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Toby Gets It!

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I finished feeding the cat and sank down onto the kitchen chair with a deep sigh. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, and tried to unwind, but I was still too keyed up. So I poured myself a glass of cheap Bordeaux, walked into the living room, put a blues CD into the stereo and sank onto the sofa.

As days went, mine had been a bitch. Late to get up, late to start, and it had just snowballed from there.

A yearly physical with the doctor, which I always dread. Luckily, it was over for another year. Then my tennis partner had sprained her ankle, and we had to call the game. My one and only ranch hand had come down with the ‘flu, so I had to call on a neighbour’s son to help me with my animals.

And to top it off, I had broken a damn fingernail! I gulped down the wine and studied my hand. ‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘What a perfect ending to a shitty day! At least I know nothing else can go wrong.’

I jumped as the phone rang. I always screen my calls, so I didn’t bother to get up. It was my sister, letting me know she had “someone perfect” for me to meet. Great. Just what I needed! She said she’d given him my number, and not five minutes after she hung up, he called. He left a short, polite message with his phone number, inviting me to use it. He had a deep resonant voice, with a hint of an accent in his vowels. ‘Maybe interesting’, I thought.

I’d had a very happy marriage, but when Niall died of a massive heart attack, two years ago, at the age of 32, something in me had died with him. I knew that, and accepted it. I also knew it was only a matter of time before I started living again. The spark of interest I felt at this strangers’ voice was the first sign. I accepted that too.

‘Well, I’ll sleep on it, and see what tomorrow brings.’

I got ready for bed, opened my bedroom window in hopes of a cool early summer breeze, and climbed into bed. Wuffles, my grey Japanese Bobtail, leaped onto the bed, kneaded the pillow beside me, and curled up tight. He loved sleeping with me, and I was happy not to be alone.

Morning dawned quickly, and I was out of bed by five. I poured a cup of herbal lemon tea, and sat on the porch to greet the day. It was a long-standing ritual, and I continued it every day, summer and winter, because I loved looking out over my land. I had a hobby farm on sixteen acres of good ranching land. I owned four horses, and stabled five others.

Finishing my tea, I went to the kitchen to rinse my cup. I lovingly watered my plants, the herbs and ferns I had throughout the house. Then I went to the mudroom, put my boots on, and walked down to the stable.

I drew in deep breaths, savoring the various scents of summer. I could smell the stable, of course, but I also smelled the grass, the wildflowers, and the sun-warmed dirt.

“Hi, Toby. How’s it going today?”

Toby was my neighbour’s son, who was helping me while my regular hand was sick. He was cute, for a twenty-three year-old kid, and very polite, which I was happy about. He also seemed very shy around me, blushing easily – but then, that’s they way most boys his age were, I supposed.

“It’s going okay.” he replied. “Zeus is raring to go, but Loki had a stone, so I put him out in the south paddock today.”

“Okay, thanks. Mindy’s going to come over for a while today.”

He avoided my eyes, and I assumed he was looking forward to seeing the eighteen-year-old girl who stabled Zapt, a fine Arabian gelding, here. I also knew that Mindy was looking forward to seeing Toby. I figured they each had a pretty awful crush on the other, and was damned glad to be a grown up and past all that.

We worked together quietly, each thinking our own thoughts. I kept recalling the phone call from last night, and decided to call my sister, Sandrea back.

‘What the hell’, I thought. ‘Maybe he’ll be really sexy, and I’ll finally get laid! I really need to get laid soon.’

I rolled my eyes at that thought, thinking what an understatement it was. After we’d gotten the horses looked after, I saddled Zeus and told Toby I’d be back in a while. “I’m going to give him a good ride today!” I called.

I could have sworn, as I swung into the saddle, that I heard him mumble “lucky him”, but then I thought I’d simply been mistaken. Toby was so shy, and young!

I rode along my favourite trail, admiring the land, the day, the feel of the horse under me. After an hour or so, I headed back to the stable. I saw the sleek little VW Beetle that signaled Mindy’s presence. I rode Zeus into the south paddock where Loki, another gelding, was; I slipped off the saddle, landing easily on the grass.

I unsaddled Zeus, slipped his bridle off, and took the gear to the tack room at the back of the stable. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help overhearing the argument taking place between Toby and Mindy.

“Why don’t you ask her? You’ll see!” Mindy was very upset, and sounded quite mean. She was normally a nice, quiet girl, pretty and popular, with what I thought an unfortunate habit of tossing her hair all the time.

