, concrete?”

At this distance, I didn’t even need my glasses to see I was right about Neil’s cock; just the right length and very wide. His balls hung down as if they were filled with a viscous fluid. (Duh!) Neil doesn’t shave his balls, but he must trim them. His pubic hair was thin and close cropped. Getting tired from squatting, I got down on my knees, reached up and grabbed his prick with my right hand.

“Nice package you got here Neil. I thought I saw you spanking the monkey when I first came in.”

“Sorry Cat, I’m kinda horny. I don’t get much at home, and you looked pretty sexy in that skimpy bathing suit you had on before.”

“If I was your wife you’d be too drained to jerk off. Well, you’re not going back out there with a loaded gun, let’s see what we can do about it.”

“Uh, you know Cat, you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. I could finish myself.”

Slowly pumping his shaft with my hand, I said, “Look Neil, I’d be happy to do this for you. But we’ve all been good friends for a long time and I don’t want to ruin that. I’d like to take care of this, but I don’t want to announce it to the others, okay? If we can agree to keep this just between you and me, I’d like to finish what I started.”

“Of course Cat, I won’t say anything to anyone, I swear on my life.”

“That’s good enough for me.”

I had been gradually pumping his tube faster, now I tilted the tip towards my mouth and placed it to my lips. Still jerking him with my hand, I lowered my mouth onto his cock, sliding it deeper and deeper down my throat. Soon I was massaging his balls with my hand and bobbing my head up and down on his shaft. I could feel my own juices beginning to flow; my pussy was tingling with excitement. I lowered my other hand down to my twat, and started frigging myself.

Neil was moaning with pleasure, and he had placed both of his hands on the back of my head, lightly holding my face close to his crotch. I could feel his balls starting to swell, getting ready to unload. But I was so horny now, unable to get myself off with just my fingers. I needed something longer and thicker.

Pulling his cock out of my mouth, I looked up into his eyes and smiled, licking the outside of his pole.

“Mmmm, damn Cat, don’t stop now.”

“I need a good fucking Neil, how about I give you an IOU for the blowjob?”

“Oh, well, I think I can accommodate you. But I still want that blowjob later.”

“You know I keep my promises. And just think, Atlanta’s not that far from Gatlinburg. Now let’s get this hickory stick inside me.”

I stood up, turned and faced the wall, placing the palms of my hands on the wall. Leaning forward, I spread my legs wide and looked back over my shoulder at Neil, and gave him a wink.

Neil stood behind me, placing the head of his prick against my ass. He stuck two fingers in my cunt and pumped them in and out. I was already soaking wet, and not just from the shower water. Removing his fingers, Neil guided his cock to the entrance of my pussy. I shoved my hips backwards, impaling myself on his manhood. Neil didn’t waste any time and began fucking me hard and fast, just the way I like it.

“Mmmmmm, goddamn Neil, that feels good. Fuck me!”

“Jeez Cat, you’re as tight as a 20 year old. Fuck yeah!”

I didn’t ask how he knew what a 20 year felt like. Holding my hips, Neil was thrusting as hard as he could. My pussy felt soooo good; he was hitting all the right spots and my orgasm came quickly.

I knew Neil would cum pretty soon; he was ready to pop a few minutes ago when he was tickling my tonsils. Sure enough, his cock grew even larger inside me, and I felt the first shot of jism, then a seemingly endless series of short hard spurts. When they finally stopped, Neil slowly eased his cock out of my pussy. I turned around to face him and, standing on my tiptoes, kissed him passionately on the mouth. Neil was always my favorite.

Holding his still semi-hard cock in my hand, I leaned down and gobbled his meat back into my mouth. I sucked all of our combined goo off the entire shaft, and then I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it all over his dick and balls. Staring warmly into his eyes, I said, “Now remember, not a word to the others. Promise?”

“I keep my promises too Cat. Don’t worry, it’s our little secret. Hey, how come we never did this before?”

“Because you never asked, silly.”

After getting Neil’s equipment nice and squeaky clean, I started to wash out my own cream filled kitty, sticking three fingers way in there. You know, just to make sure I got everything out. Neil offered to help, but I figured we’d end up filling it back up again, so I told him maybe later, and suggested he get dried off and dressed before the others noticed we were both missing.

After Neil stepped out of the shower and dried off, he put on some shorts and a shirt, and then snuck out. I finished washing my hair, and the rest of my body, then dried off also. I put on a half shirt and shorts, and then I went back out to the galley, and saw the water for the pasta was boiling.

Stan was just standing there staring at it, so I said, “Stan, make yourself useful. Stick it in for me.”

Stan turned around and stared at me with a funny look on his face. Like I just told him he won the lottery but he couldn’t remember what he did with his ticket. He was staring right at my boobs, and then his eyes wandered down to my crotch.

“Stan? Are you going to put it in or not?”

“Uh, put what in Cat?”

Oh these guys, I do love them so!

“Let’s start with putting the pasta into the pot of boiling water, and then we’ll go from there.”

Stan came out of his fog, and put the noodles in the water. I’m convinced all men are prone to seizures.

“Oh, be a sweetie, and stir the sauce too? Good boy, love ya!”

After we ate, the guys all complimented me on my cooking, then they went to work cleaning up and putting everything away. I got to go out on the deck with my wine, and sit in the lounge chair. By now, the sun had set, the crickets and frogs were performing their nightly concert, and all the stars were out. It was a warm, pleasant evening, and I was feeling the effects of the day’s activities, the sun, the alcohol, and the meal we just ate.

