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Helping Hand

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Sally Perkins pulled her car into the driveway. She sat there for a few moments wondering what she was going to do for the week. Will, her 19 year old son was visiting with his father who moved away after separating from her two years ago.

“Well these groceries aren’t going to put themselves away.” Sally said to herself aloud.

She opened the door and stepped out of the car. The hot late morning sun felt good on her face and heated her body though the light sundress.

Tim, Will’s best friend stood on the street behind Sally. The bright sun made the material almost transparent. He could see the shape of her perfect legs easily.

Sally in a world of her own, walked to the trunk and didn’t even notice Tim standing there. She popped the trunk and grabbed her bags of groceries. Her arms were full when a sudden gust of wind blew up the back of her dress and hooked up on her belt baring her perfect backside and her light pink lace French cut panties. Her legs were naked.

She didn’t even notice her exposure but Tim did. He stared at her ass as she started to walk towards the house. Tim ran up behind Sally; stiffness started to form in his shorts.

“Hi Mrs. Perkins!” Tim called out. “Need some help?”

“Oh! Hi Tim.” Sally said slightly startled. “Yes, can you grab the other bags and shut the trunk? Thank!”

Sally waited for Tim then continued to walk to the front door with her ass still exposed and Tim literally bringing up her rear. He was sporting almost a full erection.

They entered the house and put the stuff in the kitchen. Sally started to put some of the veg away in the fridge bottom crisper draw. Her ass stared directly at Tim.

“Well Tim, how are you doing?” Sally asked but didn’t wait for an answer. “Will is with his Dad this week.”

“I’m good Mrs. P.” Tim finally responded. “Yeah, I forgot he was away.”

Not really. Tim thought Sally was the hottest woman in the neighbourhood and loved coming by to see her. Her short blond hair framed her green eyes, pert nose and full ruby lips. Her body was slender but was blessed with two beautifully sized globes for tits. But those legs were her best assets in Tim’s humble opinion. The white, thin, high heel sandals Sally wore only accentuated her gams.

Sally turned to put the rest of the stuff in the fridge affording Tim ample time to feed his fantasy.

“Well Tim, thanks for helping. Can I offer you something to drink?” Sally asked but suddenly had a feeling of exposure then wiped the back of her dress.

Red faced Sally gasped, “Oops! Sorry! Guess it wasn’t as exciting as the girls at the titty bar you and Will go to.”

“They’ve got nothing on you Mrs. P.” Tim retorted. “You have a real nice body.”

Sally noticed Tim’s bulge and smiled. “Thanks for noticing. Too early for a beer?” as she handed him a cold one.

“Nah, Never too early.” Tim replied.

“You really think I could compete with those young sexy things at the peeler?”

Sally’s words had a hardening effect on Tim’s crotch.

“Mrs. P. You have a rocking body and the most perfect legs I’ve ever seen.”

“Really!” Sally slid the hem of her dress up her thigh. “You really like my legs?”

“Mrs. Perkins.” Tim quoted coyly. “I think you’re trying to seduce me.”

“You’re right Tim.” Sally said demurely and dropped her dress. “You’re Will’s best friend and I shouldn’t take advantage of you…..should I?”

Tim tried to play it cool and drink his beer.

“Talking of taking advantage… how good are you with your hands?” Sally asked. “I have a bit of a leak and wonder if you could fix it?”

Sally realized what she just said. “Under the kitchen sink that is!”

Truthfully, Sally could feel her juices start to run. “If I weren’t wearing panties, the leak would be down my legs!” she thought.

“Sure! I can take a look at it.” Tim gave Sally a sly look.

“There are tools and some stuff downstairs in the shop.”

“Well let me take a look and see what’s wrong first.” Tim said as he ducked under the sink. He had turned onto his back to see what might be causing the leak.

“Mrs. P, do you have a flashlight or something.”

“Yes, just a sec.”

Sally found a working flashlight. As she walked towards Tim, she was able to look up the leg of his shorts and spotted his tool. Now even half firm it was pretty long and thick. Her mouth was literally watering as she stared at Tim’s tool.

“Errr…Mrs. P?” Tim broke her stare. “Can I have that light?”

“Oh…. Oh yes of course. Sorry I was thinking of something else.”

She had to go between Tim’s open legs to hand him the light. As she squatted, she placed her left hand on his muscular thigh and handed the flashlight with the other.

Tim grabbed the flashlight and look towards her then found himself staring under her dress. A noticeable wet spot showed on the pinky coloured material of her panties.

