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Hidden Party

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It was turning out to be one of those parties. Sex was in the air, which was fine–the bedrooms upstairs, she had been informed by a giggling friend, were all ready to go; the master bedroom, down here, was open for anyone who wanted to enjoy the heaps of people already there, enjoying each other. The house was packed, an enormous house, too, with probably six bedrooms, a pool out back, and enough bathrooms to make the mind stagger.

But here was Lia, cornered by a mouth-breathing moron whose only means of getting into her pants was apparently boring them off her. She watched as cute men she’d had her eye on disappeared with cute women, she watched as the impromptu living room dance floor grew less heavily crowded, and all the while this idiot blathered on. What was he talking about now? She nodded and gulped her drink down, staring past him, longingly.

“So what do you say?” he was suddenly saying, and oh my god, had she “Mmm-hmm”d her way into the sack with this guy? Jesus. Yes, apparently so.

“Well, you know, I’m not sure. I think I need a few minutes to, uh, you know… think about it,” Lia temporized. “And I have to go to the bathroom. Would you excuse me?” She smiled weakly and slipped away before he could protest, headed across the living room toward the stairs. If she could find an empty bathroom she’d lock herself in for the rest of the night, if need be¾no way was she hanging around with the mouth-breather. “I’m not that drunk” she muttered to herself as she detoured around several necking couples sprawled out on and around the couches. She caught a quick glimpse of herself in a mirror as she slid by it–dark hair in two braids, short black dress, bare, muscular legs, black heels. She didn’t think twice about her body, but it was a lovely body, petite and trim, with round, heavy breasts and a generous ass; slim waist. She tripped over a couple making out on the stairs and then double-timed it up them; a glance over her shoulder showed the moron fighting his way through the dancers, hot on her heels. “Fuck,” she muttered. At the top of the stairs a long hallway stretched out before her. She scurried halfway down and then, looking back again, glimpsed the top of her stalker’s head just appearing. With another muttered curse she opened the nearest door and slipped inside.

The room was dim, and the first thing she saw when she turned from pulling the door closed was the naked couple energetically screwing each other on the enormous king-sized bed. “Oh shit!” she thought, and opened the door to exit again before she was seen. But the door was no more than an inch ajar when she saw the moron right outside in the hallway, luckily looking in another direction. Snick went the door as she closed it again and dropped to her hands and knees, hoping not to be seen by the (noisy!) couple on the bed.

She paused there for a moment, wondering what to do. Probably the best thing would be to just hang out in here until the couple was finished, if she could do that without being spied… Across the room she saw a closet door, one of those double doors with the louvered slats. Determinedly not looking up, Lia crawled across the room toward the closet. Made it! She opened the door just a crack and crawled inside.

It was almost pitch dark to her unadjusted eyes; the only light came from the slats of the door, dim golden stripes of light from the bedroom. The closet was enormous, though, she could tell, really a dressing room, stretching out in blackness before her.

She sat back on her heels, then settled with a little sigh against the wall next to the closed doors. She was buzzing from the alcohol, feeling sleepy and generally good, happy to have escaped the moron. She moved a little to peer through the slats of the doors at the couple fucking on the bed.

They were really going at it. A cute couple, young, attractive; at the moment the man was eating her out, his head between her legs, her fingers clenching and unclenching in his dark hair as she moaned loudly. It was actually a pretty hot thing to watch. Lia caught herself staring, then blushed and looked away. Then she thought Well, what the hell… It’s not like they could see her. She leaned back over to watch.

The man’s head was in the way, but Lia could well imagine what was going on. The woman’s body was shaking slightly as she made little noises and half-words dripped from her lips: “Oh. Yes. Uh-huh. Oh! Yeah, right there, right there right there right there…” Her body arched and Lia stared as though hypnotized as the woman came, grinding her pussy into the man’s face. He was licking hard, but finally stopped and let the woman’s body relax down. Then he pulled himself up–his face was glazed and wet with her juices–and entered her in one smooth, hard motion, thrusting his cock into the woman’s swollen pussy.

