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Holiday in the Sun

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As summer approached Steve and I were sitting in his flat, naked as was usual when we are home together, discussing where to go on our holiday in a couple of weeks time. Feeling in a playful mood, I suggested that we should visit some nude beaches as I would love to show off his great body and especially his wonderful cock to the other women there.

Steve looked over at me and, eyeing me up and down appraisingly, said “I bet that a few of the men would enjoy checking out your body too, particularly your lovely little boobs and your outstanding nipples.”

Perhaps at this stage I should introduce us.

At the time Steve was in his late 20s, was about 6ft tall and athletic through working out regularly, short cropped brown hair and most important a lovely cock that he knows how to use to give me maximum pleasure. (Based on my previous experiences, it was slightly narrower than most of my other partners had been but was almost half as long again as theirs. In fact, when he finally slams into me prior to cumming he penetrates my cervix, something no-one else has ever done!).

My name is Raelene, I was a couple of years younger than Steve, 5’6″ in my bare feet, have shoulder length auburn hair, and an almost slim body with small breasts. (My breasts are about size A, I don’t know exactly as I never wear a bra, my nipples are almost always erect and sit out up to about an inch from my large, dark aureoles.)

I have always had a fairly casual attitude to clothes and don’t mind showing my little bit of cleavage when we go out. I always thought that Steve was more conservative than me, but I had to change my mind on that when I noticed that the talk had had a stimulating effect on him and he started to grow. This caused a halt in proceedings while we checked out each other’s ‘special features’.

When we resumed our conversation an hour or so later, the idea of visiting nude beaches was taken as granted and we started working out ways to find out where they were. We turned on the computer and there on the internet was all the information we needed. We spent the rest of the afternoon planning our trip, with only a couple of breaks to satisfy our basic needs and to have something to eat. We had by then decided to take Steve’s campervan, so eventually it was only a matter of selecting a route. The only problem with the route we selected was that it would take two solid days to drive to the first beach.

After two days of driving, we eventually arrived in the area of our first beach late in the afternoon and booked into the local caravan park for the night to use their facilities as we only had limited space for sleeping and eating in the campervan. We were allocated a park away from most of the caravans but next to a large motorhome – a converted bus – where the owners, somewhat older than us, were sitting under an awning drinking wine.

We said G’day to them and went about our business of cleaning up after the trip and setting up for the night. When we got into bed, we talked of what we would do next morning, surprisingly I felt some trepidation and asked Steve if he was sure about us taking off all our clothes in public to which he said that he wasn’t sure but was prepared to do it if I wanted to. We then made love before going off to sleep. As I was dropping off I heard a woman gasping out an orgasm and, realizing that it had to be the woman in the motorhome next door, hoped that they had not overheard us earlier.

Next morning we set off for the local beach. Once there, we saw that some of the other couples on the beach were naked so we found a spot not too close to the others and placed down our towels and for the first time in public we took off our clothes. We quickly laid down, me because my bravado of earlier had temporarily deserted me and Steve to hide his rising erection. After looking around and seeing that no-one else was taking any notice of us, I felt much more relaxed and began to enjoy myself.

We had only been there a short while when another couple who looked vaguely familiar strolled onto the beach and dropped their gear a short distance away. By their lack of tan lines, and the way that they casually stripped off their clothes and took their time arranging their things I surmised that they had done this before. My attention was particularly drawn to them because neither had any pubic hair, their sexes boldly displayed to the world.

Once she was lying down, he gently rubbed sunscreen into her back and then turned her over and covered her front. He seemed to spend extra time coating her large, firm breasts and between her thighs. By the time he finished his penis had swollen considerably although it still hung between his legs. As she was lying with her head away from us, we could see between her spread legs right up to her pussy, where her outer lips were puffy and open, exposing her pink inner lips. They then swapped places, with him first lying on his front and then being turned over so she could finish the job. She covered his chest and stomach and then moved to his legs. When she reached the top of his thighs she began to rub the cream into his penis. She did this for a couple of minutes using long slow sweeps until his cock was standing straight up in the air. I could now see that it wasn’t nearly as long as Steve’s but that it was huge around, at least twice as wide, maybe more.

