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Guessing Game

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My wife and I had been together for several years. Among our friends were the obligatory one or two exes. In particular was my ex fiancé. One week, she was feeling especially down so we decided to invite her out with us to the comedy club for some laughs and a few drinks.

We picked her up and went to a wonderful Italian place for a great dinner and had the first drinks of the evening to help everyone relax. She told us about how stressed she was and that she was so grateful for the chance to get out and enjoy herself. My dick began to switch under the tablecloth as I glanced at the plunging neckline of her blouse and I fought back the memories of all the amazing sex we used to have together.

Thankfully, my wife kept an eye on her watch and noted that we needed to wrap it up or we’d miss the opening act. So the girls went to freshen up while I paid the check and waited for my erection to deflate. We sped to the club, which was actually the rooftop bar at one of the pricier hotels on along the beach. The elevator whisked us to the top floor and I couldn’t help but steal a lingering glance in the brass work of the elevator of myself standing between these two beautiful women. The sudden jolt to a stop brought me back to my senses and we departed the lift and went right into the club.

The comedians were very funny, the crowd that started off rather sullen in the beginning eventually worked itself up to a raucous drunken mob by the end of the show thanks to good jokes and better booze. We three had a very good buzz going but were all careful not to over indulge. Myself mainly because I was driving but also because I was expecting a well-deserved night of carnal fun that I’d been denied all week thanks to my wife’s monthly visitor, who had left earlier that morning.

We made our way back down to the car easily. There wasn’t a big fight for the elevator as the vast majority of patrons were planning on finishing out the night there at the club. Only the few that we’re too drunk or too horny to stay departed. At the car, the girls changed out of their heels and to my surprise, my wife announced: “I don’t know about you two, but I’m not that tired. Is anyone one else up for a walk? It’s such a lovely night.” And it was a lovely spring night. The sky was crystal clear, moonless, but not a single cloud and there was just enough sea breeze drifting in over the dunes to help cool the skin from the heat being produced by the combination of digesting dinner, several alcoholic drinks and the beginnings and sexual tension that was quickly rising to the surface.

We made our way back through the hotel lobby, past the pool area and out onto the beach. It was nearly 3am by now and the beach was almost completely deserted. We headed north, away from the couple of fisherman and the noisy gulls that they had attracted. Over the dunes and down near the water’s edge, we took turns walking ankle deep in the surf. As we walked on, away from the hotels and condos, the ambient light faded. The sky sparkled with every star in the heavens except for the two with me, one on each arm. The alcohol became too much for my ex’s bladder to handle and she excused herself for a quick potty trip to the dunes. As she departed, my wife pulled me to her and wrapped me up in a deep kiss. She looked at me a remarked how lovely her predecessor was. “She’s really sexy. I can see why you two got together. I bet you had great sex, didn’t you?” I felt a playful trap being set that would cost me my eagerly anticipated night’s fun so I demurred and said, “Yes, the sex was good,” but quickly added, “…but not as good as ours.”

My ex returned to us panting from too much rum and her hike through the soft sand. I deftly tried to change the subject and remarked on how deserted the beach was, but my wife wasn’t about to let me off so easily. “So you guy had really good sex together, right? Come on, we’re all adults here,” said my wife as she smiled and let her hand drop to my trouser and gently squeezed my semi- hard cock through the material. “This isn’t the time for…” I began but was cut off by, “Oh my God, yes! Does he eat your pussy like he’s going to die if he doesn’t get it all?”I was stunned. Suddenly I wasn’t even there. I was invisible. These two partially drunken women began openly comparing notes about my sexual performance and ability right in front of me. I was petrified at first. I had always been credited as a good lover but now I was being graded openly on style, technique, longevity, etc. I felt like a prized racehorse being fawned over by my handlers. What fear I had vanished as I realize they were now in competition with each other for who I had fucked better.

