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Andie woke when a pair of hands parted her legs. The tall redhead opened her eyes, then decided it was of no use in the dark bedroom. She briefly wondered who her visitor was as a warm body settled between her parted thighs. She sighed as the thick tip of a firm cock slowly nudged her labia apart and penetrated her.

Although she had her own room, as the only woman in a house full of men, Andie was used to such late-night visits. Truth be told, she would have been disappointed if no one had crept into her room.

The man slid into her quivering pussy easily and began to gently thrust into her. As the pleasure spread through her trembling body, Andie thought back to how she had come to be in such a situation . . .

As a bartender in a popular local club, Andie had just about seen or heard it all. She had watched the nightly pick-up game played out thousands of times. While she hadn’t quite become cynical, she had lost a certain degree of respect for her gender. It seemed no matter how sleazy the guy, there was a woman more than willing to jump into his arms, and probably his bed. Andie just shook her head and did her job, unwittingly helping the sleazy men in plying their prey with the alcohol which was so necessary to complete their plans.

Andie considered herself lucky. She was rather tall, about 5’10”, and very good looking. Nature had graced her with a fine body, which she worked to keep in shape. She had a good job, a decent guy, a dependable car, and a nice apartment. Her boyfriend, Jerry, was a sales representative for a large warehouse equipment company. Although he had asked her several times, she had resisted the temptation to move in with him, preferring to keep her own apartment and, therefore, her independence. All in all, she had a happy life. At least she had a happy life until the night the bar manager had called her into his office.

He explained to her that the owner had had a sudden heart attack. While he was recovering nicely, he was expected to retire. The night club would be closing. Andie took the news in stride. She knew she could find another job easily, but was rather saddened by leaving her regular customers.

Finding another job had proved to be a bit more difficult than she had expected. There were several other nightclubs in town, but they had all told her the same thing: they would gladly accept her application, but they were currently fully staffed. As her savings slowly disappeared, she grew more and more sullen. After a particularly bad day of job hunting, a dejected Andie finally gave in to Jerry’s offer to move in with him.

“Move in with him,” was a rather ridiculous phrase. Jerry didn’t live alone. Living near an Army post, and having a very large house, Jerry supplemented his income by renting rooms to some of the soldiers. He currently had eight roommates. While living in a house full of men didn’t really appeal to her, she saw no other way at the moment. Jerry and three of his roommates helped her move her belongings into Jerry’s house.

The first few weeks went by uneventfully as she struggled to settle in, find a job, and get to know everyone all at the same time. The guys gave her plenty of space. At first she was concerned about her privacy, but the guys were all very nice men and went out of their way to make her feel at home. Andie quickly began to feel like a part of “the family.”

Jerry’s work schedule demanded that he go out of town for long periods of time for sales calls and customer service requests. It was during one of these trips that Andie’s whole life changed.

On a Friday night, her third week of living in the house, the guys decided to have a barbecue. Huge amounts of steak, sweet corn, potatoes, and beer were soon brought into the house. The smell of food slowly cooking on the grill quickly brought her out of her funk. While Andie usually just left the guys to their own devices, she was feeling particularly lonely with Jerry away. She readily accepted their invitation to join them for dinner.

Tying her long, red hair into a pony tail, she helped the guys prepare the food. The stereo was turned up, and the beer flowed. Andie found herself having more fun than she’d had since moving in. Although she wore a simple tank top and pair of shorts, she thought she noticed the guys paying a bit more attention to her than usual. She shrugged it off, thinking it was just her imagination.

After a fabulous dinner, the stereo was turned down and the group settled down in the living room. Andie found herself sitting in a chair, opposite David, Jim, and Ed on the couch. As they chatted, she noticed the guys on the couch paying particular attention to her lower body. Glancing downward, she saw they were peering up the leg of her shorts and had an excellent view of her panty-clad crotch. Trying to act as nonchalant as possible, she excused herself to her room to change.

Andie felt their eyes upon her as she walked down the hall. She smiled to herself and added a little more swing to her hips as she stepped into her room. Entering her room, she quickly closed the door and leaned against it. Feeling flushed, she tried to calm the sudden butterflies in her tummy. As she steadied her nerves, she removed her shorts. On a sudden whim, she slipped her hand into her panties and over her fiery red pubic mound. She inhaled sharply when she discovered her labia were thick and distended. Her pussy was absolutely soaked.

