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Kate’s Revenge

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“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck”

Kate picked up the mug he had given her the previous Christmas…”World’s best Fiancée.” it said in bright red happy letters. She looked at it, burst into tears, and hurled it across the room where it shattered into a hundred pieces against wall…just like her heart was broken into a hundred cutting shards in her chest.

She flopped back onto the bed and cried, and cursed, and howled, and screamed in anger.

Adele was supposed to be her best fucking friend…how could that slanty eyed, stone hearted bitch do that to her?

And as for Joe…they had been together for five fucking years…they were going to be getting married…and he walks off with her best friend, just because she’s five years younger and Asian. He’s over thirty years old for fuck’s sake, he shouldn’t be acting like a fucking teenager.

It was so fucking corny, and it hurt like an open heart bypass done with a rusty saw.

She cried some more, weeping out her frustration, her pain, her hurt, until only anger was left.

Anger at his fucking cock that led him straight into that bint’s bed. But anger more at that cunt Adele because she had learned everything about Joe from Kate herself…and then used that knowledge to take him for herself.

And the more she thought about it, the more she dwelled on it, the more she pieced together the little deceptions and lies and double dealing the two of them had created and used against her, the more Kate’s grief turned to cold, burning, calculating anger.

In the next few hours after Joe had walked out with Adele, muttering half hearted and pathetic apologies, leaving her lying on her bed with her world nuked around her…Kate found a side of her she had never known existed. All her time with Joe she had tried being the model girlfriend. She had accepted that sometimes he liked to look at porn, (though she understood now why he liked the fucking Asian girls), and she would let him fuck her the way he wanted…even when he wanted to “skull fuck” her as he described it, which wasn’t always that nice.

Kate knew about the five stages of loss; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance; but what had happened here had blown those all out of the water. She had gone straight into Anger…and there was only one way out as far as she was concerned…and there certainly wasn’t going to be any bloody Acceptance on her part.

Later, standing in front of the mirror over the sink, she saw a new Kate staring back. She saw a Kate that knew she had a whole lot of love to offer to the right man..a submissive nature that enjoyed sex and wanted to please him the way he liked. But no more miss pussy cat where some other bitch tried to screw her over. She was going to make her sex a weapon, and her body a way to destroy that Asian slag, so that SHE would know what it felt like to have her perfect little life shat on by some fucking whore.

That evening, lying in bed, she played out all sorts of scenarios in her mind, paths of revenge and means to destroy her one time friend. One in particular started to turn her on, until she was rubbing her pussy and seeing the scene played out in her mind.

She had taken Adele out clubbing…”just to show her that they were friends and that she wasn’t going to argue with Joe’s choice.”

The two of them were dressed slutty…the way had when they used to go out enjoying themselves. But this time, Kate saw herself flirting with some men..hard boy types, the kind that never called the next day..or ever.

Adele, of course, would be all prissy, but this was a fantasy..Kate just poured some more shots down the other girl’s throat and acted all tarty to the boys. She found it hot that she could imagine doing this..and get aroused at their interest; being a girl men just wanted to fuck, to fill with their juicy thick cocks and pump in and out until they couldn’t hold back and had to give her their cum.

Later, outside the club, she imagined a couple of the men offering them a lift in a nice expensive car..and she dragging Adele in, Kate in the back, Adele in the front. She imagined pretending to be a bit shy, but not resisting too much when a hand pushed up her thigh and found her wet panties, or squeezed a tit with its aching nipple.

God, she was horny anyway, but this was making her wetter than a summer storm.

Then her fantasy turned darker, She saw her and Adele in someone’s house. Whoever it was they had some money because there was plenty of room, and nice big leather sofas, and a 52 inch flat screen on the wall tuned to some music channel, and enough booze to last forever, And all the boys were there plus some extra friends. Kate had taken herself into a fucking gang bang, and she and Adele were going to be the bang for this gang.

Except that they weren’t interested in Adele. Someone had tied her up and thrown her onto one of the sofas. She was too skinny, they fucking tits and a moody face. She wouldn’t be any fun, not like her blond friend.

Kate was the one they got to strip, while dance music blared on the Ibiza channel. Turned on with the drink, and nervous at the number of fit men men obviously intent on seeing her fucked hard, she stripped everything off, and felt herself pushed to her knees. They started off using her mouth…the way Joe used to like it, hard and demanding. And yet, that seemed right and so fucking sexy, her mouth a source of pleasure, feeling their cum spurting into her mouth and her swallowing load after load to keep up. Next they pushed her on her back, and one after another the guys fucked her cunt. She imagined them egging each other one, and calling her a whore and a slut, and the cocks pumping into and out hard and fast, and then their cream filling her fuck hole, proving to her she had what they needed.

