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Dream Lover Gets Dreamier

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From his vantage point, he could look up her body and see her serene face, so peaceful in the afterglow of orgasm. He could also see her bush in front of his face and as he shuddered with arousal at how turned on she made him. In order to kiss her as she wished, he had to let her thighs drape completely over his shoulders, lifting his shoulders up to take her lower body weight completely and bringing her arsecheeks into a better range of accessibility.

He breathed in her scent as he began to kiss them while his mind thought about the day. Although very frustrated, she was right. Dominic loved the way she put her desires and pleasure first and he couldn’t help but find a masochistic pleasure at attending only to her wants. He could feel her sexy thighs on each side of his head and the thought of this incredible woman having him pleasure her lots was a huge turn on. He also couldn’t wait to fuck her and perhaps once she felt more comfortable with him, she would not be so infrequent to perform oral on him after all. However, his overriding thought was that he didn’t want anyone to be in his position and made a silent commitment to fall into the habit of obeying her.

While he kissed her gently and slowly, Kate lay back on her pillows with eyes closed. She opened them after some time, feeling his warm breath on her crotch and smiled. She stared at the ceiling and her gaze narrowed as she began to get used to the fact that this fantasy day might be the start of something wonderful. It wasn’t every day a woman could indulge her physical desires with a man she fancied, a man who was a great lover, a man who satisfied her in every way. For Kate, that man was in her bedroom and she thought about the day so far. In keeping with the events so far, her thoughts were filled by sexual scenarios between the two of them. She wanted his cock inside her a lot but she wanted the freedom of his mouth whenever she wished. Sitting on his face had felt so good and she resolved to do it a lot more often. Just then, she sensed a change. He was still kissing her arsecheeks but there was something different. Lifting her head up and resting on her elbows, she saw one of his hands busy between his legs. He was wanking!

“Are you doing what I think you are doing?” she said to him. He looked up at her almost guiltily, pausing in his rain of kisses, his face framed by her dark bush.

“I was, well, so turned on by you” he offered as a way of explanation.

“Really, mhhm. Stop that for a moment” she said and raised her legs up and over him, coming to stand by the foot of the bed while he slumped to the floor.

She didn’t say anything but approached her wardrobe, finding what she was looking for. Returning with a silk scarf, Kate smiled down at him.

“Face the bed and don’t move” she purred softly and he did so immediately.

She knelt behind him, taking his hands and pulling them together before wrapping the scarf around them and tying it tightly. Then she stood moved around in front of him, sitting herself on the bed. She indicated him to stand and took in the sight of his lovely torso, as by now he had discarded his top. Taking his cock in her hand, she tugged on it for a minute, watching his face creased in arousal before tucking it back in his jeans and buttoning them up. She told him to kneel again and once he did so, she brought his face close to her crotch.

“Maybe I wasn’t clear darling. When I said you will be concentrating on my pleasure, I meant that’s all we will be doing. By no fucking I meant the focus will fall on me. But just think of tomorrow. Do you want to slide in here?” she said, pointing to her exposed pussy.

“More than anything. As long as you want me to of course” he said.

“I do, but it just means tomorrow will be so special. In the meantime, let’s pick up where we left off” she said and brought 2 huge pillows up behind her, so she could watch him kiss her bumcheeks again.

Kate had already taken the liberty of slipping her thighs over his shoulders again and in this new position close to the bed, he was supporting all of her body weight from the waist down again.

For Dominic, with his hands tied behind his back, there was only one focus now and it was in front of him. Despite the sexual frustration, he was harder than ever; his body was betraying how much all of this was turning him on. His lips caressed her cheeks as Kate watched him from her vantage point. She was contemplating a bath before bed and wondered if she should have a cum before or after. Could she manage two? Perhaps, but it would all depend on her level of arousal. Having a sexy hunk, half naked with his hands tied behind his back and kissing her arse was a good start she thought amusingly.

That was very relaxing. Now then, can you see my rosebud?” she asked him softly.

“Yes” he answered.

“You can kiss it instead now” she said and felt his face shift a little.