Andie’s mind was in turmoil. She admitted to herself that she was extremely excited by the guys peeking at her that way, but knew she couldn’t encourage anything further. Jerry was a nice guy and she could never do anything to hurt him. Her middle finger traced its way upward, from between her wide-spread labia, toward her clitoris. She moaned to herself as the finger tip spread her moisture over the firm little bud. Biting her lower lip, she steadied herself and pulled her panties off, tossing them onto her bed. She felt herself blush as she pulled her shorts back on and opened her door.

After a brief stop in the bathroom, Andie reappeared in the living room. Ed was in the midst of putting a tape into the VCR. Moving toward her chair, she noticed the furniture had been rearranged to where her chair was opposite all the others. She knew all eight of the guys now had an unobstructed view, up her shorts, of her nearly nude pussy.

Sitting down in the chair, she saw the guys looking at her in an embarrassed silence.

“What’s wrong?” She suddenly asked.

“Well, we thought you were going to your room,” Jim answered after a long pause. “We were going to watch a tape.”

“Well, let’s watch it,” she replied, getting up to move her chair to where she could see the TV.

The guys looked at each other nervously. Ed actually blushed beet red as he said, “Well, it’s not exactly the kind of tape you show to just anyone.”

Quickly catching the hint, Andie smiled broadly at the embarrassed group. “Ahh, you guys were going to watch a porno movie,”she giggled. “Well, don’t let me stop you. I haven’t seen one in years.”

The guys were taken aback, to say the least, at her openness. Truth be told, Andie surprised herself with her sudden admission, not to mention her sudden excitement.

“What am I doing?” She thought to herself as she placed her chair next to the couch.

Swallowing deeply to catch her voice, she said, “Well, let’s see it.”

If anything, Ed blushed a deeper crimson. “Are you sure?” He stammered.

“Yeah,”she nervously replied.

Ed silently pushed the “Play”button on the VCR and moved away from the TV. Andie watched as a cute little blonde appeared in the middle of the screen. The amateurish camera work told her that this was definitely not a professional product. The girl on the screen was talking to someone off camera as she undressed. Andie watched as the blonde moved closer to the camera and knelt before the cameraman. She swallowed hard as the girl unzipped the man’s pants and drew out a rather sizable penis. Andie’s eyes remained riveted to the screen as the girl abruptly swallowed the erect cock to its base.

“Wow,”she heard one of the guys mumble as the blonde’s head bobbed back and forth on the rigid organ.

“Who’s the lucky guy holding the camera?” Barry asked from his chair.

“Her husband,” Ed replied with a smile.

The cameraman did a reasonable job of holding the camera still as the blonde enthusiastically worked on his cock. A pair of hands suddenly wrapped around the girl, cupping her tiny breasts. It appeared they weren’t alone. Quickly looking over at the group of men, she noticed bulges growing in their laps. Greg was surreptitiously stroking his growing erection through his jeans. Her attention returned to the TV when she heard the cameraman announce that he was getting ready to cum.

The girl swallowed the organ to the base once again and groaned. Another hand held her head as she swallowed repeatedly. Her throat muscles appeared to be working overtime as they struggled to keep up with the flow of semen. Finally it appeared she had succeeded in draining the cameraman, and leaned back, admiring the softening penis as it fell from between her lips.

Andie felt her pussy moistening even more as she wriggled in her chair. The guys glanced over at her at times, gauging her reaction to the tape. She felt their eyes on her as she repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her legs. She chanced a look over at the guys and saw Greg’s hand stroking the fully grown lump in his crotch with a bit more determination. Looking upward, she found herself looking directly into his eyes. She quickly turned her head back to the TV.

The girl had climbed into the center of the king-sized bed and was holding her legs wide open for a nude man who was positioning himself to go down on her. Andie looked closer at the vaguely familiar shape of the man’s head as he obviously penetrated the blonde’s clean-shaven pussy with his tongue. Looking back over at the guys, she saw them all staring intently at her, smiling. She instantly recognized the man on the screen.