“Hey Cat! You’re not sleeping are you? Getting too old to party?”

Chuck came out on the deck and found me dozing in the chair. It had probably only been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours. I felt really good, and noticed my nipples poking out through the thin material of the tee shirt. I also felt a familiar tingling in my nether region. Boy, I must really be enjoying this, I thought to myself.

“No, I’m not sleeping, just relaxed.”

“Well here’s more wine. Mind if I relax with you?”

“Are you trying to get me drunk? And, yes, of course you can relax with me. That’s what we’re here for.”

Following Chuck out the door, Rich said, “Yes we are trying to get you drunk, as a matter of fact, is that okay?”

“As long as you get drunk with me.”

We talked and laughed some more, but soon everyone was starting to get heavy eyelids. It was nearly midnight anyway, and we had several more days of sun and fun to get ready for, so by group consensus, we decided to get some sleep. I got kissed goodnight, full on the mouth, by five sets of lips.

Arriving at my room, I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts, and retrieved my sleepwear from the dresser. Just as I slipped my boxers on, I heard someone in the doorway clearing their throat.

Speaking sotto voce, Stan said, “Oops, sorry Cat, I didn’t know you were changing.”

Now Stan Johnson is a neat guy; he’s a computer programmer for the town of Columbia, TN. He has also been a volunteer fireman and a reserve police officer, and he helps run a vintage train tour between a couple of small towns in Middle Tennessee. And he loves to chat and flirt with women on the internet, so I gave him my email address. He’s currently divorced. He’s my favorite of the bunch.

Whispering back, I said, “That’s okay, want to help me fluff my chest pillows?”

“Uh, what pillows?”

I turned to face him, still topless.

“These,” cupping my rather prodigious melons with my hands.

“Oh, sure. Heck yeah!”

“Shhhh! Keep your voice down, I don’t want everyone thinking we’re horsing around in here.”

Keeping his voice lowered, Stan said, “Are we going to be horsing around in here?”

“Nooooo, I ask everyone to fluff my boobies before going to bed at night. Will you please kiss me?”

Stan walked over to me and planted a deep wet kiss on my mouth, placing a hand on each of my tits. He started kneading and squeezing them, which I love. Lowering his head to my chest, he put his lips on one nipple, gently sucking it into his mouth. I like that even more.

“Before we go any further, I want you to promise me something. We’ve all been friends for a long time, and I want it to stay that way. Sex could ruin things, makes people jealous sometimes. I’d rather be friends with you guys forever rather than lose you all for one night of sex. Promise you won’t ever breathe a word of this to the other guys, or to anyone for that matter. Swear it.”

Stan looked at me with the most adoring gaze.

“Cat, I’d prefer to be your friend forever, rather than spend a marathon week of sex with you. Yes, I promise not to say anything to anyone. And I admire you for thinking of friendship first. You are a remarkable woman. How come we didn’t hook up in college?”

“Because you never asked silly.”

In a more serious tone, Stan whispered, “I can’t believe none of us ever asked you out on a date. You are certainly the best thing that has ever come my way, and knowing the others, I’m sure the same applies to them.”

“I know I am,” I said humbly. “I suppose it wasn’t meant to be. Well you and I are here now.”

“No I mean it Cat, I wish you were single, I’d ask you to marry me right now.”

Sooooo, good judgment isn’t Stan’s strong point, but he’s a nice guy . . . . . and he was a fireman once! How could you not love a fireman?

“Look Stan, I think you’re the best, and right now I have a serious yearning in my loins for you, but I’m pretty sure you’re just in lust with me. It happens to men all the time when they get close to me. It’s a curse I have to live with.” Humility is definitely my strong point.

Stan chuckled, “Always with the jokes, eh Cat?”

“That’s me, funny Cat. Now I would like a good pussy licking if you don’t mind. I swear I will spontaneously combust if I don’t get off in the next 10 minutes. Don’t make me take care of this myself.”

“Ten minutes? That’s all the time I have? What about me?”

“I will give you a blowjob you won’t soon forget. I will suck your balls dry and swallow every drop, and if your cock doesn’t shrivel away by then, I will clean and polish it with my mouth and tongue until its nice and smooth and shiny.”

“But I want to make love Cat. I want to feel my dick inside of you.”

“No way, it’ll be too noisy, these beds are real squeaky. Just oral, for now; I’ll give you an IOU for intercourse at a later date.”

“C’mon Cat, I’ll be quiet.”

“Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.”

“Ok, ok, you win Cat.”

Smiling in the glow of victory, I sat back on the bed and pulled my boxers back off. Then I scrunched backwards and lay down on my back with my knees up and my legs spread wide. Giving Stan my famous Cheshire Cat smile, I winked, and then crooked my index finger, indicating he should come closer. After removing his shorts, Stan climbed onto the bed and crawled towards me. I patted Miss Kitty, as if Stan needed to be shown where she’s lurking.

Stan grabbed a pillow and thoughtfully placed it under my butt, raising my crotch higher. He then lay between my legs, bringing his face within millimeters of my honeypot. He began by running his tongue all around the outer lips, over the top, then way down below, lightly crossing my anus.

“You sure you’re qualified to clean and polish hardwood floors?” I asked him.

I had shaved everything off, as smooth as the day I was born, and was keeping it that way, mostly because the bathing suit I bought left me no other choice. Otherwise I would have pubic hairs sticking out on all sides of the material, like a French woman, which I find repulsive.

Looking up briefly from his task of love, his face already dotted with Cat moisturizer, Stan said, “I have my official cunnilingus club membership card in my wallet, which is in my room. Want me to go get it?”

