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Grocery Store Thief

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“Just take it,” my best friend whispered in my ear before switching aisles. Like a pro, she pocketed a pack of gummy bears to go with a bag of chips.

It stunned me that she could be so apathetic about the whole thing. Stealing? I’d never stolen anything in my life — not even first base! Yet with nervous hands, I picked up a little baggie of Swedish fish, and looked towards the register. The man there was sitting with his feet up on the counter and his head down, staring into a home and gardening magazine.

My friend snatched another two packs of gum, shoved them into the breast pocket of my shirt, and urged me to hurry up. Despite my protest, she continued on her crusade, this time shoving an issue of Playgirl into my coat.

Just as I started to remove it, I heard the sound of a man clearing his throat above me.

It was the cashier. As soon as I glanced up, my friend made a break for it, and I was left clutching a smut magazine to my chest. I heard the door jingle open and shut and contemplated making my own little run. However, the cashier seemed to read my mind. Without warning, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me against his chest.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he snapped.

I knew it was a rhetorical question, but I tried to squeak out an excuse anyway. As I was so near, hands pressed flat against his chest, I realized how solid he felt, and a little lumpier in some places than others. The thought alone made me blush. His heartbeat quickened a little, and I figured it didn’t take him long to sense what I sensed. Obviously alarmed, he shoved me backward into a Christmas card display, a ridiculous attempt to get me away. I wasn’t quick enough to stop myself from falling into it, and landed ungracefully on my rump, cards scattered all over.

I stared up at him from the floor with a scowl on my face, but he was too distracted to see it. As I sat there, my skirt fanned out around my waist, I saw that I was giving him quite a bit else to look at. With a little squeal, I pushed down the fabric of my skirt to hide my panties and he snapped out of his daze.

“Sorry,” he muttered, and when I gave another hesitant look up, I saw him outstretching a hand.

Bumbling with apologies, I took it and pulled myself up on my feet. However, no matter what I did, he wouldn’t meet my eyes. Instead, every few seconds they would dart from my breasts, to my bare legs, to the front of my skirt. I started to get mad about it, but then smiled to myself.

‘This could work for me,’ I thought.

“—save your ‘sorries’ for the police,” he let go of my hand and began to pick up some of the cards from the fallen display.

Very slowly, I bent over in front of him and began to do the same, still apologizing. I picked up each card lazily, and swiveled my hips so that the back of my skirt would hitch up a little. I was sure he’d be staring then.

“Well…you know…” Cashier guy started, but he sounded unsure of himself.

I could feel his eyes on my ass, and for a brief moment, wondered how his hands would feel on it, squeezing, and groping. I’d been a while since I’d gotten my ‘itch scratched’, and the thoughts were driving me mad. Once I had enough cards in my hand, I stood up again and faced him. Obviously embarrassed, he quickly looked elsewhere, the stain of a guilty blush on his cheeks.

“I have the money to pay for the candy and…and I don’t even want the magazine,” I said softly, reaching into a pocket of my jacket.

“I shouldn’t just let you go,” he took the crumpled bills I handed him and stared shamelessly at my breasts.

I couldn’t blame him for it, really. Even with my bra on, in the coolness of the store it was easy to see the way my nipples poked and stretched the cotton fabric.

“Please…” I reached for his sleeve and ended up grabbing his hand instead. It felt so large and warm, I almost didn’t want to let go.

“If I let you go, you and your little friend will just go rip someone else off.” He tried to pull his hand away, but I kept it in mine. I stared at it curiously and slowly moved my eyes up his arm. I could see the dark printing of tattoos on his skin, running all the way up.

For a moment I found myself wondering where else he had them.

“Please,” I begged once more. His fingers twitched against mine and in his brown eyes I saw an inkling of curiosity.

At that moment I was willing to do anything — and deep inside, I knew he knew that.

Still a little timid, I opened my mouth slowly and slipped one of his fingertips in. Cashier guy gasped, but didn’t make a move to pull away. I sucked on it slowly and flicked my tongue over the tip. I didn’t know where the hell his hands had been, but I wanted to give the guy a taste of what I could do for him. Still, it was obvious he was still trying to resist.

“I…can’t do anything, kid,” he smoothed his bangs out of his eyes with his free hand and then pulled the other from my grip. “You’ll learn your lesson this way.”