Lia’s breath caught. Well, if she was stuck here anyhow… She moved a little, got into a kneeling position, leaning forward to peer through the closet door as she pulled her skirt up around her waist. She wore nothing beneath it and her pussy was already a little damp. She played with herself gently for a moment, staring at the man’s body pounding into the woman, right there, just a few feet away…. The smells and sounds of sex filled the room outside as she ran her fingers softly over her clit. She pressed softly for a few moments, massaging the clit and running her fingers up and down the creases and lips of her pussy. Without pausing in her intent observation of the couple outside the door–the man was now on bottom, the woman bouncing away on top of him, her face flushed and head thrown back–Lia brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers. She could taste her own sweet-tangy juices on her fingers, and she immediately put her hand back down and slid the two middle fingers into her pussy. She leaned back a little and closed her eyes, just listening to the wet sounds of the couple so close and of her own fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. She began pounding harder, slapping her palm against her clit as her two fingers fucked her pussy. Her thighs tightened and her breathing grew more rapid as she kept it up, pounding and finger-fucking herself, until she groaned and came, spurting hot liquid cum down her thighs and onto the carpet. She couldn’t stop now, she knew, and she gasped and did it again, speeding her rhythm until she squirted again and again, the hot juice running down her legs in little wet gushes as she trembled and her thighs locked into pleasurable spasms. She could keep going–she might as well, she thought vaguely, but something stopped her–

A noise. Not from the scene before her–the man was sitting up now, the woman still atop him, her legs wrapped around his waist as she rode him hard–but from behind her.

Lia whipped her head around and saw… another woman. Staring right at her.

Looking at her from over the shoulder of the man who was standing before her.

Inside her?

The scene slowly resolved itself before Lia’s embarrassed eyes. There was some sort of vanity table back there in the dressing room, and the woman was sitting on it, and her legs were wrapped around the waist of a man, who was standing facing her, his back to Lia. Lia didn’t think the man had seen or heard her, but the woman was staring right at her, still.

Smiling just a little.

Lia’s embarrassment turned in one hot rush into desire. She cocked her head at the woman, and the woman nodded just a little, her smile growing broader.

Lia stood up and unzipped her dress. It fell to the ground and she stepped out of it, clad now in heels and black bra. She walked slowly over to the naked couple.

The woman was older than Lia, maybe 35? Very beautiful, with large dark eyes and dark, soft hair. Her body–what Lia could see–was trim. A little soft at the edges, but attractive, certainly. The man had a very nice body, muscular and slim, dark-skinned–Hispanic? Arabic? His features could have been either. His hair was black black in the darkness of the dressing room. His legs were long and strong and straight. His back was smooth and broad, narrow hips, nice tight ass.

Lia approached hesitantly. The woman beckoned her closer, and then reached out and pulled Lia in, suddenly, irrevocably, and kissed her.

The man was surprised–no doubt about it. He startled and moved back–he wasn’t inside the dark woman yet, Lia saw–then his expression grew intense as he watched the two women kissing.

Lia had never kissed a woman before. The woman’s mouth was soft and skilled, her tongue gentle and a little wicked, sneaking into Lia’s mouth, tasting and then escaping. The kiss grew heated, deep, passionate, and Lia felt her body opening.

The man’s body pressed against hers, too, and it was a good thing; he leaned over to kiss her neck, and she felt him reaching and unhooking her bra as he slid his hands up and down her body, caressing her curves. His hand lingered on her high, round ass, and then she broke her kiss with the woman and kissed him, he kissed her, the dark woman–so many mouths! She was kissing the woman and the man’s mouth was on her breasts, soft and urgent tongue, flexible lips and the itchy feel of a man’s rough cheek against the oh-so-silky skin of her nipples… Lia shuddered and made a little noise into the woman’s mouth, reaching to pull him closer, wanting his mouth to tighten and suck on her nipples. She moaned as he did, and reached down to grasp his warm and hard erection. He made a noise and leaned away from her breast; she leaned down and kissed the other woman’s breast, another first for her. Soft skin, erect nipples like little pebbles and the hard, wrinkled skin of the aureole standing at attention as Lia’s tongue circled the nipple, then her mouth closed roughly on the woman’s breast, sucking hard, circling the nipple all the while.

Lia stopped and sank down onto her knees. Now she could see the man’s hard cock bobbing dimly before her, but that is not what she wanted, first. First it was the woman. Lia shouldered her way between them and brought her mouth to the woman’s shaven pussy.