“I don’t need to, Mindy. I know what she thinks of me. But that doesn’t change what I think of her!” Toby’s voice was hard, as if he didn’t like the truth he’d just uttered. “She thinks I’m a nice boy,” he almost sneered. “So why don’t you just leave it alone!”

“If you know that, then why the hell are you still here, mooning over her? I can’t believe she hasn’t seen the way you look at her! It’s disgusting! Or maybe she has, and encourages you. Is that what’s going on? Does the widow have you in her web?”

I realized then that they were talking about me!

‘My god,’ I thought. ‘What is she saying? That I’m trying to seduce the boy?!’ I was so angry, suddenly, that I just wanted to go out there and blast her. But then I heard Toby talking again, and I froze into place, just listening, shocked to my core.

“She doesn’t know I even exist, beyond being a ‘nice boy’ who’s willing to help around the ranch. She’s always really nice, but nothing else. Don’t you dare try to say otherwise, because you’re just jealous! You know she’s a beautiful, sexy and confident woman, and you’re not. And you’re afraid you never will be. She’s never once looked at me as anything other than a kid, but I’m telling you, if she ever did, even once…”

I was amazed at the passion in his voice, but it struck my heart when I heard the wistfulness there, too. Mindy didn’t say anything, but I heard the door slam as she left, so I knew his words upset her a lot. I didn’t want Toby to know what I’d heard, so I tiptoed out the back again, and watched Loki and Zeus for a few minutes.

I sensed when Toby came up behind me, and I took a deep breath. Acting as if nothing were different, I smiled at him. “Hey. Was that Mindy leaving?”

He looked at the horses. “Yeah. She, uh, had to go. When did you get back?”

I could see him blushing. I blushed too, wondering just what the hell he was thinking. He was a child! I was a thirty-year-old widow!

“Um. Just a couple of minutes ago. Listen,” I said, talking fast, “if you want, you can take one of the mares out for a good run. I’m going to the house, I’ve got some stuff to do there. After that, you can go on home, I’ll bed them down for the night myself.”

His head tilted to the side, he looked at me, his brows furrowed. He started to speak, then seemed to change his mind, and simply walked away. I watched him go, unwillingly noticing for the first time how his jeans hugged his trim butt. I drew in a rather shaky breath, and forced my eyes back to the horses. After a few minutes, he thundered away on Isis, and I noticed that he wasn’t using a saddle.

‘Idiot boy.’ I thought. Thinking about the scene I’d just been an unwilling witness to, I reminded myself, “Not boy, Shawn! Remember that!”

I trudged slowly back to the house, showered, put fresh clothes on, and puttered for a while. When it was time, I made a peanut butter sandwich for lunch, and continued to avoid going back to the barn. The hours passed slowly.

Dinnertime was my least favourite time of day since losing my husband. I hated cooking lately; there was nothing worse than cooking for one person, knowing you’d be cooking that way for probably a long time to come.

I was just about to put my steak on the grill when I saw Isis trot back, riderless. I quickly turned off the grill, stuffed my feet into my boots, and ran to the paddock. I made sure there was nothing wrong with the mare, and, cursing a little, swung up onto her back. I was worried about Toby, praying he wasn’t hurt, and though I wanted to get to him as quickly as possible, I forced myself to keep the mare to a trot, looking for sign, since he could have been anywhere on my spread.

I followed the mare’s backtrail to the grotto in the southeastern corner. As I rode up, Toby stood up, shirtless but unharmed. It was obvious that he’d been swimming, as his chest was wet and his jeans weren’t fastened. He must have just pulled them on when he’d heard me approach.

“Are you alright? What happened?” I asked.

“Isis must have spooked. I was swimming underwater, and when I came up, she was gone. I’m fine, honest.” he replied.

He pulled on his shirt as he spoke, but left it hanging open. I couldn’t help but notice that his chest certainly didn’t look like a boy’s chest, and I had to consciously keep my eyes from straying down to where his jeans were open.

“I was worried.” I mumbled, looking from sky to water, anywhere I could, except him. I wished at that moment that I’d never overheard his conversation with Mindy. ‘I would still be comfortable thinking of him as a boy’, I thought.