He straightened himself up a bit and began walking to the counter. Scared, I pulled down my skirt and ran after him. It was already after hours in the store, and there was barely anyone around, but I still felt a little embarrassed.

When I reached the checkout desk I saw that the magazine he was reading wasn’t really Home & Gardening at all, but just a cover. Underneath the foldout for how to plant azalea bushes was a Penthouse spread of nude girls posing provocatively, and the other side of the page was a collection of “Spectacular Suck-off Stories,” complete with racy photos.

My eyes lingered on it for a moment until Cashier guy noticed and pulled it out of sight.

“Get away from the counter,” he ordered. I stood still and he picked up the phone in warning.

“Do you like that kind of stuff?” I twirled a lock of hair around my finger. The cashier nearly dropped the phone.

“I…” my words came out slowly and I was a little surprised at myself. “I could do that for you.”

His eyes trailed down to my breasts for what had to be the thousandth time, and then he wiped his face with his free hand. It was easy to see the full range of emotions going on inside him. He was wondering about something, wondering if he could really get away with what I was proposing.

“You’d suck me off…just so I won’t call the cops?” he leaned over the counter, and his embarrassed smile turned into a dirty one. For a moment, it made me feel a little cheap, but then I just smiled. I liked it.

“I’d do anything…” I said in a quiet voice, and licked my lips again.

That time, he did drop the phone.

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath. “Stay right there,” he barked at me and bent over to shove the phone back into place.

I could have made a run for it then, a clean break for the door, but secretly, I wanted to stick around and see what he would do to me.

Cashier-guy cleared his throat and I stood up straight so that my breasts were pushed out. He grinned excitedly.

“So…how old are you?” He ran hand through his dark hair, spiking it a little. I could tell he didn’t really care, but was more or less trying to cover his bases.

“Old enough,” I replied smartly and took a few steps closer. “I’m 18…”

Once again, he broke out in a Cheshire cat grin.

“I don’t know…” he drawled a little, pretending to think hard on it.

I approached him slowly and slipped one hand between his jeaned thighs. Firmly, I squeezed his crotch and felt his cock stir against my palm.

I tiptoed so I could whisper in his ear, “I think you do.”

Before I could right myself, he grabbed my wrists and lifted me over the counter with him. I hadn’t expected him to be so strong, and it took me by surprise. I slid ungracefully over the glass counter and into his chest. Wanting to be as quick as I could, I started to get down on my knees.

“Not here. Let’s go in the back, huh?” he pulled me up again, and I began to feel weary. Cashier-guy isn’t exactly graceful…

“I um…” I twisted my hand in his as he led me into the empty storeroom.

“You don’t want me to call someone, do you?” he glared at me from the corner of his eye and I tried my best to swallow the lump in my throat.

“No, of course not.”

“Good,” he said simply and began to undress. He was fast and awkward at it, and I assumed it was because of the circumstance. He wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to back out, especially since it was obvious how horny he was already. I tried to do my best to keep from smiling, because honestly, I was in no place to criticize him.

I watched cashier guy nearly trip as he stepped out of his pants, but once they were cast off, I stopped thinking about his rushed behavior, and instead about how long it had been since I had tasted cock. It had been ages, and I was craving the thick feel of one between my lips.

My eyes slowly followed the length of his dick as he passed his hand over it teasingly.

“Come and taste it,” he coaxed. I started to walk over, but he stopped me with a raised hand.

“No. I want you to crawl,” he said with a smirk on his lips.

I stared at him, and then the dirty floor in horror. “You can’t really expect me to—

“–Now,” he snapped. There was a dirty undertone in his voice that both shocked and thrilled me.

My next few moves were sort of a blur, but when I came back to reality, I found myself on my hands and knees, crawling across the floor to my “captor.” Cashier guy took a seat on a box of canned peaches and ushered me towards his lap. I obeyed like a good girl, and placed my head in his lap.

He pulled off his shirt to get it out of the way, and I watched his erection curl up against his pale, smooth stomach. There was another tattoo there, on the side in black, but I couldn’t read it.

“You sure you won’t call the police?” I took him into my palm and gave his cock a little stroke.

“Mmhm…” cashier guy threw his head back and groaned,. “Yeah, whatever …”

At that moment, I fought to restrain an eye roll. I concentrated on my palm and the warm appendage in it instead.

“Have you ever sucked cock before?” he asked suddenly.

