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Hotel Adventure

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I hear a knock on the door, looking at the time; I see that you’re late. I let you stand outside for an extra minute to let you think that I have gone. I see you through the spy-hole and see that you’re impatiently waiting. Looking at your watch, you knock again and after another minute you sigh, drop your head and turn to walk away. I let you get out of sight, and I open the door and flip the night latch out so the door closes on it, but does not shut. You turn to see the door open, and you walk back to my room.

You push the door open and enter my room. It is dark, and I am not around. You fix the night latch and close the door tightly. You call my name, but there is no answer. You walk into my room, wondering where I am and how the door opened. You figure that I’m in the bedroom, so you feel your way through the darken room and enter my bedroom. You expect to see me there, but the room is empty. You step further into the room, calling my name nervously, and feeling that something is not right. One more step, and you are next to the foot of the bed, and see that the bathroom is empty.

You begin to turn to leave, but you suddenly are taken from behind. My hand grabs your waist and I hold you tight to my body. Your mouth opens, but I cover it with my free hand and tell you that you’re late, and that I’m not pleased. You try to struggle, but I have you in my grasp and you cannot escape. Your head turns from side to side trying to release my hand from your mouth. I tell you to stop, I tell you that since you were late that you would be taught a lesson.

Scared, you continue to struggle, but I move my arm from around your waist, and up your body until my hand surrounds your tender throat. I release your mouth and tell you to not utter a word, or it’ll be worse for you. You feel my now free hand move to your breasts; I cup one then the other. I whisper in your ear that you had me wait for too fucking long, and that I will now take what I want. I squeeze your breast through your dress until the flesh falls from my grip, and your nipple, now hard is caught by my fingers. I can feel your chest begin to heave with my control, and as you feel my fingers pinch and pull on your nipple, I feel your body sigh against me.

I squeeze your neck slightly harder bring you out of your content state. I tell you that this is not for you to enjoy, but for you to be taught a lesson, and that I do not like to wait. I push my knee through the back of your legs, making them spread for me. You whisper back to me that you do not like this, and that you want to go. I laugh and tell you it’s too fucking late for that, and I push you face down on the bed. You try to get up, but my body is on top of yours and you feel my hand reaching under your dress and pulling your panties off in one quick movement.

With your dress now above your waist, my hand still on your neck, your panties gone, you feel my hot breath at the nape of your neck and hear my voice in a hoarse whisper tell you that I’m about to show you what happens to the fucking bitches that make me wait. With a sudden sharp slap, I spank your ass. You yelp and plead with me not to do that. I respond with another sharp whack to your ass. Then I rub the pain away. I tell you that I can be pleasing as well as hard on you. I slap you again, just hard enough to make your ass red, but not hard enough to make you cry. Again I slap, you struggle and beg me to stop. I ask you what you would do to make me stop… say anything.

I tell you that I will already have everything this night, and that you have not learned anything. I give you one more slap and tell you that I’m going to fuck you. Pissed you say “Fuck you, when I can, I’m leaving and you will NEVER get to fuck me again”.

I respond with another slap, and another. You struggle and I can feel as I rub the pain from your ass that your pussy is glistening. I tell you that you lie, and that you know that you want me. Thrashing you say “No, I hate you, fuck you, let me go”.

But as my hand rubs the sting of my slaps from your ass, you unwittingly push your ass against my hand, signaling that you want more. I spread your legs further, you try to close them, but when you feel my fingers begin to rub up and down your lips and gather your wetness and spread it over you, and you tell me to stop.

I lean down on you, holding you down with my body and my hot breath is on your neck, my tongue reaches out and tastes the sweat forming from your struggle. I pull you hair to the right and force my mouth on yours. Instinctively, your mouth meets mine and kisses me deeply, but as you realize that it’s me and that I’m forcing myself onto you, you pull away. You tell me no, that you want to leave, and I respond by letting my fingers part your wet lips and soak in the juices that are not flowing from your body.