He grinned, and said, “Yeah, you must’ve been. I’ve never seen you such a mess!” Then he chuckled. I looked down at myself, and laughed. I was wearing an old white tank top, bright orange yoga pants, my hair in a loose knot, and my work boots. I hadn’t planned to do anything that night, so had thrown on my most comfortable clothes. I wish I’d noticed just how threadbare they’d become! Then I realized that I wasn’t even wearing underwear! I felt my face heat in a hot blush.

Toby must have realized it too, because the grin melted off his lips as he looked at my top, and his eyes turned hot and intense. Trying not to cover myself, knowing my nipples were responding to that look, I said, “Well hop up, we’ll double back together. My dinner’s waiting, and I’m hungry.”

“Me too.” he mumbled. Only I could tell he wasn’t talking about being hungry for food. He walked over, put his foot into the stirrup that I hadn’t taken time to shorten for myself, and mounted pillion.

‘Oh, gawd!’ I thought. I felt him put his arms around my waist, and tried unsuccessfully not to shiver. It’d been so long since any man’s arms had been around me, and at that moment, Toby stopped being the child I’d known, and became just a man that I’d known and trusted for years.

I took a deep breath, felt his breath catch in his chest, and guided Isis back toward home. I didn’t take her above a walk, both because I didn’t want to risk her with a double load, and because I very selfishly wanted to make this ride last as long as I could.

Toby’s forearms tightened for a moment, the muscles rippling. ‘Why didn’t I even notice him growing up?’ I wondered. And he had! I could feel the wall of muscle against my back; felt them in his thighs cupping my backside. I felt my nipples tighten further, and the telltale moisture between my spread legs.

He broke the silence then, murmuring softly in my ear. “You heard Mindy and I today, didn’t you?”

I didn’t want to lie to him, but I certainly didn’t want to cause him embarrassment by admitting it. Call me a coward, but I tried stalling. “Um. When?”

“It’s okay, you know. I didn’t know that you were there then, but I’m glad you heard us anyway.” He took a deep breath, and opened one hand on my belly, and pulled me tighter against him. His other hand wandered down to my thigh, and rested there.

“Uh, Toby…” I started.

He cut me off, saying, “Look, Shawn. You’ve known me since I was a little kid. You were already married, but I never thought of you as older, or old. You were just… you. Even back then, I knew you were beautiful, for a girl. Then, as I got older, I started comparing all the girls I knew to you, and none of them could even come close.” I tried to break in, but again he tightened his arm, and I knew he wanted to finish.

“You’re always nice to everyone. You were nice to my mom, even, and that’s saying something.”

His mom had been a real bitch, and there was no love lost between her and her former family.

“But ever since Niall died, you’ve been slipping into this shell. You still smile, but hardly ever with your eyes. My dad says you’ve been alone too long, and it’s not natural. He got ‘that look’ in his eye, and I just wanted to punch him. My own father!” He took another breath, and I heard him swallow.

“That’s when I knew I had to do something…anything, to get your attention. Shawn, I’m not a boy anymore. I’m a man, and I feel for you what a man feels for a woman. I’m sure,” and he chuckled uncertainly, “that you can feel what I mean.”

And hoo ya, could I! With his hand on my belly, holding me close to him, his erection was pushing against my back with each step the horse took.

“Toby,” I said softly. “I don’t know what to say. Until today, you were a boy to me. I can see and feel for myself that you’ve grown up, but I’m still a lot older than you. I don’t think I’d feel right, encouraging your feelings.”

He was silent for a few minutes, and we could see the stables before he spoke again.

“I won’t push you for now. But you want me Shawn, even if you won’t admit it. I can tell, by your body’s responses. I’m not looking for the June-spoon-moon deal, and neither are you right now. But I think you’re ready for sex again –” I tried to cut in, but he kept talking over me. “You are ready, and I think I’ve got what you need. You don’t want a heavy relationship to tie you down, you just need a light, no-ties, hot sex romp. An older man like my dad can’t do that for you, Shawn.” His voice, soft and earnest, in my ear, breath hot and exciting, caused me to shiver. “Older guys have too many responsibilities,” he continued, “and not enough stamina. You need satisfying, and I want to be the one to satisfy you. I’ve wanted you since my first real hard on.”

We came up to the stable door, and he slowly slipped off the mares’ back. He left his hand on my thigh, giving it a little squeeze. He leaned in closer to me, and whispered, “And now you want me too. I can smell your arousal. Think about what I’ve said, Shawn, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

With that, he walked over to his car, got in, and drove away. I sat on the mare’s back, watching until I couldn’t see him anymore, and shook my head.