Grabbing the back of his head with both of my hands, pulling his face back towards my sex, I said, “Go ahead, but the tongue stays. I have some scissors in the night stand, you’re choice.”

Chuckling quietly, Stan allowed me to mash his face back into Miss Kitty. I decided to keep my hands on his head, in case he tried to escape. He went at my cunt in earnest now, digging deep inside me with his tongue, using his mouth to apply suction to the labia. He found my clitty, and began nibbling at it with his front teeth, then sucking on it like it was a tiny straw. I guess he wanted some Cat juice, so with a strong climax I accommodated him, sending a stream of the grade A stuff into his mouth. He drank it down like a man dehydrated for weeks, and continued to tongue bathe me afterwards.

I was satisfied, I had a great orgasm, and we hardly made any noise. Stan looked up at me from between my legs, his face coated with my fluids. He was grinning from ear to ear, like he just won a trip to paradise.

“That was the best tongue lashing I’ve had in a long time, thanks Stan. Your turn now, big boy.”

Stan eagerly raised himself up onto his knees in front of me and, with his hands on his hips, said, “How would you like me to serve you?”

His cock was pointing straight at me, looking delicious. Stan shaves his crotch, making his balls look really big.

“Let’s try something I read in a story once. Want to face fuck me?”

“Sure,” was Stan’s obvious reply.

I laid down diagonally across the bed on my back, with my head hanging over the edge at one corner of the foot of the bed. I motioned for Stan to stand in front of me, straddling my head. The bed was exactly the right height for his dick to be level with my face. I grabbed the backs of Stan’s thighs, pulling him closer, until his cock was resting on my forehead.

“If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind guiding your sausage into my gullet please? That’s a good boy. Oh and feel free to play with my boobies while I’m busy down here.”

Stan grabbed his prick and placed the tip on my lips. I opened wide and wrapped my mouth around the helmet and started to suck him in. Stan got the idea, and slowly began moving his hips forward. As his cock slid into my mouth, I took a deep breath and relaxed my throat muscles, preparing for a good stretching. Still easing forward, Stan seemed hesitant, as if he were afraid he was going to choke me. So I helped to convince him what I wanted, and pulled his thighs towards me, until his knees were up against the mattress and his legs were keeping my ears warm. This pushed the tip of his cock down into my throat, well passed my tonsils, his balls resting comfortably on the bridge of my nose.

Still moving too slowly for me, I brought my hands around to the front, and simulating a piston, I rapidly shoved two fingers from one hand in and out of the closed fist of my other hand. “Fuck me” I was gesturing.

Stan got it. He started his own version of a piston, fucking my throat with his tool. I guess his experience with railroads finally paid off, because if he were a train, we would have crossed the country from coast to coast. Fortunately I do not have a strong gag reflex, and as a distance runner, I have great lung capacity and can hold my breath for long periods of time. He was fucking my face like a madman, and I knew the end was near.

With one final thrust, which caused his dick feel like it was in my abdomen, Stan shot a load of spunk that filled me almost to capacity. I didn’t even have to swallow; it just shot right down my esophagus. Stan finally finished dumping his load, and as he eased his cock out, I kept suction on it, making sure I got all of his juice.

“Damn Cat, you read about that? What else have you read?”

Sitting back up and wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I said, “Oh lots of stuff.”

I wasn’t sure if Stan would do it, but when I stretched up to kiss him, Stan shot his tongue into my mouth and swirled it around, just like he did to my pussy. Note to self: Stan likes to taste his own cum.

We said our quiet goodnights, and I collapsed back into bed, falling asleep almost immediately, not even bothering to put my sleepwear back on.

When I awoke the next morning, I slipped my tank top and boxers on and walked to the showerless bathroom. I had to wash my face and rinse out my mouth; I didn’t want anyone smelling sperm breath on me. The guys were all up and drinking coffee, eating a light breakfast. Neil and Stan kept looking at me and smiling, a lot. They’re both so cute. Getting a cup of coffee for myself, I asked what was on the agenda.

“We thought we’d motor over to a marina and rent a couple of jet skis.”

“Sounds like fun; I want my own,” I replied.

Chuck said, “Aw c’mon Cat, I thought maybe you and I could share one. You could sit behind me and wrap your arms around me and hold on. By the way, nice jammies.”

Chuck is a cool guy. After college, Chuck went into the Air Force as an officer and eventually found himself in counter-intelligence. I always figured the KGB or some other foreign spy agency would be after him for stealing their secrets. He makes fun of me for having nothing more than top secret clearance. Chuck now lives in Colorado Springs with his family where he owns a real estate business.

“Thanks Chuck, but I want my own jet ski. We’ll take turns, okay?”

“You sure you can handle it by yourself?”

Having been born under the astrological sign of Leo, pride and a pathologically competitive spirit are traits I possess in vast quantities. “Cat” is not just a nickname, it’s an appropriate label for my personality.

I gave Chuck my best feline predator stare; you know, the one where a cute little kitty cat will remain completely immobile, staring endlessly at its next victim just before pouncing on it, eventually tearing it to shreds. That one.

The other four guys were staring silently at the two of us, waiting to see what would happen next.

“What about you Chuck? You’re looking kind of old and frail, you sure your pacemaker can handle a jet ski?”

“I don’t have a pacemaker, and you’re only like five feet tall, you’re not big enough to handle a jet ski by yourself.”

The silent foursome unconsciously took two steps backwards.