He turned his attention to the leak and tried to ease the tension forming in his shorts. “Yep, looks like you’re leaking.” Tim’s comment got Sally’s juice flowing more. “See?”

Sally leaned more between Tim’s legs, but still couldn’t see, so she leaned in more. Unfortunately, her high heels caused her lost of balance and she fell face first into his crotch. Her hand had “slipped” up his thigh and under his shorts. His pre-cum kissed her hand.

“Sorry Tim!” Sally apologized trying unsuccessfully to regain her balance and composure. She withdrew her hand and noticed the wet spot he gave her. Sally brought it to her mouth and licked the salty deposit.

“Not needed Mrs. P.” Tim replied. “It’s not often I get some hot babe falling all over me.”

Sally slightly blushed. “Can you fix it?”

“I can fix your leaky hole, but I need to replace a piece of pipe first.” Tim quipped. “I have to go to the store and get a piece of pipe first.”

“Okay, I’ll give you some money for the part, and then maybe you can stay for dinner afterwards. I’ve got steak?” Sally bribed Tim.

“Yeah. That would be great.” Tim responded excitedly. “I have to finish something first and be back in a few hours.”

“Perfect!” then Sally added. “It’s a date!”

Tim stood up with a hard on desperate for freedom from his shorts. Even though Sally could not help but notice it, she pretended to ignore it and handed him some cash.

“No, it’s okay!” Tim refused the money. “I have a friend that can get me the part for free.”

“Well, then call it payment for services toe rendered.” Sally stuffed the money into his pocket and felt his manhood.

Tim left.

Sally went to her bedroom to change. She removed her dress and saw the big wet spot. “Fuck that Tim has a huge cock!”

That was enough to set her off. Sally jumped on the bed and started to masturbate; no warm up; just hardcore masturbating. She came hard within a minute.

She laid on her bed panting and sweating. “Shit! It’s Will’s best friend.” Sally said to herself. “But that cock is so big, I’ve got to have it!”

She decided to get ready and walked on wobblely legs to the bathroom. Sally ran a warm bubble bath hoping it would relax her sexually tense body.

She didn’t need to shave since she had a full Brazilian that morning, but she checked for stubble anyway. Her fingers found her clit. She found herself once again making herself cum before dosing off.

She awoke out of her stupor after a few minutes and realized she needed to get dressed and ready before Tim returned. She did her hair and put on some fresh makeup. “Heavier than normal, but not heavy enough to be slutty.” she thought.

She put on a red bra with black trim that lifted and pushed her tits together and really accentuated her cleavage, not that she needed it. Her nipples just peeked out the top.

Black stocking held up with red and black garters. She picked out her crotchless panties. “I’m so wet, I don’t want to soak another pair.” Sally justified her reasoning.

Sally put on a shorter than mid-thigh, black housedress. She left the top buttons undone to display the deep cleavage and the bra she wore underneath.

She slipped on a pair of high heel black slippers and daubed some of her favourite perfume on all her pulse spots: side of her neck, wrists and the back of her knees. She was thinking about putting some on her pussy, but thought the natural scent down there would be better.

Sally was checking herself out in the mirror when the doorbell rung. Her heart leaped in excitement.

She practically ran to the door and opened it to let Tim in.

“Got it!” Tim said holding up a bag. Then he looked Sally up and down. “Wow! You look nice!”

Sally blushed a bit, then lead him back into the kitchen. He crawled under the sink and started his task. Sally for her part could only look up Tim’s shorts at the massive piece of meat she knew she would be fucking.

Tim finished the work in record time. “All done! Did you want to inspect my work?”

Sally knew she would have to squat between Tim’s legs again; 1) she knew he would be able to look under her dress again and would also be able to see how damp her pussy lips were since she wore crotchless panties; and 2) she knew if she got that close to his cock, she would take him right there!

“No, it’s fine. I trust you.”

Tim was disappointed for the same reasons Sally didn’t want to do an inspection.

Tim cleaned up as Sally prepped the dinner. “It’s nice out, feel like eating Al fresco?” she asked. “It’s pretty private on the back deck with no one around so no one will see you with some old lady.”

“Mrs. P. I would love to be seen in public with you. All the guys would be so jealous.” Tim replied.

Sally smiled widely. “Well thank you Tim, for making a lady feel wanted.”

They ate dinner on the deck. As Sally described, they were isolated from any prying eyes. “Let’s finish our wine in the more comfy deck chairs.” Sally recommended.

