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God or the Devil?

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I pulled up outside her house and Maria climbed off the pillion. Her racquet was slung across her back and she reached behind and pulled it over her head.

She was smiling; in fact she never stopped smiling except of course when I tried to put my hand up her dress. Then it was, “Please stop; I don’t want you to. Why do you always have to spoil everything by being dirty?”

I had no wish to spoil anything, I just wanted to put my hand between her legs and feel her pussy. Even when I put my hands on her tits she said, “You’re doing it again and I’ve told you not to touch me there.”

She turned and smiled then blew a kiss with, “See you Friday.”

I watched her run to her gate and then along the path towards her front door. A leggy, skinny, churchgoing virgin who happened to be my girlfriend.

How she ever got to be my girlfriend was a mystery to me. At the tennis club we had drawn each other in the mixed doubles and a couple of Cokes later we were ‘James and Maria’.

Each night in bed I would fret about it. I knew what was going to happen. They would start asking, “When are you two going to get engaged?” and then, “Have you fixed the date yet?”

Every time I tried to grope her she would say, “I keep telling you, I don’t want to do it until we’re husband and wife.”

During the marriage ceremony I would be the only virgin in the congregation; that is apart from Maria.

I often pleaded, “Why me God? Why won’t you let me feel just one little pussy?” All my mates were shagging their brains out, or so they said, and all I did was pull my plonker. I wanked so often I knew eventually I would have to wear glasses. I could go through a box of tissues in a week. The one condom that I possessed was so old I could have sold it on eBay as a collector’s item.

Why wouldn’t she let me feel it? I wasn’t going to damage it or push it out of shape or something.

Of course I knew what one looked like; I’d seen enough porn on the Internet. The porn ones were hardly pretty; great big, squidgy things you could paddle in. They had to be to take some of the cocks. I’m six feet tall and on the Richter scale I reckon mine is an eight. That’s after comparison with the other guys in the shower or peering over at someone else’s while at a latrine. Well we all do that don’t we?

The point I’m trying to make is that after comparison with porn studs, I am merely average. Surely the producers must realise what it’s doing to men’s confidence?

Inexperienced wives who see porn for the first time probably think that all cocks are supposed to be that size and therefore think that their husbands are underprivileged.

Consequently I am of the opinion that woman should be banned from watching porn altogether and millions of men would be greatly relieved. I feel very strongly about it.

I just wanted to have my own pussy to play with, but of course it had to be attached to a female. I wanted a tiny sweet furry little thing that opened like a flower when I kissed it.

I wanted to say to it softly, “Hello little pussy, you belong to me and I’m going to look after you. I’m going to play with you and stroke you and make you go all soft and wet. And when we get to know each other better, I’m going to introduce you to a friend.

You’re going to get very fond of him and he’ll visit you occasionally, well quite often actually, and he’ll pop in and check that everything’s okay inside. So you have to trust him and let him do his thing which I know will be lots of fun for both of you.”

The likelihood of that ever happening was remote because my very existence was total shit. Whoever said, “Life is a bitch and then you die,” was talking about me. It wasn’t even as if I was repulsive to girls. They would say hello and often walk along with me, but then they would always ask about Maria.

I was sure that I could probably have dated some of them but I was lumbered with a girl who thought that sex was just for making babies.

At that time, I was about to leave college to try to find a job. With my meagre qualifications, what was I going to say in the interview?

“Got a degree?”


“Any experience in IT?”


“Ever fucked anybody?”


Prospects of landing a job; nil.

Added to which I was totally broke and my only asset was a three-year-old moped that I would still be paying for when I was seventy years of age. I didn’t smoke, I couldn’t afford to drink much and my tennis club subscription was two months in arrears.

My Mum and Dad were great and they had helped me out as much as they could afford, but Dad had a basic job and they had their own lives to live. They were actually proud of me although I could never understand why.

On the other hand, Maria’s parents were shining examples to the rest of the local community. He held an executive position with an insurance company and she was involved in just about every local organisation. They were staunch churchgoers and their darling daughter Maria sang in the choir. She was their only child and they treated her like she was a princess. In their eyes she was perfect.

Mrs Anderson was quite pretty. I figured she was close to forty and had nice dimensions. But she was always dressed like she was going to a wake. If she had raised the hem of her dress twelve inches and worn a blouse instead of those drab knitted things, she could have turned a few heads.

Mister Anderson always wore a suit with a waistcoat no matter what day or occasion it was. He had inherited his grandfather’s gold watch and chain and was never seen without it. At every opportunity he would lift it from a waistcoat pocket, flick up the lid and announce the time.

He was a councillor and was jointly involved with his wife in the local community. He even sat on the tennis club’s executive committee although he never played because he had a suspect heart. He was several years older than his wife.

When Maria took me to her home for the first time, their suspicion of me was palpable. Mrs Anderson even took me to one side and said warningly, “Our daughter is very precious to us so we don’t want you leading her astray.”

That really pissed me off. Not because of her mistrust of me but it suggested that they didn’t have absolute confidence in their daughter after all. The fact that their mistrust of me was justified was irrelevant.

She had nothing to worry about because the vault of the Bank of England was more accessible that the inside of Maria’s knickers.

My life continued in its downward spiral, but God must have been listening because one day he answered my prayers.

He said, “James Davies, I have to admit that I have made your life unbearably shitty and you’ve accepted it like the wimp that you are. Things will now get better for you, but don’t push your luck.”

He may not actually have uttered those divine words but as things turned out, he sure as hell could have said them.

Mister and Mrs Anderson had enquired about my religious beliefs during our first meeting and my reply had been vague. I said I wasn’t sure what I believed in and I didn’t go to church. They both tutted reproachfully and insisted that I must join them one Sunday morning.

Fortunately I always played soccer on Sunday mornings and I said I couldn’t let the team down. With reluctance they accepted my excuse and I expressed my sincere disappointment that I would be forced to miss such an uplifting experience.

I managed to continue avoiding any of their boring functions for a while; but then they played their trump card. The church was putting on a religious play and Maria was starring in it. It was an evening event and as she was my girl friend, they said I would have to go to support her. There was no way out of it.

My life had already reached its absolute nadir and I was masturbating so often I was worried about repetitive strain injury. I had a girlfriend whose vagina was still in its plastic wrapper so how much worse could life get?

The play was to be performed at the local church hall and I said okay I would see them there. But they wanted to make sure that I went; so I was told to ride my scooter to their house and then accompany them in Daddy’s car.

