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Grateful For a Gentleman

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Travelling for work is not as much fun as it used to be. All those airports, those sleepless journeys, being up to speed on most movies and Discovery Channel documentaries is no substitute for a regular life. Constantly hopping from hotel to hotel, albeit with grander and grander rooms then suites as the work and career progressed. Learning to pack for a week in a walk-on bag and still look smart every day – an unwished for skill but essential nonetheless.

The biggest drawback was what to do with the evenings. Taking out clients or being taken out only takes up about one or two evenings a month. If you have colleagues, you can be forced into companionship and spend evenings with them, one eye on the most senior colleague, most watching the amount they drink and all conscious that this is away from their chosen home.

I had spent years with about 60% of my time away from my home. Yes, I had a nice house, no I wasn’t married (she’d left when the geegaws were outweighed by the absences and I don’t honestly miss her) and I was steadily building a tidy retirement pot which I looked to cash in for my fiftieth, only five years away. Now staying in deluxe suites, often for whole weeks, always in the world’s best cities, meant that I, on the outside, was at the peak of my game but, in reality, just doing it for another reason. Sex was an infrequent occurrence as I had never been one for hookers and whilst the women I would ‘bump into’ around my hotel were glamourous and well put together, more than capable of conversing eloquently, you knew there would be a discreet mention of financial involvement which killed my enthusiasm.

Over the past few years, I had really got into CrossFit and loved seeking out those sweaty boxes of sublime torture. This meant that I was in the best shape of my life but it wasn’t in the local ‘box’ that I was to meet Melanie, she and I were to meet under totally different circumstances.

I decided to go to a local mall for some supper and a movie one night. Nothing unusual – I knew I would get to see the film on a flight soon but sometimes just watching it on the truly big screen won through. The mall wasn’t too crowded so I grabbed a bite at a local outlet and, after finishing, wandered through to the cinema.

On the way, I saw this cute, blonde girl. Even though I am not a regular seducer of strange women, she certainly caught my eye. About 5’8”, straight blonde hair (natural, too – I always scope the eyebrows), dressed in a short, white skirt with strappy sandals, a loose t-shirt and a denim jacket. Cute face, with the hint of a blush on her cheeks and delicate, rosebud lips. A pale form with graceful limbs and fingers, tipped by light pink nail polish. Delicious but I also could tell that she was at least 20 years younger than me and not someone I should even think about.

This was easy to take in. What I also took in was that she was surrounded by three guys who seemed to be hassling her. I couldn’t be sure but I kept on glancing over and her body language and general demeanour looked uncomfortable. They were your typical youths in jeans and sneakers, one with a baseball cap and all laughing at each other and moving closer to this girl.

Normally, I wouldn’t do anything. But she was looking down, her face was colouring and when one of the guys placed his hand up against the wall beside her to get even closer I thought that enough’s enough.

I walked quickly over and asked, looking at her, “Is everything alright?”

The three young men all stopped and looked round at me. One jutted his jaw out and said, “What’s it to you, mister?”

“Nothing at all, it’s just that it seems this young lady doesn’t want to talk to you.” I replied, all the while looking at the girl, trying to reassure her that she would be ok.

“Look mate, why don’t you piss off?” said another of the men.

Then I decided that this needed to be nipped in the bud. I’m 6’3” and quite broad, as well as enjoying the CrossFit benefits so looked at him and said, “Or what?”

All three had turned and were squaring up, so I looked back at the girl and asked her, “You ok, can I help?”

“Why don’t you run along, old man. This isn’t any of your business.” The guys were all trying to look as tough as they could.

“Look”, I said, “I know you guys could all rip me limb from limb and show how incredibly tough you are. Trouble is, we’re in a crowded place, there’s CCTV everywhere and it would take no time for the police to find you. So why don’t we all calm down.” I could see their eyes starting to shift, checking out the crowds, looking for cameras, some concern showing.

I then turned to the girl, “Why don’t you come with me, and if you want to come back, I’m sure we can find these guys again?”

She didn’t need a second bidding and squeezed between them, her handbag grasped, her eyes cast down. “C’mon, let’s go and find a warm cafe and we can have a sit down.”

