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On the Job Training

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Everybody’s got a first time story. Being a 33 year old divorced guy, I thought all my firsts were long gone. You know, my first blowjob, my first fuck, my first older woman, my first three-way; I’d had some good times but I figured the rest of my sex life would be pretty run of the mill. On the downhill slide you could say.

That is until I decided to become a porn star. Well, not exactly a porn star. I just needed to make a little money and I thought fucking on camera would be a stellar way to make some cash. I’m decent looking, I work out regularly, I’m not exactly porn-big, but I’ve got a solid seven inches that can keep the ladies satisfied, and I do have a pretty damn perverted mind. Based on that resume, I figured I was a shoe-in to land a few amateur films or be an extra in a gangbang scene. All I needed was somebody to give me a chance.

I’d been unemployed for eight months and I was running low on funds and even lower on opportunities. I’d sold my motorcycle, had my cable turned off and was eating mac and cheese nightly. Luckily, I had an old girlfriend that had done some nude modeling, purely softcore stuff, but I knew her agent had fielded several offers from some studio executives looking to see if she had any interest in making some hardcore porn.

Her agent was a pretty sleazy dude, and even worse, I owed him $500 bucks on a bet he had booked for me several months ago. With some serious trepidation, I dialed his cell number.

“Hey, Bruno, it’s Jack, Jack Offman, how you doing?”

“You son of a bitch. You damn well better be calling to tell me my $500 is in the mail,” he snarled.

“Umm, well no, not exactly. I’m still out of work and still broke. I’m getting desperate man.”

“Why the fuck are you calling me with your sob stories?” Bruno barked.

“You remember when I was dating Shelly?” I started.

“Oh, yea. That little hottie was way out of your league. Never understood what she saw in you. I could have made her a big star if she’d been willing to get nasty on screen.”

“Yea, Bruno, that’s what I’m calling about, I remembered you had some connections in the porn industry, and well, I was wondering if you could hook me up?”

“Hook you up? What the fuck are you talking about? You want me to score you a little porn pussy? I ain’t no fucking pimp,” he hollered.

“No, no, man. I just want to make a couple of films. I want to be an actor, you know, fuck chicks on film for money. I swear man, the first $500 is yours,” I begged.

Chuckling, Bruno responded, “What the fuck makes you think you can be a porn star?”

“I’m not looking to be a star. I’m a pretty clean cut, all-American guy. I just wanna make a few videos, pocket some coin, and get my life turned around. All I’m asking is you hook me up with one of your contacts and let me take it from there.”

I could tell Bruno was pondering my offer, and I also knew he wanted his $500 bad.

“Alright jackass, I’ll make a few calls. I’ve got a studio in mind that would be just perfect for you,” Bruno replied, a slight hint of mischief in his voice. “It’s not a big studio, probably not one you would have heard of, but no fucking way you’re gonna start out on top. Matter of fact, I think your gonna start on the very fucking bottom,” he guffawed.

“That’s perfect, Bruno. Thanks, man, I owe you one.”

“No turd face, you owe me $500 big ones. If they agree to see you, I’ll call you right back.”

Bruno came through and got me an appointment to meet a guy from FudgePacker Films. I’d never heard of the studio, but I was definitely looking forward to pounding some tight bunghole. I had screwed a couple of ex-girlfriends in the butt. I never understood how those cuties could handle my cock getting shoved up their tight backdoors, but I sure as hell had enjoyed it. They couldn’t walk right for a week afterwards and I never got a chance for a second round with any of them. But these FudgePacker girls would be pros.

The studio turned out to be a room over a garage in a kinda shady part of town. Not what I’d expected, but I guess these guys have to keep the overhead down. I figured the less they spent on rent, the more they could afford to pay the actors.

Eric was a no nonsense guy. “I’m the director and head photographer,” he introduced himself. “I like your look. Fill out these forms, we’ll take some pics to see how photogenic you are and then I’ll send you over to the clinic for a health screening. If everything works out, I’ve got a project shooting next week that I can use you in.”

Damn, this guy didn’t mess around. I had a thousand questions floating around in my head, but the only one I was able to spit out was, “How much does it pay?”

“You’ll make the standard rate to start; $1,000 a scene. You in?” he asked.

