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Honey Hole

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My girlfriend pushed me away gently and said the word I feared the most. We had just entered her apartment and by the time she locked the door I couldn’t resist. I started kissing her. She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever been with. But every time she said, “Honey” it was always followed by something I wouldn’t like.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“Nothing really.” She looked up at me with eyes that reminded me of a cute puppy. Her pupils were large and round and her face was so innocent. You’d never guess she was like a sex starved beast in bed. She looked more like a virginal schoolgirl. Well, schoolgirl she was, but virgin she wasn’t. She even shows me a thing or two. And although she was blonde, she was majoring in chemistry and was in the top ten percent of her class. She wanted to be a doctor; so much for the dumb blonde stereotypes.

“Lisa, every time you call me ‘Honey’ there’s always something. You’ve got to study, you need me to go pick up groceries, something.”

“Well, Joe. You’ll have to use a condom tonight. Sorry.”

“Condom? Sweetheart you hate the condom. I hate the condom. We’re monogamous. You’re on the pill…why? Oh, let me guess. You forgot again.”

She nodded. I knew it. One of these days she was going to slip up and forget to tell me.

“I was studying for a test all week. I just missed the pill one day, but you know I can’t get pregnant. You’ll just have to use a condom, that’s all.”

“Lisa you hate them too. The last time this happened the condom irritated you and we couldn’t have sex for a week, remember?”

“But Joe, I want you to fuck me. I want you inside of me and a condom is the only way.” She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me gently then trotted off to the bedroom. As she disappeared around the corner I knew what she was doing. She was throwing off her clothes as quickly as possible and probably was putting on one of my old shirts that she kept in her closet. By the time I could flip the other lock on the door and get to the bedroom she would be laying on the bed. She liked to watch me undress. I knew her well.

So I flipped the last latch on the apartment door and headed for the bedroom. Rounding the corner there she was. With one leg outstretched and the other slightly bent, she was leaning back on her elbows; her soft petite breasts peeking at the edges of a light blue shirt that she had slipped on and not buttoned. Her stomach was smooth and flat, her legs looked longer than they really were as she reclined. She was totally naked except for the shirt.

She looked like a model posing for a magazine. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back and she poked her lips a little as if pouting for me to hurry up. The pout turned into a smile as I unbuttoned my shirt, kicked off my shoes and slide out of my pants. There’s really no sexy way to slip off your socks and underwear and I think that’s what she enjoys. I heard her laugh as I stripped off the last articles of clothing.

I teach Karate for a living, so if we ever got married she would be the breadwinner. She was beautiful and smart. I was just a jock. Karate teachers don’t make a lot of money but they have to stay in shape. I ran five times a week, lifted weights three days a week and taught Karate six times a week at my own school. I hoped she liked my intellectual side but she really liked my toned stomach, firm muscles and oh yea; my dick. She really liked dick. Eight inches of dick and boy, could she handle every inch I could give her. So much so, I really couldn’t understand why she sometimes forgot her pill. I think it was a combination of the pressure of school and though smart she still was a little, ‘blonde’ if you know what I mean. I didn’t see a box of condoms, but I’m sure she had them nearby.

I crawled next to her. She had sprayed a little perfume on as well. She leaned over and her lips met mine. Her kiss was always soft. I opened my mouth and her tongue darted inside searching. It found my tongue and our saliva mixed; our kiss deepened.

Her fingers brushed through my hair and my hand rested on her slender hip. She draped one leg over mine and rubbed her foot up and down my calf. I could feel my dick which was semi-hard from the time I took my clothes off, began to engorge. She leaned even closer, allowing her breasts to touch my chest through the fabric of the shirt she wore. Realizing the shirt was in the way, she brushed the shirt open so her naked breasts would touch the bare skin of my chest.

Her breasts were petite. She called them perky. I just knew that I loved the way her nipples formed pointed cones, like round cylindrical pyramids when she was excited. And those pointed nipples pressed against mine as we kissed.

Blood rushed within my dick. I could feel the skin becoming taught around it. Slowly it began to rise brushing Lisa’s thigh as it rose and elongating to its full erect position; finally pointing at my stomach. In this position it began to pulsate like it had a heart beat of its own. Lisa reached down and felt of it and she broke our kiss long enough to smile. She took great pleasure in getting me hot.

