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Heidi’s Revenge

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Some days, I just love my job! Free lance woodworker here in Los Angeles…I have the freedom to work the hours I please and meet lots of women. Of course the reality of my situation is that most of the time I’m behind schedule, work like a dog and take a lot of shit from people who don’t really appreciate what I do.

But then there are days like today. I finished my job in Malibu early and got a nice check.

A real nice check! So I had lunch at Neptune’s Net and was set to cruise back to the shop, radio playing all the while. Along the way I passed Morning View drive where my favorite clients the Thompsons lived. My mind wandered back to my last job for them a few months ago. I’d stumbled onto a salacious home video of pretty Heidi Thompson modeling sleazy panties for her husband Mike. The fantasy escalated and Heidi ended up getting fucked in the ass which, I believe, wasn’t part of the intended “Plot.”

Normally I wouldn’t just stop by and knock on the door but, somehow, I considered Heidi a friend. I knew she wouldn’t mind. I could always make up an excuse like, oh, “Gee Heidi, I have some alder left over from my last job…think you guys might want to launch into the powder room cabinets?”

So I knocked and it was a while before Heidi answered.

“Oh, Jason.” She remarked. Her eyes were red. Almost as though she’d been crying. I began to sputter out my made up excuse for being there but she just turned her back on me. Now I was wondering what was up.

“Everything OK Heidi?” I offered. It was clear that things were not fine. I was divorced about three years ago and, in the wake of the final day in court, I was working at the Thompson’s and Heidi really went out of her way to comfort me. Well, maybe “Comfort” isn’t the right word but she listened to me anyway. I found myself feeling relieved somehow when I left.

“What…what happened?” I asked her. I knew Heidi well enough to reach out as a friend, but I knew at that point that there was a serious problem.

Heidi finally turned to face me. Her face streaked with tears. “Mike was in the shower this morning when his cell rang with a text message. I thought it might be important so I looked at it.” Now Heidi seemed unable to continue. More tears. She shook her head silently and lowered her eyes. I think I knew what was coming when she finally spoke.

“It was…photos of his secretary. Stacy. He took her to San Francisco for a court date. ‘Oh…strictly business Heidi!’ He told me. Business my ass.”

“OK, well, let me guess…she was less than dressed?” I interjected, trying to bring some levity to the situation.

“Jason…I remember you telling me when you got divorced that you felt your ex wife just used you as a meal ticket. Just a way to have a nice car and a partner for sex. Remember that?” I nodded, hoping Heidi would use this opportunity to dump her bucket and get this off her chest.

“Well, I assume my life looks ideal to you but, honestly, all Mike wants from me is a partner to take to dinner and then a total whore when we come home. Night after night, it’s the same thing. He slides into bed next to me, rubs my nipples and then climbs onto my chest. He wants me to talk dirty to him and then he shoves his cock into my mouth.”

“Oh that’s it you sweet little cocksucker!” He taunts me. Then I have to masturbate with my panties on until he comes in my mouth. And he’s not satisfied until I swallow every drop.

I was stunned as you might imagine. Heidi finally looked up and saw my face. She smiled and said “I’m sorry Jason. This isn’t your problem but I feel so…so…”

“So betrayed.” I answered her. “It’s like you’re doing your best to be what he expects in a wife, then he goes out and starts playing around with his secretary. No one deserves that!”

“Come on in Jason, the neighbors will wonder what’s going on.” The pretty blonde housewife led me into the kitchen where she fixed a pot of coffee. “I…I don’t know what to feel Jason. I feel so stupid for marrying him in the first place. A country girl like me from Minnesota, out here in L.A., trying to make it and meeting a guy like him. It was so easy to fall in love with…with the whole lifestyle.

Mike was so different from the boys I knew back home. It was exciting to meet a man who knew his way around a town like this. And he had the money to go with it. We ate at the best restaurants, saw the best concerts from the best seats. He had Laker tickets, Dodger tickets. I guess I accepted his perverted sexual desires as part of the job so to speak.

I know all men like a blow job. But Mike…Mike wanted to know if I was a virgin there. In my mouth, I mean. I admitted I was and he had such a wonderful time “Showing me how.” I was shocked when he came in my mouth. I really wasn’t expecting it, you know? He made a big deal about how that was what I was supposed to do and it was my job to please him.

And my ass? It was the same thing. He kept asking me if I was an anal virgin and I kept telling him it was private and none of his business. Finally he started getting mad so I finally told him I hadn’t had sex back there. After that, he was on a mission to sodomize me. I knew I had to allow it at some point so, one night when I was a bit drunk, I pulled down my panties and knelt before him. He got the hint real quick and rubbed his hard on all up and down my pussy lips until his cock was slippery with my secretions. Then he slowly but surely pushed his big cock up my asshole.