“Is that you Ed?” Andie asked.

Ed smiled and nodded. “Greg is in this too,” he added.

Greg’s smile grew broader as Andie returned her attention to the tape. The blonde was now licking Greg’s rather large cock as Ed tongued her pussy. The woman groaned as her hips thrashed about on the bed, very obviously cumming.

Andie watched in rapt fascination as Ed lifted himself from the writhing woman’s crotch and slid himself upward. Andie’s held her breath momentarily when she saw the size of Ed’s cock. It was absolutely huge. She shuddered inwardly as the head of the huge erection slowly began to disappear into the moaning girl. Her pussy immediately became even wetter. She suddenly jumped when she felt a pair of hands touch her shoulders.

Ed stood behind her, smiling. Andie swallowed as she felt a tremor in her tummy. Her vagina was soaked, she was sure. As the tiny blonde on the TV screamed that she was cumming, Andie looked deep into Ed’s eyes. She then felt a hand on her leg. A shudder crept through her as it traveled up her thigh. The redhead resisted the temptation to look down to see who was touching her. She inhaled deeply as the hand slid up the leg of her shorts and finally touched her bare pussy. Ed leaned down and kissed her deeply, allowing his hands to travel down to cup her now heaving breasts.

A sudden chill hit her tummy as her tank top was lifted and her shorts were slid down to her hips. Breathing heavily into Ed’s mouth, he lifted her hips to allow her shorts to slide down to her ankles. The hand returned. A finger teased its way between her thick lips and toyed with her wet opening. It then retreated to find her clitoris. It stayed there, spreading her lubrication, rubbing tiny circles over the throbbing organ.

Andie suddenly broke the kiss with Ed and slumped forward as the finger retreated and a tongue split her labia, penetrating her. Her hips thrust upward of their own will as her upper body fell backward into the chair. She closed her eyes when she felt Ed’s hands tease her now nude breasts. A mouth suddenly covered one of her nipples. Andie groaned as the other nipple was quickly engulfed by another gently sucking mouth. Ed tilted her head back and kissed her deeply once again. Her muffled moans soon added to the impassioned squeals coming from the TV.

The tongue on her fiery pussy slid in and out of her, sending chills throughout her body. Her hips undulated in the same rhythm, driving it deeper inside her. A finger traced its way down her tummy and found her clitoris. Andie groaned heavily into Ed’s mouth as the finger tip traced tiny circles over the throbbing bud. She breathed deeply through flaring nostrils as she felt her first orgasm approaching.

Andie squealed into Ed’s mouth as the waves of pleasure flowed through her. She reached out and pulled the head between her outstretched thighs tighter into her spasming pussy. Hands gently stroked her body as the mouths teased and tormented her pert nipples. Suddenly she seemed to collapse inward upon her self as the orgasm washed through her.

She vaguely heard the guys murmuring to each other, then felt her body being gently lifted, then placed on the couch. Her mind told her that she had to stop. She couldn’t do this to Jerry. The girl on the TV screen thrashed about as Ed’s huge cock slammed into her tiny pussy repeatedly. Andie’s hips writhed in silent invitation as she felt someone crawl between her widespread legs. Her apprehension was short lived as she felt the head of a very thick penis slide between her engorged labia and begin to tunnel its way into her quivering pussy. Andie’s eyes opened and grew large as the thick organ continued its way inside her. Greg whispered into her ear for her to relax as he steadily drove his cock into the redhead. The girl on the TV twitched as Ed’s cock withdrew from her, his cum leaking out of her pussy and trickling down to her ass. The redhead panted heavily under the man as his cock finally filled her to the hilt.

Greg held perfectly still as he felt her inner muscles begin to twitch around his heavy cock. He looked up at the rest of the men gathered around them and smiled. The TV was quickly forgotten as her hips began to undulate beneath him. She whispered huskily for him to fuck her. Greg looked back down at the woman’s heaving breasts and began to slowly rock his hips forward.

Andie felt her excitement rise as the first stroke threatened to make her orgasm. She moaned to herself as the thick organ slowly slid back and forth inside her. Her hands clutched at Greg’s buttocks as she pulled him deeper inside her, grinding her crotch into his. The redhead inhaled deeply as the cock filled her repeatedly. Sensing someone else standing over her, she opened her eyes to see Larry stroking his now rigid cock. She looked at the hard cock and opened her mouth wide in invitation.

