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Ashley took another big gulp of her rum breezer and glanced at Wanda. The brunette was smiling as she drove, but Ashley knew her well enough to see how nervous she was. Ashley laughed as she wondered what Wanda was nervous about; she wasn’t the one who was going to have sex with a total stranger, for money.

In the back of Wanda’s mustang Cheryl Ritigliano and Jessica Vernon sat on the edge of the small bench seat and drank heavily. The whole thing was surreal to Ashley, but she wasn’t sure if that was because it was so strange or because of the drinks.

Ashley looked back out the windshield at the road flying by and wondered how she had gotten herself into this. She was a tall girl, with brown hair and eyes, a trim figure that made her look like a dancer and pale skin. Daughter of a blue blooded Virginia family, her parents had pulled a lot of strings to get her into the exclusive girl’s college. She wondered what they would think if they ever found out just how wild the students were at Groton.

Ashley wasn’t even sure why she was here. An indifferent student, she found the regimented lifestyle hard to swallow and her already poor grades suffered. If it weren’t for Wanda she would have probably dropped out already.

Wanda was a vivacious girl from New Jersey. Her father was a noted politician on the rise and his daughter’s antics had already cost him politically when he shipped her off to Groton. Faced with banishment, she had totally gone wild, and had decided to join Chi Alpha Alpha, the most notorious sorority on campus. Determined to move up, she had convinced Ashley to join and this was to be her initiation.

Basically, to show her dedication to the sorority, she was going to let Wanda pimp her out at the truck stop over on the interstate. The money would go for drinks for the party they would throw for her joining. In truth, Ashley didn’t give a damn about the sorority and didn’t even particularly like any of the “sisters”. In her opinion, the whole thing was just an excuse for them to get drunk, drugged up and laid without guilt. Some girls just needed peer pressure to let go. She was perfectly comfortable drinking by herself, didn’t care for any of the drugs she had tried and was indifferent to getting laid.

In fact, she was indifferent to just about everything lately. She felt adrift, with no anchors and life had become more of a chore than a joy. One of the few things she wasn’t indifferent to was Wanda. Her roommate and best friend had always been there for her and had never done her wrong. Since it meant so much to her, Ashley was willing to go along.

‘Hell, it might even provide some diversion,’ she thought.

“Hey, here comes a trucker!” Cheryl called.

The top was down and it was hard to hear her words, but Wanda apparently caught it.

“Quick Ash, pull your skirt up and put your legs up on the dash!”

Feeling a lot more silly than sexy, Ashley bunched her skirt around her waist, revealing her pink panties and put her long legs up, showing off the stockings, garter clips and pink, come-fuck-me pumps she was wearing. The big rig pulled even with them as Wanda let off the accelerator and Ashley glanced up.

The driver was a woman! Even so, she was staring so hard the big truck veered perilously close to them before she caught it.

She was tanned and her lean face was weather-beaten. Dark shades hid her eyes and she wore a cowboy hat and flannel shirt. She continued to glance down, keeping even with the little mustang for about a mile. Cheryl was laughing and Wanda tromped on the accelerator. Ashley waved as the little car shot off down the road and the truck fell far behind.


Ash sat in the booth by the window, sipping a glass of iced tea while Wanda sat across from her and nibbled on a burger. Cheryl and Jessica sat several booths away, watching, but trying to be unobtrusive.

Wanda was taping her foot on the linoleum floor and it was driving Ashley nuts.

“What are you so fucking nervous for?”

“I don’t know! I wasn’t this nervous when I was the one in your place.”

“Well stop, you’re making me antsy.”

“I wish I could,” she said, leaning closer to Ashley.

“You sure you’re o.k. with this?” she whispered.

“If I wasn’t, what would you do?”

“We could just leave.”

“Nah, I’m good.”

Wanda studied her closely and then nodded, but the worry lines never left her face and her eyes still showed her misgivings.

“Jesus Wanda, Lighten up, its just sex. It isn’t like I’m a virgin or anything.”

Wanda started to speak, but the words froze on her lips. She was staring past Ashley’s shoulder and the tall girl suddenly felt a presence behind her.

“Howdy,” a strong feminine voice with a strong Texas twang sounded behind her.

“Hello,” Wanda said.

“Mind if I have a seat?” the voice inquired.


The tall trucker she had teased earlier slid into the seat across from Wanda and beside Ashley. She was tall, but rail thin and her skin had the look of someone who had spent quite a bit of time in the sun. She wore jeans that had seen better days and cowboy boots that were slightly down at the heel. Even in here, she wore her shades and hat, leaving Ashley curious as to what her eyes and hair were like.

“Couldn’t help but notice ya’ll on the road, your friend has great legs,” she said conversationally.

Wanda gave Ashley a questioning look. The tall girl shrugged and took another sip of tea.

“She’s available, if you’re interested,” Wanda said.

Her voice was tight and she was starting to blush. Ashley found it the most hilarious thing she had ever seen and had to fight hard to suppress her laughter. This was actually exciting and she felt alive for the first time in many months.

“Oh, I’m interested all right. How much?”

“Hundred bucks.”

“Whoa, that’s steep. What do I get for that?”

“Whatever you want,” Ash said, when Wanda hesitated.

The woman nodded, reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out a neatly folded stack of bills. She peeled off five twenties and handed them to Wanda.

“I’ll be back in a minute or two,” she said and walked back out to her rig.

“Ash! Are you sure about this?” Wanda asked urgently.

“No, but what the hell? At least I won’t have some fat guy pawing me. It might even be fun.”

“I didn’t know you swung both ways,” Wanda said.

Something in her voice was strange, a kind of questioning tone with something else, incredulousness? Ashley couldn’t be sure.

“Never have before. Never even really gave it serious thought, but then again, I wasn’t planning on hoeing either,” she said with a forced laugh.


“Dammit, what the fuck is wrong?” Ash said in exasperation.

“Nothing. It’s just…I know you’re doing this for me and I don’t want you to get hurt or anything.”

“Don’t sweat it. If I wasn’t here, I’d be in the room three sheets to the wind by now.”

“You really gotta lay off the booze.”


“You’re drinking too much.”

“Not really. It’s a diversion, not an addiction,” she said with a shrug.

“I know this isn’t a good time, but are you all right? You seem so…distracted lately.”