When she finished applying the cream to him she sat down on her towel and gave me a big wink. I was mortified – she must have seen me staring at them. Next time I looked over at them, she smiled at me and asked if I wanted some sunscreen too. She obviously wasn’t upset that I had been watching their little performance.

So as not to appear churlish, I agreed and she gathered up her cream and came over to us. She rubbed it into my back and legs before saying “You really need to make sure that you have plenty of this on your bum if this is the first time you have sunbaked nude.” It was at this time that I realized why I thought that I knew them; they were the couple from the big motorhome.

I was flabbergasted, she must have heard everything we said (and did) the night before. She then told me to roll over while she covered my front. It seemed to my now sensitive mind that she spent a lot more time than absolutely necessary on my breasts (and my very erect nipples) and around my pubic area.

She then asked Steve, who had seen the previous show, if he wanted doing and as he hesitated, I said “Go ahead. He also hasn’t done this before either and also needs protecting.”

She slowly covered his entire back before commanding him to turn over. When he did, I could see that his cock had become somewhat tumescent and wondered how much self control he had needed to stop it fully rising. She then covered his chest and stomach, occasionally brushing his cock, and then moved to his feet and legs. Instead of kneeling between his feet to reach his thighs, she straddled him and exposed her shaven and open pussy to his gaze. This brought a reaction from his old fellow which stretched further towards full size although it still lay on his stomach. When she reached that point she licked her lips, said “And now for the bit I really like!” and reached for his penis. She rubbed cream from one end to the other slowly and tantalizingly, unashamedly masturbating him until he was fully erect and standing up to his full height.

She bent over, quickly kissed the tip and then stood up.

She then said “This is ridiculous, I have been rubbing my hands all over your bodies for the last ten minutes and I don’t even know your names. I am Sharon.”

I replied “I am Raelene and this is Steve. I am very glad to meet you and thank you for the sunscreen.” Steve concurred, apparently no longer concerned that he was lying naked on a public beach with his huge hard on sticking up like a flagpole.

“I must get back to Henry before he becomes jealous of you two.” she said.

We thanked her as she turned and strolled casually back to her husband. I looked over at him and noticed that his erection had now subsided, pity really, I had been trying to think of a way to get a closer look at that impressive weapon.

Later, Henry and Sharon stood up and walked over towards us then Sharon introduced Henry to Steve and I. We were now both sitting up so that we had our eyes on the same level as their bare crotches and only a couple of feet away. Despite the flaccid nature of his penis, Henry looked even most impressive now that he was up close.

They invited us to go swimming with them and so we joined them. It seemed that during that time Henry spent more time close to me than to Sharon and that she spent a lot of time close to Steve. Although there was nothing overt about it, Henry’s hands occasionally touched my breasts, especially my erect nipples and his incredible cock brushed my thigh or bum. During the time in the water we all did the “What are you doing here? etc.” routine and became quite chatty with it.

When we returned to the beach, Sharon advised us to apply more sunscreen but suggested that this time we should do it ourselves. As Steve was applying it for me, the other two collected their towels from where they had been and moved over beside us so that we became a group of four rather than two distinct couples.

We continued to chat and eventually got their story which was simply that they had been visiting nudist sites for a number of years and now knew many people who frequented them. On this trip they were just about to head for home when they overheard our conversation of the previous evening and decided to follow us to the beach to make sure that we didn’t chicken out at the last minute and miss the chance to taste a wonderful lifestyle. And in answer to my unasked question, yes, they had also heard me as Steve was pleasuring me last night. Apparently the campervan rocks quite a bit when that is going on inside. They appeared quite unfazed that they had overheard us in our intimacy and even less concerned when I said that I had heard them going at it too.

Before we left the beach late in the afternoon Henry asked us what our plans were and when we said that we were going back to the caravan park for a shower, etc., he glanced at Sharon and suggested that we save some money, stay in the beach car park and use the facilities in their motorhome. He explained that they only used caravan parks about once a week to use the facilities and refill their tanks and the rest of the time they were totally independent. As they had only just topped up, there was plenty of water for an extra couple of showers and therefore no reason why we couldn’t use some of that. It sounded like a good plan so we readily agreed. We all returned to the car park and there was their huge bus sitting beside and dwarfing our little campervan.

