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Girls Night Out

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When I was 22 years old, I was in a relationship with a guy named Dave. He was a great guy and we had known each other for quite a few years before we started dating seriously. At this point, we lived together and had been dating for a year and half. He was very close to his sister brother Jeff and I was close with Jeff’s wife Kim. Kim and I had a lot in common, even though she was almost 10 years older than me.

Dave and his brother decided (spontaneously) that they were going on a road trip together and we weren’t invited. Naturally, Kim and I were scorned and angry to say the least. With each day that passed, we became bitterer. We decided that we were going to the bar to dance, flirt and generally misbehave ourselves.

Kim had a friend who worked the bar at a little town located half an hour away. When we walked in, it was surprisingly busy. It felt like the entire town was in this bar. We met Kim’s friend and he gave us a couple shots while he made our drinks. Drinking them back quickly we gave each other the wink and the beginning of girls night had officially started.

Guys bought us drinks and danced with us trying to make their moves. We weren’t buying though and I think it became apparent after a bit.

Exhausted we sat at our table talking about the assholes that left us behind. Two good looking guys walked up to us with drinks in their hands for us. They joined us at our table and told us they were brothers who were town visiting their father and out to blow off steam. After a lot of conversation, we explained that Kim was married and I was in a committed relationship. They didn’t really care; they just wanted to have fun. The drinks flowed and we danced with the guys for the rest of the night until last call.

Terry (the younger brother) suggested we all keep the party going and head back to his Dad’s house down the street. Kim and I gave each other the look and told the guys not to get the wrong idea and they assured us it was all good. We walked to the house and their dad was in the living room watching television. Tim and Terry introduced us and asked if wanted to come down to the basement for a beer with us.

The five of us were hanging out listening to music and talking. I was sitting between their dad and Terry. It was very obvious where his boys got their good looks. He looked to be in his mid 50’s with salt and pepper hair, a very handsome looking man.

After finishing his beer, their dad made his way back upstairs. Terry sat closer to me as we talked. At some point I looked up to notice that Kim had disappeared with Terry. Before I knew what happened, Terry was kissing me and I was kissing him back. He was a great kisser and I melted back in to the couch as his hands wandered over my body. I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn’t.

His hand slid up my thigh, raising my dress as he did until he was touching me through my panties. Instantly he slid my dress off my shoulder exposing my breast. Never letting his lips leave mine. One hand teased my pussy and the other squeezed my breast as his tongue probed my mouth. Suddenly he stood up and took my hand guiding me back upstairs. As we headed towards a hall of bedrooms, I saw his dad was still awake and watching television, but he didn’t acknowledge us.

Terry pushed me gently back on the bed and began to kiss up my thighs. Slowly removing my panties he proceeded to lick, kiss, suck and finger my pussy. I laid back, the room was spinning and I was in disbelief that this was happening. I was letting a complete stranger eat my pussy. Eventually he came up for air and undid his pants and let them drop to the floor. He positioned himself beside my face and his huge cock was an inch from my mouth. I instinctively grabbed it and took him in my mouth. He groaned and slowly fucked his big cock in and out of my mouth. His hands squeezing my tits as he fucked my mouth. In between his moans he kept saying how badly he wanted to fuck me. I squeezed his cock and sucked him harder trying to make him explode. He started begging me to let him fuck me. I asked if he had any protection, but he didn’t. His reply was beyond disappointing. I told him we couldn’t have sex because I wasn’t on anything and that I would suck him to completion.

His hands moved to my head and he began fucking my mouth faster. Pushing himself deep in my mouth, he made me gag and I felt his cock get even harder. Each time I gagged he got harder and fucked my face faster until I felt his cum start to flood in to my mouth. I swallowed what I could and the rest just poured out the corners of my mouth and down to my breasts. Terry cleaned me up and kissed me again saying next time he would have protection because he needed to fuck me. With that, he turned and told me I could spend the night in this room and left down the hall.