There’s definitely no romance with him…

I contemplated the question, but decided not to go through an explanation of my pitiful sex life.

“Yeah…” I drew it out, and before he could ask me anything else, wrapped my lips around the slick head of his cock. He was already quite hard, but I could feel him swell in my mouth.

Immediately, his body tensed and he let out another loud groan. Just the sound of it caused a little shiver to run through me, and I repeated the motion just to hear it again.

Cashier guy had a strange, salty taste about him, I noticed, but it wasn’t bad at all. I took him in again, a little further, and then slid my mouth back slowly. I was a little rusty, and my teeth grazed his skin when I pulled back, but he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he gave a shiver of his own in response.

I could feel my nipples start to get hard again, but that time it wasn’t from the cold. To distract myself, I licked the swollen, pink tip of his cock over and over while rubbing the little ridge on the underside of his shaft. Cashier guy muttered something under his breath. “Jesus” maybe, but I was so engrossed I couldn’t tell.

I took great care in relishing his feel in my palm, and ran my fingernails up and down the veined shaft experimentally. He was so warm and hard in my palm, I couldn’t resist. Cashier guy moaned and tried to squirm away, but I held him in place. When I did it again, I noticed the muscles in his stomach contracting anxiously, and the sudden hazy look in his eyes. It turned me on more than I thought it would, and I had to squeeze my thighs together to stop the pesky feeling from developing any further.

“You like that?” I asked as I gave his cock a series of firm jerks.

“Uh…hmm…” he put his hand in my hair and gave it an awkward backward stroke.

I expected him to move it, but instead he kept a firm hold on a clump of my hair. I ignored it and turned my attention to his balls. They were tight and hugged close beneath his shaft. With my free hand, I cupped and squeezed them gently. There was an intense heat radiating from him, and I took one of his balls into my mouth to feel it there as well.

He groaned again, but louder. Just the sound of his voice made me anxious for his cum, to feel it splatter all over my lips and tongue. Before I could start to suck him again, he yanked at my hair and forced me face him head on.

“Open your mouth,” Cashier guy demanded, and I obeyed without question.

He pushed my open mouth down over his cock and didn’t stop until it filled my throat. I gagged at first, and tried to pull away, but he held my head steadily. With every strained attempt at swallowing I made, cashier guy’s breath hitched. At a painfully slow pace, slow, he dragged my mouth back up and down again.

It didn’t take long for him to add his hips into the equation. He continued to keep a tight grip on my hair as he fucked my mouth. I clamped my lips down as tightly as I could around his cock, tightening the entrance. From the groans he let out, I could only assume he liked it. What began at a slow pace quickly became hasty and desperate. I could feel that he was close, but all of a sudden, he leaned on my shoulders and held his cock in my mouth. After a long moment, he released me and let it slide out with a loud popping noise.

I coughed a little and my throat was sore, but he continued to push his cock at me. It was wet and sticky with my saliva, and a little ran down onto my bare hand. Cashier guy still had one shaking hand in my hair, and his body was flushed. I could it had taken quite a bit of self restraint to pull away from me, and that kind of self restraint was something that I lacked. Instead of going back to sucking him again, I peeled off my coat and shirt in one frantic move. I hadn’t planned on going so far, but the desire more was too much. I wanted to feel him on me, in me, all over me.

Cashier guy watched me with a pervy little smirk, but I kept undressing. As if it was nothing, he leaned in and helped me unclasp my bra. His cock, still standing at attention, pressed stiffly between my breasts. I licked my lips again, and I could easily hear his breath get heavy once more. With light fingers, he tweaked my nipples and then nudged the tip of his cock against them. I knew what he wanted, and I was prepared to do it for him, gladly. With both hands, I cupped my breasts rubbed them across his wet shaft. The sensation made us both gasp a little, and I felt my knees getting a little weak.

“Lie back,” cashier guy panted before I had time to complete my tease. When I started to protest, he took me by the shoulders and shoved me down against the dirty storeroom floor. I stared up at him, a little scared, but excited all the same.

Without a word, he took my breasts in both hands and slid his cock between them. From beneath him, I could easily watch the head of his cock pop out and slide back in front of my mouth. I alternated between licking and sucking the tip every time he pushed forward, and was rewarded with a little groan each time. He leaned down hard on my chest, just until it hurt, and continued fucking my tits.