Oh, the feel of a woman’s thighs around her ears! The man stood back a little to let Lia work, holding the woman’s legs up and open as Lia began to lick. She ran her tongue from the woman’s asshole up to her clit–she was already so wet, and she tasted good, different from Lia’s own juices–and then began flicking her clit gently with her tongue. “Have you ever cum, all wet, like a man?” murmured Lia, pulling her head back a little.

“No, no,” said the woman, her voice high and sweet and urgent.

“Oh, it is soooo good,” said Lia. “Just relax and let it come.” She leaned over again and pressed her tongue flat against the woman’s clit, reaching up to slide two fingers inside her pussy. Oh, she was hot and wet. Lia felt the muscles clenching on her fingers and smiled. She began rubbing the clit vigorously with her flat tongue, at the same time fucking the woman’s pussy with her fingers, slamming them in and out of the hot, wet cunt. With each thrust her thumb, turned up, help apply extra pressure to the clit that her tongue was working. In a minute she felt the muscles inside the woman’s pussy begin to move. “Let it cum,” Lia crooned, and didn’t stop, even when the woman whimpered.

“Oh god, no more no more.”

“Let it cum, let it cum, let it spurt out hot and wet, all over the place,” Lia said, and she was slamming her fingers hard against the woman’s pussy, and there it was! The pussy spasmed and worked and a little gush of hot liquid spilled out over Lia’s tongue and down the woman’s thighs. “Yes,” said Lia, “again, more more more.” She slapped harder and felt the liquid gush again, spurting down.

“Holy shit!” said the man, staring down. The woman was locked into orgasm, unable to make a sound, her mouth open, eyes closed, body bucking wildly as she came again and again into Lia’s mouth.

“Oh yeah,” moaned Lia. Her face was soaked, her chest was glistening wet. She withdrew her fingers and rubbed the woman’s wet cum into her skin.

The woman was breathing again, shuddering deep breaths. “Oh my god,” she was saying over and over. The man was so hard the skin across his cock was stretched tight as a drum.

Lia looked over and licked a little bead of pre-cum off the tip of his dick, then moved back. “Go into her now,” she commanded the man, and he didn’t need prompting, he moved forward and plunged his cock into the woman’s dripping pussy.

Lia sat back and watched as he fucked her, then she stood up and leaned forward to kiss the woman as the man was thrusting into her. She whispered to the woman. “Reach down and finger yourself while he fucks you.” The woman nodded, her eyes barely open, and did it. He leaned back slightly to give her room, but he never stopped his rhythm, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, glistening with her wetness. The woman rubbed her clit and then she was cumming again, spurting out the hot wet cum until it ran down the man’s balls.

His eyes widened and he groaned. “Oh my god, that felt so good,” he moaned.

“I wanna do it,” said Lia, and she leaned between them. With one hand she reached down to rub the woman’s clit, and she also leaned over and took one nipple in her mouth, sucking it hard until she felt the woman stiffen and gasp again. The man moaned again and Lia straightened. “No, I want it too,” she said. “Don’t cum yet. I want you in me.”

The woman sighed and laughed. “You deserve it,” she said. The man stopped where he was, obviously right on the edge of cumming, and then slowly withdrew.

Now Lia was the toy. The woman slid back on the vanity to make room, then drew Lia to her. She turned Lia, unresisting, in her arms until Lia had her back to the woman and was facing the man. Lia leaned back and got her ass just barely onto the table and then the man was on her, in her, thrusting his cock into her pussy so hard and fast that she let out a little scream. The woman’s arms were around her, her breasts pressed against Lia’s back, and then–oh sweet Jesus–as the man pounded into her, his face intent and hard and dark, the woman reached down and began fingering Lia’s clit, hard and rough. In about 10 seconds Lia was cumming, bucking against the man’s body and groaning loudly, her wet cum spurting down his balls and legs, gush after wet, slick gush, soaking him. The woman wouldn’t stop, and Lia didn’t want her to–she was cumming so hard and so fast–and then the man groaned and he came too, hot creamy man-cum filling her pussy and then spilling over as her muscles continued contracting and pushing out her own cum and his too, in a sticky white mess that covered both their thighs, dripping in glistening strings to the floor.

He leaned forward, exhausted, his legs shaking as he laid his head on Lia’s shoulder. The other woman kissed the top of his head and then kissed Lia’s neck; Lia let her head fall back onto the woman’s shoulder and they came to rest there, a sweaty tangle of limbs and skin and gasping breath.

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