The car was a huge Mercedes of indeterminate age and the inside of it smelled like an embalming parlour. Maria left early for make-up or something so it was just the three of us in the car.

As it was a special event, Mr Anderson swapped his suit for a dinner jacket and his wife wore a dress with sequins all over it. For a welcome change, her dress was quite short and I found myself admiring her legs.

Mister Anderson explained that there was a problem with the front seat adjuster and it wouldn’t push back. Because of my height I endured an uncomfortable journey to the hall and I had difficulty in hearing their conversation because my knees were blocking my ears.

The play was even more boring than I anticipated and had an incomprehensible plot. Maria pranced around the stage like a prima donna and whenever the audience applauded it was the closest she could come to achieving an orgasm.

Eventually the torture was over and the audience mingled at the temporary bar which served only soft drinks. My misery continued while I listened to their discussions about the merits of the play.

The cast had to stay behind to remove their costumes and make-up so a mini-bus had been hired to drop them off at their homes.

When the three of us got to the car Mrs Anderson said, “Harold, you can’t make James sit in the front seat again, he’ll finish up deformed. He’ll have to sit in the back with me.” So I climbed in beside her.

There was a long delay to get out of the car park. The cause of it was a stretch of road works across the entrance where single lane traffic was controlled by an automatic light. We joined the queue of cars exiting both left and right, and they all had to wait until the traffic was flowing in their direction.

Mister Anderson began to get agitated and Mrs Anderson urged him to be patient because getting upset was not going to get us home any sooner.

It was just then that God remembered his promise to me.

In the semi-darkness I found myself looking at Mrs Anderson’s bare knees. Her dress had ridden above them and several inches of thigh were visible.

I began to fantasise and imagined the sensation of gently inserting my hand between her knees. She would lean back with her eyes closed and part her legs invitingly. I would slide my hand ever higher as I stroked between her silky thighs and then I would slip my fingers under the edge of her panties.

I would caress her pubic hair and then insert my finger into her wet and eager pussy and she would gasp in ecstasy.

As my fantasy developed, my cock became a pillar of throbbing muscle and I gripped it through my trousers. My balls were aching and it would have taken only a couple of pulls to come.

It should have been only a fantasy but when God makes a promise he keeps it. First he numbed ninety-five percent of my brains cells thereby terminating all rational thought. That left only enough for basic motor functions like moving my right hand and keeping my heart pumping sufficient blood to maintain my erection.

With common sense no longer functioning, the remaining five percent of my cells came to a unanimous decision. They decided, “Oh fuck it; just shove your hand between her knees.”

That is exactly what I did. I shoved my hand between her knees.

The result was dramatic. She jumped in the seat as if stung and sat rigidly upright with a straight back. Her eyes opened wide in surprise and her thighs clamped onto my hand as she grabbed my wrist.

She may have been in shock but I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening either. I had no recollection of putting my hand between her legs and I wondered how it had got there.

Was I still fantasising? I looked again; and I definitely had my hand between the legs of my girlfriend’s mother.

Even though they were pressed tightly together, the insides of her thighs were warm and soft just as I had fantasised. My penis was now threatening to explode.

Of course I realised immediately that I was in serious trouble and a charge of sexual assault was an absolute certainty. I would go to prison and with a criminal record I was never going to get a decent job. My parents would have to move house to escape the shame and I would spend the rest of my life as a social outcast.

But it was too late to turn back the clock so I concentrated on the existing situation. I still had only one intention and that was to feel a pussy, but my hand was gripped firmly between her thighs and I was unable to move it. If the opportunity arose I was going to slide it in the direction of where I expected her pussy to be.

We still hadn’t reached the car park exit and Mister Anderson’s frustration was boiling over. He growled, “Look at that idiot, why doesn’t he go? Go damn you the traffic is flowing in your direction. Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s stalled the engine.”

Mrs Anderson was now digging her nails viciously into my wrist, but I suddenly became aware of a curious fact. She had not uttered a sound.

Her nails hurt like hell but I gritted my teeth and stretched my little finger towards the crotch of her panties. I could just reach the silky material and I rubbed it against where I thought her pussy ought to be.

Was it my imagination or did I feel a softening in that area?

While our silent and desperate struggle continued, the car windscreen had begun to steam up and Mister Anderson was clearing it with his hand.

He half looked over his shoulder and said, “Dear, see if there’s a cloth in one of the side pockets because there aren’t any in the glove box.”

Mrs Anderson hesitated but then leaned sideways to reach the side pocket. As she did so, her thighs parted slightly and I gained another few precious inches.

When she realised that I had won more ground she punched my arm spitefully. She then reached forward with a cloth and said calmly, “Here you are Dear and try not to get too upset. Just be patient and we’ll be home soon.”

I was amazed at the calmness in her voice. Despite the frantic efforts she was making to protect her honour she had spoken without a tremor or a hint of breathlessness.

My hand was held flat between her thighs and was now right up against her panties. My little finger was close to the target area and although I could only just move it, I managed to rub it slowly up and down. This time there was no mistake; through the thin material I could feel a softening up.

She was now gripping my wrist with both hands and she turned her face towards me and hissed, “You bastard.”

But I was in the grip of uncontrollable lust and unstoppable. The only barrier between her pussy and me was the flimsiest of material and I was prepared to rip it to shreds if necessary.

Suddenly without warning she stopped struggling and it took me completely by surprise. Her thighs parted slightly and I was able to move my fingers freely. Was it a cunning trick?

With my heart thumping I cautiously I moved my hand up until I reached the top of her panties and eased my fingers under the band.

She didn’t stop me.

I could hardly breathe with excitement as my fingers touched her bare skin. As I inched them downward I felt her pubic hair and gently pinched a tuft of it between forefinger and thumb. Another two inches and my fingers drifted onto her soft nest.

I explored it gently and it was warm and wet. I rested my hand on the pliable folds and carefully inserted my middle finger. As it slid into the sopping hole I heard a faint gasp.

She was now slumped low in the seat and her eyes were closed. Her chest was rising and falling quickly.

It seemed to be unreal and I held my breath as I slipped another finger into her gaping wet slit. I now had two fingers in the saturated crevice.

I had no idea what to do next so I revolved them slowly in a circle. I felt her pelvis give two quick forward thrusts and there was no mistaking the signal; she wanted me to move them in and out.

Slowly I began to fuck her with my fingers but almost immediately her pelvis jerked impatiently again. She wanted me to go faster or harder or both.

I pushed my fingers in as far as I could and quickened the pace. At once I heard a tiny whimper and she opened her legs wider.