Story begat story about encounters, liaisons, and lengthy fuck sessions long forgotten, by me anyway. Most I remembered, some I did not. Then they stopped prattling and both turned to look at me. They giggled at the absurdity of it all. And we resumed our walk. Only now there was silence. After several hundred voiceless paces, the wife announces she now needed to visit the dunes and politely ask my ex to accompany her and stand guard. From who or what, I couldn’t fathom. But off they went leaving me to watch their shadows disappear into the dark and me, standing alone, pondering just what I had let myself get into. After what seemed like a lifetime, but what was probably not more than two or three minutes, the girls returned with an a question. I trembled at the thought of what kind of question these two tipsy women that knew me so carnally and now talked about me so openly could have produced? Which one is prettier? Which one is sexier? Which one gives a better blowjob? These are the horror scenarios that raced through my mind. Resigned to my fate, I swallowed hard and asked what the question was.

“Can you tell us apart?” Really? That was their question? How silly. Of course I could! They didn’t look anything alike. Their hair was different color, their voices were different, their…. Wait. That’s when it dawned on me. That was about it! I never knowingly pursued any particular type of woman but I realized that they were incredibly alike. Same shape, same weight, same height, hair was different color but in the dark -being virtually the same style and length- that was much as makes no difference, indistinguishable too. Being 1/2 drunk there in the dark, they could have been twins. I was screwed.

“Of course I can!” I lied. They countered, “Ok, prove it.” They exchanged a plotting, evil grin. It was then I played my trump card. I reached my left hand for my wife’s breast and my right hand for my ex’s. “Easy, because your tits are pierced and yours aren’t.” I gave them each a squeeze. Shock! They were both pierced. They laughed. “Don’t you think we thought if that?” said my ex. She wasn’t pierced when we were together. In fact, I remember her saying it would be a cold day in hell before she let anyone stick a needle in her nipple. I guess hell got an air conditioner.

They pulled away from me then grabbed my still outstretched arms by my wrists and led me away to the dunes. “We don’t think you like us for us,” my wife began. “You just like how we look and you’d fuck anyone who looks like this,” my ex continued. They found a little sandy clearing behind a stand of beach wheat and removed my shirt, then shoes, socks and pants so I was left only on my boxers. Then they began to strip. Having shed their own close, I began alarmingly aware of the painful erection now on full display for them to see. “Awe, it remembers me,” said my ex. The girls and I chuckled. “But tell your friend this isn’t what it thinks,” said my wife as she carelessly grabbed by out-thrust cock and gave it a single tug. “You only get to fuck one of us,” she continued, “unless you can tell who is who. If you can, then you get to fuck the other too.” I felt my shirt being draped over my head like a convict at the gallows. Then fingers stretching the waistband of my boxers as they were quickly pulled down my legs and I dutifully stepped out of them.

Then, a very soft voice in my ear, “Wait five seconds then turn around, kneel and fuck!” Only which voice? It was barely a whisper and with the sound of waves crashing nearby, totally unrecognizable. Dammit! Not that it mattered. It doesn’t mean that the whisper came from the one I was about to fuck. I counted to five; I turned around and dropped to my knees, and shuffled forward groping the dark. I found flesh, soft and smooth. First one orb, then its twin; a perfectly shaped ass floating in space. I touched it gingerly. Fingertips only. I felt the goosebumps rise from the skin as I explored. My other hand joined in, rubbing in small circles.

I felt skin tense then relax under my touch. My hands were very warm on the exposed skin that was cooled by an almost chilling night sea breeze. More goosebumps, but I massaged them back into the surface, only to have them reappear again with the next wind. My hands searched more. I extended my range up the lower back and down around the waist. I dug my fingers in slightly as I drew back along the sides of her waist, back to the swell of her hips and around again to meet at the crease of the buttocks. I inched forward again. I placed my palms flat on the small of her back, pressed down firmly and pushed forward, up either side of the spine, I fanned my fingers wide to cover the whole of her back and continued forward until I nearly reached the tops of her shoulders. I stopped short when the bulbous head of my cock bumped her leg. She gasped. I heard a faint giggle from over my shoulder. I was being watched, but by who?