“Maybe you’re right Chuck, guys with small dicks need something to help them overcome feelings of inadequacy. I guess the jet ski is just an extension of your penis.”

“Or maybe the feelings of inadequacy come from wishing you had a penis.”

Its go time!

Chuck was lying on a lounge chair during this entire exchange. I leaped up from the chair I was sitting in and launched myself at him. I landed on his stomach, straddling his torso, knocking the wind out of him. With my legs spread wide, my boxers separated at the crotch, revealing some pussy meat. Chuck got a good view, even though he couldn’t breathe yet.

“Hey Chuck, ever seen that movie with Harrison Ford, the Indiana Jones movie where the bad guy reaches into some poor slob’s chest and pulls out his live, beating heart? Let’s see how strong your heart looks.”

With that said, I raised my right arm way up, pointing my open palm at Chuck’s chest, as if I’m about to plunge my hand into it. Meet Mrs. Indiana Jones!

Instead of ripping his heart out, I brought my face down close to his and said, “Asshole.”

“Bitch,” he shot right back.

So I did the next most logical thing. I kissed him, a deep wet, tongue-to-tonsil French kiss. I mashed my breasts into his chest; I ground my crotch into his stomach. I sucked face with Chuck for a good two minutes before I decided to let him breathe again. Then I smiled and he laughed, and it was all good. Chuck was always my favorite.

When I stood up, I turned to face the others.

Rich blurted out, “Um, you know Cat, I uh, I think you’re um, a bitch too you know.”

“Yeah me too, you bitch you!” added Stan.

Then they both lay down on lounge chairs and puckered their lips, waiting for me to try and rip their hearts out. I doubled over in pain, laughing so much. I love these guys!

We hauled in the anchor, and cruised toward the nearest marina. Bill was the official captain of the boat, and he was doing a fine job. He docked perfectly and the other four guys disembarked in search of jet skis. Bill and I stayed with the boat. Three of them would ride the jet skis out into the lake, the extra person would get back on the boat and we’d cruise back into open water, and then anchor again.

Normally I’m not an evil person. When someone rubs my fur the wrong way, I will sometimes have evil thoughts, but I don’t usually act on them. Bill went down to use the head, leaving me all alone in the wheelhouse. As an engineer, I have learned over the years to observe closely, and quite often I am capable of duplicating a series of mechanical operations just from memory. Operating a houseboat is nothing like operating a shuttle simulator, not even close.

Let’s see, I thought to myself, four guys on shore, getting ready to rent three jet skis. Boat captain moving his bowels, temporarily incapacitated. Evil Catwoman all alone with controls to boat. Sounds like a recipe for revenge, or disaster. I signaled to the dock hand to untie the bow and stern lines, I cranked up the engine, put it in gear, and off we went, just me and poopdeck Bill.

There was a secluded cove right near the marina, which I figured I could get the houseboat into before anyone saw us. I looked back and did not see the guys yet. I heard a muffled Bill yelling something from below. Just before he came up to the control room, I managed to slip the boat behind a bluff, obscuring it from searching eyes at the marina.

“Jeez Cat, what are you doing? Where’s everyone else?”

“Hi Bill, I guess they’re still back at the marina. I wanted to see how hard it is to operate this thing. Not bad huh?”

“Damn Cat, I’m the captain, I’m responsible for the boat.”

“Oh c’mon Bill, its not rocket science. Look, you’re boat is nice and safe and sound. Isn’t this a nice cove? Very secluded don’t you think?”

“Well yeah I guess it is. Not a bad job actually, I didn’t know you knew how to operate a boat.”

“I don’t, this is my first time.”

Bill looked at me like I just told him I was from Venus.

He said, “We better go back and get the others. I’ll drive.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. Let me make it up to you.”

“What? How?”

Somehow my bikini top just popped right off. Bill stared at my bare tits, looking mighty hungry. Got milk?

“Well, I’m stuck on a houseboat with five really cute guys for a week, and I don’t think Miss Kitty is too happy about being left all alone. Care to help me out here?”

Bill just shook his head in the affirmative. I took him by the hand and led him to my room. I dropped my thong on the floor, and crawled onto the bed on my hands and knees. He was staring right at Miss Kitty and she was already drooling with pussy juice.

“Bill, the guys will find us eventually, I suggest you hurry. Oh, and one more thing, not a word to anyone okay? You guys are like family to me and I don’t want any hurt feelings. They find out we did the wild thing, someone might get cranky. I want us all to remain friends, okay? So promise me you won’t tell.”

Dropping his bathing suit on the floor, Bill said, “Cat, you are the best! If I thought this would ruin our friendship I would stop right now. And I will never tell the others, no way. I swear to god!”

“Good enough for me. Now climb aboard please, this ride is about to start. Please hold on tight, we don’t want anyone falling off. And please insert your safety bar into one of the holes in front of you. Thank you and have fun.”

Bill walked on his knees toward my waiting butt, his erection bobbing wildly. I almost laughed, it was rather comical. He had a beautiful cock, nice and straight and hard and penis-like. He didn’t waste any time, plunging directly into my cunt. I was so wet, there was little resistance. Bill grabbed my hips, obediently following the safety instructions, and pumped in and out. It felt soooo good; I love to fuck. I pulled a pillow close and laid my head down on it. His dick was hitting my clit on each stroke, in and out, and I had an orgasm in less than 2 minutes.

“Damn Cat, are you horny or what?”

“Shut up and fuck me harder.”

Bill smiled with an evil grin, pulling his cock out of my pussy.


