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Going Under Down Under

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We were two girls in a foreign country. My friend Natasha and I were vacationing in Australia, traveling around for a couple of weeks on our own. Beautiful sites, warm beaches, attractive men. I was in heaven. But I have to say the men were the best part, with their sexy accents.

Which led us to our situation. Natasha and I were enjoying a night out at a pub when we met Michael.

The bartender brought us a couple of frosty pints of beer, compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar. Looking that direction, my first thought was, “Those are the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen!” He flashed a sexy, mischievous grin as I gave him a slight head nod telling him to join us.

Over a couple more beers, we learned Michael was 32, owned a surf shop, was single, and loved straight-forward American girls. Natasha and I were both flirting full-throttle. I would trace my fingers carelessly along my plunging neckline, drawing his icy blue eyes to the inviting shadows of my cleavage. Natasha would run her fingers through her thick, wavy, chestnut hair, letting it cascade down her bare back, only interrupted by the delicate string tie of her skimpy shirt.

I could tell Michael was enjoying the attention, occasionally resting his hand on Natasha’s bare back, or patting my naked thigh when I said something funny.

“Sorry Michael, I need to go powder my nose.” I hopped off my barstool, grabbing Natasha’s hand and giving it a meaningful squeeze.

Never letting me down, she chimed in, “Me too. Can you save our seats for us? We’ll be right back.” She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek, providing him with an incentive to not find someone else while we were gone.

As soon as we were safely in the Ladies’ Room, we both burst out into girlish giggles. “He’s soooo hot!” I could feel my cheeks burning from my excited grin.

Natasha started reapplying her lipstick, “Okay, who’s going to get this one?”

“Rock, paper, scissors?”

We shook our fists and counted to three. Damn! I had paper, she had scissors.

“Sorry!” But she clearly wasn’t. Oh well, she’s my best friend. What’s good for her is good for me.

When we returned to the bar, we sat with her between me and Michael. I joked, but didn’t flirt. She turned up the charm. The three of us had a great time for another hour. Before we knew it, it was last call.

Michael was smooth. He very honorably offered to escort us to our hotel. We, of course, invited him up to our room for a drink (we’d picked up some bottles of Shiraz along the way).

While he used our bathroom, Natasha pleaded, “Please stay here. I’ll feel safer having you here too.”

I laughed, “Sure, I don’t care. It’s this or sleeping in the lobby. But do you want me on the floor?” I gestured to the queen size bed we were sharing. It had been cheaper than getting two beds.

“No! There’s plenty of room, if you don’t mind.”

“Nah, I can sleep through anything.”

A bottle of Shiraz later, Michael was kissing Natasha on the neck. She was giggling. Pulling away she said, “Would you like to stay?”

“Of course!” He said in with his sexy accent, winking at her.

Natasha whispered, “Does it bother you if my friend sleeps in the same bed? I can’t kick her out”

Michael glanced over at me, looking into my gold eyes before his eyes drifted to my rounded breasts. “No, the more the merrier.” What guy would turn down sleeping between two beautiful girls?

“I’m going to go change.” I grabbed my pajamas and went into the bathroom. I didn’t have any pajama pants, as I always slept in my panties and a tank top. I was wearing black lacey panties as I pulled on a tiny black tank top. It didn’t really matter, because I’d be under the covers most of the time anyway. I washed up slowly, giving them plenty of alone time.

When I returned, the lights were already out and there was a tell-tale sound of kissing coming from our bed. Shutting off the bathroom light, I felt my way in the dark to my side of the bed and slid under the covers, as much on the edge of the bed as I could manage without falling off. I could feel the heat of Michael’s body from the middle of the bed.

I lay on my back and tried to sleep, but I couldn’t help but listen to the action right next to me. I heard Natasha moan. Then I heard gentle sucking noises and a groan from him. Sheets rustling, bed rocking.

Still, I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I really wanted to get off, I was so turned on. But I slowed my breathing and started to drift off into a warm, wine-drenched dreamland, rocked to sleep by the rhythmic bed movements.