“I’m okay, just bored and tired of school. There’s got to be something better out there. I just don’t know what it is or where to look.”

“Well, you won’t be bored after today, there’s always something going on at the Alpha house.”

“Who knows? At least I’m not sitting in the room watching the walls close in.”

“Here she comes,” Wanda whispered.

The woman had a gym bag over her shoulder and a ticket in her hand.

“Come on girl,” she said to Ashley.

Ash slid out of the seat and followed the woman back to the shower rooms. She watched as the woman found one that was vacant and slid the ticket into the slot, opening the door to the small room. The room was small, with the shower stall taking up most of it. A small bench sat on the wall opposite the stall and the whole thing was tiled in drab gray.

“Got a name?” the woman said, as she placed her bag on the bench.

“Ashley, but most folks call me Ash.”

“Well, I’m Cody, but everyone calls me Dutch,” she said, sticking her hand out. Ashley shook it, finding the woman’s grasp strong.

“Why Dutch?” Ashley asked as the woman removed her hat.

“It’s my handle. Don’t recollect exactly how I came by it.”

Her hair was blonde and cut short. Not exactly in a crew cut, but definitely on the verge of being too short for a woman. When she removed her shades Ash found she had washed out blue eyes.

“You’re not a pro.” she said after giving Ashley a long, measuring once over.


“Must be one of those college girls,” Cody said as she began unbuttoning her shirt.

“Pretty much,” Ash replied.

Cody wore no bra and when the shirt came off Ashley found herself staring. The woman was very thin, her ribs and pelvic bones easily visible. Her breasts were flat disks against her chest, with small nipples and aureoles. It was easy to see why she went braless, she just didn’t need one.

“Don’t just stand there, strip, unless you want to get your clothes wet,” she said with a grin as she stepped on the heel of her boot and pulled her foot out.

Ashley dutifully unbuttoned her blouse, but she found to her surprise the trucker wasn’t even watching her. She had turned her back and was adjusting the spray of water. Ash had been with enough guys to know they always watched when she undressed. She wondered if it was different with women, or just this woman. In any case, she stripped quickly, not worrying about giving the thin woman a show.

When Cody turned around, she smiled warmly as her eyes roved over Ashley’s body. Ash felt strange, a kind of tingly anticipation that was far different from what she usually felt. She found to her amazement she was nervous and blushing.

“Nice rack,” the trucker drawled as she unbuttoned the jeans and slid the zipper down.

“Thank you,” Ashley mumbled, lowering her eyes as she felt the heat rise to her cheeks.

“I didn’t think you had that much.”

“Not all that much,” Ash said, looking up.

Cody laughed as she wiggled out of the tight jeans. Her laugh was easy, genuine and strangely attractive to Ash. She was used to drunken giggles or forced laughter from Wanda’s friends and it had been a while since she heard just genuine mirth.

Cody’s mound was trim like the rest of her body, the pubes growing thick and wild over it. Her legs were the only things that seemed out of proportion, well muscled and shapely, rather than thin. Her tummy was very flat, but Ash could see the bands of muscles under Cody’s tanned skin.

“Well honey, when you have what I do, most anything seems like a lot,” she said with another of those brilliant smiles.

“I guess,” Ash replied, blushing again.

She wasn’t used to compliments and didn’t really know how to take them from this strange woman. Everyone at the school was so false, so concerned with keeping up appearances. The faculty acted like it was their job to be dour and aloof; the students were all cliquish and phony; even the girls in the sorority put on an act, trying to seem ostentatiously wild and rebellious.

This woman seemed to have absolutely no pretensions. Ash found it both appealing and exciting.

Cody reached into her bag and dug out a bottle of scentless shower gel and a squishy, which she handed to Ash. Without comment she stepped into the hot spray and let the water cascade down her body.

“Come on in, before it gets cold.”

Ashley stepped into the steamy stall and felt the warm water spatter off Cody’s body and onto her own.

“Soap me up. I’ve been on the road thirty six hours and believe me, you’ll be happier if I’m clean.”

Ashley started. She mechanically squirted a generous amount of gel into the squishy and began to work up a lather. She was stunned to realize she had totally forgotten why she was here!

Ashley started with Cody’s back, working the lather into the soft skin as she worked down. She paused at the rise of the trucker’s behind, before soaping it up too and working on down the backs of her legs. When she reached her ankles the tall woman turned around, letting the spray rinse her back off. Ashley glanced up, but the woman’s eyes were closed and she looked to be very relaxed, almost asleep.

Working up the fronts of her legs, Ashley noticed several small scars and one long one on the trucker’s left knee. The thick pink marks contrasted to her bronzed skin and were the only mark she had seen so far.

“What happened to your knee?” Ashley asked as she moved up to the woman’s muscular thighs.

“I wrecked my bike a few years back. Tore it up bad. Luckily it’s not the clutch leg or I might have been out of a job. It gets stiff pretty often, specially before a storm.”

“Can’t they do anything for it?”

“Already have done all they can. Most of the cartilage is gone, the tendons and ligaments were re-attached. I’m really lucky to be able to walk.”

Ashley was only half listening, she was done with the trucker’s legs and hesitated before she began to gently soap up the woman’s pussy. If she expected some sign of arousal she was disappointed. Cody gave no sign of even noticing as Ashley soaped up her flat tummy and small breasts. When she was done, the trucker turned and let the water rinse her off.

“There’s a bottle of shampoo in my bag.” she said.

Ashley stepped out of the hot stall and shivered. She quickly found a half empty bottle of shampoo in the gym bag and stepped back into the warm stall. She soaped up Cody’s short hair and helped her rinse it out. Cody killed the water and stepped out. She toweled off briskly as steam rose from her skin. Ashley also dried off and put her clothes back on.

Ashley watched as Cody pulled on a pair of fresh, but equally faded jeans. Apparently she went commando regularly. A black tee followed and her boots. She repacked her small bag and led the way into the restaurant where she sat and ordered a big meal. Ashley was beginning to think she was dreaming this, the woman seemed totally uninterested in her sexually.

“So you’re really a college girl?” Cody asked, after the waitress left.


“Like it?”

“No. Not really.”

“What’s your major?”


“Wish I could have gone.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Money was tight. Ma had three more kids to feed. She didn’t say it, but she needed help, so I went and got my CDL.”