Steve and I went to our van and after setting up the bed grabbed some clean clothes and took them over to the motorhome. As we approached the door Henry opened it and invited us in. Once inside he said that Sharon would be out of the shower shortly and took us on a brief inspection of the bus. After our little van this was a palace, from the bedroom at the rear with its king-size bed, past the shower/toilet where Sharon waved to us through the glass door, through the kitchen (with all mod cons) and dining area to a spacious lounge at the front.

Sharon then came out of the shower drying her hair and completely naked. She said “You’re next Raelene.” and showed me where to leave my clothes with the comment “We have been naked in front of each other all day, not much point in covering up now.” That made sense to me, so when I finished my toilette I swallowed my nervousness and walked naked into the lounge to join the others. By the time both the guys had showered we were all naked and sitting in the lounge with Sharon and Henry sitting together and Steve and I likewise with Henry directly opposite me.

Henry explained that they normally had happy hour each afternoon – that was what they were doing yesterday when we arrived – with drinks and a few snacks. Sharon excused herself to go to the kitchen to prepare the snacks and Henry invited us to select drinks from an impressively stocked bar fridge. When I said that I like wine, he pulled a bottle of champagne from the fridge and said we should all have one to celebrate our new lifestyle and friendship. Sharon had now returned and proposed a toast to that new friendship. We drank that and I proposed a toast of thanks to Henry and Sharon which Steve and I drank. Henry said “That’s not fair, you are now one up on us.” and he proposed a toast to “young people joining the nudist society”. They drank to that and Henry went to the fridge for another bottle of bubbly.

I saw Sharon looking at Steve’s willy and then she adjusted her position so that her legs were slightly apart and her naked pussy lips exposed. Her outer labia seemed to be a bit more swollen than they had been earlier and when I checked beside me, Steve was beginning to rise to the occasion. When I noticed that Henry had seen this exchange and that his cock was also starting to move, I didn’t want to be left out of this so I parted my knees to give Henry and Sharon a better view of my cunt. All this took place without a word being said, but as the guys started to get hard we girls continued to inch our legs apart until we were each well splayed. At the end both fellas were sporting full erections. Sharon spoke up brightly “I think it is time to do something about dinner. Come along Steve, you can help me cut up the vegetables.”

When they had gone, Henry said to me “You know, I could see you much better down there if you didn’t have so much hair around it.”

I was intrigued with their shaven pubes and replied “Yes, I have noticed that you and Sharon are shaved. Isn’t it painful when you do it? What if you nick your privates?”

“As long as you are careful, you don’t cut anything and therefore it doesn’t hurt.”

“How often do you have to do it to keep it smooth?”

“As often as necessary, but that’s no big deal. I shave down here at the same time I shave my face. Sharon shaves hers whenever she shaves her underarms and legs.”

“How smooth is it?”

Sharon replied from the kitchen “Why don’t you find out for yourself? And you too Steve, put you hand down here on my pussy.”

I moved over beside Henry and took Sharon up on her offer. I gently stroked Henry’s cock and balls and found them to be silky smooth, not to mention growing even harder. Henry reached over and took my breasts in his hands with his fingers caressing my hard and sensitive nipples. After a couple of minutes, during which his cock had become rock hard and far thicker than I remembered from the beach, he dropped one hand slowly over my stomach and began to gently rub it up and down my pussy lips. A gasp escaped my lips when his finger penetrated my outer lips and found my clitoris. Sharon must have heard me because she came out of the kitchen with a still fully erect Steve and said “I think we should stop there for the time being and have some dinner while we can.” I could see her outer cunt lips were wide open and there was definitely the shine of a well lubed pussy inside.

We moved through into the dining area and ate our dinner with another bottle of wine, rather rapidly I thought, and not necessarily because we were starving. We were now sitting with Steve and I on the long side of the table with Henry at the end next to me and Sharon at the other end. After dinner was completed and the table cleared, Sharon turned to Steve and said “Now you can compare the difference between hairy and smooth, put one hand on Raelene’s twat and the other one on mine.” Steve wasted no time responding to this offer and I felt him lightly stroking my pubic area, especially my bushy mound.

She then turned to me “You too, Raelene, take a feel of each of the boys.” I complied.