We walked off and I stayed close to her. She was obviously nervous and I saw a cafe about 50 metres away so I pointed and she nodded so we headed that way. I could tell the guys were following so I wanted to get somewhere I could keep an eye on her as well as them and think through my options.

We sat down and ordered our drinks and I could see the guys outside so I thought it best to clear the air.

“I’m sorry I came up to you out of the blue. Are you ok?” she nodded and I could tell she was still feeling very tense.

“Do you know them?” I asked.

“One of them. We were at school together. He used to get in a lot of trouble and always hung out with some bad people.”

“Well, don’t worry, they can’t touch you here. Are you on your own?”

As we got chatting it turned out that she was meeting a friend in a couple of hours, she had finished her shopping and was going to see a movie on her own when the guys had spotted her and surrounded her, trying to get her to come to a bar. She told me her name was Melanie, she was 19 and that she didn’t want any trouble.

I said that I was on the way to the movies and I could walk her there and if the guys were still around when she came out, I would call the police for her and get it sorted. She was warming up and starting to smile a bit as we were chatting so she told me which film she was going to see (some shoot-em-up thriller) and off we went.

The guys were still outside so I ignored them and walked her to the cinema. We stood in the queue and I noticed the young men didn’t follow us in so I bought us both tickets and offered some candy. She was starting to giggle a bit as I teased her about losing her appetite for supper and we went in.

You remember I told you how cute she was? This hasn’t changed and I’m walking into a darkened cinema that wasn’t too crowded with a sexy girl in short skirt and a lovely figure. I knew I would have to concentrate to follow the film.

She obviously liked the action moments in the movie because she would tense up and sometimes grab my arm. This became more and more as the film went on until she was bucking her knees up and burying her head in my shoulder. This was doing my erection, which had pretty much arrived as soon as we sat down, no end of torment.

The film ended and, as the lights came up, I saw she was flushed and her eyes sparkling with excitement. Clearly she had enjoyed it and I was really pleased that things had turned out better.

Of course being 19, the next thing she did was check her phone and looked upset.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Oh, my friend can’t make it.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. What were you guys planning to do?” not even thinking what might transpire.

“We were going to meet for a drink in the Excelsior bar and have a cocktail or two – we’d heard they were really good.”

What would you do in the same situation? You’ve rescued a damsel in distress. You would love to spend as many hours as possible ravishing her incredibly gorgeous, lithe figure and she is after cocktails at the bar of the hotel in which you have a monster suite? Call me an old rogue, but I did what I think you would have done…

No pressure, many options to decline, the gentle sell – I wasn’t such a senior executive because I was bad at convincing people so pretty soon we were in a cab, off to my hotel.

The concierge tipped his hat as we entered, recognizing me by name. A glorious, cavern of extravagance is the best way to describe the lobby and I stood there, admiring it.

“I thought we were going to have cocktails?” she said, looking slightly confused.

“Oh, we are, I just wondered how well you knew the city?”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“Well, here’s the thing. There is a bar here which serves the most excellent cocktails. That much is well known. The room is decorated like this and fabulously grand. Even if I don’t come in there with you, I’m sure you have many drinks bought for you. But I have a view, or to be more accurate, a balcony with a view over most of this city, where I can get cocktails delivered and you can enjoy the sights of this exquisite city by night. Not many people get to see that view.”

I then said nothing, watching her face closely.

“If it’s that good, let’s go. Besides, wait till my friend hears I was up on the top floor!” she replied.

Her eyes were like saucers as we entered the suite. Now, think of an entrance hallway, a loo off it and then some steps down into a grand drawing room, one side of which is glass. This had doors to the two bedrooms off it. From there the balcony looks out over the city.

She looked at me and smiled widely, “This is beautiful.”

To watch that cute derriere skip with glee over to the glass doors, slide back and hop out onto the terrace made my stomach lurch with desire, but I knew I had to be gentle.

I ordered cocktails from room service and got chatting. True, it’s not so easy to talk at length with a 19 year old about things but I managed to cover myself off pretty well. I did start to adopt a subtle, patriarchal approach for I had plans and wanted them to play out just so.