Larry stepped forward and slipped his rigid cock between Andie’s lips. He shuddered as her warm mouth closed around him. Her tongue bathed the underside of the rubbery tip, then slid down the firm shaft. His hips moved forward, sliding more of his hardness into her mouth. The redhead sucked him greedily.

Greg watched the woman hungrily take his friend into her mouth right in front of him. He watched as her mouth moved along the shaft, her cheeks hollowing slightly as she sucked him firmly. He increased his tempo as the sight increased his excitement. Andie reacted by groaning and undulating her hips even faster. Greg knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Her tight inner muscles milked at his cock as he began plunging himself into the writhing woman. She inhaled deeply and began to orgasm around him as his own climax overtook him.

Andie dropped the hard cock from her mouth and pulled Greg’s erupting cock deeper into her spasming pussy. The jets of hot semen splashed inside her as she thrashed about beneath him. Greg froze as his climax thundered through him, his hips locked fully forward. She slammed her hips upward into him as she milked him of his hot liquid. Greg suddenly collapsed on top of the woman, pinning her body under his considerable weight. When his senses finally returned, he lifted himself off of her and withdrew. Getting to his feet, he made room for David, who was stroking his already hard cock in preparation for his turn to fuck the hot redhead.

Andie actually growled as David’s hard cock slammed into her. David fucked into the woman with a fast, furious pace, driving Greg’s cum out of her pussy to pool on the cushion beneath her. She moaned loudly as she held her shaking breasts. Her fingers split around the stiff nipples, as if offering them to the man furiously pounding into her cum-filled pussy. She felt the previous load spill out of her pussy and trickle down to her ass. Larry again placed his stiff cock into her mouth in an attempt to quiet her impassioned screams.

With the pace David kept, he couldn’t control his climax for long. His hips were a blur as he pummeled the woman with his rock hard cock. Andie sucked even harder on the cock filling her mouth as David’s cock swelled and exploded inside her. Her hips jerked violently as his scalding semen burst forth into her clutching vagina.

Larry lunged forward with a shout and erupted into her mouth. Tears streamed down Andie’s cheeks as the two cocks bucked and jumped, unloading themselves into the woman simultaneously. She gulped noisily as she worked to swallow the healthy spurts of semen. Her hips ground into David as his emission mixed with Greg’s and flowed out of her soaked crotch. She was approaching another orgasm as David slumped forward with a groan. Larry withdrew from her hungry mouth and stumbled backward to sit on a nearby coffee table.

Several hands quickly moved David out of the way, then lifted Andie to her hands and knees. Resting her head on the back of the couch, the panting woman knelt on the couch, ready for the next man to fuck her to climax. Cum ran down her thigh in a steady stream and pooled behind her knee. She closed her eyes and wiggled her hips a little, inviting the assembled crowd to fill her again.

Jim unzipped his pants and stepped forward. Andie groaned as he held her hips and penetrated her completely in one stroke. Her cum-filled pussy gave no resistance as he quickly stroked himself in and out of her. Her breath came in short gasps as the man fucked into her hard and fast. Ed walked around behind the couch and offered his massive cock to her hungry mouth.

Andie’s eyes grew wide when she saw Ed’s huge organ. She leaned forward and gave the huge purple head a tentative lick. A lone droplet of pre-cum drooled from the very tip. She lapped at it greedily as her lips parted to accept the organ. Ed slowly slipped the head of his heavy cock between her moist lips and shuddered. Andie groaned as she felt the wide cock fill her mouth. Although she could only take the first two inches of the massive shaft, she reveled in the velvety soft feel of it.

Jim continued to pound into the woman from behind, driving her forward onto Ed’s cock. He wet a thumb in the combined liquids pouring from the woman’s still tight pussy and gently rubbed it over her upturned anus. Her hips wiggled as the digit teased her rear passage. Andie exploded in orgasm as the tip of the thumb pried into her ass and slowly slipped inside.