I begged him to go slow but he kept pushing until he had it all the way in. Then he started to fuck me real hard, calling out all the while, “Is it good Heidi? Do you like hard cock in your virgin asshole”?

I never mentioned to Mike that when was a senior in high school I had a boyfriend whom I really loved. Bobby and I planned to marry after graduation and we were physically involved although we hadn’t yet had sex. Bobby would kiss me in the back seat of his car and slide his hand up my leg until he touched my panties. I allowed him to feel me up all he wanted as long as he stayed outside of my panties. We had agreed not to ‘Do it’ until we were married but it was getting harder and harder to stop. One night, I felt his touch on my panties and I just reached down and pulled the leg band to one side and allowed him to feel my bare pussy!

He teased my little virgin hole and then slid his finger gently into my pussy which brought a swoon from me. Then his fingers were upon the waistband of my panties and he pulled them down! I tried to stop him but, well, I didn’t try very hard Jason.

So, now he had my panties in his hand and he urged me onto my belly on the seat of his big Dodge truck. Then he was opening my butt cheeks and I blushed when I thought of what he was seeing. And he gasped when he saw it too! He was excited and then I felt his cock head attempting to penetrate my tight little pussy! He stabbed and missed and then slid his shaft into my butt crack a couple of times. I moaned and looked back at him and said ‘We promised each other Bobby!”

Bobby thought for a minute and asked “But, what if we love each other and plan to be together for the rest of our lives?”

“Then it isn’t too long to wait Bobby.” I answered. I knew he was disappointed and I really loved Bobby. It was quiet for a minute and then I instinctively reached down and took hold of his stiff penis. I’d heard of anal sex from the girls at school but I thought they were just lying.

Without knowing exactly how or why, I moved Bobby’s cock right up into my fleshy butt cheeks and, hoping he would settle for a dry fuck back there, I let go of him. Bobby began to rock to and fro, sliding his cock into my nether cheeks and it actually started to feel kind of sexy. So I started to move lewdly back to meet him. That’s when it happened. His overstimulated prick caught the puckered little ring I have back there and slid in several inches! I cried out but Bobby wasn’t about to stop now. No, he reached back and hilted himself to the balls in my now devirginated little asshole. ‘Oh, Heid…’ he gasped. Then he let loose with a torrent of hot sperm that flooded my insides. It felt so weird!

Bobby used my recently discarded panties to wipe up the cream as it slid salaciously out of my still constricting anus. I know it was my fault. I know I could have stopped him before we got in that situation. Maybe I should have. But Jason, I wanted to fuck too! I know it sounds horrible but honestly, I was 18 and I was ready for sex. Not that kind but…”

Heidi looked up at me and shook her head softly. “You must think I’m some kind of…” At a loss for words, Heidi just trailed off and looked at me for my reaction to her lurid tale of sexual awakening.

“Oh Heidi,” I fired back. “We all get taken advantage of in this life. There’s almost no way to escape it. And, at least you’re holding some cards in this. If you and Mike split up, you’ll at least make out financially.” I gestured at the surrounding house, just a couple of blocks from the beach with it’s gorgeous view of the Pacific.

Heidi nodded, her lips forming a terse little smile. “Yeah. I could take him for a ride, that’s for sure. But…you know Jason, I don’t really want to be divorced. In an odd way, I love Mike. I know he takes me royally for granted, treats my like his personal property, and fools around with that little tart he hired. ‘Secretary’…what a hoot. But to get divorced…

Heidi was quiet again for a few moments and then began to speak. “My mother comes out to visit from time to time and she’ll always ask me ‘So how are things with you and Mike?’ And, Jason, it’s like she knows what goes on between us! It’s like she knows that there’s a price to pay for being this powerful Los Angeles attorney’s wife and showpiece. She looks at me and it seems to me that she can tell I have to suck his cock every single night and virtually never get fucked in my pussy.”

Heidi’s face darkened. “And yet Jason, I have friends in this neighborhood and I know I’m not the only woman who is in this boat. Mike is an attorney and you might think it would be easy to get a divorce and take half of his money. I can assure you it wouldn’t be easy.”

Now, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but to me there was only one obvious way to solve this dilemma. And I decided to attempt to introduce this option to Heidi.

I stepped closer to Heidi, still dressed in her robe and slippers. So close that I could smell her feminine scent and I assumed she could smell my Old Spice aftershave. Hey, I’m old school!

