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You’d Let Him Do Anything To You

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You see him standing in front of the bathroom mirror, in nothing but a red pair of boxers. Just imagine him masturbating in front of that mirror.

His hands sliding down his skin.

His fingers slipping into his underwear.

The stirrings of a boner getting started.

His hand moving around in the fabric.

A wet spot appears in the front.

Maybe one or two fingers slipping under his heavy balls to touch his ass a couple times.

His face and chest blushing as he realizes how much you’re watching.

Slowly he pulls the underwear band down.

His massive boner springing to attention.

And his perfect smooth bubble but is out to be seen.

I hand him the dildo I brought back from Tokyo.

Shyly he applies lube to it and slides some of the lube over his abs and nipples.

He moans softly.

One of his hands moves up to pinch a nipple. He draws circles around it with his fingers as he slowly enters his bubble butt with the black dildo.

His head tilts back with his mouth moaning, and his cock starts leaking precum heavily. Taking the precum in his free hand, he tastes it and rubs it on his nipples. He takes his hand out of his mouth quickly, and beckons you over.

“I know you jerk your cock thinking about me.” he says. “Now’s your chance – suck my massive cock, boy.”

You lick your lips, staring at the glistening head.

I wonder whether I can swallow him, but waiting for this moment for so long I simply go for it. Slowly I lick the head. it is soft, wet and tastes better than I could have imagined.

He’s running his strong hands through your hair, sighing with pleasure as you tease him. His pelvis gives little thrusts forward, waiting for you to swallow all of him.

As I take the shaft into my mouth, he inserts the dildo completely into his eager hole. He moans loudly with pleasure and thrusts back and forth on my mouth and the toy.

Your tongue is running under his cock, tickling it a little. Your hands are running over his abs, loving the ripples. You moan with delight.

“You like that, don’t you boi?” he asks, knowing full well you’ve never wanted anything more. “I’m gonna fuck your mouth” he tells you.

He grabs your head around the back, and starts really fucking your mouth as hard as he can.

You can feel his prick pushing the back of your mouth and going down your throat.

“You love it don’t you?” he says brusquely. You want to taste every drop of my load.”

“I’m gonna paint your throat with cum.”

You can barely breathe, but you half nod as your lust increases. Your hands cant help switching between stroking your own cock, and feeling him up.

Fuck he’s so hot.

Precum pours from your cock like a faucet.

Your eyes water as you gag on his steel hard shaft but you never want the sensation to end.

Suddenly he stops. “Get up” he tells you.

He orders you to get back up… A small part of you is reluctant – the prize was right there in your mouth!

But the other part of you knows there’s more fun to come. You stand up, being sure to rub your cock against his as you lean in to kiss him.

You make contact with his soft full lips as your cock brushes against his.

Never before have you felt such a sensation of desire.

His tongue sneaks between your lips and makes contact with yours. Your cock is hard as steel, and you can’t get enough of the silky hardness he’s pushing into your groin.

As you’re grinding together, you run your hands down his strong muscled back, over the curves of his perfectly fuckable ass, and grab around the end of the dildo, starting to move it in and out of his ass.

He reaches around as well with a wide grin on his face.

He removes the dildo while spinning you around.

Grabbing some lube from the cupboard in front of him, he pours some on your eager hole and begins to finger you. First one then a second and third finger enter your ass.

He laughs.

“I’m gonna fuck you soon. You want that, yeah?”

You’re positively drooling at the thought. You can’t believe your cock is so hard, and leaking so much precum. You grab your cock and give it a couple tugs, and you put your hand around his waist and pull him towards you.

You feel something enter your ass.

It feels like his dick, but hezlaughs again and you realise he has inserted the dildo into you.

You feel his cock running up the crack of your ass above your hole.

“I know how much you want this”

His free hand is wrapped around your body, holding you close to him while he pinches roughly at your nipples.

“I’m gonna tease you” he whispers. “You think that dildo feels good in you? Wait till I really fuck you!”

You feel the dildo being pulled slowly out, then shoved hard into you.

The first push has a tinge of pain to it, but the more he continues the more the pain gives way to blissful pleasure.

He pulls it out again leaving only the tip inside.

Your hole is begging for more as he slams it in again and again.

Each time pulling almost completely out as you whimper before forcefully re entering you.

His other hand is wandering all over your body, touching, pulling, groping, rubbing every part of you other than your penis.

The teasing is torture in the best possible way.

Finally he completely removes the dildo.

Now its just his cock, rubbing the crack in your ass, and his hands touching your body all over.

This is what you’ve been touching yourself for, imagining this moment for so many months his claims as he finally enters you.

In your mind, you can picture the guy you saw two months ago, standing in nothing but his boxers, posing for you as your camera clicks away. You can remember the pure lust you felt as you watched the Adonis strutting his stuff.

And now at last its happening. he’s here, he’s naked, and he’s about to fuck you.

You’re pushing your ass back against him, praying for that gorgeous cock of his to ram up your ass.

As he enters, precum gushes from your cockhead.

Never could you have imagined such a feeling.

His entry is slow and deliberate – he’s savouring every moment.

And you couldn’t be happier.

His cock seems to fill you completely as though his cock shaft will burst in your throat.

Slowly he begins to fuck me harder and faster.

You moan uncontrollably with each thrust.

His hands are on your hips, holding you in place while his manhood fills you up.

Your hands are on the bed in front of you, keeping yourself from being fucked into the ground.

You can feel his cock hitting your prostate, over and over again.

Just the right spot that you can feel the orgasm coming closer and closer.

Slowly it builds inside of you.

More and more precum pumps from your shaft.

His moans have turned to grunts as the animal in him takes over.

You know you’re close to cumming, and you don’t think he’s far off.

The sensation grows stronger and stronger.

You’re harder than you’ve ever been in your life.

You can’t wait to cum but at the same time never want him to stop fucking you.

He’s shouting out now, he must be close. “OH FUCK, YES, you’re so tight, fuck, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna CUM!”

Hearing his voice fill with desire you’re pushed over the edge.

Suddenly cum is shooting from your penis.

He’s filling your ass with cream as your cock cums all over the floor. You collapse in a pool of your own cum, his cock still inside you and hard as ever.

He continues to thrust into your ass.

“I’m not done with you yet” he pants as he pulls his dripping cock from your hole.

Quickly turning you over so you’re facing him, he strokes his still rock hard shaft and launches another load of cum even more powerful that the first all over your face.

It seems as though it will never stop as stream after stream of hot cum pelts your hair, face and neck. Finally he collapses on top of you, his breathing ragged and hot.

His cock has softened only slightly, and you can feel it digging into your stomach.

“That was hot” he whispers through the panting.

“Can we do it again later?”

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