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Eddie Takes Charge

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Chapter 1

Pam finished applying the body gel to her form. She rubbed the lathery soap all over, her skin tingling as the gel turned into suds. She grabbed the body brush and cleaned every location she could reach. When she had thoroughly scrubbed herself she turned the water back on making sure that the spray was warm, almost hot, as she rinsed the grim away with the suds.

Finishing up with the shower she turned the water off and stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a thick towel and bent over while she toweled her wet hair. She had to consciously balance herself as the weight of her long wet hair and her full breasts tried to pull her over. She finished toweling her hair and wrapped the towel around her head before standing back up. She grabbed another towel and continued to dry the rest of her young body off.

It had been a long day for her. Wayne, her husband, had left for Chicago for two weeks of training that afternoon. She took him to the airport for his 3:00pm flight but ended up staying there with him until 6:30pm due to a delay with the airline. She stopped at the grocery store on the way home and it seemed like the store was overly crowded for a Saturday evening. Ultimately she didn’t get home until nearly 9pm and all she wanted to do was take a shower and go to bed.

She and Wayne had been married for almost 2 years and she never liked it when he went away on a business trip. Staying home alone always gave her the creeps. She thought about asking Vicky to stay with her but in the end she decided that she needed to learn to handle these things by herself.

Feeling refreshed from the shower she went into the bedroom pulled a pair of white cotton panties from the dresser drawer. Stepping into them, she pulled them up then got a soft terry cloth robe out of the closet and put it on pulling the front together and tying the sash.

She felt warm and comfortable now and decided to go out to the living room and get something to drink and watch a little TV before going to bed. She had just walked through the living room into the kitchen when there was a knock at the door. Looking at the clock and seeing it was 10:15pm she wondered who in the world it could be. A slight shiver of fear ran up and down her spine knowing she was alone.

Walking over to the door she didn’t open it and said, “Who is it?”

“Pam, it is Wayne’s Dad, Ed. I have had a car problem down the road and need to use your phone please,” the voice said.

It sounded like Wayne’s dad but she wasn’t real keen on letting him in at first. She didn’t like him but didn’t see how she could refuse.

“Uh… okay… just a second,” she said as she unlatched the door and opened it. It was Ed. “Please come in,” Pam said.

“Thanks hon. I appreciate it.”

Pam felt another shiver at his use of the term ‘hon’. The last thing she wanted was for him to feel like they were close.

“The phone is in the kitchen on the wall,” she told him. She noticed his eyes were bloodshot and she could definitely smell liquor so she knew he had been drinking.

“What happened to your car,” she asked as she followed him into the kitchen turning to the sink to wash a couple of glasses while he made his phone call.

Suddenly she felt him press his body up against her back and reach around and cup her breasts through the robe. She was stunned and paralyzed with shock for a few seconds. She came out of her frozen stupor as he pressed his hips into her bottom. She could feel his already hard cock throbbing through his pants and her robe as it settled tightly against her crack. She tried to push back and turn but he held her firmly.

“Get the fuck off of me,” she yelled at the top of her lungs as she struggled.

“Come on honey, let me make you feel good,” he said into her ear his hot breath causing her to shiver as it tickled her neck.

Pam increased her struggles and nearly broke free of him as she grabbed a knife and tried to swing it around at him.

“You fucking cunt,” he yelled. Ed then grabbed both of her arms and spun her around the towel flying off of her head. He brought his right arm back and then open palm slapped her as hard as he could knocking her to the floor.

Pam lay in a heap on the floor numb from the burning pain in her face. She started to bawl suddenly feeling a great fear that had been held at bay by her initial anger.

Ed watched his daughter-in-law sobbing on the floor for a minute then said in a harsh and commanding voice, “okay bitch, get up off the floor and stop crying!”

Pam didn’t obey and just kept lying on the floor crying. “I said get up and I mean NOW,” he shouted.

When Pam didn’t move after a few seconds he reached down and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. Her scalp was on fire and when she felt herself being lifted she finally struggled to get her feet under her to relieve the pain. She found herself standing in front of him as she continued to sob.