“What about your dad?”

“Marine Corps. He was killed in a plane crash when I was eight. Ma was pregnant with the twins and his pension wasn’t much. She refused to remarry and got a job on post as a stenographer after she gave birth.”

Cody accepted her tea from the waitress and waited until she had moved off to continue.

“I pretty much raised little Tony and the girls so my grades weren’t that good anyway.”

“I can’t even relate. I grew up with everything.”

“No big deal. I was just discovering girls then anyway. I probably would have flunked out. I figure there are a lot of hotties on a college campus.”

“Yeah, I guess. I never really thought about it.”

“Ain’t my place to say, but you seem damn unhappy with it.”

“I feel like I’m wasting my life. I’m not interested in school and I’m not looking for an M.R.S. degree. I’m just really bored with it all.”

“That why you’re here? Tricking for excitement?”

“No. It’s an initiation for the sorority. I wouldn’t have thought this up to find some excitement in a million years. It’s too weird.”

“So it’s a one time deal?”

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

“I make it by here every other Thursday. Haven’t seen you before. I don’t normally have anything to do with lot lizards, but you seemed different.”

“Lot lizards?”

“Prostitutes. Of course all the drivers know about you college girls coming out occasionally, but most figured you just needed cash and were horny. Would probably burst a lot of bubbles if they found out why ya’ll come out.”

“We aren’t supposed to tell.”

“Why did you then?” she asked with a quizzical expression

“I don’t know. I guess ’cause you asked.”

“You’re a real riddle, make no mistake about it.”

“You’re the same. I mean, you paid a lot of money to have sex with me and you haven’t even touched me.”

“Not what you expected, huh?”

“No, not at all.”

The waitress brought her food and the tall woman began to eat. She seemed absorbed in the food and the conversation died. It was getting uncomfortably awkward when she pushed the empty plate away and sighed contentedly.

“First real meal I’ve eaten in a week. Not the best, but beats McDonalds all to hell.”

“Yeah, fast food gets old,” Ashley replied, more to say something than anything else.

“Think I’ll have a piece of apple pie,” she said signaling the waitress.

“Want something?”

“No; food’ll kill my buzz.”

Cody laughed and ordered pie with ice-cream, once it came she began to pick at it while watching Ashley.

“Talk to me Ashley, I don’t bite.”

“What should I say?”

“Don’t matter. A woman gets tired of her own voice sometimes.”

As Cody ate, Ashley talked about her family, school, her friends, anything that came to mind. She found herself being far more open than she would have believed. The woman was a good listener and more, Ashley felt an affinity to her. She was real, no façade or pretensions. It was refreshing to her.

“Ever think of giving the road a try?” Cody asked as she finished and dropped some bills on the table.


“Driving, riding, whatever,” she said as she stood and slung her bag on her shoulder.

“No. I’ve thought of just up and leaving, hitchhiking across country or something, but I wouldn’t.”

Cody nodded and headed out to her truck, with Ashley following. The big rig was painted black and had a confederate flag on the grill. Cody opened the door and motioned for Ashley to enter. Once she did, the tall woman followed her up into the cab.

Ashley had never been in a truck and was surprised at how spacious it was. There was a bed in back, with cubbyholes for gear, a few books and even a small refrigerator. Cody stowed her bag in one of the cubbys and tossed her hat on the driver’s side seat.

She said nothing, but stared intently at Ash as she kicked out of the boots and wiggled out of her jeans. She held that intense eye contact as she sat on the bed and spread her legs wide. Ashley felt like a bird, trapped by a snake’s gaze. She couldn’t break that electric eye contact to save her soul.

“You haven’t got a fucking clue what to do, have you?” Cody observed after a long pause.

“Well, no. I mean, I guess I know, but I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“Damn. Well, first you can get out of those clothes,” she said as she began to stroke her pussy.

Ashley started to remove her blouse, but found herself trembling. Her hands were shaking and her fingers seemed fat and awkward. It was such a change from the easy, almost casual way she had disrobed in the shower room that it set her head spinning. She finally got her blouse off and reached behind her back to take off her bra.

“No, leave it on a while please,” Cody said in a husky voice.

Ash nodded mutely and unzipped her short skirt, letting it slide over her hips and fall to the floor. Standing there in only her heels and lingerie she felt very self-conscious. Cody smiled.

“Come here and lie on the bed.”

Ashley took a faltering step, froze for just a moment and considered bolting. She overcame her hesitation and lowered herself to the bed on her tummy, with her face only a few inches from Cody’s pussy. She could smell the trucker’s arousal, a heady musk that seemed to surround her. Cody used both hands to spread her thin lips apart, revealing the brighter pink of her inner folds.

“Eat me, baby,” she encouraged.

Ashley hesitated. She was unsure of what to do or even if she wanted to do anything. Her ex had eaten her out occasionally, but with him it was always a short precursor to intercourse. She remembered how good it felt, but also the frustration that he never stayed with it long enough to satisfy her. She bit her lower lip as she thought and for a long instant, action hung in the balance. Her buzz was gone and she was suddenly, acutely aware of herself, where she was and what she was about to do.

“Fuck it,” she thought, overcoming her indecision and lowering her head to brush her lips over the trucker’s thigh. The skin was as smooth as silk and had a faintly sweet taste. Cody sighed and placed a hand on Ashley’s head.

Emboldened, she moved her head up and traced her tongue along the crease where leg met torso, eliciting another soft sigh. Ashley slipped her hands under Cody’s thighs and laced her fingers together, pressing her hands into the soft skin of the blonde’s tummy, just above her pubic bone.

She bit her lip, hesitated just a moment more and then pressed her nose into the woman’s soft pubes. She parted her lips and pushed her tongue out, pressing it between the slick lips of the trucker’s pussy. Several sensations hit Ash at once, the aroma became intense, the silky texture of Cody’s lips and inner folds and an explosion of flavor filled her mouth. The flavor was strong and sweet, very close to the aroma that was filling her nostrils.

Ashley moved her tongue very tentatively over the slick flesh. Over the next few minutes she became bolder and more sure, sliding the tip from the top of Cody’s slit to the very top of her entrance in long, slow trips. Ash remembered what felt good to herself and began to attempt to deliver the same treatment to Cody’s pussy as she liked on her own.