“Well, if that doesn’t beat all!” I said aloud. I couldn’t get over his words, my feelings, or my utter lack of protest! ‘His daddy should take a quirt to me, knock some sense into me for even considering it!’ I thought.

I decided to take care of the animals while I was there, then go try to finish my dinner. After staring at the food for a while, I gave up. I poured a glass of wine, put in my favourite CD, and just sat in the dark, remembering. I went to bed around midnight, exhausted, and woke up in the predawn no more refreshed. I’d dreamt about Toby’s young body, and the pleasures he could give me, and I was pretty frustrated. Even a cold shower didn’t help. Masturbation wasn’t something I did often, but that morning, I needed the release.

I leaned back on my bed, and closed my eyes, picturing how it could be with Toby. I massaged my breasts, rolling my nipples between my fingers. I opened my legs, rubbed my clitoris with my right thumb and middle finger. I moaned deep in my throat when I put my left index finger into my already wet pussy. It felt so good. I put two more fingers in, one at a time, and flicked my clitoris faster. It didn’t take nearly long enough, and yet eons too long, and I nearly cried with the force of my orgasm, when it came. I laid there in shock.

I thought, ‘If just the thought of sex with him feels this good, what would it actually be like?’

Sighing, I got dressed, then wandered down to the kitchen for my tea. Looking out the window, I noticed Toby’s car already parked by the stable. I looked at the clock. He was here almost two hours earlier than normal, and I wondered what was up.

Deciding to forgo my porch time, I walked down to the stable with a cup of tea for each of us. I heard him up in the loft, so I carefully climbed up. I saw him lying on his back in the straw, one arm over his eyes, his breathing fast and harsh.

“Toby? What’s going on?” I asked sharply, walking over to him. I noticed then, that he had a tremendous erection.

He looked up at me, and I was struck by the heat of his gaze, and the painful twist of his lips. I looked around him, wondering if he’d fallen – or something.

“I, uh, just came up here for a bag of oats. Umm… nothing’s wrong.” he mumbled.

“That doesn’t explain why you’re lying here….” my voice died away. I’d just noticed that from the small window in the loft, you could see into my bedroom. I blushed with mortification. He’d watched me masturbating!

“You didn’t!” I said. He sat up quickly, watching me.

“I certainly didn’t mean to.” he said. “I just happened to glance toward the house. Then I couldn’t look away. I’m not sorry, you were beautiful.” He pinned me with his gaze, and though still embarrassed, I wasn’t angry.

“What were you thinking about?” he whispered.

I couldn’t look away from him. I opened my mouth to let him know it was none of his business, but instead heard myself whisper back. “You.”

I watched as the corners of his mouth curled up in a slow, sexy smile. I realized then what I’d admitted, and panicked. I stumbled back to the ladder, climbed down with reckless speed, and ran to the house. I heard Toby call me, but I ignored him. I slammed the door behind me, ran to the front of the house, snatched my keys from the hook by the door and continued out the front door. I gunned the engine of my truck, and left.

I drove aimlessly, torn between guilty excitement and guilty shame.

‘You’ve known him since he was ten! How could you even consider going to bed with him?’ I thought. The devil in me argued, ‘He’s a man, dammit! A young one, yes, but a very attractive man, who is obviously interested in getting you into bed!’

The thoughts just kept chasing one another in my mind, until I was ready to scream. And to make matters worse, I realized this was the first time I’d ever left the responsibility for my ranch with someone else.

“I acted like a child, myself,” I said out loud. “running away instead of handling things like an adult!” Damn. I turned the truck around and headed back home. I’d been gone for a couple of hours by now. When I pulled onto my driveway, I saw Toby’s car was still there. So was his father’s.

‘Double damn. Just what I need!’ I pulled up, got out, and walked over to where the two men were standing. Toby’s father was a tall, rangy fellow, mid fifties. His hair was steel grey, and his eyes were the same soft blue as his sons’.

“Hey there, Dan. How are you today?” I smiled. He was a decent man, and a good father, and I liked him. I glanced at Toby, noticed the angry set to his mouth. I wondered if my cowardly running had made him angry.

“Good, good, thanks. Just came over to make sure Toby was doing right by you.” he replied. He smiled and took my arm, leading me away from his son. I looked back over my shoulder in time to see the bitter look Toby sent his father. I knew then that something else was up.

“He’s doing a great job, Dan. I’m so grateful he agreed to help out here.”