The redhead dropped Ed’s rigid tool and screamed as the convulsions overtook her body. She suddenly felt hands hold onto her breasts as the thumb slid further into her. The cock dancing deep within the walls of her pussy seemed to expand as the man fucked her faster. She shook all over as the sexual tension crashed through her, slowly draining from her, only to increase as the thumb wiggled inside her tight ass. Ed held her head still and slid his cock back into her mouth. She inhaled deeply as her inner muscles convulsed around the cock drilling into her so deliciously. Jim groaned as he suddenly exploded, releasing his pent up load of hot semen to wash through her velvety vagina, only to be driven out of her with each forward thrust.

Ed withdrew from her mouth as her orgasm subsided. Walking around the couch, he took his position behind her as Jim withdrew. Andie was a whimpering, quivering mass. Ed slowly slid his massive tool into the gasping woman. She arched her back and threw her head backward when she felt the fat organ fill her already abused pussy. When he was finally fully seated in her soaked sex, he held still to let her grow accustomed to his size.

“Wait,” Andie croaked. “I want you to sit down. I want to ride that big thing.”

Ed smiled as he pulled out of her. He quickly sat down on the couch. Andie threw her leg over him. Cum dripped out of her fiery pussy as she held his cock straight up and slowly began to lower herself onto it.

She looked deeply into Ed’s eyes as she lowered herself onto him. “So big,” she whispered to herself as she accepted him into her body.

Her labia spread as the muscles at her entrance stretched to accommodate his wide girth. Once completely seated in Ed’s lap, she held her hips still, working her inner muscles around the thick organ so deliciously tucked away inside her. Her eyes closed as she slowly began to rotate her hips, sending the cock into motion inside her.

Barry slid behind her and cupped her breasts. Andie groaned in ecstasy as his mouth found the nape of her neck. His hand slid from her breast to her soaked crotch, briefly toying with her stiff clitoris where it met the base of Ed’s hard cock. Slipping his hand around behind her, he toyed with her vacant anus. The redhead pushed her hips backward, welcoming Barry’s touch. Taking his cue from her rearward movements, he slipped a fingertip into her ass.

Ed watched with interest as Andie’s eyes opened wide. She moaned as she began to move her hips back and forth, driving both his cock and the invading finger deeper into her body. Barry smiled at Ed as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his stiff cock. He stroked himself slowly as he slid a second fingertip into the woman beside the first. Andie inhaled sharply as the second finger stretched her further, but she made no move to stop him. She moaned in anticipation as to what she hoped was soon to come. Barry didn’t disappoint her.

Withdrawing his fingers from the writhing woman, he stepped up closer behind her. Andie froze as she felt the tip of his hard cock touch her puckered rear passage. The woman bit her lip and tensed up visibly as the organ began to steadily enter her. Barry groaned as her ass opened to accept him. He slid himself into the trembling woman slowly, so as not to cause her any pain. With a satisfied moan, she rocked backward onto his cock, forcing him into her to the hilt. Her eyes glazed over with lust as the sensations of being so full flowed through her body.

Todd and Ken watched in amazement as the redhead began to move her hips back and forth. She moaned and groaned between the two men who had her filled so completely. Dropping his shorts to the floor, Ken moved around to the back of the couch and looked deep into Andie’s eyes. Her face was a mask of impassioned concentration. Her chest heaved as she labored to breathe through the cloud of lust driven sensations. Her stiff nipples made glancing contact with Ed’s outstretched tongue as she moved back and forth on his oversized cock. Andie looked down to the swollen shaft in Ken’s hand. She watched him stroke his hard cock for several seconds before leaning forward to take him into her only remaining orifice.

As Andie leaned forward, her pussy rode up on Ed’s mammoth erection, sending chills through her. Barry looked at Ed who nodded his head twice. Slowly, Barry began to pump his hips into her. Andie came unglued. Bearing down hard on her inner muscles, she climaxed violently.

Sensations filled the frantically orgasming woman, the likes of which she had never experienced before. Her overly stuffed body convulsed as the three men found a steady rhythm. Barry plunged himself firmly into her from behind, pressing her down and forward onto the other two cocks invading her body. Her spasming muscles gripped and milked the two cocks seated in her lower abdomen while Ken thrust himself rapidly in and out of her hungrily sucking mouth.