And she WAS a whore and slut for them, but at least she was getting fucked, she was the one the guys were getting hard for. Not like miss man stealer left on the sofa.

And then she heard Adele starting to complain. She heard her stuck up bitch ex girl friend complaining because she wanted to be fucked too. And no one would look at her, because Kate was better than her, was sexier than her, was a better fuck than her.

So Kate pulled one of the men down to her and whispered in his ear.

“I think that my friend wants some cock..and I would like to see her get some. Only, I know she’s never had it up the arse. And don’t worry..whatever she says, I’ll say that she begged for it. And in case you’re wondering, she stole my fucking man.”

In her mind she saw the light come on in the man’s eyes, and saw him wander over to Adele. She saw him turn the little cunt onto her front and pull her panties down, exposing firm boyish cheeks. She heard Adele whimper and protest, and then complain, and then start to beg, as the man deliberately rubbed his stiffening cock between her arse cheeks.

But best of all was when she saw him spit into onto the puckered rose bud of Adles butt hole, and then push his meat into her, up Adele’s tight virgin Asian arse.

And as Adele screamed and screamed and took that meat invader deep into her, Kate came hard, her orgasm shuddering through her and making her buck and jerk on the bed.

The next morning, Kate put her own revenge plan into effect. She put on a sexy outfit and took a phone pic. She sent it to Joe with a short message. “Please can we talk.”

About half an hour later he replied

“I don’t know, why?”

She texted back, “Because we do. Come on Joe, I want you to know how much I miss you.”

“And what about Adele?”

When he sent that she knew she had him.

“Don’t worry about her. She’s going to the gym later like she always does on a Friday afternoon. I’ll come round while she’s out.”

“Ok. See you later”

So, later that afternoon, having watched Adele set off for her session at the gym, and then waited fifteen minutes to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything, Kate rang on the door bell of Adele’s house. Joe let her in, looking sheepish and nervous…knowing that somehow this wasn’t right, but not being able to resist the implication of that sexy picture.

Inside, Kate started off being sad and tearful, asking what she had done wrong to lose Joe, even though they were engaged. She was careful, she didn’t do anything to blame him or make him defensive, just acted like a bird with a broken wing. And so, after a while he was sitting next to her, comforting her, and then she started on the next stage of her plan.

She kissed him, shyly, but holding on to him. She told him that she missed him. She knew she couldn’t get him back, but she wanted one last time with him…something to prove that there wasn’t anything wrong with her.

He looked trapped..wanting to fuck her, (after all, his cock didn’t care that this was an ex, it just remembered all the good fucks they had had in the past) .

Kate reached into her handbag and pulled out some durex lube. She gave it to him, and looked up at him though her eye lashes…”I wanted to try something that we never did while we were together…but I had always wanted you to be the first. Would you like to fuck my arse?”

It was like stealing candy from a kid. Any doubts that he might have had were lost in the prospect of her doing that with him. He had wanted to when they were together, but been too embarrassed to ask. But with her offering now, how could he refuse?

Kate added, now sure she had him.

“But as this is the first time, and I’m nervous, we do it my way ok?”

He nodded, his erection hard in his pants. He would have agreed to dance naked round the room with a rose in his teeth if she had asked him.

She kissed him, hard, and started to undress him, letting him return the favour and remove her clothes.

Naked at last, and with them both aroused and horny, she pulled him into the bedroom.

She lay next to him, tugging slowly on his stiff cock.

“I’ve been reading up on this, and apparently it’s better for us girlies in our bottoms if we’ve cum once to start off with. So, what I think we should do is this. I know how much you love fucking my mouth (his cock twitched at that), so you fuck my mouth, and you can cum if you want, but please bring me off with your mouth and fingers. Then, I will be ready for you..and I promise I will make sure you are ready for me.”

He took in the implication of her words, and nodded mutely, ready to jump through any hoop for this.

With that, she licked her lips, slowly, then leaned in to kiss his lips before moving south to his erection, sliding his hardness past her lips and over her tongue.

He groaned as she engulfed him. He had never known her so sexual, so hungry and demanding, and it was blowing his mind. He he put his hands on her head and started pushing down as his hips thrust up.

Kate suspected that her words and her actions would ensure he didn’t last long, but to make absolutely sure she put her hands behind her back and made every effort to open herself to him, to let him fuck her throat as he wanted.

Doing that as her choice, in charge, yet being a mouth slut for him turned her on incredibly as well, and she found herself enjoying his use of her, his roughness, and his passion. She moaned onto the meat in her throat, and sucked and even gagged..but didn’t nothing to stop him or hinder him, letting herself be what he wanted.

