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Girlfriend’s Dream Comes True

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It’s been four years since I first met my girlfriend – Annie. I fell in love with her straight away. She was all that I’ve dreamed about before. She is 175 cm tall, cute face with black hair, big tits which she likes to show off and a nice round ass… and a big pervert also.

Her sex imagination is beyond anything I’ve seen in porn movies or read in stories. She has always dreamed to become a porn producer and that is why she filmed us during sex almost every time.

As years passed by we started doing more and more different things. Her favorite fetish is my anal hole. She likes inserting big toys, bottles, fruits and of course she adores doing me with a strap-on.

Lately Annie has been dreaming about seeing me with a guy. She said she wished to see me suck cock, get fucked and then swallow cum. I always replied with “Why not” since I was always open to new things but I never really thought that it would happen.

One night I was home alone after work and I was waiting for her to come. I was watching TV.. pretty much doing nothing. I heard my phone beep as I received a text message in which she said “Get your ass ready”. This was enough for me. I went straight away to the bathroom.

I had an enema, took a bath and then I put on my thongs which I knew she liked a lot and a small skirt. I went downstairs and inserted a random porn DVD in the player. It was a shemale-male scene and this of course made my cock rock hard.

Another 20 minutes passed by until she came. She got in alone with the words “Are you ready, baby? I’ve got a big surprise for you! I hope your ass is ready ’cause it’s gonna get fucked by my horny friends and guess what – we are going to film it!” I couldn’t believe what I heard. I never really thought she would do it. As she said that she got out and back in a few seconds with four other guys and her best girl friend – Cassie.

“Guys, meet my boyfriend Steven. He will be the whore tonight and treat him as one… he enjoys it. We will go up for a moment with Cassie but get to know each other and then we begin!” They ran up the stairs afterwards and left me with those four men alone.

They came towards me and introduced themselves – John, Alex, Tom and Rick. They were all well-built and good looking but only one of them had muscles – Tom and that is why I liked him the most since the beginning. They sat around me and saw that I was watching some TS/male porn and Alex asked me “Have you sucked real cocks?” I replied “No, but I am looking forward to it.”

He then unzipped his pants, threw them away and said “Start then, you little whore. We don’t need the women to begin!”

I then took his soft dick in my hands and licked it from his balls to the pin of his head. I took it all in my mouth and looked him in the eyes. He seemed to enjoy it as I felt his dick get harder in my mouth.

He looked at the other guys and said “I think this gonna be really good… even better than last week with that whore.” He then looked at me and said “Get ready to get ravashed you slut!” As he said that an evil grin got on his face.

In a few moments the girls came down and they were astonished by what they saw. “We didn’t think you would get to know each other so fast. I want you all to go to the guest room. You three go, Alex and the slut with come in a second. Steven you will crawl following his dick and I will film it.”

And so I crawled after his dick and I did it with passion because I really wanted it. As we got in the guest room she asked me “How do cocks taste? Do you like it? Do you want them?” I just replied with “I want them all!”. She just laughed as she heard that and ordered – “Guys get around him and you, slut, get on your knees and get down to business! And don’t forget me and Cassie are shooting all this so make sure the boys are happy!”

I did as I was ordered – I kneeled and all the boys surrounded me. Tom, my favorite got in front of me and took out his huge 20 cm dick. I started sucking him straight away and jerking off Rick and John.

As I was doing this Alex got beneath me and pulled away my thong and started licking my ass. At this moment I felt as I was going to explode from pleasure. Annie was shooting it from all angles. She really enjoyed doing it because at this moment she felt like a producer.

I kept on sucking their cocks. They were all so tasty that I didn’t know with which to continue. “Make him do a deep throat guys” yelled out Cassie. And so they did – but I wasn’t really good at it. I just chocked and couldn’t take them all no matter how much I wanted it myself.

We kept on like this for some time until we received some further commands. Annie ordered the boys to get on the couch and lift their legs. She then said to me “Taste their asses, bitch!”.

I started licking straight away. First was Tom. He was shaved and his butt was perfect. I licked it from the bottom to the balls. I felt like the biggest man whore at that time but I enjoyed it. I felt that I could cum only if I touch my dick. “Cassie, spit in the sluts mouth. I think he needs some more!” yelled out Annie. And so she did. “Steven, start fucking Tom with your finger and lick his balls!”

I did as I was told. Tom really enjoyed it. He moaned hard and I could feel he will be ready soon and so did Annie. “Take out your finger and lick it all up. We don’t want cum so early!”. I licked my finger and it had a great taste.

I did this to all of the guys and they all enjoyed it. I felt like the best whore in the world. Being able to please four guys at the same time. “This is turning out great, don’t you think so Cassie? I think it’s time to see my whore get fucked. Get on the table you slut! Guys, make sure he has a big gape in the end!”

I layed on my back on the table and lifted my legs in the air. Alex was first. He lubed me up and looked at me and said “You are the best whore ever so I will be gentle… in the beginning that is.”