All of a sudden, I felt pressure at my anus. With a slow steady motion, Bill pushed his slippery wet cock right into my rectum. He left it in for a minute, waiting to see if I’d object.

“You asleep back there? That feels really, really good, please continue. By the way, I was a bad girl for stealing the boat, don’t you think?”

Bill began fucking my ass, pumping slowly in and out, driving his cock in as far as it would go. I felt filled to overflowing, and it was the best. I began fingering my pussy, pistoning my own fingers into my twat, pinching Miss Clitty, just for good measure.

I was about to remind Bill of how bad I was, when I felt that familiar hot stinging sensation on my butt cheek. Smack!! Oh yeah, nothing like a good spanking.

“I think I was exceptionally bad today, don’t you?”

Smack!! The other cheek got it that time. Then about every 15 seconds or so, Bill spanked first one cheek, then the other. At the same time, he continued to butt fuck me, his hips going faster now. My ass was on fire, inside and out, and I loved it. I was pinching my clit like crazy, and I had a second orgasm.

I didn’t think Bill could last much longer, and he didn’t disappoint me. It felt like his prick grew double in size, and then he shot his load, filling my colon. When he was able to pull out, I heard an audible pop, and then his semen started leaking out in a steady stream. I turned to look back at him, and he was jerking his dick over my ass, dripping more jism onto it. When he was done, I crawled off the bed, not wanting to get the sheets full of cum.

“Mmmm, thanks Bill, that was great! Why don’t we jump in the water and get cleaned up? Bring your swim suit, in case the guys show up.”

We grabbed our bathing suits, and ran naked for side of the boat. We jumped in together, pulling our suits on in the water. I needed a little help with mine, but Bill was such a gentleman, he got it on me in record time. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and then I kissed him. He responded with a deep wet kiss, his tongue rolling around mine. Just then we both heard the familiar sound of jet skis. We swam apart, smiling at each other. Bill was always my favorite.

When I looked at the approaching jet skis, I saw Chuck sitting behind Stan, holding him around the chest. He didn’t look happy.

Neil pulled up along side the houseboat and said, “Hey, why’d you guys leave without us? I hope there’s no hanky panky going on here!”

He had a smirk on his face, probably thinking he was the only one who had the privilege of checking my fluid level with his dip stick. I blew a kiss at him.

Faking a sob I said, “It’s my fault, I’m just a poor dumb girl who thought she could operate a big manly machine like this. Thank god I didn’t kill anyone!” I threw in a few sniffles, just to emphasize the sarcasm.

Everyone laughed, even Chuck. The moment was over, the tension melted away like ice in the desert, and it was all good. It probably helped that my top had come loose and a nipple had escaped and was staring and smiling at the boys. Somehow I think Bill had something to do with it, since he’s the one who tied it for me.

We spent the afternoon zipping around the lake on the jet skis, taking turns as we had agreed. I was out with Rich and Chuck and we were having a great time, crossing each others wakes, speeding up and splashing streams of water on each other. After awhile, Rich headed back to the houseboat, but I didn’t see Chuck anywhere. Before going back, I decided to go look for him. I drove into a couple of nearby coves and found him on the third try, his jet ski beached on the shore.

“Hi Chuck, what’s up?”

“The stupid thing stalled and I couldn’t get it started, so I dragged it over here.”

“Well, hop on and we’ll go back and tell the others, so someone can call the marina.”

At first, I thought Chuck was going to do the macho thing and insist on driving, but he didn’t. He climbed on and sat right behind me, putting his hands on his hips. Such a gentleman! As we started to pull out, I turned my head around and told Chuck he’d better hold on to me, I wanted to see how fast these things go with two people. Before he had a chance to respond, I gunned the throttle and off we went. Chuck nearly rolled right off the back, but threw his arms around my waist at the last second.

It didn’t take us long to realize they go pretty fast, even with two people. We were bouncing and swerving and having a great time. Chuck’s hands rose higher on my torso each time we crossed a wake, and soon he was cupping the undersides of my breasts. Not hearing any objection from me, he lifted even higher, pushing my bikini top up until my boobies were completely exposed. Still maintaining a firm grip on them, Chuck began mauling my tits, pinching the nipples between his thumb and index finger. My top was around my neck, flapping in the wind.

A few other boaters on the lake saw us, and began pointing and waving in our direction. One large boat came along side and a couple of college-age girls took their tops off and held them overhead, like victory flags. Leave it to me to be a trend setter!

Chuck was still playing with my fun bags, and I could feel his growing pleasure poking my lower back. I reached one hand behind me, and felt something long and hard in his bathing suit. Heading for the nearest cove, I stood up and leaned forward, hanging my head and shoulders over the handlebars. That placed my thong covered butt right in Chuck’s face. He got the hint, and, holding onto my hips, he used a thumb to pull the thong to one side, exposing my pussy and the little rose bud above it. He leaned his face forward and began licking me up and down.

It was quite enjoyable, especially with the jet ski bouncing around. Chuck didn’t miss a spot, every square inch of my crotch and butt got a tongue lashing. He stuck his tongue inside my pussy and ate me out, even with the little boat still moving. Now that’s talent! He ran his tongue up to my anus, twirling all around it, coating my entire crack with saliva. When it was good and lubricated, Chuck stuck his thumb into my rectum, and began a slow finger fuck of my ass. Oh man that felt good!

Once inside the tiny cove, I ran the jet ski up onto shore. We were completely obscured from the rest of the lake. Turning the engine off, I turned to Chuck and said, “So what’s a girl gotta do to get laid on this lake?”