She had told me her name was Melanie and she was in her first year at university, living away from home for the first time and loving it. The first cocktails disappeared and by the time we were on our third I knew I had to take control.

I stood up towards the end of the drink and said that I had had a lovely evening and that it was a delight to have met her but I thought that she should get home now and I would get a cab. She looked really disappointed and slightly confused.

She stood up, slightly uneasily, so I reached out an arm, deliberately not touching her. She grabbed my forearm, and I felt the pressure increase as she looked up at me.

“That’s not fair, you said you would buy me cocktails”, she pouted, still holding on to my arm but her eyes were drooping.

“And I did, but you’ve had a few and I don’t want you to have too much.”

“You think I can’t drink, don’t you?” she asked petulantly.

“Not at all, I just don’t want you to do anything you might regret. C’mon, let’s get you home.”

It’s slightly disconcerting to have a gorgeous 19 year old hanging on to your arm, looking up at you with hooded eyes, blurred by alcohol and thoughts crashing across her face.

“I’m sorry, can I stay? I really like it here and I didn’t want to upset you.” She almost mewled this at me. I was delighted at where this was going but wanted to be certain.

“Look, Melanie, there’re more than enough space for you here – I’d even let you choose which of the rooms you would sleep in – but like I said, I wouldn’t want you to do anything you’d regret. Besides, you’ve got your own place now.”

“Yeah, but it’s nothing like this place!” she said, rolling her eyes around.

“Alright, on one condition, is that ok?” I looked at her, pretending to be stern.

“Of course, of course!” she was trying to look serious, but I could tell she was excited.

“It’s time for bed and you brush your teeth before you go to bed like a good girl – I don’t want you to have terrible breath in the morning.”

“Yes, sir”, she said and did a mock salute. How I wanted to throw her over my shoulder and march through into the bedroom, changing my condition to one of complete submission but a prey is best to catch slowly so I bided my time.

We went back into the main room and I said to hold on. I went into my room and dug out a t-shirt and gave it to her.

“Here, something to sleep in. Your room has its own bathroom, there’s a robe in there, hotel toothbrushes and soaps so you’ll be fine. Do you want an alarm call?”

She shook her head and a look that I hoped was a mixture of disappointment and confusion crossed her face. I hoped that she would be confused a lot because it made her button of a nose crinkle deliciously.

I watched her walk over to her room and she looked over her shoulder to say goodnight. And that, I thought, would be that for now.

My room was dark, I was trying and failing to sleep, thoughts running through my head of this beauty I had so nearly entrapped, so close in the room next door. My ears were straining, aching to hear the first sound.

It was a rustle, a shift in the air, I don’t know what but I realized I had fallen asleep. The room was dark but there was a slight lumescence from my bedside clock.

A shape was beside the bed and I knew instantly what it was.

I sat up. “Melanie?”

“Shh.” Was all she said.

I could see the silhouette of this graceful figure lifting my t-shirt over her head and shaking out her hair. Slight, delicate, graceful, lithe, pert – these words don’t come close.

She pulled back the bedclothes and slid in. I could see so little but reached out and she came into my arms.

I leant in to kiss her and my lips met that exquisite rosebud of a mouth. I tried to be as gentle as I could, softly probing her opening lips with my tongue, lightly caressing as I moved my body closer.

My erection was pressing towards her and she came closer, firmly squeezing her slight frame against mine. I felt the softest down of her pubes against my cock and I relished the thought of exploring them.

We kissed softly, then stronger, then passionately. All the while my hands had been stroking, caressing, fondling. She had a pert little bottom and often my hands would return, brushing her soft, pale skin with my palms, familiarizing myself with the shape, the curves, the dents and the mounds. Her breasts were firm and squashed against me but I wanted them to feel and taste.

I moved away from her mouth and dropped to her breast. Her gasp confirmed the pleasure her already erect nipple displayed. Kissing, sucking, nibbling, altering the pressure, fondling one then the other – these perfect little globes of delight were a rapture for my attention.