“Absolutely,” I replied, already doing the math in my head. I could fuck two chicks a day, five days a week and be literally swimming in cash.

“Good. Strip down while I set up some lights and I’ll snap some shots.”

He took several photos, complementing me on my abs and my firm ass. “I especially like your toned, smooth chest,” he commented.

My idea of a male porn star was Ron Jeremy, the short, fat, hairy “Hedgehog” of porn fame. But if this guy thought my gym toned body was OK, who was I to question him. He never mentioned my dick, but I just assumed that meant he thought I was adequate in that department too.

Later in the week I received a voicemail from Eric, giving me an address, a date, and a time. He signed off the message with, “Be on time and be ready to fuck.”

I hit the gym extra hard that night and blew a huge load on the shower room floor dreaming about the hot little piece of ass I was actually going to get paid to fuck. Things were definitely looking up for me.

I showed up at the appointed time and met Eric at the front door of a little bungalow up in the hills.

“Hi, Jack, glad you made it. You’ll be working with Toni Granite today. Do you know Toni?” Eric asked.

“Nope, never met her,” I responded.

“Very funny,” Eric chuckled. “Well I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Toni is a real pro and will take charge of the sex scene. You just follow Toni’s lead and have some fun.”

Eric showed me to the bathroom where a cute little babe was ready to do my prep. “This is Jessie,” Eric introduced. “She will get you ready and fill you in on the scene.”

“Do I have any lines I need to memorize?” I asked, a proto-typical neophyte.

“We’ll mark up some cards, but generally just go with the flow and feel free to adlib. Toni will cue the action by ordering you to your knees. From there, you give a little oral then up onto the kitchen table on your back and Toni will fuck you. Got it?”

“Got it,” I responded. Sweet, I thought, I eat a little pussy and then turn it over to Toni to mount me and fuck my brains out. Based on the stirring in my jeans, I didn’t have to worry about getting a boner, I was already half way there.

“Out of those clothes, cowboy,” Jessie ordered, as she patted the seat in front of the mirror, “and jump up here so I can fix you up.”

I was slightly embarrassed to strip down in from of Jessie. She was cute in a very goth sort of way; probably 5’5″ tall, with deathly white skin, coal-black hair, sexy, full red lips and a tight little body stuffed into a black leotard and a pair of ripped levis. Her nose was pierced with a big silver ring and a barbed wire tattoo circled her bicep. I only hoped the talent I would be fucking was half as hot as Jessie.

I stripped down and Jessie gave me a whistle, “Damn, stud you are looking good. I can see you are already getting excited about your scene,” she giggled, staring at my rapidly growing erection.

I grabbed a robe off the wall, trying without success to hide my misbehaving boner.

“That robe is perfect,” Jessie replied, “just what this scene calls for. Throw on this gold wedding band and you are in costume.”

“Tell me more,” I implored as I sat down in the makeup chair, slipping the ring on.

“You are at home. You’re wife is at work. The kitchen sink gets clogged and you have to call a plumber. While waiting for the plumber, you are surfing porn on the computer and you pop a boner. I can see you are a method actor,” she giggled, as she pinched my hard dick through the thin material of the robe.

“Sorry,” I managed, truly embarrassed at my too eager cock.

“Nothing to be sorry about, cutie,” she continued. “Anyway, the doorbell will ring and it will be Toni the plumber, come to fix your clogged pipe. As it is doing now, the robe will poorly conceal your sexual excitement, Toni will notice and from there, the sex will get steamy, wet, and furious. A bunch of corny dialogue, some hot oral sex, a good ass pounding, and finally, jizz everywhere; I think that will about do it.”

Wow, Jessie was so nonchalant about the whole thing. Before I could ask any more questions, Eric screamed from the kitchen, “On the set, Jack, let’s make a movie.”

“Good luck,” Jessie hollered as I headed to the set. “And take this, you’ll need it,” she laughed as she tossed me a big bottle of lube.

“Let’s get a shot of Jack at the computer terminal, jerking off as he surfs some porn to open the scene,” Eric directed.

I sat at a blank computer and played around with the mouse in one hand as I slowly stroked my still hard cock in the other.