Sitting in disbelief for a bit, I tidied myself up and decided to check on Kim. As i walked down the hall towards the kitchen, I saw an open door and glanced in when I heard Kim’s voice. She was clearly being fucked silly. Tim was behind Kim pounding her doggy style. Even more surprising was that Terry had climbed on the bed and Kim was sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe my eyes and hurried to the kitchen to get that drink of water.

As I filled my glass, I heard a voice ask if everything was alright. I turned to see their dad smiling at me. All I could mutter was “yeah”. Your friend is a noisy one isn’t she? He chuckled. We walked in to the living room together and he insisted I stay and chat with him. As we sat on the couch all we could hear was Kim, so it was pretty much the focus of our entire conversation. It was very evident that he was enjoying the sounds coming from the bedroom.

He moved closer to me on the couch and looked me in the eyes and asked me point blank. How come my other son isn’t fucking you right now? I was shocked and certainly I blushed. I told him I was in a relationship as my rationale. He chuckled again. I watched you take a load of his cum in your mouth sweetie. Now I know I was blushing. Don’t be embarrassed. You are gorgeous woman and I couldn’t help but watch you empty his cock.

He didn’t try to hide his eyes going over my body. Come with me, I want to show you something. Before I could react he grabbed my hand and walked me down the hall. As we passed the open door I glanced in to see that Tim and Terry had switched places and Terry was now getting the pussy he craved so badly.

Their dad kept walking and pulled me along by the hand. Once we entered his room, he closed the door behind us. He pointed to a chair and motioned for me to have a seat. I sat and he walked up in front of me. Reaching down he grabbed my hands and lifted them. His eyes never lost contact with mine. He grabbed my hands and lifted them up and placed them both on the bulge in his pants. Would you like to suck my cock too? I was speechless. He unzipped his pants and revealed himself to me. His cock was much bigger than his son Terry’s and I could not take my eyes off of it.

His hand grabbed my hair gently and guided my face closer to his stiff cock. I opened my mouth by reflex and he put the head to my lips and slowly guided it in to my mouth. His cock was oozing so much cum. He was clearly very excited. My mouth could barely fit around him, but he kept sliding it deeper in to my mouth. Now with both hands on my head he began to fuck my mouth faster. I couldn’t help but swallow the pre-cum oozing out of his cock. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and realized just how big his cock was. It had to be 10 inches long and I couldn’t close my fingers around it.

Tell me why you didn’t let my son fuck you. I sputtered my answer indicating that he didn’t have any protection. His dad nodded and said he understood. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his bed. I have good news for you sweetie. I’m gonna give you the fucking you need. I asked if he had protection and he said he did. His hand reached up my dress and felt my soaking wet pussy. He slid his fingers in me easily and smiled. You really do need to get fucked don’t you?. I nodded.

He grabbed his cock and ran the head up and down my soaking wet pussy opening. I tensed up thinking he was going to fuck me without a condom. You afraid of getting pregnant sweetie? I nodded looking deep in to eyes. Don’t worry sweetie, I can’t get your pregnant. Without any hesitation I felt his big head stretching my pussy open.

He worked his big tool in to me slowly at first, letting me adjust to his massive cock. Very slowly he moved his huge cock in and out of me. Each time deeper until he hit bottom. Then he just held it there and kissed me. His cock moved faster and now I gasped loudly with every thrust. Each time he bottomed out in me he pushed firmly causing me to scream out. Mmmm sweetie, let me hear you.

Let them know you are getting a good fucking sweetie. I moaned loudly and he fucked me harder and harder in to my tiny pussy. Slowly he backed his cock out of me and he pulled me to my knees in front of him. His hand on the back of my head he guided his cock back in my mouth. Get that cock nice and hard sweetie. I sucked him for a couple minutes then he lifted me on the bed.