I didn’t know which woman was down in all fours right in front of me, preparing to be taken and which one was now standing behind me, with a perfect view of the impending debauchery. Did it matter? Why did I care? I was trembling ever so slightly at the thought that it might be my ex fiancé about to watch me penetrate my wife, but then I was terrified at the thought that I could be my wife, my love, my one and only about to watch me defile another woman. And my ex to boot?! My mind reeled and I almost forgot where I was until I felt a gentle hand close around my shaft. “Need help finding it, do you?” breathed hot and barely audible into my ear. The hand closed ever so lightly around my length and coaxed me forward. I felt the heat coming off the silken crevice just before my swollen knob made contact. A low moan from in front of me was quickly hushed from beside me with a “shhhhhhhh.”

A reassuring push on my shoulder told me to press forward and into the warm fleshy embraces of my mystery partner. I reveled in the conflicting sensations of the cool, clean air around me and the churning heat within. I felt lost; almost virginal. I was in new sexual territory for the first time in years and I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to last forever or to begin pounding away like a sex-crazed lunatic to relieve the knot of tension that these two wicked temptresses had tied so tightly down in the pit of my loins. I decided that if it was torturing me that they fancied, I was going to return the favor; even if only to one of them. I gave up all pretenses of passion and hesitation. I greedily seized the hips of my prey, and with one hard lunge forward, I buried my throbbing manhood right up to the hilt. Like twin wrecking balls, my testicles made an audible crack as they whipped squarely against the protruding little clit before me.

My effort was met with a shrill scream of pain and delight. I instantly felt the familiar palpitations of orgasm around my well planted cock. I held fast and ground my hips into the smooth backside. I withdrew until only the head remained hidden from view, then drove home again. Hard. As hard as I could. I wanted to knock her off her knees; whoever she was. I wanted her to speak. To beg for more or beg for mercy, I didn’t care which but I was desperate to know who I was assaulting with such abandon but she wouldn’t yield her secret. Whimpering through a painfully bitten lip punctuated by a needy gasp for breath is all I could elicit. I changed tactic. I now pulled fully out on each back-stroke. I withdrew completely, paused, and then tore back through with a swift gavel-slamming motion.

Then finally a voice, but from just behind my shoulder: “Yes! Fuck her!” Now I felt a warm body press against my back. Hands followed the trace of my shoulders, down my arms and over my hands, then fingers meshing with mine. A chin now rested on my neck. Then that hot breath in my ear again: “I said fuck her!”I felt fingers slip between my own as they now gripped the rotating hips in front of me and dug in even harder than I had. The perfect breasts pressed hard at my back and then the smooth pubic mound at my ass that quickly fell into rhythm with me. I could no longer fully withdraw but now I was locked between these two insane women. Helping one to fuck the other. I now realized what they wanted all along, a living dildo. A surrogate cock. I was merely a means of achieving one woman’s penetration of the other! And I relished it all the more.

Now, instead of trying to knock the poor, outnumbered girl off her balance, I had to actively aid her to keep it against the force of impact from myself and the fuck twin glued to my back. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. This had all been too intense for me to maintain. I felt compelled to announce that I was going to cum very soon. That sent the two into frenzy. Overlapping moans, gasps and “yes’s filled the air. One of the hands that were helping hold my prey released itself and was quickly shoved behind my back. I could feel knuckles twisting and rolling away at my ass and I knew the fingers attached to the other end of them were furiously grinding away at the warm, wet pussy behind me.

My thrusts slowed, and became more deliberate once more. I heard the familiar groan fill the throat of the head on my shoulder and felt a spray of warm fluid splattered across my ass by a still angrily churning hand. This was the last I could take. A sound welled up from within me that I could not willing duplicate on my own. I tilled my head back toward the heavens and croaked low and loudly: “Oh fuck, I’m going… to… cummm!” And with one last powerful slam home, my balls tightened up to my body and squeezed hard to bring forth the boiling hot liquid from deep inside myself. I held fast in place as my cock began to pulse and twitch uncontrollably. At last, my dam burst. One huge stream of semen exploded into the wildly spasming vagina that encased me, followed by another and another.