“Great, great,” Eric shouted. “Now, when Toni rings the doorbell, you quickly stand up, wrap your robe around you and answer the door. We are going to play this as a straight scene, you being married and all. So I want you to stay in character, Jack, the big, strapping heterosexual. OK?”

“Uh, yea,” I answered not really sure what all that movie-making lingo meant. Eric didn’t have to tell me I was a heterosexual; hell I was going to fuck a hot porn star, for money. Maybe it was just his strange way of giving a pep talk.

“Action. Doorbell,” Eric instructed.

I opened the door, excited to see the talent I would soon be butt-fucking mercilessly.

“You called for a plumber?” a deep, very male, very manly voice asked as a very not-female guy stood framed in the door, his plumber’s uniform stretched across his massive frame, his tool belt slung from his waist.

I froze. What the fuck was going on? Where was Toni, the cute little porn starlet I was expecting to screw? Who was this Neanderthal and why was he in my scene?

“What are you waiting for, Jack? Read the fucking cue card,” Eric demanded from behind camera.

I was in shock, but I turned to the card and read in a horrible deadpan, “I’m having some problems with a backed up pipe.”

“I can see that,” the plumber responded, his eyes darting down to the tent protruding from between my legs. “I’m sure I can help you with your pipe but first can you show me the kitchen sink.”

“Show Toni into the kitchen,” Eric directed from off camera as my brain struggled to grasp the situation.

It hit me, Toni wasn’t a Toni but a Tony. The name was embroidered onto the front of his plumber’s uniform, “Anthony”. That fucking Bruno, he set me up. I wasn’t going to be screwing any hot little tuna. This was a gay film and Tony Granite was the only goddamned porn star I was going be getting any action off today.

“Move it, Jack,” Eric shouted, “I like the apprehension in your face, but you’ve got to pick up the pace. We ain’t got all day.”

What was I gonna do? I needed the cash bad and now that Bruno knew my cell number, I could expect to be getting some serious pressure to pay back that debt. I quickly rationalized; sex is sex right? This is a low rent, low budget gay fuck-flick. Nobody was going to see it. Certainly nobody I knew would see it. I’d have to fake my way through this and make the best of it.

I showed Tony into the kitchen. As we passed the computer screen, he turned to me with a big smile on his face, “That’s some hot fucking shit dude. I can see why your pipe is acting up,” he snorted as he squeezed the bulge growing in his chinos. “Your wife approve of your web surfing?”

“What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. The sink is over here,” I read from a prepared cue card. “Do you think you can fix it?” The dialogue was scintillating, exactly what I would expect from a b grade porn flick.

This Tony dude was a piece of work. I’m not small, 6′, 180, but he had me by a couple of inches and at least 30 pounds. He was a big Italian stallion, dark and hairy with a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, long curly hair and a pair of serious, slightly psychopathic eyes. He was the kind of guy girls went nuts over; big, misunderstood, and a tornado in the sack.

He knelt down, opened the cabinet and stuck his head under the sink. He grabbed a wrench off his tool belt and clanged around on the pipes for a few seconds. Emerging from the cabinet, he looked up at me and with a straight face answered, “All this pipe needs is a little Drano. But I think your pipe,” nodding toward my crotch, “will require a complete roto-rootering. I forgot to bring my plumber’s helper so I need you to be my helper today, Mr. Smith,” Tony snarled as he reached out and thumped my cock through the thin material of my robe.

“I’m not gay,” I read, feeling a line had never been delivered in a more heartfelt manner in the history of acting. “I’m married.”

“Good for you,” Tony replied as he stood up and poured some liquid down the stopped up drain. “That problem’s fixed, now back to your other problem. I’m not gay either, but I’m horned up and I need some action. The way I see it a mouth is a mouth and an asshole is an asshole.”

Picking up a picture of a petite little blonde off the counter top, he continued, “I wish your hot little wife was here to pay the plumber, but I guess I’ll have to make due with her faggot husband.”

Oh great, not only was I in a gay film, I was gonna be the bottom. Eric had said that Tony was gonna fuck me I just didn’t know that Tony would be sporting a big boner and that my ass would be his target.