I reached for her pussy. She spread her legs slightly to let me feel. She was wet. I moved to suck her breasts. She pushed her chest toward my lips as I sucked. Soon she took the breast from my mouth and laid on her back.

As she lay on her back next to me she spread her legs and grinned broadly. Playfully she grabbed my hair and guided me between her thighs then pushed my head toward her groin.

“But sweetheart you know what will happen.” I said still thinking about her condom request. She loved for me to perform oral pleasure on her. I could eat her pussy as long as I wanted. Sometimes she would let herself half her first orgasm with me eating her but most of the time she would become so excited with me performing cunnilingus that she would pull me up on top of her and beg for my dick to be inside her. At those times she would cum before I could thrust more than two or three times inside her.

I knew if I ate her. She’d soon want my dick inside her and quickly at that.

“Just eat me.” She said as she reached in the bedside table and pulled out a box which she tossed on the bed. She flipped the top of it open but I didn’t see what was inside. My full attention was now on her pussy.

Wetness glistened off her pussy. Her pubic hair was clean shaven but there were very fine, microscopic blonde hairs just around the outer lips that you couldn’t really see well but you could feel. They felt soft and tickled my lips and nose like velvet. I enjoyed her scent and inhaled her for a moment while gently nuzzling against the fine pubic hair.

My tongue licked her wetness then flicked its way around before I kissed her pussy deeply; piercing my tongue within her. She lifted her ass slightly and I began to eat her with abandoned lust. Her juices flowed the more my mouth made love to her. Soon she began those low moans and her body wiggled slightly.

Unconsciously I had been rubbing my dick against the bed as I ate her and I was harder than before. Soon she would want to be filled and I was ready.

I licked a few more times and then I felt her hand on my hair as she lifted my head.

“Joe. I want you inside of me.” She said catching her breath.

“You got a condom?”

“No. We’re out. Here….Fuck my ass. I want to feel you inside. No condom. “She said, her words haltingly slow and still out of breath. She reached in the box on the bed and handed me a bottle of expensive sex lubricant I gave her once.

I looked at her quizzically. I didn’t fully understand. I just knew I was now on my knees between my beautiful girlfriend’s legs with a throbbing dick hovering over her pussy.

Lisa caught her breath and spread her legs ever wider then lifted them; revealing the full glory of both her pussy and her ass.

“Fuck me like Tuesday; but with your dick.”

I suddenly knew what she meant. We were having sex on Tuesday. I was sitting on the couch and she straddled me. We fucked; face to face with her on top. Whereas she liked getting eaten then fucked, I liked it when I was sitting and she climbed on my dick.

That way I could suck her breasts and fuck her deeply for a long time while she rode me like a cowgirl She liked it too but Tuesday I did something different; actually an accident in the heat of the moment.

While we were fucking my hands were supporting her ass. Somehow my hand slowly slid between the cheeks of her ass to grip her better as we fucked and the tip of my finger began bumping Lisa’s asshole. Well, during the fucking her asshole would relax then tighten with each stroke. Her whole ass was already wet with pussy juice and sweat so my finger easily slid inside her asshole. I guess it was part accident and partly on purpose because it was a hole and it was there. In the heat of the moment it just seemed right and boy was it ever.

You’d have thought I set off a nuclear explosion inside of Lisa. When my finger slid up her rectum her pussy twitched and every muscle in her body shook. She said later it was the best orgasm she ever had. So I figured, I’d finger her ass again sometime but she apparently had other ideas.

I rubbed the lube on her ass and worked a finger in and out of her rectum. Already she was closing her eyes and enjoying the sensation. Although her ass was tight, she would relax it to accept the lube and my finger. I finger fucked her ass a bit while I sucked her pussy some more. She spread her cheeks wide and pushed her ass and pussy onto my face. If she could provide greater access for me, she would have.

As I licked her pussy and widened her ass with a second finger, I was overcome with passion and curiosity over what she wanted me to do. I guess everyone wants to try it once but I’d never thought about it much. But suddenly it was exciting and new. I thought I knew my way around Lisa’s body but realized here was something we’d not explored.