Dominic was glad some of the strain lessened. Having her thighs over his shoulders, using his shoulders to lift them up so he could kiss her cheeks was hard work, but now they simply draped over them, her feet touching his back. He found her totally relaxed and it was relatively easy to slip his tongue into her arse after only a short time. Kate brought a hand down and pushed his face even deeper into her. The effect of this was to push his nose into her warm pussy and she sighed as he did so.

“That’s pleasant. Keep doing it” she said from above him and he began to thrust his face against her, his tongue and nose greedily enveloped by her orifices.

As he seemed to settle into a rhythm, Kate settled against her pillows, completely comfortable. Her upper body felt relaxed, her legs were very comfortable over her lover and his oral ministrations were perfect.. Her whole body felt invigorated! She could see the top of his head bobbing away and feel his nose and tongue thrusting in and out of her. For a moment, her thoughts turned to him. He was kneeling on a wooden floor, his arms behind his back. Her thighs were over his shoulders and he was stimulating her with his nose and mouth simultaneously. He seemed to be breathing okay, but it couldn’t be easy. Perhaps she should shift position but it felt incredibly enjoyable. She would be able to last a long time like this and moving might unsettle the proceedings.

Instead, she turned her thoughts to limitations. They had already explored some boundaries and desires today and in future, it would be exquisite to challenge more. Her head began to fill with ideas of pleasure. Perhaps she could get some sort of leash. Then she could pull him into her legs and control his movements! Her thoughts were brought back to the present and she marvelled at how long his tongue felt inside her.

“Will you do this to me whenever I want?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes” he replied instantly.

She smiled then gave a squeeze with her thighs and one hand descended to his hair again.

“I want you to lick me out now. But you must be very slow and deep” she said and he nodded.

His head rose a little and the delightful tongue slipped inside her. To his credit, he shaped it like a cone and let her juices run onto his tongue before he swallowed them and resumed his probing.

“Mhhmm, swallow all my juices” she purred contentedly.

“I want you so badly but I’m really turned on pleasing you” he said and as the words came out he realised he meant them.

Although he was missing out, there was something exciting knowing this sex Goddess would fuck him, would hold his head to her the way she was doing just now and he knew the sex would be incredible the following day; all he had to do was concentrate on her until then. It was hard, but as he tried to think of her pleasure, he began to block out his own. She tasted so good and it was with genuine enthusiasm that he lapped at her juices, flattening his tongue to flutter her clitoris or make it firmer to push into her pussy as deeply as possible.

Kate smiled to herself as she felt him take his time; he was doing such a good job! She did a mental check list to herself of just what would constitute her ideal man. This wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed; she didn’t sleep around but in the past some lovers were considerate, some were selfish, some were not as good looking as she would have hoped. But this time, it really felt different. Returning her thoughts to her ideal man, she summarised. Good looking, tick and smiled as she felt him lick slowly up over her whole pussy. Fit and healthy, lick. Intelligent, lick. Gentleman, lick. Attentive to her needs, lick. Good lover, lick. Well hung, lick. Younger than her! Lick. Enjoys performing oral, lick. Room to develop her desires and whims, lick. Obedient; this was something she could continue exploring but it was going well so far as she felt another lick. Arousing her, lick. Letting her be a little dominant, lick. Enthusiastic and prepared to go down on her a lot, lick.

In short, the young man had the potential to be perfect for her and she hoped they would be perfect together. She harboured some sort of feelings already and turned her thoughts to the physical side of things. Having the freedom to explore her sexual desires with him already seemed to be going well, but they could be even better. Kate couldn’t wait to sit on his face more; it felt so good and she got a real kick out of knowing his mouth was there for her benefit. But her ideas didn’t stop there. His insistent licking of her pussy was turning her ideas as wide ranging as possible. Regal. The word just popped into her head and she imagined being treated like a princess, perhaps him kissing her feet and indulging in some serious arse worship. There were so many wonderful scenarios they could explore together!