“Cat got your tongue, Mr. Smith?” Tony growled as he massaged his package through his pants. “I can see by the big top you’re sporting in that robe that you like the idea of being my little bitch.”

I looked down and was shocked to see he was right. My dick was still rock hard and the robe barely concealed my boner, a wet spot witness to the precum that was leaking from my disobedient tool.

“Why don’t you get over here and get on your knees, faggot,” Tony ordered. “My tool needs some preparation before it’s ready to plumb your virgin hole.”

Unsure of what I was getting into and shocked to see how my dick was responding to this unbelievable turn of events, I did as he ordered, dropping to my knees, my face a mere few inches from his crotch. A $1,000 was a $1,000 and I was out of options financially. I had sent out hundreds of resumes and the best my software engineering background was gonna get me in this pathetic job market was a job running a cash register at a fast food joint.

Tony unzipped his pants and fished out his cock, a massive slab of uncut sausage, thick and dark, his curly black pubes neatly trimmed. With a grunt, he yanked out his large nuts, cleanly shaven, his balls dangling several inches in his sweaty, wrinkled sack. Without warning, he slapped my face several times with his flaccid cock before smothering my nose in the musky scent of his nutsack.

“Suck my cock bitch,” Tony commanded. “Suck it like the little cockloving whore that you are.”

I hesitated, hoping that something would happen…a fire, an earthquake, maybe the end of the world…to make this stop. When Eric piped up, “What are you waiting for, Jack?” I knew it was now or never.

I closed my eyes, held my breath, and stuck out my tongue, licking the head of my plumber’s wicked tool.

“That’s a good little queer,” Tony moaned as I felt the head of his cock twitch under the pressure of my wet tongue. “Open wide and take that big cock into your mouth.”

I hesitated again and this time Tony took control, slapping my face hard with his cock. When I opened my mouth to protest, he grabbed my head in his strong hands and forced his prick into my open pie hole.

“Work that tongue around my cock you little whore,” Tony groaned, his soft cock stuffed into my unwilling mouth. “Suck that cock like your fucking wife would if she were here.”

I felt his cock start to stiffen in my mouth as I worked my tongue under his shaft, feeling the big vein pulse with excitement.

“Oh, yea, suck it like you mean it,” Tony encouraged.

I licked up and down, using my hand to jerk his spit covered dick.

“No hands, faggot,” Tony ordered. “Just use your mouth.”

I took him back into my mouth, but as he grew more erect, I freaked out; no way this guy’s big cock was going to fit down my tight throat. He grabbed my head and thrust deeply. As I started to gag, I reached up and grasp his dick in my hands, trying to prevent him from forcing more down my throat.

He slapped me hard with his hand, “I said no hands, faggot. Why don’t you stand up and strip naked.”

I stood up and removed the robe, my hard dick springing up, straight out from my body.

“Jerk that dick, Mr. Smith. You can use your hands on your own dick, but not on mine. Got it homo?” Tony ordered.

I reached down and wrapped my wedding ring bearing hand around my cock, feeling a pulse of electricity shoot through my horned up body. I jacked it slowly, using the precum to lube my rod.

“You’ve got a nice bod, Mr. Smith,” Tony said. “Why don’t you turn around and bend over. Show me that pink virgin hole I’m gonna be deflowering.”

I bent over, spreading my ass cheeks to give Tony a wide-open view of my backdoor.

“Oh yea buddy,” Tony moaned, “I’m gonna rip that tight little hole to shreds. You’re actually lucky your wife ain’t home today, cause I’d have ruined her forever for your little pecker.”

As I turned back around I was taken aback by the gigantic appendage now protruding from Tony’s pelvis. His cock was still not completely hard, but it was menacing; this guy was a real porn star.

“Get back over here and get down on your knees, cuntface,” Tony commanded. “Make my dick as hard as yours is.”

I did my best to take his cock back into my mouth, feeling the warm, pulsing bone grow even harder as it inched down my throat. Tony thrust forward, the head of his cock driving back against my exposed throat. I reached up, grabbing his hips to stop him from completely impaling my face on his menacing weapon.

“I said no hands bitch,” Tony barked, as he reached to his tool belt and whipped off a roll of duct tape. “Put your hands together behind your neck,” he ordered.