I had always thought that Steve’s cock was smooth but as I slowly stroked each of these cocks, I realized that it only seemed smooth compared to others because it was hairless for the top half of its extreme length. Henry on the other hand (pun definitely intended) was completely hairless all over, his belly, scrotum and impressively thick cock were all soooo smooth. Both guys were now fully erect and the difference between them was very profound, one short, thick and very smooth, the other long, thin and the hairs quite wiry towards the base.

Steve had begun to probe more forcefully at my cunt and I had now spread my legs wider and wider to allow him better access until he had a finger deep inside me and his thumb was gently rubbing my clit. I could see that he had also penetrated Sharon and had two fingers inside her with his palm caressing her naked mons. Henry now joined the party and had again placed a hand on my breast and was caressing my sensitive nipple, his other hand had moved between my thighs and gently removed Steve’s hand from my sex and then proceeded to caress my clitoris and place first one, then two fingers inside me. I then felt Sharon remove my hand from Steve and I saw her replace it with her own.

After a few minutes of this very tangled group grope, Sharon said in a very breathy voice “OK! That is probably enough for that test. Now we should get Raelene to feel me to get some idea of how she would feel if she was smooth and Steve should check out Henry. And as we will have to move anyway, we may as well go into the bedroom for that.”

It sounded like a good idea to me although Steve seemed somewhat less than enthusiastic about touching another man. We all disengaged, reluctantly on my part – I was fascinated by the feel of Henry’s smooth, thick member – and moved into the bedroom. Sharon and Henry were soon lying side by side on the bed and Steve and I were inspecting their carefully shaved areas. I gingerly approached Sharon and immediately realized that I could see her twat much more clearly than I had ever been able to see mine, even allowing that she was now so wide open that I could actually see inside her love canal. Her clitoris was clearly sitting there between her puffy outer lips like a small penis. I reached forward and gently stroked over her mons and down to her cunt itself. The smooth feeling made it seem so soft and clean. I felt a judder go through her body when my gently exploring fingers found her clitoris and she moaned “Yes! That’s it, keep it there.”

I massaged her clit for a short while then I slid my fingers further down and pushed one, then two, into her steaming cunt. She bucked under me and began moaning louder, so I began sliding my fingers in and out of her love canal. As she continued to moan I leant forward and began to lick her clitoris and then took her clitoris into my mouth and began to suck on it the way I would suck on Steve’s cock. This put her over the top and with a shout of triumph she came under me. I continued gently ministering to her pussy as she came down from her climax.

Steve had been exploring Henry’s shaved features and Henry had now taken Steve into his hand, but they both stopped and watched as I brought Sharon to her climax. “What do you guys think of the smooth feel?” asked Henry as I sat back and Sharon lay there recovering.

Steve responded with “Wow, it really feels great.”

I said “If it is going to make me this sensitive,” gesturing to Sharon “then I think that I want one.”

Sharon replied “My cunt was always sensitive but since Henry convinced me to shave I seem to be almost constantly horny and ready to go off at the slightest provocation.”

Henry added “I can vouch for that, we still fuck like newlyweds despite our 15 years together.”

I said “That settles it; I am definitely going to get shaved at the first opportunity.” I turned to Steve and added “And if I am going to be shaved, then I think it only fair that you are too, Steve.”

Henry said “Good, both Sharon and I are good at shaving the delicate bits, we sometimes do it to each other as part of our foreplay and it heightens our lovemaking. If you prefer, I could shave Raelene and Sharon would shave Steve. We can do it right here and now, we only need some towels and a couple of new disposable razors from the bathroom.”

This was all a bit quick for me but I also agreed when Steve said “OK! Let’s do it.”

Henry excused himself and went to get the paraphernalia. We heard him running water in the shower, then he returned with some warm, damp towels. Meanwhile Sharon had placed a couple of towels on the bed and instructed us to lie down side by side. We complied and when Henry returned, he handed one warm towel to Sharon who carefully placed it over Steve’s slightly wilting cock and surrounding pubes, as Henry separated my legs and covered me from my navel, over my cunt and down between my legs with the other warm towel. He said “Now we must wait a few minutes for the towels to soften the hairs.” and walked out of the room. He returned with four glasses and more champagne.

While we waited we sipped gratefully at the cold bubbly and I began to wonder if we were doing the right thing. I took Steve’s hand and he squeezed me reassuringly. Every little while Henry would pat the towel over my quim to check that it was still warm and doing its job. Sharon left and returned with the rest of the gear needed to denude us and I felt a slight shudder go through Steve’s hand when he saw it. It was my turn to squeeze his hand in reassurance.