The butch trucker made no noises at all, but the gentle jogging of her hips let Ashley know she was enjoying it. Ash found the blonde’s clit and began to tease it, in the same way she teased her own with her fingers while masturbating; short, delicate swipes of her tongue, designed to give only the most fleeting caress.

Cody’s hips bucked and her hand clenched in Ashley’s brown hair. She pulled the girl’s face tighter to her wet pussy, but Ash retracted her tongue and continued the subtle teasing. She dusted the hard pebble with just the tip of her tongue, occasionally giving a quick lick with the flat of it.

After a few minutes of this, Cody’s body jerked and her ass came up off the bed.

“Harder!” she demanded.

Ashley complied, sucking some of the surrounding flesh into her mouth and while maintaining suction lashing the trucker’s clit with her tongue.

“Yes,” Cody hissed.

The trucker’s body was thrumming, vibrating under Ashley’s ministrations and the coed was beginning to wonder if she was hurting her, when she gave a short bark and her hips went wild. She pulled Ashley’s face tightly to her pussy and began to hump against her. Ash just held her tongue out and let Cody do as she would. Eventually, the tall woman relaxed her grip and exhaled heavily.

“Not bad for a beginner,” she said at last.

“Thanks,” Ashley said, sitting up and wiping the excess juices off her cheeks and lips.

Cody stood and from another cubby took out a strap-on harness. She buckled it around her hips and tightened the tabs. Ash had heard of such toys, but never seen one before. She was surprised at how realistic the thick cock looked. Ash watched as the trucker gave her hips an experimental jog or two, causing the thick dildo to bounce before her.

She then piled the pillows up and sat back down on the bed, holding the base of the dildo in one hand.

“Get on,” she ordered.

Ashley stood and removed her panties. She was surprised and embarrassed to note the stain at the crotch and feel the unmistakable sensation of being wet and ready when she moved. She placed a knee on the bed and then rose up, holding her body above the cock. Ashley grasped it, and pushed it between her legs, finding the right spot, she held it steady and slowly lowered herself onto it.

It was thick and cold, causing shock waves as it forced its way into her tight channel. Biting her lip, Ash raised up a bit, then lowered herself again. Finally, she felt her pubic bone settle onto Cody’s and their pubes mesh. She let her leg down so that she was on her knees in the tall woman’s lap.

Cody smiled and reached across the bed to grab a crumpled pack of cigarettes and lighter. She lit one and inhaled deeply. Ash watched, unsure of what was expected of her now.

“Fuck yourself baby,” the butch said.

Fem superior. No sweat. She had done this before, but this time it was different. The dildo moving in her seemed to be larger, filling her completely and causing a delicious friction as it caressed her inner walls. She began to ride faster, coming down harder and rubbing her pelvis against Cody’s pubic bone and harness. Each time her clit hit the edge of the harness it sent sparks of white-hot pleasure into her system, complimenting the sweet friction the dildo was causing.

Cody let her cig dangle from her lips and jerked Ashley’s bra beneath her bouncing breasts. She then sat back and watched impassively as Ash’s orgasm approached.

Ashley could feel it building. She felt the clenching of her inner muscles and the tightening in her belly; the precursor spasms that let her know it was almost upon her. Even so, it hit with gale force, beyond anything she had ever experienced when with someone. Although never very vocal, she cried out in her pleasure as the blasts of euphoria shot out from her center and ripped through her body.

She gave herself to it and for an indeterminable time, she lost contact with reality, gliding along on the powerful waves. Cody’s hands brought her back to reality, they were on her hips and gently urging her to continue riding. Ashley mechanically responded, slowly raising and lowering herself. Even these halting movements brought massive bursts of pleasure that slowly subsided into soft ripples.

“Keep going,” the blonde whispered.

She did. Soon her nipples were rock hard, jutting out from the softer flesh of her tits. Her pussy was clenching and releasing wildly and the tinge in her deepest muscles let her know she was about to come again. This one was less violent, more sublime and altogether absorbing. Two in one session was unknown to her and still Cody’s hands urged her on.

Ash complied, riding to a third crashing orgasm and a fourth, before collapsing on the tall woman’s thin body.

“No more,” she murmured as the butch gently caressed her back and kissed her nose.

“O.K. babes, I gotta get my ass in gear anyway,” Cody replied.

Ashley rolled off and curled up in a fetal position as the tall woman stood and removed the harness. She pulled on her jeans and then helped Ash into her blouse and skirt.

“Mind if I keep these?” she asked, holding up Ash’s panties.

“Sure,” the coed replied, still trying to control the gentle aftershocks that were rocking her lithe frame.

Cody helped her down and settled into the driver’s seat. She pulled a twenty out and stuffed it into Ash’s bra.

“Take care Kiddo. I’ll be remembering that ride for many a moon,” she said, before closing the door and pulling away.

A single long blast sounded on her air horn when she hit the ramp and she was gone.


Ashley sat in the vinyl-covered seat and held her hand over her half empty cup of coffee when the waitress came by. She was already wired and felt like she didn’t need any more caffeine. She could still see Wanda’s face as she dropped her off. The concern there was touching, but Ash knew what she was doing. At least, she hoped she did.

She glanced up expectantly, when headlights shined, but it was a red Pete and she glanced back to her coffee. She had already turned down three invitations to join men for dinner and was beginning to get a little nervous.

Another hour passed and she was just getting ready to call Wanda to come get her when a black Kenworth pulled into the lot. It went around back so Ash had to wait for a while, before Cody came slowly into the restaurant. She looked around and their eyes met. Ash smiled tentatively and the tall woman moved towards her with a stride that spoke of being bone weary. She was also limping slightly.

“Mind if I light and sit?” she asked.

Her face was drawn and there was a haggard look to her that Ash noticed immediately.

“I was hoping you would,” Ash replied.

The waitress came over with a cup of coffee and took Cody’s order. She sat slumped in the seat and seemed to be close to nodding off.

“Are you all right?”

“Dead tired. Got caught in a traffic jam on 95 in the City. It’s backed up miles, the Cross Bronx is a parking lot. Lower deck on the GW was closed and the upper only had one lane open. Cost me almost four hours and I’ve been highballing to make it up, but I’m still way behind.”

She took a big gulp of coffee and a small white pill and had perked up a bit before her food came.