She moved down even lower in the seat and then gripped my wrist tightly with both hands. At first I thought she was trying to stop me but she pushed my fingers in even deeper. Holding my wrist tightly she began to thrust herself onto my hand. I could hardly believe it but she was actually fucking herself with my fingers.

Her movements became increasingly faster until they were almost frantic. She was driving my fingers in and out so violently I glanced up quickly to see if Mister Anderson was aware of it, but his voice continued to drone on about the traffic problem.

Suddenly she stiffened and I heard her suck in a long slow breath. For some seconds she didn’t breathe at all and her body was rigid, but then she slowly exhaled in jerky sighs and began to relax. The pressure from her fingers eased and her chin fell onto her chest.

Throughout the entire frenzied activity she had scarcely made a sound.

I thought, “Jesus, she’s just come.”

My cock was close to exploding and desperate to be released but I dared not unzip myself. If I had come out in the open it would have hit the roof of the car. The ache in my balls was crippling.

I reached for her left hand and placed it on my bulge. Then I closed her fingers around it and gave her a hint by moving her hand up and down. She immediately got the message and even through my trousers she managed to achieve a jerky movement.

My fingers were still inside her pussy and it took less than three seconds. As I clenched my teeth to avoid making a sound I felt myself spurting and it seemed to go on forever. Finally there was no more and I slumped back in the seat.

As I bathed in the euphoria of my experience, I was aware that she was looking me. She was still gripping my cock through my trousers and her eyes were wide with amazement. She knew what had just happened and it was probably the first time in her life that she had wanked off a guy.

I carefully removed my fingers from inside her and pulled down her dress to cover her exposure. I felt grateful but I didn’t know how to express myself. So I reached with my left hand and gently pulled her face towards me and caressed her cheek with the softest of kisses. As I moved away, her face was expressionless and I wondered what she was thinking.

I became aware that the car was now moving quickly and I looked out of the window. We were halfway home but I had no recollection of leaving the car park or how long we had been travelling. I lifted my wrist to see the time and the entire sexual drama had taken barely ten minutes.

I looked at the back of Mister Anderson’s head but he was unaware of the activity that had just taken place in the back seat of his car. I had given his wife an orgasm and she had returned the compliment. It hardly seemed possible.

Not only had I felt my first pussy but it belonged to my girlfriend’s mother. It had been real sex and she had enjoyed it. Okay so it hadn’t been proper intercourse and I was still a virgin, but it was a start.

I felt almost religious and whispered, “Thank you God.” I seriously thought about accompanying them to their church the very next Sunday and thanking him officially.

The car was pulling into their driveway and I had a serious problem. The insides of my trousers were a bit messy and by now had probably developed into a dark patch on the outside. There was no way I could accept an invitation to enter their house and I had to get home quickly.

Before the car had stopped moving I had the door open and was out. I poked my head back in and said, “Thank you Mister and Mrs Anderson, it has been a wonderful evening but I must go. I have some serious studying to do.”

Mister Anderson turned his head and sounded surprised. “You enjoyed it? I thought you would be bored.”

I replied ecstatically, “Enjoyed it? I have never enjoyed an evening more and the memory of it will remain with me for ever.” I knew that must have sounded a bit over the top but I meant it sincerely.

He looked astounded and said, “Then you must come in for coffee, don’t you agree Jean?”

From the back seat she answered quietly, “Let him do as he pleases Harold.”

I turned to go with, “Thank you both once again. Please say goodnight to Maria for me.”

I was on my scooter with the engine running before they could leave the car and I was nearly home before I realised that I wasn’t wearing my crash helmet.

After showering I examined my clothes. Fortunately my underpants had protected my trousers but I could wash those out myself.

I collapsed onto my bed and thought about the whole incredible experience. One thing was certain; I was hopelessly in love with Mrs Anderson. Should I buy her flowers? No, that would make her husband suspicious. I had to see her again as soon as possible and then fuck her properly.

I felt immediate shame because that was just selfish sexual lust and not a reflection of the true and everlasting love that I felt for her.

I wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her gently. I would stroke her face and whisper that I loved her and promise that I would feel that way forever. Then having got the niceties out of the way, I would feel entitled to fuck her brains out.

I needed to plan my campaign. On Tuesdays Maria attended choir practice and it was also the evening that Mister Anderson went to his Masonic lodge. He always gave her a lift to the church and picked her up on the way back.

But it was only Friday so how was I going to survive four more days of celibacy? Somehow I had to get through it and in the only way that I knew how; with masturbation.

And get through it I did; twice equalling my all-time record for a single day. On Monday I bought a new box of tissues.

****************************** When it was finally Tuesday evening, I drove to the street next to Maria’s and chained my scooter to a lamppost. I hid behind some bushes opposite their house and waited until Mister Anderson and Maria had left in the car. It was nearly seven-thirty.

I crossed the road quickly and went to the side entrance. When I rang the bell, Mrs Anderson came to the door and asked through it, “Who is it?”

I answered, “James.”

There was a silence and then she said, “James what do you want? Maria is not here.”

I said, “I want to see you Mrs Anderson.”

There was another short silence before she answered, “You can’t come in; go home.”

I pleaded, “Mrs Anderson please let me in, I only want to talk to you.” That wasn’t strictly true; in fact there wasn’t a grain of truth in it but I had to get in somehow.”

Long seconds ticked by and then the door opened a few inches. I pushed hard and stepped over the threshold.

She was wearing a blue housecoat that was buttoned all the way down the front and soft fluffy slippers.

She backed away quickly and held the palms of both hands up to ward me off. She said firmly, “Now James you must behave yourself because I also want to talk to you.”

I said, “Okay you go first.”

She turned and I followed her into the lounge. She pointed to a chair and said, “Sit there and don’t move.” She walked to a chair as far away as possible and sat facing me.

“First of all, you were very naughty in the car and you should be ashamed of yourself. I was also very bad but it was only because I had been possessed by the Devil.”

She had already lost me so I asked cautiously, “Sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about. What has the Devil got to do with it?”

She replied, “The Devil filled my mind with lascivious thoughts and sexual desires so that I lost control and became one of his sluts. He is always looking for an opportunity to take advantage of our human frailty, that’s why we have to be constantly on our guard.”

I screwed up my face in puzzlement and said, “What the fuck are you talking about? It was nothing to do with the Devil; it was God.”

She stiffened and said haughtily, “Please don’t ever use that dreadful word in my presence. Of course it wasn’t God. It was only because I had turned away from him that the Devil seized the opportunity.”