Then I felt as his dick pressed on my hole. His dick was inside and I moaned. He looked at me and winked. He started fucking me slowly so I could get used to it. Soon I was enjoying it.

I could see how much Annie and Cassie enjoyed it but I never knew they liked male-male action so much. “Yea, Alex, fuck that slut they way he deserves! He enjoys it!” yelled out Annie.

“Where do I cum?” asked Alex.

“You are the first so you get his face! Make sure you cover it as much as you can!” replied Annie.

He started pumping my ass faster and deeper. I could see he was almost ready and so was I. I never thought one could get such pleasure from anal sex. In a few moments he took out his dick, told me to get on my knees and ordered me “Work for that cum, bitch!”

I started jerking him off and begging him to give it to me “Come on you sexy stud, gimme that hot cum! I wanna taste it! I want it all over my face!” as I was saying that he started spraying his juice all over my face which brought a happy smile on my cum covered face.

“Good job, Alex! You can sit and enjoy the rest of the show now. Show me your ass bitch! Turn around and get your ass in the air! You’re getting fucked doggy-style! Come on Rick! Fill his hole with your dick!”

And so he did. He spit once and inserted his dick slowly. He pushed it inside as far as he could and then took it out. Back again and out. I loved this. I loved the feeling of my ass getting streched all over again.

“Start fucking me please! I will cum if you don’t stop doing this!” I begged. Rick started to fuck me really fast. He made me turn around and suck his dick from time to time.

“I think the bitch started enjoying real dicks too much. After Rick comes we will change it up a bit. Soon you will ask only for real dicks and you won’t enjoy my strap-on! Rick you will cum in a glass and the slut will drink it!”

Rick made clear he knows what he has to do so he took the glass from the table and finished in it. He handed it to me and I was just going to drink it as Cassie said “Stop! Lift it up a bit. We wanna see how that cum drops in your mouth!”. So I lifted it up about 15 cm and poured it in my mouth. I sticked out my tongue with the cum to show the camera the cum and Annie said “Lemme spice that up a bit for you before you swallow that load.” and she spit in my mouth after she said that. I swallowed the juice and it tasted great.

“Now Cassie and Steven get on the couch and lift your legs. John is gonna fuck you both in the asses but cum in Cassie’s ass and then she is gonna fart it out in the slut’s mouth. Now get down to business!”

Cassie striped out of her thongs, her sexy and skinny ass headed towards the couch. She sat next to me, lifted her legs and looked at me “I hope the taste of my ass will be delightful for you…” she said. “It sure will” I replied.

John then lubed her up and started penetrating her. He was really giving all he got. Her skin body bounced up and down a lot but she was enjoying it. “Lie above me bitch” Cassie said. I lied above her and John then lubed my ass. It was my turn. He pushed his penis inside my hole and started fucking me hard straight away.

“Kiss the slut, Cassie” yelled out Annie. We started kissing passionately. The pleasure in that moment was undescribeable. John drilling my ass and me kissing with my girlfriend’s hot friend. But it didn’t last long. “I’m gonna go back to fucking Cassie since I will cum soon.”

He kept on fucking her for a few minutes and then he came in her ass. I got down beneath her and opened my mouth waiting for the hot jizz. Soon she squirted it out. It was really hot but also tasty. I waited for all of it to come out and then raised and kissed Cassie. Cum spilled from my mouth to her all over our tongues. She took it all in her mouth and spit in back in mine. We snowballed a bit and then she spit the juice on the table and said “Slurp it all up you cum whore!”. I licked it all up and swallowed it.

“And now let’s see if the other guys prepared you for his dick. Tom lie on the floor and my slut is gonna ride you!”

He layed on his back with his cock straight up. I lubed myself a bit and got above his dick. Positioned it in my ass and then I sat. The tip of his head got inside and then slowly – his whole dick’s head. I started going more down and his cock more deeper in my ass. It was really big and it hurt a bit but I knew that after the pain the pleasure is gonna be better than anything I’ve felt before.

In a few moments I was fucked myself pretty fast and I was right – the pleasure was enormous. Soon I was moaning and yelling “Oh yeah! I like it my butt.. I want you guys to fuck me more often! Give it deeper in my butt Tommy boy! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa!”

“Get on your sides boys” said Annie. I didn’t want to stop but unfortunately I had to. We got on our sides and he started pumping me again. “Yeahhhh fuck my ass! I like it deep and big! Annie order him not to cum soon. I want more of his dick!”

“Sorry but I’m running out of disc space on my camera! You two will need to end soon. Get on the table he will cum over you stomach and Cassie will feed his cum to you.”

But we didn’t want to move. We both enjoyed it so much. “Now you bitches!” yelled out Annie. We stopped and got up. I lied on the table as ordered and Tom just jerked off over me. Cassie collected it with her fingers and she fed it to me. It was the best load of the night. I then layed on the table for some time since I was really exhausted.

We all went to the living room to drink a few beers and watch what Annie filmed and that of course got us rock hard again but that is another story…

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