Tim sat opposite Sally. He purposely let his legs part so Sally could see he was ready.

Sally let her stocking foot slide up his calf. “Would you like a foot massage Mrs. P.?”

“Thank you. That would feel wonderful!”

Tim lifted both of her feet on to his lap. He carefully removed her left shoe, then her right and started to rub the instep.

“Mmmmm. That feels great Tim.”

Sally started moving her free foot around in Tim’s lap. Her legs parted. Tim could finally see the crotchless panties she was wearing. He pulled her foot into his groin.

She slid her toes through the legs hole of his shorts. His cock was already hard. Pre-cum coated the sole of her foot as she rubbed it on his bulbous cock head.

As she removed her foot from his shorts, Tim took her foot then lifted to his mouth and licked his own juice. He then sucked each one of her toes before repeating on her other foot.

Tim guided her feet to the ground, then knelt between her legs gently forcing them apart. Sally watched him in amazement at his unexpected mature technique, not the “Wham! Bam! Thank you Mam!” of horny youth.

Tim rubbed his face along Sally’s calves and thigh, feeling the sexiness of her stockings. He climbed higher and caressed her naked skin above the stocking tops with his cheeks.

Sally pushed her bum to the edge of the chair and spread her legs wide. Tim looked at Sally’s naked pussy and smiled at her. Using only the tip of his tongue, Tim barely touched her quivering lips.

Tim was driving Sally crazy with lust. Tim refused to succumb to her wants and continued to slowly lick and nibble at Sally. Sally could feel that familiar tightening in her gut. Tim sensed this and flicked his tongue on her clit.

“F…u…ck..k..k! Tim, you’re making me come!” Moaned Sally.

Then Tim gave her another surprise. He pushed the tip of his tongue into her sex hole then kept invading it in deeper and deeper with his super, long, thick tongue. To Sally it felt like a small, wet cock.

With a well practiced technique, Tim assaulted Sally’s gushing cunt with his tongue until she started humping her hips into his face.

“Yes! Yes! Tim, fuck me with that tongue!” Screamed Sally. “I’m! Oh my ga..w..d!”

It was the hardest cum Sally had in her life. Her body was in complete spasms as Tim continually tongue fucked Sally’s hole.

Tim slowly extracted himself, but Sally continued to experience involuntary jerks as her body tried to cope with this new experience.

Like a rag doll, Tim lifted Sally’s body out of the chair and laid her on the deck. He unbuttoned her dress and admired the prize he now claimed. Seeing Sally exposed in her sexy lingerie made him want to just pound her pussy, but he resisted.

Sally was still moaning lowly due to the after affects of her hard climax. Tim crawled between her legs and hovered over her body. He lowered his mouth to her lips and plunged his tongue down her throat. He caressed her breast with one hand and pinched her nipple through her lacy bra. He ran the tip of his cock up and down her slick cunt opening.

“Mmmm.” Moaned Sally quietly. Then a louder “Oooohhhh!” as Tim slowly inserted his tool into her wet hole until his total nine inches was inside.

Tim slowly and repeatedly withdrew and inserted his cock, just leaving the very thick tip inside her.

Sally’s mind could not keep up with all the sensatory input and started to thrash around. Her hips thrusting towards Tim’s instrument. She needed to come again. “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Tim complied and increased his intensity and tempo.

“Yes! Harder!” Sally ordered. “Fuck me harder!”

Tim was slamming his hips into Sally as hard as he could. Her cunt walls tightened around his steel pole and was trying to suck his sperm directly from his sack.

If she thought she had come hard before; it waned in comparison with this one. “Yes! Fuck! I’m cummmming!” Sally no longer in control of her body. “I need it! Please, cum in me now!” she begged.

Tim could no longer hold back. From deep within his bowels, he felt his pending climax building. He continued his pelvic pounding as his seminal fluid started to rush from his balls and erupted deep into Sally’s womb.

“I’m cum-m-m-ing!” Tim grunted. “Fuck you’re so hot!”

“My…god! It feels like a fire hose exploding in my cunt!” Screamed Sally. “Give me! Give me all your cum!”

Tim lost count of the number of shots of he dumped into Sally. It felt like a quart of his cream was expelled from his balls. All of it was contained inside Sally until he started to soften a bit and slowly extracted himself. Excess cum, and there was a lot, started to pour out of Sally’s gaping hole and down between the crack of her ass.

Tim laid beside Sally in a warm embrace.

“Seems I have another leak. Can you fix it?” Sally asked. “I’ll make you breakfast!”

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