“What are you doing here?” she asked between mouthfuls.

“Waiting for you.”




“Well,” she began hesitantly, “I was hoping you wouldn’t mind some company.”

Cody seemed genuinely surprised and before she could speak Ashley plunged ahead.

“The semester is over and I’m not signed up for any summer classes. I’ve spent most of this last two months thinking about you and I was hoping I could tag along for a while.”

“I could use the company, but I thought you were just doing it once, for your sorority or whatever?”

Ashley felt the color rising to her face and chest.

“I’ve never cum like I did with you. Maybe it was just the excitement of getting paid for it, or the novelty, but I don’t think so. I catch myself looking at girls now, wondering what they look like naked. I’m not sure, but I want to know more and while I’ve had an opportunity or two, I’d rather find out with you.”

Cody smiled wearily and drained her coffee cup.

“I can’t say I haven’t dreamed of you or that I’m opposed to getting into your pants again, but you gotta understand something. I’m paid by the mile, and once we leave here if you decide you aren’t happy, I can’t just bring you back.

“I’m cool with that.”

“All right then, grab your shit and meet me out back. I’ll only be a minute.”

Ash nodded, shouldered her overnight bag and headed out to the lot. She found Cody’s truck with no problems and climbed in when the tall woman opened the passenger door for her. She watched as Cody pulled a leather bound book from the pouch behind the seat and made some notations. She then opened a compartment in the console and pulled out an identical book. She shoved it into the pouch and put the one that had been there into the compartment. Closing it firmly before she fired up the engine and they rolled out of the lot.

“What’s up with the books?” she asked as the merged onto the highway.

“Logs. Have to keep ’em for Dot.”

“Oh,” Ashley replied.

She was about to speak when the CB crackled to life.

‘Breaker one nine, this is Pecos Joe, anyone got a twenty south of Pa. 172?’

Cody grabbed the mic and keyed it, her eyes never leaving the road.

“Go ahead Joe, you got Dutch,”

‘Hey, beautiful. What’s your twenty?’

“Just passing Carlisle.”

“I got caught in that mess on ninety-five and need to make some time, what’s it look like?”

“Weigh station’s closed. No bears when I came through, but be careful south of Hazelton, the construction is murder.”

‘Thanks little lady, I’ll catch you on the flip side, Pecos Joe, I’m out and gone.’

“What was that all about?” Ash asked.

“Oh, guess you don’t know much about Cb. He was caught in the same traffic that held me up, now he’s running behind like I am. He’s way north of us, heading south, so he was asking if anyone ahead of him could tell him if he was clear to run fast.”

“Do you know him?”

“Nope. Never met him. We just help each other out.”


With the adrenalin wearing off and the steady hum of the road Ash soon found herself drifting off.

“None of that, talk to me,” Cody said.

“Okay, what should I talk about?”

“Doesn’t matter, just talk. I’ve gotta stay awake and nothing helps like a conversation.”

“Well, give me some clue?”

“Tell me what you’ve been up to since I saw you last,”

“Hmmm, Well, not a lot really.”

“Did you get into your sorority?”


“Was it worth it?”

“Not to get into the sorority. I hardly even go to meetings or the parties.”


“Not interested. I mean, some of the girls are cool to hang out with, but most are just a pain in the ass. I don’t care who the latest band is or who J Lo is fucking this week. I’m totally uninterested in what the guys over at State College are doing this weekend. The parties are basically meat markets, with a bunch of horny frat guys hitting on anything that seems drunk enough to say ‘yes’. Between the booze and the X, that’s just about everyone by midnight.”

She paused, unsure of how interested Cody would be, but the driver seemed to be listening so she continued.

“It’s really all very cliquish and so false. I mean, if I want to get drunk, I don’t need anyone egging me on and if I want to get laid, I don’t need an audience. The last thing I want to do is get drunk and revved up on X and wind up pulling a train. Some girls get off on it, but it isn’t me. I’m really just not a crowd person.”

“Me either. So why’d you join?”

“My girlfriend really wanted me to.”

“Girlfriend?” Cody asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Not like that, she’s just my best friend,” Ash said, blushing.



“Yeah, good. I don’t want any competition,” Cody said, laughing when Ash blushed furiously and lowered her eyes.

They talked well into the morning, but eventually Ash felt herself fading and Cody seemed to be in even worse shape. She pulled off at an exit in Virginia somewhere and parked the truck, turning the hazards on.

Without a word, she stripped and crawled into the bed. Ashley shed her shirt and jeans and hesitantly crawled in beside her. She wasn’t sure what she expected, but she was suddenly awake and ready. Cody slipped an arm around her, pulled her close and in moments her deep breathing let Ash know she was asleep. Frustrated, disappointed and now dead tired, she soon faded off herself.


When she awoke, she could tell they were moving. She felt the rhythm of the road and the swaying motion of the truck on its springs.

‘Heard you had a beaver riding with you?’ the Cb called, fully rousing her.

“Yeah, and your loud mouth just woke her up,” Cody responded.

“Good Morning,” she called over her shoulder after she let off the mike key.

‘I’ll make it up to her,’ the brash voice called.

“Not in this life you won’t,” Cody responded.

‘What’s this? Dutch, you getting possessive on me?’

“No more than you are of that broken down old nag of yours.”

The response was a deep, masculine baritone.

‘Who you callin’ old?’

“You, you reprobate from the old age home,” Cody replied, laughing.

‘Keep it up. Gonna look damned funny when I turn you over my knee.’

“No funnier than you’ll look when you find Rita’s legs wrapped around my head,” Cody responded.

‘It’s a date!’ the feminine voice responded.

‘Getting so a guy can’t get around without you muff divers bird doggin’,’ the male voice replied.

“It comes with age, try Viagra,” Cody responded.

‘I’ll Viagra you! Are you stopping in at Momma Tom’s?’

“Plannin’ on it.”

‘Good, we’ll see you there. You know she would be right put out if you didn’t stop in and introduce your girl,’ the feminine voice called as Ashley eased into the passenger seat.

“I should be in at about nine, nine-thirty,” Cody said, smiling at Ash.

‘You must be behind us, we should be in around eight,’

“See ya there,” Cody responded, hanging the mic back up.

“Friends of yours?” Ash asked?