Ed looked at her and then an evil grin came across his face as he held her hair over her head.

“I told you to stop crying didn’t I?”

“You hurt me you bastard,” she flung at him through her sobs.

“You think I hurt you,” he asked smiling. Suddenly he punched her in the stomach and let her hair go. She folded forward and onto her knees. All the air was knocked out of her lungs and the crying came to an immediate halt.

He left her there on the floor and walked back to the front door. He opened the door and reach down to the step and picked up a brown bag then closed and locked the door. He walked into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of Jack Daniels out of the bag and placed it on the table. He also pulled out a small zipper pouch and put it in his back pocket. Grabbing a couple of glasses from the cabinet he poured some of the Jack into each glass. By this time Pam was getting her breath back and starting to heave with each intake of air.

“Are we going to have any more trouble hon,” he asked as she started to breath normally again.

“No…. sir,” she squeaked out still not quite breathing easily yet.

“That’s good baby. That was just a sample of what you will get if you ever disobey me or talk back again, understand?”

“Yes,” she said sounding more normal but very subdued.

“Good, now get up and come over here,” he ordered.

Pam struggled to her feet and walked over to the dining room table where he was standing. She wasn’t looking up at him but she saw him handing her a glass. Hesitating only a second she reached out and took the offered liquor.

“Drink it, it will make you feel better, and don’t make me tell you twice!”

Pam looked into the glass at the golden brown liquid then brought it to her lips and took a gulp. The liquid burned all the way down to her stomach. She held back a choking cough as long as she could then found herself unable to resist as she coughed.

Ed let her cough and catch her breath smiling to himself as he watched the lovely young woman follow his directions. He knew that it would not take long to bring her completely into his control. She was already adjusting to her new ‘master’.

“Drink it all now,” he told her as he downed his glass in a single swallow. He saw her look up at him as she brought the glass to her lips again and poured the booze down her throat. He watched her go through another fit of coughing but it didn’t seem as bad as the first time. He grabbed the bottle of Jack and poured another round into both their glasses. He didn’t have to tell her to drink this time, she finished this one in a couple of drinks. He reached out and took the glass from her and handed her his still full one.

Pam looked up at Ed again when he handed her his glass a pleading look on her face but drank the liquor, again, in two drinks when he nodded his head indicating what she was to do. She realized, after putting the empty glass down on the table that she didn’t cough or choke this time. In fact she found she enjoyed the warm feeling in her stomach – it seemed to help with the pain she was still feeling from his hard punch.

Ed walked over to Pam and reaching over to her sash he untied it. Her robe fell partially open. He looked at her creamy stomach as she stood there with her head down.

“Look at me,” he ordered as he pushed his hands inside her robe and pulled her tightly to him. She looked up into his eyes fear showing clearly in the face. He bent forward and started nuzzling on her neck while gently grinding his hips into hers.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time baby! You are a hot woman and need a real man to take care of you. That son of mine is a limp dick wimp. You are too good for him.”

Pam was feeling the effects of the liquor and felt dizzy as her father-in-law kissed and sucked on her neck. She felt his hands move down to her ass cheeks and gently knead them as he pulled her tightly against him. She was surprised that he was being so tender after being so rough and mean to her.

“Oh yeah baby,” he said. “I’m going to show you what a real man can do for a woman.” He moved his lips to the other side of her neck and continued to press into her.

“Oh my god,” Pam thought to herself. She was getting shivers as her father-in-law continued to nuzzle her neck. She could definitely feel the booze now and blamed it for the slight tingle of excitement that was running up and down her spine. This man who had just beaten her was now exciting her and causing her to feel a bit aroused.

Ed noticed that Pam’s breathing was starting to come in small quiet gasps and he could feel her body shiver. He pulled one of his hands back to her stomach and then up to cup one of her full tits. Her nipple was rock hard and distended showing clearly that she was turned on. He flicked the hard bud several times feeling her jump slightly with each tweak. He pulled his mouth off of her neck and pressed it against hers. He felt her respond to his kiss with her tongue pushing into his mouth to spar with his tongue.