I said, “I’m sorry about the word fuck, it just slipped out. Mrs Anderson, let me assure you that it was God who arranged the whole thing and I really need to thank him properly. I am seriously thinking of going to church with you this coming Sunday.”

She sighed and said, “James you are a very confused young man but you are welcome to join us. You will learn to distinguish between good and evil and become wary of the temptations with which the Devil seeks to corrupt us. I have asked God for his forgiveness and I hope that in his almighty compassion he will grant it to me.”

I stared at her in bewilderment, “Mrs Anderson you’re talking a load of bollocks. I asked God to let me feel someone’s pussy and he let me feel yours. So who is making all the decisions, God or the Devil?”

She stared at me blankly for a moment and then asked doubtfully, “Are you telling me that you asked God to let you….do what you did?”

“Yes, and he said it was okay for me to do it.”

Now it was her turn to look confused.

I added, “He also said it was okay for me to do it again.” I knew that wasn’t strictly true and he had warned me not to push my luck, but he hadn’t been very specific.

I walked over and knelt before her and announced, “Mrs Anderson I am in love with you.”

She turned her head away and hooted with laughter. “Oh don’t be ridiculous, I’m old enough to be your mother.”

“Please may I feel your pussy again?”

“If you are referring to my vagina, no you may not.”

I reached forward and put my hands on her knees. “Mrs Anderson please tell me the truth; did you enjoy it?”

She answered, “James, I have already tried to explain that my lapse was because I was possessed by the Devil and he had filled my mind with lascivious and disgusting cravings. I had turned away from God and was without his strength to fight the Devil’s evil.”

I repeated with emphasis to each word, “Did you enjoy it?”

She replied impatiently, “Yes of course I enjoyed it; that’s how the Devil works. He encourages us to commit evil deeds by making it pleasurable.”

As evenly as possible I said, “Mrs Anderson, you are the one who is confused. God gave you a vagina for two purposes; to pee out of and to make babies. Peeing doesn’t require any encouragement whereas having babies is a bit of a nuisance. That’s why the making part is so pleasurable; it’s to encourage you to do it. Surely when you and Mister Anderson were making Maria it was a pleasure?”

In a sombre tone she replied, “We prayed continuously throughout the ordeal.”

My voice squeaked as cried incredulously, “Ordeal? Getting screwed by your husband was an ordeal?”

She stared at me in expressionless silence.

Suddenly my plan of campaign was crystal clear. I said in as serious a voice as I could manage, “Mrs Anderson, God has sent me to you for a divine purpose. As a result of a complete misunderstanding, you have been deprived of many years of sexual pleasure and he wants to make it up to you. I may even be one of his angels, although I can’t be absolutely certain about that.” I added the last bit when I realised that I was definitely pushing my luck.

I continued in a low and I hoped sensual voice, “Wouldn’t you like me to open your legs and kiss the insides of your thighs? Kissing ever higher until I reach your puss….vagina and lick it. Then I’ll caress your clitoris with the tip of my tongue and gently suck it until you swoon with ecstasy.”

I was beginning to excite myself and my penis was stirring.

While I was talking she had closed her eyes and was breathing quickly. She spoke in a pleading voice, “Stop please stop. Who are you? Has God really sent you or are you one of the Devil’s disciples? Am I being tested? Is that what is happening; is God testing me?”

I thought about saying, “I am of one of God’s disciples,” but I didn’t fancy being frazzled by a bolt of lightning. So instead I said softly, “Trust me Mrs Anderson, God said that it’s okay for you to enjoy sex with me.” I winced as I said that, but God didn’t frazzle me.

Gently I prised her legs apart and although she offered no resistance, she put both hands over her face and moaned beseechingly, “What am I doing?”

Still on my knees I pushed her housecoat back until her thighs were completely exposed. I started at the inside off her knees with soft butterfly kisses giving each leg equal turns and working slowly higher. I had my eyes fixed on the crotch of her panties and saw a dark patch start to develop.

She was babbling, “Oh God, please make him stop but I don’t want him to stop. I know I’m a sinner and I deserve to be punished but it feels so wonderful.”

My mouth was an inch or two from her panties and the insides of her thighs were hot and sweaty. My nostrils were filled with her acrid scent and I could see pubic hair peeping from either side of her panty crotch.

Her pussy was so wet it was sucking in some of her panties. I pinched the disappearing material and gently tugged it out and to one side. For the first time I was looking at a real pussy.

The labia were a dark colour but the sopping slit was crimson. It was producing a dribble of secretion that was almost frothing with her excitement. It was seeping downwards and her puckered anus was glistening.

For a few seconds I paused and filled my nostrils with her sensual aroma. Then I licked her drenched crevice.

She gasped immediately and her hands grabbed my head. She was writhing above me and babbling incessantly, “Yes oh yes that’s wonderful. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. A little higher; yes just there.”

I kicked off my shoes and desperately tugged off my trousers. My underpants followed and I stood up with the lower half of my body naked.

My cock protruded horizontally and was so hard I could have cut glass with it. When she saw it, her eyes opened wide and she whispered, “My God.” I was surprised that she hadn’t realised its generous dimensions when she had hold of it in the car.

I wanted to see her breasts and I reached behind to undo her bra. I fumbled for a few seconds until she knocked my hands away impatiently with, “Stop fiddling about.” She reached behind to release the clip and threw the bra halfway across the room.

Her breasts were full and firm and I grasped one in each hand. I sucked each nipple in turn but the response from her was disappointing. I realised then that I should have sucked her tits before starting on her pussy. I made a note of that for the future.

I abandoned the nipples and supported my body with one hand on each chair arm so that I was strategically positioned above her. It excited me when she wriggled down immediately until she was flat in the chair and then raised her legs. She was offering her pussy to me and waiting to be fucked.

I just had time for a quick prayer, “Please God don’t let me come too quickly.”

With my hands on the arms of the chair I tried to enter her by remote control but I missed. I had another stab at it but I missed again. She snapped irritably, “What the hell are you doing?” and grabbed my cock. She knew exactly where her cunt was.

Once she had inserted the end of it I tried to slide in slowly. I didn’t want to rush things but she grabbed me around the waist and pulled me close. Before I could stop I was in up to my balls. She looked up at me and whispered, “Oh James you’re right inside me,” but she hadn’t really given me a choice.

She began to babble desperately again, “Oh it feels so wonderful,” and then, “I know I will burn in hell but first please take me to paradise.”

I began to drive my cock into her with slow steady thrusts. Each time I came up I withdrew it nearly completely and then plunged back deep inside her again. With each downward thrust she gasped with excitement and her fingers gouged into my back.