I kissed her again and she threw a leg over me. Before I knew it, she was astride me and again I felt that against my cock but this time it was grinding on to me. I felt the silken strands of her blonde hair against my face and then her lips were at my ear.

“Tell me, tell me what you want. Tell me.” Whispered in the most sensuous of tones.

“Your mouth, use your mouth.” I replied.

My hands had been clad around her beautiful arse and it was a disappointment as it slipped from my grasp. She started to kiss her way down my body. I felt her zero in on my left nipple. It was my turn to gasp as she suddenly sucked it hard into her mouth, grazing it with her teeth. Her hand reached for my cock and started to feel up and down it, all the while her mouth moving down my body, covering it in slow, sensuous kisses.

Her slight hand encircled my cock at the base and I felt her lips at the head. She trailed down it with her tongue and nuzzled her nose into the base. Then, slowly, almost agonizingly, this deliciously cute 19 year old licked the length of my cock before opening her red lips to take it in. In it went, encased in her wondrous mouth, deeper and deeper, further and further in.

My head was back in the pillows, my eyes clamped shut. I felt for her head and stroked her hair as she continued to caress my cock with her mouth. Stroking my balls with her free hand I knew heaven had arrived but no man could resist such pleasure for too long.

I gently pulled her up and she clearly was surprised.

“My turn”, I said.

I flipped her onto her back and gently parted her legs. The slight shine of her pubes in the light of the clock confirmed their blondeness and I knew I wanted them. I reached down, flattened my tongue and lapped from the bottom of her slit to the top. I repeated this a few times and she was holding her inner thighs open, head starting to crash from side to side. I wanted to taste her fully so changed from lapping to exploring and strove to push my tongue into her, softly, then firmly, softly then firmly. I reached up and started to stroke her clitoris, increasing the pressure and pace. She was making some enticing groans, interspersed with small cries of encouragement so I continued to up the pace. I could feel her starting to shudder more and then she bucked vigorously against me, forcing herself onto my tongue and squeezed my head with her hands.

As she began to relax, I gently removed myself from her and moved back up the bed. She was lying there, seeming glowing in the light, with the back of one hand idly stroking my chest. I rested on my elbow and she softly rolled over to kiss me. As we came together, she lifted her leg and I felt the tantalizing entrance to her stroking my cock. She maneuvered herself on top, reached down and guided me into her.

I could see her above me, delectable, beautiful, eyes closed, head slightly hanging as she began to move. The outline of her breasts, topped by such delicious nipples, starting to bounce, all the while me feeling her firm grasp of my cock inside her, moving up and down, backwards and forwards.

She leant down and kissed me and my hands grasped those orbs of her backside. I stroked down into her crevasse and could feel the slickness of her juices, obviously from when she had been on her back. My fingers traced further and she continued to ride me.

I felt the most sensitive of rosebuds, the most tender of places. My finger glided across it. She continued to ride. I wanted to know. I had to feel her all. I needed completion.

I slowly circled her anus, continuing to match her pace, sometimes kissing, sometimes nuzzling her graceful neck. I felt her push back very, very gently and almost break her rhythm to feel my finger. I needed no second bidding.

I pushed a bit firmer and the first knuckle of my digit popped in. She continued to ride and the pace was picking up. Her tongue was deep in my mouth, her hands firm on my chest. I reached up with my other hand and went for her nipple, squeezing it and pulling it, continuing to sink my finger in her arse.

She was pounding up and down on me hard and it was causing my finger to fuck her as well. In and out it went, up and down she went.

I was struggling to hold back. My balls were tingling, my skin was alive, I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm that couldn’t be stopped. I shoved my finger in deep, returned the other hand to her arse, gripped it and began to drive in hard. Once, twice, a few times, She was making more and more noise and I couldn’t hold back.

Once, twice, I pulled her down upon me, finger and cock buried deep. I felt my cum spurt from my cock, far within. She sank her head into my neck, arched her back in a hollow to push down further and squeezed her legs tight against my raised hips.

This seemed to last for eternity as we were rocked by our orgasms, welded together.

This wasn’t the last time I was to see Melanie.

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