“Rita and her husband Donny. They’re a team, unusual to catch them both up at once.”

“There was a lot of sexual innuendo flying,” Ash said carefully.

Cody laughed and pushed her hat back on her head.

“Always is. Rita has a thing for me and Donny knows it. We do a lot of flirting when we talk, but she would never cheat on him. They have a good thing going and he’s good for her. Not jealous or controlling. I think he would let her if she really wanted to, but it’s more fun and a little interest than anything really hot.”



“I don’t want any competition,” Ash said with a big grin.

Cody laughed and put a hand on her knee, giving it a firm squeeze.

“I’m not much, but I’m yours, if you want me,” she said, suddenly turning serious.

“I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” Ash said, covering the trucker’s hand with her own.

“Well, we’ll see.”

Ash sensed she had made a mistake, but she wasn’t sure how to correct it.

“What did you mean they were a team?”

“They’re a driving team. You can only drive so many hours, then you have to rest so many. We get paid by the mile, so when you’re resting, you aren’t earning. With a team, one can sleep while the other drives, so you can put twice as many miles down in a day.”

“And make twice as much?”

“Mostly. It’s harder on your rig, so you end up having to pay more for maintenance, but that’s really a pittance usually compared to what you make.”

“I thought the trucking companies would pay for that?”

“If you’re driving one of their trucks, sure, but you’ll never make any money driving for someone. You have to be an owner operator to really make this pay.”

“So you actually own this truck?”

“Yep,” she said proudly.

Ash smiled at the pride she saw on the tall woman’s face.

“Cost me three hundred grand, but I’m near to paying it off. After that, I’ll be making real money.”

“Don’t you ever miss home?”

“No. I stop in from time to time at my Ma’s and check up on her, but I get to feeling caged pretty quick. Can’t stay at my house in Florida, I’m renting it out.”

“You own a house too?” Ash asked, very impressed with Cody.

“Not yet, but I will. I bought it with a loan and rent to a couple from Des Moines. Their rent covers the mortgage payment and then some. I’ll have the truck paid off inside of a year, good lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Then I’ll start sending an extra mortgage payment each month, on top of the one they make. Should save me a load in interest and by the time I’m ready to retire, I can sell the rig and move into my own place.”

“Wow, sounds like you got it all figured out.”

“Not quite all, but I’m working on it.”

“What’s missing?”

“A girl, but like I said, I’m working on it,” she replied with a wink.

Cody lapsed into silence and Ash found herself deep in thought. This was someone with plans, who was going somewhere, not at all like her. She found Cody sexy, but realizing she was a lot smarter than she appeared and that she had her shit together only made her that much more attractive. Ash wondered about her and began to ask her questions. She seemed reluctant to talk about herself at first, but as the miles wore on she opened up and by the time they reached Momma Tom’s diner near the Tennessee line they had established a very comfortable rapport.

Cody pulled in behind the dilapidated building and grabbed her gym bag before getting out. The front porch sagged and the screen door screeched when Cody opened it for Ash. The inside was as run down as the exterior, with equally battered furniture. Several people were eating at the tables, but as soon as they entered a buxom redhead called from a booth.


Cody led them over to the booth as the woman and the man sitting next to her rose. She was short, with big tits, a big ass, flaming red hair and ruddy skin. He was slight, with thinning black hair and a long mustache.

“Hey Rita,” Cody said, giving the woman a hug and squeeze.

“Hey Donny,” She said, giving him a hug too.

“Ya’ll, this is Ashley, she’s on summer break and riding with me a while. Ash, this is Rita and Donny Koswalski.”

“Charmed,” the man said, extending his hand.

“Me too,” Rita said, giving her a hug.

“Y’all sit down, Momma’ll be out in a minute.”

Ashley had barely settled into the seat when a large woman in a threadbare dress came out of the back. She sauntered up to the table and nearly pulled Cody out of her seat to give her a hug.

“Ash, this is Momma Tom. Ma, this is Ashley, she’s riding with me a while,” Cody said with a slightly embarrassed look to Ash.

“Nice to met you ma’am,” Ashley said, remembering her manners.

“You too child. Hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, this one is a heart breaker,” she said.

“Don’t start that,” Cody said, going red from her open shirt to her ears.

“What’ll ya have?” the woman asked, apparently deciding not to rib Cody anymore.

“Steak and a bath,” Cody said.

“And you?” she asked Ashley.

“I don’t know.”

“House special then,” the woman said, smiling in a very friendly way that put Ashley at ease immediately.

“You know where the house is, mind you don’t scare Brutus,” she said to Cody, before heading back to the kitchen.

“Brutus,” Cody mouthed, rolling her eyes.

Rita and Donny both suppressed laughs as Cody made her way out the back door.

“Brutus?” Ashley said.

“Ma Tom’s boy got to worrying about her, when he hit the road, so he got her a pit bull. Named him Brutus. Turned out to be the most scaredy-cat dog ever. If he hears a loud noise he pisses the carpet and runs for cover,” Donny said.

“Donny, you better not be picking on my Brutus,” Ma Tom called from the kitchen.

“Oh,” Ash replied, suppressing a grin when he winked at her.

Several of the patrons laughed and Ashley decided Brutus must be a running joke. She really liked the little place; it was run down, but it seemed homey and comfortable.

“All right, I’ve been good, what’s she like in the sack?” Rita said.

Her eyes were glittering and Ashley noticed her nipples were making tents in her top.

“Damn woman!” Donny exclaimed.

“Oh shush, eat your dinner and stay out of it, this is girl talk,” she retorted.

“Rita,” he said seriously.

“Oh fine,” she pouted.

“I apologize Miss. Rita isn’t used to normal folks,” he said.

“It’s all right,” Ash said, barely suppressing a grin when Rita stuck her tongue out at him.

They sat in silence for a minute or two, before Rita spoke up.

“Don, don’t you need to go check that condenser?”

“Jesus H. Christ! All right, All right, I’ll go so you two can talk about sex!” he exclaimed, but there was no rancor in his voice.

He stood melodramatically and marched out of the diner, but not before giving Ashley a friendly wink.

“I love that man,” Rita said with a smile.

“He seems to be one of the good ones,” Ashley said.

“Oh, he is. Mark my words. He’s steady and loving and everything my first husband wasn’t. But right now, I want the low down on Dutch.”

