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Plastic Becomes Real

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It was so strangely sexy, this new toy David had brought home. I’d secretly always wanted one, but never knew how to ask him for it. It’s as if he knew that deep down inside, I did. Now, it was real; a real life-like strap on penis. It gave me the shivers the first time I put it on and I didn’t get it fastened very well. I almost shook with nervousness. But that melted away as David sat on the bed and helped tighten it.

Then I realized how much I liked the feeling of having a cock between my legs. And even though I was still unsure of the powerful feeling it gave me, David reinforced the strength that surged through me.

Once he finished adjusting the straps a final time, he looked up at me as I stood there. His eyes told me that he was on fire inside and as he began to caress me and then lick me, I too felt the fire burn in me. With such marvelous passion, David began to lick my newly acquired tool and as he slowly began to suck on it, I began to feel enormously powerful. It was such a magnificent feeling as I began to slowly pump my cock into his mouth and was rewarded with the delightful sounds of my husband slurping and sucking. It was like a dream world and I soon caved in to my pleasure and I came and came again. We soon ended up on the bed together in a sixty-nine with David still sucking my dong with wild abandon and I was sucking him deeply into my mouth and this we did for what seemed like an eternity until we both had mind-shuddering orgasms.

And the strange sexiness didn’t wear off at all for me. It fueled intense fantasies for me. I began to dream about watching David suck a real cock for me. That I really wanted to find a man that would stick his cock into my husband’s mouth at my bidding. Eventually, in a moment of passion, I told David about this fantasy and it made him hotter than ever. After a torrid lovemaking session, David, in a moment of frankness, admitted that he too had wanted this. That he too had wanted to be mildly humiliated in front of me and that to suck a guys cock as I watched and did the bidding was an embarrassing but very real desire for him.

We played out this fantasy many more times and I became bolder and more demanding of David’s oral attention to my ‘cock’. The fantasy became more and more real for both of us. But, fortunately for some friends of ours, it didn’t remain in the realm of fantasy.

Tom and Kristen are friends of ours that we see very little of. Recently, they were stayed with us for a few days while Tom was working part time. I’d spent the weekdays with Kristen while both David and Tom worked. This gave me an opportunity to get to know her better and we soon were good friends. It was on Saturday, that again, both the guys were putting in overtime that Kristen and I laid out on the deck and were drinking margaritas. The combination of the sun and the drinks must have lowered our inhibitions because soon the conversation turned to sex. Somehow, in a moment of frankness, I revealed to Kristen the story of our little friend. I even showed it to her and she blushingly tried it on. We were both so horny, that I knelt down and sucked on her ‘penis’. Kristen’s reaction was to say, “Oh god, I’d love to watch your husband do that. It’s such a kinky turn on.”

I smiled up at her and said, “Secretly, just between you and me, I’d love to watch David suck on a real guys cock.” Then I went back to sucking her ‘cock’. It wasn’t long before Kristen got so turned on that she had an orgasm. Then, both of us giggling, she had me put it on and she returned the favor. It didn’t take me long to have an orgasm of my own.

After we came down from our horny highs, I put the dildo away and we both continued to giggle at one another all afternoon every time we just thought about it.

When the guys came home, Kristen and I were blushingly quiet. After barbequeing, we all settled in to the living room to watch TV. We had drinks and the conversation got a little randy after awhile when, the guys sensing some sexual tension in the air, suggested a game of cards. It started out innocent enough, but soon we were playing strip poker. Once the game got to the point where everyone was naked was when things got really exciting.

Now Tom is a very good-looking guy and with his slim build, I was surprised to see he was pretty well equipped. His cock was about seven inches when it was hard. My husband has a slightly larger build and his cock is slightly smaller. Both guys were having a hard time from getting hard as they were both staring at Kristen and I in the nude. Finally, Kristen suggested that the winner of the next hand could ask for a favor. It turned out to be quite fun and we did all kinds of mildly erotic things to one another.