Eventually, inevitably, Henry declared that we were “cooked” and lifted the top of the still warm towel and moved the whole thing down between my legs. He took a small pair of scissors from the collection of utensils and began to snip away my pubic hair starting at the top of my mons. I looked over and saw that Sharon was doing the same to Steve having first moved his cock away from the area of operations. My attention returned to what was happening to me and I could now see that Henry had snipped off most of the hair from my mons and was now working his way in from my bikini line. He was being very gentle and careful in what he was doing and my confidence in him was building which was a good thing as he moved from my bikini line to my cunt lips. He examined me very closely and with even more care than before he snipped off all the hair from my outer lips, including the inside of them.

To do this he took one lip at a time and gently pulled it out, stretching it to gain better access. While it may have been accidental that every time Henry changed his grip on my lips he brushed my clitoris, it probably wasn’t, creating and continuing my sexual high – not yet up to orgasmic level, but very definitely well past mildly interesting. He next took my inner labia and pulled them apart to the maximum extent that he could without causing discomfort and leaned right down to take a close inspection of the entrance to my love canal. “Can’t see any hair in here.” he announced and then leant further down and licked and lapped along its length before sitting back. “Delicious!” was his response. Only when he was sitting back on his heels did he ease my inner lips back and remove his hands.

After he finished with the scissors and had removed all the loose hair, he took Steve’s hand and placed it on my partially denuded pussy, telling Steve to keep me warm while he prepared for the next part of the operation. Steve immediately wiggled his finger inside me and began to caress my clitoris with his thumb. Henry left the bedroom and I could hear him running water in the bathroom. Looking to the side I saw that Sharon had a firm grip about half way up Steve’s shaft as she snipped off the last of his long pubic hairs around its base and then carefully swept the loose hairs away from his cock.

Henry returned shortly with a two bowls of hot water which he placed on each of the bed side tables. He moved to a position between my thighs and as he kneeled there, I could see his fat prick standing proud with a little pre-cum leaking from his pee hole. I reached down to his penis and wiping the slit in the end received a sample of his pre-cum which I transferred to my tongue, “I concur.” said I. Taking a can of shaving cream from the pile between Steve and I, he said “Thankyou Steve for keeping her warm, but I will take over again now.”

Steve reluctantly removed his hand from my pussy as Henry squirted a pile of shaving cream onto his hand and began rubbing it in to the stubble surrounding my cunt. Once he had covered all of my stubble, he rinsed his hand in the basin beside the bed and took up a disposable razor. “Guaranteed new.” he said. He began shaving at the top of my mons, rinsing the blade regularly, and moved from there down and around my pussy, avoiding my labia, until he finished between my outspread thighs almost down to my buttocks. He then took a small hand towel and wiped away all the remaining shaving cream and the left behind bits of shaven off hair. He took my hand and guided it over my mons and around my pussy asking “Does that feel smoother than it used to? More to the point, does it feel better, so far?”

There was only one answer available to that question: “Yes!” It felt wonderfully smooth where he had led my fingers. He left my hand there as he acquired more shaving cream, and when I started to move my hand towards my actual pussy he stopped me and placed my hand back at my side between Steve and I. He squirted more shaving cream onto his hand and applied it with a fingertip to my outer labia. He would gently but firmly pull the labia away from my body until it was taut, apply a small amount of cream and then carefully shave that piece and wipe off the excess cream and bits of hair before taking a new grip on my labia and repeating the process on the next piece of flap. Now every time he took a grip on my labia, the back of his finger would rub over my clitoris. This raised my excitement level higher and higher until, when he was almost finished the first side, I couldn’t stand it any more and I was overcome by a huge orgasm. I came with such force that he had to stop shaving for almost two minutes before I had the shaking and rolling of my pelvis under control.

My thrashing around on the bed also caused Sharon to stop shaving Steve. She exclaimed “Bravo! Girl! Way to go! That was a truly magnificent effort.” And the two guys obviously agreed with her because they clapped enthusiastically.