Chuck replied, “I don’t know, ride around topless on a jet ski?”

Laughing, I said, “Hey do me a favor? I love you guys dearly, and I want to stay friends with everyone, forever. I don’t want anyone to know we played around, okay? It might cause bad feelings or something. Can we keep this between just you and me? Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise Cat, I have no problem with that at all. In fact, I agree with you, it would be in everyone’s best interest not to say anything. I think the other guys might feel bad if they found out about you and me. I swear on a stack of bibles.”

“Hmm, I left my bible in my other thong, I’ll just take your word for it. Thanks Chuck, this means a lot to me. Now, I’m so horny I’m about ready to abuse the handlebars on this jet ski. Got any suggestions?”

“Why don’t you bend back over those handlebars like before, and I’ll see what I can scrounge up.”

Occasionally I can follow orders from a man; this was one of those times. Chuck pulled his bathing suit off and his stiffy sprang into view. Another nice cock, long and straight and hard, just the way I like them. I can’t believe I went all those years hanging around these guys and never benefited once from five gorgeous penises!

Bent back over the handlebars, my ass was fully exposed in all its glory. Chuck stepped up to the plate and, with his wood in hand, inserted it right into my pussy. We never even bothered to remove my thong, it didn’t cover much anyway. He did such a wonderful job earlier lubing me up, his cock just slid right in. Chuck grabbed my hips again, and did a nice slow fuck. He pushed his prick in as far as it would go, and then slowly pulled out until the head was outside my labia. Then he’d start over again, slow in, slow out.

It felt sooo good, but Miss Clitty wasn’t getting the full attention she deserved. So I reached one hand under and began pinching her, just to stop the whining. That did the trick and soon she was purring with pleasure. I climaxed within minutes.

Chuck was still doing the slow poke, which normally doesn’t work for me, but his method felt too good to interrupt. It helped a lot when he stuck his thumb back in my asshole and reamed me with it.

Not knowing how much longer Chuck could hold out, I turned my head around and smiled at him, saying, “Mmmmm, Chuck that feels sooooo good. By the way, I have a craving for semen, haven’t had any since I got here (liar!). I don’t suppose you have any you could spare?”

“As a matter of fact, I have a squeeze tube of it right here. Would right now be convenient for you?”

“I think so.”

Chuck pulled out quickly and I turned around and sat on the jet ski saddle. Chuck’s cock was hard and throbbing, glistening with my juices. I grabbed Chuck’s ass with both hands, pulling his crotch to my face. Using one hand, Chuck guided his dick into my mouth, placing his other hand on the back of my head. I licked the tip, and then opened my mouth wide, letting Chuck aim it toward my throat. I clamped down with my lips and sucked it like a straw.

Chuck then placed both hands behind my head and proceeded to fuck my mouth. No slow motion this time, he was thrusting fast. I managed to clean all my own pussy juice off the shaft, which I love to taste, and allowed his cock to slide in and out of my throat.

Tasting his pre-cum, I prepared for the blast. Sure enough, it came quickly. Moaning, Chuck stopped moving his hips, his dick buried deep in my mouth and throat, and then his jism just started squirting and flowing like a faucet. I swallowed what I could, and then I gulped some air, then swallowed some more. I managed to get it all without spilling a drop.

“Damn Cat, where have you been all my life? That was the best sex I ever had! Can we run off together somewhere? Your husband won’t mind will he?”

“Oh no, not at all. By the way, you know what he does for a living? He hunts down and captures wild animals in the mountains. Oh, and his nickname in the Army was ‘Wolf’. I’m sure he’d never find us.”

“Uh, well how about a long term affair then?”

“How about we just do this reunion thing once a year, give us something to look forward to every summer, like Christmas in July? Now let’s get back to the houseboat, before the others get suspicious.”

I decided to let Chuck do the driving. Before we took off he put his swim trunks back on and I sat behind him and mashed my tits against his back. I held him around his hairy chest and played with his nipples, which he seemed to enjoy. Chuck was definitely my favorite.

When we got back, Bill wanted to know where was the other jet ski. Chuck told him about breaking down and me coming by to rescue him. Bill looked at me and gave me one of those knowing smirks, and I winked back at him.

After dinner, the guys wanted to play poker, and I was all for it. We started out with $50 each and played for a couple of hours. Someone had brought expensive cigars, and soon everyone was smoking a stogie, including me. The drinks were flowing freely and we were all laughing and getting a little plastered. A couple of times I caught myself unconsciously sliding the cigar in and out of my mouth, like I was giving head, and one time I noticed Rich had seen me doing this. I just smiled and licked my lips, and we continued to play.

At one point, I was not doing well, and had lost quite a bit of my original stake. Chuck was out of the game, having already lost all of his money. We were playing five card draw, there was maybe $150 in the pot, and I was holding 3 queens. Neil bet $20, the house limit. I only had $20 left, but I couldn’t fold with three ladies.

“Call,” I said.

“Looks like you’re out of money Cat.”

“Why do lawyers always state the obvious, Neil?”

Rich and Bill both called.

Stan said, “See your twenty, and raise twenty.”

“I’ll see that” Neil said.

I was out of money, now what to do?

Just as I was about to throw my cards down, Stan said, “Maybe we can let her bet something else. How about her jammies, they’re probably worth $20.”

“Fine with me,” offered Neil.

What the hell? I thought, I hated to fold my hand. So, I put my cards down, crisscrossed my arms and, grabbing the bottom seam, pulled my top off up over my head. My bare breasts bounced into full view, and the boys sat there ogling them. Then I stood up, and pulled my boxers off, letting Miss Kitty breathe. I sat back down, naked as the day I was born.