Her eyes had been closed but suddenly she opened them and whispered, “James, if you want to be rough with me I don’t mind. Now that I am one of the Devil’s sluts, treat me in the manner that a slut deserves.”

I said, “Okay Mrs Anderson if that’s what you want.”

My thrusts became more violent and I quickened the pace. I was slamming my cock into her so hard I wondered if I was hurting her, but when she groaned, “Yes that’s good, please punish me for my sins,” I figured that she could take even more.

She still had her housecoat on so I said breathlessly, “Take that off and wrap your legs around me.” She wriggled out of the garment and clamped her legs around my waist. I slid my right hand under her bottom and the other one behind her back and lifted her clean out of the chair.

With an effort I stood up and gasped, “Hang on,” and she put her arms around my neck

Standing with my legs apart, I used her like a rubber doll and rammed her violently onto my cock. Her groans became high-pitched squeaks and then gurgling squeals.

My orgasm was becoming imminent and I wondered about hers. There was no need because she suddenly shrieked, “Oh James,” and buried her teeth in my shoulder. I could hold back no longer and my semen erupted in powerful spurts. As my legs trembled with the sensation I had to stop fucking her.

My legs were weakening but as her ecstasy continued I stood still and supported her in my arms. She continued to thrust herself onto my rigid cock while gasping, “Oh God,” over and over again.

Eventually her frantic activity lessened and I felt her hands slipping from my neck. Before she completely let go, I tottered to a chair and lowered her into it.

I was exhausted and fell on top of her with my cock still inside. She looked up at me with wide open eyes and whispered, “James you took me to paradise, did I also give you pleasure?”

I replied, “Mrs Anderson, you are one sensational slut and the Devil must be proud of you.”

She murmured something that I failed to hear, so I said, “What?”

She answered a little louder, “I said fuck him.”

I clasped my hand over my mouth in feigned shock with, “Mrs Anderson, please don’t use that dreadful word in my presence.”

She said reproachfully, “The Devil has corrupted me and he’s used you to do it.” Then she stroked the side of my face and whispered softly, “But you can corrupt me any time you wish. I’ve always had sinful thoughts but I’ve suppressed them all my life. Some of them are so bad they would shock you. Well now I want to be a real slut and do sluttish things. I’m going to enjoy real sex and the more sinful it is the better. Will you help me to be a sluttish sinner?”

“Mrs Anderson, nothing will give me greater pleasure but right now I’m a bit knackered. The next time we make love I suggest you try sucking my cock. Would you like to do that?”

She sucked in her breath and then whispered, “Oh yes please, that sounds really sinful.”

Suddenly I became curious and enquired, “How often do you and Mister Anderson make love?”

She gave a contemptuous laugh. “Don’t be silly; we haven’t had sex for fifteen years. It’s probably my fault because I don’t excite him enough. Sadly we’ve both become very boring people. I’ve often thought about suggesting it but with his suspect heart I’m scared to.”

I said, “Let me assure you that there is nothing boring about you; you are a raving sexpot. How often do you masturbate?”

She pursed lips demurely. “That’s a very personal question. I may have done it on occasions but as it’s a sin I always pray for forgiveness afterwards.”

“Have you prayed since last Friday?”

“I did some praying in the bath this afternoon.”

We went to the side door and I looked at my watch. It was fifteen minutes to nine o’clock. In just one hour and a quarter I had become a man.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed me. “I want to ask you a question so please be honest with me. Have you had sex with Maria?”

I replied, “You are my first sexual experience and everything that I have always dreamed about. As for taking Maria’s virginity, I would have more chance of stealing the Crown Jewels.”

She said, “Thank you,” and then, “What a silly girl, she doesn’t know what she’s missing.”

When I finally flopped onto my bed, I looked upwards and said, “Thank you God. I know that I’ll have to pay for it all eventually, but in the meantime could you extend me a little more credit please?”

I looked down at my cock and said, “Big Jim you’ve had a busy day so I’m going to give you a rest tonight. But make the most of it because business is going to be brisk.”

****************************** As I strode through the college campus with my head held high, I wanted to shout, “Hey guys, how many of you fucked your girlfriend’s mother last night?”

I saw Maria during the lunch break and we had a coke together. For the first time I didn’t feel frustrated in her presence and she said, “You seem to be happy today. Oh by the way, are you free this evening?”


“Well you must have impressed Mum and Dad at the play on Friday because they want you to join us at that new restaurant. Actually it was mostly Mum’s idea.”

I said, “Okay, I’d like that.”

That evening as I was dressing, I wondered how I would feel in the company of both the husband and daughter of the women I had fucked.

Although I sat in the back of the car with Mrs Anderson, it was a short drive to the restaurant and the journey was uneventful. Her husband had reserved a booth and Mrs Anderson moved in first. She patted the seat beside her and said, “Sit next to me James. Maria you sit opposite him.”

Mr Anderson asked for two medium sherries and a coke and a beer for Maria and me. He told the waiter that we would order shortly.

There was small talk for a while and then I felt Mrs Anderson’s hand on my leg. At first I thought it was just an affectionate gesture so I put my hand under the table to pat it, but she pulled it towards her lap. She was still chatting calmly to her husband when she opened her thighs and pushed my hand between them.

Naturally I let it roam higher and received a shock when I felt her pubic hair. She was not wearing any panties.

The invitation was clear so I let my fingers slide onto her pussy. Maria was chatting about something and I tried to listen but I was aware only of the soft wet pussy that I was caressing. For a minute I just played with it and then I moved my finger to the firm nodule of her clitoris.

As I began to caress it gently, Mrs Anderson picked up a menu and started fanning herself. Mr Anderson said, “Are you alright Dear, you look quite flushed?”

She replied, “It seems to be very warm in here.”

I continued caressing her gently for a while and then I let my fingers get busy. Her legs opened wider and her pussy was beginning to twitch when she grabbed a handful of paper napkins and held them over her mouth. I thought she was going to be sick but instead she began to cough violently and I realised that she was doing it to mask an orgasm.

The other two were very concerned and Mr Anderson called for a glass of water but she said she was fine. She said that it was just a funny turn. I removed my fingers and pulled her dress down.

I needed to wash my hands but I had to wait until my erection had subsided before I could stand. The rest of the meal was uneventful but on the way home, she giggled into my ear, “I’m a naughty girl aren’t I. Did you enjoy that?”

I whispered back, “Not as much as you did, but I will when I get into bed.”

****************************** The next few days dragged by but finally Tuesday evening arrived. The Mercedes had hardly pulled out of the driveway before I was across the road and ringing the side door bell.