They kissed for several minutes then he pulled his mouth away from hers looking into her now bloodshot eyes and saw a dreamy look as she was floating in the high of the booze and the arousal of his manipulations. He reached down to her panties and lightly rubbed up and down her pubic mound finding that she was very wet and hot.

“Uh… Ooohhh,” she moaned closing her eyes. “Please, Ed, we need to stop,” she said half heartedly.

Smiling to himself again he looked at her and responded with, “Call me Eddie from now on honey. You know you want me to make you feel good don’t you?”

Her eyes stayed closed but she was starting to move her hips around as he lightly rubbed her wet pubic mound through the cotton panties.

“No… yessss… uh…. ohhhhh,” she moaned.

Ed bent forward and pulling her robe fully open he pressed his mouth onto one of her rock hard nipples grabbing the bud between his teeth. His tongue lashed across the top of the bud as he grabbed her hips and started grinding his pubic mound into hers. He felt her shiver and start to shudder as he continued his foreplay.

“OOOHHHHH… My god,” she suddenly moaned loudly after a minute. She placed her arms around his head and pulled his face tight into her tit.

Knowing his daughter-in-law was about to orgasm Ed pulled away and stood up. Pam was breathing hard and fast clearly aroused and in heat. “Go get in bed,” he said to her. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Pam’s eyes opened slowly and she looked at him with a lustful desire. She turned and walked, or rather staggered into the living room and down the hall. She was clearly turned on and high from the booze. He knew that before the night was over she would be his to do with as he pleased. This thought caused him to smile to himself as he watched his sexy daughter-in-law disappear into the bedroom she shared with her husband, his son.

Ed pulled the zipper pouch from his back pocket and opened it up. He pulled a small bottle of white powder out and set it on the table. He pulled out a small bulb syringe and a small piece of cardboard. He opened the bottle and poured a small amount of powder on to the table. He used the piece of cardboard to move the powder into 3 thin lines. He picked up the syringe and as he moved the open end of the cylinder along one of the lines he pulled the plunger back. The result of this action was to pull the line of powder into the cylinder. Putting the syringe down he now pulled a rolled up dollar bill from the pouch and placed one end into one of his nostrils and quickly snorted one of the two remaining lines of coke. He rubbed his nose and coughed then placed the dollar bill into his other nostril and snorted the remaining line of coke.

Ed sat back in the chair and closed his eyes. He felt the rush of the coke hit his system as his heart started to beat faster and faster. After a minute or so he felt the familiar euphoria and feeling of well being flood over him. He also felt his arousal increase as he thought about the sexy bitch waiting for him in the bedroom. He poured another glass of Jack and downed it in one swallow. Picking up the syringe he stood up and headed for the bedroom and his waiting daughter-in-law.

Chapter 2

Ed entered the darkened bedroom his eyes adjusting to dim light of a street lamp filtering in through the window. He could see Pam’s outline in the bed her firm full tits rising and falling with her ragged breathing. He undid his shirt and pulled it off dropping it on the floor. He undid the belt and zipper of his pants and let them dropped to his feet then stepped out of them. He crawled into bed and moved over to Pam’s waiting form.

He moved his mouth to hers and started a deep passionate kiss. She didn’t resist but she didn’t respond for the first few seconds. He placed his hand over her still moist mound and found her panties still on. Her hips bucked up against the hand when it touched her and she began to respond to his kiss at the same time.

They continued the foreplay for many minutes and her breathing got more and more ragged as she was again approaching a climax. He pulled his hand away from her pubic mound and moved his mouth to her neck and nuzzled her as he gently spoke.

“I love you baby. I’m going to make you feel so good! I have something for you and I don’t want you fight me do you understand?”

Thinking he was talking about sex she quietly said, “Yes Eddie, whatever you say.”

Pulling away from her neck he reached to where he set the bulb syringe down and picked it up. “That’s my good girl. Now just relax….”