A loud shriek pierced the dark and my own tide was met with another. I was suddenly awash in a warm bath of fluids mixed with my own, still pumping away inside. This proved to be too much for her little body to contain and our secretions leaked heavily from all around our juncture; down our legs and all over the sand beneath us. Now, I was spent, as were we all. My knees shuddered and rather than collapse on top of someone, I fell limply to the side. A loud popping sound rang out as if to trumpet an end to my orgasm. As my cock pulled free from the still tightly gripping insides that had milked me so thoroughly, I felt a torrent of fluid bathe my thighs and my cock slapped loudly against my leg.

I became lost in time. I heard shuffling very nearby, panting to reclaim breath, and gentle gasps and moans of afterglow. I slipped into a trance-like state of euphoria and waited for the pounding heart in my chest to subside. Just then I heard a couple giggles followed by the rustle of bodies. The girls scrambled to their feet. No, goddamit! I ripped my shirt off my head only in time to see their two bodies disappear into the dark, toward the water. No! I gave chase. They beat me to the water and were splashing around waist-deep. My eyes now adjusted to the dark once more, I could see them clearly.

My wife spoke: “So, did you fuck me?”

“Or me?” said my ex.

“How long do I have to decide?” Laughter all the way around.

“You really don’t know do you?”

“Um, well kinda…”

“Ha-ha, bullshit! You have no idea. Well, I hope you really enjoyed it because that’s all you’re getting tonight,” said my ex.

“Maybe ever again,” chimed my wife.

More laughter.

We left the water and shook dry as best we could before returning to our clothes. For the next half hour, we talked about the comedians and generally innocuous topics as we worked our way back to the hotel, through the lobby, and back out to the car, unable the mask the freshly fucked smiled on our faces as we passed the night desk clerk.

The alcohol having now been completely burned out of my system, along with all my energy, I asked if anyone else would like to stop on the way to my ex’s house for a bite to eat. The girls said they didn’t mind stopping but they really weren’t hungry. Still, I was famished, so I pulled into an all night dinner just up the road.

It’s funny how a woman who isn’t hungry at all can fall victim so quickly to a good milkshake. I order a burger and coke while my ladies each got a shake. Food gone, and tab paid, a restroom break was in order before we got back on the road. It being just after 3am by now, the place was deserted. We outnumbered the staff 3to2, since only the fry cook and one waitress were on duty. As you would expect, the girls headed off together and I followed; making a left into the men’s room at the end of the long corridor in the very back of the restaurant instead of a right into the ladies room. Quickly I relieved myself then had an epiphany. I smiled to myself as I left the men’s room to hatch my evil plan.

I took a quick glance back up the hallway toward the dining room and verifying the emptiness of the place, proceeded into the ladies room and closed the door behind me. “Hmmm, someone must still be a little tipsy because he can’t tell the men’s sign from the women’s,” noted my wife to the closed door of the stall beside her as she stood washing her hands at the neighboring sink.I stepped up behind her and planted a hand on either side of hers on the sink. “I know which of you I fucked,” I cooed in her ear. “I know that you were behind me the whole time.” She let out a little gasp and half turned her head in surprise. She quickly regained she playful composure and said: “Oh really? And how did you arrive at your conclusion honey?”

I lifted my left hand and placed it over hers at the sink’s edge. I pushed my fingers down in between her fingers until they fanned out. I pressed my lips to her ear, sending a shiver through her body. “Because I felt our rings grinding together when you reached around me to help me pound her.” She pushed me back and spun around with her back now resting at the sink’s edge, “You bastard, when did you figure it out?”

“While I was at the urinal, I looked down at my wedding ring and remember feeling the metal tapping and grinding against yours.”

“What’s going on out there?”came a voice from the stall. My wife answered: “He’s got us, sweetie. He figured it out.”

The stall door unlatched and swung open. My ex turned fully to me; “No fucking way! How could he possibly…?”

“My rings honey. I forgot to take them off,” confessed my wife. The ex cut her a quick sideways glance. When her gaze returned to me, I had my left hand lifted to eye level and pointed at my wedding ring with my other hand. “You always were too smart for your own good, you know that don’t you?” By way of an answer, I just lowered my hand and smiled my biggest smile. “Was and still is,” said the wife.

“Now, about that wager,” I continued as I reached behind myself and locked the restroom door.

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