There were benefits too. She was more confident about wearing skirts as he made her feel sexier. It was also a lot easier for him to pleasure her this way. She even thought about the fact that they had discussed how the relationship might develop. He was aware blow jobs would be few and far between but Kate felt no guilt in being honest about the fact that this would free up more time for a lot for him to go down on her. And rimming; not something she would do! The idea was unappealing to Kate, but she liked her own bum, he found it sexy and there was no reason he shouldn’t pleasure her in this way. She even began to think of him and ways to make things as exciting as possible. That cock of his would bring her a great deal of pleasure, but she wanted him eager to use it on her when she wanted him to. His hands were still tied together, so he wouldn’t be pleasuring himself when he could be concentrating on her pleasure; however there was no guarantee he wouldn’t just wank himself silly when not with her. Kate didn’t think she had quite asserted herself to a level where he would agree to everything she wanted but some sort of harness for his cock had her shivering with lust. Just knowing that when she unlocked it, he would be eager to plunge into her was such a delicious idea. It would also mean Dominic threw himself into keeping her satisfied and excited in order to fuck her.

“Okay, I’m ready. Make me cum good” she said at last and felt him respond.

“That’s it, right there my pussylicker. Aah, I’m going to cum all over your face” she squealed as her thighs tightened and her orgasm shuddered through her, hands tightly gripping his hair.

Much later, she lay trying to just clear her head of the wonderful sensation that sexual utopia can bring.

“You can stop for now. I need a rest” she said and he akwardly stood up.

Kate untied his hands then fell back on the bed and snuggled into him, delighting in how pleasant it felt to have a superb orgasm. Perhaps if she was more inclined to put her needs as less of a priority, she would also have reflected he had no sexual relief himself but it wasn’t necessary. Today was about her and that was exactly how things had unfolded so far. At some point, she dozed off to sleep.

Dominic lay with her; sleep took a little longer in coming, but no matter how much he felt frustrated, a part of his body denied this. He was aroused not just physically but mentally at the idea that this sexy woman had a hungry passion for him. To fancy the pants off someone and know that they felt the same way was great; to know that the woman wanted pleasure given to her so easily could be viewed as frustrating but it was also kind of hot to know that he would do almost anything to fuck her.

Next morning, he awoke and saw her stretched out on the bed. Despite his own arousal, he didn’t attempt to mount her, but slid down until one thigh was over his shoulder. Above him, Kate stirred from sleep to feel the caress of his tongue inside her. An orgasm teased it’s way out over the next half an hour before she once again rested, before pulling him up her body and letting him slip inside her. The wait was worth it! He was so hard it was unbelievable and as his cock drove deep inside her, she could feel her g spot being massaged. Even when he pulled out and came in spurts, he remained hard. Kate just turned over onto all fours as he slipped into her again without going soft. As he began a smooth rhythm in and out, she told herself that if he hadn’t been held in check since yesterday, he might not have managed this.

Later, he left and she prepared for her friend’s visit later, a couple of bottles of wine and lots of gossip. Dominic agreed to pop round later in the week and she said goodbye after lunch.

Exactly 6 days later on Friday, she met her beau for dinner. It had been a busy week, promoting the new album and although she had wrapped up most of that on Wednesday the last 2 days had been a chance to pop into town go shopping, meet a friend for lunch and pick up something kinky at the lingerie shop earlier. He parked his TT roadster and she arrived 2 minutes later at the Italian restaurant. As she walked up he stood there smiling, dressed in tight jeans, trilby hat and loose top. Dominic’s eyes had to do a double take though. Kate had a denim skirt on and boots to just below her knees. The skirt complimented her legs and he wasn’t the only man in the street who looked wistfully at her, wishing they had a chance.

“Careful now, you’d better close your mouth before you catch flies” she said giggling at his demeanour.

“You look amazing” he said simply in response.

“Thank you darling. Now close that mouth and lets go for food. You’ll have it open plenty later on” she added confidently and he almost groaned with desire.

They ordered and enjoyed a pleasant meal, catching up on work stuff around her album and his 2nd book which he had already started. When dessert menu’s were offered, they asked for coffee instead. It arrived with an exquisite Italian truffle but as Dominic was about to eat his, Kate stopped him.

“You can have yours later” she said smiling.

He nodded a little bemusedly, drank some of the coffee, noticing Kate pick up her chocolate and eat it, with coffee.

Then she excused herself to use the bathroom and he watched her stunning legs with even more arousal. She returned before long and they resumed chatting, when he suddenly noticed the chocolate was missing. He hadn’t eaten it at Kate’s behest, but he hadn’t removed it either.