He moved the bulb up to her nose and placed his hand on her stomach. When she took a big intake of air at his touch he squeezed the bulb shooting the coke into her nostril.

Pam felt the burning of the powder as it sprayed into her nasal membranes and into her lungs.

“What was that,” she asked in terror as her heart started to beat rapidly and her breath seemed to be taken away. She tried to get up but Eddie was holding her down.

“Take it easy baby, let it happen. You’ll feel better than ever before,” he said into her ear as he started to nibble on it.

She suddenly felt a strong sense of well being as the drug continued to the next phase of its effect. She relaxed and enjoyed the euphoric sensation that was flowing like a gentle heat wave through her body.

Ed pulled away from her when he felt her relax. He wanted to let the drug do it’s magic and for her to get full into the high of the cocaine he had just administered. He moved his briefs down releasing his hard cock. He tossed them on the floor with his pants and turned back over to Pam.

The drug taking full effect and the booze together made her feel like never before. She had closed her eyes as the high rushed through her. She felt Ed’s hands move to her hips and grip the band of her panties. The sensation of this man touching her cause jolts of electric arousal to shoot through her. She lifted her hips off of the bed to allow him to pull them down. She pulled her feet through the garment and heard him toss them to floor. Putting her legs back down on the bed she felt him move a hand up her the inside of her legs and then onto her pussy mound. The sensation was indescribable and her desire was beyond anything she had ever felt with Wayne or any other boy. When his fingers pushed through the pubic hair and into her wet pussy she moaned with pleasure. He worked his fingers in and for what seemed like a lifetime but was in fact only a couple of minutes. She felt him pull out of her sopping pussy and then spreading the hood he started fingering her erect clit. The sensations and electric shocks that raced from her pussy to her nipples drove her over the edge. She arched up and let the uncontrollable orgasm wash over her.

As soon as Ed pressed a finger against Pam’s clit he knew she was going to cum. As she arc’ed up and gave in to the passion that would not be denied he bent down to her mouth as she let out a loud moan and pressed his lips to hers pushing his tongue into her mouth. She eagerly accepted his kiss, her tongue playing with his as she all but screamed. He felt her entire body shudder as the orgasm peaked. Her pussy shot juice all over the end of the bed and Ed’s hand. He as she bucked and juiced continued fingering her clit.

Pam pulled her mouth from his and yelled, “OH MY GOD!!!!! I’m cumminggggg! Soooooo Goooooddd!”

“That’s right sweetie, that was nice wasn’t it,” he asked as he continued to gently rub the sensitive nub.

“Oh god! Please stop… I need to rest. Please Eddie, let me catch my breath.”

“Okay baby, it’s time for something better anyway,” he said moving his form over her still vibrating body. He positioned himself over her with his arms on either side of her heaving chest. He pressed his knees between her legs and she quickly moved them apart for him. He could see a sheen of sweat on her body and this excited him even more.

As he held himself in the push-up position above her his cock was throbbing with anticipation of the sweet pussy it was about to explore. He gave her a couple of minutes to calm down then eased his hips down to hers pressing his hot hard cock into her lower stomach.

“Uh OH,” She moaned as she involuntarily bucked against him. She felt him start to gently grind his cock against her stomach feeling excitement start to build again.

Ed lifted his hips off of Pam and noted the wet spot left by his precum on her stomach. Moving his hips down her body he held himself up by one arm, reached down and grabbed his 10″ manhood and moved the head down to Pam’s pussy. He started rubbing it up and down her sopping wet slit feeling her jerk slightly with each move.

Looking into her face he said, “look at me baby! I want to see me as I make you into a real woman!”

Completely in his power she opened her eyes and looked into his. She felt warm and cozy with him above her and she felt new ripple of excitement as she moved her eyes to look at his form hovering over her. She jerked her eyes back to his as he started to press the mushroom head of his huge cock into her tight pussy.

“Oooohhhh. Yeah…… push in baby,” she said continuing to stare into his eyes.