That’s when I felt a hand – a hand sliding over my tank top to fondle my breast. Oh God, Michael was touching me while getting with my friend! He massaged my breast through my shirt for only a moment before his hand moved down to my bare abdomen, slipping under the soft material. He slowly moved his hand up my rib cage to the curving underside of my breast.

This made me so hot! I struggled not to shudder from the thrill of the strange hand touching me .I always fantasized about being taken advantage of in my sleep.

His fingers ascended my soft breast to the peak of my nipple, grazing over it lightly at first with one finger. He rolled his finger in circles over it, cupping my tit with his palm. I realized I was holding my breath, so I slowly let it out, causing my tits to lift slightly. He flicked his thumb over my hard nipple. I could feel the small nub somehow grow and tighten at the same time. He pinched it before moving onto the other breast. After he’d pushed my shirt up, he slid his hand back down my stomach. The sheets shifted and I felt the cool air caress my exposed breasts.

His fingers played with the edge of my panties before dipping under the lace. Should I stop him? I didn’t want to. I was still playing my role of being asleep as his fingers found my moist heat. But when his finger pressed against my clit, I couldn’t suppress a small moan. His hand froze.

Shit, now he knew I was awake and letting him touch me.

Without warning, he wrapped his hand around my waist and rolled his body. In one fluid motion, he’d moved me to be side-by-side with Natasha with him hovering above us both. He had one knee between each of our legs.

Natasha looked over, surprised by the sudden appearance of her friend with her tits hanging out. She giggled, “Hi!”

Before I could respond to the situation, Michael’s tongue was in my mouth, intimately caressing every crevice. He quickly lifted my tank top off completely.

“C’mon,” his voice was like silk, “You two are friends, act friendly.” He gently placed his hand behind each of our heads and brought Natasha and I together in a tentative kiss. Her lips were so full and soft. I’d never kissed a girl before. We kissed gently, shyly, until I felt her tongue caress my lower lip. Opening to accept it, our tongues tangoed and danced.

Enjoying the view for a moment, Michael soon moved to our tits. We both had quite the rack. He did his best to give all four breasts equal attention with his mouth, tongue, teeth, and hands. It was very disorienting having my friend’s tongue in my mouth and my nipples bitten at the same time.

I wanted to thank Natasha for sharing, so I pushed Michael off us. “You take south, I’ll take north.” I didn’t need to explain, he moved down between her smooth thighs, paying her much attention with his mouth and fingers. I got to feel and taste a woman’s breasts for the first time. I circled my tongue around her nipple, teasing her, before sucking it between my lips. I lazily circled her other nipple with my thumb, as I knew I liked having done to me.

Michael must have been good at what he was doing, because it was only minutes before her heavy breathing became short panting breaths, followed by excited cries. I bit down on one nipple and pinched the other and she came, her body shuddering and quivering.

I moved up to kiss her again. She grabbed my head, weaving her fingers through my auburn hair, drawing me in as much as she could. I felt my tits graze hers, sending a surprising chill down my spine.

I pulled back and looked into her mossy green eyes. They had the glazed over satisfied look that can only come from a great orgasm. I gently kissed her again, nibbling on her plump lower lip for a moment before whispering, “Let’s reward Michael for his attentions.” She grinned back in agreement.

We both sat up suddenly and grabbed Michael, throwing him down between us. We started at the top, taking turns kissing his mouth and neck. At one point in the rotation we collided at his mouth, three tongues entwined. We drifted down the nape of his neck to his chest, which provided us with a nipple each to suckle to hardness.

I moved my hand to his stiff cock to find Natasha’s hand already there. I fondled his balls while she stroked his shaft. Our lips continued the path down his abdomen, across the valley of his belly button, over the hills of his pelvis.

When our hot, hungry mouths reached his cock, we eagerly licked the base of his member. Our tongues skimmed the perimeter until we were essentially making out with each other around his cock. We caressed his cock with our tongues, circling them around the head. We shared and savored the precum forming there.