The door opened instantly and she pulled me in by my shirt. She was wearing a simple red dress. Without ceremony she asked, “Do you want to go into one of the spare bedrooms or shall we make love in the lounge?”

I replied, “Good evening Mrs Anderson, I hope you are in fine fettle?”

She looked blank for a second and then said, “Oh sorry,” followed without pauses by, “I’m very well thank you James and I hope you are too shall we make love upstairs or in the lounge?”

I put my arms behind her back and her legs and lifted her up. I said, “If you wanted to be fucked in the local supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, I would be happy to oblige.”

She kissed my lips several times as I carried her upstairs and whispered, “Did you bring your cock with you?”

I answered, “Luckily I remembered it at the last minute. What do you want it for?”

“The last few days I’ve thought of nothing else but sucking it and watching you do thingy. What do you call it?”

“Come. I come, you come and when you are about to come, you are coming.”

“Got it.” As I lowered her onto the bed she said, “I’ve been doing an awful lot of praying the last few days.”

“So have I, and why are you wearing so many clothes?”

She sat up and peeled off her dress in one movement and she was naked underneath. With arms outstretched and her legs wide open she cried, “Take me Sir I’m all yours, and don’t spare the whip.”

I said cautiously, “You don’t really want to be whipped do you?”

“I might, who knows? Not too hard of course. Why are you wearing so many clothes?”

I stripped and settled down beside her. Her breasts were begging to be sucked so I took one nipple into my mouth and nibbled it gently. She squirmed with pleasure and I switched to the other one. I let my fingers walk down her stomach and drift around her soft slit without touching it.

She wriggled with frustration and pleaded, “Don’t tease my pussy; it’s been desperate for your attention all day.”

Her crevice was already dripping with her juices and I slipped my middle finger deep inside with a gentle fucking motion. She gripped both her nipples between fingers and thumbs and began to squeeze them.

Suddenly she protested, “Why have I been without proper sex for all these years? I’ve spent all my life suppressing my desires and it’s taken my daughter’s boyfriend to show me what I’ve been missing. I just hope it’s not too late to become thoroughly depraved.”

I had a solid erection and she gripped it. Suddenly she wriggled quickly down the bed and my fingers slipped out of her. With her mouth poised over my cock she said, “Wow it’s a big brute isn’t it. Tell me what to do.”

I replied, “I’ve only seen it done in porn videos so you’ll just have to do your own thing. Try sliding it in and out of your mouth or licking the top of it. Don’t wank me as well or I might come.”

She said in a surprised tone, “But I want you to come, that’s the whole point of it.”

“You know what happens when I do, so where will it all go?”

She answered, “Just leave that to me.”

She was lying flat on her stomach when she took it into her mouth with a sucking motion. When she withdrew it she licked the glans and then slid her lips down again. My cock was throbbing with the sensation and I gasped, “Mrs Anderson I can’t reach your pussy.”

She took it out of her mouth and said, “Don’t worry about that because I can.”

She started sucking again and I saw her hand reach under her body and disappear into the dark archway between her thighs.

I leaned back with my eyes closed and thrilled to the exquisite sensation. After a few minutes she stopped sucking and just kept her mouth over the top. I felt her hand grip it tightly and she began to wank me with it still in her mouth.

I sat up quickly and saw that she was rubbing her pussy quite firmly. I could feel an orgasm approaching so I said urgently, “Be careful or you’ll make me come.” She ignored me and wanked even faster.

My balls were beginning to tingle and I tried to push her head away but she resisted. I gasped, “Mrs Anderson look out I’m coming,” but it was too late and I started to spurt.

I could feel it going into her mouth and when I looked, her feet were kicking wildly and her buttocks were bobbing as she rubbed her clit furiously.

As my orgasm finished I flopped back on the bed and closed my eyes. I wasn’t exactly ashamed but I was a bit shocked. She had confessed to having obscene desires and she was certainly not kidding.

I looked up and she was wiping her face with a tissue. I said, “Mrs Anderson you have just committed an act that most females would find disgusting.”

She answered, “I know, but it was more for my pleasure than yours. I warned you that my mind is polluted with filthy cravings. I had a big orgasm and so did you; so we’re both happy. How long will it be before you can come again?”

I looked at the bedside clock and it was ten minutes after eight. “How long have we got?”

She replied, “Two hours absolute maximum. I’ll make some coffee.”

She had disappeared downstairs when I looked upwards and said, “God I hope you are aware that coming in her mouth was not my idea. So please don’t deduct any points for poor gentlemanly conduct.”

We sat on the bed and chatted while we sipped our coffee. I asked her when she had first masturbated and she told me that she was ten years of age when she saw her older cousin doing it. They were sharing a bed and the cousin asked if she could stroke her pussy. It was her first orgasm and she wet the bed. After that they regularly did it to each other.

She said wistfully, “I’ve often fantasised about sex with another woman so does that make me a lesbian?” I assured her that it was a common fantasy among straight women.

When she finished her coffee she left the bedroom and was gone for quite a while. Eventually the door opened slowly and I gaped in amazement.

She was wearing a pink baby-doll nighty that was way above her knees. Her legs and feet were bare and her hair was pulled back into two short tufts. There were bright rouge patches on each cheek and lipstick was smeared untidily on her lips.

She stood with her arms drooping and her feet turned inwards, and she was hanging her head as if in shame. She looked so comical I put my hand over my mouth to stop from laughing.

Without looking up she whispered in a little girly voice, “I’m here Daddy. Have I been a naughty girl again?”

It was obvious she wanted to roll-play and I struggled to control my mirth. In a stern voice I replied, “Yes you have Jean, you have been very naughty.”

“Are you going to spank my bottom?”

“Yes I’m afraid I have to because you have to learn to be a good girl. Come here and get across my lap.”

She shuffled forward and bent face down across my lap. I lifted her nighty and she was wearing wispy pink panties. She raised herself slightly to let me pull them down and I rested my hand on her bottom.

In the same stern voice I said, “I’m sorry I have to do this Jean but it’s for your own good.” I raised my hand and gave her one smack with medium force on each cheek.

She whispered, “I can’t have been very naughty because you always smack me much harder than that.”

I raised my hand again and gave her two considerably firmer slaps.

She gave a tiny gasp with each blow and whispered, “I want to be really punished for being so naughty, so please smack me harder.”

This time I didn’t hold back and gave her two wallops that stung my hand. Her cheeks were now glowing with a bright red patch on each and the white imprints of my hand were clearly visible. She squealed each time I smacked her and it must have hurt like hell.