I watched as she accepted my finger in and out of her ass. My passion grew stronger. I licked her pussy. My heart pounded. My tongue found her ass. The lube was tasty cherry flavor. Her ass relaxed as I probed the rim with my tongue. The ass is so taboo, so personal. My dick throbbed.

“Fuck me Joe. Fuck my ass.” I heard Lisa moan.

I knelt between her thighs and squirted a large amount of lube on my dick. Quite honestly as wet as she was and as much as she was able to relax her ass I doubted I needed any at all but I spread the slippery goo down the shaft of my phallus until it had a silky sheen.

Lisa raised her hips and spread her ass cheeks. The vision of her pussy and ass made my chest heave with passion. I positioned the head of my dick against her rectum and made little circles around the rim like I did with my tongue.

I imagined it would gradually ease into her little by little but Lisa’s lust was as great as my own or greater. She relaxed her ass and as I pressed gently she literally sucked the head of my dick into her with little pressure at all. The head popped beyond her sphincter. Lisa gasped, then smiled. She smiled the smile I imagined a drug addict smiles after taking a hit or the smile you get when have to pee real bad and finally get to relieve yourself. It was a knowing smile; one of comfort and peace.

Slowly I let the shaft slowly bury itself within Lisa. She would later tell me that as my dick inched its way up her rectum she never felt fuller in her life. More full than in her pussy. I just knew it was incredibly tight and I was glad I lubed her well. Lisa didn’t say a word for a while, she just smiled.

When I was afraid to advance much more I eased my dick back. But Lisa would arch her back and push her ass toward my dick.

“Fuck me Joe. Oh you feel so good, fuck me. Fuck my ass.” She groaned.

I didn’t need much more encouragement. I stroked longer and longer. My dick; glistening with lube, penetrated her ass over and over. The rim of her rectum sealed itself around my dick, tighter than her pussy. I thought her ass would turn inside out as the fleshy pink rim of her ass followed my dick out then back in like a single piston. Like a sleeve around my shaft; her ass and my dick fucked in unison.

Lisa reached down and touched her pussy. She then found her clitoris and started rubbing it in little circles; gentle at first then harder and faster. Soon she was moaning, her body was writhing beneath me and wetness from her pussy trailed down to my dick as it continued to glide into her ass.

Suddenly I felt her ass twitch, gripping my dick firmly. She threw her head back and her body stiffened. I couldn’t take the sensations anymore. My dick twitched as well. My balls tingled, my own ass clenched and I felt a flood rising within my loins.

Moans erupted from both of us. A piercing sensation shot through my dick as my pelvis made a purposeful thrust within Lisa’s ass. I could feel hot fluid erupting from the head of my dick which was buried deep inside her. Wave after wave flooded somewhere within her body; toward parts that were taboo and never meant to be.

Silence fell upon the bedroom. Lisa’s ass quivered slightly and my dick trembled. Her chest heaved in gulps of air. Sweat dripped from my forehead. When we both regained our sense Lisa smiled.

“I love you, Joe.”

I didn’t want to remove my dick from her. I know it sounds strange and maybe corny but we had just shared something more intimate than we ever had before. Her ass was more private, more personal, than even her pussy. It was more than that. It was forbidden even; taboo. And she not only let me share it, she gave it to me. Demanded I fill her most private depth.

They say the rectum has more nerve endings than any part of the body. After Lisa’s reaction to that moment I wondered why more people don’t explore it more.

Slowly as my dick softened, I let it slide then pop out of Lisa. A river of white cum followed and flowed down her ass. As I knelt exhausted, Lisa tugged at my hand and I crawled up beside her, careful not to let my dripping dick bump her pussy. After all, not only was her pussy still sensitive but she had missed her birth control pill. And we couldn’t be too careful.

“I think you solved the condom problem.” I said.

“Honey?” she said with those puppy eyes.

“What now?”

“I’ve got a confession to make.”

“Yes…what is it?”

She put her face close to mine and kissed me softly as we lay side by side. Her fingers ran through my hair. She then cranked up that devilish smile of hers.

“Honey, I didn’t miss my pill.”

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