“Uh huh. Listen, Shawn, I wanted to ask you something. Niall’s been gone over two years now, and, well, I’d like it if you’d go to dinner with me. Maybe dancing, maybe a little more. What do you say?” He smiled, as if he were thinking I’d leap to accept his offer like a starving man on a Big Mac.

I was astounded. ‘He has balls’, I thought. ‘Maybe more, my ass!’ I smiled up into Dan’s eyes, heard Toby growl in the background.

“Well, Dan. I thank you, but I’ve met someone recently.” I knew Toby could hear me, and though I was a little frightened by what I was about to commit to, I continued. “He’s very nice, and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better. I’m sure you understand.” I grinned widely, leaned closer and whispered, “I’ve been told that I don’t need an older man, I need a younger one. I don’t know about that, but I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?”

I pulled free of Dan’s increasingly tight grip, knowing I’d just royally pissed him off.

“Listen, Dan. You and Toby are still coming on Monday night for dinner and the game, right?” We watched Monday night football together, alternating houses each week. It had been fun, but now I hoped he said no. I felt uncomfortable at the thought of father and son both wanting me.

“Uh, yeah. We’ll be here.” he replied, an edge in his voice. “Will your new boyfriend be here?” he sneered quietly. I chose to ignore him, and simply said that I’d see him then on Monday. Then I quickly glanced at Toby, who was staring at me with a smile. I winked at him, then went into the house. I heard Dan’s car pull out and drive away. A few seconds later, Toby was at the door.

“Did you mean it?” he demanded. “Because if not, tell me right now!”

I looked at him squarely, and said, “I meant it. I haven’t stopped thinking of you since yesterday, and you might be young, but you’re still an adult. I don’t think your father’s going to be happy if he finds out, but I guess he’ll just have to live with it.”

Toby’s lips curled at the corners, and his eyes got all soft and heated. My breath caught in my throat, anticipating his first move. He stepped closer, close enough for our chests to barely touch, rubbed his cheek against mine, as soft as a faerie’s whisper. I closed my eyes, felt his warm breath on my mouth as he murmured, “We’ll take it slow, Shawn. I know you have a problem with my age, but I don’t. I’ll make you happy, you’ll see.”

Then he stepped back, and my eyes fluttered open in time to see him close the door gently behind him. ‘Dammit,’ I thought. I was pretty ready right then!

The weekend passed quickly, my ranch hand feeling well enough to work. Monday dawned, as it always did.

I was planning to barbeque some steak for our pre-game dinner, so I drove into town to visit Manny’s, my favourite meat shop, taking precious time to ask after Manny’s family. Then I zipped into the grocery store for a half a dozen baking potatoes and fresh salad greens. I looked at my watch, saw it was twenty minutes until two. The game started at seven thirty, and dinner was normally served at six o’clock.

I was on my way back home, when I noticed Toby’s car coming toward me. He honked and stopped; I pulled up beside him and checked the rearview. It was not a very busy road, but people tended to drive pretty fast on it.

“What’s up, Toby?” I asked.

“Not too much. Dad and I had a fight. I was just at your place to let you know he’s not coming tonight. He doesn’t want to see me for a while, and I wouldn’t let him bully me out of coming for the game. So he’s gonna sulk by himself.” Toby sounded pretty bitter, and I didn’t want to pry, but I was afraid I was the cause of the argument.

“Okay, thanks. So you’ll still be coming then, around six?” I asked. I tried to ignore the thought that we’d be alone together for hours, and concentrated on his answer.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind?” he frowned. “I’m not going to pressure you, Shawn. But I’m also not going to turn down the opportunity to spend some alone time with you, either.”

Just as I was about to answer, we noticed a car kicking up a rooster tail behind me. I put my truck in gear and hollered, “Six is great, Toby!” and drove home. All the way there, my heart raced. He didn’t want to pressure me, but I was sure going to let him know I was ready! Two years is more than enough celibacy for me, thanks! I had thought I’d have more of a problem with the age difference, but then came to the happy and unfortunate conclusion that I must be a closet pervert, because I conquered that problem awfully fast.

It was 2:30 when I walked in my front door, so I put the food in the fridge, and went down to see the horses. Loki’s hoof was better, so I saddled him up for a bit of exercise. I rode to the grotto, remembered when I’d seen Toby standing there, shirtless, and felt myself get warm. I decided it was time to go home and get ready for my company.