I settled down again and Henry continued on with his shaving of my labia. He first completed the outside of both labia and then went searching, with his face so close that I could feel his breath on my cunt, on the inside for any further stray hairs. When he was satisfied that all were gone, he got a clean damp hand towel and gently wiped me down removing any last trace of shaving cream and loose hair. Once he was satisfied that it was all clean, he applied some hand cream to all the denuded areas and then took Steve’s hand and invited him to feel my new smoothness. He left us to check out this new state as he removed all the detritus of the shaving exercise.

By the time he had returned, Sharon had finished shaving and cleaning Steve and she had me feel his new smoothness while she in turn cleared away the remaining items. When Henry returned he said “I still have the quality control to go.” and removed Steve’s hand from my quim. He positioned himself between my thighs and bent forward to run his tongue over the denuded area until he reached the outer side of labia. He lifted his head and announced “So far, so good.” He placed his head down again and began to work his tongue inside my outer lips. He soon reached my clitoris and began to lap at it. At the same time he gently introduced first one, then two, and finally three fingers inside my love canal and slowly, teasingly plunged them in and out in time with the rhythm of his tongue until I again succumbed to his ministrations. He stilled his fingers but kept them deep inside me as he kissed my clit and sat up.

When I came down from this orgasm, he slowly resumed the pumping of his fingers, looked me directly in the eye and asked in a hoarse whisper “Are you ready for the final quality control test?”

I noticed that the other two had stopped all activity of their own, in fact had probably stopped when Henry went down on me, and were watching us intently, waiting with bated breath for my response. I looked down at his massive weapon standing hard and proud between my legs and with a shudder of fearful anticipation I looked up at him and whispered “Yes! But please be gentle with me.”

He replied “I certainly will, you need have no fear on that score. If at any time you feel that you can’t go on, just say so and I will stop right there.”

I nodded my understanding and watched, almost mesmerized, as he withdrew his fingers, scooped out some of my copious juice and lubed himself with it. He shuffled forward and his giant manhood approached the opening to my slit. What mixed emotions went through my mind in those few seconds between my agreeing to take him and the first contact between our sexual organs. I was fascinated by his staff, the thickness of which I had never seen before, but was reminded that for many months the only cock which had been inside me was Steve’s which if anything was thinner than most.

That first contact was memorable, he had had to bend forward to align it with my quim and then after a further small shuffle I could feel his glans pressing gently against my labia. He separated my inner labia with his hands and stroked his huge helmet up and down my slit from my clitoris to the folds between my legs. Each time he stroked he would exert a little more pressure and my labia would open and engulf a little more of his glans. As I took more of that helmet between my labia, so his range of movement was reduced until the tip of his cock was positioned hard against the entrance to my love canal.

When he released my labia I sensed that he was looking intently at my face. I looked up at him and saw a questioning look in his eyes, there was no need to vocalize I knew he was asking if I was prepared for penetration. When my eyes locked on his, he knew the answer. He continued to hold my gaze with his as I felt him pushing forward and the tip of his glans enter my canal. I could feel me inner labia distort and my cunt walls stretch as he oh so slowly and inexorably forced his thick cock into me. I screamed in mixed ecstasy and pain. And it hurt, don’t let anyone tell you that taking an inordinately thick cock doesn’t hurt, they are lying or very experienced. And while it hurt like hell, it was the most incredibly intense penetration I had ever experienced and I didn’t want it to stop.

I think that he could see the pain in my eyes which were still fixed on his, there were definitely tears in them, but as long as I maintained eye contact he was going to keep going. I think that even if I had shouted at him he would have kept going as long as we didn’t break that eye contact. At last, at glorious last, I felt his smooth balls between my legs and his body hard against my smooth mons. He was still pushing hard into me although he had now reached as far as he was able to go and I saw a smile begin in his eyes and spread to the rest of his face. I grinned back at him and then asked “Please stop right where you are for a minute and give me a chance to adjust to you before we continue. I am so full of conflicting emotion, not to mention you, and I also need to let my cunt adjust to your girth and to the pain you are inflicting on me.”

“Of course, I told you before that I have no desire to hurt you and, besides, I want you to remember tonight with fondness.”

I got a bit of a shock when I heard a female voice and when I looked around I realized that it was Sharon sitting beside us watching everything that was going on. She had her hand wrapped gently around Steve’s cock but otherwise was not moving. Steve was sitting beside her with his hand over her quim and what looked like a finger inside her. She had said “So, Steve, how do you feel about doing some quality control with me?”