Ed flicked his hips forward and buried the head into her tight but well lubricated snatch. She started to buck quickly against his cock trying to get it deeper but he would not let her take control. He pressed his lips to hers and she eagerly returned a passionate kiss probing his mouth with her tongue. He pressed forward into her with a couple of inches more meeting some resistance due to her tightness but he slid in with no trouble. She mewled into his mouth bringing her arms up and wrapping them around his arms try to press her hips up into him.

Pam pulled her mouth away from Ed’s as he pushed another couple of inches in. He was deeper than Wayne had ever been and she could feel her pussy throbbing in anticipation of more to come. “Oh god, fuck me Eddie, I need you to fuck me so bad,” she pleaded.

An evil grin grew on Ed’s face. This bitch was his now. She would do anything he told her. It was time to break her in all the way. He slammed his hips into hers driving his cock all the way home. His balls slapped against her upturned ass with a smacking sound. He held himself above her and let her grow accustomed to the new cock in her life.

When Pam felt Ed drive his huge cock fully into her eagerly accepting pussy she felt like she had been hit with an electric cattle prod!. She grabbed his arms as tightly as she could and threw her head back closing her eyes. She had never felt so full and yet she had never felt so alive. Suddenly her hips started to buck on their own and she felt a wave of pleasure erupt from her loins and build up through her entire body as she climaxed. Her fingernails dug into Eddie’s arms as she flung her head back and forth and screamed her pleasure.

“Yeessssssss Oh God YESSSSSSSSS! I’m cumming you bastard! Yeah….. I’m cumming…,” she wailed.

Ed just held himself over Pam as she had a mighty orgasm under him. He felt her nails cut into his arms but this just made him more excited. She finally started to calm down and stopped flinging her head from side to side. He could feel the sexual tension in her body relax just a bit as she started to moan throatily.

He slowly pulled his cock back out of Pam’s clasping pussy until just the head was in then slowly drove it all the way back in. When he hit bottom again Pam let out a deep satisfied moan. She also lifted her legs and wrapped them around his legs as he pulled out again and pushed back in a bit faster this time. She again let out moan as he bottomed out. After a few more slow thrusts in and he he started to drive into her faster and faster. Each time he was fully inserted she would let out a moan.

Ed drove into his daughter-in-law like a pile driver running at full speed. The bed was shaking and banging against the wall with each thrust.

“Yeah…. Eddie, don’t stop! It is so good! Fuck me harder,” she said to him

“Oh yeah baby, I’m going to fuck you so good! You belong to me now!” He bent his head down and started to suck one of her rock hard nipples.

“Uh oh yeah,” she said. “Bite it, bite my nipple!”

Ed did as she asked and as he gently ground the bud in his mouth she started to buck up against his every thrust her breathing becoming ragged again.


Ed had been power fucking her for about twenty minutes when she started cumming again and begged him to fuck her harder so he did his best to slam his hips into hers as hard as he could. Her bucking became chaotic as she came on his pounding cock. He let go of her nipple and again pressed his mouth to hers and she returned his kiss with wanton desire.

As she started to come down from her most recent orgasm Ed felt his balls screaming for release. He pulled his mouth off of hers and asked, “are you on the pill?”

“No baby but I don’t care, cum in me I want you to cum in me,” she begged

“Not now sweetheart…. maybe later,” he said then with great will power he pulled his cock out of her dripping pussy and let it shoot his white baby goo all over her pubic mound and stomach. One thing he was good for was lots of cum. He watched Pam continue to buck under him as his cock continued to spew pearl necklaces on her.

When he was finally spent Ed Morse gently dropped his sweaty body onto her and moved his hands to her face as he kissed her. Pam wrapped her arms around his back mewled into his mouth. They stayed in that position for several minutes then Ed pulled himself off of her and moved to the edge of the bed. He placed his feet on the floor and got up. He grabbed his pants from the floor and pulled them on not worrying about the juices that were still slathered all over his semi erect cock. He walked out the door hearing Pam start to snore a little as he left.

Ed grabbed his glass and poured a couple of fingers of Jack into it and quickly downed the hot liquid. He grabbed his smokes and went outside sitting on the steps.

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