She was fighting back tears when she said, “Why does my mini tingle when you spank me Daddy?” I guessed that mini was the childhood name for her pussy.

I slipped my hand between her thighs and her mini was indeed very wet. Using two fingers I began to fuck her slowly and she wriggled and gasped with the sensation. By now my cock was back to its solid best again.

After a few minutes she whispered, “Are you going to put your truncheon inside me like you always do?”

The only item I possessed that resembled a truncheon was stiffly erect between my legs so I replied, “Yes I am Jean.”

She wriggled up to sit astride my lap and then slid down on my cock until it disappeared. She whispered, “Oh Daddy your truncheon is always so big and hard.”

Her arms were wrapped around my neck and she began to rise up and down. Her movements got steadily faster until she gasped desperately, “Oh Daddy I’m going to get that naughty feeling again.”

Her motions quickened until she cried out, “The naughty feeling is coming,” and then, “Oh Daddy.”

I was about to experience my own naughty feeling and I gripped her buttocks tightly. She was thrusting up and down on my lap so energetically I had difficulty in hanging on to her. As I ejaculated we were both gasping and writhing but we clung to each until our orgasms subsided.

She climbed off my lap and still in roll-play said, “Thank you for punishing me Daddy and I’ll try not to be such a naughty girl in future.” She turned and shuffled slowly out of the room.

I fell back on the bed and rocked with helpless laughter. I had never realised that sex could be such fun. I had come twice in an hour and the second time had been just as good as the first one. I wondered what other kinky games she was going to play.

When she came back she was cleaned up and wearing her housecoat again. She looked at the clock and said, “God, look at the time; you had better go.”

As I dressed I said, “That was great fun. You are just full of surprises.”

She replied, “What surprises? If you’re talking about the depraved sexual act you just committed with that poor young child, then you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She saw me to the door and kissed me goodbye with, “Next Tuesday?”

I answered, “You can guarantee it Mrs Anderson.”

****************************** The week dragged by slowly but I was a happy man. I was having an affair with an exciting and mature lover and the difference in our ages added to the excitement for both of us. I took Maria to the cinema and as we sat together I kept thinking, ‘If only she knew’.

At her front door she said, “There’s something different about you. You’ve changed during the last couple of weeks and you haven’t tried to grope me once. Don’t get me wrong; I’m pleased that you’re finally behaving yourself, but you’re not going off me are you?”

I had never been crazy about her in the first place but I didn’t want to break up because of my relationship with her mother. I replied, “I’m showing you some respect because I thought that is what you want me to do.

She answered, “Yes I do and I’m pleased that you’re controlling your lust,” but she seemed slightly doubtful.

Tuesday arrived and I rang the side doorbell. Her dress was low cut to show plenty of cleavage with a hemline well above her knees. Her eyes were sparkling as brightly as her diamanté earrings and she looked like a girl in her twenties. I said with genuine admiration, “Mrs Anderson you look absolutely stunning.”

She beamed with pleasure and kissed me passionately. She took my hand to lead me upstairs with, “Come along my lover it’s time for fun and games.”

As she started to undress me, I asked, “I’m just curious but are you still pursuing all of your religious activities. You know; the church and all that stuff?”

She replied, “Yes, why do you ask?”

I hesitated but continued, “Well mainly because of us and….”

I was unable to finish the sentence because she interrupted sharply with, “Are you suggesting that I am a hypocrite?”

I replied hastily, “Good heavens no, but….”

“Well shut up then because I want to suck your cock.”

I decided never to broach the subject again. I presented her with my penis and settled back on the bed.

This time she varied her technique by licking and then sucking and then wanking in strict rotation. While she was kneeling above me, she had one hand between her legs and was pleasuring herself.

She had been going for only a few minutes when she said politely, “I’m really sorry about this James but I’m afraid I’m going to come.” She let go of my cock and knelt upright.

With her right hand still furiously active, she shoved the fingers of the other hand deep into her saturated slit. I watched with fascination as she pumped with the lower hand while rubbing firmly with the upper one. I wondered if it was as difficult as rubbing one’s stomach while patting the top of one’s head; but her coordination was smooth and unfaltering.

She was breathing hoarsely and as the bottom hand pumped furiously I could hear an audible sucking sound. Suddenly she blurted, “Here I come,” and then cupped both hands over her drenched slit. Her body stiffened and I saw her stomach muscles knot. Her jaw tensed and she hissed through clenched teeth, “Oh sweet Jesus.”

For several seconds her body shuddered in silence as the spasms thrilled her and her face contorted as if in pain. Gradually the exquisite sensations began to fade but she continued to rub her gaping crevice slowly as she tried to retain the delicious pleasure. Finally her arms dropped to her side and she sat back heavily on her haunches.

After a moment she knelt upright and said, “Wow that was a good one. I’m sorry I had to abandon you but I couldn’t stop myself from coming. Are you okay?”

I replied, “Sure I am. I really enjoyed watching you.”

She leaned forward and kissed my lips with, “Stay put, I’ll be back in a minute.”

Ten minutes went by and I was getting anxious when she came back into the bedroom.

I stared at her in astonishment. She was wearing a tight black skirt and sheer black nylon stockings. Under a short jacket she had a flimsy white blouse and I could see her bare nipples through it. She had a beret perched cheekily on the side of her head and her shiny black shoes had four-inch heels.

There was no mistaking it; she was a French prostitute. She had certainly been busy in recent weeks acquiring a collection of props to play out her fantasies.

She sauntered to the side of the bed and drawled in a husky French accent, “Ello Cheri, would you like some loving?”

I asked, “How much?”

She replied instantly, “Forty euros. Leave zee money on zee dresser.”

I was really impressed. I did a quick calculation and it was about thirty-five English pounds which didn’t seem too expensive; so I said, “Okay.” I only had five pounds with me and I wondered if she would take an IOU.

She added, “Would you like zee extras?”

“What are they?”

“Putting it up my bottom fifty euros, zee cock-suck forty-five euros and coming between zee tits five euros.”

I asked, “Why is coming between your tits so cheap?”

“Because I like eet.”

I was struggling to keep a straight face but I managed to splutter, “I’ll just have a straight fuck please.”

She began to do a striptease and she made it really sexy. Her black nylons were the last items to be removed and she did so by holding each foot up and pulling them off slowly between finger and thumb.

I was getting impatient but I knew that she was deliberately teasing me. Finally she was naked and climbed aboard.