As I hesitated, Eric piped in, “Follow Tony’s lead, we are getting some hot footage.”

As I put my hands behind my head, Tony tore off a long piece of tape and wrapped it around my wrists and then wrapped it around my neck, effectively locking my hands in place behind my head. I was naked, on my knees in front of this gay stud, effectively immobilized, and completely at his mercy.

“That’s better, bitch,” Tony laughed. “Now beg me to fuck your face, you little cunt.”

“Please fuck my face,” I deadpanned as the director motioned for me to follow Tony’s lead.

“Yea, bitch, you want me to stuff this big cock down your eager little throat, don’t you faggot?” Tony asked.

“Yes sir,” I replied, as Tony stepped back, stripped off his uniform, and put back on his rugged work boots, a gold chain around his neck, a pierced nipple, a pair of white gym sock and his boots his only articles of clothing. He was buff, his abs a rock hard six pack and his thighs the size of a Tour de France bicyclist. His body was covered in a pelt of black fur and his cock stood fully erect, a fucking sky scraper rising from the flat plain of his ripped stomach.

“Open wide,” Tony ordered as he worked his prick back into my gaping mouth. With my hands locked behind my head, my elbows stuck out like two big handles; Tony grabbed these handles and pulled them forward as he stuffed inch after inch down my throat.

Even as I gagged, Tony only laughed, “Come on bitch, I know you can handle it. Just relax. And watch those teeth.”

I thought I was going to choke to death as I gagged on his fuckstick, but when I felt Tony’s pubes tickling my nose and his nuts bouncing off my chin, I knew I had taken all he had to give. My eyes were watering, my jaw ached, and I couldn’t breath, but I felt an immense feeling of accomplishment deepthroating this stud’s entire massive tool.

“Use that tongue, cocksucker. Get that cock nice and lubed cause the next hole of yours I invade may be a little less accommodating.”

I knew he was talking about fucking my asshole, a seriously scary thought, but at the moment I could only concentrate on the massive log buried ball-deep down my throat. He began to fuck my face with slow, deep strokes, withdrawing most of his cock, only the head still lodged in my mouth before thrusting forward, his sweaty nuts bouncing off my cleanly shaven chin.

Tony was fucking my face with such ferocious strokes that I could feel my hard cock bouncing up and down as he jostled my body, my cock actually slapping against my belly as I was face fucked like a rag doll.

For the next several minutes of oral assault, the two cameramen filmed various angles of my throat getting ravaged, Tony pulling his spit covered boner from my abused mouth and slapping my face several times as he grunted his approval, “Yea, queerboy, suck that big cock. Look at me while you throat my pipe. Fucking suck it faggot.”

“You have a very talented mouth, Mr. Smith,” Tony said as he pulled his glistening sword from my raw thraot. “Now let’s see how that puckered little hole of yours handles my pipe cleaner.” He roughly grabbed my elbows and hoisted me up, throwing me back down onto the butcher block kitchen table, my cock reaching skyward, harder than I can ever remember it.

Walking around behind me, his proud, wet cock standing at complete attention, he grabbed my head and bends it backward over the edge of the table. With my throat cavity wide open and straddling my head from behind, he returned to fucking my throat with deep, powerful strokes, this time his jizz filled nuts bouncing off my forehead as he bottomed out down my pie hole. He reached down and slapped my hard cock several times then turned his attention to roughly tweaking my stiff nipples.

“Fantastic action, Tony,” Eric directed, his voice full of energy and excitement. “Keep it up and fuck this guy like a $2 whore.”

Finally, Tony pulled his boner from my stretched throat. “Nice foreplay, Mr. Smith,” Tony grunted, “You ready for some serious fucking now?”

Even if I wanted to resist, I was too far gone at this point. I have never been more sexually charged in my life. My cock was so hard it ached and I could feel the precum almost continuously flowing from my mostly ignored dick.

Tony walked around to the other end of the table and grabbed my ankles, pulling my body toward the edge, my ass just hanging over. He threw my feet up on his massive shoulders, my ass fully open to his upcoming invasion. Nastily, he spit on his huge erection, grabbed his tool, and positioned his cockhead at the puckered entrance to my never-before-fucked hole.