Get on your hands and knees. He climbed up behind me and I felt that familiar head against my pussy again. He slid his cock back in to me pushing me until he hit bottom again. I want you to take all my cock sweetie. We need to get that little pussy broke in so you can take all of me. With that he held my hips and started fucking me each time pounding deeply in to me. I couldn’t believe how loud i was screaming out as he pounded my pussy open. I could feel his balls slapping my clit as he fucked me hard and fast.

You want to feel me cum in that little pussy sweetie? Tell me! I want to hear you say it! Beg me to cum in your pussy sweetie. I screamed out “please cum in me”. That was all it took. He buried himself in me and I felt his cock explode in me. His load oozed up the shaft as he pumped it in me. I collapsed under his weight and he rolled off me. His hands grabbing at my ass and rubbing my cum filled pussy.

He slowly fingered my cum filled pussy enjoying himself. Rubbing his fingers all over it. His big hands squeezed my ass cheeks, spreading them open and closed. You have a gorgeous lil ass sweetie. Then he leaned his face in and pushed his tongue against my ass. I tried to pull away but he had me pinned. His tongue licked and poked my tight little ass. It felt good, but I wasn’t giving him any ideas that he could fuck my ass.

I wanna fuck you again sweetie! Playing with you like this will get me hard again. I relaxed knowing he wanted my pussy again. His tongue opened my ass and he kept licking and fucking it with his tongue. His big fingers slowly fucking my pussy, I was delirious. He slowly slid one of his cum covered fingers up to my ass and pushed his finger tip in. He moaned loudly and i felt his cock stiffen against my leg.

Mmmm, tight little ass sweetie. I’m gonna pretend this finger is my cock. He slowly fucked my ass with his finger continuing to add the lube from my pussy so it moved in and out easily. Why don’t you suck this cock again while I play with your ass sweetie? He sat up and I laid on my side putting his firm cock in my mouth. His finger went right back to my little ass and pushed in me. As i sucked up and down his cock, he matched my movements with his finger in my ass.

Every few strokes he slid down and pushed his fingers in my pussy getting them soaked. Slowly i could feel him start working a second finger in my ass. I stiffened in protest but he just pushed my head down on his cock. I could tell how much he enjoyed playing with my ass because his cock responded.

It didn’t take long before two fingers were sliding in and out of my ass. He started thrusting his hips pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. You ready to get that pussy fucked again sweetie? I nodded.

He put me right back on my hands and knees and pushed his cock to my wet opening. Getting the head all slippery with cum. Pushing the head in and out, toying with my opening. Pulling it out he slid it up and down my slit. Over my clit and back to my opening making me gasp. Then he would push it in a bit before going back to teasing my clit and slit. At one point he slid his cock up the crack of my ass then back down to my clit quickly before pushing it in my pussy. Now he was teasing my entire crack occasionally passing over my bum.

After pushing his cock deep in to my pussy and pounding me until I screamed out he pulled it out and ran his cock up my crack. Holding the head at my ass I begged him No! He chuckled and said he just wanted to play with my ass. He began rubbing his huge head over my little ass. It felt scary but exhilarating at the same time. I could feel him grinding his big head against my ass, pushing gently. He was very focused on my ass.

He pushed me down on my stomach and said he want to fuck my cheeks. Squeezing my cheeks he pushed his head in and out towards my ass. Each thrust poking at my ass forcing me open a bit. His cock forcing my ass open a bit each time while the tip pushed against it.

He slid his cock down my crack to my pussy and pushed himself in me deeply. His fingers returned to my ass and fucked it too as I lay flat on my stomach unable to move. They feel good in your ass sweetie? I didn’t answer, although it did feel surprisingly good. My ass got wetter and wetter as his fingers slid in and out of me. He pulled his cock back until it left my pussy and lined it up to my asshole. I gasped as he pushed his cock against my ass. I could feel his head spreading my ass. He just kept pushing half the head in to stretch me open more. He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly pushed more in to me. I bit the pillow as his head popped in to my ass. I screamed in to the pillow as he held his head in my ass. Slowly pulling it part way out and popping the head in and out of me.