Ashley blushed and Rita leaned across the table.

“I’m sorry, not trying to make you nervous. It’s just that she has never slept with anyone I know and I’m so curious. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

“She’s awesome. I came four times the first time and I’m dying for more,” Ashley enthused, surprising herself.

“Lucky dog!”

“I think you could find out if you wanted,” Ashley said.

Rita laughed and sat back, taking a swallow of her tea.

“I doubt it. Donny wouldn’t mind, he thinks the world of her, but I don’t think Dutch would. She’s got a strong streak of honor in her and she’s mule stubborn when she wants to be.”

“She’s a strange woman,” Ashley said tentatively.

“Strange?” Rita said with a pensive frown, “Yes, I guess she is. At least until you really get to know her. She’s smarter than she lets on and a lot more thoughtful than most people see. She’s very guarded with her feelings, but I can tell she’s sweet on you, and not just the, I want to get in her pants kinda sweet either.”

“I’m starting to see there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye,” Ashley volunteered.

“Yeah. She grew up hard and it’s been no picnic for her even after she left home. She’s just now seeing the rewards for all her work. Don’t hurt her. I’ll personally look you up and kick your ass if you do.”

Rather than be offended by the threat, Ashley found it endearing.

“I’m not out to hurt anyone,” she said, taking Rita’s hand.

“What are you out for?”

“I don’t know really. I’m new to this. Really new.”

“Be careful of her feelings. She’s obviously fallen for you.”

“Jesus Rita, are you threatening her already?” Cody asked, surprising them both. “Nope. She was just giving me the low down. I’ll have to catch you next time Donny takes a vacation,” Rita said, quickly.

“You say that every time we’re together and I still haven’t so much as sniffed that pussy,” Cody replied, sliding into the seat next to Ashley.

Cody had changed into a good pair of jeans and a black western shirt with pearl buttons. She looked good in it, handsome, in a strange kind of way that sent tendrils of excitement through Ash’s body.

“Come on back to the ladies room, I’ll let you do more than sniff it.”

“Damn. Donny, control your woman!” Cody exclaimed as Donny slid into the seat next to Rita.

“An old fellow like me?” he said sourly.

Cody burst out laughing and Rita punched his shoulder. The rest of the evening passed with the banter kept up and the sexual innuendo getting thicker with each beer Rita consumed. Finally, Donny put his arm around her and gently pushed her out of the booth.

“Come on woman,” he said simply.

Ashley expected a protest, but Rita just smiled and hugged them both.

“You two take care. Will we see you at the Depot?” she asked Cody.

“Doubtful. Unless y’all are staying an extra day or two in Diego?”

“Three day weekend. We gotta use our time share or we loose it,” Donny replied.

“Might then.”

“Night Dutch. Night Miss. Come on woman.”

“Hope you took your Viagra,” Cody said with a wink.

“Good night,” Ash called to their backs.

“Guess we better go too,” Cody said, somewhat awkwardly.

“Okay,” Ashley replied.

They said good night to Momma Tom and headed out to the lot. There were only three trucks there and she guessed the long nosed freightliner was Rita and Donny’s.

Once they climbed into the cab, Cody yawned conspicuously.

“Well, guess we better hit the sack.”



“If you think you’re going to sleep on me again, you’re in for a rude awakening,” Ash said seriously.

The tall woman laughed and wrapped her arms around Ashley. She hugged her tightly and very gently kissed her.

“Let me beg off one more night sugar. It’s not that I don’t wanna make out, it’s just that I’m still running behind and we gotta make Memphis by five o’clock tomorrow.”


“I’m loaded now, but if I don’t make it to the warehouse before they close, I’ll have to drop my trailer in the yard. I don’t fancy deadheading across half the country, but I have a regular load from Diego that I can’t fuck up, so if we miss them, it means no load.”

“All right, but I’m going nuts.” Ashley said.

She was unable to keep the disappointment from her voice and Cody kissed her again.

“I’ll make it up to you sweetheart, promise.”


By the time they reached Memphis, Ashley was going insane. She had never been so horny or so ready for sex. Cody had teased her all the way across the state and she was just dying for the tall woman’s touch. She had come to a couple of conclusions during the long ride.

The first was that she loved it, the hum of the road and the scenery flashing by. The second was more profound, but she realized she wanted to stay with Cody. The tall woman was taciturn at times, even moody, but Ash found she liked it.

Cody was real, no fronts, no façade, what you see is what you get. Her values were strangely conservative, nothing like the liberal gays she had known at school. Yet she found those traditional values to be comforting and she found the woman to be comforting. She had never become so comfortable, so quickly, with anyone.

Cody was brash, but strangely shy. A paradox that it took Ash a while to understand, but once she did, it only made her more sure of herself. It seemed she was everything Ash could want in a lover and a friend.

“Who am I kidding?” she said to the empty cab, “I’d fuck her if she was Frankenstein’s monster I’m so hot,”

Cody climbed into the cab, stowed her paper work and pulled out of the yard. Soon they were on the road again and Ashley was pouting.

“”What’s the matter?” Cody asked.

“You said we were going to spend the night in Memphis,” Ash said, emphasizing the words, spend the night.

Cody laughed and reached across to take Ashley’s hand. She pulled it across and brushed her lips over the palm, causing the coed to gasp.

“I haven’t forgotten baby, but unless you want to do it in the fucking freight yard, you’ll have to be patient.”

“I’m tired of being patient!”

“Well, hang on a bit longer. We’re about twenty miles from the rest stop where we’re staying tonight.”

Twenty miles? The whole of Virginia had gone by faster! It seemed the rest stop would never come and when it finally did she almost jumped out of her seat.

Cody pulled in and parked. They both used the restrooms and as soon as they climbed back into the cab Ashley practically threw herself into Cody’s arms. Their lips meshed and the tall woman’s tongue thrust into Ash’s waiting mouth. She sucked greedily, enjoying the flavor, not even put off by the taste of cigarettes. When the kiss finally broke Cody was panting.

“Damn girl, you’re hotter than a three dollar pistol,” she breathed.

“Cool me off,” she taunted.

“My pleasure,” Cody said, placing both hands on Ashley’s chest and thrusting hard, sending her to bounce on the bed.