“No way that monster’s going in my ass,” I shouted. And I really fucking meant it.

Tony roughly grabbed my balls and squeezed, knocking the wind from my body. “Shut up bitch,” he growled as he pushed the head of his spit lubed tool against my hole. “You called a plumber but I know you secretly hoped a big dicked ass fucker would show up and rape your happily married virgin butt.”

With a violent push, the mushroomed head of his fat cock penetrated my sphincter.

“Holy fucking shit!!!”, I screamed, the pain radiating from my bum not worth a million dollars let alone a mere $1,000.

“Fuck you’ve got a tight little hole, Mr. Smith,” Tony said, the sweat from his brow dripping on my nude body. “Lucky for you I carry a bottle of pipe lube,” he continued, pulling a bottle of lubricant from his tool box. He squirted a huge dollop on his cock and worked it in slowly as he inched his cock deeper into my unresponsive hole.

I groaned in agony as this big fucker literally ripped me in two. I felt every single inch of his cock as it was stuffed up my bung. I felt the big pulsating vein and the warmth of his rod as he stretched my hole to the max. I struggled against his advances, to no avail as my bound arms were useless and Tony had a firm grip on my waist.

As I began to feel that my ass would explode, the pain slowly began to subside. Tony bottomed out and left his cock buried to the hilt for what seem like several minutes as my ass adjusted to his massive girth. With slow, steady strokes, Tony started to fuck my ass like a pro.

“You like that, don’t you bitch,” Tony purred, his cock beginning to jackhammer in and out of my tattered hole.

Picking up the picture of my make-believe wife, he continued, “I bet she’d like this big cock buried in her tight ass. Would you like to watch me fucking your wife Mr. Smith?”

“Yea, sure, I guess,” I mumbled, finding it hard to speak with Tony’s baseball bat shoved up my bum.

“While I fuck your ass, tell me about your wife. Describe her tits, Mr. Smith.”

When I hesitated, unable to respond to Tony’s silly question, he spanked my ass violently. “Tell me about her tits, dammit.”

As I closed my eyes and tried to picture my imaginary wife’s make-believe breasts, my body started to spasm, wave after wave of intense pleasure pulsating through my tortured body.

“Her tits, her tits…” I began, but I didn’t finish as my cock violently erupted, huge ropes of spooge ejaculating from my untouched tool, splashing my stomach and chest in shot after shot of warm, sticky jizz.

“Holy fuck,” Tony exclaimed. “I think you just had the big O, Mr. Smith. Guess I touched your g-spot, huh girly-boy?”

Tony never stopped his relentless assault on my butt. Even after shooting a gallon of spunk all over myself, my cock remained rock hard as this stud continued to plow by backdoor.

“I bet that pretty little wife of yours would love watching her faggot husband getting butt-fucked by the plumber,” Tony chuckled, clearly pleased with his ad libs.

As he continued to pile drive my stretched hole, Tony harassed me further, “Are you going to tell your wife tonight at dinner, here at this very table, how the plumber laid you out and fucked your ass till you blew your load all over your faggot belly?”

Whether unwilling or just unable to answer, the only sounds that escaped my mouth were moans and grunts.

“Whimper like the little bitch you are, Smith,” Tony said, pulling his dick briefly from my rump and slapping my ass several times with his slick spear. Before my ass could begin to recover from his violent assault, he again leaned his entire weight against my body and drove the full length of his boner back into my butt.

“Wholly fucking shit,” I exclaimed, the pain from his attack radiating throughout my body. This time it was me adlibbing, but my sentiments were very heartfelt, “You’re gonna fucking kill me with that thing.”

“Just relax, Smith old boy. You’ll be begging me to fuck you again and again before I’m finished here.”

After pounding my hole for several more minutes, sometimes fast and shallow, other times slow and deep, all for the benefit of the camera guys, Tony withdrew and stood back.

“Tell me Smith,” Tony began, as he continued to stroke his powerful tool, “What’s your favorite position for fucking your cute little wife?”

When I hesitated, my mind swimming as I felt a cold rush of air up my empty poop chute, Eric the director cleared his throat and pointed to the cue card.

“I like making love to her from behind,” I croaked.