And so Joe, lost in her submission, didn’t take long until he felt that familiar tension at the base of his cock, and then he was groaning in pleasure as his seed jetted into her mouth..feeling her swallow his spending as he did so.

As he came back to earth, she suckled, gently, on his now softer, (but still aroused) manhood, giving him the chance to collect his wits. After several minutes, she wrapped a hand around the shaft and started slowly pumping it.

“My turn I think, and then my arse is all yours.”

He positioned her across the bed, her legs hanging off the edge, lying on her back. He started off sucking on her nipples and playing with her tits, a finger slowly rubbing and teasing her pussy. She was so wet and aroused already, and his gentle touches were adding to it. Her hips jerked up to him, trying to get him deeper, to make him do something harder.

He kissed his way down her stomach, than onto her thighs, deliberately staying away from her cunt just at the moment, one finger still toying with her swollen entrance. She couldn’t help it, and one of her hands rested on his head, trying to guide him onto her hungry core. She heard him chuckle a little, and she felt even more like a slut…but she spread her legs a bit more, to show him what she needed.

When his tongue eventually licked into her wetness, she felt a shock like he had touched a battery to her. She hadn’t realised how incredibly turned on she was herself, the taste of him still in her mouth and feeling his mouth and tongue starting to suck and nibble and lick her sensitive tissues. And his fingers…oh my fucking god, two of them were slowly pushing into her sex, opening her up, releasing more of her juices onto his waiting tongue where he lapped greedily.

Sometimes he would use long slow licks from the bottom of her pussy, almost onto her arse, and sweep up to her clit, gathering juices and applying a pressure that aroused her and teased her at the same time. At other times he would focus on the labia, or her inner thighs, or he he would push his tongue into her, following the path spread for him by his penetrating fingers. But also, just sometimes, he would gently suck her clit into his mouth and lick it, mouthing and pushing onto it, driving her crazy with the sensations.

Harder he licked, more and more intensely, building her up.

And then he removed the fingers from her dripping cunt, and pushed just his tongue into her instead, nothing like as deep but soft and urgent and licking. And one of the fingers that had only just delved into her sweet cunt was rubbing at the tight ring of her back passage, gently easing open the tighter passage, working its way slowly into her unused pathway.

Feeling his finger penetrating her, and his tongue so committed to her pleasure triggered her own orgasm. She pulled his face deeper into her hips, and thrust up her hips, and as his finger pushed all the way past the rubbery resistance of her anus and into her, she felt wave after wave of muscle clamping pleasure roll through her body, wordlessly crying out as she came.

Joe looked up at her, a boyish grin on his face, looking pleased with himself, and obviously eager for the next course.

“Go and get the lube,” She murmured “We left it in the living room.”

Joe dashed off, his stiff cock bouncing as he went. Kate quickly checked the bedside clock. They still had fifteen or twenty minutes before Adele was due back, and that fitted her plans perfectly. Joe would be oblivious to the time; he knew this would be his only chance to take Kate’s anal virginity.

When Joe came back, she had him lie on his back, his head propped up on pillows. As she knelt over him, her face down by his his cock, her arse up by his face, she had him slowly lube up her bottom, rubbing in lots of the durex lotion, and taking his time first with one finger and then moving on to two. She would push back her hips and groan, all the while pumping his cock with her hands and licking and sucking on the mushroom head to encourage him and keep him focused.

Once two fingers had stretched her enough so that they were no longer painful, just mildly uncomfortable. Kate changed her position, moving round by 180 degrees until she was facing him, her hips by his stiff prick. She took the lube from him and massaged some into his hardness, watching him carefully, her mouth slightly open, her tongue teasing the lips. She was being his own private porn star, and he was loving it.

Eventually, she was ready.

“Would you like me to take your cock up my arse Joe? Would you like to have my virgin arse hole?”

“Oh God yes, Kate, please, I’m almost bursting here, I’ve never been this hard before.”

Kate grinned at him, and shuffled up his body, still gripping his cock firmly.

Once in position, she adjusted his angle, and placed the head at the entrance to her back passage. And then she lowered herself onto him, easing his girth into her.

Being in control helped her to stay relaxed, and to keep things at her speed. Still, she wondered at first whether she would actually manage to accomplish this. He seemed so big compared to the size of her hole, even after his careful stretching and application of lube.

She pressed harder onto him, pushing her bottom muscles to open herself. And then she felt the resistance give way suddenly and his cock head stretch her open and penetrate her in one sudden movement. Even with all the foreplay and durex, the initial sensation was one of sharp pain, but she breathed deeply, waited for her body to adjust, and then pushed down some more.