I took a hot shower, to wash the horses off my skin, then filled the tub and relaxed for a half-hour in a luxuriant mountain of vanilla-scented bubbles. After I toweled off, I rubbed a generous amount of the matching body lotion into my skin. When I passed over my nipples, they puckered instantly, and I paused to squeeze them. I could feel my centre getting wet, and quickly finished with the cream, not wanting to reach for pleasure alone. I quickly put my long hair into a loose knot on the top of my head.

I decided to be playful, so I put on a thin white tank top, sans bra. I knew my nipples were visible, and faintly, so were my aureoles. That was fine with me. I slipped into a pair of white lace boxer style panties. Over these, I tied on a red floral print sarong. The length of thigh left revealed gave me pause for a moment, but then I shrugged. I was going to ‘carpe diem’, so I might as well do it with style and audacity!

I slipped my feet into tiny white sandals, and went downstairs to the kitchen. I had just enough time to put the steaks on, put the potatoes in the oven, and set the table.

‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘Damn! I forgot dessert!!’

I double-checked that I had the normal snacks and drinks, then quickly tossed a chocolate pudding together. ‘I’ll serve it in a parfait glass with whipped cream.’ I knew Toby loved chocolate, so there would be no problem.

The potatoes were almost done, the steaks were just palest pink, and I had just finished putting the salads together when I heard Toby at the door. I smiled as I opened it, and watched his eyes widen as they roamed up and down my body.

“Well, come on in! I was just about to put the salads out. I hope you’re hungry!” My eyes sparkled over his reaction, but I tried to act as if nothing were amiss. He followed me into the kitchen, and I felt his eyes on my backside the whole time.

“You look, uh, really… nice. Really nice.” He stammered. I usually only wore jeans or sweats on football night, so I knew tonight’s outfit had floored him. We sat down to eat, and I could feel his eyes devouring me across the table. I flirted, using my eyes, looking at him from under half-closed lids, and letting my lips curve just a little into a provocative smile.

I found one excuse after another to get up and move around. I wanted him to see me, and all I was offering. I got a couple of beers from the fridge, walked over to give him one, and stopped. “Oh, wait, here’s a coaster.” I put one hand on his shoulder, and leaned across him, pressing my breast into his neck.

As I sat down, I winked at him, and he burst out laughing. “Okay, Shawn. You win!” The next thing I knew, I felt his sock-covered toes rubbing my calves. I raised an eyebrow, and he grinned. His toes crept ever higher, seeking out my secret warmth. My breathing grew uneven, and I parted my legs a little. He pressed his foot against my mons, rubbing slowly, staring into my eyes all the while. I closed my legs and held his foot against me. We finished dinner like that, then brought our dessert into the living room. I turned the TV on, but left the volume too low to hear, while Toby lit the logs in the fireplace. I turned the lights on their lowest setting, and put a CD in the stereo.

We sat side by side on the sofa, and ate the chocolate parfaits. I could feel Toby watching my mouth, so I sensually licked at the pudding, using my tongue to lap it off the spoon. He groaned low in his throat, and leaned forward to lick my bottom lip. We nibbled at each other’s mouths, not really kissing, then he pulled back and looked into my eyes.

“Are you sure, Shawn? Just tell me no, and we’ll only watch the game.” He sounded so earnest and sincere, I just smiled.

“The light’s green, honey. I want you, tonight.” I replied. He blew a deep breath, and we laughed. Then he leaned forward again and kissed me. He was a great kisser! ‘My goodness,’ I thought. ‘Who taught him this?’

Whoever it was, I was grateful, since I was enjoying the hell out of his talent! He leaned into me, laying me back on the couch, kissing me slow and deep, all the while. My arms came up around his neck, and I speared my fingers through his hair.

He seemed in no hurry to do anything other than kiss me, and it had been so long since I’d had that pleasure. We must have spent close to a half-hour just necking. I was incredibly aroused by the time he nibbled his way down my throat and to my ear. He leaned up, and watched my face as he put his hands on my breasts.

He simply palmed them, rubbing lightly across my straining nipples. I let him see how much I liked that, encouraging him to do more. He bent his head and laved first one nipple and then the other with his tongue. This rendered my tank transparent there. I could tell he liked that when he took my breasts in both hands and squeezed them together, pinching my nipples and nipping at them with his teeth.