Pulling me by my elbows, he jerked me off the table and bent me over the sink he had just recently fixed, my ass sticking up in the air, my face stuffed down the drain.

“Good. I’m tired of looking at that hard dick of yours. I’m gonna give you some deep drilling from behind for a while,” Tony instructed. “Gonna fuck you like a dog, just like you fuck your little wife.”

With a firm hand on the small of my back, keeping me pinned against the sink, he lined up his torturing tool with my still gaping hole and drove his cock home. My dick was pinned against the cabinet, still rock hard, as I felt his balls bounce against mine with every deep, powerful stroke.

He had been fucking my ass for what seemed like hours, although it was probably only fifteen minutes and I wondered how much longer I was going to have to endure his relentless pounding. Thankfully he squirted some more lube on his pistoning cock and as the grease was worked up my ass, I finally started to relax, the feeling that I was going to be ripped in two slowly disappearing.

As I felt the sweat from his hairy body drip onto my back, I started to match the rhythm of his fucking. As he would withdraw, I would move back against his retreating cock and meet his next volley with my own thrust.

“Yea, Mr. Smith, you’re a good little fuckbuddy. I knew I could train that ass.”

I didn’t like hearing that I was starting to enjoy the drilling my ass was taking, but I couldn’t argue with Tony, I was getting into this perverted action. After several more minutes of deep dicking, I was hoping the feeling would never end. If my first eruption had come from pure shock and awe, I could feel a second orgasm building that was the result of prolonged stimulation. This dude was actually bringing my man-cunt near the point of no return.

Abruptly, he withdrew, slapping my ass hard with his open hand.

“You’re turn to do some work, bitch,” Tony remarked, as he lay back on the kitchen floor, his flagpole proudly reaching toward the ceiling.

I was becoming his bitch, because I didn’t hesitate this time, I squatted over his prone body, reverse cowboy and carefully lowered my ass down onto his enormous erection. With my hands still tied behind my head, I was having some difficulty balancing myself. Tony grabbed my waist in his masculine hands and proceeded to bounce me up and down on his joystick.

I sank fully down on his long length, feeling his cock bottom out against some unknown internal organ.

“You taking that cock like a real pro, Mr. Smith,” Tony exhaled. “You love it don’t you, you old faggot.”

Becoming one with my character I responded accordingly, “Yes sir. I love having your big cock buried ball deep in my virgin hole. Please don’t stop fucking my ass, sir. Fuck me like your little bitch.”

For another fifteen minutes I bounced up and down on Tony’s butt missile as the camera guys circled, getting several close ups of his cock stretching my hole. They also focused in on my hard dick as it bounced up and down, drizzling precum. I spun around and fucked Tony face to face as he jerked my spitting cock.

“Dude, I think your faucet is broken, it won’t stop leaking,” he snickered. “Good thing you called a plumber.”

Getting into my role, I replied, “Yes sir, this is no do-it-yourself job. Thank goodness I found a pro that knows his way around a steel pipe.”

Tony reached over to his tool belt and whipped out a knife. With one quick motion he sliced the tape restraining my hands behind my head. “Guess you don’t need that anymore. I got a feeling you ain’t gonna be fighting no more.”

With my hands free, I reached around and massaged his big nuts as he continued to fuck my ass. I could feel the jizz beginning to boil just below the surface of his wrinkled sack.

I also ran my hands over his toned torso, tweaking his nipples and getting a positive response from my male lover.

“Oh, yea bitch, now you’re learning how to flip my switch.”

He grabbed me roughly and yanked my ass down hard onto his erection. I could feel his cock swell deep in my ass and it pulsated with warmth, clearly nearing ejaculation.

“Where do you want my load, whore?” Tony asked. “You want me to shoot my wad up your virgin hole?”

So lost in the hot sex, I answered, on auto-pilot, “Yea stud, unload up my ass.”

The director piped in, “Wrong answer, Jack. We need a money shot.”

“Oh, yea, I forgot,” I replied, slightly embarrassed that I had become so caught up in the sex that I was ignoring the movie. “I want you to shoot in my mouth and all over my face, sir.”

“Yea, faggot,” Tony answered, “Just what I expected from you.”

“Do you want to come in my mouth?” I implored.

