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Getting What I Wanted

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Recently I submitted a story that I wrote for my husband. Basically it described a gang bang I had with a University football team. The story was purely a fantasy and my husband loved it. He fantasizes often about me with other men. I on the other hand fantasize about being forcefully taken by a group of men. Handsome men of course. Well, apparently my husband shared my fantasy with one of his old college buddies…he even showed him the story I wrote.

They decided it was time to make my fantasy, and my husband’s fantasy, a reality. They arranged for a gang of football players from our local semi-pro team to take me, in front of my husband. Believe it or not, my husband was actually willing to allow these massive men gang rape me, and he would be forced to watch.

They set up the gang rape as a break-in on our home. Last week, on a Monday night, I came home from work, tired and hungry. My husband wasn’t home yet. I decided to take a quick shower and then fix some dinner. While in the shower, I heard noises out in our living room…I assumed my husband was home. Wrong! The gang had arrived, all six of them…all huge and very very horny. I came out of our bathroom, dressed only in a thin T-shirt and panties. As I walked from our bedroom, they took me. I was immediately surrounded by these men, with two of them holding my arms. They all smiled at me, well, actually they leered at me. My T-shirt clung to my breasts, which were still damp from my shower. Although I have a very small chest, my husband tells me I have the sexiest body, ripe for the picking. Anyway, I tried to scream but a hand covered my mouth. They dragged me back into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. One of them then explained that my husband owed a huge gambling debt and they were here to collect. I explained that he wasn’t here…they would wait.

As they waited, they proceeded to describe to me how they planned to collect the debt. I was to be their “fuck toy” for the evening, unless of course my husband came home with the ten thousand dollars he owed them. Oh my God, I knew at that moment that I was going to be raped by these men. I’ve never had sex with any man other than my husband and now six men in one night were going fuck me silly. I was so scared, but excited at the same time. Remember, this was a fantasy of mine…I just never ever expected to enact it. I didn’t think they would actually hurt me…I think they just wanted to fuck me and humiliate my husband.

When Dave arrived, he was met by three of the men…they grabbed him forcefully and dragged him into our bedroom. At this point the men had tied me to the bed, spread eagle, on my back. They explained that Dave better pay-up in the next five minutes or watch his sweet little wife get fucked by all six. They asked if I had ever had a black experience or a gang bang. Dave explained that he was the only man she had ever had…the black men (three of them) laughed and said that tonight she would finally experience a real man with a real cock. And with that, they began stripping off their clothes…oh my God they were huge…large muscles, large cocks…all much larger than Dave. My husband also gasped and began to fight to save me…but they were too strong and too many…the gang tied my husband to a chair in our bedroom and placed the chair right up against the bed…he would be witness to my entire gang fuck.

And then they turned on me…at first it was total chaos as all the men tried to get a hand on me…my T-shirt was shredded in a matter of seconds and my panties ripped off and stuffed in my husband’s mouth. I’m not sure if he realized they were damp…

Hands groped and explored every inch of my body…I’ve never been so overly stimulated at one time…As they groped and grabbed and explored, two of my attackers climbed to the top of the bed and took turns stuffing their cocks in my mouth. One of them was more forceful, pushing his way into the back of my throat. At the same time, another kneeled between my legs and began eating my pussy passionately. Fingers probed my pussy and my anus at the same time. Three fingers were forced into my tight pussy and one or two more into my virgin ass. I realized that I would be raped in more ways than one…

With my pussy sufficiently wet from all the attention and sucking, one of the black men climbed between my legs and placed his cock against the opening of my cunt. He looked over at my husband and announced that he would now drive a real cock into my pussy…and with that, he began to ease his way in. It took him several attempts to completely bury his cock in me…I was very tight, used to my husband’s 6 inch cock…this monster was probably 8 or 9 inches (I’m not really good at this sort of thing) and very thick. The pressure was incredible. At the same time that he was forcing his way into my pussy, one of the men began to cum in my mouth. He held me still and forced me to swallow all of his cum. He then climbed off the bed and stood in front of my husband, showing Dave the cock I had just sucked dry. He even slapped my husband’s face with his cock and laughed, telling Dave that he would fuck my ass with it next.

In the mean time, the monster fucking my pussy had picked up his pace, driving the full length of his cock in and out of me. And then he told my husband that he was going to fill my pussy with his hot semen. I felt the convulsions of his cock as he erupted inside of me. He finished cumming and then took his cock and stuck it in my husband’s face. He asked Dave if he could smell my pussy juices all over his cock…Dave just nodded his head and groaned. The black man who had just finished raping me then told Dave to watch as he made me lick his cock clean. He climbed to the head of the bed and stuffed his slimy cock into my mouth…I could taste his semen and my pussy at the same time. As I sucked him, another man climbed between my legs and began fucking me. This process went on for what seemed like an eternity, as each player took his turn either fucking my mouth or my pussy.

And then I heard the dreadful words…”hey Dave, mind if we make ourselves a wife-sandwich?” With that, my hands and legs were untied and I was rolled onto my stomach…oh my God, they were going to fuck me in the ass. I tried to fight, but I was so tired at this point and they were so strong. It didn’t take long for them to lube up my ass with all the fluids they had created…they had enough cum from all of their fucking to easily slick up my rear. And then, after a few assaults with their fingers, one of them plunged his cock into my ass. It burned for a little while and then it started to feel good…the pressure was incredible. Whoever was fucking my ass was enjoying himself and he began to groan pretty quickly…and then he came, driving the full length of his cock into me. Luckily for me, it was one of the smaller cocks (a 7 incher).

And then one of the black men climbed between my legs, drove his cock into my ass with one big push and then rolled the two of us onto his back. Now I was laying on my back, on top of this animal, with his cock buried in my ass. They pushed my husband’s chair to the foot of the bed so he could get a clear view of this black cock impaling my ass. The man fucking me began playing with my pussy with one hand and my nipples with his other. The rest of the gang joined in, stuffing their cocks in my face. One of the men then said…”time for the sandwich” and he climbed between my spread legs. He positioned his cock against the opening of my pussy and forced his way in…I felt so tight again, because of the pressure of the huge black cock in my ass. Pretty soon, both men were rocking in and out of me, while I took cocks into my mouth. With all the commotion, I hadn’t noticed that my husband had been untied. As the man fucking my pussy finished and came, my husband took his place, driving his extremely hard cock into me. He looked down at me and smiled…actually he leered but I pretend it was a smile…he had turned into a raping monster as well and fucked me. He would slow down every so often, I think so he could feel the man raping my ass. And then he came.

As he climbed off, he said asked the gang if he could have a shot at my ass…no problem they told him…and for the next hour or so, each of the men took turns fucking my ass…they just kept coming, and cumming…

Eventually the gang left. My husband apologized to me for not asking my permission. I didn’t’ care…the experience was incredible…but, I never got to cum myself. So, my husband, being the faithful lover that he is, proceeded to eat me into an orgasm, even though my pussy was coated with the cum of the multiple orgasms of 7 different men. My oh my what a night…

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