“Heidi,” I began, “A beautiful woman like you should never have to accept this bullshit. A sexually desirable woman in the prime of her life should never settle for sucking cock every night and never getting fucked in her vagina. And, furthermore, a warm and loving woman like you should never be forced to surrender her asshole unless it’s in a warm and loving situation!”

“OK, I laid it on a little thick but it seemed to work. Heidi was now looking at me a little differently. I moved even closer. Her robe covered tits were now in touch with my chest. I edged closer until my thighs met hers. Heidi hadn’t spoken but her eyes told quite a story! Her dark blue eyes just burned into mine! I leaned closer…and closer. Then, I took a chance and kissed her!

And what a kiss! Here she was: Heidi Thompson! My ‘Pal at work’ from time to time, whom I’d admired and lusted after and even seen nude on video and…and I was kissing her and she was kissing back!

Then her sweet little tongue surged into my mouth and it kind of surprised me! And Heidi aggressively moved the final few inches into me and now my arms encircled her and we were grinding together like teenagers. I moved my hands down to get a nice feel of Heidi’s butt and I wasn’t disappointed! I could tell she was wearing panties under her robe and my mind began to recognize the reality that could lay just ahead…A chance to touch Heidi’s little panties!

I broke our furious kiss and whispered to Heidi “Wanna go upstairs?” But Heidi shook her head ‘No.'” Without speaking, Heidi led me by the hand into the living room with it’s spectacular ocean view. She stepped back and, with me watching closely, Heidi undid her robe and let it drop to the floor. My jaw dropped at the sight of Heidi’s wonderful little tits and white panties. She was like a dream! Her pussy appeared to be shaved like it was in the video and her panties were tightly clinging to the aroused flesh of her vaginal lips.

My cock had hardened a while ago and now I began to undress as quickly as possible. I got down to my briefs and then balked at pulling them off. Not sure why but Heidi seemed interested! She walked saucily towards the sofa, her panty encased rear cheeks jiggling as she moved. I moved up behind her and began to nuzzle her neck. Heidi giggled and shoved her ass back at me. I moved my hands down to Heidi’s panties and, gloriously, I was touching her soft white underpants!

“You saw that tape didn’t you Jason.” She whispered. “Be honest now…”

“Oh…No Heidi! No! I swear I didn’t!” I was smiling broadly now. “No, I found a video featuring the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen much less worked for! A chance to see her posing naked and teasing in panties? Hell yes! I watched the thing! I hugged her soft warm body and thrust my hardened cock into the folds of her butt.

“Oh mister!” Heidi spoke as a little girl. “Oh, please don’t take off my panties!” My cock lurched at the sound of her sweet voice uttering those words. Just after that Heidi pointed to the mantle where I saw their video camera. She kind of gestured and I understood what she was getting at: She wanted to make a tape! I put my finger to my lips as if to say “Ssshhh” and quietly padded over to retrieve the camera.

I took a minute to set the camera and then I looked quickly at their rack of CDs. I picked out Paul Simon’s “Rhythm of the Saints” and soon the title track was playing there in the living room.

I turned on the Video tape recorder and looked to Heidi as I was now going to tape over Mike’s “Birthday tape.” Heidi nodded at me and said, “Serves him right!”

With the camera rolling I joined Heidi on the luxurious sofa and she greeted me warmly. She opened her legs exposing her panty crotch to my excited gaze. Her legs well apart now, her little panties were barely able to cover Heidi’s excited little pussy. If her stories of never being fucked there were true, well, she didn’t have long to wait now!

“Mister…would you like to touch my panties?” Heidi said hesitantly. She lifted up slightly as if offering her panty covered pussy to me. I took her up on it! I reached for the waist band of my briefs and, feeling the time had come, I pulled them down and freed my rock hard penis. I approached Heidi and slipped my hand right down to the quick of her, touching her fleshy pussy through the flimsy protection of her panties.

“Don’t go inside my panties Mister… Please?” Heidi held back her little smile knowing that would give it all away. “You…you want me to kneel for you mister?” With that Heidi moved to her knees on the sofa, resting her freckled little tits on the sofa back. She was know looking out the window at the Pacific. And if I don’t miss my guess, she was admitting it was this wonderful life of entitlement that she enjoyed was worth saving…and at least she would get a little revenge.

“Oh mister, don’t take off my panties! Heidi begged. I reached for the waist band and began to slowly pull down Heidi’s panties!

“No! Please No!” Heidi complained as she grabbed my hand. “Here, I’ll show you but don’t take off my panties!” With that Heidi lay back on the sofa and put her feet up on the coffee table. She spread her legs well apart and then reached for the legband of her panties. “Here…here’s my pussy mister.” She pulled the leg band over to one side and displayed her hairless pink pussy to me!