“Call,” I said defiantly.

“I’m in,” said Rich.

Bill thought he had me. “You know, I think you’re all bluffing. I’ll see your twenty, and raise another twenty.”

“I’m in,” said Stan.

“Me too,” said Rich.

Shit! Now what? I had nothing left to bet.

“I guess you’re out Cat?” asked Neil, throwing his money into the pile.

Then I had a revelation. “I’ll tell you guys what. I have one final offer. If I don’t have the highest hand, I’ll give everyone here a blowjob, and I’ll swallow every drop of cum. However, if I do have the highest hand, then I’ll split the pot with everyone who stays in, except the loser with the lowest hand, who will have to give everyone here said blowjob.”

They quickly agreed to my terms before the implication of what I said sank in. If I won, everyone brave enough to stay in would split the money, plus get there dicks sucked by another guy. I of course would get my pussy eaten. Unfortunately for the loser, besides eating me, he would also have to suck four dicks, and swallow!

Rich and Stan both threw in their hands. Ten seconds later, Bill threw in his hand. That left me and Neil. He just stared and stared, trying to read my mind, hoping my cards would suddenly become transparent. I knew what he was thinking, if I was bluffing, he’d get to cash in that IOU; if I wasn’t bluffing, he’d be sucking dick.

Finally, he smiled and said, “Good call, too high for me, you win.” Homophobia triumphs again!

I stood up, allowing my pendulous boobs to slide across the table, my bare butt high up in the air. As I reached across to gather up my money, I spread my legs wide, allowing Miss Kitty to breathe a sigh of relief. The boys got to see some pink. I took my time putting my clothes back on, making a bit of a show of it.

The next day, I decided to relax and do some sunbathing. We did a lot of drinking last night while playing cards, so I had a bit of a headache. All the guys had seen me naked now, so I figured I would stay topless for the rest of the week. I like having nicely tanned boobs, makes it easier to wear skimpy tops in public. I was lying on my stomach on a lounge chair, wearing only the thong. Rich came out and sat next to me.

“Hey Cat, need some sun screen?”

“Why yes I do, you want to put some on for me?”

“I’d love to!”

“Here, use this SPF 8, I don’t want it too strong.”

Rich squirted some on his hands, and then began rubbing it into my shoulders. He did my back and worked his way down to my bare butt cheeks. He paid close attention to those, making sure he got them completely covered. I spread my legs apart so he could get to my inner thighs and he covered them nicely too. His fingers went deep into my butt crack, then down along the outer edges of my pussy lips, which was certainly above and beyond the call of duty.

Just as I was about to flip over and ask him to do the front, I noticed a pontoon boat heading our way. I could see about six tall, good looking men on board and wondered who was thoughtful enough to send me my birthday present early. Then I noticed Neil and Stan were two of the six. Rich stood up and waved to them, and I followed suit. The pontoon boat was close enough for me to see six jaws hanging down, twelve eyes staring at us. All of them looked like starving dogs staring at a T-bone steak.

Then I remembered I didn’t have a top on, and was standing there bare-chested for our new guests. So what, I thought, I’m on vacation.

“Wow,” I heard one of them say, “You guys have a great welcoming committee.”

The boat pulled up alongside, and Neil introduced our new friends.

“Hey Cat, hey Rich, this is Larry, Tom, Jeff, and Bruce. They’re firemen from New York. They’re having their annual firefighters’ union get together at the marina where we rented the jet skis. They were kind enough to give me and Stan a ride back.”

“Yeah,” said Stan, “Of course, I think it helped when we told them about you.”

I love firemen!

“Aww, that’s so sweet! Thanks guys for bringing my boys back. I couldn’t live without them.”

“No problem ma’am, our pleasure. By the way, we’re having a barbeque this afternoon, ribs and chicken, and all the fixings. We’d be honored if you and your crew would care to join us.”

My crew? I liked the way that sounded.

“That would be wonderful, we’ll be there. How should we get there, dock our houseboat?”

“No ma’am, I’ll send the pontoon boat back over for you around 1PM. Is that soon enough?”

“That’ll be great, my hangover should be gone by then. See ya later gator!”

Neil, Stan, Bill, and Chuck decided to go back with the fire dudes to the marina. Apparently there was a bikini contest going on. I would have entered if I didn’t feel so tired, but I figured they’d have more of those this week with all the firefighters around. I’ll enter the next one. Rich stayed back with me on the houseboat.

We had about two hours before they came back for us, so I figured I’d continue with my tanning. Rich went inside to lie down in his bunk. After a few minutes, I got bored and lonely, so I went looking for Rich. His room was on the main deck, so I guess he didn’t hear me coming. I looked in his room and saw him lying on his bed naked. He was doing the tube steak boogie, looking straight at me with a big grin on his face.

“Hey Rich, good thing you caught that snake for me. He’s really wrestling with you huh?”

“Hi Cat, I was just thinking about you and then this came up.”

“Need some help there Rich?”

“Yeah, my arm is getting tired, could you take over for me?”

I sidled over to his bed, climbed up on top, and swung my leg over Rich’s thighs, straddling him. I then took matters into my own hands, giving Rich the old fire starter technique.

“Listen sweetie, I think you deserve this for being such a nice guy and making sure I didn’t get sunburned. Especially my butt crack and pussy lips. I’d like to ask a favor though. You guys are my best friends and I want to keep it that way. Sometimes sex between friends ruins things, if you know what I mean. So I want you to promise to keep this to yourself, it’ll be our little secret. Not a word to the other guys okay?”