The huge cock filling her pussy increased the friction her inner muscles created on Barry’s shaft. He firmly stroked in and out of the still climaxing woman, gradually working himself up to the point of his own release. He held onto her breasts as she thrashed around beneath him, driving her pussy downward onto Ed’s massive organ even harder. Surprisingly, it was Ed who climaxed first. Ken watched in amazement as Andie’s eyes suddenly opened up very wide, then slam shut as another orgasmic wave burst within her.

Andie couldn’t believe what she was feeling. The huge organ inside her convulsing vagina actually expanded before she felt the first hot spurt of semen splash within her. As she ground her pelvis into Ed’s, she swore she could feel each massive ounce of his load travel up the length of his huge cock, then explode into her quivering body. The hard cock drilling into her ass sent her over the top once again as another rapid orgasm crashed through her.

As Ed groaned and bucked beneath the redhead, Barry plunged himself into her deep and erupted. Waves of semen flowed from his trembling cock and into the still shuddering woman. Barry thrust into her rapidly as he emptied himself into her ass. Ken then groaned as he released his own load into the woman’s hungrily sucking mouth, and down her throat. Andie’s body went rigid as she felt the hot semen fill her three openings simultaneously. Her whole body shook as the three men finally ground to a halt. The threesome on the couch collapsed into a satisfied heap as Ken backed away from her.

As Barry finally found the strength to withdraw from the woman and stand up, Todd looked on in wonder. Cum literally poured from the woman as she slid off of Ed’s softening, but still sizeable cock. Andie fell backward onto the couch with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was a cum-soaked mess, but still looked very inviting to Todd. Crawling up onto the redhead, he plunged himself into the panting woman.

Andie reacted to the new cock instantly. Her hips thrust up to meet his as she grasped his buttocks to pull him deeper into her. She groaned through one last orgasm as the cock slammed into her repeatedly. He pummeled her sodden pussy for several minutes before finally adding his own creamy load to the mixture already drooling out of her and onto the couch.

Andie dozed where she lay for several minutes. She was awakened by Ed and Jim as they gently lifted her and carried her into the bathroom. She sighed her relief as they gently lowered her into a hot bubble bath.

Andie woke the next morning to pangs of guilt. She knew she had messed up in a big way. As she got out of bed, she wondered how she could face the guys again. She had behaved like a cock-hungry slut and now deeply regretted it. As she collected herself, she thought back to all the women she had looked down upon in the bar. “I’m no better than they are,” she thought to herself. “At least they slept with them one at a time. I had to take on a whole infantry squad.”

Dressing in a dark blue sundress, she slowly made her way down the hall. Her entire lower body still throbbed from the night before, reminding her of the pleasure she’d experienced. Stepping through the quiet living room, she found the whole gang quietly sipping coffee in the kitchen. They all looked up at her and smiled as she entered the room.

Jerry turned from the coffee maker and smiled. “Good morning, we were just talking about you.”

Andie froze. “Well, welcome home,” she stammered.

Jerry hadn’t been expected home for another two days. She walked into the kitchen to get a cup down from the cabinet. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out a way to get the other eight guys alone to discuss the previous night. That thought evaporated instantly when she felt Jerry’s hand on her buttocks.

“From the sounds of it, you’ll need that coffee,” he chuckled.

Andie slowly turned, her face red. “What do you mean?”

“Well, the guys were just telling me why I came home to find the couch such a cum-stained mess. You were pretty busy from the sounds of it.”

Andie was at a loss for words. She stood there with her mouth open in astonishment as Jerry took her in his arms. “It’s ok. I had to worm it out of them. I’m not mad.”

Jerry leaned forward and kissed her deeply. Andie trembled as the tears welled up in her eyes. Breaking the kiss, he reached down for the hem of her dress.

“In fact,” he began as he raised her dress up her body, “I’d been looking for a way to approach you about the subject. You just made it easier for me.”

Andie just stood there, too stunned to even move when Jerry pulled her dress over her head. Jerry continued as he reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

“I’ve made a little agreement with the guys. They enjoyed your attention very much last night, and want it to continue. I know you enjoyed it as well.” He paused as he tossed the bra onto the counter. “The arrangement I want is simple. From this moment on, you are a kept woman. A shared, kept woman. You will wear nothing while you’re in the house unless one of us asks you to. You will stay nude and receptive to any or all of us at all times.”