His response was an immediate “Yes. After all we must make sure that you did a good job. Besides, I need to put this somewhere very soon.” indicating his long pole which was leaking a fair bit of pre-cum.

She told him to lie down on his back and then she straddled him. I could see her outer lips were swollen and red with passion and between them her pink inner lips were also separated. She lowered herself until his cock was between her inner labia, he guiding it up and down along her slit. When she had lined up her hole with his pole she began to slowly descend and more and more of him disappeared inside her. He reached up and held onto her large breasts to steady her. When about two thirds had vanished inside her, she began keening “Oh boy, I have never had a cock that far inside me before.”

As she lowered herself further her gasps of delight increased until her descent stopped, seeming to have trouble gaining further penetration although there was still at least an inch of space between their bodies. As pushing herself slowly down didn’t appear to help, she raised herself slightly and dropped her whole weight down onto his pole and with a shriek she took his entire length inside her. She sat there impaled on him with a look of absolute incredulity on her face. I knew what had happened but she had not worked it out yet.

As Steve disappeared inside her twat, his extremely long weapon had forced itself through the narrow opening and entered her cervix. A hell of an experience no matter how many times it happens and it had happened to Sharon for the first time. By now he was holding her steady by her tits, otherwise she would have fallen off him, and he told her “Sit there quietly for a couple of minutes until you become accustomed to the new sensation.”

This distraction allowed my mind to think of things other than the stretching going on inside my cunt and when I turned my mind from the other two, I found that the pain I had experienced earlier had now diminished greatly. To tell Henry, who was still looking in awe at his wife, that I was ready to resume our own quality control, I managed to take control of my vaginal muscles and squeeze his cock. This pulled him out of his reverie and he looked back into my eyes where he saw that I was now ready to continue. To reinforce this I again said “Yes! But please be gentle with me.”

He responded by slowly withdrawing his huge girth until only the head was inside my love canal and he waited there for a few seconds before again slowly driving it fully inside me. This penetration brought a cry of pain from me so he again stopped and waited until I was ready to resume. We continued in this vein for about five minutes until my cries became mews and eventually moans of delight rather than pain. He then started to fuck me with a slow regular rhythm. After we had been at this for a few more minutes he lifted my knees over his shoulders and again drove into me, less gentle this time. As he was able to achieve deeper penetration this way I could feel a new set of nerve endings screaming, but shut my mouth and clenched my teeth to stop a sob escaping. He must have expected this because he rested deep inside me until I opened my mouth and began breathing normally again. In this new position he could more comfortably reach my breasts so his hands found their way there and began to tweak my nipples in time with his resumed cadence.

Each tweak brought a mew of pleasure from my lips and it was only another minute when my mewing became gasping and then a steady “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” increasing in volume each time he drove into me. As my lungs seemed about to burst my body took pity on them and I had my biggest orgasm of night. Despite my being thus spent Henry continue to rhythmically drive his monster in and out of my cunt as though he was a machine. As soon as I came down from that orgasm, he changed his position slightly which sent a whole new set of thrills through me and a few minutes later I came again.

He withdrew from me, rolled me onto my tummy, raised my hips and drove himself into me in the classic doggie style. In this position he gained even more penetration and more friction on my already abused cunt walls. I then seemed to be cumming continuously until, after what seemed an eternity he increased his tempo and began really slamming into me. A minute later I felt his cock swell even more and he too started to cum. He pumped and pumped his red hot seed into me until I thought that it must bloat me. When he had finished pumping he allowed his body to collapse onto mine and then rolled us both onto our side away from the other two.

Away from the other two? Bloody hell, I had forgotten all about them. In fact, I had not thought about anything else but that monster cock of Henry’s for the last however long it had been. I looked over my shoulder towards them to see Steve positioning himself between Sharon’s legs and aiming (what had been until tonight) my favourite toy between her thighs. He lowered his body and fed that long thing into her waiting quim. I looked back at Henry with an enquiring look on my face and he said “Their second. She drained him earlier and since then they have spent the time listening to and watching us. You do put on quite a performance, you know.” His rapidly shrinking cock then fell out of me as he suggested that we watch them for a while.