I moaned and groaned beneath him to help his orgasm along, but I wasn’t sure he needed it. I could feel him shaking a little with each quick thrust, and though my back ached against the concrete, I bit my lip gleefully in anticipation of the inevitable.

“Don’t you wanna cum for me?” I gripped his forearms and stroked them lovingly.

“Y-yeah,” he managed to stammer.

“Please,” puckered my lips and kissed his cock as it slid back up. “Cum all over my tits…”

“Yeah…that’s it, you little slut. You want my cum, don’t you?” he leaned in further and I squealed.

My pussy was throbbing along with his cock, and I was just dying to be touched. With both hands free, I managed to snake one down between my legs. My panties were wetter than I had imagined, and I was able to slide two fingers easily inside my slick cunt.

I tried desperately to finger myself in time with his thrusts, and landed on a steady rhythm that followed closely. All the while, I begged him to fuck me.

I drew my other hand up to his chest and dug my nails in. That alone set him off. Without warning, cashier guy’s thrusts stopped and he leaned in close to my ear. He muttered something obscene, and let out a series of gasping moans. As he came, I continued to work my fingers in and out of my pussy, frantically.

I gasped loudly and declared my orgasm in a frantic whisper. I could feel cashier guy’s body quivering with mine, and I squeezed my eyes shut to enjoy all the sensations.

His cum shot over my head at first, then splattered on my cheek, lips, and breasts. From the size load, I guessed that he hadn’t had sex in quite a while, but the taste was hot and salty on my tongue. That was all that mattered; the lovely taste. Eyes still closed, I kept moving my fingers in my pussy, stroking and probing as it spasmed around them.

Above me, cashier guy chuckled, and I felt embarrassed. I wasn’t supposed to enjoy the act nearly as much as I did. I had completely lost it in front of him.

“What a horny little whore you are,” he moved my hand and sucked the juices from my fingers. “And so wet, too!”

He pressed one finger inside me, but I squirmed away from him. I was too sensitive for that again.

“Aww, are we shy now?” he laughed.

I finally found the courage to open my eyes, and saw that although he had just cum, his cock was still quite hard and pressed against my cheek. Cashier guy, still grinning, dragged the swollen head through the sticky trails on my face, and forced it into my mouth. I sucked it off without thinking and opened my mouth for more. We repeated the process together until the cum was gone, and he slid away from me, satisfied.

Shaky and a little ashamed of myself, I stood and picked up my shirt and coat.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Cashier guy stopped me in my tracks. Still feeling a bit beholden, I turned and faced him. He was sitting on the peach box again, lazily stroking his cock. There was an intense look in his eyes, and a lewd smirk on his lips.

“Home,” I said it as firmly as I could manage. “I did what I promised…and then some.”

Cashier guy made a tight ring with his fingers and thrust his cock in and out of it.

“Your cunt felt pretty tight,” he smirked. “I’d love to fuck it.”

The vulgar motion along with his statement left me feeling dirty. It wasn’t much the word he used that bothered me, but rather it the way he said it that gave me goose pimples. I covered my breasts with my arms and backed up.

“Um…” My knees started to feel weak again. “I’m going now.”

“No you’re not.” he got up from the box and grabbed my arm. “It’s just you and me, kiddo. It’s after closing time now and I lock the place up. I don’t ever leave until I’m finished.”

I looked at the clock in the storeroom and saw that indeed, it was an hour and a half past closing. If I tried to run out or scream, there was no doubt cashier guy would be able to put a stop to it.

“Don’t you want to cum again?” he panted on my ear. I could feel him stroking his cock against my bare thigh, and hear the strange ‘gulping’ noise he made in his throat to suppress his moans.

Cashier guy didn’t wait for me to give him an answer. Instead, he pushed me into a stack of plastic crates and jammed his body close. With one hand, he yanked down my panties and with the other, held me still. Excitement began to build in the pit of my stomach again, and I stopped resisting all at once. I couldn’t control what I was feeling, despite how whorish it was. So when he rubbed his cock against my wet slit, I pressed back against it hopefully.

“Uh unh…”he pulled my hands behind my back. “Apologize to me first.”

I whimpered a desperate ‘sorry’ as he continued to grind against my ass, but cashier guy wasn’t having it.

“That’s not proper; do it right.” He pinched my nipple and pulled down on it sharply.

“I’m sorry!” I yelped, but he repeated the motion anyway. “I’m sorry I lied! I…I want your cock!”