“Looks like my chocolate’s gone walkabout” he said nonchalantly.

“No it hasn’t. I said you can have it later. Speaking of which, I would hurry up if I were you, it’s going to make a real mess of your face if we don’t get out of here to let you have it soon” she said.

He looked confused for a minute, then looked at Kate smiling at him and realised where the chocolate was. He wasn’t sure how appealing it would be but it clearly turned her on. Then he realised he hadn’t even paid and quickly called over the waiter. In the end, he left enough to cover the bill and he carried her bags as they left. Once in the car, he wasted no time in driving straight to her house, his raging hard on bulging out of his jeans.

Kate was coolness personified, walking through to the lounge with her purchases and calling for him to fetch her a glass of wine from the fridge. When he did so, she was sitting on the sofa.

“Um, please could I have my chocolate now?” he said anxiously.

“Sure” she said innocently and cocked one leg up.

He looked at the side of the sofa to see her knickers there; she had already removed them. Needing no second invitation, he brought his tongue to bear. At first, he tasted only her familiar flavour but then he hit chocolate. For the next 20 minutes or so, he lovingly cleaned her pussy of every bit of chocolate while she sighed happily and sipped at her wine.

“You know last week, where you waited until the next day before we had intercourse? Well, you were still hard after you came. In fact, I’ve got to admit I found it really manly the way you stayed hard and seemed to have the ability to go on forever. It really turned me on” she said.

“You always turn me on, I love making you smile” he said, hoping to fuck her not long afterwards.

“That’s good. I feel I can really be myself with you and you know what I love more than anything else?” she quipped.

“Um, good oral?” he said quickly.

“Oh yeah, well good oral definitely. But just having you pleasure me in general, in whatever way I desire. If you put my needs first, we will have such a good relationship honey” she said smiling.

“I want that so much” he offered instantly and realised he meant it as he said it.

“Good, well stop that for a minute, take your clothes off then continue. Can you do that for me?” she said.

“You bet” he replied and sprung to his feet, launching his clothes off swiftly before kneeling again to accept her legs over him while he resumed licking her out.

“Now then stud, I’ve already commented on how last week turned me on so I want to know your thoughts on something. I’m going to suggest something in a minute and I’m not telling you to do it, I’m only suggesting it’s something we do. Okay?” she said and he nodded.

“Well, here’s the thing. I picked up a little thing the other day I want you to wear” she said and pulled a contraption out of her bag.

It had leather harness straps on it and he swiftly realised it was some sort of device for his genitals.

“What is it?” he asked.

“You put it over your manhood. As I said, I’m not demanding you put it on, but I’d love it if you did. It would turn me on so much. Don’t worry, I absolutely love having you hard inside me, that will never change but it would be such a cool thing to wear now and again” she quickly explained.

“Well, if it turns you on. I get so turned on by you, I hope you’d still want me” he offered back.

“Oh I do stud. In fact, I’ll want you even more if you wear it sometimes. Hang on, let’s stop again for a sec while I help you get it on” she said, slipping her legs away from him.

Together, they quickly hooked it up, around his balls and at the base of his cock. He could still use the toilet, but wouldn’t be able to cum at all while it was on. Just as Kate pulled it round, he heard a click.

“What was that noise?” he asked swiftly.

“Just the lock. But don’t worry, there’s a key in the kitchen for it” she said cheerily before hopping back onto the sofa and hooking her legs over his shoulders again.

“Now then where were we?” she said and sighed as his tongue resumed it’s work inside her again.

Another useful reason for the device was concentration. He wouldn’t be wanking off in future when he was licking her orifices and she could still have him use his hands without worrying they were being used on himself.

“Seeing as you’re such a star agreeing to wear that, I’ve also decided to wear skirts more often. I’ve bought a couple of really short ones just for your benefit” she said excitedly.

The suggestion was that as he fancied her so much, just seeing her in short skirts would be fair for pleasuring her.

“Build me up to one and we can go slower later” she said and sighed as his tongue responded, sucking on her lips before running up her moist slit and attacking her clitoris with vigour.

Kate felt the level of pleasure building and let herself surrender to the orgasm.

As always, her hands and thighs covered his head, while his mouth worked furiously to swallow her juices and tongue her clit.