Andie started to come out of her shock and speak. Jerry hushed her with a finger to her lips.

“If anyone wants to use your body for their own pleasure at any time, you are to allow them to. In other words,” he continued, taking her in his arms again. “You will fuck who we want, when we want, and where we want.”

The redhead stared into Jerry’s eyes in disbelief. She felt his cock growing in his pants as he held her. The throbbing organ pressed against her flat tummy, sending a thrilling chill straight to her groin.

“If you agree to this,” Jerry continued, “All of your needs will be met by us. You will be very well provided for.”

Andie felt her panties becoming damp. The thought of all of these men taking her whenever it pleased them excited her beyond belief. She looked over at the smiling group of men at the table. Still too numb to speak, she looked into each man’s eyes separately. All eight of them nodded their heads. Looking back into Jerry’s eyes, she nodded almost imperceptibly.

“Does that mean you agree?”he asked.

Reaching down and sliding her panties over her hips, and quickly stepping out of them, she turned around and bent over the counter. “Yes, I agree,”she finally managed to stammer as she spread her legs.

The redhead moaned as Jerry’s rigid cock slid into her soaked pussy from behind…

Andie thrust her hips upward as the as yet unidentified man slammed his cock into her. Her body shook from the pummeling pace. Her swollen breasts heaved as she held them from beneath. The furious fuck was driving her closer to the edge of orgasm. The man’s ragged breathing increased as he thundered toward his own climax.

Andie felt the shaft of the large cock swell as he approached his own orgasm. As he grunted and the first spurt of his hot semen splashed deep inside her, she came. Her hips thrashed as he continued to drive his cum into her. The man’s hips froze as she grabbed his buttocks, grinding her crotch against his as she spasmed around him. Her inner muscles grabbed and milked at his cock, draining his entire creamy load from his body and gladly accepting it into hers.

As he finally collapsed on top of her, Andie reflected on her life as a kept woman. It had all taken place over a year ago, and while there were a few petty jealousies between the guys at first, that soon ended when Jerry casually reminded them that Andie was still, in fact, his woman. All in all, she thought as the man’s cock softened inside her, it was a good life. Full of surprises, but a good life just the same.

Jerry had fucked her while bent over the counter that first morning of the new arrangement, then he passed her around to the rest of the guys. They had fucked her one at a time while he watched. After a brief rest, they repeated the double penetration for Jerry to see, this time with Todd taking her ass. They spent the rest of the morning filling her pussy and ass with their cum. By noon she was a mess again as all nine of them had fucked her at least twice.

Later that afternoon, she had gone back into the kitchen to pick up her discarded clothes. As she stood in that vulnerable position, Jerry had slid into her once again and fucked her right there in the middle of the dining room. Looking back, she realized she hadn’t worn much of anything since. Occasionally one of the guys would ask her to dress up in something sexy for him, but she usually stayed nude. Her pussy was constantly wet as it always seemed that someone had just recently cum inside her.

The barbecues had become a semimonthly event, with word spreading through the units on post quickly. Some of the guys brought a friend or two with them to the barbecues, others did not. Andie stayed in the house, nude, and helped with the meal as best she could. It was common for her to be suddenly bent over the kitchen counter and get soundly fucked from the rear as someone wanted some sudden relief. She joked that even making a simple salad could sometimes be a three-orgasm affair. It was also common to see her curled up on the couch, sucking one of the guys as they watched TV or even talked on the phone.

Gang bangs were normal. She had even been the entertainment for one soldier’s bachelor party. She remembered vividly the looks she got when she strutted, nude, out of the hallway and into the lap of the groom to be. According to Jerry, 22 men had taken her that night, in every position and combination possible.

It was also normal for one of the guys to take Andie out to dinner or a movie to have some time alone with her. She would occasionally spend the night in one of their rooms, but most often slept in her own bed.

As the spent cock inside her finally shrank down to normal size, Andie timed her breathing with that of the man who lay atop her. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought about how lucky she was to have a man like Jerry, and eight roommates like the guys…

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