Then, Kristen, upon winning, challenged the boys to wrestle with the winner having any wish he desired. Now, Tom was a wrestler in high school and my husband a football player. I guess David figured that he could use his size to out muscle Tom even though Tom had the finesse of knowing more moves. Finally, Kristen got the guys to reluctantly agree to her challenge.

It was really quite a turn on for Kristen and I to watch the boys wrestling in the nude. In the beginning, David was able to control Tom by using his size. This, at times, got Tom pretty frustrated. But after about ten minutes, David was beginning to get worn out. He made one last gasp effort to pin Tom and I thought it might be getting out of hand because Tom seemed to get pretty pissed off about it. One thing that surprised me was that both of them had raging hard ons and I’m sure Kristen had noticed it too. We both kind of giggled at each other as we eyed both their hard penises.

Tom then pulled some kind of trick move at the last minute and reversed on David. My husband was so weary, that he was having trouble and I could sense that if Tom had any stamina left, he would probably pin David. After another minute or so, David finally pooped out and Tom had the advantage and pinned David. Tom asked David to say ‘uncle’, but David just shook his head no. Sensing Tom’s victory, Kristen knelt down on the floor and began stroking David’s cock. Not feeling that it was fair and also not wanting to miss out, I got down on the floor and began rubbing up and down Tom’s backside as he was laying face down on the floor with his chest pinning David’s back and arms on the floor.

I reached underneath and stroked Tom’s cock. This caught him by surprise and he move up and sat on David’s stomach still holding his arms on the floor. Both were breathing heavily. Tom asked David to concede again. David again shook his head no. This made Tom pretty mad and Kristen then leaned over and whispered in his ear. Tom just grinned and I knew then that Kristen had put him up to something. Tom then shimmied his butt up and placed his knees so that he had David’s arms pinned under them and as he did so, Kristen went to work really stroking David’s cock. David was now staring at Tom’s hard penis just inches from his face. His face turned red as I think he knew Tom was going to force the issue. At the same time, Kristen’s stroking had my husband’s penis sticking up hard as I think I’ve ever seen it.

Tom lowered his hips again asking David to give up. I watched excitedly as David squirmed and shook his head no and then turning his head away from Tom’s crotch. Then Kristen broke the tension, “Tom, if he’s so stubborn, just give it to him in the mouth.”

David’s face again turned red as Tom began to arch his hips downward as he again told David to give up. David, hearing Tom, went to shake his head no and was greeted with a face full of Tom’s penis. The head of Tom’s penis touched my husband’s lips and I couldn’t help but let out a moan. Hearing me, David’s face again blushed and I knelt down next to his head and stroked his cheek with my hand. He knew as he looked in my eyes what I wanted him to do. That’s when I noticed his neck muscles relax and his eyes had a dazed lustful look. He knew this was the chance to live out our long time fantasy. Tom must have sensed David’s resignation, because as he grinned he rubbed his penis around David’s chin and then pointed it just an inch from David’s mouth. I continued to stroke David’s cheek and to my amazement, David closed his eyes and his lips parted as I watched the tip of his tongue roll over his lips. Kristen, still stroking David but now leaning over so she could watch, must have sensed it was going to happen because she moaned quietly, but enough for all to hear, “Oh Tom, put it in his mouth.”

As Tom lowered his penis toward my husband’s mouth, David’s tongue, still sliding around his lips, finally touched the head of Tom’s cock. David swirled his tongue around the head as he sensed the initial contact. He bathed the head of Tom’s cock with his tongue and as Tom groaned from the pleasure he felt, he lowered his hips further and his hardness slid between my husband’s lips. David sucked him in, slowly at first, and I was hot as ever between my legs as I watched Tom’s smooth shaft disappear between my husband’s lips. Soon, more than half of Tom’s penis was in David’s mouth and then Tom started pumping back and forth. David was too far gone now to stop and so was Tom, so I started playing with myself and sat back to watch it happen. My god, it was better than I’d ever fantasized. My husband was sucking Tom’s cock.