He knew I liked that, too. I moaned, and arched my back, shoving my breasts harder against his face. He pulled me up, and took my top off for me. Then I heard him moan, “God, Shawn, you’ve got the best tits I’ve ever seen!”

With that, he dove back down and sucked and licked my breasts until I was ready to scream. I writhed under him, so hot I could have spontaneously combusted. Yet I was content to let Toby lead.

He slowly sat up, and stood me up in front of him. “Would you take off the rest of your clothes for me, Shawn?” he asked. I backed up a step, smiled, and flipped off my sandals. Then I raised my hands to my hair, knowing my breasts raised up too. I slowly let my hair tumble down my back, and ran my hands down my throat and across my chest, pausing to play with my nipples for a moment.

With a sensual twist of my hips, I untied my sarong and let it fall. Then I ran my hands over my panties, letting Toby have time to appreciate the sight of them before I slowly took those off too. I stood there, proud in my naked state, knowing that I have a great body, and that Toby was practically drooling now.

I put one foot beside him on the couch, giving him an unrestricted view of my most private areas. His voice hoarse, he whispered, “I’ve never had sex with a girl who shaved… there… before.”

“Do you like it?” I whispered back, already knowing the answer. I smiled as he just nodded, and suggested to him, “Why not see how it feels?”

He looked up at me, then back down, and reached one finger out to stroke my bare mons. My breath hitched in my throat, and he said with a smile, “You’re already wet, Shawn. You’ve drenched my finger, and it’s not even inside you yet!”

I put my foot back down, and pulled him up next to me. “Your turn.” I said. I took his shirt off of him, running my hands lightly over his chest. Leaning forward, I let my nipples brush against his front, delighting in his crisp chest hairs, and we both drew in sharp breaths.

Smiling, I turned him around. Stepping close so my breasts crushed against his back, I reached around his waist and undid his pants. I shimmied them down his hips, and made him step out of them. Then I ran my hands from his shoulders to his thighs, still from behind him.

I started placing soft kisses on his back, and running my tongue down his spine. I could feel him shiver with pleasure. I slowly drew my hands to his erection, and let my fingers lightly play with it.

“God, Shawn, that feels so good, but if you don’t stop, I’ll come before we’ve even started.” He turned around and kissed me deeply. I felt his turgid length jump against my belly, and knew he was telling the truth. He was very close to orgasm already. But then, so was I!

I took a chance, and slid to my knees in front of him. He protested, but I said, “Toby, you’re so close already. If you come now, we can take our time to build you up again. You’re so young, it won’t take too long!” I grinned as I took his erection in my hands again. I could tell he was holding his breath, waiting and watching as my mouth slowly came toward him.

I looked up to watch his face as I kept my tongue soft and licked the head of his penis. I saw his eyes glaze with lust, and felt him get even harder. I teased his length with my lips and tongue, wetting his cock, teasing the little slit at the tip, then suddenly engulfed him with my mouth. He groaned and grabbed my head, his hips twitching. I kept up a hard suction as my lips dragged from the base to just behind the head, letting my tongue twirl around it before gobbling him back into my mouth.

His balls tightened in my hand, and he watched as my head bobbed up and down his length. I lightly dragged my teeth along to just behind the crown of his cock, and at the same time, I tickled my fingers against his anus. He threw back his head, let out a shout, and I tasted the first shot of his semen blast into my mouth. I shoved my nose into his pubic hair and swallowed for all I was worth. His orgasm was intense, and the thick, salty ropes of jism slid easily past my tonsils.

When his balls were drained, and his penis started softening, I lightly licked him clean. I softly blew on him, causing him to gasp, and I giggled. I leaned over to snag my beer, quaffed half the liquid, and stood up to kiss him.

“Your turn!” he growled. He grabbed my waist and laid me on the floor by the fire. Then he licked me from lips to toes, and back up to the vee between my legs. He placed a soft, open-mouthed kiss there, then in a sudden and rather unexpected move, flipped me onto my tummy. He was driving me crazy with soft kisses down my spine, light squeezes to my ass. He made me spread my legs wide, and stick my ass into the air with my knees supporting me.

I thought he was going to fuck me that way, but instead, I felt his mouth again, kissing my hot, wet, open lips. He speared his tongue into me from behind, and pinched my clit at the same time. I moaned, and then whimpered; Toby had no mercy – he sucked and licked my pussy, alternating shoving his tongue and his fingers into me. I rocked back against his face, climbing ever closer to my peak.