“I promise Cat, I’ll never say a word. I wouldn’t want to share you with anyone anyway.”

“Good. Now if you don’t mind, I need some moisturizer on these puppies, think you can help out?”

“Oh god yes; keep doing that, and you’ll get a nice cream coating on them.”

Using both hands I masturbated Rich’s cock. I played with his balls, and I leaned forward so he could play with my titties. He pinched and squeezed them, tweaking my nipples, pulling hard on them. It felt sooo good!

“Hey Rich, you’re not into bondage are you?”

Without warning, Rich shot a load of cum all over my tits. I didn’t even know it was coming. He did as promised, covering my boobies with a delicious creamy coating. I continued pumping him with both hands, holding the tip directly on my cleavage. When he was done, I raised my hands to my mouth and licked all the cum off.

Just as I was about to scoop the rest off my chest, Rich said, “No, let me.”

Rich then sat up and, taking my tits into his hands, proceeded to lick his own cum off of my boobs and chest. He sucked my nipples hard then continued to clean me up. There wasn’t a speck of cum left when he was finished.

“Wow, what brought that on? I didn’t even know you were ready to pop.”

Rich said, “When you mentioned bondage, it set me off. That’s my secret fantasy, to tie a woman up and ravish her. Sorry about that.”

“Hey don’t be sorry, I like having that affect on men. So have you ever tied a woman up before?”

“No, never.”

“Well, let’s see, we’ve got about an hour and a half, want to practice?”

“Really? Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious, let’s play.”

The bedroom didn’t seem large enough for our needs, so we moved out to the living room. There was a large padded ottoman in front of the lounge chair, so we slid that out into the middle of the floor. Rich wanted to pretend he snuck onto the boat and found me all alone, where he then overpowered me and tied me up. I found some rope and he used it to tie my wrists together, and then he tied them to one of the legs of the ottoman. Next he pulled my thong off and then tied each ankle to a separate leg of the ottoman so that I was spread wide open.

I was lying across the ottoman on my stomach, my lower back and butt arched upward. In this position all three holes were easily accessible to my “captor”. Rich took his shorts off, and he already had another raging hard on. I guess he really liked this scenario.

“What are you doing?” I pretended to be alarmed and scared. “Oh my god! Your thingy is too big! Please don’t use that on me, you’ll rip me apart!”

Getting into his role, Rich said, “Too late, cunt! I’ll show all you pretty bitches what it’s like to get a good fucking from a real man! You cheerleader types don’t even give guys like me a second look. Turn your noses up and laugh at us. Let’s see who’s laughing now!”

Cheerleader type? Me? Yikes! Maybe an older, shorter version of Maria Sharapova. Sounds like someone got dissed by a pom pom girl back in high school. Oh well, it’s his fantasy, I’ll play along.

“You’re going to be here for days, tied up like that the whole time. Now suck my dick, and you better do it good, or else!”

“No, no, please! I won’t be able to breathe, you’ll choke me!”

“It’s going in every hole before the day ends, so which one do you want it in first? Maybe in your ass? Let’s see how you like the taste after that!”

Hmm, okay, maybe Rich is getting into this a little too much.

“Okay, I’ll suck your dick, and then will you let me go?”

“NO! I said every hole, today! Now start sucking! And lick my balls too!”

Rich stood in front of me and shoved his fat cock into my mouth. He began fucking my throat in earnest, holding my head in place with his hands. Actually, I was getting rather turned on myself. My pussy was leaking juice all over the ottoman, I wasn’t sure how we were going to explain the familiar odor to everyone else.

After about ten minutes of this, Rich pulled out. I was getting whiplash anyway, so I was hoping it was time for my “captor” to assault another hole.

Rich said, “Oh wait, I brought a dildo along with me, let me go get it. I want to try double penetration, see if I can get my dick in your pussy with a dildo in your ass. I’ve never tried it before, just a sec.”

“Uh, hang on a second Rich, how big is this dildo of yours?”

Unfortunately he didn’t hear me because he rushed off to his berth, leaving me tied to the ottoman. Great, I thought to myself, it’s probably one of those black monster horse cocks. I’m about to call Rich to come back out, when suddenly I heard voices out on the deck. Apparently Rich and I did not hear the boat come up alongside our houseboat.

“Hey Cat,” someone shouted from outside, “We brought the firemen back over, and some of their friends. They said they wanted to meet you and chat with you some more. Hope you’re decent . . . . .”

Just then, in walks Chuck, followed by Stan and Bill, and god knows how many others. One of the fire dudes came in and saw me tied to the ottoman, my bare ass up in the air.

“Whoa!! You guys know how to party!”

“Hi guys,” I said, “Just make yourselves at home. I’ll be with you in a second, just tying up a few loose ends.”

Neil walks in and says, “Damn Cat, are you ever NOT horny?”

“Very funny. Now get over here and untie me.”

I think we may want to take advantage of this situation first Cat. After all, you’re the one who’s always teasing us. Now it’s our turn.”

“Oh you guys! I was just kidding around. You know I like to flirt. C’mon, untie me.”

Ignoring me, Chuck said, “By the way Cat, we brought about eight firemen over. So, including us, that’s only twelve guys you need to service. You can handle that can’t you? After all, we’ll be here three more days.”

Oh crap, I thought.

“Make that thirteen guys,” chimed in my good buddy Rich, holding a 15 inch black dildo.



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