As the pace increased, Tom moved his knees off of my husband’s arms and was now in a push up position above David’s face. He started to pump harder as I could tell he was really getting off on the blowjob my husband was giving him. It was so hot watching Tom fuck David’s mouth. Kristen was just as hot as I because she now had her fingers in her own pussy and was moaning with the pleasure of watching my husband suck her husband’s hot cock.

Pretty soon, Tom’s pace really quickened and David’s mouth was being stuffed deep with hard cock. Tom rammed down real hard and I heard David choke slightly and Tom let up only to shoot out a long stringy wad of cum into David’s open mouth. David gagged a little, but then took his hand and guided Tom’s spurting head into his mouth. Tom continued to groan loudly as he finished popping off into David’s mouth and I came myself as I saw cum oozing out from the corners of David’s lips. Tom’s final gasp was followed by Kristen’s climaxing moan as Tom pulled back. I relished the sight of David’s cum-coated tongue swirling around Tom’s exposed head.

We all collapsed in a heap with Tom embracing Kristen and I smothering David with kisses. It was such a turn on to taste Tom’s semen on my husband’s lips and I lovingly licked and sucked the excess into my mouth.

We all aroused about five minutes later and I could tell David was kind of embarrassed about what had happened. I stroked him and then sucked him into my mouth to reassure him. He was still hard as ever so I pulled him up and telling Kristen and Tom to join us, we headed for the bedroom. As I flopped on the bed, I whispered to David to go and get our friend. As he came out of the bathroom with it, Kristen and Tom appeared at the door. Tom headed for the bedside chair as he was still pretty spent. I told David to put our friend on Kristen. Kristen’s eyes smiled lustfully as she heard me and I got hot as I watched David place the straps around Kristen. Her ‘penis’ protruded out lustily and as David finished, he lovingly sucked her ‘cock’ into his mouth. This had Kristen moaning and I noticed Tom was now stroking himself in the chair as he watched.

My hands were again rubbing my pussy as I watched. But what happened next really surprised me. Kristen pulled David up and then with her arm around him, she guided him with her over to the bed. To my real surprise but very real joy, she knelt between my legs and proceeded to rub her ‘penis’ over my hot pussy. Then, as she lay over me and guided her ‘cock’ into me, she raised her ass high in the air invited David to take her from behind. My mind raced with the pleasure I was feeling as Kristen buried her ‘cock’ into me and I could feel her body on me. It was so soft and her hands began playing with my tits. Soon, her mouth met mine and we kissed deeply and passionately. I could now feel David’s thrusts into her as she thrust into me. As she lowered her lips to caress my nipples, I noticed Tom in the chair, his cock now back to a fully erect state. I motioned at him and then pointed up to my husband’s face. His lustful grin told me that he knew what I wanted. He immediately got up and standing on the side of the bed, he began to rub his cock on Kristen’s backside. Then, pointing it towards my husband’s mouth, I swooned as I saw David take Tom’s hard cock into his mouth again.

It wasn’t long before Kristen, feeling the stimulation of her ‘cock’ against her clitoris gave out a huge moan and I followed her with another rousing climax of my own. Just then, David let out his familiar groan as he came inside Kristen. As Kristen collapsed on the bed next to me, we embraced as we watched Tom pumping his cock into my husband’s mouth. This time, David just let Tom jerk it in and out of his mouth and finally, Kristen and I were treated with the sight of Tom jerking off and shooting his cum all over David’s open mouth. I had another climax without anyone or me touching myself as I watched rope after stringy rope of cum fly out of Tom’s cock and land on David’s lips and chin.

Do other women get off in the idea of their husband’s or boyfriends sucking off another guy? I’d love to hear all about it.

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