Then, he actually bit me, there on my clit! It was enough to push me over the edge, and I stiffened, my spasming pussy plastered to his open mouth, his lips and tongue lapping my juices as they squirted from my body.

When I caught my breath, I lay flat again, rolled over onto my back, and smiled. “Where did you learn how to do that so well?” I purred.

“Dad has a lot of pornos, and I watch them a lot. I think he knows, but he’s never said anything. Plus,” he added, “I have had girlfriends, you know. And some wouldn’t go all the way, but they sure liked when I went down on them!” He shrugged. “But they sure didn’t return the favour the way you did, Shawn!”

I noticed that talking about sex had set his penis to twitching again, so I asked him about some of his fantasies. He had the normal guy ones, like ménage a trois, but then he surprised me when he admitted he liked public sex! I had always flirted with discovery fantasies myself, but my husband hadn’t been quite that adventurous. I told Toby this, and we spent some time speculating where we could try it.

His penis was erect again, but other than rubbing against each other, we didn’t do more than talk.

“That day at the grotto,” he said. “You’ll never know how close I came to throwing you on the ground and slamming myself into you! And watching you pleasure yourself was the most erotic moment of my entire life. I’ll never forget the way you looked, Shawn!”

He was drawing little shapes on my belly with his index finger, and once in a while, he would dip into my navel. It was beginning to drive me to distraction. I had been celibate for two years, and suddenly I didn’t want to wait one more moment. I rolled onto my elbow, leaning over him, and kissed him softly. Then I mounted him, making sure his penis was lying flat against his tummy, the head jutting up to his bellybutton.

His eyes were wide as I placed his hands flat on top of my thighs, his gaze wandering from my whisker-rubbed nipples to my wet cock-hugging, hairless pussy lips. He started to move his hands to my breasts, but I shook my head, placing his hands firmly back into place.

I could tell he didn’t quite understand what I wanted, but when I cupped my own tits and pulled at my nipples, he finally got a clue. He relaxed under me, never taking his eyes from me.

I pushed my breasts together and licked the crease between them, feeling his cock twitch beneath me. It caused a flutter in my womb, a small rush of wet pleasure and I rocked my hips slightly, sliding easily up his length. My clever fingers continued to manipulate my tits, and I alternated between torturing my nipples and laving them with my tongue.

When I couldn’t stand it another second, I slipped my right hand down my belly, all the way to my neediest part. I parted my fingers and speared them down, cupping my pussy and stroking Toby’s cock at the same time. He groaned softly in the back of his throat, the rough sound adding to my enjoyment.

I sat on his groin and masturbated us both simultaneously, our breathing coming in short hot panting bursts. Our voices mingled incoherently yet musically, punctuated by moans of sublime pleasure. Toby’s hands kept making abortive forays, coming back to rest on my thighs time and again.

I was on fire. Toby’s eyes were locked on my pussy riding his cock, both being stroked by my fingers. Our skin grew moist and we were both getting close to orgasm.

“Your hair is moving all over my balls, Shawn, driving me crazy. I need to be inside you!” He squeezed my thighs, and just like that, I climaxed. My head dropped back, my eyes closed, and I let out a breathy scream. His name.

Suddenly, he hooked his forearms under my knees, and I found myself on my back with him shoving his cock deep into me. My legs were draped over his shoulders, and he was thrusting forcefully, our bodies slamming together.

My swollen, twice-pleasured clit couldn’t withstand this abuse for long, and I came violently, bucking my hips up against his downward thrust, causing his cock to reach even deeper inside me.

He panted my name, tensed his whole body, and drove into me even as my pussy filled with his hot seed.

Exhausted and replete, we collapsed against each other, trying to regain control of our breathing. I could feel the wetness between my legs, and couldn’t believe I’d just had unprotected sex. But I felt so damn good, I couldn’t bring myself to care. I just wanted more.

We kissed, there on the floor in front of the game we never watched. We dozed, and woke to make love again.

Toby brought me up to my bed, tucked me up under the coverlet and kissed me softly. I looked at the clock, amazed to see it was after two in the morning.

“I will see you tomorrow, Shawn,” he said.

I nodded, and just as he was walking through the door, I called his name.


He looked over his shoulder as he paused, and studied my cheshire-cat smile.

“You were right. You are just what I need: a man who’s young enough to fuck me til I scream, then fuck me twice more!”

He laughed and assured me that I hadn’t seen anything yet.

I couldn’t wait to see some more!

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