At which point I moved directly to her and, taking my prick in my hand, I slipped between Heidi’s thighs and touched my cock head to the pouting pink lips of her willingly displayed pussy! It was really hot and all slippery! I was going on instinct now and I attempted to fuck Heidi Thompson, right there in her living room looking out on the world! I got about three inches into her and it was nice and tight, just like I thought it would be. But Heidi wasn’t done just yet.

“Oh mister, go slow!” Heidi gasped. “Don’t put it all in my pussy so fast! It’s…it’s my first time!” As she was saying it, Heidi slid subtilely forward causing another couple inches of cock to ease into her pussy. She was smiling now, and I’d been waiting to see that. I drove forward and buried every centimeter of my cock into Heidi’s burning hot pussy!

“Oh Jason!” Heidi cried, unable to stay in character. “Oh that’s it! A little harder Jason…yeah, like that! She called up to me. “Oh, it’s been so long!” My balls slapped into Heidi’s asshole as I began to really fuck her pussy harder. I used a regular cadence to deliver my entire cock with every stroke, and Heidi was really responding to it. “That’s it Mister…just like that!” Heidi gasped.

I watched Heidi’s face as I increased the tempo, driving my cock repeatedly into her soft warm pussy. “Oh, mister! You can’t come in my little pussy!” “You’ll get me in trouble!” I had to chuckle. Here was little Heidi Thompson, laid out on the sofa, holding her little white panties out of the way so that she could get fucked in her shaved pussy…all the while a camera rolling, and she was worried about getting in trouble?

Heidi then climbed up on the sofa back and presented her alluring rear cheeks dressed only in her white panties. “Don’t…don’t take my panties all the way off!” Heidi stuck out her lower lip when she said it. I rolled her panties down exposing that dime sized asshole I’d seen on the video previously. Just below it, Heidi’s frustrated little pussy which I was anxious to penetrate anew.

And I did! I sank all of my now well lubricated cock into Heidi’s pussy which brought another gasp from Heidi’s lips. We both began to work together until the room was filled with the sound of my balls slapping into Heidi’s pussy lips. Heidi’s eyes were closed now and she seemed far away…almost as if she was fantasizing or something. I’ve wondered about that moment. Or maybe she was really enjoying sex in her pussy for the first time in a while.

Then the pretty Malibu housewife looked back at me, her eyelids heavy and, without speaking, she reached back and took hold of my cum striving cock. She gently moved it up to the tight little pink hole just above her pussy. I wondered about this. I didn’t want Heidi to think she had to do this. She really seemed to resent it when Mike did it.

“When it’s warm and friendly Jason…it’s OK.” Heidi then put my bloated cockhead right into the tight little ring she had back there and I just quit worrying and stove my penis right into Heidi’s little asshole! “Mmmmmmm!” Heidi moaned as she felt my cock penetrating her back hole. I glanced at the camera and listened to “The Coast” which was now playing in the backround. It seemed appropriate. This whole over the top situation had me ready to come at any time.

“Ooo, it’s…it’s starting to feel good Jason, give me a little more cock…” Well, I guess Heidi has a bit more experience with anal sex than I do because she was already getting all I had in her asshole! But I continued to slide my prick into that tight little dime sized hole until I felt my sperm beginning to rise.

“Oh Mister! Please don’t come in my asshole! You can come in my panties though…Would you like to come in my white panties?

“Oh Heidi!” Was all I could think of to yell at that point. I jerked my cock free of Heidi’s now well stretched asshole and aimed it at Heidi’s panties. The pretty blonde held her little underpants out to receive my load and then it was splashing into Heidi’s tiny panties, soaking them I guess. There was a lot!

Finally I went over and shut off the camera. As I was doing this, I got the weirdest flash: Like, Heidi and Mike were going to watch this tape later and I’d totally misunderstood the situation.

But, honestly, It didn’t really matter. If Mike had indeed cheated with his secretary, then the score was even. If Mike and Heidi were doing this as some kind of kinky sex trip…Then count me in!

Heidi told me before I left she planned to show Mike the tape without comment and figure that he now knew where he stood. I got her to admit that, yes, she thought Mike would end up liking the tape since it was such an outrageously dirty thing to do and that would appeal to him.

So we briefly discussed the plans for the powder room but I think we both knew this project might take a while to get off the ground. But I had this day. This sunny day right off the beach in Malibu. That gorgeously friendly woman I’d met and come to know. Nude before me, my cock buried in her pussy while she held her precious little panties off to the side. Her lovely ass cheeks, all open for my inspection and available for penetration. The soft sweet feel of her pussy, the intoxicating sensation of plunging deep into her tight asshole while her panties hung uselessly around her thighs. She was unforgettable.

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