Without answering, Tony lifted me off his enormous cock and pushed me back onto the kitchen table, my head again hanging off the edge. He straddled my head from behind and ordered, “Open up cunt, I’m gonna screw that throat till I’m ready to cum on your face.”

With deep, fast strokes, Tony rammed his cock down my throat again and again, my tongue lubing the bottom of his massive shaft and getting furtive tastes of his ripe balls as he bottomed out down my throat.

My hands now free, I was furiously stroking my raging boner, nearing my second mind blowing orgasm of the day, the dried and crusty remains of my first pop shot still evident on my sweaty body.

Without further warning, Tony motioned to the camera and shouted, “Ready” before ripping his dick from my mouth and with a bloody scream, as he rested his sweaty sack on my extended tongue, erupted with a torrent of hot, salty jizz. I felt the first few jets land on my thighs and dick, lubing my motion as I furiously jerked my own boner. The next several shots landed on my chest and finally I felt several well aimed loads hit my tongue and face.

“Yea, bitch, take that,” Tony screamed. “Swallow my fucking load you little cocksucking whore. You wanted me to cum on your face, well there you go, cunt.”

As I got my first taste of man sauce, my own cock erupted, shooting several creamy wads of spunk onto my chest and belly, mixing with Tony’s seed and leaving my torso covered in thick haze of cum. Exhausted, I reached up and worked the spooge into my chest, scooping up handfuls and pouring it into my eager mouth. Simultaneously, I milked Tony’s slowly deflating pecker, sucking every last drop of semen from his magnificent tool. I watched as the cameras came in close to get every last detail of the money shot.

“Yea, suck me dry you fucking cum slut,” Tony sighed.

“That’s a wrap on the sex,” Eric directed. “And it was fucking hot, men,” he exclaimed.

“Tony, put back on your tool belt and the plumber’s shirt but leave it unbuttoned,” Eric instructed. “Jack, just sit at the table, completely naked, the jizz still running down your body and pretend like you are writing out a check. We’ll get some final dialogue before exiting the scene.”

Tony’s cock was now flaccid, but it was still thick and powerful, and I honestly could not take my eyes off of it.

Eric shouted action and Tony scratched his balls, “Damn Mr. Smith, your pipes were really backed up. Lucky for you I got here just in time to unclog them.” As he finished his dialogue, he gave his cock a quick yank and whacked me on the shoulder with the big fleshy organ.

Again reading the corny dialogue from my cue cards, I answered, “Thanks for that first class roto-rootering. Any recommendation on how to prevent my pipes from clogging up in the future?”

“I can put you on a preventive program of regular weekly maintenance,” Tony winked. “Shall we say same place same time next week?”

“Absolutely,” I exclaim.

“Cut!” Eric directed. “That was fantastic guys. Jack, you played that heterosexual first time role great. And the sex was fucking sizzling…guys will be rubbing out loads for years to this video.”

“Thanks,” I managed, torn between the intense feelings I had enjoyed being fucked by a man for the first time and the shame and embarrassment I knew I should be feeling. Eric’s compliment brought it home; my ass getting pounded had been caught on film and was going to be in porn stores across the country for any hard-up pervert to watch any time he felt like it.

Jessie threw me a towel and whispered in my ear, “How the fuck do you do it Jack? I’m not sure I could take Tony’s big dick ball deep in my pussy and no fucking way would I let him get close to my ass with that weapon.”

I forgot that the cute little makeup chick was still there and had been watching me get sodomized by the big, gay stud. While I should have been embarrassed, I was actually feeling pretty proud of my performance.

“I’m a pro,” I responded, finding it hard to keep a straight face. “I do this for a living.”

“I wish every bottom got into his work as much as you do, Jack,” Eric interjected. “Hey, if you’re interested we are shooting a gangbang flick downtown tomorrow and I could use another bottom. It’s an all day shoot and you will get paid double time.”

Double the money and quadruple the dick I thought, and as my cock began to stir, I knew what my answer had to be. “I’ll be there, Eric.”

On my drive home, the dull pain still throbbing in my ass, I jerked out another load thinking about the hot man sex I’d be having tomorrow. I’d have to remember to send Bruno a “thank you” card along with the $500 I owed him.

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