She quickly kicked off her boots and whisked her t-shirt over her head. As Cody worked on the buttons to her jeans, Ashley unbuttoned her top. She barely had it off when Cody pressed against her body, forcing her backwards. Their mouths found each other and they kissed deeply as Cody reached under her lover’s skirt and pulled her panties down her legs and off.

The tall trucker’s hand returned and she shoved a finger into Ashley’s already very well lubricated canal. Soon Ash was groaning as the long finger rhythmically invaded and retreated. Cody seemed to know what she was doing, using her thumb to brush Ash’s hypersensitive clit.

“Fuck, I need you,” Ash gasped.

Cody stood and grabbed her harness. Buckling it on, she smiled.

“How bout some doggy?”

Rather than answer Ash rolled over onto her knees and elbows. She grunted when the blunt head slipped into her, but Cody was gentle and soon she was stroking into Ash with long deep thrusts.

The tall woman’s hands grasped her hips and began to pull her back on the faux cock. Ashley was beside herself. Nothing had ever felt so good.

Standing flat-footed on the floor of the cab, with her legs braced apart, Cody was able to deliver a great deal of power and sped. Soon she was sawing into Ash with frenzied motions and biting her lip. Without warning she slapped Ash’s ass.

Ash yelped in surprise. The pain was minimal and soon a warm feeling suffused her butt. She was just getting into it when Cody popped her again. It seemed Cody could tell when Ash was getting close and the hard slaps would pull her back from the edge. It was nice, in a way, prolonging the pleasure, but it was also frustrating and she was already dying to get off.

“Ever had that ass fucked?” Cody grunted.

“No,” Ash replied between clenched teeth.

Her pussy was grasping the cock, trying to hold it and shuddering bursts of pleasure were blasting out from her molten insides.

“Wanna try?” Cody said, withdrawing her cock and holding just the tip inside.

“No, I just want to come damn you!”

Cody laughed and slammed the dildo back in, using long, deep stabs of her hips she quickly drove Ash to the brink. Ash moaned, she mewled like an animal and cried out when her orgasm hit. One was just the beginning and she was soon reduced to a prisoner of the pleasure, screaming and satisfied in what seemed to be ever decreasing intervals.

She didn’t remember it ending or Cody curling up with her, but she found herself on her side with Cody’s arm wrapped around her some time later.

“Wow,” she managed.

“I hope you aren’t always like this,” the tall woman said.

“Why? Too much for ya?” Ash responded with a contented smile.

“Nope, but I like to take my time mostly.”

“I like it slow and soft too. Really, I’ve never had it like this, it’s kinda nice to just skip everything and get down to the fucking. I’ll have to apologize to Wanda for teasing her about her love of quickies if this is any indication of what they are like.”

Cody laughed and kissed her shoulder.

“Quickies are good. Sometimes, they’re all you have time for on the road, but they aren’t as good as when you have the time to do it right.”

They were silent for a long time, then Cody spoke. She was hesitant and tentative, something Ash noted immediately.

“I…um…I can’t tell you how nice it’s been having you a long.”

“It’s been great so far.”

“Yeah, it really has. I…I don’t suppose you’d consider quitting school and learning to drive would ya?”

“I might. Is that an invitation?”

“No. Yes. Oh, hell, I don’t know.”

“What don’t you know?” Ash asked, rolling over so she could see Cody’s face.

“You’re great. Not just in bed, but fun to talk to and a good listener. I couldn’t get you out of my mind after that first night. I dreamed about you for days afterwards. I don’t want to scare you away, but I’ve fallen for you in a big way and I reckon you ought to know.”

“Are you always so straight forward?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she said, smiling a little.

“I like that. I won’t say yes, not yet, I’m still in unfamiliar territory. But I won’t say no either.”

“So there’s a chance you’ll stay with me?” she asked excitedly.

“Keep fucking me like that and you’ll need a crowbar to get rid of me,” Ashley replied, giggling.


Ashley climbed out of the cab and went into the restaurant. Cody drove around back to fill up and park. As Ash entered and her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she spotted Wanda waiting for her as promised. She made her way over and slid into the booth opposite her friend.

“Ready for another semester of fun and excitement?” Wanda asked.

“No. I’m not enrolling. I’m done with school.” Ashley said, fishing her CDL out of her pocket and tossing it on the table.

Wanda grabbed it and studied it for a moment.

“You’re gonna be a truck driver?” she asked.

“I already am,” Ashley said proudly.

Ashley waited for the protests with resignation, but was surprised when Wanda began to giggle.


“I’m just happy for you,” Wanda managed between laughs.

“I thought you would be upset,” Ashley said in confusion.

Wanda gained control of herself and reached across the table to take Ashley’s hand in her own.

“Ash, I’ll miss you,” she said earnestly, “But I’m happy for you, too.”

Seeing that her friend was still lost Wanda smiled and shook her head.

“I’ve been worried about you for a while now. You’re a free spirit and a loner, Groton isn’t the place for you. I couldn’t stand life on the road, I need some stability, but you? You’re never going to be happy with anything that demands conformity of you. You just aren’t wired that way.”

“I guess not.”

“Trust me Ash, you’re never going to be the CEO’s wife and that’s really what Groton prepares you for. How are your folks taking it?”

Ashley’s face clouded and Wanda feared it was going to be a bad scene.

“They were delighted. Dad even cabled me money for the CDL course. They didn’t even flinch when I told them about Cody. They invited us to stay over a couple of days around Labor Day. I don’t understand my folks at all.”

“So you and her are an item?”

“Yeah,” Ash said with a smile she couldn’t suppress.


“I know I am.”

“Not you, her!” Wanda exclaimed.

“We’re both lucky,” Ash said.

“Yeah, you both are. Her for having you; you for finding what you wanted. I hope I get as lucky.”

“It’s out there Wanda. Whatever you want, it’s there for the taking. You just have to go after it.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’ve always been willing to take risks. I mean, you didn’t even know if you were into girls when I dropped you off here. I wish I could just throw caution to the winds and do it.”

“I think you will, when you find what you want. I’m just different because I was willing to try without being sure.”

“Are you sure now?”

Ash looked over her shoulder as Cody came in. She was wearing her hat and shades, a black shirt and jeans with her run down cowboy boots. Ash felt her love for Cody and the sheer happiness that just seeing the taciturn woman, brought to her life.

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”


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