She bent down to kiss the top of my cock and said, “You have zee big English cock Cherie. Do all English men have such magnificent weapons?”

I replied, “No, just the lucky ones.”

She hovered over me and impaled herself on the end of my stiff rod. Very slowly she lowered her body until all of it had disappeared and then she gave a deep sigh of satisfaction. She was looking into my eyes when she whispered huskily, “I will show you zee French way of love making.”

Instead of going up and down, she began to rotate her hips left and right with an action similar to a washing machine. I was fairly certain that the French made love with same method as the rest of the world but it was different and quite enjoyable.

It must have been having a stimulating effect on her as well because she said, “I will be having zee come soon Cherie, so I will change to your English way.”

She returned to an orthodox vertical movement and began to slide up and down at a rapid pace. I sensed that she was about to come and my own climax was also approaching.

As excitement gripped us, our writhing and squirming became more urgent and the only sounds in the room were our panting gasps.

Neither of us heard the footsteps climbing the stairs.

Then the piercing scream shocked us.

Mrs Anderson spun around and I sat upright. Maria was standing in the doorway with her hands over her mouth. Her eyes were wide in disbelief and she whispered, “Oh my God.”

For several seconds nobody moved, and then her mother climbed off the bed and said calmly, “Maria I know this must be a bit of a shock to you and you certainly deserve an explanation.”

She started to walk towards her daughter but Maria backed away in horror. Her mind must have been in turmoil but suddenly the explanation became obvious to her.

She crossed herself and babbling hysterically she cried, “Mummy you’ve been possessed by the Devil and he has ensnared you. You’re not responsible for your disgusting behaviour. I’ll phone for Father O’Malley right away.”

She turned to go but then she looked at me and blurted, “It’s James; he must be one of the Devil’s disciples.” That really hurt my feelings.

She still hadn’t finished. “Oh my God; first it was Daddy and now it’s you Mummy.”

Mrs Anderson suddenly became very interested. “What do you mean, first it was Daddy?”

“Daddy said he’d been possessed by the Devil’s evil force when I saw what he was doing in his study. He made me promise to keep it a secret in case the shock of it was too much for you.”

Mrs Anderson’s voice was icy cold when she enquired. “Tell me Darling, exactly what was Daddy doing?”

Maria struggled to reply but she finally managed to whisper, “He was looking at his computer screen and….” She paused and closed her eyes as if the memory of it was too hideous to recall.

Mrs Anderson’s voice was calm but insistent. “Please try to tell me Darling. Precisely what was Daddy doing?”

Still with her eyes shut to obscure the memory, Maria replied haltingly, “He was doing it with his hand.”

Mrs Anderson turned to me with a smile but it was not one of amusement. “Well, well, would you believe that? My dear husband, the one with the bad heart who hasn’t been near me in fifteen years, has been wanking over porn. I really must have a quiet word with him.”

Right on cue the door opened and Mister Anderson entered. He walked into the room but stopped as if he had run into a brick wall. He surveyed the scene with an open mouth before he asked incredulously, “What the hell is going on here?”

Mrs Anderson put her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She said sweetly, “Hello Dear; what a pleasant surprise to have you home so unexpectedly. I’m sure you must be wondering why James and I are naked. Well the explanation is simple; it’s because we have been fucking.”

Maria must have realised that her father was probably as confused as she had been so she explained brightly, “Mummy has been possessed by the Devil and James is one of his evil disciples.” It was the second time she had said that and it was beginning to annoy me.

Mrs Anderson turned to her and in a comforting tone said, “No Darling, I am not possessed by the Devil. If I am possessed at all, it is with the wondrous pleasure of sex that God in his almighty generosity allows us all to enjoy. I agree that James has the Devil in him, but it’s not the real one.”

She continued, “You see James asked God to be allowed to have sex and he answered both our prayers. It was two for the price of one.”

She turned back to her husband and her voice was chilling when she said, “Now let’s deal with you Harold. Maria tells me that you’ve been masturbating in your study while drooling over porn. Would you care to elaborate?”

I sensed that the situation could get ugly and decided that a tactful departure was required. I cautiously reached for my trousers but Mrs Anderson was aware of everything. She jabbed a menacing finger at me and snapped, “Don’t you dare move. I still hadn’t come when we were interrupted, and I don’t intend to wait until next Tuesday.”

She turned back to her husband with a sweet but scary smile. “Come along Dear, you were about to explain why you haven’t suggested sex in the last fifteen years and led me to believe that it was because of your weak heart. And yet Maria tells me that you’ve been wanking in your study.”

Mr Anderson squirmed as he desperately sought for an acceptable answer and offered, “My Dear I really do think that I was temporarily ensnared by the Devil’s evil force and….”

He was not allowed to complete his explanation because she interrupted with, “Shut up you pathetic idiot. Well now you are going learn exactly how I like my cunt to be licked. You are going to fuck me whenever I require to be fucked and if your heart packs up in the process it will serve you right.”

As she turned away from him she added, “Instead of watching tatty porn, you can stay and watch the real thing if you like because James is about to finish fucking me.”

Maria was standing transfixed in total bewilderment and Mrs Anderson took her hand. She led her to the bed and sat her down with her arm around her shoulders. She said carefully, “Darling I know that Daddy and I have brought you up to be pure and chaste, but perhaps we have been too strict. Do you masturbate?”

Maria hesitated with embarrassment but replied cautiously, “Sometimes,” and then added hastily, “but I always pray for forgiveness afterwards.”

Mrs Anderson said gently, “Never mind about all that. God won’t mind if you get pleasure from his gift; that’s why he gave it to us in the first place. Now I’m going to teach you how to enjoy real sex.”

She turned to me, still awaiting my fate, and reached for my cock. She announced, “I’m fairly certain that you won’t have seen one of these before and it’s James’s most important bit. He’s very attached to it so treat it with care because it will give you a lot of pleasure. It’s a bit soft at the moment but I’ll show you how to fix that in a minute.

If it doesn’t embarrass you too much, you can watch me fuck James and then you can have a go.”

She looked down at me and enquired, “Do you have a condom?” I nodded. “Well use it when you fuck Maria because I don’t want to be a grandmother just yet.”

She looked over her shoulder with, “Still here Harold? I thought you might be.” She climbed astride me and bent her head towards my cock. “Now pay close attention Maria.”

I held up my hand and stopped her. I said in a serious tone, “Before you start, would anyone mind if we offer up a grateful prayer?” All three of them looked surprised but bowed their heads dutifully.

I looked upwards and said reverently, “We thank you God for your almighty gift of sexual pleasure.”

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