I turned to see his eyes, but he was entranced starring down at his cock in my ass. I could see that he kept spitting on my ass making me wetter. This continued for what seemed like eternity until he had to pound me. Then he would put it back in my pussy and fuck me hard for bit to get it out of his system so he could continue to work my ass slowly.

His head was huge, but his shaft was thicker. After pulling his cock from my cum filled pussy he was so slick with my juices that he pushed his head in me and continued to put pressure forcing his cock a bit deeper in me. With shallow strokes he continued pushing his meat deeper in me. All the time I was screaming out. He was very vocal to ensure everyone in the house knew it was my ass he was fucking. Your ass is so fucking tight sweetie. I’m gonna put my whole cock deep in that ass and fill it with cum too.

At this point he stopped holding back and started to fuck me faster, pushing his cock deeper and deeper. Occasionally returning to my pussy for more of my cum lube before returning to my ass. His mouth kissed my neck as he pushed himself completely in to me. You got that whole cock in there sweetie. My big cock is in your tiny little asshole. He became an animal and fucked me with long strokes.

He pulled me back up to my knees and held my hips as he pushed himself in and out of me. I screamed out in pleasure as he enjoyed me like he was an animal. Pulling my head back his lips met mine and he kissed me hard, breathing heavily in my mouth as he fucked my ass faster. I’m gonna fill you with cum sweetie, you ready? I nodded. Tell me he yelled. Please cum I moaned. Where do you want me to cum sweetie? Let them know where I’m going to shoot my load. I screamed out. CUM IN MY ASS! I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY ASS!

He kissed me deeper and gasped, his body jerked and his cock stiffed as he unloaded himself in my little ass.

When i gained coherence, I noticed the sun had come up. Terry was standing at the door with a big smile on his face. You know Grace, that’s not really fair, I didn’t know your ass was on the menu. His dad laughed and said it wasn’t.

I made my way to the bathroom to wash up and their dad followed me. Kissing me again he handed me some towels and said I should feel free to shower up.

The warm water felt amazing on my skin. I was just starting to wonder how Kim was doing when the bathroom door opened and closed. I suspected it was Kim and poked my head out the curtain. To my surprise, it was Terry. Without a word he dropped his clothes and climbed in the shower. Kissing me and telling me how happy i made his dad. His hands slid right to my ass. I have to fuck that too Grace.

He fingered my pussy and ass cleaning me out, before soaping me up and cleaning me off. I cleaned his cock off for him and it wasn’t long before i was on my knees in the shower with his cock in my mouth.

His cock was rock hard quickly. I looked up and smiled. You have to be quick though, my ass can’t take much more okay? He smiled. That ass will have me cumming too fast he said. We dried off and he leaned me over the bathroom counter. I felt oil slide down my crack and his head was at my opening.

He ran his cock over my pussy first. Mmmm, I bet this feels wonderful too. Without warning his cock slid in to my pussy. Oh yes it does, nice little pussy. Sliding in and out of my pussy to get his entire cock in me, I told him he had to stop but he just smiled and kept fucking my pussy. Don’t worry I’m not going to cum yet. His fucking became more furious and he said he wanted to get himself ready to blow so he would cum faster in my ass. I leaned over and he fucked me hard like I was a fuck doll. He smashed my thighs against the vanity until he buried his cock deep in me and his cock stiffened. I knew he shot his load in my pussy and turned around in disbelief.

By the time Kim awoke and we got cleaned up it was after lunch. On the walk back to her car, she told me that Tim and his dad fucked her when they first disappeared last night. It started as a blowjob for his dad and ended up with his cock exploding in my pussy.

I felt like such a sexual deviant, but took solace in the fact Kim was worse because all 3 guys had fucked her and that made her a bigger slut.

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