To her surprise, the pain was quickly replaced by a dark pleasurable fullness, the multitude of nerve endings in her behind sending their own cunt like signals up to her brain. When she finally had all of him inside, she found herself incredibly aroused, and wanting to fuck him. She had thought this was just going to be an act of revenge against Adele, but she discovered that her own body was completely happy to take part.

Slowly and carefully at first she lifted herself up, feeling his hard cock sliding through her anal ring until its larger head provided some resistance and a sign that he was about to slip out…and then she pushed back down again, until her bum cheeks were on his thighs.

She leaned forward until her lips were only inches from his.

“Do you like this? Do you like being the first man inside my arse? Do you like me fucking you with my bum?”

“Oh fuck yes Kate, this is fucking amazing. God, I never knew it could feel like this. You are so fucking tight in there.”

Kate grinned and kissed him lightly.

“Then we will have to see whether I can take you all the way…hmmm?”

She pushed herself more upright, keeping one hand on his chest, the other toying with her breasts and playing with her nipples, pinching and pulling them the way that he loved to watch.

And her hips and thighs pumped her up and down on his cock buried in her, massaging its length, giving her most secret place to him and fucking him with her bottom.

He put his hands on her hips and started to thrust up, meeting her downward strokes, and his movements sent sparkles of arousal up her body. She hadn’t realised just how fucking good this could be, and she made a mental note that her next boyfriend was going to be doing this a lot with her if she had any choice.

She looked down at Joe, watching his face as he tried to hold back from cumming, seeing him trying so hard to prolong this pleasure.

“Am I being your dirty anal whore Joe? Am I being a bum slut for you? Do you like sticking your cock up my tight arse hole?”

Her words increased his arousal, hearing her talk so dirty the way he liked, her breasts now being squeezed and pulled by both her hands, her bottom lip caught between her teeth when she wasn’t telling him that she was his dirty little fuck toy.

“Yes Kate,” he cried out, “You are my fucking dirty anal whore. I love fucking fucking arse. You are my filthy bum slut, and you love having me up your shit hole.”

His voice got louder and louder as he fucked her harder, telling her and anyone who was with half a mile that she was a perfect little arse fuck.

Kate heard the sound of a key in the front door, and knew it was time to bring this to a satisfying conclusion.

One hand slipped between her legs and she started rubbing her wet cunt, masturbating for him, showing him how horny she was.

“Cum for me Joe. Fill my arse with your spunk. Fill me with your baby cream, show me how much you love my tight arse on your cock.”

She knew this would be all it took to send him over the edge, and she felt him thrust deliberately twice more and then pause…balls deep in her rectum, his hips off the bed, and then release,

She swore she could feel his spunk with her anal ring as it pulsed up through his cock, and then the warmth of his ejaculate splashing the walls of her insides. With that, she pushed herself over the edge, rubbing hard on her clit, feeling her muscles contract onto his meat as she cried out in her own ecstasy.

“Joe, Kate, what the hell is going on here?”

Stupid bitch Adele stood in the doorway to the bedroom, her mouth opening and closing like a shocked fish.

Joe went bright red as he realised with growing horror, as deep as his previous orgasm had been a mind blowing high, that he was deep in the deepest of deep shit.

Kate pulled herself off him and stood up. She walked past Adele and smiled sweetly at her as she did, comfortable in her nakedness, happy that her rival had arrived in time to see that man fuck her, and cum with evident pleasure.

“It’s ok Adele,” she said happily. “I was just going”

She smiled to herself as she heard Adele scream in her sharp shrill voice at Joe, calling him a two timing cunt, and a bastard, and all sorts of things that Kate never thought she would hear her ex best friend say.

As Kate reached for the door to let herself out, now fully dressed and extremely pleased with the afternoon’s work, Joe rushed up.

“Kate, I’m so sorry, I was wrong. Adele hates me now, and I see that sex with you is so much better, and I have missed you and I was a bloody fool and please please please take me back.”

Kate heard Adele in the bedroom, weeping bitterly, as she had been only 24 hours before.

She touched a finger playfully to his nose.

“I don’t think so Joe. You’ve been a naughty puppy and broken both our hearts. I think I want a man next time; a man I can trust and one who won’t betray me for a quick fuck or a younger girl. And that man will have me whenever he wants…including my arse.”

And with those parting words, she opened the door, stepped out, and closed the door on the whole sorry past.

Walking down the street, she smiled to herself, feeling her bottom still tingling, and her body high from two great orgasms. She couldn’t wait to find a proper man, and to get some of more of this great sex.

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