Then I got selfish and sucked his cock down my throat. Natasha fluidly moved to his balls, taking them into her mouth while I bobbed over his erection. I felt the veins run over my tongue as I took him deeper down my throat. After a couple of minutes, I was able to get the entire length in my mouth.

Michael was living every guy’s fantasy and loving every moment of it. He was moaning, a hand on each of our heads, his fingers threading through our hair. Our talented tongues brought him to ecstasy quickly. I felt him tug my hair and knew what was coming. He shot his hot salty load down my throat. I swallowed to keep it from spilling, but left plenty in my mouth to share. Natasha read my mind and thrust her tongue in my mouth, scooping out the results of our labor. After cleaning each other, we bathed his cock until he began to stiffen again.

Pushing Natasha down on the mattress, I said, “Let’s give him a moment to recover.” I spread her thighs wide so I could taste pussy for the first time. I could smell her sweet musk even before I began tracing my tongue along her bare, moist slit. She tasted sweet, yet tangy. I savored her earthy scent as I thrust my tongue inside her. She writhed under me as I sucked on her hard little clit and thrust two fingers into her pussy.

That’s when I felt Michael’s hands on my ass. I was still wearing my panties, but he quickly pulled them down, making me lift a knee at a time to free me entirely of them. He pulled my legs apart and rubbed his cock along my slit, teasing me. I tried pushing back against him, but he had a firm grip on my hips.

“Easy, slut!” he laughed, “Tell me how much you want my cock.” He gave me a light swat on the ass to let me know he was serious in his demand.

I reluctantly withdrew from Natasha’s thighs to moan, “I need your cock! Fuck me!” I dove back into Natasha, stabbing my tongue into her.

He pushed into me, just a little, and stopped. I pushed back against him, desperate to be filled, but he held firm. “Beg, whore.”

“Uhhh, please! Fuck my cunt, I need you in me!” I felt my pussy getting wetter from the dirty words he was making me say.

He pushed into me fully with one hard thrust. I cried out in pain. His cock stretched me and invaded me deeply. But I still wanted more. I pressed back against him, feeling his balls slap against my thighs as he pounded into me. The force pushed me harder against Natasha’s cunt, driving her to orgasm. Sweet moisture flooded my mouth as Michael grabbed my tits. He twisted my nipples and called me his “naughty cunt”.

I’d never had a guy use me so roughly before. The raw sex pushed me over the edge. I pulled Natasha toward me so I could kiss her, sharing her flavor and my approaching orgasm. I raped her mouth with my tongue as Michael used me for his own pleasure.

She could see the heat in my eyes and knew I was enjoying the submissive role. So she took charge. Rising to her knees, she pulled my head to her pale tits. “Suck, bitch!”

I eagerly sucked her pink nipple into my mouth, massaging her breast with my tongue.

Michael slapped my ass again, “You like being told what to do, don’t you whore?”

I moaned in agreement.

“Bite her nipples,” he ordered, pinching mine hard.

I was close to cumming, breasts in my face, a cock pounding into me, my tits receiving lots of attention. I could feel it building in my belly, my thighs burning. That’s when Michael shoved a finger in my ass. My pussy contracted and spasmed as I came. My arms gave out and my face hit the sheets. Michael came only seconds after me, flooding me with his hot seed. I quivered and panted against the bed as he finished off in my sopping pussy.

He pulled out of me, leaving me feeling empty and numb. Not giving me a moment to rest, he grabbed a handful of my hair and guided my swollen lips to his glistening cock. “Clean it up, baby.”

I opened my willing mouth to clean both of our juices off of him. I felt Natasha’s tongue start cleaning out my used cunt.

Satisfied with my tongue bath, Michael flopped down on the bed, sated. Natasha and I crawled up his body to lie on either side of him. Slick with sweat and bodily fluids, we all passed out in our hotel room bed.

I love traveling!

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