I tell you that you don’t want me to leave, that you want me to fuck you and make you cum. You begin your struggle again and tell me that you will not let me inside you. I respond by taking my wet finger and sliding deep inside you in one thrust. You groan and yell for me to stop, and that you don’t want this. I sit up behind you and with one hand on the back of your neck, I hold you down as I begin to slide my finger in and out of you. I know that you really don’t want me to stop, you ass is moving to meet each thrust. I continue to fuck you, slowly at first, holding you down tell you that I know you want me to fuck you. Breathing heavy, you gasp, “No, please stop. I don’t want this, please…..oh…..stop…..”

Your struggling is all but gone by now. Your hips and ass are in rhythm to my fucking finger, and then I slide another into you. Deep, long slow strokes, I feel the insides of your wet pussy. You’re moaning for me to stop. That you don’t want this to continue, but I know that you need to be fucked. You need to cum more then you need to leave. As you feel a third finger enter your tight wetness, you plead with me, implore me, beg me; but not to stop, I hear you say, “Oh Yes, that feels good, please fuck me, please fuck me harder, harder, OH God, I need you to make me fucking CUM!”

Smiling to myself, I am pleased at my conquest of my hot little late slut. I fuck you with my fingers, feeling your pussy grab me with each thrust. I ask you are you sure, do you really want me to make you cum; you reply “Yessssssss, Oh God, YES”.

I ask if you will ever be late again, you say “No, I promise I won’t.” I ask if you’re going to be my little slut, my little cocksucker, my Pet. You gasp, “Yes, I’ll be anything you want, just fuck me. I’ll suck your cock, and be your slut, just make me cum, oh god please make me CUUUUUMMMMM.”

I lay back onto your back; I can feel you grinding your clit on the bed as my fingers plunge in and out of you. I continue to slide my fingers, feeling then covered in your juice, I lick and taste your neck. Your head turns and we kiss long and deep. I can feel your breath enter into my mouth as your tongue licks mine and searches my mouth.

I roll you over, and begin to suck your nipples as my thumb finds your clit. I bite on your nipples, and suck them deep into my mouth. Pinching them between the roof of my mouth and tongue, I make them harder then you can ever remember. You feel my thumb running circles on your hard clit, my fingers sliding deep inside you.

I continue to assault on your body, you can hardly control yourself. Your hands are digging into my head and back, pulling me closer and closer to you. Your pussy is wet, dripping your juice down to your ass and onto the bed. Your hips are meeting my every thrust. Your head is rolling from side to side as I fill your pussy and stroke your clit. You pull my head to yours and kiss me deep as you feel one of my fingers slip from inside you and rub against your tight little ass. Your head rolls to the side and you groan as you feel a new sensation of not just my thumb on your clit and fingers inside your pussy, but of another finger slipping into your ass.

You push hard against my hand, and I fill your pussy and ass at the same time, and as my mouth clamps on your nipples you begin to feel that burning sensation at the top of your pussy, and your hips being to take on a life of their own as you begin to buck at the approaching, climbing climax that you know is coming. Your breaths are coming in gasps, your hands are holding onto the sheets, your head rolls until you arch your back and thrust your throbbing cunt into my hands as your legs and stomach tightens, and your body violently spasms’ uncontrollably.

Moaning and groaning, I hear you gasping that your cumming, and suddenly, your whole body tenses and rises off the bed as I feel your pussy and ass clinch me as you begin to flop from side to side as wave after wave of your orgasm hits you and makes your body tremble and sweat. As you begin to calm down, you pull me head to yours and kiss my face. My lips, cheeks, ears, nose are all kissed by your in between heavy breath’s. I slowly remove my fingers from you as your body and pussy continue to twitch.

I bring my wet fingers to my lips, and as I begin to lick them clean, you pull them away from my tongue and while staring into my eyes, plunge them deep into your own mouth cleaning them for me. With my raging hard cock against you, I lean in and kiss you deeply and tell you that I love the taste of pussy on your lips. You smile and say that you love that too. You gently push me on my back and continue to kiss my lips, face and neck.

I breath heavily and ask if that was good, and you reply, “Perfect, that was so hot….just like we talked about. Now let me show you how good a cocksucker I am….”

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