“Where do you want it?” he seemed impatient then. I could tell he was dying to fuck me.

“In my pussy! Fuck my pussy, please!”

I squeezed my eyes shut and spread my legs as far as I could. Cashier guy dug his hands firmly into my ass and shoved his cock through my dripping entrance. I expected him to start fucking me right away, but instead, he held it there inside me, and groped my breasts.

“You feel so nice…” he moved his hips slowly and then thrust into me once, firmly. “So…tight.”

I tried not to make a sound, but when he did it again, I had to gasp.

“You like that?” he chuckled.

I decided not to beg that time, and instead waited until he’d grown tired of his own tease. It took mere seconds before he was thrusting in and out of me as if he were on a deadline. It hurt at first, the pace, and his girth, but combined with the pleasure I got from his little spanks and tit-fondling, I relaxed into it easily. In a matter of minutes I was urging him on, whimpering, and gasping in time with his rhythm. Everything seemed to be in sync, even the way his balls smacked hard on the lips of my pussy.

I would have told him to fuck me harder, but I didn’t think that was possible. Cashier guy pushed me as hard as he could into the plastic crates so he could get a better grip, and I kept spreading my legs to change the angle. I struggled to move with my hands pinned beside me, but when I turned my head, I caught sight of a mirror on the far wall. It had a few papers taped to the top half, but in the bottom I could clearly see cashier guy fucking me as hard and fast as he could manage. It looked brutal in the reflection, but that made me enjoy it even more. I pretended they were a strange couple I was spying on and getting off to.

“That’s it, baby,” cashier guy turned his head to face the mirror and grinned. “See how good I’m giving it to you? I’m gonna cum right up your tight little cunt, you slut…”

He nipped on my ear as he whispered it.

“No, not inside me…” I moaned. I could feel myself on the edge of another orgasm. “Cum on my ass, please.”

“Goddamn,” cashier guy grunted. “You’re dirty, aren’t ‘you?”

He continued to pound into me, but made no promises. It wasn’t long before his smooth thrusts became shallow and frantic. I was nearing my end and it was obvious that so was he. Cashier-guy dug his fingers into my ample backside and spread the cheeks wide with his hands while he pounded me.

“You’re so good,” he managed to gasp. I could only whimper in response.

I came first that time, and my pussy pulled his thick cock in deeper, throbbing around it. The sensation caused him to jerk suddenly, and I felt it at once when his cum shot inside me. I let out a little squeal, and then relaxed.

“Ah…no…you can’t…” I moaned. “It’s so hot…”

The feeling lasted only a second as cashier guy jerked himself out of my pussy and off onto my ass. I coaxed him breathily as he milked what was left us his cum onto me. With one hand, he smeared it over my ass, and then gave each cheek a spank. When he finished, he let me dress, and then lick what was left off his fingertips.

I was still a little wobbly, and took a seat on one of the crates while cashier guy slid back into his own clothes. I could feel his cum sliding out of my pussy, and despite how much I tried to hold it in, it soaked through my panties and down my thigh. I caught a bit on my fingertip and licked it clean before he could turn around. Again, it was lovely, a start contrast from how incredibly sore I felt.

“That was great,” cashier guy took my hand and kissed it. “No hard feelings, right?”

“Right,” I said simply and smoothed down his hair with my free hand. As soon as he let go of the other, I started for the door.

“Thanks for shopping,” he gave me a little wave on my way out. “Come again soon, huh?”

“I definitely need to,” I said under my breath, and wobbled my way out onto the street. Although I was dirty and sticky with a stranger’s cum, I had never felt more fresh and alive.

In fact, on my way home, I realized I still had the Swedish fish in my pocket and weighed the package in my hand. It brought back the memory of my escapade in a flash. Immediately, I felt a tingling of arousal between my thighs, but when I turned back to the grocery, the lights were already all off. I felt terribly anxious, so I decided not to wait around to see if cashier guy would turn up. Instead, I popped into a 24 convenience store and scanned the place before picking up a bag of chips. Behind the checkout were two male cashiers, one blonde working the register, and a brunette doing a crossword puzzle.

The brunette spied me staring and gave a quick wink. I pretended to be embarrassed, but scooted all the way to the end of the aisle until I was sure they could see me clearly.

With the hand closest to them, I stuffed two packets of chips into my coat pocket and smiled to myself, awaiting their arrival.

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