We sat up and I could see that Steve had penetrated Sharon with about half of his dong already vanishing inside her. He continued to slowly feed that thing to her until he was almost there, when he again encountered some resistance. As he had done with me many times, he slowly withdrew a couple of inches and then thrust his hips forward with as much force as he could muster and drove himself through the narrow opening and into her cervix once more. She screamed with delight and, wrapping her legs around his arse, held him tight into her pussy.

She held him there for almost a minute before releasing her pressure on his bum. When she did he withdrew only an inch or so and then slammed back into her. This way he was able to keep the helmet at the end of his cock inside her womb and apply stimulation to its narrow entrance. Her screams of delight slowly subsided to moans. When this had happened and Sharon further relaxed her grip with her legs, he withdrew about half way and again drove hard into the body under his. He apparently drove straight through the entrance to her cervix, causing her to scream out again. Mercilessly he continued to withdraw to half way and then drive his full length into her. Each assault produced an aural response from her, but these soon faded from anguished screams to satisfied moans. By the time she had settled down to moaning at each assault, he had changed to a steady rhythm of almost fully withdrawing and then driving steadily into her until he had reached bottom. Her moans became stronger and soon she orgasmed as he held himself deep inside her. When she returned to normal he continued his assault on her cunt and womb. By now she was in almost constant orgasm and after a fair time Steve increased the speed and the depth of his thrusting and with an animal roar he leant back and then drove himself fully into her. We could see his arse clenching as he shot another load of seed deep inside her.

I looked down at Henry and saw that he was growing hard again, it was decision time, to go with him again or to save my poor battered pussy for some other time. Henry saw the dilemma that I was in and whispered “I don’t think I can stand the pressure of your tight little cunt again tonight, why don’t we just take a rest.”

I agreed with him and we sat there companionably for a while whilst the other two recovered. As they became aware of their surroundings again, Henry slid off the bed and asked “Anyone for coffee?” Receiving all positive responses, he went to the kitchen and put the billy on.

When the other two were sufficiently recovered we all moved to the lounge for our coffee. What a disreputable lot we all looked, hair everywhere and loins covered in dripping or drying love juice. Somehow when we sat down we were again sitting with our long term partners. It was then that the atmosphere became a little tense. I sensed that we all, myself included, needed something to break this ice when Henry provided it by turning to Steve and asking him if he intended showing his new smooth finish on the beach next morning. Steve had obviously not considered earlier that he may be required to appear smooth in public, whether on the beach or in the changing rooms of the gym, and appeared somewhat taken aback when the full implications struck home. They struck me almost as hard as they did him.

I recovered faster than Steve and with more bravado than sense, said “Of course we are going to appear on the beach tomorrow.”

“Good.” replied Henry, “I am looking forward to a stroll along the beach tomorrow to see some friends who will most likely be at the far end; you can both come along and meet them. They are also smoothies (the name we give to those who prefer their nakedness to be complete) and you will find them delightful company.”

Sharon said “I don’t know about you lot, but I am absolutely tired after all that has happened tonight and I am shortly going to bed.” Addressing Steve and I she added “If you two want to stay here and share our bed that is fine by me. Don’t get me wrong though, if Steve comes near me again tonight with that thing of his, I will hit him. It has been a wonderful new experience but for now enough is enough.”

That was the signal for the party to break up and Steve and I agreed to spend the rest of the night with them.

When we finally all crawled into bed, I noticed that Steve and Henry were both becoming hard again. With the lights out Steve and I cuddled together and I could feel him becoming harder and longer. I rolled over and felt him cuddle into my back. This of course placed his now rampant manhood between my legs. I decided that as my main problem (and also my main joy) earlier had been Henry’s girth, a gentle screw with Steve would not be out of place. Accordingly, I guided him to the very tender entrance to my cunt and allowed him to slide in through all the juices already in there. We were gently making love in our familiar satisfying way without the earlier heightened excitement of a new and very different partner. I noticed movement on the bed as Henry mounted his wife and slowly and quietly began to fuck her. Although both couples were trying to be quiet, it was apparent that we each knew of the other’s actions. Both guys paced themselves but both Sharon and I were physically and mentally exhausted so we performed every trick we knew and brought this final coupling session to a satisfying conclusion.

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