His skilled tongue dipped lower and despite avoiding her sensitive areas, she still felt horny.

“Hang on a minute dear, lie on the floor” she said and let him manouevre around until he was lying across the rug.

Kate unzipped her boots which were still on and stood up. Locating the new remote she had, which worked both tv and hi fi, she took hold of her wine glass, stood over his naked body, then slowly lowered herself to a crouching position. Satisfied she was aligned the way she wanted, Kate let her knees sink into the soft rug as her crotch simultaneously sank onto his handsome face. She could already feel his tongue seek her pussy again and slid forward a little, bringing her anus towards him.

His head was a mixture of emotions as he grasped the sexy derriere above him and put his mouth over her arsehole. Her earlier orgasm had relaxed her muscles, allowing his tongue entry quite quickly. When he withdrew, she pressed down so that his upward thrust could gain a good deal of entry. His desire for her was as strong as ever and he mulled over things in his head. On the one hand, he was missing out. Some girls preferred blow jobs more than others so getting this once in a blue moon might not be to every guy’s preference. Then there was the fact that Kate was very open about the fact she wanted oral sex herself an awful lot; added to which there would be occasions he would actually go without relief to heighten the arousal and tension.

However, it was true that by denying him the previous week, the sex the following day was simply amazing. In fact, he had never been so aroused in his life. This coupled with the fact that it was a real turn on to submit and pleasure such an amazing woman so selflessly convinced him he was rather lucky. He certainly didn’t want any other man with her! Dominic firmly believed the sexiest arse in the world was poised above him at present and no woman had ever turned him on so much and constantly left him wanting more.

Kate was enjoying the slow rimming he was busily performing. She looked down his body and leaned forward to touch his cock and ball harness. Part of her wanted that big thing inside her but part of her wanted to tease her own desires and wait until the next day.

“Mhhm. That’s relaxing. You know, sometimes a slow rimming is just what the doctor ordered. I just want you to know how good it feels” she said happily.

“I love pleasing you. You’re so sexy when you’re like this” he said then immediately resumed his ministrations, tongue working in and out, in and out.

Kate grew excited by his comments.

“I’m so glad because I love being pleased by you. I like you talking this way, it really turns me on” she offered back.

He grew excited too. Turning her on was high on his agenda.

“I’d do this to you anywhere” he suddenly announced.

Kate smiled and sighed happily.

“You dirty sod, I bet you would. Tell me more” she urged him.

“Well, um I like it when you’re a bit rough” he said quietly.

“Do you now? And just what is that?” she quizzed him.

Kate did have a habit of gripping his head when she came and he had to admit it felt great.

“Um, just when you forget about me and you know, make sure I’m doing what you like” he said in between tongue thrusts.

Kate mulled that over in her head. She began to think of a few things herself too and grew even more excited. Pulling his head roughly into her crotch turned her on a lot and she was becoming more and more enthusiastic about sitting on his face.

“As long as you meant that. I’ll be taking you up on this a lot” she said eagerly, pressing her asscheeks against his face to drive his tongue even further into her then rising before doing it again.

“I really love face sitting” she continued, becoming more excited at the thought of this.

“I love it too” he managed to say in the middle of his efforts.

“You do, don’t you? Actions speak louder than words though and this is making me hot. Go deeper” she urged, although in fairness he was already straining to plunge deep at present.

Kate wasn’t aware of his efforts though, too engrossed in thinking up ways they could make things even more interesting. The sex had so much potential to continue developing to her satisfaction and that gave her room to start thinking about what he had just said. Maybe they should start being a bit kinkier; perhaps she could be a lot harsher on him or have him really do anything she could think of and more. Kate had a dildo upstairs which didn’t get used much these days; however, if he was wearing his contraption and she felt horny, perhaps she could have him use it on her, not using his hands of course!

Glancing at his cock again, she could see how turned on he was, even despite the contraption. He was going to have to give her a lot of satisfaction or that contraption would be off! Kate was feeling very sexy; she could feel her pussy still wet and slid back a little, shivering a bit with naked pleasure as his wonderful tongue responded just the way she wanted. She was about to tell him when she stopped herself; this was as good a time as any to hold back from praise. From now on she determined to push the boundaries as far as she wanted.

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